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SmartTOP Convertible Top Kit for Mercedes-Benz E-

Class Now with ltra Pl!" and Pla# $irin" %dapter

Aftermarket automotive electronics specialist Mods4cars
has refned and upgraded the wiring adapter which is part
of the SmartTOP kit for the Mercedes-Ben !-"lass#
!$ective immediatel%& a custom made adapter using O!M
connectors guarantees a perfect and secure ft as well as
easier connection 'etween the SmartTOP and the vehicle
&as 'e"as( N' )S%*( October +,st( -.,/ -- The SmartTOP Convertible
Top Controller made by Mods4cars for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible
is a retroft modle !hich ma"es se of the top simpler# more fn and comes
!ith a fe! bons featres as !ell$ To beneft from these featres# all that is
necessary is to connect the modle !ith the car electronics sin% the
spplied cstom desi%ned pl%-and-play adapter harness$
This harness simply pl%s in bet!een some connectors at the top control bo&
and the SmartTOP modle$ 'n order to ma"e installation even easier and to
avoid any problems# the adapter !as completely redesi%ned sin% OEM
pl%s that ensre secre# ti%ht ft and reverse polarity protection$ Simply
connect pl% and soc"et ntil they latch$ Safety levers loc" the connections
in place$
()e al!ays !ant to ma"e the installation of or prodcts as easy as possible
for or cstomers(# says P* Mana%er Sven Torno!$ (This means for s that
!e deliver !irin% adapters that se OEM connectors !ith all the necessary
safety latchin% mechanisms and reverse polarity protection that ft perfectly
and cannot come apart accidentally$+ ,dditionally Mods4cars recently cstom
desi%ned a prodct enclosre that ma"es the modle itself very slim# p to
-./ smaller and thereby easier to install in ti%ht locations$ Conf%rin% and
pdatin% the modle is strai%ht for!ard as !ell0 , 1SB port on the modle
allo!s o!ners to connect it to a PC or Mac to pro%ram the individal settin%s
or pdate the modle frm!are online$
The SmartTOP Convertible Top Controller allo!s se of the top !hile drivin%
at slo! speeds of p to 2. "m3h 45-.mph6$ Than"s to the one-toch featre
all it ta"es is one 7ic" tap on the top s!itch$ 't is no lon%er necessary to
hold do!n the s!itch for the dration of the operation$ 't is also possible to
open and close the top from the ori%inal factory "ey fob remote p to the fll
*8 ran%e$ 9o modifcation is necessary to the "ey remote or receiver system$
The SmartTOP modle for E-Class convertibles also o:ers some neat bons
featres0 Separate control of the !indo!s from the remote# comfort one-
toch close o: all !indo!s at once !ith the dedicated (all-!indo!s( s!itch$
;azard blin"ers can be activated drin% remote top operation and the top
can be controlled via the door handle if the car has the <eyless =o factory
option installed$ ,n e&tended mode can be activated !hich allo!s startin% or
stoppin% the en%ine drin% an on%oin% top operation and the entire modle
can be temporarily disabled !hile retainin% all ser conf%rable settin%s$
E:ective immediately the SmartTOP "it for E-Class convertibles ships !ith
the ne! pl%-and-play !irin% adapter at an nchan%ed retail price of >??
Eros @ ta&$ SmartTOP "its are available for many other Mercedes-Benz
models as !ell as for all of these poplar brands0 ,lfa# ,di# Bentley# BM)#
8errari# 8ord# 'nfniti# Aa%ar# Bambor%hini# Mazda# Mini# 9issan# Opel#
Pe%eot# Porsche# *enalt# Colvo and C)$
% prod!ct demonstration can be seen here0
1!rther details0
%bo!t Mods/cars0
Mods4cars !as fonded in >..> !ith the idea to add a hi%hly demanded
featre to the other!ise almost perfect Porsche Bo&ster0 Comfort One-Toch
roof operation !hile drivin% at slo! speeds$ The resltin% prodct o:ered not
only that# bt also allo!ed 7ic" and easy installation by Fst s!appin% ot a
relay bo&# ths leavin% no traces and no permanent chan%es on the vehicle$
The frst SmartTOP roof controller !as born$
The sccess of their frst prodcts in =ermany and Erope prompted them in
late >..4 to move operations to the 1S,# to be able to serve the ,merican
mar"et as !ell as all other En%lish spea"in% contries sch as ,stralia# 1<
and Soth ,frica from one central location$ Their bsiness has %ro!n to a
fll-Ged%ed international corporation !ith an oHce in Bas Ce%as and a fll
line of innovative prodcts as !ell as distribtors and installation partners all
over the %lobe$
Bein% hi%hly specialized in the development and distribtion of aftermar"et
roof- and comfort controllers since >..> allo!s them to o:er an nsrpassed
level of competence and prodct 7ality$ Their main %oal is optimization of
each individal prodct to a ma&imm in compatibility# sability and intitive
operation$ They pt %reatest e:ort into development and 7ality chec"s of
all their prodcts to achieve this %oal and meet all e&pectations of their
The e&traordinary sccess of their prodcts is also based on the %reat
commnication !ith their cstomers# !hich sally already starts for each
ne! prodct drin% the development and prototypin% phase$
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,nFa Behmann
Mods4cars BBC
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Bas Ce%as# 9C E?II? - 1S,