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Traffic Control Plan

Hadi Hammad Al-Hammam Group

1. Objective:
The purpose of this traffic control plan is to ensure a smooth, safe traffic
flow and to avoid any traffic accident and inconvenience during the Skid
Modification activity at Sulayyil Bulk Plant (SLBP).
This TCP does not replace the text of any Saudi Aramco GI and its
guidelines. If there is any mismatching in the text of Saudi Aramco GI and
this TCP, the text of Saudi Aramco GI will govern.

2. TCP Guidelines:

2.1 The job site will be isolated and all the lanes that lead to the bay# 7 to
bay # 3 will be closed barricaded and NO ENTRY and MAN AT
WORK signs and symbols installed to control the traffic.
2.2 A temporary alternative exit will be made and assigned for the
vehicles before the closed and barricade area.
2.3 SLOW DOWN - DETOUR AHEAD with traffic diverts sign toward
the temporary alternative exit with EXIT ONLY text and symbol will
be installed on the closed and barricaded lanes approaching to job
2.4 Speed limit sign shall be installed to control the drivers to over-run
any sign and barricade.
2.5 Traffic/blinking lights for night time will be installed near to the
diversion/temporary alternative exit on the lanes approaching to job
2.6 A flagman with Orange jacket, red helmet and Red flag will be
available throughout the job period to control the traffic flow on a
proper direction.
2.7 During the work in progress the security shall not allow any tanker to
enter through security gate until they are given green light by the SA
authorized employee.
2.8 No vehicle is allowed to park within 30m or 100 feet from the job site
while draining is in progress.
2.9 All vehicle shall park on appropriate distance at upwind or crosswind
direction. No vehicle is allowed to move or park down wind direction
during draining and release phase. This could cause a source of
ignition to the vapors that goes with the direction of air.

Traffic Control Plan
Hadi Hammad Al-Hammam Group

3. Guidelines for Drivers:

3.1 All drivers of company vehicle, contractors working for company
departments, and private vehicles on company premises are expected
to observe defensive driving behaviors at all times.
3.2 The use or being under the influence of intoxicants or medications
which cause impairment to judgment while operating a vehicle is
3.3 Vehicles shall not be left unattended while running
3.4 Within operating facilities, vehicles shall only be operated or parked
according to plant operating instructions.
3.5 Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on Saudi Aramco facilities
and camps is 40 kph
3.6 Drivers must obey the direction of traffic flow driving on the wrong
side of a divided Lane/Highway is prohibited.
3.7 Drivers must bring vehicles to a completed stop at stop signs and Red
traffic lights, before proceeding again.
3.8 Drivers must use vehicle headlights (in low/dim position), not parking
lights or running lights, during night time Hours.
3.9 Heavy items (tools, water cans, spare tire, etc.) in any vehicle must be
properly secured.
3.10 Materials shall not extend over the sides of a truck; loads extending
beyond the front or rear of the vehicle must be marked with a red flag
in the daytime and a red light at night.
3.11 Towing of all equipment shall be in compliance with GI 1010.007,
Safe Practices for Towing Equipment and Trailers.
3.12 Company employees are prohibited from using mobile phones, even in
the hands free mode while driving a Saudi Aramco owned or leased
vehicle kingdom-wide. This policy also applies to contractors driving
on Saudi Aramco property.
3.13 Parking in an emergency route or emergency vehicle space is
3.14 Parking in a posted Handicapped Parking area without authorization
is prohibited
3.15 Parking on the wrong side of the street (against the traffic flow) is
3.16 Parking in an unauthorized space or area is prohibited