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SQL Server Developer/BI


8+ years of MS SQL Server Development experience in Finance, Manufacturing & Distribution,
Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical and Health Insurance domains with expertise in MS SQL Server
2000/2005/2008/2008 R2 and Microsofts suite of products like SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS.
Experienced in Creating, Configuring and Fine-tuning ETL workflows designed between Homogenous
and Heterogeneous Systems using SSIS of MS SQL Server 2005 and MS SQL Server 2008 respectively.
Experienced in creating complex SSIS and DTS packages for ETL purposes. Implemented complicated
transformations to be used in SSIS packages.
Experienced in Data Conversion, Normalization and Data Modeling, Multi-Dimensional Modeling and
involved in creation of Fact Tables, Dimension Tables, Star Schema and Snowflake dimensional schema
using Erwin Tool.
Proficient in creating On-demand and Scheduled reports, handling sub reports and defining query for
generating drill down reports using MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2005/2008 (SSRS).
Experienced in writing Parameterized Queries for generating Tabular reports and Sub reports using
Global variables, Expressions, and Functions, Sorting the data, Defining Data sources and Subtotals for
the reports using SSRS 2005/2008.
Maintained securities, roles, subscriptions in report manager in SSRS.
Expertise in Developing and Extending MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 (SSAS) Cubes, Data Mining
Models, Deploying and Processing SSAS objects.
Extensive experience in creating SQL Server analysis projects using MS SQL Server.
Adept in defining referenced relationships and calculated members in SSAS and used MDX queries.
Expert in creating OLAP structures from OLTP databases.
Strong experience in Stored Procedure, Formulated Stored Procedure/TSQL coding, Performance
Tuning and Query Optimization.
Highly proficient in the use of T-SQL for developing complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Tables, User
Defined Functions, views, indexes, user profiles, Relational Database models, Data integrity, query
writing and SQL joins.
Developed a thorough knowledge and maturity in all the phases understanding business processes,
gather requirements, and coordinate ongoing iterative development of Software Development Life
Cycle (SDLC).
Expert in using tools such as Bulk Copy (BCP) and Data Transformation Services (DTS).
Extensive knowledge in developing and implementing Disaster Recovery Model, and Replication
Expert in using tools like MS SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, Windows Performance for
monitoring and tuning SQL Server performance.
Excellent communication and inter-personal skills with ability to develop creative solutions for
challenging client needs using agile methodologies.
Ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities independently as well as a proactive team


Operating Systems: Windows NT/98/2000/XP, Windows 2003 Server, UNIX
Languages: C, C#. Net, VB.Net, XML, HTML, T-SQL, PL/SQL
Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/05/08/12, Oracle 9i/10g, MS Access, DB2
ETL Tools: DTS, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
Tools/Utilities: Enterprise Manager, SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio),
Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), DTA, SSAS, SSRS,
SQL Profiler, ER win, Visio, Microsoft Office, MsVisio2003/2007,
MS Project, TOAD (for Oracle)
Reporting Services: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports 2008
Analysis Services: SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2008


Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA June 13 Oct 14
MS SQL Server Developer/BI Developer/SSIS/SSRS
Tools & Technologies:
MS SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SSRS, T-SQL, MS SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Database Tuning Advisor
and MS excel 2003, Visual Studio 2010/2012(BIDS), TFS.
Designed a complex SSIS package for data transfer from three different firm sources to SQL
Server 2008.
Implemented data views and control tools for guarantee data transformation using SSIS.
Extensively worked on SCD transformation in SSIS package.
Used SSIS and T-SQL stored procedures to transfer data from OLTP databases to staging area
and finally transfer into data warehouse.
Used various SSIS tasks such as Conditional Split, Derived Column, lookup which were used
for Data Scrubbing, data validation checks during Staging, before loading the data into the
Data warehouse.
Developed and deployed data transfers packages to the appropriate destinations using SSIS.
Experience in creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and schedule SSIS Packages.
Created SQL server configurations for SSIS packages.
Successfully deployed SSIS packages with defined security.
Involved to write complex T-SQL queries and Stored Procedures for generating reports.
Responsible for creating reports based on the requirements using SSRS 2008.
Identified the database tables for defining queries to generate reports for analysis of data
using SQL Server Reporting Services in Report Builder.
Defined the report layout and identified Datasets for the report generation.
Created different type of reports including Cross-tab, Conditional, Drill-down, Sub reports
also parameterized reports.
Generated reports on wealth information, account information, research reports using
adhoc reporting to be used by the clients and advisors.
Created numbers of complex formula in sub report.
Designed and created Report templates, bar graphs and pie charts based on the financial
Scheduled the monthly/weekly/daily reports to run automatically.
Developed, implemented and maintained various database objects such as Stored
Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Indexes and Views.
Performance tuning of SQL queries and stored procedures using SQL Profiler and Index
Tuning Wizard.
Performed development support, document reviews, test plan, integration of the system.
Pivot table are used to provide structured to Reports in proper manner like months etc.

Western Asset Management, Pasadena, CA Nov 2012 May 2013
MS SQL Server Developer /BI Developer/SSIS/SSRS/SSAS
Tools & Technologies:
SQL Server 2008, ETL/SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), MS Office 2007, Management Studio, MS
SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Database Tuning Advisor, SSRS, Visual Studio(BIDS) and TFS.

Involved in Migration of data from Oracle Database to SQL Server 2008 R2 using SSIS.
Created SSIS Packages for migration of data which handles the synchronization process
between the databases.
Involved in maintaining the Error-Logging for the SSIS packages.
Worked with Change Data Capture (CDC) feature in SQL server to capture all the changes
during migration of data between databases.
Created SSIS packages for data Importing, Cleansing, and Parsing etc. Extracted, cleaned and
Develop the Stored procedures to be able to customize the report according to specifications.
Developed views using base tables and customized them to use it in the reports.
Developed stored procedures and made enhancements to older codes which were having
performance issue.
Used Crystal Reports to export specific data into an excel spreadsheet.
Created sub reports and crosstab reports.
Passing of parameters from main report to the sub report.
Defined sections and subsections for the reports.
Developed search queries and strings to filter and sort the data from centralized server.
Responsible to support the issues with reports on the crystal enterprise environments
(Development, UAT, Test and Production)

Deutsche Bank, Jersey city, NJ Aug 2011 Oct 2012
SQL Server Reporting Analyst/Developer
Tools & Technologies:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, SSRS, MS Visio, MS excel.
Created new tables, written stored procedures using T-SQL for Application
Developers and some user defined functions.
Scheduled the Reports to run on daily and weekly basis in Report Manager and also email
them to director and analysts to review in Excel Sheet.
Expertise in developing advanced reports with functions, formulae, parameterized reports,
sub reports, summary reports, cross tabs, ranking and conditional formatting.
Create Store Procedure using T-SQL to evaluate result for the reports to implement using
Management studio.
Generate Ad hoc reports using SSRS.
Scheduling & publishing reports using Crystal reports server.
Export Crystal report in Excel and PDF formats.
Migration from Crystal Reports to SSRS.
Generate graphs & Pie Charts using Crystal reports and SSRS to show the revenue of the
Provide Dynamic Parameter reports for different business criteria.
Developed different Scripts for the Data analysts for Verification of reports.
Responsible for deploying reports to Report Manager and Troubleshooting for any error
occurs in execution.
Used SSAS Cubes as a sources for Reporting
Created and managed users, roles and groups and handled database security.
Created Triggers to enforce data and referential integrity.
Defined Check constraints, Business Rules, Indexes, and Views.
Worked on SSIS Package, Import/Export for transferring data between SQL Server.
Performance tuning of SQL queries and stored procedures using SQL Profiler and Index
Tuning Wizard.
Performed development support, document reviews, test plan, integration of the system.
Creation/ Maintenance of Indexes for various fast and efficient reporting processes.
Pivot table are used to provide structured to Reports in proper manner like months etc.
Perform T-SQL tuning and optimizing queries for Reports which take longer time in
execution SQL Server 2008.

Farmers Insurance, Los Angeles, CA Jun 2010 Aug 2011
SQL BI Developer/SSRS Report Developer
Tools & Technologies:
Windows 2003 server, SQL Server 2000/2005, DTS, SSIS, SSRS, T-SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, VB,
SSAS and Visual Studio 2005/2008.
Worked with business analysts and developed the data ware house and data marts to
reach the business needs.
Involved in developing for ODS in order increase the performance and reduce the network
traffic on OLTP server.
Responsible for installation of SQL Server, database design, and create schema objects like
tables, views and indexes.
Created Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views and Functions for the Application. Extensive
testing on the Performance of the Stored Procedures.
Used DDL and DML for writing triggers, stored procedures, and data manipulation.
Developed complex T-SQL code for the application conversions.
Created packages in SSIS from the scratch for data loading from spreadsheets and flat files
Involved in developing cubes by identifying the facts and dimensions.
Create database maintenance plans for the performance of SQL Server including database
integrity checks, update database statistics, re-indexing and data backups.
Transferring the data from SQL server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 using SSIS.
Experience in working with Reporting tool SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
Proper use of Indexes to enhance the performance of individual queries and enhance the
Stored Procedures
Extensive use of Triggers to implement business logic and for auditing changes to critical
tables in the database
Created, updated and maintained ETL technical documentation.
Performed daily back up of entire database and recovery.
Designed Web-based VB.NET Internet applications linked to firm-wide SQL databases.
Responsible for the creation of the applications by using and enhancement of the projects
for .net applications.
Created ad hoc reports as requested and conduct ad hoc research using Crystal Report XI
Designed / developed reports from a number of different data sources with a number of formats
including PDF, spreadsheet, or graphic using Crystal Report XI

CGI, Bangalore, India Mar 2006 May 2010
SQL BI Developer/SSRS Report Developer
Tools & Technologies:
SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Manager, MS Analysis Services 2005, MS Access 2003,
Windows NT platform, Reporting Services, Crystal Reports 8.0

Determined the MS SQL Server 2005 installation options.
Installed SQL Server Management tools using SQL Server Setup Program.
Tested the installation of SQL Server and implemented different security modes.
Installed and maintained database applications to improve processing performance including
applying upgrades, patches, and bug fixes in all database instances.
Used Aggregation Design Wizard to decide best possible aggregation for a given amount of disk
space in MS Analysis Services 2005.
Experienced in DTS for data flow from one source file (Excel, Tables, Views) to other databases or
files with proper mapping.
Implemented a successful security plan by creating statement permissions, and linked servers and
encryption of connections by creating certificates.
Experience with distributed transactions building linked servers, complex queries, error handling
using SAVEPOINT in OLTP transactions.
Created distributed partitioned views, debugged and troubleshot stored procedures, and
upgraded existing ones.
Developed DTS packages to transform data to MS SQL Server from Excel for further analysis.
Configured Database Mail, created operators, jobs and alerts for automating databases.
Created and debugged DTS packages using Active X Task, dynamic properties task to for file check,
sending mails upon package completion, and file archiving.
Designed DTS package, with DTS Import/Export wizard for transferring data.
Data migration (import and export BCP) from text to SQL Server.

B.S from ANGRA University