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why I am interested in medicine and how I will use it to provide,

good health care for the people of Indonesia in the future

About eight years ago my grandmother died because of the illness
that she had. She was sufered from diabetes. Ever since she was
diagnosed with diabetes she often got hospitalied, and I often there
to visit her. !hat"s the #rst time that I realied that I was captivated by
the doctors ability to cure their patients, and how the patients trust
and respect them. !he fact that doctors save lives also caught my
heart and that is something that truly fascinated me. !hat was the
beginning of my ambition to become a doctor, to save many people"s
life, and to establish important lin$s with others at both critical and
noncritical moments in their lives.
%urthermore as the ambition of being a doctor grow more in me.
&hich I li$e to call it my inner desire because since the ambition of
being a doctor came I don"t $now what else I want to be in life e'cept
being a doctor and I had always assumed that I would go to medical
school. I en(oyed the fact that my elementary school has little doctor
program, little doctor is a program that choose several students who
meet the criteria and have been trained to participate in the
establishment and maintenance the health improvement in school
environment. I was so proud to be chosen as one of the school"s little
doctor and got to wear the white coat. )eing chosen as the little
doctor gave me the opportunity to e'perienced what it feels li$e to be
a doctor at a very young age and e'plore something new. I realied
that I got the satisfaction in helping people, giving them medicine, and
ease their pain.
As a policeman my dad had to move to some very small regions of
the country li$e *apua, East +usa !enggara, &est .Sumatra and
Southeast Sulawesi due to his duty. As a family we all had to move as
well in order to be united with my father. &ith that, I got to see what
Indonesia really is, I got to observed many tribes and tradition that I"ve
never $new before. I also discovered that not all regions in Indonesia
give the best health care to their people. ,sually there will be a long
-ueue to visit a doctor and the patients had to pay a lot to get their
medicines. And sometimes the conditions of the health centers are
unfeasible, such as dirty health centers or minimal medical e-uipment.
)ut what really moves me as a human is when I e'periencing the
*adang earth-ua$e in September ./, 0//1. It was reported that 2,223
dead, 2,024 severely in(ured and 2,566 slightly in(ured after the
earth-ua$e I discover that the most needed things are medical
supplies and also doctors and nurses, as a survivor myself I got to
discover that so many countries sent their orthopaedic surgeon, a
general surgeon, an anaesthetist, general practitioners to help the
victims. At that moment I really wanted to help to cure the victims.
)ecause to see lifeless bodies, in(ured children, and people"s bodies in
pain was really moves me and I wish I could do something to help
them recovered and that was when the ambition of being a doctor
grow in me even more and I li$e to call it 7the calling" because since I
was a $id I"ve always wanted to help people and save their lives.
And I $now that *elita 8arapan ,niversity has one of the best
medical school in 9a$arta with global standard education. *elita
8arapan ,niversity ofers me more than the great reputation of this
#ne ,niversity but many activities, both academic and non:academic,
to participate in. I"m e'cited about being close enough to learn more
of my ambition and ma$ing it come true. &ith the help of the *elita
8arapan I"m sure I"ll be a successful doctor to provide a good health
care for Indonesia or even to the world.