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LAW B262F Business Law I Assignment 2

Special Notes
1. Weighing
15% of the total marks in this course are allocated to this assignment

2. Total marks of this are 100

Written Group Project Report and Oral Presentation

Case Study for Written Group Project Report and Oral Presentation

Gourmet Catering Ltd. is a limited company (the Company) which engages in the
airline catering services and owns a multi-storey building next to the Hong Kong
International Airport, where all the food provided by the Company is processed. The
Company also developed the business of event catering for weddings, birthday and
dinner parties. For this service, it had bought several lorries for delivery of food to
the event sites. Robin is employed by the Company as lorry driver.

One day, Robin was ordered to drive a lorry of party food to Discovery Bay for the
birthday party of the Companys customer, Sally. However, Robin did not concentrate
on driving and was talking to his wife on the mobile phone. When the lorry reached the
front gate of Sallys house, Robin did not notice that Sallys husband Tom was already
waiting there and did not slow down the lorry. Hence, the lorry crashed into Tom.
Tom was busy playing games with his i-phone before Robin hit him. Like Robin, he
also did not pay attention to the road condition and stood very near to the pedestrian
pavement. Tom was so badly hit that he suffered permanent injuries to both legs. He is
a famous professional tennis player and as a result of the accident, he has to give up
tennis forever. Tom wanted to sue Robin. He estimated that his claim would be about
HK$12 million.

After the accident, Tom suffered from mental depression and Sally could never forget
what Robin had done to Tom and decided to take revenge. One of her close friends,
Ulrich, knows some triad gangsters. Sally asked Ulrich to arrange somebody to beat
Robin badly. Sally promised to pay Ulrich HK$1,000,000.00 in return. Ulrich did
accordingly but Sally did not honour her promise. Ulrich was very angry and wished to
sue Sally for breach of contract.

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Although Tom has depression, he has not given up himself and has developed interest
in music. He joined a famous academy to learn classical singing. Tom was a clever
student and could sing very well in just a years time. To celebrate Toms achievement,
Sally proposed to organize a personal concert for Tom. She booked a mini concert hall
in the Art Centre for the occasion. In order to have the best sound effect, she has
purchased a set of high quality audio system and she signed the contract based on the
technical specifications of the system. The audio system includes six sets of wireless
microphones and a sound mixer, which can produce twelve different sound effects.

Toms best friend, Vincent, is a very outstanding pianist. He promised Tom to be his
accompaniment in the concert. He has ordered an expensive suit for this occasion. A
fashion designer, Westley, offered to Vincent a material termed Sasanyo for
Vincents suit. Westley told Vincent that Sasanyo is a very special material and had
only been worn by princes of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom. Amazed by its
uniqueness and based on Westleys information, Vincent finally placed order with
Westley to have his suit made from Sasanyo. After Vincent collected the suit, his
wife told him that a number of movie stars in Hollywood had also worn suits of
Sasanyo and the material was common nowadays. Vincent was so angry that he
wanted to get his money back.

As for Sally, to her disappointment, upon delivery of the audio system, she found that
there were only five sets of wireless micrphones and the sound mixer could only
produce eleven kinds of sound effects. She wonders if she can reject the audio system.


PART I (50 marks)

Prepare a written Group Project Report containing your answers to the following
questions and according to the instructions given in this assignment:


(a) Advise Tom under what cause of action can he sue Robin and how he would
proceed to prove his case.

(b) Is there any other party that Tom can claim besides Robin? Comment whether
there is any possible defence which Robin can put forward if he is being sued by
Tom. If your answer is positive, explain in detail that possible defence.

(c) Advise Ulrich whether he can sue Sally and give legal analysis to support your

(d) About the suit ordered by Vincent from Westley, analyse whether Vincent can
reject it and explain in detail the possible legal basis that support Vincents case.

(e) Advise Sally whether she can reject the audio system and give a full analysis of
the legal principle that Sally can rely on to reject the system.

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PART II (50 marks)

Prepare and attend a group oral presentation on the case study at sessions assigned by
your tutor according to the instructions given in this assignment.


1. (i) Students should form themselves into groups of a maximum of five (5)
members for this project. Each group shall submit one written group
project report on or before the submission due date as stated in
paragraph 1(iii) below

(ii) The names of the group members with designation of the
Representative of each group clearly stated shall be sent to tutor on
or before Week 5, failing which will lead to imposition of penalty

(iii) Submission Due Date: 11
November 2014 before 5 pm (hard copy)
November 2014 before 6 pm (soft copy),
to be submitted by the Representative of
each Group

(iv) No extension of the submission cut-off date is allowed

2. Direction for Submission of Written Group Project Report
As a mechanism to maintain academic integrity, each group is required to
submit both hard and soft copies of the written group project report as

(i) Submission of hard copy
Each group should put a hard copy of the written group project report
in the collection box on 8F in Block A between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on
or before the above submission due date.

(ii) Submission of soft copy
Representative of each group should upload a soft copy of the written
group project report to the OLE of the course by 6:00 pm on the above
submission due date. Files uploaded to the OLE should be in MS Word
(Soft copies of written group project report sent to the e-mail of your
tutors or lecturers will not be accepted)

(iii) 10% of the marks awarded to the written group project report will be
deducted for each day it is overdue until both hard and soft copies are

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Please note that only the hard copies of the written group project report
will be graded and returned

3. All questions in the case study for the group project report must be

4. Expected length of the group project report is 3000 words in total and
please state the total number of words on the first page of your written
group project report. Failure to comply with the above may result in
marks being deducted according to the following schedule (the list is not

(i) exceeding word limit by 250 words or less 5 marks
(ii) exceeding word limit by 251 and up to 500 words 10 marks
(iii) exceeding word limit by 501 and up to 1000 words 20 marks
(iv) exceeding 1000 words or above 30 marks
(v) failure to state word count 10 marks

5. Sources of information and references must be stated in the format as
instructed by your tutor. Training on the format of stating source of
information (reference) will be given to you in tutorial prior to the
submission due date. Students must follow strictly the format introduced
in the tutorial. No marks will be given for any part in the written group
project report, which is copied from the works of others without stating
the source/reference in accordance with the prescribed format.


1. Dates of group presentation: Tutorials from Week 11 to Week 13.
2. The presentation should be made orally (power-points is not compulsory)
3. Guidelines of presentation are stated in Appendix to this assignment.
4. Contents of presentation:
Each group member will be required to provide oral presentation from
any one question from Questions (a) to (e) in Part I above, to be assigned
by the tutor during the oral presentation section.
5. Maximum individual score for oral presentation is 50.

[End of Assignment 2]
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Appendix to Assignment 2

Guidelines for Group Oral Presentation for LAW B262F

(1) Attend the scheduled presentation punctually. No latecomers would be allowed
to conduct the presentation except for very special circumstances.

(2) All presentation should be conducted in English.

(3) Bring your OUHK Student Identity Card when you attend the oral presentation

(4) Your tutor will randomly choose the part to be presented by each student at the
start of the presentation session.

(5) Mere reading the answers from the written group project report is strictly
forbidden and no marks shall be given to students who conduct the oral
presentation in contravention of this rule.

(6) Formal dress is required.

(7) Every student would be required to present.

(8) Power-points are optional. If you have power-point, please assign helper to
assist you in advance. Submission of hard copies of power-points is not required.

(9) Eye contact is very important in effective presentation.

(10) You are strongly advised to write down your bullet points in small cards.

(11) You may consider practising your presentation before a mirror at home so that
you can remove unnecessary and odd body language e.g. hand shaking, leg

(12) Have appropriate smile throughout the whole presentation since this would lead
the tutor to have the impression that the presenter does have the necessary

(13) Make sure your hair, tie and clothing are in good shape immediately before your

(14) Do conduct a mock presentation before your group mates before the real
presentation. Ask for comments from your group mates for further improvement.

(15) The time available for each students presentation would be not more than 3
minutes. A students presentation may be stopped at any time when the tutor is
satisfied that he/she has got enough for marking purpose.

(16) Your tutor may ask question suddenly. You should be prepared for this.