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2014 Independent Curators

International (ICI) and the authors.

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Back page: Ebony G. Patterson,
Invisible Presence Bling Memories,
performance (for EN MAS), April
27, 2014, Kingston, Jamaica. Photo:
Monique Gilpin and Philip Rhoden.


In just a few months, ICI will enter
its 40th year40!dedicated to
curators, artists, and art spaces
everywhere, and to advancing
contemporary art through
exhibitions, events, research
initiatives and training programs
for curators, and publications. It
was in 1975 that Nina Castelli
Sundell and Susan Sollins came together to dream up a
unique organization centered on the fundamental role of
curators, with a vision of a truly global and collaborative
art world.
As we are getting ready to celebrate ICIs 40 years, we
move forward at great speed, but we also look back in
of the death of ICIs co-founder Nina Castelli Sundell on
August 3. Nina curated many early ICI exhibitions, and
later served on ICIs Board of Trustees, always setting a
standard of excellence which we strive to maintain. The
ICI Board, staff, and community also greatly lament the
passing of our long-time Treasurer and Vice Chair of the
Board, Mickey Straus, who from 1986 until his death in
May, resolutely championed innovation in our programs.
Both Nina and Mickey were precious links in a chain
of individuals who make ICI what it is today, a dynamic
international organization connecting ever more
curators, artists, and art spaces to share a multiplicity
of perspectives that are fundamental in understanding
worked in 8 countries on programs with emerging and
From California to Indonesia, ICI exhibitions provide a
forum for the exchange of ideas and the developments
live inwith the belief that contemporary art can impact
audiences everywhere, and that we all gain by bringing
people together around the critical work of artists.
Following programs in Addis Ababa, Beijing, Mexico
City, Moscow, and New York, a week-long Curatorial

that has already tracked the progress of do it around

the world, ICIs new website features in-depth insights
into the production of nine performances this year
which will form the core of ICIs newest exhibition, EN
MAS: Carnival and Performance Art of the Caribbean.
an expanded archive of audio and video recordings
from ICI events and conferences; fellowship reports;
interviews; and online publications. ICIs website is also
a useful platform for professionals to connect through
the Curators Network, an online community of over 500
members from more than 60 countries, including recent
alumni of the Curatorial Intensive.
commitment to supporting international curators early in
their careers with the presentation of the Independent
Vision Curatorial Award, selected and presented by
Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Chief Curator of the
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. It will be presented at
honors Dimitris Daskalopoulos for his commitment to
supporting curators and artists alike, and for creating
NEON develops innovative art collaborations beyond
borders though exhibitions, educational programs, grants
and scholarships, talks and events, and the ongoing
development of a network of international partnerships.

Ann Cook, Belinda Kielland, Noreen Ahmad, and Bridget

Finn, and to extend my heartfelt thanks to ICIs dedicated
Board of Trustees.
Above all, and on behalf of all of us at ICI, I would like to
thank everyone who makes our programs possible: the
curators, the artists, our collaborators at museums and
galleries around the world, the foundations, and the many
visionary individuals who help us carry ICIs mission.
her continuing support of this publication, allowing us to
give you detailed information on the latest developments
taking place at ICI.

Intensive, we give emerging curators the opportunity to

develop their practice, to build cultural infrastructure, and
to support artistic practice in all corners of the world.
ideas, new content. Today, this growing activity is made
even more visible and accessible, thanks to an expanded
and upgraded website. Building on the online platform

Renaud Proch
Executive Director


ICI at New York Art Book


ICI Conversations:
Brunch & Artist Talk
with Helene Appel
Saturday, September 6
James Cohan Gallery
New York, NY
The Curators
Perspective: Valerie
Cassel Oliver
10, 78:30pm
Hunter College
New York, NY

Long Island City, NY

Living as Form
(The Nomadic Version)


Plains Art Museum

Fargo, ND


Performance Now

New York, NY

Delaware Art Museum

Curatorial Intensive
Public Symposium:
Curating Now
Tuesday, September 30,
New York, NY

With Hidden Noise

July 19September 7
The Henry Art Gallery,

Richard E. Peeler
Art Center, DePauw
Greencastle, IN
do it (archive)
The Episcopal Academy
Newton Square, PA
do it
September 513
Michaelis Galleries,
Michaelis School of Fine
Cape Town, South Africa
September 13December 6

ICI at EXPO Chicago

Navy Pier
Chicago, IL

Curatorial Intensive:
Curating Now
New York, NY

Project 35 Volume 2
Robert Morris University
Pittsburgh, PA
September 13October 10
Messy Sky / Cloud
Bangkok, Thailand




Project 35 Volume 2

The Curators
Perspective: Raphael
Tuesday, October 7,
The New Museum
New York, NY

Robert Morris University

Art Gallery
Pittsburgh, PA


September 8December

Asian Contemporary Art

Richard E. Peeler
Art Center, DePauw
Greencastle, IN

New York, NY

Curatorial Intensive in
Central Academy of Fine
Arts, Beijing, China

September 6October 3
Messy Sky / Cloud
Bangkok, Thailand

Philadelphia, PA

October 6November 16
DeVos Art Museum,
Northern Michigan
Marquette, MI

do it (archive)
Episcopal Academy
Newtown Square, PA
do it
September 13December 6

Stamp Gallery, University

of Maryland
College Park, MD

Philadelphia, PA
October 16November 13
Denler Art Gallery
St. Paul, MN
Performance Now

London, U.K.

Krakow Theatrical
Krakow, Poland

Monday, November 17,
The Cunard Building
New York, NY
ICI at NADA Miami
December 47
Deauville Beach Resort
Miami Beach, FL

Project 35 Volume 2
Richard E. Peeler
Art Center, DePauw
Greencastle, IN
October 6November 16
DeVos Art Museum,
Northern Michigan
Marquette, MI
Stamp Gallery, University
of Maryland
College Park, MD

London, U.K.

Curatorial Intensive in
New Orleans
Prospect New Orleans
/ Contemporary Arts
Center, New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
Performance Now
December 6March 1
QUT Art Museum
Brisbane, Australia

do it
September 13December 6
Philadelphia, PA
October 16November 13
Denler Art Gallery
St. Paul, MN
Living as Form
(The Nomadic Version)

ICI Winter Cocktails

New York, NY


November 8December 13
La Quionera, Coyoacn
Mexico City, Mexico

Art and Society Research

Tokyo, Japan
Performance Now
December 6March 1
QUT Art Museum
Brisbane, Australia

Project 35 Volume 2

Martha Wilson

Van Every/Smith
Galleries, Davidson
Davidson, NC

Fales Library, New

York University; Pratt
Manhattan Gallery;
Participant Inc.
New York, NY

January 15June 8
Art Gallery, University of
Saint Joseph

With Hidden Noise

Art Center College of
Pasadena, CA

Visual Arts Center, Boise

State University
Boise, ID
do it
Museum of Art, University
of South Australia
Adelaide, Australia


Curated by Claire Tancons and Krista Thompson, co-organized with Contemporary
Arts Center, New Orleans
exploration of the influences of Carnival on contemporary performance practices in the
Caribbean, North America, and Europe. Conceived around a series of 9 commissioned
performances across 8 cities in 6 different countries, the exhibition considers the
connections between Carnival and performance, masquerade and social criticism,
diaspora and transnationalism.
Performance Art of the Caribbean, co-published by ICI
and synonymous with Carnival in the English-speaking
Caribbean), EN MAS considers a history of performance
that does not take place on the stage or in the gallery but
rather in the streets, addressing not the few but the many.
EN MAS presents performance practices that do not
trace their genealogy to the European avant-gardes of
the early twentieth century, but rather to the experiences
of slavery and colonialism; the independence struggles
and civil right movements; and the population migrations
to and from former colonial centers during most of the
last hundred years. The exhibition interrogates this
history in light of todays global forms of public address
from the resurgence of the Mardi Gras Indian and Social
Aid and Pleasure Club traditions in post-Katrina New
Orleans to carnivalesque protests.
EN MAS tracks 9 artists as they engage, transform,
or critique historical and contemporary Caribbean
performance practices from Brooklyn, New York;
Junkanoo in Nassau, Bahamas; Kingston, Jamaica;
London, UK; Miami, Florida; Port of Spain, Trinidad and
Tobago; Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic;
to New Orleans, Louisiana. Performances will take place
according to different modes of public address and
audience engagement including semi-private rituals at
the margin of festival celebrations and street processions
in the midst of Carnival revelry.
Opening at Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans
Carnival and related masquerading traditions in the
Caribbean and its diasporas have had on contemporary
performance discourse and practice in artistic and
curatorial realms. Bringing together photographic and
reconstitutions from the performances, the exhibition
and videographers working in the region today. An
accompanying publication, En Mas: Carnival and

newly commissioned critical essays, monographic texts

performances. The publication will act as an extension of
scholarly attention to contemporary artworks considering
Claire Tancons is a curator, writer, and researcher who
has focused on Carnival and public ceremonial culture,
civic rituals, and popular movements for nearly a decade.
The associate curator for Prospect.1 New Orleans

alternative genealogies and methodologies for thinking

and presenting performance, including reclaiming
the processional as a curatorial medium. She has
written extensively about Carnival, the carnivalesque,
performance and protest, in NKA, Small Axe, Third
Text, and the
. Tancons is currently the
curator for Up Hill Down Hall: An Indoor Carnival for Tate
Krista Thompson is Associate Professor of Art History at
Northwestern University and the author of An Eye for the
, American Art, Representations, The Drama
Review, and Small Axe. Exhibitions include the National
Developing Blackness:
Independence Era
the Bahamas. Her book
of Light in African Diasporic Aesthetic Practice will be

Charles Campbell,


Number of artists: 9
For further booking details see page 48
John Beadle, Mario Benjamin, Charles Campbell, Nicols
OGrady, Ebony Patterson, Cauleen Smith

Ebony G. Patterson, Invisible Presence: Bling Memories

EN MAS: Carnival and Performance Art of the Carribean is made

possible by an Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award. Additional support

which is dedicated to the presentation, production, and promotion of

the art of our time. It expresses its mission by organizing world class
curated exhibitions, performances, and public programs; educating and
enlarging audiences for the arts; and encouraging collaboration among
diverse stakeholders composed of artists, institutions, communities, and
supporters throughout the world.


Curated by Melissa E. Feldman
No vital periods ever began from a theory. Whats first is a game, a struggle, a
journey. Guy Debord
Seeking the initial moment described by Debord, FREE PLAY explores the work of
artists who borrow from play and games to reveal social, philosophical, and cultural
issues. From playfulness, to mathematical strategy, the artists in FREE PLAY have mined
the significance of games, reinventing them to create experiences often meant to be
involving the viewer, and reflecting on the nature of participation in art.
Artistic processes tied to game playing have historically
attracted the avant-garde, most famously the chess
master Marcel Duchamp. His every artistic move had
his chess partner the viewer in mind. Games were
also intrinsic to the work of war-addled Surrealists
and Dadaists, the inventors of exquisite corpse and
automatic drawing, in their quest to upend the bourgeois
pretensions of art and free the artistic imagination. In the
1960s and 70s, the countercultural and antiwar Fluxus
group and the New Games Foundation questioned
capitalism and corporate culture by staging massive
public games in city parks. Moving away from the
classical chess period of kings, queens, and bishops,
the works in
but strategies of decision making around contemporary
The arcade of games in
include a version
of Guitar Hero by Cory Arcangel, hopscotch by Mary
Flanagan, and Ryan Ganders version of blackjack
while the more mystically inclined may gravitate toward
Allan McCollum and Matt Mullicans divining game.

Melissa E. Feldman is a Seattle-based independent
curator and writer, and holds the position of Distinguished
Visiting Faculty at Cornish College of the Arts. She is
a frequent contributor to Art in America,
, Third
, among others. Her recent exhibitions
include Dance Rehearsal: Karen Kilimniks World of
Ballet and Theatre
Art Museum, Oakland, which traveled to the Museum
of Contemporary Art Denver, CO; Afterglow: Rethinking
California Light and Space Art
Notre Dame de Namur University Art Gallery, Belmont,
CA and the Hearst Art Gallery at St. Marys College,
Sampler: Textiles at Creative
Feldman has taught at the California College of the
Arts, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Goldsmiths
monographic exhibitions in America for Kilimnik, Martin
Kippenberger, and Hiroshi Sugimoto in the early 1990s
Philadelphia, PA.

Cory Arcangel, Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin, Ruth
Catlow, Mary Flanagan, Futurefarmers, Ryan Gander,
Jeanne van Heeswijk and Rolf Engelen, Allan McCollum
and Matt Mullican, Paul Noble, Yoko Ono, Pedro Reyes,
Jason Rohrer, David Shrigley, Erik Svedng

Number of artists or artists groups: 14

Number of works: approximately 17
For further booking details see page 48

Allan McCollum and Matt Mullican,



Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist
What would happen if an exhibition never stopped? Since it began in 1993, with this
question being asked by Hans Ulrich Obrist and artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand
Lavier, DO IT has become the longest-running and most far-reaching exhibition to ever
happenconstantly generating new versions of itself.

artists, to create exhibition formats that could be more

do it has grown from a selection
400 artists. Every time it is presented, in any of the
more than 60 venues worldwide, do it is re-interpreted
anew. Many new versions have appeared, including do
, and
an online do it
To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of do it in
and ICI collaborated on its newest
iteration, stemming from a new publication, do it: the
complete with the history of this landmark
including 80 brand new ones. A call to action, do it invites
you to take part, to interpret, re-invent and generate
ideas, creating new dynamic institutional and exhibition
formats for years to come.

do it has been
shown in 11 art spaces internationally, with many more
exhibitions scheduled to take place in the fall. Many
new versions and projects were also generated in
collaboration with curators in presenting venues and can
now be found on ICIs website. Several of them, such as
can even
be shown alongside future do it presentations, offering
different layers to the project.

do it is happening all around the world, ICI

created an online platform to track the progress of the
exhibition. Offering many entry points to experience do
it, the website charts the project through an interactive
map, and provides documentation of all things do it,
from the works realized at different venues, and the
events and projects realized in conjunction with do it to
a social media center, and other highlights. Follow do it
on Facebook and @doit_INTL on Twitter and Instagram.

Hans Ulrich Obrist is co-director of the Serpentine

Galleries, London. Prior to this, he was the Curator of
the Muse dArt Moderne de la Ville, Paris. Since his
in 1991 he

Special thanks to Project Perpetual for their generous support of the do

it online platform. Visit do it on ICIs website,, under the
Exhibitions section.

publications include

Originally curated by Obrist for do it

Manchester Art Festival,
invited artists
to respond to the instructions of do it artists who are no
longer with us. From the resulting interpretations, ICI
brought together this selection of 14 documented works
in a traveling version of
that includes
Tracey Emin writing a letter for Louise Bourgeois;
Pedro Reyes making a wearable Lygia Clark mbius;
and Suzanne Lacy interpreting the score of one of her
mentors, Allan Kaprow.

, Project

Were Afraid to Ask,

, Ai Weiwei Speaks,

, Think Like
along with new

volumes of his Conversation Series.


square feet is recommended

For further booking details see page 48


Curated by ICI and Obrist, in collaboration with

Joseph Grigley,
gives historical depth
to the project, highlighting key moments and impacts

In 1995, Viennas museum in progress produced do it

, a series of short clips broadcast on Austrian TV
that featured do it artists presenting their instructions.

websites, ephemera related to different versions of do it,

and a collection of do it publications produced in several

introduces the project, as well as a series of instructions

enacted on camera. Available on the do it website, and
accompanying the exhibition, the fast-paced digital short
tells the history of the project to the rhythm and voice of
, and special thanks to Can

Photo: Alan Seabright.

in the making of


By Hans Ulrich Obrist. Foreword
and acknowledgement by Kate

do it instruction by Carl Andre, do it


introduction by Hans Ulrich Obrist;

essays by Bruce Altshuler, Hu Fang,
Virginia Prez-Ratton, and Elizabeth
Presa. Softcover, 448 pages.
8 x 10 inches. Co-published by
Independent Curators International



Curated by Peter Dykhuis
Martha Wilsons 40-year career encapsulates the key debates in feminist and socially
engaged practices, wherein identity and positioning are not just self-defined or projected
but also negotiated, disputed, and constantly reimagined. The complex nature of
Wilsons work encompasses her activities as an artist since the early 1970s, her position
as the director of Franklin Furnace, and her music collaborations in DISBAND.
gained attention in 1973 through Lucy R. Lippard, who
contextualized her early work within the parameters
of conceptual practice, and among other women artist
contemporaries. A year later, Judy Chicago denounced

Butlers ideas on gender performativity through her

practice, and in the words of art critic Holland Cotter, she

Peter Dykhuis is director / curator of the Dalhousie

Art Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Prior to that he
was director of the Anna Leonowens Gallery at the
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a guest
curator for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. His most
recent exhibitions include
Place Markers: Mapping
Worlds and Giving Notice: Words on Walls.

To celebrate the conclusion of the exhibition tour in spring

Dykhuis has assembled a diverse collection of works in
which has been presented in many different ways
across the country over the past four years. Curators
at each presenting institution have worked directly with
the artist to select works from the overlapping stages

New York with the presentation of Martha Wilson at the

Pratt Manhattan Gallery, the Fales Library at New York
University, and Participant, Inc. Temporarily reborn as
a physical space, Franklin Furnace will host a series of
new performances by a cross generational selection

conceptually based performances, videos, and phototexts, or focus on Franklin Furnace, an arts organization

being re-performed and re-interpreted. This city-wide

presentation will also conclude with a panel discussion

advocacy for the production of avant-garde, ephemeral,

and alternative forms of art. Together with the artist,
curators could further explore ways in which identity
and contested histories can be shown in the context of
their local constituencies and according to each venues

the relationship between alternative art spaces and art

practices in New York in the 1970s and 80s.

selected works from the museums collection or worked

with people in the community to develop an exhibition
that explores the nature of visibility, or what feminism
means now, or the role of the activist today.

, 1973.

Installation view of Martha Wilson: Staging the Self



In 2010, ICI launched PROJECT 35, a program of single-channel videos selected by 35
international curators who each chose one work from an artist they think is important
for audiences around the world to experience today. The resulting selection was
presented in more than 30 venues around the globe, at times simultaneously. Following
the widespread popularity and success of the first exhibition, ICI collaborated with 35
more international curators to produce PROJECT 35 VOLUME 2 in 2013, which has
already been seen in 16 art spaces in 10 countries, from Canada to Sri Lanka.
ICI has once again drawn from its extensive network of
curators to trace the complexity of regional and global
connections among practitioners and the variety of
approaches they use to make video. 35 curators from
6 continents each chose one work for this compilation,
showcasing a variety of artists takes on the medium.
can be shown in almost any space
worldwide. It can be projected in a gallery, featured in
monthly screenings, or shown on a monitor running in
a caf or education room. A pamphlet accompanies the
exhibition with a short introduction to each work by the
selecting curator, along with the curators and artists bios.
has been on view in over 16 international art
spaces from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Jaffna, Sri Lanka
and Montevideo, Uruguay.

Screening of

at Ne Na Contemporary Art Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: Ratchawin Poungjan.

Installation view of

Sara Ramo,
Film Still. Courtesy of the artist.

at Fresh Milk, St. George,

Courtesy of the artists.

In Diverse Estimations Little Moscow,



Number of artists or artist groups: 35

Number of works: 35

For further booking details see page 48



Curated by RoseLee Goldberg, co-organized with Performa
(1979), art historian and curator RoseLee Goldberg showed that performance is central
to the history of twentieth-century art. In 2005, she launched PERFORMA 05, the first
biennial of visual art performance, and predicted that performance would become
the medium of the twenty-first century. Indeed, its time has come.
Performance Now is a selection of works by artists
from a vast repository of new performance from around

RoseLee Goldbergs seminal study, Performance

Performance Now
surveys critical and experimental currents in performance
internationally, featuring key Performa commissions,

1979 and now in its third edition) is regarded as the

leading text for understanding the development of the
genre and has been translated into more languages
Portuguese, Spanish and Russian) than any other

Together, the works in the exhibition are an indication
of the extent to which visual artists use performance as
part of their creative process; how that process produces
objects, installations, video, or photography; and how
these mediums have been enlivened by the demands
of recording performance in innovative ways. Exploring
live performance, artists capture its ephemerality and
transform it into new work that contains the power and
content of the original.
in many major museums throughout the world and

a program that pioneered an integrative approach

to curating exhibitions, performance, and symposia,
directly involving the various departments of the RCA
in all aspects of the exhibitions program. As curator at
The Kitchen in New York she continued to advocate for
multi-disciplinary practices to have equal prominence by
establishing the exhibition space, a video viewing room,
and a performance series. It was here that Goldberg
Levine, Robert Longo, Jack Goldstein and The Kipper
Kids, among others. Most recently, her vision in the
creation of Performa has set a precedent for performance
art that is now impacting museum programming and

artistic forms of the twentieth century, this exhibition

provides a window onto these important developments.

she was awarded the ICI Agnes Gund Curatorial Award

of displaying, collecting, preserving, and explaining

conceptual material that had so profoundly shaped

Letters. Since 1987, Goldberg has taught at New York


twentieth century, and yet was, paradoxically ephemeral

and almost invisible. At the same time, contemporary
performance is activating the museum, drawing new and
young audiences to these institutions.


Spartacus Chetwynd, Nikhil Chopra, Nathalie Djurberg,

Claire Fontaine, Christian Jankowski, Jesper Just,
Galindo, Liz Magic Laser, Kalup Linzy, Nandipha
Mntambo, Kelly Nipper, Clifford Owens, Santiago Sierra,
Laurie Simmons, Ryan Trecartin

Space required: 4,0005,000 square feet, plus

performance space if live performance is to be added

Kelly Nipper,


Performance Now

Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels.

For further booking details see page 48



Curated by Stephen Vitiello

, installation view, Katherine E. Nash Gallery,

WITH HIDDEN NOISE is an exploration of sound art that asks gallery and museum
visitors to spend time listening with ears they may not know they hadWith too few
important exhibitions focusing on the experience of sound art and the contemporary
history of the practice, this artist-curated project is accessible to a wide range of venues
across continents, in a flexible way that allows for curators to build upon it creatively
and explore sound art further.

Cages seminal
Allison Young, Artforum
Stephen Vitiello is a sound and media artist whose
sound installations have been presented internationally
both in public spaces and museums. Among his recent
commissioned by Creative Time for the High Line, New
Featured artists in
include legendary
composer Pauline Oliveros as well as Steve Roden,
Andrea Parkins, and the projects curator, Stephen
Vitiello. Titled after Duchamps readymade ball of string
containing a mysterious sound-making object hidden in
its folds, this exhibition brings together evocative sounds,
some recognizable from traditional instruments and

Vitiello has collaborated extensively, working with artists
such as Tony Oursler, Julie Mehretu, Joan Jonas,
Steve Roden, Nam June Paik, and Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Originally from New York, he is now based in Richmond,
Virginia where he is a professor in the Department of
Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University.



This self-contained sound-art exhibition pares down

the installation scale to a single set of surround-sound

Taylor Deupree, Jennie C. Jones, Pauline Oliveros,

Andrea Parkins, Steve Peters, Steve Roden, Michael J.
Schumacher, Stephen Vitiello

a wide range of spaces, allowing for many presentation

possibilities. Also included are a number of books
and catalogues on contemporary sound art that may
be distributed around the gallery for those who would
like to read more as they listen. A further reading list,
videography, and programming suggestions are provided
by the curator, making this exhibition as adaptable and
expandable as desired.

Number of artists: 8
Number of works: 7
For further booking details see page 48





Curated by Nato Thompson, co-organized with Creative Time
LIVING AS FORM (THE NOMADIC VERSION) has traveled the world as an
unprecedented exhibition of documents which not only shared a 20-year history of
cultural works that blur the forms of art and everyday life, but also built a unique archive
of current social and political practice taking place internationally.
exhibition, each adding local projects to it, emphasizing
participation, dialogue, and engagement, and generating
new ways of connecting local politics and engaged
projects from across the globe. At the conclusion of
the tour, the exhibition contained an archive of over
100 projects, more than twice its original size. It
also generated dozens of critical events including a
symposium on social engagement in the Midwest; a talk
series with Hong Kong-based video artists / activists;
a mural project with the Juvenile Justice Center in
Mahoning County, OH; and presentations by Sahrawi
artists during the Arts and Human Rights Festival in

Nato Thompson is Chief Curator at Creative Time, New

Door and the Street

The Creative Time

Between the

Award for distinguished writing. His
publication, Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the Age of
is forthcoming from Melville House.

Kadist Art Foundation
McDonough Museum of Art,

Calzadilla, Lara Almarcegui, Alternate ROOTS,

Appalshop, Claire Barclay, Basurama, BijaRi, Cemeti

University of California,
Diego, CA); ARTifariti
Sahara); Moore College of Art & Design, January
CCI Fabrika, February
TheCube Project Space,
Richard E. Peeler
Art Center
IN); The 4th Anyang Public Art Project, OctoberMay
Museo de Arte Sinaloa,
Tel Aviv
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, FebruaryApril
Antioch College
Israel Institute of Technology,
Plains Art Museum,
Art & Society
Research Center

Cuevas, Cybermohalla Ensemble, Josh Greene,

Federico Guzmn and Alonso Gil; Fritz Haeg, Jeanne
van Heeswijk, Helena Producciones, Fran Ilich,
Lisa Katzman, Suzanne Lacy, Los Angeles Poverty
/ Darren ODonnell, Mardi Gras Indian Community,
Rawanchaikul, Athi-Patra Ruga, Katernia ed, Chemi
Sassan Nassiri, Bita Fayyazi, Ata Hasheminejad and


ICIs Curatorial Intensive program was established in 2010 as the worlds first shortcourse, low-cost training program for curators. Intended to bring working professionals
together to gain new skills and perspectives on pragmatic aspects of curating, as well
as to increase dialogue in curatorial ideas, the Intensive supports early- to mid-career
curators working independently or institutionally in emerging and established art
centers around the world. Programs are held at ICI in New York, and around the world
in collaboration with institutional partners.
The Curatorial Intensive consists of a weeklong schedule
of seminars, workshops, advisement meetings, and site
visits developed by ICI and taught by leading curators,
artists, critics, and directors. Participants apply with an
exhibition proposal to workshop through the program, the
outcomes of which are presented to a public audience
on the last day. Through their intensive engagement
with each other during the sessions, participants realize
opportunities for developing new collaborations and

Program Dates: September 2130, 2014

This September, the Curatorial Intensive in New
offers curators the opportunity to
discuss, among colleagues, the concepts, logistics, and
challenges of organizing exhibitions, public programs,
and other discursive formats. Topics under discussion
will include social practice, community engagement, and
alternative exhibition formats, among others.

the Curatorial Intensive and developed partnerships with

Arte Contemporneo in Mexico City, Mexico, and the
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow,
Russia. Furthering its connections to the U.S., and ICIs
involvement in the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean region, the
Curatorial Intensive will also take place in New Orleans,

, Curatorial ntensive in New York,

Orleans and the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans.

Mara del Carmen Carrin

Stuart Comer
Art, The Museum of Modern Art, New York), Holland
The New
York Times, New York), Reem Fadda
of Middle Eastern Art, Abu Dhabi Project, Solomon R.
Guggenheim Foundation, New York), Lia Gangitano
M. Grady
York), Larissa Harris
New York), and Renaud Proch
The Curatorial Intensive is made possible in part by grants from the
generous contributions from Toby Devan Lewis, the ICI Board of Trustees,
the ICI Gerrit Lansing Education Fund, and the supporters of ICIs Access
Fund. Scholarships for curators from Turkey will be supported by SAHA.
For more information on the instructors, advisors, and schedule, as
well as past Curatorial Intensives, visit ICIs website,, or
contact Kimberly Kitada at




Program Dates: October 2127, 2014

Program Dates: January 1824, 2015

In collaboration with The Central Academy of Fine

in New Orleans in collaboration with Prospect and the
Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans. Building upon
ICIs earlier collaboration with PEI on the Curatorial

in Beijing. Seminars, site visits, individual meetings,

and roundtable discussions will be led by a group of
international professionals who will explore art and
curatorial practice in Asia and beyond. The program

Intensive in the U.S. outside of New York. The course

will be part of an ongoing series of programs engaging
with curatorial and artistic practices around the Gulf of
Mexicoincluding exhibitions and curatorial research
fellowshipsand is one of several partnerships that ICI
has developed in the Crescent City. The Intensive will
bring together emerging curators from across the South
and around the world for the opportunity to exchange
ideas, develop their exhibitions and projects, and explore
Prospect.3, the international biennial curated by Franklin

for Contemporary Art and CAFA on developing the

Curatorial Intensive:
Mara del Carmen Carrin
Colin Chinnery,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow), Gridthiya
Bangkok), Snejana Krasteva
of Contemporary Art, Moscow), and Carol Yinghua

Prospect New Orleans was conceived in the tradition of

the great international exhibitions, such as the Venice
Biennale and the Bienal de So Paulo, to showcase new
artistic practices from around the world in settings that
are both historic and culturally exceptional, and contribute
to the cultural economy of New Orleans and the
Louisiana Gulf region. Prospect.3 New Orleans, the third
edition of the New Orleans International Contemporary


in Beijing, the capital of China, is an academy where

institution for modern art education in China that provides
a space for those who wish to learn, experience, and
engage in creativity, which has nurtured a number of
preeminent artists in the past 90 years.

and Michael Smooke Department Head and Curator of

Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of

The Curatorial Intensive is made possible in part by grants from the

ous contributions from the ICI Board of Trustees, the ICI Gerrit Lansing
Education Fund, and the supporters of ICIs Access Fund. Scholarships

, Curatorial Intensive in

International Foundation of Fine Arts Young Curator Fund and SAHA.

stable and professionally managed, that is dedicated

to the presentation, production and promotion across
the visual arts. The CAC is a cultural leader. As such,
it organizes, presents and tours curated exhibitions,
performances and programs by local, regional, national
and international artists. It demonstrates proactive
local and regional leadership by educating children and
adults; cultivating and growing audiences; and initiating
and encouraging collaboration among diverse artists,
institutions, communities and supporters.
The Curatorial Intensive is made possible in part by grants from the
by generous contributions from Toby Devan Lewis, the ICI Board of
Trustees, the ICI Gerrit Lansing Education Fund, and the supporters of
ICIs Access Fund.




Program Dates: May 1319, 2014

Meskerem Assegued
Art Center, Addis Ababa), Mara del Carmen Carrin

The Curatorial Intensive in Addis Ababa, in collaboration

Raphael Chikukwa

the second Curatorial Intensive in Africa. This one-week

professional development program brought together a
group of eleven curators to participate in seminars, site
visits to local art spaces, studio visits with artists, and
individual meetings with faculty. Over the course of the
program, participants engaged in discussions with their
fellow curators, and received feedback from the faculty
advisors, in order to critically develop an exhibition or
curatorial project idea. The Curatorial Intensive forged
strong connections among these international colleagues,
and initiated a dialogue for future collaborations and

Naima J. Keith
The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York), Riason
Town House Museums, Cape Town), Jimmy Ogonga
Nairobi), Elvira Dyangani Ose
Art, Tate Modern), Renaud Proch
ICI), Tracey Rose


The Curatorial Intensive is made possible in part by grants from the

Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, the Dedalus Foundation, and the
Julie Mehretu and Jessica Rankin, ICIs Leadership Council, the ICI
Board of Trustees, the ICI Gerrit Lansing Education Fund, and the
supporters of ICIs Access Fund.

Participating curators included: Philip
Helen Carey
Ireland), Makeda Damtew
Mohamed Hussein
Wanja Kimani
Ababa, Ethiopia / Nairobi, Kenya),
Jillian Schultz
Angeles, CA), Fitsum Tefera
and Zoma Wallace
Meskerem Assegued

was hosted inside an artwork!

Konjit Seyoum, Director of Asni Gallery, walked the
group through the history of this pivotal independent
space in Addis Ababa, and spoke of her desire and
the strategies she used to create a conceptually and
economically independent space, open to all audiences
in Ethiopia. Following the Intensive, Seymoum has
opened up Asni to Intensive participants and all involved
in curatorial practice in Addis Ababa with the hopes to
create a more integrated community.
On the topic of independent spaces, Jimmy Ogonga,
spoke of the Center for Contemporary Art, East Africa
the art scene of Nairobi from the 1960s to the present,
highlighting the important role that artist collectives have
played in the development of the scene. And Elvira
Dyangani Ose, Curator of International Art, Tate Modern,
spoke of her practice as an independent curator,
examining her past projects and drawing from a history
to her practice. She also spoke of her current work and
focus at Tate Modern, and the group heard from other
perspectives from large art institutions in the continent:
Riason Naidoo discussed the importance of going
beyond formal criteria of evaluation when working with
a collection, in order to construct rich and nuanced
representations and the construction of national history
through art collections. He presented on the historical
the National Gallery of South Africa in Cape Town. And
Raphael Chikukwa presented his work at the National
and international contexts. He spoke at length about the
National Gallery.

Curatorial Intensive participants and ICI staff in Addis Ababa, May

Curatorial Intensive in the unique art space constructed

by artist Elias Sime using a traditional mud-house

Curatorial Intensive in Mexico City, seminar with Manuel Borja-Villel at

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Photo: Garage Museum of

Contemporary Art.


Program Dates: August 39, 2014
Program Dates: June 30July 7, 2014
The Curatorial Intensive:
Art, was developed in collaboration with Garage Museum
of Contemporary Art in Moscow. It examined curatorial
strategies for creatively building frameworks and
infrastructures for the production and presentation of art
practicefrom small-scale collaborative projects to new
museumsthat respond to the changing needs of artists
and of new art publics in rapidly evolving societies.
Magal Arriola
Contemporneo, Mexico City), Mara del Carmen
Research, ICI), Ekaterina Degot
Kate Fowle
Moscow, and Director-at-Large, ICI), Koyo Kouoh
Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow), Renaud Proch
Rasha Salti
writer, Beirut), Georg Schllhammer,
Generous scholarships for the Curatorial Intensive: Developing
Infrastructures for Art were provided by the Garage Museum of
Contemporary Art.

Organized in collaboration with Fundacin Jumex Arte

Contemporneo, this program was the third Curatorial
Intensive developed entirely in Spanish. Topics included
role of the curator, while also exploring researchbased initiatives, independent projects, collections and
series of video interviews with instructors and advisors
was developed out of the program. Visit the ICI Media
Bruce Altshuler
New York University, New York), Magal Arriola
Fundacin Jumex Arte Contemporneo, Mexico City),
Manuel Borja-Villel
Madrid), Mara del Carmen Carrin
Patrick Charpenel
City), Juan A. Gaitn
Contemporary Art, Berlin), Julieta Gonzlez
Museo Tamayo, Mexico City), Ins Katzenstein
Tella, Buenos Aires), Carlos Motta
and Daniela Prez
de_sitio, Mexico City)
Scholarship packages for the Curatorial Intensive in Mexico City were
generously provided by Fundacin Jumex Arte Contemporneo and



Program Dates: March 1625, 2014

Mark Beasley
Carmen Carrin

Mara del
Deborah Cullen

The Curatorial Intensive in New York: Considering

offered curators the opportunity
to explore curatorial challenges among colleagues from
around the world, working in very different contexts.
Central to all sessions were conversations discerning
audience and publics, working with artists, navigating
Spring, the program also focused on the recently-opened

University, New York), Matthew Higgs

Columns, New York), Sarah Hromack
Renaud Proch
Director, ICI), Yasmil Raymond
Foundation, New York), and Franklin Sirmans
Director for Prospect.3 New Orleans and Department
Head and Curator of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
County Museum of Art)

by one of the curators, Stuart Comer.

Generous scholarships for the Curatorial Intensive: Considering Publics
and Contexts were provided by SAHA.

There are currently 303 alumni of the Curatorial Intensives, based in 60 different
countries and 21 U.S. states. ICI remains in contact with alumni through the Curators
Network, and keeps updated on the exhibitions and projects that become fully realized
after the Intensives, as well as all alumni curatorial projects around the world.

Allan Sekula, still from

First edition of the newspaper



Miguel Amado

Mariana Lorenzi

ADN Platform, Sant Cugat del Valls, Barcelona, Spain

The project
reactivates a former
political and community newspaper from Casa do Povo
Platforms Curatorial Challenge program. His exhibition,
, examines the urban space as a site of
anti-capitalist struggle. It brings together artists based in
Europe and the United Statesregions where capitalism
originally developed, and where it has been contested in
recent years.

Brazilian military coup in 1964. In this new contemporary

format, the publication functions as a platform for 7
invited artists and collectives to develop interventions in
the neighborhood where Casa do Povo is located. Nossa
is a tool for announcement and documentation of
these artistic interventions, and a shared place relevant
to debates regarding politics, culture and memory.

Shabbir Hussain Mustafa was selected as curator for
Wassan Al-Khudhairi was appointed the Curator
of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Birmingham
Museum of Art in Alabama.

Michal Novotny organized the exhibition titled Things as

in Chicago, Illinois.

zge Ersoy and Merve nsal were invited to curate

international art fair in Istanbul, Turkey in September

Fato stek was named Associate Curator for the tenth

Gwangju Biennial,
, which
Gwangju, Korea.

Arnau Horta curated the program for A

an international conference on the
sonic turn in the arts in Barcelona, Spain.

Victor Wang
in residence at Contemporary Art Heritage Flanders
with CAHF and its 4 partner museums.
Didem Yazici recently curated A Tale of Shahmaran:

Courtesy of the artist.

Adnan Yildiz was selected as a winner for the

Curate Award, initiated by Fondazione Prada and the
Qatar Museums Authority, and his winning proposal,
will be realized in Qatar or Italy.

Euridice Kala

A Tale of Shahmaran
Photo: Bernd Borchardt.

development agency for the visual arts in Johannesburg,

South Africa.

For more information about the Curatorial Intensive and the programs
alumni, visit ICIs website,, under the Curatorial
Intensive section.

ICIs Curatorial Fellowship, The Coleccin Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (CPPC) Travel
Award, the SAHA Research Award, the Dedalus Foundation Award, and the French
Institute Fellowship support curators in providing opportunities for in-depth research,
and Curatorial Intensive Alumni by facilitating collaborative projects among them and
broaden the international networks created through the Intensive.
Award were


1996), a Turkish poet, composer, and singer who was

banned from performing on stage for several years. The
curators are using his work as an example to reveal the
often little-know history of artistic repression during this

Research Award were Viviana Checchia

and Anna Santomauro
conducting research in the U.S., with the aim to
investigate different curatorial approaches developed
from the heritage of the exhibition
and to recontextualize these curatorial practices within
the European and Euro-Mediterranean perspective to
envision new articulations of the notion of participation in
contemporary art production.



aims to explore the impact of the military regime in the

has evolved into a network of collaborations with artists,

interviews, it became clear that we wanted to enrich the

Thank you to SAHA for their generous support of this fellowship. SAHA
aims to contribute toward the presence and visibility of art from Turkey
and supports artistic projects and research working in contemporary art.

After one month in the U.S., Viviana Checchia and Anna

Santomauro met practitioners and organizations involved
in their case study,
, an exhibition
curated by Mary Jane Jacob in Chicago in 1993. Their
research took them to the Center for Curatorial StudiesBard Colleges archive in Annandale-on-Hudson, New
York, where the curators also taught a session titled
Bards archive dedicated to some of Jacobs projects
from the 90s. During a trip to Chicago, they attended
a symposium held at the Museum of Contemporary
Art, that explored contemporary issues related to
collaboration, social practice, community outreach, and
civic engagement. They met with Mary Jane Jacob for
an in-depth interview. And they continued their research
at a residency at Alabama Song, an experimental arts
space in Houston, Texas. All these opportunities have
contributed to introducing new perspectives to their
research and have shed new light on
which will soon be made available on ICIs website.
Thank you to the Dedalus Foundation for their generous support of this


Nataa Petrein-Bachelez is the third ICI / French
Institute Fellow. The fellowship program offers a French
curator a new opportunity for international research and
the development of professional networks. The program
spans over a period of 6 months and includes research
trips to the U.S. and now to other cities throughout the
international network of ICI collaborators.
practices in curating and on common urgencies,
solidarities, empathy and antagonisms of dynamic
networks, including collaboratively-run spaces, advocacy
groups, and artist-activist groups. Taking LInternationale,
a consortium of European art institutions, as a starting
point, she is exploring possibilities of participation in the
Bachelezs research and information on related events
will be made available on ICIs website.

Nataa Petrein-Bachelez is an art critic and

independent curator based in Paris, France. She is
currently managing editor of the online platform of
LInternationale, which is hosted by KASK/School of Arts
editor of

Thank you to lInstitut franais in Paris, and the Cultural Services of the
French Embassy for generously supporting this fellowship. LInstitut
franais in Paris promotes French culture abroad and the Cultural
Services of the French Embassy provides Americans access and
resources to engage with French culture.

Mara Elena Ortiz has been selected as the third

recipient of the CPPC Travel Award for Central America
and the Caribbean. The award supports a contemporary
art curator based anywhere in the world to travel to
regions in Central America and the Caribbean to conduct
research related to art and cultural activities, generating
new collaborations with artists, curators, museums, and
cultural centers within regional networks.
Ortiz has planned to use the award to visit new and
established contemporary art centers, artist initiatives,
the Bahamas, Martinique, and Trinidad and Tobago. She
is conducting interviews with local cultural producers
practices with the aim of strengthening the ties between
art in the Caribbean and the Diaspora, particularly in the
local community of Miami, Florida, as well as nurturing

Mara Elena Ortiz currently works as a Curatorial

Previously, she was the Curator of Contemporary Arts at
the Sala de Arte Pblico Siqueiros in Mexico City. Ortiz
has also collaborated with institutions such as TEOR/
Tica, San Jose, Costa Rica; Tate Modern, London; the
Museum of Craft and Folk Art, and New Langton Arts,
both in San Francisco.
their generous support of this fellowship. CPPC works to increase the
understanding and awareness of Latin Americas contributions to the
history of art and ideas, and to support innovation, education, and

Sumesh Sharma is seeking

to uncover the complex histories of colonialism in the
Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia by examining
the funding mechanisms and institutional support of
art institutions that utilize the power structures put
in place by colonial laws. Looking at art and activist
practices in former British and French colonies as case
the work of artists-as-agents of gender, sexual, and
racial equality. Sharma is documenting shared artistic
sensibilities across continents, investigating pragmatic
and philosophical approaches to art history that subverts
colonial structures and tackles systems of discrimination.

Sumesh Sharma is a curator based in Mumbai who coShipping Company, which seeks to address the freedom

The CURATORS PERSPECTIVE is a free, itinerant public discussion series ICI developed as
a way for international curators to share their interests and experiences with audiences in
New York. These talks provide an opportunity to access information about a wide variety
of international perspectives on art today. This year, ICI has invited curators based in
Glasgow, Utrecht, Buenos Aires, Houston, and Harare to speak about art, culture, and
the exhibitions in which they are most interested, as well as the artists and the sociopolitical contexts that are shaping curatorial practice now.

Photo: Eric Hester.

Photo: Raphael Chikukwa.


Valerie Cassel Oliver

Hunter College MFA Studio Building

Raphael Chikukwa
Tuesday, October 7
New Museum of Contemporary Art

Valerie Cassel Oliver is senior curator at the

mainly as an independent curator for 10 years before
she was one of six curators selected to organize the
Chief Curator. In his current position, Chikukwa aims
York. Cassel Oliver has organized numerous exhibitions
including the acclaimed
has taken part in a number of discussion forums at the
Cinema Remixed and Reloaded: Black
Women Artists and the Moving Image with Dr.
major retrospective on Black Fluxus artist Benjamin
, as well as Donald
Moffett: The Extravagant Vein
major survey.

Contemporary Art Festival; and Condition Report forum in

Senegal. He is a founding member of the PUMA funded
Creative Africa Network, and was an editor and advisor
All events in the Curators Perspective series are free of charge and
open to the public. For more information about upcoming events visit
ICIs website,, or contact Kimberly Kitada at kimberly@

Victoria Noorthoorn

Maria Hlavajova is General and Artistic Director of BAK,

basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht, as well as Artistic

Victoria Noorthoorn was named Director of the Museo

Curators Perspective: Victoria Noorthoorn. Einstein Auditorium, NYU

Curators Perspective: Maria Hlavajova. Kellen Auditorium, The New School,

Maria Hlavajova



For her Curators Perspective talk, titled In the Times of

, Maria Hlavajova spoke about the notion of

It is the citys only major public institution dedicated to

modern and contemporary art. She presented on her
vision for the museum, the urgencies that it needs to
address as a place for art and artists in the city, and
spoke about the re-thinking of MAMBA as a civic center
for artists and for the public at large.

current work.
In order to conceive the program of the
loosing their grip and collapsing as the
neoliberal addition, seem to have become

explore on their own and make their own travels

Experienced in different spaces was the

translation regarded not as a mere transference

grants from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, the support of ICIs
Board of Trustees and ICIs Access Fund.


Over the past year, ICI hosted 22 events in the Curatorial Hub, all of which were
free and open to the public. Intended to better facilitate the informal exchange of
ideas and experiences between professionals, the Curatorial Hub provides a flexible
and discursive space for artist and curator talks, panel discussions, small press events,
performative lectures, reading sessions, and training programs. It also houses a
curatorial library of periodicals and books from institutions all over the world. Events
at the Hub are announced throughout the year.



Mark Beasley: A Brief History of Unique Singing


In celebration of the newly published REBELS REBEL:

, a new
book on the history of art activism against AIDS in New
York in the 1980s, ICI invites its author, the curator and
art critic Tommaso Speretta for an intimate conversation
with Loring McAlpin, artist, producer and founding
member of the collective Gran Fury.

The Curatorial Hub was established with the support of the Rockefeller
Brothers Fund, and programs at the Hub were made possible in part by

Check ICIs website for updates on Hub events.

In a performative talk, New-York based curator and writer

Mark Beasley led an intimate crowd through a listeningsession and a brief history of vocalization and Extended
Cathy Berberian and Joan La Barbara, Grindcore and
the Death Growl to the current re-examination of voice as
material in the work of Florian Hecker, Stine Motland and
C. Spencer Yeh.

Eoin Dara: the spaces through which we go daily

Tahir Hemphill: Picasso, Baby!

Curatorial Intensive alumnus and Belfast-based curator

Eoin Dara spoke about the wealth of artistic activity
shaping the city of Belfast and the social and political
context in which this work is being produced. He focused

Tahir Hemphill, a multimedia artist working in the areas

of interdisciplinary collaboration, thought and research,
discuss Hemphills latest work,
an online
interactive network graph that visualizes the connections
between rappers and modern and contemporary artists
that are referenced in their lyrics. Visit
, ICI Curatorial Hub, New York,

as the domestic exhibition space Satis House and the

Household Festival for Contemporary Art.


Sonel Breslav of Blonde Art Books, ICI Curatorial Hub, New York,

Blonde Art Books founder Sonel Breslav, artist Sara

Cwynar, and Corina Reynolds of Small Editions
discussed independent publishing and celebrated the
special limited edition launch of Blonde Art Books Kitsch
, a book project of original and appropriated

Curating Social Movements

Archives Josh MacPhee presented on visual culture

produced by social movements, through the exhibitions
to Now and Serve the People. They discussed the
challenges that these materials represent in terms of
documentation, collecting, exhibiting, and institutional

, ICI Curatorial Hub, New York,

Blonde Art Books: Artist Conversation and Book


Last spring, ICI worked with visual design studio FusionLab to introduce major new
upgrades to its website, including a new navigational structure that is mobile-ready
and includes more interactive components. A new Research section offers both familiar
and original resources, recordings of ICI programs, and commissioned writings. And
The Curators Network, ICIs online professional membership program, with over
500 members from more than 60 countries, has been expanded to better facilitate
international exchange and dialogue.
ICI is developing a new expanded online presence for
its generative exhibitions such as do it, in order to make
more accessible the contents created by each iteration
of the project. Similarly, an expanded online platform for
EN MAS is being created to allow for the presentation
of a wealth of materials tracking the development and
production of the nine performances around which the
exhibition is articulated.
The new Research section of ICIs website includes
an array of resources such as an archive of audio and
video recordings from ICI produced public talks and
conferences in the Media Room; fellowship reports;
interviews; and online publications that are produced
from commissioned writings under the Journal section.
Most recently, new contents have included a Spanishlanguage series of video interviews with curators from the
Curatorial Intensive in Mexico City.

The Curators Network is ICIs professional membership

program and an online community of curators from
around the world, with over 500 members from more
recent alumni and faculty of the Curatorial Intensive.
Members share a desire to build and enrich their interests
and research through international connections. The
Curators Network includes professional resources,
such as a Reading Room, a Forum, and an online guide
to sought-after opportunities. Through the Network,
curators can access information on residencies, current

job and fellowship opportunities, calls for exhibitions and

conference papers, as well as articles on curating and
source material for research.
Membership also grants access to a quarterly newsletter
with important information, opportunities, texts, and
articles, as well as exclusive offers from ICI; a closed
group on LinkedIn; and to ICIs Curatorial Hub and
NEW: International members of the Curators Network
now have access to NeueHouse as a base when they are
workspace, meeting rooms, and networking opportunities
needed when traveling.
The fully tax-deductible annual subscription to the Curators Network is, under the Network section. For questions about the
Curators Network, email

Like the Curatorial Hub that houses it, the ICI
Library serves to document recent developments in
contemporary art through the lens of international
curatorial practice. It presents itself as a tool for research
and an accessible resource for curators living in or
coming through New York. The books in the ICI Library
are non-circulating, but we encourage visitors to schedule
an appointment to access this unique resource. You can
begin by exploring the ICI Library holdings through our
digital database, LibraryThing:


For the past 39 years, ICI has been dedicated to producing catalogues to accompany its
exhibitions, as well as publications that reflect on the latest developments of curatorial
practice. Since 2011, ICI also launched two new publication series: the SOURCEBOOK
series of artists-edited publications; and PERSPECTIVES IN CURATING, which offers
timely reflections on emerging debates in curatorial practice, and debuted with the
best-seller Thinking Contemporary Curating.
Introduction by Mary Ceruti, Matt
by Kate Fowle; introduction by Moira
by Frances Richard. Softcover,

Reconsidering Performance, Feminism,

Alternative Spaces
title, to content, to a demonstration of what Martha Wilson has excelled

Center, and Cabinet Magazine. ISBN

0916365697. Out of printlast
copies available at ICI at the New
York Art Book Fair.
The Paper Sculpture Book

feminism, and her tireless dedication to the development and advocating

David Platzker,


By Terry Smith; introduction by Kate
pages. ISBN: 9780916365868.
Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.
MoMA PS1, booth #R05

. Boris Groys,
Global Distinguished Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, New York


Robert Atkins and Tom Sokolowski.

For the fourth year running, ICI will be at the annual

New York Art Book Fair in September, bringing to MoMA
PS1 a collection of our newest, our rarest, and our bestselling publications, including, from the Sourcebook
and Martha
; Thinking
; and
out-of-print titles, including
among others.
Fair Hours

From Media to Metaphor

Roberta Smith, New York Times, 1994


In 2011, ICI launched a new publication series, SOURCEBOOK, dedicated to artists
personal perspectives on social, political, and cultural issues. Edited by an artist, each
book in the series is a collection of primary research materials consisting of rare archival
documents, artwork studies, and excerpts of landmark publications selected from their
own archive, and annotated with personal commentary. Earlier this year, ICI published
the second title in the series, which follows the development of ALLEN RUPPERSBERGs
practice through the very material that inspires and influences him.
For the second
in the series, ICI invited Allen
Ruppersberg to cull through his archives stored between
turning the microscope onto nine important works from
led to each of the works, as they reanimate twentieth
century popular culture ephemera and pre-digital
materials. The works explored include Ruppersbergs

Launch and Book Signing event at the iconinc
bookstore in Chelsea, New York. The packed room
heard Ruppersberg in conversation with his long-time
colleague, curator and author of the introduction to the
, Constance M. Lewallen. The two discussed
the artists use of popular culture as source material,
as well as the process of collaboration behind this
publication. It was moderated by Jay Sanders, Curator at

Book Launch and Conversation with Geoff Kaplan
Edited by Allen Ruppersberg.

Kadist Art Foundation

San Francisco

pages. Full color. 8.5 x 11 inches.

Knig Books.

Constance M. Lewallen will moderate a conversation

between Allen Ruppersberg and book designer Geoff
Kaplan, who collaborated closely with the artist on the
design of this
Book Launch and Conversation with Allan McCollum
Art Catalogues / Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles

conversation with Constance M. Lewallen and Jay Saunders.

Interior Spread,




Since 1990, ICI has commissioned limited edition artworks to raise funds for its programs, by artists including Marina Abramovic, Jacob Kassay, Robert Rauschenberg,
and Laurie Simmons. Most recently, ICI teamed up with Liz Glynn to produce a new
edition of the artists well-known jewelry pieces.
Liz Glynn
Gold-plated Bronze, Silver-plated
Bronze, and Plated Bronze necklace
3 Editions of 9, all unique
Liz Glynn is a Los Angeles-based
artist, whose practice draws
frequently on creation myths,
classical antiquity, and some
distant past, as a way to exemplify
humanitys endurance through
timeparticularly honing in on our
failures, which have forced us to
change through a series of rises and
falls. In her relationship to sculpture,
Glynn is inspired by materials of all
sorts, which also recount narratives
of cyclical use, transformation,
change and decay. Installations and
sculptural objects take form from
palettes, scraps, re-used materials,
or papier mache; and her sculptures
have a distinct uniqueness, through
the uneven texture of their surface,
or the changing edges of each of
their editions. Using in this caseas
she often doesfragile, pouredwax molds, Glynn is able to make
each edition work unique in some
ways, as the mold tends to pull apart
each time an edition is created, thus
shaping the next one, and so on
through an ongoing cycle of change.
Like medals, the pendants are also
produced in three different metal


Laurie Simmons
do it
wooden box
15 x 15 x 4 inches

, 199091
Duotone offset Lithograph
Edition of 75


Robert Rauschenberg
, 1979/91
Silver gelatin print
11 x 14 inches
Edition of 75

Stephen J. Kaltenbach
Stainless steel, secret contents



ICIs 2014 Annual Benefit & Auction will celebrate our 39-year commitment to curatorial
excellence, and be an occasion to raise a glass to organizations future together, as
ICI continues to forge important international networks for curators, artists, art spaces
and all practitioners in the field of contemporary art. Join us on Monday, November 17
at 25 Broadway for a magical evening of celebrations, and to honor the philanthropic
work of Dimitris Daskalopoulos, who will receive the 2014 Leo Award; as well as the
work of an emerging curator who will be selected by Nancy Spector to receive ICIs
Independent Vision Curatorial Award.
Ann Cook, Belinda Kielland, Noreen K. Ahmad, and
Bridget Finn, as well as the entire ICI Board of Trustees
and staff invite you to join us for an evening of art,
cocktails, dinner and music: celebrations that promise to
be memorable.

generosity of artists who have consistently shown great

Our co-chairs are once more collaborating with Jung Lee

and Josh Brooks, who together form FTE, New Yorks
expert event planners, in the creation of this special
soire in support of ICI. This year again, FTE will shape
the event into magic, and transform the space of the old

ICI and Artsy have renewed their partnership, following

last years success, to once again offer a unique auction
experience online and during the event. Both the silent
and live auction will be previewed on, where
bidding will begin early; and during the evening, guests
will place their bids together with those of international
ICI supporters, who last year came from as far as
Hong Kong and Oslo. This year, ICI and Artsy are also
collaborating on new features that will make this auction
experience unique.

once planned their transatlantic trips.

During the evening, ICI will honor the philanthropic
work of Dimitris Daskalopoulos, collector and founder
of NEON, a foundation in support of contemporary
Award, presented by Agnes Gund. For the third year
Lansing Independent Vision Curatorial Award, presented
by Nancy Spector who will select the awardee from an
international list of nominations made by curators and ICI
collaborators from across the globe. See next pages for

feature artworks by John Baldessari, Tara Donovan, Ivn

In a continued partnership, the live auction will be led by





Ann Cook
Belinda Kielland
Noreen K. Ahmad
Bridget Finn

New York.

Richard Armstrong
Agnes Gund
Dorothy Lichtenstein

Leadership recognition in all printed material and ICIs

website. ICI invites an artist and a curator on your

invites an artist and a curator on your behalf, and you

will receive a year membership to ICIs International

Photo: David x Prutting / Billy Farrell Agency, New York.


curator on your behalf)

exposure to their work.

To stay updated on this event, review auction items, and purchase tickets,
visit ICIs website at or contact Jenn Hyland at

New York.

supporting ICIs programs in New York and all around the

world, so that we can continue to engage with curators


At the 2014 Annual Benefit & Auction, ICI will honor Dimitris Daskalopoulos, recipient
of the prestigious Leo Award presented by Agnes Gund. And continuing a tradition
of supporting emerging curators, ICI will also honor a curator with the third Gerrit
Lansing Independent Vision Curatorial Award, selected and presented this year by
Nancy Spector.

Education Fund, the Independent Vision Curatorial

international curators early in their careers who have
shown exceptional creativity and prescience in their
exhibition-making, research, and related writing.
This year we have reached out to 15 international
curators and ICI collaborators, and asked them to
nominate one emerging or mid-career curator for this
award. From those nominations, Nancy Spector, Deputy
Director and Jennifer and David Stockman Chief Curator
of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, will select and
present this years award.
Nominating Committee includes: Zdenka Badovinac,
Director, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana; Iwona Blazwick,
Zoe Butt, Executive
Director and Curator, Sn Art, Ho Chi Minh City; Rosina
Cazali, Independent Curator, Guatemala City; Reem
Fadda, Associate Curator, Middle Eastern Art, Abu Dhabi
Project, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York
and Abu Dhabi; Gridthiya Gaweewong, Artistic Director,
Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok; Abdellah Karroum,
Koyo Kouoh, Artistic Director, Raw Material Company,
Dakar; Michy Marchuax, Co-director of Beta-Local, San
Juan; Riason Naidoo, Independent Curator, Cape Town;
Valerie Cassel Oliver, Senior Curator, Contemporary
Arts Museum Houston, Houston; Jose Roca, Estrellita
B. Brodsky Adjunct Curator of Latin American Art, Tate
Modern, London and Artistic Director of FLORA, Bogot;
Claire Tancons, Independent Curator; Philip Tenari,
Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.

The Leo Award

late, renowned art dealer Leo Castelli, was created
to recognize outstanding achievements in advancing
pioneering individuals who foster new opportunities and
supportive environments for contemporary art. Since its
inauguration, the Leo has honored art critics, collectors,
and artists, including, Elizabeth Baker and Toshio Hara;
Dorothy and Roy Lichtenstein; Ann Tenenbaum; John
This year, we pay homage to Dimitris Daskalopoulos,
for his visionary approach to collecting, and the new
models he has explored for exhibiting a collection.
Sharing ICIs drive to work internationally, through
a network of partnerships and collaborations,
Daskalopoulos established NEON, a foundation without
walls to provide support to artists and curators, reach
new audiences through free exhibitions and events, while
creating an international network of cultural partnerships.
ICI is honored to welcome Dimitris Daskalopoulos into
the ranks of the Leos.
Dimitris Daskalopoulos is has been dedicated to
building the D.Daskalopoulos Collection since the early
1990s, showing great support to artists ambitious
ideas and vision. Last year, he founded NEON, a nonculture in Greece closer to everyone. He is also a
member of the Board of Trustees of the Solomon R.
Guggenheim Foundation, active in the Collections Council
of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, the Tate
International Council, the Directors Vision Council of the
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the Leadership
Council of the New Museum and a founding partner of the

The full list of this years nominees will be announced in

presented by ICI Trustee Emerita, Agnes Gund at ICIs
November 17, 2014.

Farrell Agency, New York.

New York.


ICIs extensive global presence would not be possible without the transformative role
of the Leadership Council. Established in 2013, the visionary group develops new
initiatives that will elevate ICI to the next level. The members of the Leadership Council
share a passion for international perspectives on contemporary art and recognize
the need for strong regional networks of curators and art spaces within ICIs global
scope. In this way, the council works closely together with ICI to nurture the curatorial
network from the inside out, and establishes the crucial foundations for the future of
international exchange.
The Council is crucial to shaping the trajectory of ICIs
public programs, exhibitions, and professional training
opportunities in a unique way that is specialized to each
members vision of contemporary art. ICI has expanded
curatorial research opportunities in countries such as
Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean through the ICI
Leadership Fund; and has allowed ICI to engage with
the largest audience in the organizations history through
the redesign of ICIs online platform. In the last year,
the members of the Leadership Council were involved
in nearly all of the many facets of the organization.
The Leadership Council supported the broad reach of
ICIs exhibitions and publications, as well as pioneering
programs in education and curatorial research. It also
developed new fundraising opportunities and created
scholarship funds that are critical for emerging curators to
attend the Curatorial Intensive internationally
Sarina Tang
Josh Brooks and Jung Lee
Jennifer Brown
James Cohan
Faruk and Fusun Eczacibasi
Agnes Gund
Alexei Kuzmichev and Svetlana KuzmichevaUspenskaya
Julie Mehretu and Jessica Rankin
Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
Mercedes Vilardell
For more information about the Leadership Council, contact Joey Lico at



The International Forum brings together an exclusive group of people who share ICIs
mission and global reach. Whether near or far, patrons of the Forum stay connected to
the curators and artists who shape the contemporary art world, and gain behind-thescenes access to ICI programs in New York, select international exhibitions, biennials,
and art fairs around the world.
Join ICIs International Forum and support a truly
international art organization that is active in 44 countries
with access to the curators, artists and art spaces that


The March Meeting

In New York, the International Forum connects directly

to ICIs programs through ICI Conversations, a series
of exclusive events, site visits, cocktails, and dinners
with international curators and artists held throughout
the year. As a member of the International Forum, you
will receive recommendations on the places to visit and
curators to meet when traveling independently. Finally,
each December during NADA Miami Beach, the Forum
meets with other ICI collaborators, Leadership Council
members, the ICI Board of Trustees, guest curators, and
artists at the Annual Miami Luncheon.
Support from the International Forum is crucial to ICIs
ongoing international collaborations. The Forum has
contributed to making possible some of ICIs most farreaching exhibitions, such as Living As Form (The
Nomadic Version), curated by Nato Thompson, which
traveled from California, to Ohio, Hong Kong, and the

Sharjah, UAE
ICI was at the March Meeting this year, organized
art professionals presented on the production and
dissemination of art in the Middle East.
ICI Summer Cocktails
ICI welcomed friends and patrons to meet one another
and celebrate the summer at our annual Summer
Cocktails event, held this year at The Roof, atop the
Brooklyn. The event was generously sponsored by

ICI publications, including the best seller Thinking

Contemporary Curating, by art historian and critic Terry
Smith, do it: the compendium, and the newest ICI
publication in the artist-edited
series: Allen
Ruppersberg Sourcebook: Reanimating the 20th

EXPO Chicago
Chicago, IL
Meet ICI in Chicago on the occasion of EXPO, the
Chicago Fair of Contemporary and Modern Art, and the
fairs IN/SITU section of large-scale installations, which
was selected by ICIs Executive Director Renaud Proch.
Join him on an exclusive tour, and a weekend of visits to
galleries, private collections and artists studios.

Farrell Agency, New York.

For more information about the International Forum and the fall calendar,
contact Joey Lico at


ICI connects curators, artists and art spaces to forge international networks and generate
new forms of collaboration. Now these networks expand to THE INDEPENDENTS, an
invitation-only membership group of dynamic individuals active in the contemporary
art world who support the organizations programs and vision for the future.
The Independents is a brand new membership group for
contemporary art world. This invitation-only membership
offers insights into new approaches to contemporary art
and culture by connecting with emerging and established

Photo: Elliot Black.

in ICIs international network, the Independents gain
a broader perspective on the latest developments in a
global art world, through shared reading, educational
programs and social events. The Independents also play
a key role in supporting new engagement with ICI and
its programs around the world, connecting in the process
with ICIs staff, Board of Trustees and other patrons.

Shantell Martin

The Independents nominate new members on a regular basis. Individuals

are selected to join based on their creative contributions and dedication to
the contemporary art world. For more information about the Independents,
contact Joey Lico at



ICI CONVERSATIONS is a thought-provoking series of patrons events that give

exclusive access to the peopleartists, curators, critics, collectors, and museum
directorswho influence contemporary art today. ICI CONVERSATIONS bring you an
insiders perspective on ICI, your access point to contemporary art around the world.
Franklin Sirmans: Prospect New Orleans
Curator Jennifer McGregor and guests at ICI Conversations:

New York, NY
guests to an exclusive cocktail reception with Franklin
Sirmans, the Artistic Director of Prospect.3 and the Terri
and Michael Smooke Department Head and Curator of
Contemporary Art at Los Angeles County Museum of
Sirmans presented a sneak preview of the third edition
of New Orleans International Contemporary Art Biennial.
The event, was a collaboration with Prospect, and

With Hidden Noise
A Brunch and Artists Talk with Helene Appel
ICI welcomed friends and patrons to ICI Conversation

Meet artist Helene Appel for a conversation about her

courtesy of ICI.

with the presentation of

in the parks
galleries. Following a champagne brunch, the group
visited the exhibition, and heard from artists Andrea
Parkins and Michael Schumacher, before enjoying the
summer sun together in the parks magical settings.


On behalf of the ICI Board of Trustees, we would like to thank all of the individuals
whose generous contributions continue to make possible our programs worldwide,
by providing crucial support to our exhibitions, public events, research and training
initiatives, and publications. In memoriam, we also remember the vision, leadership
and generosity of ICI Trustee and Co-founder Nina Castelli Sundell and long-time ICI
Trustee Mickey Straus.
Our most sincere thanks go to Ellen Liman and the Liman
Foundation for their ongoing support of this publication,
keeping you informed of ICIs growing programs and
activities. Special thanks to Augusto Arbizo, Yan Assoun,

Josh Tarnow, Carolee Thea, David Teiger, Lucien Terras,

Svetlana Kuzmicheva-Uspenskaya, Mercedes Vilardell,

foundations: The Coleccin Patricia Phelps de Cisneros,

Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Fundacin

Berger, Elizabeth Berman, Richard F. Blanchard, Tanya

Bonakdar, Mike Boyle, Heather Brandes, Rena Bransten,
The Brant Foundation, Jason Briggs, Melva Bucksbaum
and Raymond Learsy, The Buster Foundation, Nicol
Cardi, Angelo Chan, Jereann Chaney, Barbara Chapman,
Leeza Chebotarev, Ellen J. Chesler, Kristen Chiacchia,

Foundation To-Life, Inc., The Klein Foundation, The

Overbook Foundation.

Cummings, Don Drapkin, Lex Federbush, Benjamin

Feldman, FTE, Elizabeth Fiore, Lisa Fischman,
Bobbie Foshay, Hugh Freund, Anita Friedman, Jack

Nina Castelli Sundell, who sparked the organization into

existence, and of Mickey Straus, ICI Trustee since 1986,
Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Board, who carried our
mission forward for the past four decades.


Nina Castelli Sundell was ICIs co-founder, an ICI

Trustee, and the curator of many early ICI exhibitions.
Rolando Jimenez, Rashid Johnson, Sean Johnson,
Caitlin Kelly, Susanne Kenna, Ellen Kern, Dong Eun
Kim, Noel Kirnon, Emily-Jane Kirwan, Sarah Ko, Helen
Kornblum, Kate Krone, Rhiannon Kubicka, Ken Kuchin,
Uspenskaya, Allegra Laviola, Jo Carole Lauder, Toby
Devan Lewis, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Tsam Lim, Alexander
Logsdail, Robert Longo, Fabiana Lopes, Rose Lord,
Lise Lvenskiold, Michele Maccarone, The Robert
Mapplethorpe Foundation, Laura Maria Mattioli, Lissa
McClure, Colleen McMahon, Gregor and Bee Medinger,
Moss, Liz Mulholland, David Nash, Barbara Nessim,
Nicole Klagsbrun, Christina Pacetti, Nancy Portnoy,

in the world to be dedicated to the work of curators.

In 1981, Nina and Susan curated the exhibition Team
working together, and on collaboration as the ICI core
Mickey Straus joined ICIs Board of Trustees in 1986,
and guided the organization as Treasurer for close to
three decades with his distinctively thoughtful, wise, and
discrete counsel. Passionate of contemporary art and
culture, he consistently and boldly gave his support to
new initiatives and programs that moved the organization

Puschel, Molly Rand, Lori Reinsberg, Katrina Reitman,

curatorial public program in the city.
Meredith Rosen, Jane Sadaka, Kristin Sancken, Irving
Kelli Shaughnessy, Katy Homans, George Singer, Laura






Renaud Proch
Executive Director

Gerrit L. Lansing**

Independent Curators International

Kate Fowle

Sydie Lansing

Mara del Carmen Carrin

Patterson Sims

New York, NY 10013

Public Programs
Alaina Claire Feldman
Exhibitions Manager

Melville Straus**
Barbara Toll
Vice Chairs

Frances Wu Giarratano

Jeannie M. Grant

Sarah Giovanniello

Ann Schaffer
Vice President

Susan Hapgood
Senior Advisor
Jenn Hyland
Executive Coordinator
Heather Jones
Exhibitions Assistant

Noreen K. Ahmad
Jeffrey Bishop
Jill Brienza
Ann Cook
Mara Constanza Cerullo
Susan Coote
Maxine Frankel,
Carol Goldberg,

Kimberly Kitada
Agnes Gund,
Joey Lico
Director of Strategic Planning
Jessica Yashi Man
Curatorial Intensive Coordinator
Dexter Wimberly
Director of Strategic Planning

Belinda Buck Kielland

Jo Carole Lauder
Caral G. Lebworth,
Laure Lim
Isaac Lustgarten
Vik Muniz
Mel Schaffer
Susan Sollins*

Bessie Zhu

Sarina Tang
International Representative



For a detailed project description, checklist, and images
for any of the exhibitions listed, contact Alaina Claire

For exhibitions other than

, and do

EN MAS: Carnival and

Performance Art of
the Caribbean

period, with adequate additional time for installation
period, the fee is pro-rated on a weekly basis; there is
no fee reduction for short booking periods. For most
exhibitions, a deposit of 30% of the exhibition fee is due
on the exhibitions opening day. For organizations with an
some exhibitions can be reduced.

do it

Each artwork comes with installation and handling

instructions and a condition report. Exhibitions are
be made by ICI; the participation institution is responsible
for incoming shipping charges. Institutions outside the
continental United States must also pay customs fees as
well as outgoing shipping charges to the UC border.
Each exhibition is accompanied by didactics, education
materials, a sample press release, and press images.
For most of the large-scale exhibitions, an illustrated
catalogue will be provided; a limited number of
complimentary catalogues are supplied to each
participating venue.

Martha Wilson

Performance Now

ICI, 401 Broadway, Suite 1620

s International
New York, NY 10013

Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
New York, New York
Permit No. 5188



Annual Benefit & Auction
Monday, November 17, 2014
The Cunard Building, New York City