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Big data is a large collection of data which is very difficult to

Generally large companies maintain the big data because the big data
has data includes internet surfing, storage, search, sharing tis generally
this all trend to large amount of data which is very difficult to maintain
because its the data increase day by day, for example we can take
Facebook, Instagram, twitter the data may increase from few G.B to few
hundreds terabyte.
As the technology is increasing day by day, know-a-days we are
using cloud, the drop box and 3d stuff which has very large amount of
data to be stored. Big data also help the industries in many ways with
which they can save a lot of amount of money which also help them to
grow their productivity in many ways.
The big data has a large amount importance, the big data is
analyzed and combined with the some of the enterprise technique to
understand the company standers through with they can develop
standard of the company.
In many large enterprise where they create or build new item and
leave it in the market they mainly take customers review to see how is
their new product and how is it working. If the product has any kind of
the problem they can be solved or extra feature can be added to it can be
made more customer friendly by which the product selling can be
increased and as well the companies can gain the customers.
Generally big data has different type of software to maintain it.
Everyone has different architecture but they work on same concept. For
doing all the stuff the enterprise need to build the big data for that we
need a platform, the big data has a unique type of requirement so that we
always use it as important to remember that our goal is conduct deep that
we can use for the analytic.

The infrastructure required for the big data is span data acquisition
its need to organization of the data for that which can be analysis for the
future use of the data. In the beginning we need to acquire the data
which is an important thing for the data in data organization which is to
be done in a distributed environment. Some of the data will be stored to
which has the accessed the infrastructure is to be done so that we can
analysis for the future use, the response time must very quick because
the data flow is very huge, fast and has a lot of quires.
Then comes the important thing, which is organization of the data,
in the classic data ware house, they had a large data integration so we
use them to have but now we need to save time and money. We all need
to improve, to organize change or manipulate the data for the use, for
example we have is (HDFS).
The analyzing the big data has to done, so that we are going to
have many ways for the development of the enterprise in updating their
product or improving their services in the present of which big data is
used, there are many service to IT around hundred plus open source to
support the big data.

SQL-INJECTION ATTACK is cyber-attack or a attempt to hack or steel the
data of the organism which in the form of the we b form is called sql injection
which is done by the hackers. Which is generally done by the layers form by
different technique this all is done take advantage from the improper type of
coding or the loop poles that a website has during creating in the html format is
mainly taken advantage of that then they leave different type of the SQL
commands for the injection for the hacking and hacking is not but the third
person the which permission of the owner try to steal the data of enterprise
through which they use against the enterprise this done but the programming
experts from different now day the attack is very common because the increase
of Technology which has impact in both way good as well bad if the website
coding is done improper then it could be hacked.
For example we can take many live examples such as username and the password
that is very common in most of the website such as the eBay Facebook twitter
Gmail and many of them the customer use the username and the password as the
key to enter the gate, when the user uses the username and the password the
SQL server generate the code to check whether the username and is correct or
wrong at this time the hackers use the sql injection code they inject them in the
website to then the sql code that it is correct then layer by layer directly to the
data base
Then the data base is at the risk many website use the vulnerable to stop them
There is risk of the data manipulation has a great impact on them database once
the hacker has the access then the he inject the SQLQUERY through which the
data can extracted from the data base from website from back end then the total
data can manipulated can be changed as the hacker he can increase the table or

the column or can change the total data and make them as he wants but the in
many case the hacker or the person who tries to steal or change the data can be
Even though the total damage is done to the company.
In the most of the case the SQL injection attack can be prevented by taking few
steps the server must use the use firewalls and intrusion for stopping them and
mainly we must make good coding in the website and using of the vulnerable so
stopping from there start and constant checking of the sever and updating the
latest fair wall so safe grading them hacking which is important for the company.

Transaction is work that is done on the data base such as the creating or
updating or deleting a record is called as the transaction.
The transaction has mainly four types of the properties. Atomicity is type
operation in the transaction that mainly work of the unit is that that operation
must be done successfully otherwise the total operation must be aborted or stop
then and it will come back to its general from as it was in starting point or same
stage. Consistency is next step of transaction because it mainly ensure that the
change is data base is done successfully or not in a committed transaction.
Isolation step which checks that the database change that happen in the previse
stage has done successfully and ensure that. The last step is the durability this
main because it check whether the total work is working successfully where even
on the system ever programming has the key works and controls the
transaction also few controls which are predefined in the files we can use them
for writing the code commit control which is known as the save button in the
other because it save the changes that we have done in the next is the rollback
command this command is brings back to the previse stage of the data base in the
back stage before the change we can use this command.