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Implemented new system as per API Q1, 9th edition

and continual improvement of the QMS

1) ATTA Quality manual has been revised as Revision 8. Changes have been made in
each and every clause of the Manual to reflect the requirements of API Q1, 9th
edition. The major amendments are in the following areas :a.

Competency / Training of Personnel

Risk Assessment and Management
Design Review
Contingency Planning
Supply Chain Controls
Quality Planning
Preventive Maintenance , Inspection and Test
Design Validation
Management of Change

2) Each of the above additions is identified in the revised procedures and new
procedures; 21 of ATTAs existing Quality System Procedures (QSPs) had to be
revised to reflect the requirements of API Q1, 9th edition and 5 new procedures had
to be created.
3) All the existing 21 QSPs were re-drafted completely, to bring them up to the
requirements of API Spec Q1, 9th edition. These are :4) Five new QSPs were created to incorporate the requirements of API Q1, 9th edition
not covered by the previously existing QSPs. These are :a. QSP-22 - Training and Competence
b. OSP-23 - Identification and Validation of Special and Outsourced Processes
c. QSP-24 - Outsourcing Activities
d. QSP-25 - Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning
e. QSP-26 - Preventive Maintenance

5) Previously as per ISO and the Quality manual, the integrity was done by total
number of 40 forms, which are not differentiated on the process. Now it is done
and is identified on department wise for ease of use and to meet the requirements
of API Q1 standard.
6) New formats have been created, and existing formats revised, to record and
control additional work processes required by API QI, 9th edition for the following
departments :a. HR & Training 11 Formats (eg 8 new/2 revised formats)
b. Maintenance- 7 Formats
c. Marketing- 4 Formats
d. MR- 8 Formats
e. Production & Planning 8 Formats
f. Purchase- 9 Formats
g. Quality 29 Formats
h. Stores- 8Formats
7) All the new processes, according to the new 6 nos of Quality Plans below, have
been introduced into the effective work flow, enhancing the effectiveness of
ATTAs Quality Management system. These are as follows :a.

Quality Plan for Receipt and Inspection.

Quality Plan for Manufacturing.
Quality Plan for Repair.
Quality Plan for Tubular management.
Quality Plan for Servicing.
Quality Plan on Fabrication and Welding.

Corporate Quality Assurance Manual CQAM 01, Rev 08

Quality System Procedures
QSP-01 Management Review
QSP-02- Quality Plan
QSP-02-01- Responsibilities
QSP-03- Contract Review
QSP-04- Design Control
QSP-05- Document and Data Control
QSP-06- Puurchasing
QSP-07- Customer Supplied Product
QSP-08- Identification and Traceability
QSP-09- Control of Production and Servicing
QSP-10- Inspection & Testing
QSP-11-Control of monitoring and measuring Devices
QSP-12- Inspection and Test Status
QSP-13- Control of Non-Conforming Product
QSP-14- Corrective and Preventive Action
QSP-15- Handling, Storage and Packaging
QSP-16- Control of Quality Records
QSP-17- Internal Quality Audits
QSP-18- Resource Management
QSP-19- Continual Improvement
QSP-20- Analysis of Data
QSP-21- Application and Removal of API Monogram
QSP-22- Training and Competence
QSP-23- Identification and Validation of Special and Outsource Process
QSP-24- Outsourcing Activities
QSP-25- Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

QSP-26- Preventive Maintenance