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PT Personnel Time Management

SAP R/3 Enterprise

Release 470x200

Release Notes

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Table of Contents



PT Personnel Time Management

PT-RC Time Data Recording
Does Not Apply for This Release
PT-EV Time Evaluation
PT-EV-FO Time Statement Form




SAP System

19 PT

Personnel Time Management

19.1 PT-RC

Time Data Recording and Administration

Does Not Apply for This Release

19.2 PT-EV

Time Evaluation

19.2.1 PT-EV-FO

Time Statement Form
Short text

Time Statement Using the HR Forms Workplace

As of SAP R/3 Enterprise HR Extension 2.00 (EA-HR 200), you can also use the HR Forms
Workplace to create time statements for your employees. The new technology forms the basis for the
time statement in the new Employee Self-Service (ESS), which will be available as of the second quarter
of 2004. In addition, you can use the new time statement to keep time administrators informed and to
print and send to employees in batch.
The HR Forms Workplace is based on SAP Smart Forms. Compared with the old form, this new
technology offers you many more options for designing the time statement with an up-to-date and
attractive layout. It also means that you can have a uniform appearance together with other forms.
Because the data collection and display has changed, you can now give employees more information
about the relevant employment contracts and working time provisions. By using the standard SAP
technology for creating forms, SAP can provide you with new technologies and interfaces to non-SAP
products (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) more quickly for the time statement.
The new form provides the following advantages:
You can

Output the time statement for any period of your choice

Output data at any position on the form


SAP System

Form totals and subtotals for any periods and data

Carry out complex calculations for different types of data

Give special fields a special format

Integrate a final note and an appendix

Effects on Existing Data

Any existing time statement forms that you created using table customizing or the form editor in the
PE50 transaction are not able to be output using the SAP Smart Forms technology.
Effects on Data Transfer
Effects on System Administration
Effects on Customizing You create your new forms in the Time Statement Form Using the HR
Forms Workplace activity of the Implementation Guide for Personnel Time Management.
See also
For more information, see the SAP Library and choose Human Resources -> Personnel Time
Management -> Time Evaluation -> Time Statement Form -> Time Statement Using the HR Forms