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Ideal Exercises for Your Body Type


Get the maximum from exercising by adjusting your training to the shape of your body. Find out
which part of your body needs more attention, when it comes to exercising, by looking at this
body types division. Here are the four main body types find out to which one you belong and
start doing the right exercises.

If you have a pear-shaped body that means that you belong to the group of beauties such
as Jennifer Lopez, Alisha Keys, and Jennifer Love Hewitt among many others. The upper part of
the body is significantly thinner in comparison to the lower one in those who have pear-shaped
Hips and thighs are the central part of this body type, therefore its no surprise that women want
to make them thinner and tighter. However, you shouldnt forget the upper part of your body and
it is highly recommended that you do exercises for strengthening of your arms and shoulders as
much as you do exercises for your hips and thighs.
The best types of activities for this body type are walking, running, and riding a bicycle for at least
45 minutes a day 5times per week. By doing these activities you wont put too much pressure on
your knees, ankles and hips. When it comes to strengthening of your arm and shoulder muscles,
it is recommended that you start exercising with lighter weight, and gradually begin to exercise

with heavier weight.

This is the body shape of Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. They can wear anything, but
unfortunately they lack feminine curves. The main characteristic of this body type is that
the bust and shoulders are about the same width as the hip-line and the waist.
In case of weight gain, the most problematic part is the stomach. Therefore, if you have this body
type you should really try to tighten your stomach muscles, in other words you should try to
eliminate the fatty tissues in this area. By doing this, youll accentuate your waist by far. Besides
this, you should try to increase the muscle weight of your buttocks by doing exercises that target
that part of the body. Squats and stair climbing are great for this body type.
However, you shouldnt neglect the other parts of your body and it is best that you activate the
whole body by walking, riding a bicycle, walking uphill, or running.

Hourglass body shape is considered the ideal body shape due to the small waist and the
proportional size of shoulders and hips. Representatives of this body type are Beyonc, Scarlett

Johansson and Halle Berry.

What is typical about women with this body type is that during weight gain, the weight is evenly
distributed to all body parts. However, if they dont do exercises for tightening regularly, theres a
high risk of getting excess weight gain on their thighs and upper arms.
If you have this body type then you should do cardio exercises and exercises for tightening.
Cardio exercises include physical activities such as zumba, swimming, and riding a bicycle.
When it comes to exercises for tightening and building muscles, you should definitely lay stress
on strengthening of the upper part of your back.
Athletic Shape
Narrow hips and wide shoulders are typical for this body type, whose representative is Jessica
Biel. Women with this body type have difficulties with finding the right swimsuit for them, because
it often happens that one part of the swimsuit fits them well and the other one is either much
bigger or smaller for their size.
Tightening of the stomach muscles and shaping exercises for thighs and buttocks are essential
for this body type. Its good news that the representatives of this body shape have a tendency to

build muscles and burn fats very easily and quickly, thanks to their strong immunity.
It is recommended that you do exercises that do not require much strength and repeating, such
as running, riding a bicycle, and similar activities.