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t3xx3r: You live in a low-scale apartment, one-bedroom.

t3xx3r: The date is 1997 August 16th.

t3xx3r: ((Where are you at in your apartment and what are you doing
Davion: What time of day is it?
t3xx3r: Sunny, 12:04 PM, with no thunderstorms in sight.
t3xx3r: ((It seems like you have Monophobia))
t3xx3r: ((So you have fear of being alone))
t3xx3r: ((So while you think about how to setup your character, I'm going
to go ahead and try something)
Davion: I'm fixing a sandwich, trying to focus on my most recent work and
trying not to think about where Jessica is
t3xx3r: During this time, a TV program is running on your television set.
It's a documentary about the Macario Family who moved to Boone, IA ever
since the 1900's...
t3xx3r: Soon...
t3xx3r: A knock raps on your door a few times.
Davion: Go to the door and look out the peep hole, "Who is it?"
t3xx3r: "It's your landlord, Harold."
Davion: Unlock the door and open it
t3xx3r: "Hey, Davion..."
Davion: "What's up?
t3xx3r: "I remembered our conversation about paranormal activities. You
said you're a writer, right?"
Davion: "Yeah, have you heard something?"
t3xx3r: "Uh..." Harold rubs his neck, looks kinda nervous, "Yeah. I
feel like I'm going out on a limb or something but I just purchased a
nice piece of land just outside of town. Turns out that I keep hearing
rumors about this place being haunted."
Davion: "Oh really?"
t3xx3r: "Yeah. I didn't go in but the house looks like it needs some
renovations. I'm not much for paranormal activities, journalism, or
investigation but I thought that this might be up your alley... Who
knows? You might hit it big this time... or not."
t3xx3r: "You know..."
t3xx3r: "You're having a hard tme paying rent a few times a while ago."
t3xx3r: "Tell you what..."
t3xx3r: "I'll clean off this debt if you can figure out whether this
house is haunted or not. I'll even chip in one month free for every
person signing up for room and board up there."
t3xx3r: "So... uh, what do you say?"
Davion: (So it's a Saturday?)
t3xx3r: (
Have you been checking the calendar for 1997?)
Davion: (Looked up on the calendar, yes )
t3xx3r: (Yep, Saturday it is)
Davion: "It's going to take a couple days to get my group together
t3xx3r: "So you'll take the case? Great...:
t3xx3r: Harold fiddles into his pockets.
Davion: "Sure, we can look into it for you"
t3xx3r: He pulls out a rusty old key and hands it to you along with $50
dollars for you. "Here, in advance... for food."
Davion: "Is there anything else you can tell me about the place? Where it
is, what you have heard?"

t3xx3r: "Here's the card. The realtor gave me this. Behind the card has
the address to the house."
t3xx3r: "According to the realtor, uh, it used to change hands every now
and then.
t3xx3r: "Funny thing is, there's a documentary going on right now...
What's it...
t3xx3r: He thinks for a second... "Ah, right! The Macario Family.
Davion: "That's your house?"
t3xx3r: Before Harold continues, "No. My house is just down the road. I
don't think I've told you that before. No, this house I'm trying to fix
up for room and board for weary travelers, some sort of breakfast & bed
Davion: (Who are my investigator buddies?)
t3xx3r: (Your investigator buddies are Jessica Valentine and Albert
t3xx3r: (Jessica's out and about. Albert's on a plane flying toward to
t3xx3r: So Harold then continues...
t3xx3r: "Yeah, the Macario Family. I think it's on right now. They
owned this house before back in 1919... Sad tragedy though... Then
there's some French immigrant couple and a bunch of children who came
before the 1900's... They purchased the land, and somehow lost some
children to this house. I'm hoping this is just a rumor. Something high
school kids love to concoct before a bonfire..."
Davion: (Is there a university nearby with who I can unofficially have an
arangement with to borrow their equipment? Maybe any that have an
unofficial paranormal investigators clubs?)
t3xx3r: ((Yes. There's the Boone Miskatonic Club))
t3xx3r: ((There's Iowa State University in Ames))
t3xx3r: ((They have a very popular Miskatonic Club that has a lot of
paranormal gear))
t3xx3r: ((They also have a lot of Mythos stuff though none of it exhibits
magical properties))
t3xx3r: ((You can pick up the gear at the university in Ames. Boone's
Community College does have a Miskatonic club but they're not as strongly
funded as Iowa State))
Davion: (I give them first dibs for the videos and things for study for
the use of their equipment
t3xx3r: ((Give who? Colleges?))
Davion: (The club members/club president)
t3xx3r: ((OK))
Davion: (A sort of second set of eyes to look at stuff afterwards)
t3xx3r: "I think that would be about cover the basics. Any questions?"
t3xx3r: (Yeah, I can make do with that one)
Davion: "Are you going to be around later, if I have further questions?"
t3xx3r: "Yeah. I'll be around. Just need to do some errands. I'll be
home after 6PM."
t3xx3r: "Oh, and you do have my cellphone number. Call if you need
Davion: I'm going to call Albert, and if he's still in the air, leave a
message for him to call me.
t3xx3r: A British accent picks up, "Albert Price, go."
Davion: "Hey, Albert?"
t3xx3r: "Oh, hey! Davion! I meant to call you a minute ago."

Davion: "I got another investigation for us, my landlord has something
for us."
t3xx3r: "Sounds good. I'm just signing things off at the terminal. I'll
be around in a black rental car."
t3xx3r: "I'll be in Boone around fifteen minutes. Would you be at your
Davion: "Yeah for now, will have to call the club to see if anyone is
around to pick up our equipment...."
t3xx3r: "All right. I'll be by and we'll get going."
t3xx3r: "Tada for now, mate."
Davion: "Ok, see ya"
t3xx3r: Albert hangs up.
Davion: Call up Jessica....
t3xx3r: Jessica's cellphone went to voicemail. "Hi, this is Jessica,
please leave me a message and I'll get right back to you ASAP."
Davion: "Hey babe, where are you? Give Me a call when you get this....
Missing you.... Have another investigation...."
t3xx3r: ((Message saved in her cellphone))
t3xx3r: ((So what will you do now?))
Davion: Call up the contact at the university....
t3xx3r: Ringing 1...
t3xx3r: 2...
t3xx3r: "Hello... Miskatonic Club, where all the Mythos of Ry'leh exist!
How can I help you?"
Davion: "Hey! It's Me Davion... Got another job!"
t3xx3r: "Oh great, Davion! We thought that you were gone for quite a
while... *background talking for a few moments* Hey, the President and
I just talked. We're curious about what you've got going."
Davion: "My landlord has a property he wants checked out, he couldn't
give much information about it except that he's heard that it may be
Davion: "Have you seen that bit on TV about the Macario family? This may
be their house!"
t3xx3r: "Oh, wait..... *a momentary pause* Just turned on the
channel... So that's the house he bought? We'll look into the rest
ofthe documentary and find out. I think we've got someone who knows a
lot about the family."
Davion: "Oh? I'm waiting for Albert, we was coming up for a visit, and
should be here soon, when he is, we'll be coming down to pick up the
gear. Got anyone else that might want to join us?"
Davion: Joking only slightly, "We could use some gear carrying
t3xx3r: "Everyone's busy right now. One second... Ah, yes. I just got
an address you might want to look up if you're digging wide and deep for
the house. We call it the Corbitt House. You might want to check out
Boone's sanitarium just a few miles outside the town. The doctor
supervising the Macarios is Dr. Schledt. He's probably the only doctor
who knows more about them."
t3xx3r: "*background talking* Hey, Pres, do we have any pledges that are
willing to carry gear for Davion? .... *indistinct talking* Oh great...
Davion, yeah, we've got a few to help you out."
t3xx3r: "We'll have the paranormal gear setup and ready."
Davion: Thanks, might be..... 45 minutes or so when I'll be down to pick
it up.

t3xx3r: "Great. It'll be ready by then. Until then, the Stars must
become right," the Miskatonic Club contact then hangs up.
t3xx3r: ((The Stars must become right is a motto the Miskatonic Club of
Ames use))
Davion: Shakes his head, he likes looking into ghosts and things, but he
never got into all this Mythos $h*t...
t3xx3r: Jessica calls....
t3xx3r: "Hey Davion!"
Davion: "Hey babe, been missing you!"
t3xx3r: "Me too! I just got out of a modeling shoot. I just heard you
got a new job?"
Davion: "Yeah, the landlord has something, he bought a new property and
heard that it is haunted."
Davion: "He's willing to drop a month off rent and clear up my debt with
t3xx3r: "Wow, he does seem desperate... I really don't have anything to
do so are we doing this investigation stuff pretty soon?"
Davion: "yeah, when Albert gets here, going to pick up the gear."
Davion: "Might even have a couple club plebs to carry the gear"
t3xx3r: "Great! I'll get into my casuals and we'll go hunting for
ghosts! Heehee, can't wait to get some thrills out of this!"
Davion: "My little ghost whore.... Love you My babe!"
t3xx3r: "Love you too, Davion!"
t3xx3r: Jessica hangs up.
Davion: I'll try to hurry up and finish the current chapter on my book
and save it.
t3xx3r: ((OK))
Davion: And watch what's left of that documentary
t3xx3r: That'll be 30 minutes.
t3xx3r: As you watch the documentary...
t3xx3r: You see a huddled man sitting, a notepad, pencil in his hand. A
strange-looking man with wide eyes, a small foaming mouth walking around,
shaking his head back and forth...
Davion: (In the documentary?)
t3xx3r: Narrator: "Vittorio Macario was admitted to Boone Sanitarium in
1919. What is known of the tragedy that was to unfold at the Corbitt
House remained unsolved.
t3xx3r: (Yeah))
t3xx3r: Narrator: "Gabriella Macario, Vittorio's wife, was also admited
to the Sanitarium a few days later under different conditions. Her only
words were..."
t3xx3r: Gabriella in the documentary: "A great evil lives in that HOUSE!
Don't you see it? It hates my husband! It hates my husband *sobbing*
You can't see it, can't you?" Her words falling deaf on the huddled man
sitting (which clearly was a different scene)
t3xx3r: "Investigators have checked the house and found it empty, hardly
a home worthy of being haunted. This is an unsolved but unique mystery
of Boone's oldest residents. The question remains: is the house really
haunted? What happened in there? What caused Vittorio and Gabriella to
go insane? This is a paranormal activity documentary, televised for
Boone's residents on behalf of the PBS program for educational learning."
t3xx3r: *credits then cue*
t3xx3r: *The Haunted Hosue becomes the background, slowly taking shape
underneath the credits

t3xx3r: *A Halloweenish theme plays*

t3xx3r: The documentary ends... then...
t3xx3r: "1911 P.I.! The private investigator with a 1911, out looking
for bad guys to ca..."
Davion: (Albert's running late
t3xx3r: A knock...
t3xx3r: "It's me, mate!"
t3xx3r: "Albert!"
Davion: Opens the door
Davion: "Hey man!"
t3xx3r: Albert comes in, shakes Davion's hand. "Heey! Long time no
t3xx3r: "What a trip from Oxford! They just gave me a good two-weeks
t3xx3r: "Took me a while to find your address. I had to google it."
Davion: "Well, looks like I'm putting you straight to work then!"
t3xx3r: "Sounds good. So what have we got going? Anything good?"
Davion: "It's looking like a haunted house where a couple went insane in
the 1900's
Davion: "Like 1919
t3xx3r: "Ah, 1919? That's pretty old."
t3xx3r: "So you're saying something in that house caused them to go
t3xx3r: "Sounds like we better go out there and check it."
Davion: "No one found anything though in the house...."
t3xx3r: "Maybe.. Maybe not."
t3xx3r: "Who knows? We might find something"
t3xx3r: A knock on the door
Davion: Goes to answer it
t3xx3r: Jessica stands there, smiling, her hips swaying to one side.
"So... how do you like this paranormal suit?"
Davion: Looks her over and GROWLS at her!
Davion: Pulls her into the apartment and pulls her close kissing her!
t3xx3r: Jessica is taken by surprise!
Davion: "Albert's here!" He points at the gentleman...
t3xx3r: She does kiss back and then looks over to Albert.
t3xx3r: "Hey... So you're the... British professor he's been telling me
Davion: He holds and cradles her in His arms
t3xx3r: "Uh, yes, I am. I work at Oxford. Davion and I were friends
from way back then before we split."
t3xx3r: "Fascinating. So you do this paranomral stuff, right, Albert?"
Jessica is being cradled by Davion.
Davion: (What is she wearing?)
t3xx3r: ((She's wearing a dark blue blouse, denim jacket, with very dark
blue jeans and black belt and boots.
t3xx3r: ((Sort of the country girl))
Davion: (Ok so she IS used to going into creepy old houses in something
other than little cutoff shorts and the like )
t3xx3r: "I don't study the paranormal though I do teach legends, stories,
folklore, that sort of thing. This would be up my alley somewhat."
t3xx3r: Jessica nods, "Hmm-mm... So... shall we get crackin?"
t3xx3r: ((Yep))

Davion: "Yeah, we need to go pick up the gear," He gives her a DEEP kiss,
gives her bum a soft SQUEEZE and a playfull SLAP before letter her go!
t3xx3r: Jessica smiles, smirks... "Don't let the ghosts see you,
t3xx3r: ((OK... we're going to skip a bit.))
t3xx3r: ((You've grabbed the gear, the plebes, and two of your
investigators in tow.. You're now back in Boone... What will you do
Davion: (What time is it now?)
t3xx3r: ((Assuming 12:04, 15 minutes with Harold, 5 minutes per call (10
minutes), 30 minutes worth of awtching the documentary, 30 minute drive
to and back at Boone...
t3xx3r: So 1:29..
t3xx3r: I'd safely say 1:35 PM for now.
Davion: Gives the landlord a call, "Hey I had another question!"
t3xx3r: "Yeah?"
Davion: "Does the property have electricity?
t3xx3r: "I did check the area. There's no electricity as far as I know.
It's been sitting there since 1919. I'll be contacting the electric
company to see if they can ground in some new wires by next month."
Davion: "Ok thanks. Who did you buy the land from?"
t3xx3r: "That would be Miles. He works with Boone Real Estate. He's
just down Main Street, close by City Records."
Davion: "Ok, thanks again. Think that's all we need for now."
t3xx3r: "No problem."
Davion: Hangs up.
Davion: "We brought the generator too right?"
t3xx3r: One of the plebes nodded, "Yeah. President made sure we brought
it along."
Davion: "The land has been sitting since 1919, the landlord says he
doesn't think it has power, and if they did, I don't trust 1919 wiring so
we're going to need the generator. Otherwise it's going be all
Davion: (How many plebs do we have?)
t3xx3r: Another pleb speaks up, "Uh, not since 1919. Vice President
knows someone who lives here. He said that house has been sitting there
a lot longer. He doesn't know how long it has been sitting there."
t3xx3r: The other pleb laughs, "What? Harley? The geek girl at the
library?" "Oh shut up. Like you have anything constructive to say!"
"Oh.. I knew it. You like her." "Just because I met her doesn't mean I
like her."
Davion: "Hmmm ok.... Let's take a look at it first, see what we're going
to be needing."
t3xx3r: The plebes quiet down.
Davion: "What were your names again?"
t3xx3r: Pleb #1, Donovan.
t3xx3r: Pleb #2, "Terry"
Davion: "Jerry, right?" points at the guy in the middle
t3xx3r: Pleb #3, "Jocks"
t3xx3r: "Uh, no. Terry."
Davion: "Terry, your job is going to be the generator, keep it fueled and
running, we have batery backups, but I'd rather leave those as back ups
as much as necessary
t3xx3r: "Got it, Captain!"

Davion: "The generator may not need to be refueled but just make sure
it's kept topped off, if it runs out of fuel it may gum up, and it'll
depend on draw as well. If you only use 50% of its draw, it might last
all night, but if we use more than that it's going to need fueling before
the night's over."
t3xx3r: "I'll make sure we keep this generator running."
Davion: We have a couple 5-gallon containers, that should last us a
couple nights
Davion: "Have you guys been on any of these hauntings before?"
t3xx3r: Al the plebs look at each other and then to Davion... "No. This
would be our first. Pres dared us as part of our pledge." Jocks laughs,
"Yeah. Don't chicken out!" He slaps Donovan's shoulders.
Davion: "We're going to start off with all the lights on and do a quick
walk through to make sure everything is functioning."
t3xx3r: ((Before you go into the house, would you like to check out any
other area? Perhaps gather more information?))
Davion: "Once we check that everything is good we'll turn out the
Davion: (Was going to do a quick check of the house, let them set up the
gear, and while the plebs do that, go to the Sanitarium toget more info.)
t3xx3r: ((OK))
Davion: (Go to the house while it's light out)
t3xx3r: ((OK... We're at the house now))
Davion: (Figure out where to put the gear)
t3xx3r: This is the Corbitt House you'll be investigating
t3xx3r: ((When you enter the Corbitt House, you will enter through here))
t3xx3r: Exiting outside the house would be in 3
t3xx3r: So you've got only 2 entries and exits.
t3xx3r: The top is the Upper Story.
Davion: What's the house made out of?
t3xx3r: ((Since it's bene built since or before 1919, assuming, it would
be made of wood, siding, and barely any improvements being made. The
house would look old, decrepit, the paint peeling off, the wood fading))
t3xx3r: ((It has stained glass, blackened and coated with dust))
Davion: A 100 year old wood house?)
t3xx3r: (((Maybe. Investigate more and you'll get some data on what kind
of house it is))
Davion: Grabbing a couple flashlights, alright, let's see what the damage
t3xx3r: Albert nods. Jessica smacks her gum and spits it out. "This
house ain't gonna scare me, Davion."
Davion: Do a quick walk around the outside to examine the exterior
t3xx3r: Jocks laughs and looks at Terry. "Yeah, don't chicken out,
t3xx3r: There's lots of bushes.
Davion: Ground around the exterior? Windows?
t3xx3r: There's thorns sticking out with lots of deadening branches.
t3xx3r: The windows are stained glass, some accumulating black, others
with a dusty look
Davion: "Hmmm great..." Breaks a thorn off a bush
t3xx3r: The wood looks pretty deceptively sturdy, though it looks like
it's been worn out for many years.
Davion: "If I had any say, he ought to just tear this down and start

t3xx3r: Albert speaks, "Maybe. He said he wanted to renovate this house,

Davion: "Yeah, but this house is going to need more than renovating..."
Davion: "Let's go inside"
t3xx3r: "All right"
Davion: What sort of door is at room three? the exterior door...
t3xx3r: It was a sturdy wooden door, heavy, not easily opened. There's a
huge patch of grass, and some uplifting dirt pressed against it. The
door's been barely opened, bent a bit out of shape... as if... as if...
someone's either trying to get in or out.
t3xx3r: Jessica: "Looks like it'll be the front door."
Davion: The foundations show signs of sinking?
t3xx3r: Yeah, somewhat. The house isn't titled to one way. It's been
sinking because it's resting on ground. There's no concrete set in.
Davion: "Jock, do we have shovels and stuff?"
t3xx3r: "Yep. President made sure we brought along some other stuff we
hadn't thought of. Be back."
t3xx3r: Five minutes later, you have Jock attempting to shovel the dirt
out of the way.
Davion: "Do what you can to clear the door enough to open it, think
you'll need any help with it?"
t3xx3r: Jocks huffed a bit, "High School Varsity Team, MVP, and lead
captain? No thanks. I'll take care of it."
Davion: "Great when you're finished with that terry'll help you break out
the generator."
t3xx3r: Terry nods, "Great! I'll go check the generator, backups. See
if we've got 'em all ready."
t3xx3r: Terry goes back to the van to check on the generators and backups
Davion: "Good, let's check out the front door."
Davion: Move around the front of the place
t3xx3r: Ok
t3xx3r: You see two doors, large enough, curved into arches...
t3xx3r: Dusty, blackened, but still in place.
Davion: Is there any sign that anyone... or anything has gone inside
t3xx3r: Looking on the foosteps, you see several footprints.
t3xx3r: Many of them have different sizes.
Davion: Is there a portch?
t3xx3r: Some pressing into the door. Others outside.
t3xx3r: (Yeah)
t3xx3r: You're standing atop a dusty porch, peeling off old white paint,.
t3xx3r: The moment you step on the steps and on the porch... your steps
create a slow creak.
t3xx3r: The windows looks like some fingerprints on the doors, most of
them close to the door handle.
t3xx3r: Jessica smiles, "Looks like we've got ourselves a bunch of people
wanting to do dares on this house."
Davion: Fingerprints in the dust?
t3xx3r: Yeah, some are seen. Others are obscure, smudged.
t3xx3r: Albert: "I figure that. Sort of like betting on who goes in to
Boo Radley's house and comes out surviving."
Davion: "Well, let's see what the damage is on the inside"
t3xx3r: Jessica: "Boo who?"
t3xx3r: Donovan chuckles, "You've never read The Mockingbird?"

t3xx3r: Jessica: "So what if I didn't?" Jessica then follows you inside.
t3xx3r: Every step you all make creates small lcreaking noises.
Davion: Opening the doors, if they are locked with the rusty key
t3xx3r: As you open the doors by entering the rusty key, the doors let
out a sighing creak.
Davion: "Everybody walk near the walls
t3xx3r: The air blows into you a dusty smell.. a rank odor, something
between the pages of ancient books and old unused stufff in the open.
Davion: Is there enough light inside to see by, or do we need our
t3xx3r: ((You're going to need your flashlights. There's not enough
windows on the left side. The right has shown some sunlight. The doors
into 4 shows some light underneath it))
Davion: Do a quick look into the living room
t3xx3r: You open again.
The doors again with the sounds.
t3xx3r: Toppled sofa with pillows.
t3xx3r: A table smashed in...
t3xx3r: A bookcase standing next to you, unscathed with old, dusty books.
t3xx3r: The windows shows the horizon of the sun right of you and in
front of you
t3xx3r: But the dusty, blackened windows let in some light, not enough to
ignore using your flashlight.
t3xx3r: Not enough light to come in...
Davion: (I'm sure most of that can be seen from the door though
t3xx3r: The plebs hug agaisnt the wall along, Jessica and Albert on your
t3xx3r: ((Yeah))
Davion: Going over to room 1 next
t3xx3r: Opening the door, there's not enough there...
t3xx3r: Just some broken boxes, smashed glasses...
t3xx3r: Looks like someone's been here, eating and drinking.
t3xx3r: There's a rusty bicycle
t3xx3r: Several books lying around
t3xx3r: Some bound in leather.
t3xx3r: Nothing else.
Davion: "Donny, get the camera, let's get some footage of this place
before we start."
t3xx3r: "Right away" Donny left in a hurry, making some noises.
t3xx3r: He jumps off the porch, running to teh van
t3xx3r: A minute later, he enters the house with the camera.
Davion: Continue to listen to the sounds of the house
t3xx3r: The house is creaking.
t3xx3r: The winds are picking up a bit.
t3xx3r: Some of the windows produced some howling though...
Davion: "Well, it's been around 100 years, I don't think it'll collapse
t3xx3r: Albert: "I second that."
t3xx3r: Jessica: I'll bet the fun starts at night, right?"
Davion: He gives her bum a squeeze!
Davion: "Let's see what's in door number 2 "
t3xx3r: Jessica did a small umph.. Looks to you with a keen eye.
t3xx3r: You open the door to room 2
Davion: Smiles, knowing she likes it!
Davion: Yes

t3xx3r: Mostly a storage room

t3xx3r: There's lots of broken furniture
t3xx3r: Wood
t3xx3r: Some of them cut up into pieces and aligned up against the wall
near the door.
t3xx3r: Nothing else.
Davion: Give it a once more quick looking over, then move to room 3
t3xx3r: Room 3...
Davion: Assuming this one may be a pantry
t3xx3r: Overcoat hangers lie to the wall, coats hanging over.
Davion: Hmmm cloak room
t3xx3r: Gloves, hats, umbrella lying on the floor
t3xx3r: ((Make a roll))
Davion: Does it look like the stuff's been laying there 90 years, or is
there anything recent?
t3xx3r: ((1d100))
Davion: ((17))
t3xx3r: You notice three bolts to the door.
t3xx3r: One atop, which has been opened.
t3xx3r: the middle barely opened, rusty...
t3xx3r: The bottom tightly shut and rusty as the others.
t3xx3r: Then there's two locks
Davion: These are all the locks on the ouside door?
t3xx3r: One on the handle, and the other on the bottom of the handle.
t3xx3r: So far, you check for recent clothes, items
Davion: How many locks are on the front door?
t3xx3r: None so far. many of them dating back before 1930's.
t3xx3r: 3 bolts, 2 locks
Davion: (The door we entered in?)
t3xx3r: ((The front door to the Corbitt House has no locks so far except
a keylock))
Davion: "Wierd...."
t3xx3r: Albert looks around, "Looks like we've got some vintage stuff."
Davion: Chacking the hall door from the cloak room into the hall way,
does it have locks?
t3xx3r: None so far.
t3xx3r: Just like the rest of the doors inside, there's no locks
t3xx3r: ((But there is an old lock where you wind it to lock))
t3xx3r: ((And unwind it to unlock))
Davion: "Why would they have 5 locks on this door and only one on the
t3xx3r: ((That's on all old doors inside))
t3xx3r: Jessica: "Maybe someone doesn't want anyone getting out easy?"
Davion: Any windows on this door?
t3xx3r: Donovan: "I hope it isn't an evil Boo Radley."
t3xx3r: Yes. But the windows have been mostly blackened.
Davion: "What is an evil Boo Radley?"
t3xx3r: Dusty..
t3xx3r: Albert: "He made a Mockingbird reference. You've read it?"
Davion: "No."
t3xx3r: "Boo Radley was this kid that Scout heard of and thought was
evil. She was dared to go in. Eventually she discovered who Boo was.
He turned to to be a nice kid. I think what he meant to say was the

Davion: "I write books, I don't always read other's works"

t3xx3r: Donny said, "Exactly!"
Davion: Nods, "well, let's get the rest of this place looked at before it
gets dark."
t3xx3r: Jessica: "Sounds good."
t3xx3r: Donny continues to film.
t3xx3r: ((What will you check next))
Davion: Do a quick look into the kitchen
t3xx3r: You see a large island table.
t3xx3r: Worn out wooden cabinets.
t3xx3r: An old wooden stove.
t3xx3r: 1930's trashcan lying on the foor, the lid fallen to the side.
t3xx3r: The house creaks again...
Davion: "Well, it would seem someone's tried to live here since the
family went mad."
Davion: Creak of the wind?
t3xx3r: ((yeah))
Davion: Dining room?"
t3xx3r: There's also an icebox in the kitchen
t3xx3r: The dining room
t3xx3r: It has a real long, antique monoghany table, accumulating dust
over the yera.
t3xx3r: years*
t3xx3r: Chairs were either lying around, sat upright.
t3xx3r: Three sets of plates, forks, knives, spoons were set and unused
Continental style.
t3xx3r: They have accumulated dust as well....
t3xx3r: And some stains.
t3xx3r: Nothing else.
Davion: Is the silverware silver or pewter?
t3xx3r: Most likely silver.
Davion: "That's interesting.... Real silverware still in its place...."
t3xx3r: Jessica: "Now that's creepy."
t3xx3r: Albert" Judging from that, I'm guessing the last ones left before
dinner was just made."
Davion: "And no one's been in here to disturb it since?"
Davion: Slip back through the kitchen and into the hallway.
t3xx3r: "Doesn't look like it. We've got footprints all over. Jessica
may be right. There may be people who have tried dares in the past but
we'll never know."
t3xx3r: ((Where to next?))
Davion: Checking the door on the right and the stairs going up...
t3xx3r: The door creaks as you open.
t3xx3r: There's no light in there.
t3xx3r: You proceed upstairs
t3xx3r: Every step you make, a louder creak though the steps hold.
Davion: Close, and if possible LOCK the cellar door
t3xx3r: You lock the cellar door by winding it. A weak defense but
better than none.
t3xx3r: As you're on the Upper Story, the creaks aren't louder.
t3xx3r: ((Which room do you check?))
Davion: Not one for leaving a door behind us, start with door number 4
Davion: Looks to be a wash room
t3xx3r: A neglected sink,bathtub, overhead tank

t3xx3r: Towels are lying all over.

t3xx3r: Some, like hairbrushes, old toothbrush are still on the sink
t3xx3r: A pool of water has collected in the bathtub...
t3xx3r: Drip... Drip.... Drip...
t3xx3r: The faucet could not be closed.
Davion: "Wonder where they get their water from?"
t3xx3r: Donovan chimed in, "Possibly a reservoir near here, maybe."
Davion: back out and start moving to the closest room
t3xx3r: The wind howled a bit as you move across to Room 3
t3xx3r: Looking into room 3
t3xx3r: A bedframe with rusty bedspriings...
t3xx3r: It's been lying vertical against the wall.
t3xx3r: There's an old dresser across the room.
t3xx3r: Nothing else.
t3xx3r: ((Want me to give out info for ROom 2 and 1 to sped it up?))
Davion: sure
t3xx3r: Looking into Room 2...
t3xx3r: You see the room dusty just like the others.
t3xx3r: There's two small beds, kid-sized.
t3xx3r: There's tons of toys littering, a dresser, pictures of aircraft
and cowboys on one side of the wall.
Davion: "Did the Macarios have kids?"
t3xx3r: Donovan nods, "Yeah. Two of them."
t3xx3r: Room 1...
Davion: "Boys?"
t3xx3r: "I don't know. Uh, if you want to know more about the Macarios,
the Library might have the info."
Davion: Looks into room one
t3xx3r: An ordinary bedroom.
Davion: Bed intact?
t3xx3r: A doublebed, blankets torn, pillows resting near the bedframe.
The window still having black and dusty windows.
t3xx3r: There are many crosses on the walls
t3xx3r: Candles resting up against the wall as well, sort of like the
Catholic candles
t3xx3r: A rosary and breviary is on the table near their double-bed.
Davion: "Wel, now I know where to have our honeymoon," winks to jessica!
t3xx3r: "That's just creepy, Davion," Jessica smirks.
Davion: "Ok, Donny, I'm going to want light in each of the main rooms,
and at least one nightvision camera in each room also..."
t3xx3r: Donovan nods, "All right. I'll go get Jocks and Terry."
Davion: Particularly the master bedroom and kid's room"
t3xx3r: "So you think the ghosts are manifesting in both rooms?"
t3xx3r: Albert said that.
Davion: "Just to be sure, we'll run by the library to see if we can get
any more information on the place, we'll save the basement for when we
get back."
t3xx3r: Jessica: "What about that Sanitarium?"
Davion: "What is it about 3?"
Davion: "How far is the Sanitarium from here?"
t3xx3r: Jessica: "Beats me." Donny looks at you, "A few miles out of the
Davion: "How about this, you ave a doctorate, don't you professor? how
about you go to the Sanitarium, while we go to the library?"

t3xx3r: Albert nods, "All right. I'll do my best to gain the

Davion: "See what you can find out about thew couple, if they talked at
all to their handlers."
t3xx3r: "All right."
Davion: "Jessica and I will see what we can dig up at the library."
t3xx3r: ((It's now 3:25 while you all were in that house.))
Davion: "Donny. Keep an eye out on each other, we are rather remote, I
don't want any of you guys spending too much time alone, check up on each
other, if at all possibl;e, try and stick together as much as possible."
t3xx3r: Donovan nods, "Got it."
Davion: "Who knows what snakes, or other animals may hang out in the
area, and God forbid you get bit by a brown recluse or something."
Davion: "Ok, we're going to head out."
t3xx3r: ((OK, skipping a bit))
t3xx3r: ((3:25 right now.. Albert's gone to the Sanitarium to find
answers. The plebes are setting up house together))
t3xx3r: ((You and Jessica are now going into downtown Boone's Library))
t3xx3r: ((Now it is 4:01 as you arrive inside))
Davion: "What do you think of the place?"
t3xx3r: "Real nice, old... Got that "historical" feeling to it," Jessica
Davion: Opens the door for her.
t3xx3r: Jessica enters the library.
Davion: Going to look for the microfilm section.
t3xx3r: ((To the Microfilm section))
t3xx3r: Inside the Boone Library, an old historical building dating back
to old settlement times.
t3xx3r: The microfilm section has large microfilm machines, many of them
used from time to time. Down the way is the Archives, containing older
records. The books, form what you gather, can be seen near the entrance,
bordering on the east side, and up on the second floor.
t3xx3r: YOu also see a nice, round reception desk nearby but no one seems
to be there just yet.
t3xx3r: You saunter down to the microfilm section.
t3xx3r: ((What do you do now?))
Davion: I'll send Jessica to look in the books, while I check the
Microfisce section for the news articles of the day.
t3xx3r: Jessica goes into the books section, checking the old Dewey
system to find what she's looking for. Anything with Macario, 1919, the
house address, etc.
t3xx3r: Now, I want you to do one roll
t3xx3r: 1d100
Davion: 53
t3xx3r: You find nothing of use, or apparently might not have found
something yet. Roll again.
Davion: 65
Davion: Getting worse...
t3xx3r: Nothing in the Microfilm section.
t3xx3r: Gonna roll for Jessica
Davion: I try to recall the date
t3xx3r: You know the date. So it's 1919. But you still failed your two

t3xx3r: Jessica: "Hey! I found something in the newspaper section!"

Davion: I get up and check her out... I mean check out her article...
t3xx3r: (( :P No, you really want to check her out. Trust me))
t3xx3r: ((Haha jk))
t3xx3r: Jessica pulls you closer. She drags the newspaper down to the
both of you...
Davion: (Yeah, I'm going to need to strip search her, make sure she is
holding nothing back :P))
t3xx3r: The date on the newspaper says November 11, 1852
t3xx3r: The headline reads "Walter Corbitt Sued"
Davion: "Well, no wonder I didn't find anything, was looking in the wrong
t3xx3r: You read through the newspaper with Jessica.
t3xx3r: The summary of the newspaper was that Walter Corbitt was sued by
neighbors who petitioned to force him to leave the area "in consequence"
with "his surious [sic] habits and unauspicious demeanor."
t3xx3r: A loud ahem...
t3xx3r: Behind you.
Davion: Look to whom it is
t3xx3r: You see a librarian, a girl in her mid 20's, glasses on her.
t3xx3r: "What was the unwritten rule when you enter the library?"
t3xx3r: Jessica looks to you nervously, smiles sheepishly to the
Davion: "Unwritten rule?"
t3xx3r: "No sounds at all in this library."
t3xx3r: "This library is a sacred place of books. I'm guessing you two
are new here so you didn't bother to see the plaque in front of the
t3xx3r: "I'm Harley. I see you two are diving right into the newspaper
section. Im guessing 1800's. Any particular interest as to why?"
Davion: I try to charm her, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to get too excited,
it's just that we are looking into the history of a potentially haunted
t3xx3r: make a roll
Davion: 47
t3xx3r: Harley is not charmed.
Davion: 1d100 = 47
t3xx3r: ((APP x 3; 13 * 3 = 39)
t3xx3r: ((TN is 39. You went over))
t3xx3r: Want to re-roll?
t3xx3r: You can either re-roll or let Harley be.
Davion: Persuade is 60 though....
t3xx3r: Ah, OK, so you're persuading. Not charming
t3xx3r: You persuade Harley.
t3xx3r: "Very well... Mister...?"
Davion: Well, trying to be charming, since she is in her 20s
t3xx3r: ((:P))
t3xx3r: Jessica nudges you... A look in her eye... A sort of "Don't do
it or you're dead"
Davion: "Hey, we can certainly get her help..." He whispers in Jessica's
ear as He strokes her lower back...
t3xx3r: Jessica is a bit defensive... "Fine..." in a soft whisper.
Davion: (50 for persuading Jessica )
t3xx3r: (( You rolled?))

Davion: 1d100 = 50
t3xx3r: ((:P))
t3xx3r: Jessica is persuaded.
t3xx3r: "OK..."
t3xx3r: ((Harley needs your name ))
Davion: Give Jessica a soft kiss on her cheek to mend any potentially
hurt feelings
t3xx3r: Jessica accepts your kiss.
Davion: "I'm Davion and this is My close friend Jessica..."
t3xx3r: Harley presses her glasses up, nods. "Then, Mister Davion. I'm
pretty much the only librarian here. We close in about ten minutes. Of
course, since you're looking into a potentially haunted house dating back
to what? 1800's? 1850's? If you need more information, ask."
Davion: "Davion Falconia, actually, have you read any of My books
perhaps?" He asks softly and earnestly
Davion: (Oooo 37...)
Davion: 1d100 = 37
t3xx3r: "I read a lot of books, Mister Falconia. As for your books, I'm
afraid not."
t3xx3r: Harley steps closer. "I'll read yours sometime soon... FOr now,
let's find out what you're looking for."
t3xx3r: "The sooner you're out of my library, the easier it'll be for me
to go home."
Davion: "Sure." Smiles at her.
t3xx3r: Harley looks at the headline.
t3xx3r: "OK, 1852. Why this article?"
Davion: "I think what we are looking for something between the 1800's and
t3xx3r: "About a haunted house? This name, Corbitt... You're not
speaking of the Corbitt house just outside of town, are you?"
Davion: "We're trying to find stuff on the old Macarios residence."
Davion: "Yeah, I think it's been called that too"
t3xx3r: "Macario... Hmm... a story some of us are familiar with.
t3xx3r: Harley moves over to the nearest 1900's sectioin.
t3xx3r: She pulls out several newspapers
t3xx3r: "Let's see... Corbitt... Corbitt.
Ah, right there." Harley
hands you the newspaper for 1866.
t3xx3r: The headline reads "Corbitt Wins Lawsuit"
Davion: I give jessica's bottom a sofft squeeze to remind her I still
love her.
Davion: "Wow, the lawsuit started in 1852 and was finished in 1866?
t3xx3r: The summary of the newspaper says in 1866, in the obits section,
that he still lived in the same place. There was a second lawsuit being
waged to prevent Corbitt from being buried in his basement, as provied by
his last testament."
Davion: "Interesting..."
t3xx3r: "Hmm... I remember this one thing."
t3xx3r: Harley moves to the early 1800's section.
t3xx3r: She pulls out more newspapers.
t3xx3r: "Right here."
t3xx3r: "Come here..."
t3xx3r: It was an old classified.
t3xx3r: 1836

t3xx3r: 1835*
t3xx3r: "House for Sale"
t3xx3r: The summary reads...
Davion: "Wow this house is nearly 200 years old?"
t3xx3r: "-name blurred- built the house and sold it to a Mr. Walter
Corbitt, esq. He has since then passed away, giving Corbitt full control
of the house."
Davion: "I'm surprised it's still standing, unless it's been rebuilt..."
t3xx3r: "Rebuilt? No. I don't think so. At least that's what I think."
t3xx3r: "You know, if you really want more information on this house,
check City Records.
t3xx3r: "They would have everything. They might have Corbitt on file
Davion: "Thanks. What time do you guys close?"
t3xx3r: 7. It's now 6:56.
t3xx3r: "City Records would close at 10"
Davion: Going to give a quick call to the guys at the house...
Davion: (If they have signal out there )
t3xx3r: You call...
t3xx3r: Static...
t3xx3r: They can't receive your call just yet
Davion: "Hmmm"
t3xx3r: "So... Mister Falconia and.. Jessica. Please do show your way
out. Next time, unwritten rule."
t3xx3r: Harley then begins to leave.
Davion: "Thanks for your help Miss harley."
t3xx3r: Harley turns, "Sure. That's what a librarian does in this place."
t3xx3r: ((You're now outside of the library. Where to now?))
Davion: "City records was just down the street right?"
t3xx3r: Jessica says, "Yes! Right there, down the street and across."
t3xx3r: You two saunter over to City Records.
Davion: How's the traffic here on a Saturday night?"
Davion: -"
t3xx3r: ((slow, not enoug traffic on Main Street. Whatever fun was being
done was either at Ames or elsewhere))
Davion: ((City records are open on a Saturday?))
t3xx3r: They are open at 10AM to 10PM on Weekdays
t3xx3r: On Saturday, they close at 8
t3xx3r: So prety much 12 to 8
t3xx3r: So you have enough time.
Davion: Keep My arm around Jessica and walk down the street towards City
Davion: Being August, it could still be light out
t3xx3r: Jessica is feeling a bit better, though not too responsive. She
does like your slap on her butt earlier.
t3xx3r: You enter the City Records... The sun barely going over the
t3xx3r: Light is still out.
t3xx3r: It may get dark around 9
t3xx3r: Your cellphone rings.
Davion: I answer
Davion: "You've reached Davion's phone!"
t3xx3r: "Hey mate. Albert here."
Davion: "What's up?"

t3xx3r: "I checked the Sanitarium."

t3xx3r: "Dr. Schledt wasn't there. He was on vacation.
Davion: "Were you able to learn anything?"
t3xx3r: "I did talk with a Dr. Hardstrom who did a number of patients in
Arkham, Mass. who had similar symptoms like the Macario couple did.
t3xx3r: "Very litte, actually.
t3xx3r: "Turns out whatever Gabrella Macario spoke of was about an evil
that hates her husband.
t3xx3r: "And Vittorio is very ... incommunicado."
t3xx3r: "At least from the records."
t3xx3r: "They've been dead for quite a while so I wasn't able to get some
answers from either one of them."
Davion: "Now that they are long deceased are their records open now?"
t3xx3r: "Not to the public. What your Miskatonic buddies call .. uh,
Mythos, I believe. This is right up their alley. Those records are
closed to everyone for a specific reason. I persuaded Dr. Hardstrom to
have a look. It was strange, frightening the way Vittorio and Gabriella
spoke of the evil in the house."
t3xx3r: "But that's all I could find."
t3xx3r: "I'm heading back to the Corbitt House."
Davion: "ok, and make sure the guys stay out of the basement till we get
t3xx3r: "Got it, mate. Ta-ta."
t3xx3r: Albert hangs up.
Davion: "See ya"
t3xx3r: You and Jessica enter the City Records.
t3xx3r: It's also a historical building too as well
t3xx3r: It has an olden feel to it, a ceiling fan whirring slowly...
t3xx3r: Tiles were old, blocky, having a certain pattern to it
t3xx3r: Chairs, benches were made of mahogany,. shaped in 30's fashion.
Davion: Look about for a clerk
t3xx3r: You see in front of you inside the entry hall a large glass, a
clerk typing away on the computer.
t3xx3r: The clerk is on the other side of the glass.
Davion: knock with my knuck on the glass
t3xx3r: The clerk, a male, looks up with some weary eyes. "Yeah, what
can I do for you, mister?":
t3xx3r: He stops typing.
Davion: "Good evening sir. My name's Davion, and I'm looking for records
on the old Corbitt place."
t3xx3r: "Corbitt place.." The clerk moves his chair away from you,
swivels to his computer, and types away.
t3xx3r: "C-O-R-B-I-T-T?"
Davion: "I believe so, yes sir."
t3xx3r: Roll
t3xx3r: It'll be against your library use
Davion: 69
t3xx3r: Re-roll one more time.
Davion: "It may be with only one T..."
Davion: 47
t3xx3r: "No, you're right. Two t's."
t3xx3r: "Got a name..."
t3xx3r: "One second."

t3xx3r: "All right, Corbitt, Walter. Is this the person you're looking
Davion: "Yes I think so. Would it be possible to get a printout or a
t3xx3r: "I'm afraid not. What I can do for you is tell you what I
t3xx3r: "Let me check it."
t3xx3r: A moment's pass.
t3xx3r: The clerk then moves toward you.
t3xx3r: Seems like Mr. Corbitt's file is very extensive.
t3xx3r: He's the owner of this address here, -insert address-, and is
still the original owner of the place as far as I know.
t3xx3r: However, I did come across several other names. Some of them
were flagged.
Davion: "He's STILL the owner?"
t3xx3r: Corbitt's executor was Reverend Michael Thomas, the pastor of the
Chapel of Contemplation & Church of Our Lord Granter of Secrets...
t3xx3r: The clerk turns around, sits, and types again...
t3xx3r: "Yes, he is the current owner, yes sir."
t3xx3r: "Thomas, Michael..."
t3xx3r: "OK, he is indeed the pastor of the church. Turns out the chapel
closed in 1912."
t3xx3r: "Oh..."
t3xx3r: "That doesn't look good."
t3xx3r: "There's a criminal file on here. I can't access it so the
police department would be able to locate this information for you."
Davion: "What's that?"
t3xx3r: "Let me check further."
t3xx3r: "That's strange...."
t3xx3r: "There's no records of the criminal file...
t3xx3r: "However, I did find some references..."
t3xx3r: "It says, arrest, raid, 1912, fire, pastor... Reference tags
following on that file."
t3xx3r: "Assuming the police department does have it."
t3xx3r: The clerk turns to you, and walks up to the front desk.
Davion: "Where does the Police archive their old files?"
t3xx3r: "That would be down at Central Police Station, right near City
Hall. That's just down the road further."
Davion: "Do you know when they close, at least their archived files
t3xx3r: "On a Saturday? They're open 24 hours. Their archive section, I
would say might close at 10. They're normally open 24 hours but on
weekends, it's usually 10."
t3xx3r: ((It's now 7:25)
Davion: "or could an officer of the watch have access to those?
t3xx3r: "Possibly. I doubt that an officer of the watch would let you
check those files unless you have a specific reason for doing so."
Davion: "ok, thank you sir for your time!"
t3xx3r: "No problem. Glad to help!" The clerk smiles and turns back to
his duties.
Davion: "Is the main police office near here?"
t3xx3r: The clerk turns to you.

t3xx3r: "Yeah, down the road. You just go in front of their reception
desk, ask for archive.
t3xx3r: "They'll take you there"
Davion: "Ok, thanks again!" I wave at Him, and as I turn give Jessica's
bum a soffft SLAP! "Let's find the police station"
t3xx3r: The clerk nods and turns back to his duties.
t3xx3r: Jessica feels good about that.
t3xx3r: ((7:32 and you're inside the police station))
t3xx3r: A police sergeant sits at the reception desk, typing on his
Davion: "Excuse Me officer." He says as he steps up to the front desk,
"I'm looking for the archives section for old case files...."
t3xx3r: The police sergeant looks at you. "Old case files? Unsolved or
Davion: I'm not sure, I think it was solved, there was a fire back in
1912 at the Old church?
t3xx3r: "Uh, I don't know about a church in 1912 but someone might help
you out." The police sergeant gets up from the chair...
t3xx3r: He leads you to a hallway, walking down
t3xx3r: He turns into a door, entering a large room
t3xx3r: "Hey! Mick!"
t3xx3r: A older voice yells back, "Yeah?"
t3xx3r: "You've got visitors!
t3xx3r: "He rarely gets any so he'll be excited about it."
t3xx3r: The police sergeant leaves.
t3xx3r: Mick comes around, in his blue uniform.
t3xx3r: He's behind wires of steel, short, stocky, kind of bald.
Davion: "How are you doing sir?" I offer him my hand, "The name's Davion
Falconia, I write books..."
t3xx3r: He looks up at you.
t3xx3r: He shakes your hand underneath the wires of steel.
t3xx3r: "An author!"
t3xx3r: "Great! So what can I do for you here on Archives?"
Davion: "Yes, sir! Hey, I was looking into a story about a fire in a
church in 1912, where the pastor was arrested?"
t3xx3r: "Oh..." Mick became skeptical.. . kinda evasive
Davion: "I'm looking into some old history of the area and how it
relatres to an old house, the Corbitt place."
t3xx3r: Roll against Law, Credit rating, or Fast Talk
t3xx3r: Choose only one and roll only once
Davion: Nah... 54
t3xx3r: Mick is still evasive.
t3xx3r: Jessica decides to try
t3xx3r: She moves you over.
t3xx3r: She leans over a bit. "So mister Mick... We really really would
like to know more about this... church, or chapel. We'd like to find out
more about this Michael Thomas."
t3xx3r: ((Give me a second)
t3xx3r: Mick smiles.. "Oh okay. Be right back."
t3xx3r: Mick disappears for a second.
t3xx3r: Jessica turns to you, "Sometimes, they just need a woman to talk
Davion: "Ok, so I don't have your boobs..." Winks at her
t3xx3r: Jessica smirks.

t3xx3r: "That's right."

t3xx3r: Mick comes around.
t3xx3r: He places a box on his desk, pulls out several files.
t3xx3r: He seperates them.
Davion: Slaps her happy ass again! (before he returns)
t3xx3r: "What year did you say you wanted?"
t3xx3r: "A chapel, the pastor, Michael Thomas, right?"
t3xx3r: Jessica: Yup!
t3xx3r: Mick looks through... "OK, found it."
t3xx3r: He turns to you both.
t3xx3r: He opens the file, reads it...
t3xx3r: "All right... Here's what the file says.
t3xx3r: "There's several affidavidits contained within this folder.
t3xx3r: "Police officers who wrote them swearing that they were arresting
members of the church for the disappearances of children.
Davion: "Really..."
t3xx3r: "It was... uh, a secret raid. Hmm... three policemen were
killed. Seventeen cultists were killed by the fire or having GSWs.
Gunshot wounds.
t3xx3r: "I'm afraid the autopsy reports," Mick flips through them.
Davion: "Wow, sounds like it was a blood bath!"
t3xx3r: "They're not that detailed or informative. Not enough to say
except GSW here and there, degree of burns."
t3xx3r: "One second here..."
t3xx3r: Mick keeps checking.
t3xx3r: Mick whistles.
t3xx3r: "54 members of the church were arrested. Eight were only
released. No names here. Just first letters and surnames.
t3xx3r: "Oh, interesting.
t3xx3r: It says that uh, there was someone involved in political office
who wanted this to go away.
t3xx3r: "it just doesn't say why. Oh, and here he is...
t3xx3r: "Michael Thomas, the pastor of the church, was arrested and
sentenced to 40 years of prison on five counts of second degree murder.
Unfortunately, he fled the state in 1917..."
t3xx3r: "A bloodbath, that would be right, Mr. Falconia."
Davion: "Any of them a Vittorio or a Gabrielle..."
t3xx3r: "No. They're not in the file at all."
t3xx3r: "Ah, that's interesting.
t3xx3r: "There's another raid that's similar to the one we've just read.
t3xx3r: There was one in 1731 so the church would have built a chapel
before 1917
t3xx3r: The raid took place in Kingsport so that's where it took place
t3xx3r: They might have migrated out here."
Davion: "Where was the church located?
t3xx3r: "Hmm...
t3xx3r: "Ah, that would be a few blocks east. That's Old Town. You just
walk three, maybe four blocks east," Mick points, "and it should be
Davion: "Anything been built over that location?
t3xx3r: "I'm afraid very many of us rarely visit that part of town."
t3xx3r: "City Hall's been talking about renovating the entire section."
t3xx3r: "So we might be razing the Chapel, that is if it ever stood."

t3xx3r: "Check around there. Maybe someone there might point it out to
t3xx3r: "So would that be all you need?"
Davion: "Would there be any way to get a copy of any of this?"
t3xx3r: "I can do that right away for you."
t3xx3r: Mick disappears for a second.
Davion: "Hey thanks!" Smiles at him
t3xx3r: "No problem, Mr. Falconia."
t3xx3r: Printing sounds and moments later...
t3xx3r: He gives you the copies of the archives you were looking for in a
nice manila folder.
t3xx3r: "That will be 3.00"
t3xx3r: "To keep the archives running.":
Davion: "Maybe I'll name one of My police characters Mick in one of My
future stories." Winks at him and smiles
t3xx3r: "That will be good, Mr. Falconia. I'll see about your books
sometime soon."
Davion: "Thanks again!"
t3xx3r: ((you pay the police officer 3.00 and are on your way
t3xx3r: ((It is now 7:43. You're now in Olde Town))
t3xx3r: ((What do you do now?))
Davion: (For the hardcopies?)
t3xx3r: ((For the copies, yes))
Davion: "It's getting dark we should meet up with the others."
Davion: Pulls Jessica in close and kissses her deeply
t3xx3r: Jessica kisses you back... "But.. uh, what about the chapel?"
t3xx3r: ((The sun is setting but not getting dark yet))
Davion: "We have maybe an hour before dark.... Very well, but lets get
the car."
t3xx3r: ((OK, so you're going to drive to Olde Town?))
Davion: Going back to the car to pick it up and drive to the location of
the chapel...
Davion: Yeah
t3xx3r: ((OK...))
t3xx3r: ((make a roll against Spot Hidden))
Davion: Nope... 84
t3xx3r: ((OK, one second))
t3xx3r: Jessica tugs at your arm
Davion: Course I am driving and focusing more on the road
t3xx3r: "Hey, over there."
Davion: "I slow down and look
t3xx3r: She points over to a part of the land, with overgrown growth,
some erect blackened wood,
t3xx3r: "That must be the chapel."
Davion: "Or what's left of it..."
t3xx3r: There's some wood still left standing, erect but worn from the
fire... What's left of it."
t3xx3r: ((So what do you do now?))
Davion: Pull off the side of the road...
Davion: Bring out a camera from the trunk...
t3xx3r: As you and Jessica stand before the chapel
t3xx3r: You two see a sign further to the back end.
t3xx3r: Using your camera, you see this...
Davion: (is the area fenced in?)

t3xx3r: ((No, there's overgrowth over bricks, vines on teh outside.

Davion: "Hmmm..." I zoom in on it and click a picture...
t3xx3r: "What's that?" Jessica asks inquisitively.
Davion: "Some Eye of Ra or Illuminati symbol."
t3xx3r: Jessica then goes in, stepping up, looking around. She touches
the floor...
t3xx3r: "Pretty sturdy, it looks like."
t3xx3r: You see pews tipped over
Davion: (Is the floor stone?)
t3xx3r: blacked books.
t3xx3r: (Wood)
t3xx3r: The pastor's stand has been tipped over.
t3xx3r: There were holes in the wall and in the pews.
t3xx3r: You also could see holes in the door, the stone walls.
t3xx3r: Looks like a gunfight began inside.
Davion: Grab a few pictures of the inside
t3xx3r: There were old, rustic stains...
Davion: Even snap a couple of Jessica
t3xx3r: A very extremely dark magenta color all over the pews, the floor
Davion: "Blood?"
t3xx3r: Jessica nods, "I think."
t3xx3r: "Didn't he say that the police shot down 17 of those?"
Davion: "Gotta love those cults... I'm surprised with that many people
who died here, that this place isn't haunted..."
t3xx3r: Jessica was not aware you were taking shots of her.
t3xx3r: "Who knows? Could be."
t3xx3r: Jessica then steps inside, carefully stepping on the wood.
Davion: "Watch your step, My girl."
t3xx3r: "You know it."
t3xx3r: She continues further.
t3xx3r: The wood creaks...
t3xx3r: ((You going in or not?))
Davion: The chapel is still standing?
t3xx3r: ((Yeah, what's left of it))
Davion: Well, I'm not letting her go in alone, no I staying outside
Davion: nor I
t3xx3r: ((then you're following her))
t3xx3r: Roll 1d100
Davion: 34
t3xx3r: OK
t3xx3r: You stand, not falling.
t3xx3r: You're capable of standing on the floors
t3xx3r: You two inch further along.
t3xx3r: The sign is in front of you.
t3xx3r: Stains of magenta blood lies behind the pastor's stand, near two
doors, one on the left and right.
Davion: I try to keep my weight off any boards that Jessi's on
t3xx3r: "So what do you think?"
t3xx3r: "Eye of Ra? Illuminati or?"
Davion: "somewhere in between?"
t3xx3r: "Maybe. It says Church of Contemplation..."
t3xx3r: ((not the sign))
t3xx3r: ((from teh records))

t3xx3r: Jessica keeps lookng around

t3xx3r: Roll for Spot Hidden
Davion: "Illumination"
Davion: 97 I ain't seeing anything
t3xx3r: Jessica does not see anything.
t3xx3r: "Well, seems like a dead end."
t3xx3r: "Want to get back to the house?"
Davion: "I think it's getting a little too dark in here, perhaps we can
come back tomorrow when we have more light."
t3xx3r: "Sure."
t3xx3r: (Roll again for 1d100)
t3xx3r: TN is 60 for you
Davion: 33
t3xx3r: You make it safely outside of the Chapel
t3xx3r: ((OK, give me a second))
t3xx3r: ((OK, now that you two are in the car, heading out of Olde Town.
You arrive back at the Corbitt House at 9:12))
t3xx3r: ((Albert is there along with the plebes; the sun has set))
Davion: "So how are things doing?
Davion: "We've had an eventful afternoon..."
t3xx3r: Albert sighs, "Well, not much. We've set up the stuff inside
each room. Not much has been going on. The plebes didnt' notice
anything when I got back either."
t3xx3r: Albert asks, "Did you find anything?"
Davion: "It's usually after midnight when things pick up inside haunted
houses, up till dawn, the 'witching hour'..."
t3xx3r: The weather is turning a bit worse...
Davion: "Well, first, potentially there's a body buried in the
t3xx3r: Some dark clouds are coming your way
t3xx3r: Albert: "What? What body?"
t3xx3r: "Did someone just murder someone inside the house?"
Davion: Going to double check the wiring and make sure all wires and
connections won't be caught in standing water, or at least make sure
everything is grounded as best as possible...
t3xx3r: You notice the winds are starting to pick up a bit stronger, the
weather a bit colder.
Davion: "No, the guy wanted to be buried in the basement of his house...'
t3xx3r: "Vittorio Macario?"
Davion: "Walter Corbitt."
t3xx3r: "Corbitt? The Sanitarium never gave me that name at all. Not
even in their records."
Davion: "It turns out that the house was built before the 1850's
t3xx3r: "Wow!"
t3xx3r: Albert sounded excited...
Davion: "Not entirely sure, the city records clerk was rather cryptic,
but Corbitt's estate was left to his "pastor" who was the leader of some
illuminati cult."
t3xx3r: "A cult you say?" Jocks said.
t3xx3r: "What was the name of it?" Terry asked.
Davion: "Yes, it unded up that the plice had a shoot out with the cult
members in their chapel, and the place was burned to the ground!
Davion: "Ended in like 1912"
Davion: Takes a look at his notes...

t3xx3r: Donovan whistles, "Sounds like a real serious bloodbath."

Davion: "Corbitt's executor was Reverend Michael Thomas, the pastor of
the Chapel of Contemplation & Church of Our Lord Granter of Secrets."
t3xx3r: Albert: "So who practically owns the house? Your landlord?"
t3xx3r: Thundering claps can be heard across the distance...
Davion: "He said he bought it from someone, but there was some question
as to whether it was ever titled to any but Mr. Corbitt..."
t3xx3r: Jocks chimed, "Sounds like a thunderstorm coming our way."
Davion: "Well, before we put out the lights and before we get flooded,
let's check out the basement."
t3xx3r: Albert nods, "Let's do." Each of the group gathers their
t3xx3r: Albert still has his weapon on his person.
Davion: "Donny you work the camera ok before?"
t3xx3r: Donovan nods, "Yeah. I checked the footage. Seems solid."
Davion: (I'm getting my revolver and an extra fast loader just in case
out of the trunk of the car.)
t3xx3r: Jessic has a .38 revolver inside, tucked behind her denim jacket.
Davion: Going to put the revolver into its holster on my belt and be sure
it's strapped in securely...
t3xx3r: Thunderstorms are nearing.
t3xx3r: Thundering claps are heard.
Davion: "Ok, let's do this before it starts to rain
t3xx3r: Albert nods. Jessica smiles, "Let's go hunting!"
Davion: I unlock the basement
t3xx3r: The door creaks...
t3xx3r: So dark inside...
t3xx3r: A faint but foul odor comes out of it
Davion: On second thought going to have my revolver out, with flashlight
in hand, holding it tactically
Davion: Something like that
Davion: I'm going down first
t3xx3r: Jessica pulls out her .38 Revolver.
t3xx3r: Albert pulls out his Glock 9mm
t3xx3r: You're gong down first, OK
Davion: Jessica right behind Me
t3xx3r: Roll 1d100
Davion: 50
t3xx3r: You suceed going down the stairs.
t3xx3r: Give me one second
Davion: "Watch your step people..."
t3xx3r: Jessica and Albert goes in but they fall
t3xx3r: Their steps broke the creaking wood.
Davion: At the bottom I scan the area with my light
t3xx3r: They crash to the bottom of the basement, rolling onto the middle
of the room.
t3xx3r: Albert suffered some minor injury while Jessica was OK
t3xx3r: The plebes slinked across the steps
t3xx3r: Albert shouted, "Ah.. . my ankle! My bloody ankle!"
t3xx3r: Jessica got some scrapes, her clothes all smattered with dust.
t3xx3r: As you all check around the basement.
Davion: "Well, let's just hope you didn't just wake the dead with that
noise Al... " I half jokingly quib at him!

t3xx3r: Albert remained quiet, groaning a bit... He huffed, "Sorry,

mate," in a whisper
t3xx3r: The stairs are in poor state.
t3xx3r: But there is no electricity to the basement
t3xx3r: There are scattered tools, a pipe, lujmber, nails, screws... The
t3xx3r: Then... the wall opposite of you and the stairs ...
Davion: Jock, go bring one of those lights down here..."
t3xx3r: It's made of wood.
t3xx3r: But something catches you...
t3xx3r: The eye of Ra, the Illuminati.
t3xx3r: A loud clattering is heard upstairs.
t3xx3r: Incredible thumping is heard even upstairs in the Upper Story.
t3xx3r: A smash...
Davion: "Jock?"
t3xx3r: Jock freezes... "Oh $h1t!!" in a whisper.
t3xx3r: He's still in the same room as you just before he was going to go
t3xx3r: More thumping....
t3xx3r: Smashing...
Davion: "Was that a tree?"
t3xx3r: The floors above you creaks...
t3xx3r: slowly creaks more...
t3xx3r: Something...
Davion: "Hmmmmm..."
t3xx3r: You feel somethng dripping on you...
Davion: "Everyone in.... I whisper
t3xx3r: Jock, and the rest of the plebes get inside.
t3xx3r: They're frightened a bit.
t3xx3r: More dripping...
t3xx3r: "Ugh! What's that?" Terry shook off the dripping.
t3xx3r: Roll
t3xx3r: 1d100
Davion: Try to avoid the dripping spots, if possible.... Rain? Or
something else?
t3xx3r: You touch the liquid...
t3xx3r: Pointing the flashlight at it...
t3xx3r: It is...
t3xx3r: BLOOD RED!
t3xx3r: Jessica panicks!
t3xx3r: She moves back to the wall...
t3xx3r: She stutters...
t3xx3r: Albert slowly points...
Davion: Look to where he's pointing...
t3xx3r: A floating knife, so ornate, stained with very dark stains on
t3xx3r: It moves slowly in the dark...
t3xx3r: ((On that wall you see the logo, there's the words "Chapel of
t3xx3r: Jessica SCREAMS!
Davion: I shine my light on this floating knife!
t3xx3r: Then the knife....
t3xx3r: SWOOPS, stabbing one of the plebes.
t3xx3r: Right in the sternum.

t3xx3r: Terry falls over, blood oozing out of him

t3xx3r: He coughs....
t3xx3r: "Why..... Why...."
Davion: "CRAP!"
t3xx3r: The knife floats again...
Davion: I attempt to grab a hold of it (assuming that it's pulled out of
the guy!)
t3xx3r: You attempt to grab a hold of it? It went out of Terry's back.
t3xx3r: OK, give me one second
Davion: so it went completely through him like a bullet?
t3xx3r: Yeah
t3xx3r: Since I don't have stats for him
t3xx3r: he's a pleb so he's more like a redshirt
t3xx3r: Roll for DEX and under
Davion: Is there anything in here metalic?
Davion: on what dice?
t3xx3r: 1d100
Davion: 77
t3xx3r: Nope.
t3xx3r: you lose 1/1d4 sanity
t3xx3r: roll 1d4
Davion: 3
t3xx3r: You lose 4 sanity
t3xx3r: 71 SAN now
Davion: (How do you get back Sanity?)
t3xx3r: (If you defeat Corbit, you roll 1d6. But if you want to recover
sanity, you must admit yoruself to a sanitarium and receive 1d6 sanity
per week
t3xx3r: The knife then goes through Jocks.
t3xx3r: Jocks falls over, blood oozing.
Davion: "Dammit!"
t3xx3r: It floats again...
t3xx3r: Donovan freaks out...
t3xx3r: He runs up the stairs...
Davion: Try to grab omething solid
t3xx3r: He falls right through the cracks, forgetting the stairs had
fallen through.
Davion: preferably metalic
t3xx3r: The knife then stabs Donovan...
t3xx3r: ((there's a pipe))
t3xx3r: ((There's also something else upstairs. You could try a trashcan
Davion: Grab a pipe and try to attack it!
t3xx3r: Roll 1d100 for DEX and under
Davion: GRRR 75
t3xx3r: You swing and miss.
t3xx3r: Roll 1d100 for dodge
Davion: "Put some light on it!" I yell at them!
Davion: 71
t3xx3r: Jessica freaks out, attempting to run up the stairs.
t3xx3r: Albert puts a light on the knife.
t3xx3r: YOu failed your dodge roll right?
t3xx3r: So that's 30 dodge
Davion: It jabs me while I'm preoccupied trying to get light

t3xx3r: The knife does go through your shoulder.

Davion: "Mother puss bucket!"
t3xx3r: Roll for 1d6 for HP loss
Davion: 4
t3xx3r: 9 HP
t3xx3r: So you suffer a wound.
t3xx3r: ((Your choice, stay, fight, or run.. or something else))
Davion: I'm pissed now, I'm going to stay and fight this thing!
t3xx3r: Jessica runs up the stairs, passes the gap and avoids the knife.
t3xx3r: Albert is there, shining on the knife...
t3xx3r: A loud GROAN is heard beyond the wall.
t3xx3r: Thumping on the ceiling has subsided..
t3xx3r: Blood still oozes...
t3xx3r: Now... hissing sounds are heard.
Davion: I'm focused on the knife the immediate threat
t3xx3r: Now rats are coming out of the woodwork
t3xx3r: You see five rat packs, ten each.. They're starting to crawl
Davion: Going to focus on dodging it, and yell to jessi to get that
trashcan lid I saw earlier!
t3xx3r: Jessica heard you.... but uncertain if she'll be back
t3xx3r: You've got the knife floating...
t3xx3r: five rat packs coming out of the woodwork
t3xx3r: Albert concentrating on the knife with a broken ankle
Davion: Going to side step it, keep from getting in its path of attack
t3xx3r: Albert gets up, attempting to walk up the stairs... "Bloody
crazy! This house is haunted!"
t3xx3r: But Albert remembers
t3xx3r: He readies his pistol
Davion: "And that's why we're here!
t3xx3r: "Mate... I ain't leaving..."
t3xx3r: Roll for Dodge
Davion: "If you have a clear shot, SHOOT!"
Davion: 63
t3xx3r: ((At which? Knife or rat packs?))
t3xx3r: You fall over, due to your wound, one of the rats barely bit you.
Davion: (I didn't specify but I think the knife right now)
t3xx3r: Albert aims at the knife..
t3xx3r: He opens fire.
t3xx3r: He lets out 3 shots....
t3xx3r: The knife batters back, crashes right into the wall, and then
lands on the ground stuck.
t3xx3r: Jessica is now around.
t3xx3r: She throws you that trashcan lid.
Davion: I grab albert and beat back the rats to get him to the upstairs
t3xx3r: Albert gets up the stairs but one of the rats bit him.
t3xx3r: "Bloody hell!"
Davion: "Gonna need tetanus and rabies shots after this!"
t3xx3r: "D@mn right, mate!"
t3xx3r: Albert gets up the stairs with Jessica helping.
t3xx3r: More LOUD groans coming from beyond the wall.
Davion: I stomp on at the rats!
t3xx3r: Roll for kick


TN 25
to help keep them away from albert
You stomp on one rat but crash into the wall. It gives you
up the stairs.
The rat packs continue to advance toward you...
((What do you do now?))
Grab the camera from where Donny dropped it and try getting out
Roll for Climb
TN 40
You successfully grab Donny's camera and get the hell out of
The rats unsuccessfully follow.
They crash right into the bottom...
Jessica helps you
Albert walks with his sprained ankle, holding you... gun on his
(Or return to feast on our poor plebs remains
((Now that you two are out of the house))
Albert gets in the car with you and Jessica.
((You've sustained a wound))
Roll 1d6+2
You're now at 1 HP
You're delirious
Jessica drives you quickly to the hospital
"Jessi.... you better look at this wound....
She's first aid 30
I'll roll only twice
See how it goes
"Apply preasure..."
She could not apply pressure too well
She has blood on her hands.
And she doesn't know jack about anatomy
Albert doesn't either.
So they both drive you to the hospital
That's ok, just apply pressure so I don't bleed out!"
((You're at the hospital))
roll 1d6
Roll again
You've gained 4 HP in one week
At least I'm at the hospital, a good place to die if I have to
6 HP
Roll again
That's two weeks
11 HP, three weeks

t3xx3r: Try again one more time

Davion: 2
t3xx3r: OK
t3xx3r: You're now 13 HP
t3xx3r: that's three weeks and a half that transpired.
t3xx3r: It is now September 1997
Davion: I tell the police that I didn't see who stabbed me
t3xx3r: Roll for persuade
Davion: 17
t3xx3r: Jessica and Albert stand next to you.
t3xx3r: Albert's fully recovered.
t3xx3r: Jessica's fine.
Davion: "We were investigating the basement.... somone attacked us, and
stabbed several of us..."
t3xx3r: Before the police left you alone, they write in the statement...
t3xx3r: "So what were you three doing there?"
Davion: "My landlord wanted us to check the place out to see if it would
be a good place for a haunted themed bed and breakfast..."
t3xx3r: "All right. So someone snuck in, stabbed some of you, and left?
Or was this person living there?"
Davion: "I don't know, the basement was dark, there wasn't any
electricity to the place, all I remember was that there was a loud crash
and someone kept attacking our group in the dark."
Davion: (Always best to stick somewhat close to the truth. )
t3xx3r: "OK. We'll look into it. Until then, enjoy your rest."
t3xx3r: The cop then leaves, putting his cap on.
Davion: "Thanks, sorry I couldn't be any more help."
t3xx3r: "You've been more than helpful."
t3xx3r: The cop leaves.
t3xx3r: Albert looks to you, "So... do we call it quits?"
t3xx3r: Jessica doesn't smile or nod, "Those guys.. Poor guys."
Davion: "We're going back and this time we're going back in during day
light hours...."
t3xx3r: "What if that doesn't help?"
Davion: I give Jessica's hand a soft squeeze....
Davion: "I want to see at least what happened upstairs...."
t3xx3r: "The Upper Story?":
Davion: "SOmething crashed into that house..."
t3xx3r: "Something did. It was loud enough."
t3xx3r: "All right, we're going in..."
t3xx3r: ((Do you want to go back or just tell the landlord that it is
Davion: Before going to the house, I'm going to the police station to try
and get a copy of the police report, if it's finished yet.
t3xx3r: ((After interviewing you? It might take a few horus for them to
process that paperwork))
t3xx3r: So it is 10:52 AM
t3xx3r: The sun is rising.
Davion: The sun is rising at 11 o'clock?
t3xx3r: ((You're already removed from the hospital.))
t3xx3r: ((Yup, to its highest horizon))
Davion: Ahh
t3xx3r: ((So you're outside the hospital... What do you do now?))

Davion: Well I'll stop off at the police station to see if they would be
able to send me a copy of the police report when it's finished, "I need
it for my insurance company."
t3xx3r: "Gladly. We'll let you know when it's finished." The police
officer writes down your phone number.
Davion: "Thanks" leave them my number
Davion: "Let's head back there see what left there to see..."
Davion: "At the very least we'll need to gather up what's left the gear.
t3xx3r: ((It's most likely the police must have taken those and
categorized them into evidence))
Davion: "How's your ankle Al?"
t3xx3r: "Just fine. I was not expecting the floorboard to break."
Davion: While we are at the police station I'll enquire about the lights
and gear...
t3xx3r: The police sergeant nods, "So you're the owner of the gear that
we found at the Corbitt residence?"
Davion: "It was a series of cameras .... and someportable lights..."
t3xx3r: "All right, let me check..."
Davion: "No, it was borrowed from the university."
t3xx3r: He types on the computer.
Davion: I show him the signed hand receipt for the gear.
t3xx3r: "Then I'm going to have to require the signature of the owner who
owns the gear you're talking about. I cannot pass off the gear to you,
I'm sorry."
t3xx3r: Just as he tells you that, he takes the receipt.
t3xx3r: "One second..."
t3xx3r: He calls up the university's phone number....
t3xx3r: Some talking back and forth.
t3xx3r: "What's your name?"
t3xx3r: You give him his name
t3xx3r: The sergeant hangs up...
t3xx3r: "OK, I got his approval. It all checks out..."
t3xx3r: He prints out a paper and hands it to you, "Sign here.:"
Davion: "Thanks," I sign the release form.
t3xx3r: "All right, go into Evidence and they'll pass off the gear to
t3xx3r: "Just down the hall, to the left, and it should be at the far
Davion: "Thank you sergeant."
t3xx3r: "No problem."
t3xx3r: The sergeant then takes your release form and files it away.
Davion: I head down to the lock up
t3xx3r: The cop buzzes the door open.
Davion: "Hey, I've been sent down to pick up some items..." I look at the
release form and hand it to the officer.
t3xx3r: "Davion Falconia... Got it." The police officer turns away from
you after checking the release form pink slip, gets inside the inventory
t3xx3r: Moments later, he grabs the gear from the inventory room, and
places it next to him.
t3xx3r: He returns with more of the gear. Soon, you have several bags of
Davion: "You don't mind if I check the condition do you? It's borrowed
and I'm responsible for any damage that may have occured to them."

t3xx3r: "Not a problem. Feel free. The release form release BPD from
retaining these as evidence any longer."
Davion: "Thanks."
t3xx3r: The cop returns to his seat, typing on the computer.
Davion: Do a quick inventory to see what might be missing and see if they
still have their tapes, or if the tapes were removed, if they are
accounted for.
t3xx3r: OK, roll 1d6.
Davion: 2
t3xx3r: 3 and under are success rolls.
t3xx3r: Your items seems to be all in good condition.
t3xx3r: Tapes have not been taken out just yet.
Davion: Let out a sigh of relief
t3xx3r: They're kept along with your cameras.
Davion: Quickly take the gear out to the trunk
t3xx3r: Albert helps you out, placing the gear into the car.
t3xx3r: Jessica helps out too and then proceeds to sit up front.
Davion: "Let's see first if the tapes caught anything..."
t3xx3r: Room 5 and 6 showed some signs of activity. Moving plates,
tables, some turned over furniture.
t3xx3r: 1, 2, 3 were all volatile, being thrown around.
t3xx3r: But what is most loud is in Rooom 3 upstairs.
t3xx3r: The dresser moved back and forth, crashing into the walls.
t3xx3r: The bedframe moved up and down, smashing into the walls, ceiling,
and the floor.
t3xx3r: leaving more scratches.
t3xx3r: Room 1 and 2 were quiet.
t3xx3r: Room 4 upstairs barely showed any activity some more water formed
puddles... Nothing paranormal about it.
Davion: Any sign of what caused the blood?
t3xx3r: The blood appears out of nowhere... There were no dead bodies,
no ghosts...
t3xx3r: The blood materialized out of nowhere for some nexplicable
Davion: "Well, if nothing else, we've got great video of activity.... Our
poor plebs have not died in vain...."
t3xx3r: "So... what will we do with it then?"
Davion: "We're going back, pick up the generator and anything else we may
have left behind...."
t3xx3r: "So we're going to leave the house alone?"
Davion: "For now."
Davion: "We need to found out more about what we are dealing with...."
Davion: find out
Davion: "Let's go to that burned down church...."
t3xx3r: "All right."
t3xx3r: ((You three finally cruise around Olde Town))
t3xx3r: ((Later, you three come across the same chapel.))
Davion: "There it is..."
t3xx3r: You three step out of the vehicle, standing.
t3xx3r: ((What do you do now?))
Davion: (What time is it?)
t3xx3r: 11:36 AM
Davion: "This is the church whose pastor that oversaw the land for the
time.... what ever they did to the place...."

t3xx3r: Albert quips, "Doesn't look like much."

Davion: Grabbing flashlights
Davion: "Well, it has that same symbol we saw in the basement...."
t3xx3r: "So you think the symbol in the basement is linked to this?"
Davion: "In some way, yes."
Davion: "There were three police killed here also..."
t3xx3r: "Since when?"
Davion: "in 1912, when they raided the place."
t3xx3r: Albert, "That does sound very telling, given what the place looks
like now. I'm assuming, a fire, right?"
t3xx3r: Jessica nods, "Yeah. Seventeen cultists killed. Not sure why
but they're linked to disappearance of children."
Davion: "How'd you guess?" smiling at him!
t3xx3r: Albert smiles, "Blackened wood. That's easy to say."
t3xx3r: "So... shall I go first or you?"
Davion: Head back to the entry point, "Watch your step, the place is
almost as unstable as the house."
t3xx3r: You are now at the Chapel with Albert and Jessica. You all are
wielding flashlights.
t3xx3r: ((What is your next move?))
Davion: Was skimming through what we were covering earlier...
Davion: "i wonder if any of the families that lived in or were begotten
by those who had lived here are still a live..."
Davion: Turns on his flashlight and goes into the remains of the church
t3xx3r: "If they did, they may not have stayed here."
t3xx3r: ((Roll 1d100))
Davion: 48
t3xx3r: You're good.
t3xx3r: You are able to wallk across the floor.
t3xx3r: Jessica and Albert follows you
t3xx3r: However, they were not careful.
t3xx3r: The floor collapses. They both fall into the hole...
Davion: "I wonder if there's a basement down there...
Davion: "Doh!"
Davion: "Are you two ok?"
t3xx3r: Albert and Jessica coughs, shakes off the dust.
t3xx3r: They groaned a bit...
t3xx3r: "Ugh.. Yeah."
t3xx3r: They look around with their flashlight.
Davion: "Do you see any stairs?
t3xx3r: Albert moves slowly around.
t3xx3r: He checks both doors.... His same answer was...
t3xx3r: "Doesn't look like it. The rubble collapsed on the stairs."
t3xx3r: Jessica looks around some more.
t3xx3r: She finally comes across two skeletons, dressed in black robes
with black hoods, white trims and the Chapel logo on the front.
t3xx3r: One of them bore an amulet.
Davion: "What do you see?"
t3xx3r: Albert comes across a bookcase, checks...
t3xx3r: Jessica said, "Skeletons. Remains of who used to be here."
t3xx3r: "I think they were hiding."
t3xx3r: "Over here", Albert found something...
Davion: I'm looking around to see a way down safely

t3xx3r: He browses through the pages of some obscure journal bound in

black leather.
t3xx3r: There's the rubble, sloped down on the corner of the church.
t3xx3r: You might be able to get down carefully.
t3xx3r: "Oh.. wow! This is the journal of some cultist!"
Davion: I work my way down into the basement
t3xx3r: Jessica looks at Albert, "Somehow, your enthusiasism is a bit...
t3xx3r: "No, lookit here..."
t3xx3r: Albert shows you and Jessica...
t3xx3r: The last entry in 1912 was...
t3xx3r: "Walter Corbitt has been buried in the basement in accordanace
with his wishes and the wishes of the one who waits in the dark."
Davion: "That really sounds encouraging..."
t3xx3r: Roll for a Spot Hidden
t3xx3r: TN is 25
Davion: NOPE... 76
t3xx3r: Jessica detects something
t3xx3r: She moves over to a desk, worn out, blackened from the fire.
t3xx3r: She moves the cultist from the desk slowly... "Ugh!"
t3xx3r: She grabs something... Something fleshly and... leatherskinned....
t3xx3r: Some sort of tome with scary teeth on it.
Davion: Here's a question for you, did these people die in the fire....
or after?"
t3xx3r: But unfortunately, the tome has been chained to the desk.
t3xx3r: "From what it looks like...
Davion: Run the flashlight over the tome
t3xx3r: "I would say police got fed up with the disappearance of
children, started hunting them down, started a gunfight... Somehow the
fire spread and the cultists retreated here."
t3xx3r: You see teeth on the tome
t3xx3r: The tome looks like skin over it. Could be animal hide.
Davion: jessi, I don't think you want to handle that book bare handed..."
t3xx3r: Jessica drops the tome.
Davion: "Because I don't believe its animal skin...."
t3xx3r: Albert surmised from what he learned.
t3xx3r: Jessica speaks, "WHAT?"
Davion: "Albert, do you agree?"
t3xx3r: Albert looks at the tome...
t3xx3r: "I may not be certain. Could be animal hide. Maybe somethng
else... If we assume the most morbid, perhaps the skin of children?"
Davion: "Well, I certainly did have the feeling that it was human..."
t3xx3r: Jessica walks away, "Yuk! I can't believe i touched that!"
t3xx3r: Albert looks around some more...
t3xx3r: Do you think there's more to this than just a fire and a
Davion: I go look at the mumified remains of the cultists on the floor,
looking to see if they have bullet holes in their robes and look at the
amulet Jessi mentioned...
t3xx3r: The amulet was the logo of the church. Nothing magical about it.
t3xx3r: They do look like they have bullet holes...
Davion: "My land lord had said that a French family lost some children to
the house."

t3xx3r: Several more.

t3xx3r: "When was that," Albert asked. "So far..."
Davion: "Think maybe the police did some "spiritual cleansing" of the
town from this cult?"
t3xx3r: Jessica chimed in "1835, a merchant built the house. Walter
Corbitt bought it from him... The immigrant couple and their children
moved in the 1900's
t3xx3r: Then there's others... It's all adding up."
t3xx3r: "I don't know about that," Albert remains skeptical.
t3xx3r: "If they did want to cleanse the cult of whatever they were
doing, they must be doing one hell of a job."
Davion: "Walter Corbitt wanted to be buried there, but why?"
t3xx3r: "I have no idea..." Albert continues to flip through the
t3xx3r: "Nothing shows why Walter Corbitt would want to stay there...
Just that last entry in 1912."
t3xx3r: Jessica chimes in, "If the police did some cleansing, the FBI
must be in on this."
Davion: "Anything else about Walter Corbitt?"
t3xx3r: "A conspiracy theory but not enough evidence to back this up."
t3xx3r: Albert keeps looking...
t3xx3r: "Hmm..."
t3xx3r: "No. Doesn't seem like it."
t3xx3r: "Whatever they wrote, they must be real cryptic about Corbitt and
the connection to this chapel."
Davion: "So.... the knife... protecting the contents of the basement from
being disturbed?"
t3xx3r: "Could be."
t3xx3r: Albert looks up to you.
t3xx3r: "Maybe we just invaded Corbitt's grounds, and the knife just
sensed us in the basement. Perhaps Corbitt wanted to keep anyone out."
Davion: The police obviously were able to get into the basement without
being injured, so either we damaged the knife, or it only workd at
t3xx3r: "Maybe... Maybe not."
Davion: "Or the police are in on it?"
t3xx3r: Albert shakes his head, "I doubt it. If they're in on it, why
give us information? Why lead us to all this? Why give us enough to
know about this chapel?"
t3xx3r: "If they were in on it, they'd be very keen on covering it up."
Davion: "Do you think they would have left the bodies to rot down there?"
t3xx3r: "No. I think something ELSE is in there.:"
t3xx3r: "Not the knife... Something else."
t3xx3r: Jessica adds, "Do you think that someone was controlling that
Davion: "Do you think either someone has marked US or whatever is down
there can detect or is threatened by OUR involvment?
t3xx3r: "IF so, then where was this person? So far, on footage, we never
saw the person in any of the rooms."
t3xx3r: Albert chuckles a bit, "Don't be paranoid, Davion. Someone
marking us? If that were true, we're dead before we reach the hospital."
Davion: "So your idea is that someone outside the house was controlling

t3xx3r: Jessica thinks... "I think the basement is the real source of
the problem. I just can't put my finger on it." Albert nods, "Although
I do think the upper story room does need some checking. Perhaps, some
t3xx3r: "No, I think someone inside the house is. None of the rooms show
the person. The basement had no footage. Where else?"
Davion: The upstairs bedroom had no disturbances except in the guest
t3xx3r: "Still not enough to go in. They showed no signs of activity.
If I were to judge the violatility of the activities alone on the
footage, the guest room is."
t3xx3r: That was Albert
Davion: "Well we are going to need to find a way out of this room..."
Davion: "Did you say there were doors down here?"
t3xx3r: "Yeah, there were. We can climb up the rubble like you did."
t3xx3r: "They're all filled in wit the rubble."
t3xx3r: "We can't go through those."
t3xx3r: ((you three climb outside of the Chapel, dusting off the granite.
Now nearby the car, where are you going to go now?))
Davion: "We're going to have to go back to that places...."
t3xx3r: "Back to the Corbitt House?"
Davion: "Unless you guys have any better ideas..."
Davion: "We at least need to finish getting the rest of our gear...
Davion: (Were the lights taken too, or just the camera gear?)
t3xx3r: ((They are all given back to you))
Davion: (I mean did the police take the lights too or just the cameras?)
t3xx3r: ((I think they did leave the lights there. Just the cameras))
Davion: "It would be interesting if they found the murder weapon..."
Davion: From what I recall was it a ritual knife of a kitchen type of
t3xx3r: "If they did, imagine what that knife can do."
t3xx3r: ((You're asking me the GM or a character?))
Davion: (GM))
t3xx3r: ((I wrote that the knife was so ornate, beautifully designed, had
some bloodstains on it sharpest edge))
t3xx3r: ((So potentially a ritual knife))
Davion: (was it like a shard of something since it seemed to go straight
through people?)
t3xx3r: ((It had no hilt but it was sort of like a dagger, ceremonial, so
it was easy for it to go through people))
t3xx3r: ((It's very extremely sharp.))
Davion: Once we get to the house the first thing I do is grab the
Davion: Any left over gear that we may have left behind...
Davion: Then look over the place since we had last been there, looking
for anything different or out of place...
t3xx3r: ((OK))
t3xx3r: ((You three arrive at the House. Make your move))
Davion: first check the generator
Davion: going to have the revolver in hand....
t3xx3r: ((OK. You check the generator outside))
Davion: looking in the side door
t3xx3r: The generator seems to be in good condition.
t3xx3r: ((Which side door? Was the generator inside?))

Davion: No, the generator was outside near the house

t3xx3r: OK
t3xx3r: ((You wanted to look in the side door?))
Davion: Going to the side door, the one without the rusty locks
t3xx3r: That's the front
t3xx3r: The house stood just like it was last time
Davion: Nothing in the main hall?
t3xx3r: No. It was just barren like last time. You didn't see anythng
that was in it when you first arrived.
t3xx3r: However, as you look beyond to the basement, the door is open.
Davion: looking in the living room...
t3xx3r: Somewhat in a different state but still the obvious turned over
tables, sofa, pillows, etc.
Davion: The house is quiet?
t3xx3r: Yes.... Very quiet.
Davion: Keep walking along the wall...
t3xx3r: Albert and Jessica walk along the walls too. Albert is on the
other side. Jessica is behind you.
Davion: Walking slowly and cautiously as I listen to the house...
t3xx3r: The house is quiet... Some creaking but not too much is going
Davion: "Remind Me to invest in some kevlar..."
t3xx3r: Jessica nervously nodds, "I will..."
Davion: as I approach the basement door I keep my revolver raised, doing
the tactic thing with my flashlight...
Davion: Any movement in the basement?
t3xx3r: Dead quiet... Pretty much.
Davion: I close the door amd lock it!
t3xx3r: You close the door and lock it, making some noise.
t3xx3r: Nothing happens.
Davion: I listen to the house again listening for any changes...
t3xx3r: Completely quiet...
Davion: Heading upstairs...
t3xx3r: You make some creaking noises as you go upstairs.
t3xx3r: The house creaks again...
Davion: I stop and listen...
t3xx3r: Still quiet... Some more creaking but as usual.
Davion: Again look into the washroom, not leaving behind an unchecked
t3xx3r: The water puddle remains...
t3xx3r: The faucet continues to drip.
Davion: Out of curiosity I turn the water into the "on" position...
t3xx3r: The water continues to flow..
t3xx3r: The puddle starts to grow.
Davion: There is water pressure?
t3xx3r: ((Some, not strongly))
Davion: I turn it off
t3xx3r: ((You can't turn it off but the faucet continues to drip))
t3xx3r: Drip... drip... drip...
t3xx3r: Nothing else is happening rightn ow.
Davion: (You mean I CAN turn it off, it just drips?)
t3xx3r: ((You can't entirely turn it off.))
t3xx3r: ((Just because you turn it off doesn't mean the faucet stops
dripping. Something causes the faucet to continue dripping))

Davion: Yeah a crust valve or something...

t3xx3r: You hear something. Some scratching in the next room.
Davion: crusty
t3xx3r: It stops.
Davion: I raise my revolver and continue on to the next room...
t3xx3r: Albert and Jessica are behind you.
Davion: I walk carefully across the doorway, from across the hall...
t3xx3r: Some scratching.
t3xx3r: THen it abruptly stops
Davion: Where did the scratching sound come from?
t3xx3r: From Room 3... beyond the door.
Davion: Is the door open?
t3xx3r: Closed.
Davion: Do the doors actually open like they do on the map?
t3xx3r: Yeah
t3xx3r: ((I could inverse it if you want))
t3xx3r: ((Just open it inside and I'll allow it))
Davion: Just seems strange that the doors would open into the hallway
t3xx3r: ((The doors will be opened into the inside))
t3xx3r: ((SO what do you do? Go ijn? Open? Check?))
Davion: Turn the handle revolver in hand
t3xx3r: No scratching yet...
t3xx3r: The house creaks just like normal
Davion: Push on the door...
t3xx3r: The door draws out creakily...
t3xx3r: It opens wide, slowly coming to a slow halt, near the wall.
Davion: Scanning the room with my revolver
t3xx3r: Just like last time.
t3xx3r: The bed wtih springs vertically up the wall, the dresser across
the room near the window.
t3xx3r: Roll for Listen
Davion: 24
t3xx3r: You hear scratching...
Davion: Following the source
t3xx3r: The source is coming from the window....
t3xx3r: Albert and Jessica moves in...
t3xx3r: slowly...
t3xx3r: ((You proceed to the window right?))
Davion: Is the window all black and encrusted like all the others?
t3xx3r: ((Yeah))
Davion: Moving towards the window
t3xx3r: Jessica moves forward... "Looks quiet..." in a very low whisper.
t3xx3r: BOOM! The door slams shut!
t3xx3r: The bedframe hurls right at you!
t3xx3r: Roll for dodge.
Davion: 08
t3xx3r: You dive right out of the way.
t3xx3r: The bedframe smashes into the window.
t3xx3r: Then hurls back to the wall.
Davion: Did it break the window?
t3xx3r: Albert shouted, "What the bloody hell is that???"
t3xx3r: ((No))
t3xx3r: ((It hit the panel holding the window.))
t3xx3r: So it doesn't smash right into the glass.

t3xx3r: Jessica turns trying to open the door.

Davion: Everything is quiet again?
t3xx3r: The door wont' budge...
t3xx3r: Pools of blood fill the room
t3xx3r: Slowly, it grows...
t3xx3r: The dresser is hurled right at you!
t3xx3r: Roll for dodge
Davion: 65
Davion: That one is harder to dodge
t3xx3r: You barely dodge it. The dresser hits your leg, sending you
spinning to the floor.
t3xx3r: Albert shouts, "We've got to bloody get out of here!"
Davion: I fire at the window
t3xx3r: The ceiling thumps, rattles.
t3xx3r: ((It's a two story jump))
t3xx3r: The window shatters
t3xx3r: Albert runs toward the window and jumps.
t3xx3r: Jessica turns around, looking at you but wondering... The
bedframe hurls right at her
Davion: Well, we're certainly not going to drown...."
t3xx3r: Jessica dives right onto the pools of blood, her precious denim
jacket and jeans stained.
t3xx3r: The bedframe hits the wall, clattering to the ground.
Davion: I boil up all the anger I can and yell at the spirit/house
commanding it to "stop!"
t3xx3r: Jessica turns to the window, sits on the panel, skeptical she'll
t3xx3r: It doesn't listen...
t3xx3r: The bedframe then throws itself right at you.
t3xx3r: Jessica jumps.
t3xx3r: The bedframe hits your shoulder, sending you spinning.
t3xx3r: "Davion! Davion!" Shouts from your close friends calling!
t3xx3r: You're on the floor, the pools of blood growing.
t3xx3r: You're starting to get some stains on you
t3xx3r: Your shoulder hurts so bad...
Davion: I'm going to shoot and police kick the door
t3xx3r: The bedframe is right behind you, up against the wall
t3xx3r: ((If you police kick the door, you will hurt yuor leg))
t3xx3r: ((Since you wanted the door to go inside, if you kick it from
inside out, you'll hurt your feet))
Davion: The door is solid, as opposed to the decrepidness of the rest of
the house...)
t3xx3r: ((The doors are solid, yes, having shown some aging))
Davion: ((Evil GM))
t3xx3r: ((Hey... I'm the Keeper of this story!))
Davion: I'll go out the window...
t3xx3r: You finally run out the window.
t3xx3r: Make a dodge roll
Davion: 62
t3xx3r: Oohhh
t3xx3r: You finally attempt to get out of the window but not before the
dresser hits your back on the way out.
t3xx3r: You finally tumble and fall over the roof, and onto the outgrowth
then to the grass.

Davion: I growl, "I am going to burn down this house!"

t3xx3r: Albert checks you over...
t3xx3r: "YOu look like shite, mate!"
Davion: I look at myself...
Davion: The blood still there?
t3xx3r: Jessica turns you over, checking your banged up shoulder, your
t3xx3r: You've got blood stains on your shirt, pants.
t3xx3r: Jessica's got some too
Davion: "Thank you, feel almost as bad as having a shard going through my
t3xx3r: You're pretty banged up bad.
t3xx3r: You can do most tasks but not normally as most people would.
t3xx3r: For now...
t3xx3r: Jessica quietly speaks to you, "This house... Whatever it is...
It's evil."
Davion: "So you see my dilemma..."
t3xx3r: Albert nods, "Yeah... Are we going to go back in or what?
Honestly, mate, I've never seen a house this scary before."
Davion: I rest a moment in the cool grass....
Davion: "Ok..."
Davion: "Let's gather up our stuff....."
t3xx3r: "And then what?" Albert sighed...
Davion: "Go home... clean up.... and F*ck Jessica.... If everything still
Davion: I groan as I pulls myself up from the ground...
t3xx3r: "You know, you don't get your debt cleared at all if you don't
finish this job, mate."
t3xx3r: "But I get it. Not worth getting killed over."
t3xx3r: Jessica looks at you in silence.
Davion: "My land lord didn't give me any immediate timeline to figure
this out, heck, we started this about three weeks ago... it can wait one
more night...."
t3xx3r: "Yeah.." Albert stands up looking at the house.
t3xx3r: Jessica stands up looking at her clothes... "Ugh! Now I'm going
to have to buy new clothes!"
Davion: "Was that your last clean outfit?" I smile at her.
t3xx3r: You three stand looking at the house. Jessica looks at you, "The
cleanest as it can get.."
Davion: "Al, I never asked.... you have a hotel room somewhere?"
t3xx3r: Albert nods, "Yeah, I got a hotel room. Just arranged it a while
t3xx3r: "That was like.. four weeks ago."
Davion: "Ok... Good..."
t3xx3r: "So... what are you going to say to Harold?"
Davion: I waddle back to the car, looking at the generator that still
needs to be picked up.... "For the love of all things holy..."
Davion: "Harold and I are going to need to have a talk...
t3xx3r: You three then pack up your things, placed into the trunk.
t3xx3r: Albert closes the trunk.
t3xx3r: "Obviously, mate. Obviously."
Davion: "Jessi... could you drive?"
t3xx3r: Jessica saunters to the driver's side and gets in.
t3xx3r: Albert opens the passenger's door and sits back, relaxing.

t3xx3r: You got inside the passenger side, aside from Jessica...
Davion: I lay back into the seat...
t3xx3r: The car then drives off, dust kicking up in the middle of a sunny
Davion: "Harold, May I burn down the house?"
t3xx3r: "Soon to come! Episode 2 where Davion and team sets out to solve
the mystery of the Corbitt House! Will they survive? Will they find
out? Or will they die? Tune in soon!"
t3xx3r: Harold, on the phone, sharply said, "Absolutely not! You have no
idea how much I PAID for that house! Burning that house is out of the
Davion: "Can I come over and can we talk?"
t3xx3r: "Yeah, come on over. You and I will talk."
t3xx3r: Harold then hangs up, almost sounding as if he's mad about that
Davion: We pull up to harold's house or apartment, or where ever he
t3xx3r: ((It's a house))
t3xx3r: Harold is coming out, looking meaner
Davion: I growl as I get out of the car...
Davion: "Hello harold."
t3xx3r: "What were you thinking? Asking me that question, Davion?"
Davion: "Harold breathe, and look at us please..."
t3xx3r: Harold looks at you over.
t3xx3r: Then to the two.
t3xx3r: They were looking at Harold as if they were skeptical.
Davion: Jessi... show him my back...'
t3xx3r: Jessica gets out of the car, lifts up your shirt and turns you
over... "This is what he got in that house."
t3xx3r: Harold looks him over... "What happened in there??":
Davion: "This was from our SECOND foray into that house..."
t3xx3r: "Second foray? You went in there twice? Davion... Did you find
out if the house was haunted or not?"
Davion: "I spent the last three... four weeks in the hospital because
some shard or knife or something impaled me, and I came an inch of
Davion: The first night we were there we lost three interns from the
local college..."
t3xx3r: Harold is listening though he's kind of skeptical.
Davion: And we come bearing tapes... of that night...."
t3xx3r: "Bring those tapes then. I want to see it."
Davion: "These are the things that were going on up stairs...
Davion: I go through each of those tapes, one by one...
Davion: And then the special tape, "though I don't think you get any
clear view of what did it, I think you get a sense of the situation from
our interns getting gutted right in front of us..."
t3xx3r: ((Donny's cam right?))
Davion: Yeah, Donny's tape
t3xx3r: You three enter Harold's residence.
t3xx3r: Harold puts the tape into the player, scoots on his reclining
chair and turns it on
t3xx3r: You see...
t3xx3r: Donny's steady hands guiding the camera
t3xx3r: You were ahead of the group, checking into the kitchen.

t3xx3r: Jessica was looking around. Albert was looking into the cloak
t3xx3r: You three then advance to the basement.
t3xx3r: You open it, go in... Jessica follows along with Albert.
t3xx3r: As you plant your feet on the basement's floor, Albert and
Jessica falls.
t3xx3r: Donny looks out, while the two plebs hugged to the wall, moving
t3xx3r: Jessica's on the ground, Albert's holding on to his ankle...
t3xx3r: "My bloody ankle! My bloody ankle!" You replied, "You're going
to wake everyone up!"
t3xx3r: Donny's cam shows movement. Donny keeps moving down the
t3xx3r: Nothing shows yet...
t3xx3r: But light is showing everywhere. Your light shines on the symbol
of the Ra, the Illuminati.
t3xx3r: Albert looks around, on the ceiling, etc.
t3xx3r: Jessica is up and about...
t3xx3r: Donny is on the ground, his camera pointing at you three....
t3xx3r: Suddenly, Jessica moves to the right, falling down and moving up
to the wall in sheer terror.
t3xx3r: Albert starts to point... Words having to form yet...
t3xx3r: Donny turns the camera fast enough but it wasn't eough.
t3xx3r: The knife swooped past the camera, barely showing.
t3xx3r: Donny's hands sharted shaking, the camera focuses on the floor.
Donny moves back. The camera shows the intern...
t3xx3r: The intern who received the wound, Terry...
t3xx3r: "Why.. Why..." His last words!
t3xx3r: Jocks freaked out, started running.
t3xx3r: He didn't realize the stairs had collapsed and fell right into
t3xx3r: He got up and the dagger darted right into him
t3xx3r: The camera zoomed on the dagger, which is floating, coated in
t3xx3r: Jessica screams, started running.
t3xx3r: She starts running up the stairs, dodging the hole in the stairs.
t3xx3r: She finally gets out, Donny's Camera showing.
t3xx3r: You yell out, 'THE TRASHCAN! IN THE KITCHEN!"
t3xx3r: The the knife swoops right at Donny
t3xx3r: Piercing him
t3xx3r: The camera crashes to the ground...
t3xx3r: All the camera showed was littered stuff, blood...
t3xx3r: Donny's hand.
t3xx3r: Some gunshots...
t3xx3r: "... bloody get outta here, mate!"
t3xx3r: Albert gets out finally but you failed, crashing into the
t3xx3r: The camera shows you having some stains on your shoulder.
t3xx3r: You finally grabbed the camera.
t3xx3r: The camera showed your wounds, then moved arond wildly
t3xx3r: It showed fast movement as you get out...
t3xx3r: The door was open...
t3xx3r: But you and the rest ran out... The camera showed the basement
door, bobbing up and down.

t3xx3r: Finally you were out.

t3xx3r: Then the camera crashes to the ground...
t3xx3r: Some words were said about hospital....
t3xx3r: The tape ends.
t3xx3r: Harold sits back... his hand on the remote.
t3xx3r: Thinking... Saddeningly thinking...
Davion: "Now, we could make this work I suppose, if you tell people that
the only rooms they can stay in are the master bedroom, and that under no
circumstance are they to EVER investigate ANY movements or sounds in the
Davion: "But lets be honest, who is going to want to stay in a place
that's going to try to kill them every chance it gets?"
Davion: Then there was today... Unfortunately, we didn't get today's
incursion on tape, but you can see how it turned out..."
t3xx3r: "Then it was a very bad bargain to pick!"
t3xx3r: "Prime real estate deals that just comes up once in a long
t3xx3r: Harold resigned completely... "Fine. Burn it down."
Davion: "You see why I said, let's burn it to the ground..."
Davion: "Let me say this though..."
Davion: "Can you imagine selling this story to the press? Or the books we
can write about it? I think we could make your money back that way."
t3xx3r: "I paid for that house. It would be fair if I could be
compensated in some sort of way. If you write and publish the books, I
get a percentage of the profits."
Davion: "But to live there, as is.... it's just not safe for people."
Davion: "How about 50-50 I write the books you get 50% of the profits
t3xx3r: Harold then nods, "Sounds like a deal."
t3xx3r: "Just don't show that tape to just anyone."
t3xx3r: "I mean, anyone..."
t3xx3r: "Not even the cops, FBI, anybody."
t3xx3r: "Burn it down... Write that story and we'll move on..."
Davion: "I'll just need this month, and maybe the next couple months rent
written off, especially since I spent most of this last month in the
hospital because of this case."
t3xx3r: Harold is kind of deeply hurt but he also acknowledges... "You
get 4 months rent free."
Davion: "Thank you Harold. There was quite a bit of history at that
place, cults.... children disappearing.... a cult member buried
t3xx3r: Harold nods. "From what I'm hearing, must be quite an
Davion: Do you want to be there when we burn it down?"
t3xx3r: "Yeah. I do."
Davion: "Give me a couple days to recooperate.... then we'll go out there
t3xx3r: "All right."
Davion: "Now, if you don't mind, we need to clean up...."
t3xx3r: "Yes, yes... Please do."
t3xx3r: Harold is still in his reclining chair.
Davion: I take the tape from the machine...
Davion: "Are you going to be ok, Harold?"
t3xx3r: Harold nods, "Yeah. It'll blow over soon."
t3xx3r: "Prime real estate... A bargain I couldn't refuse...."

t3xx3r: "Im sure you'd feel the same."

Davion: "Hey, I feel your pain. I think if we market the book right we
can recoop your losses..."
t3xx3r: Harold is quiet... He wants some peace and quiet.
t3xx3r: Jessica nudges you along. "He'll be fine."
Davion: "Well... I'll leave you be."
Davion: I'll drop Albert of at his hotel ... then take jessica back to
share a hot shower....
t3xx3r: ((A few days later after sharing a hot warm shower with
t3xx3r: ((It's time for you to take Harold out to the house to burn it
t3xx3r: A knock on the door.
Davion: I answer
t3xx3r: Harold is standing there. "You called?"
Davion: "Are you ready to do this?"
t3xx3r: "Yeah."
t3xx3r: Not ethusiastic, not too excited.
t3xx3r: Just calm, quiet.
Davion: "Jessi, you ready?"
t3xx3r: Jessica nods... She's now in her white blouse a nice black skirt
with some boots.
t3xx3r: Albert comes around...
t3xx3r: He's in his Oxford fashion, a plaid collared shirt, a jacket with
elbow patches, jeans and some shoes.
t3xx3r: "Mate... We ready?"
Davion: "We are ready."
t3xx3r: "Let's do this."
t3xx3r: Albert claps once and the moves forward.
t3xx3r: then*
t3xx3r: Harold follows all of you three.
Davion: Brings some bottles for molotov cocktails
t3xx3r: You store the molotov cocktails into the car.
t3xx3r: Then all three of you get in.
t3xx3r: Including Harold.
t3xx3r: You and Jessi are sitting in the back, Harold up front. Albert
with his sunglasses driving.
Davion: We drive out to the location...
Davion: Stroking Jessi's thigh
t3xx3r: Jessi smiles, her hand gripping your thigh.
t3xx3r: By the time you all arrive at the house, Albert parks the car
underneath a shade of a tall tree.
t3xx3r: "Well... here we are."
Davion: I bring out the bottles
Davion: and the fuel cans
t3xx3r: Albert, Jessica then grabs a molotov cocktail. Harold stands
t3xx3r: "Well, mate.. This is an adventure we can remember."
Davion: Without going inside the house I pour fuel into the doorway...
t3xx3r: Jessica nods, "That house is evil but we made it."
t3xx3r: Albert and Jessi stand near the door.
Davion: Tossing cocktails from the doorway inside down the hall
t3xx3r: They toss the cocktails lit into the hall.
t3xx3r: Soon, the fire starts spreading.


Once it is engulfed back away to a safe distance

The fire grows larger, smoke into the air...
As you all watch, the house then crashes into smoldering ruins...
Wood crumbling and colllapsing.
A loud GROAAANNNNNN is heard
then slowly dies out...
Watch it burn to smoldering embers....
Harold looks on...
*cue credits*
*cue Call of Cthulhu theme*
*scroll THE END title*