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I. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is
pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.
Question 1: A. ought

B. fought

C. plough

D. bought

Question 2: A. whisper

B. who

C. whistle

D. why

Question 3: A. butcher

B. lunch

C. fun

D. hunt

Question 4: A. man

B. happy

C. bag

D. any

Question 5: A. surface

B. place

C. agent

D. ancient

II. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in
position of the main stress in each of the following questions.
Question 6: A. import

B. increase

C. possession

D. influence

Question 7: A. interview

B. position

C. juicy

D. lecture

Question 8: A. invent

B. invention

C. irrational

D. vanish

Question 9: A. window

B. Italian

C. material

D. mechanic

Question 10: A. flexibility

B. gravitation

C. traditional

D. inactivity

III. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the
following questions.
Question 11: It is very important for a firm or a company to keep ______ the changes in the market.
A. pace of

B. track about

C. touch with

D. up with

Question 12: Although the exam was difficult, ______ the students passed it.
A. most of

B. none of

C. a few

D. a lot

Question 13: I am considering ______ my job. Can you recommend a good company?
A. to move

B. moving

C. changing

D. to change

Question 14: Ive just been told some ______ news.

A. astonish

B. astonishment

C. astonished

D. astonishing

Question 15: Did you enjoy yourself at the party? Yes, I had good a ______ there.
A. game

B. dance

C. time

D. drink

Question 16: There are many ______ for tourists in American.

A. offices

B. rooms

C. hotels

D. toilets

Question 17: Why didnt you buy that car? Because it was so expensive that I couldnt ______ it.
A. afford

B. give

C. have

D. offer

Question 18: I need some small change to ______ to the porter.

A. dip

B. chip hotline:

C. sip

D. tip

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Question 19: Its warm. Take ______ your coat.

A. in

B. on

C. off

D. away

Question 20: Anna is leaving tomorrow and coming ______ on Saturday.

A. in

B. back

C. for

D. to

Question 21: Most governments now ______ paper money in the form of notes which are really
promises to pay.
A. edit

B. publish

C. print

D. issue

Question 22: She has got a lot of ______ in her bank account.
A. currency

B. coins

C. money

D. cash

Question 23: Can you change this pound note into ______ for the coffee machine?
A. cash

B. money

C. coins

D. currency

Question 24: Our river can be ______ by chemicals.

A. poisonous

B. contaminated

C. flooded

D. pollution

Question 25: Only when you are old enough ______ the truth.
A. do you know

B. you do know

C. will you know

D. you know

Question 26: Neither my sister nor I ______ going to the party tomorrow.
A. are

B. is

C. am

D. wont be

Question 27: She wishes she ______ you the bad news yesterday.
A. didnt tell

B. wouldnt tell

C. hadnt told

D. doesnt tell

Question 28: I think you are ______ your energy by sweeping up those leaves.
A. speeding

B. spoiling

C. losing

D. wasting

Question 29: She ______ regretted having been so unkind.

A. awfully

B. severely

C. bitterly

D. fully

Question 30: All their money is ______ up in the new house they have bought.
A. connected

B. tied

C. trapped

D. fully

Question 31: The furniture ______ more expensive than we ______ at first.
A. is / thought

B. are / thought

C. are / have thought

D. were / had thought

Question 32: Before giving a presentation, always ______ the focus on the projector so that everyone
can read what is on the screen.
A. adjust

B. move

C. change

D. rectify

Question 33: The audience ______ out laughing when the singer fell over.
A. burst

B. shouted

C. called

D. broke

Question 34: I dont like to ask people for help as rule but wonder if you could ______ me a favor.
A. make

B. do

C. find

D. pick

Question 35: Tomorrow will be mainly sunny. There may be a few showers but these are not expected
to ______ long.
A. take

B. stay hotline:

C. last

D. survive

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Question 36: Since my mother died, my closest ______ is my cousin.

A. relative

B. parent

C. person

D. related

Question 37: James should have stayed of the sun as his skin is so ______.
A. sensible

B. sensitive

C. insensible

D. senseless

Question 38: The supermarket has ______ the milk bottles with new cardboard carton.
A. changed

B. removed

C. withdrawn

D. replaced

Question 39: That old worker is living in his ______.

A. pension

B. prison

C. service

D. mission

Question 40: We have to ______ the natural resources of out country.

A. keep

B. preserve

C. maintain

D. conserve

IV. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the
correct word for each of the blanks.
Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But the pollution problem is (41) ______ complicated as it
is serious. It is complicated (42) ______ much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. (43)
______, exhaust from automobiles causes a large percentage of air pollution. But the automobile (44)
______ transportation for millions of people. Factories discharge much (45) ______ the material that
pollutes the air and (46) ______ greatly reduce pollution immediately, people would have to (47)
______ using many things that benefit them. Most of the people do not want to do that, of course. But
pollution can be (48) ______ reduced in several ways. Scientists and engineers can work to find ways to
lessen the (49) ______ of pollution that such things as automobiles and factories cause. Governments
can pass and enforce laws that (50)______ businesses and traffic to stop, or to cut down on certain
polluting activities.
Question 41: A. as

B. more

C. less

D. like

Question 42: A. so

B. while

C. though

D. because

Question 43: A. Specific

B. For example

C. as

D. Like

Question 44: A. takes

B. affords

C. carries

D. provides

Question 45: A. about

B. for

C. of

D. with

Question 46: A. or

B. and

C. as well

D. then

Question 47: A. start

B. stop

C. continue

D. go on

Question 48: A. carefully

B. unexpectedly

C. gradually

D. little

Question 49: A. way

B. figure

C. number

D. amount

Question 50: A. forbid

B. require

C. request

D. prevent

V. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the
correct answer for each of the questions.
Carbohydrates, which are sugars, are an essential part of a healthy diet. They provide the main
source of energy for the body, and they also function to flavor and sweeten foods. Carbohydrates range
from simple sugars like glucose to complex sugars such as amy lose and amylopectin. Nutritionists
estimate that carbohydrates should make up about one-fourth to one-fifth of persons diet. This
translates to about 75-100 grams of carbohydrates per day.
A diet that is deficient in carbohydrates can have an adverse effect on a persons health. When
the body lacks a sufficient amount of carbohydrate, it must then use its protein supplies for energy, a
process called gluconeogenesis. However, this results in a lack of necessary protein, and further health hotline:

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difficulties may occur. A lack of carbohydrates can also lead to ketosis, a build-up of ketosis in the body
that cause fatigue, lethargy, and bad breath.
Question 51: What is the main idea of the passage?
A. Carbohydrates needed for good health
B. Carbohydrates prevent a build-up of proteins
C. Carbohydrates can lead to ketosis
D. Carbohydrates are an expendable part of good diet
Question 52: The word function as used in paragraph 1 refers to which of the following?
A. neglect

B. serve

C. dissolve

D. profess

Question 53: The word range as used in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to

A. probe

B. proceed

C. hail

D. extend

Question 54: According to the passage, what do most nutritionists suggest?

A. sufficient Carbohydrates will prevent gluconeogenesis.
B. Carbohydrates are simple sugar celled glucose
C. Carbohydrates should make up about a quarter of a persons daily diet
D. Carbohydrates should be eaten in very small quantities
Question 55: Which of the following do Carbohydrates NOT do?
A. prevent ketosis

B. cause gluconeogenesis

C. provide energy for the body

D. flavor and sweeten food

Question 56: Which of the following words could best replace deficient as used in paragraph 2?
A. outstanding

B. abundant

C. insufficient

D. unequal

Question 57: What does the word this in paragraph refers to?
A. using protein supplies for energy

B. converting Carbohydrates to energy

C. having a deficient in Carbohydrate

D. lacking a sufficient amount of carbohydrate

Question 58: According to the passage, which of the following does not describe, carbohydrates?
A. protein supply

B. A necessity

C. A range of sugars

D. an energy source

Question 59: The word lack in paragraph 2 is most similar to which of the following?
A. plethora

B. Shortage

C. derivation

D. commission

Question 60: Which of the following best describes the organization of this passage?
A. cause and result

B. Comparison and contrast

C. specific to general

D. definition and example

VI. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs
Question 61: Frank Lloyd Wright, by designing the low-cost Usonian house in 1930s, wanting to
make American architecture more democratic and affordable to everyone.
A. by

B. designing

C. wanting

D. to make

Question 62: If you take a train, it would be much more comfortable.

A. If

B. a train hotline:

C. would be

D. much

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Question 63: I consider the poor boy being my little brother.

A. consider

B. poor

C. being

D. little

Question 64: Our supervisor advised to take a course in research methods.

A. Our supervisor

B. to take

C. course

D. research

Question 65: Tom remembered switching off the oven when he left, so there was nothing wrong this
A. remembered

B. switching off

C. left

D. nothing wrong

Question 66: Harry, alike his colleagues, is trying hard to finish his work early.
A. alike

B. is

C. hard

D. early

Question 67: You can apply for a better job when you will have had more experience.
A. apply for

B. when

C. will have had

D. more experience

Question 68: He is the best-known author I have never heard of.

A. He

B. best

C. never

D. heard of

Question 69: Could you tell me how can I get to the arts gallery, please?
A. Could

B. tell

C. can I

D. arts gallery

Question 70: Im having someone to fix your car at the moment.

A. having

B. to fix

C. your car

D. moment

VII. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence which is closest in
meaning to the one given.
Question 71: You are not to blame for what happened.
A. You are not accused of what happened.
B. what happened is not your fault.
C. You are responsible for what happened.
D. We blame you for what happened.
Question 72: He can hardly see at all without glasses.
A. He can see without glasses if he tries hard.
B. He can see even if he doesnt wear glasses.
C. He cant see everything without glasses.
D. He is practically blind without glasses.
Question 73: The concert wasnt as good as we had expected.
A. The concert wasnt so good as we had seen.
B. We expected the concert to be worse.
C. We thought the concert would be much better.
D. The concert was thought to be as good.
Question 74: Please dont ask her to the party.
A. Id rather you didnt invite her to the party.
B. Id rather not ask her to the party.
C. Please dont ask her about the party.
D. You ask her to the party, dont you? hotline:

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Question 75: She broke down the moment she heard the news.
A. She was broken for a moment when she heard the news.
B. On hearing the news, she broke down.
C. She broke her leg when hearing the news.
D. When she heard the news, she was sick.
Question 76: Strong as he is, he still cant lift that box.
A. The box was so heavy for him to lift.
B. Hes very strong, he still cant lift that box.
C. He still cant lift that box because hes no a strong.
D. However he is strong, he still cant lift that box.
Question 77: I wish we had gone somewhere else for the holiday.
A. If only we went somewhere else for the holiday.
B. Its a pity we didnt go there for the holiday.
C. If we had gone for a holiday, I would have gone somewhere else.
D. I regret not having gone somewhere else for the holiday.
Question 78: You should have had your eyes tested a long time ago.
A. You havent had your eyes tested though its necessary.
B. Your eyes should be tested a long time ago.
C. You had your eyes tested a long time ago.
D. Its a long time ago since you have had your eyes tested.
Question 79: A child is influenced as much by his schooling as by his parents.
A. Schooling doesnt influence a child as much as his parents do.
B. A childs parents have greater influence in him than his schooling.
C. A child can influence is parents as much as his schooling
D. A childs schooling influences him as much as his parents do.
Question 80: Rarely has a 15-year-old earned so much money.
A. 15-year-old rarely earn money.
B. 15-year-old rarely earns lots of money.
C. 15-year-old has seldom earned that much money.
D. 15-year-old has never earned that much money.
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