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Department of Education

Region III
Bebe Anac, Masantol

To teach is to touch a life forever

Irene M. Yutuc
There are several people and events that have helped shape who I once was and
who I have now become. The earliest conscious influences that I have been able to
identify through the reflection and examination of my life are my mother and father. My
Mom and my father both heavily stressed the importance of learning and education. They
conveyed to me that the value of learning was learning itself. However, they also taught
me that with this acquired knowledge comes some degree of power. Power sounds like a
dominating and somewhat negative word. That is not meaning that my parents wanted me
to see. They meant that with knowledge I would have the power to help change my life
for the better and help those who were unable to help themselves. It was partially due to
this positive outlook on my ability to personally change lives that brought me to teaching.
My Mom is a hardworking mother despite she did not finish her studies. She sent
me into a good school at Centro Escolar University to have a degree. She believed that
education is the only wealth that she could inherit to her siblings. My father taught us
how to be confident to express our beliefs and emotions to other people and taught me
how to impart knowledge to my younger relatives who need help in their studies. This
attitude greatly influenced the development of my character. It not only valued education
but also molded me about when you have knowledge, you have to share it.
Another highly influential person in my decision to become a teacher was my high
school teacher, Mr. Bland De Jesus. He noticed my developing interest in reporting skill
and my ability on how to impart my research in the class. He encouraged me to pursue a
teaching career. Before I even graduated high school, he began saying, You can be a
teacher, Ill wait for you to be my colleague .
Though I was thinking about teaching after my high school, I was not entirely
convinced that it was what I wanted to do. I explore my love in teaching when one of
my cousins who is average in their class, expressed his gratitude and told us that he
became the first honor in their class because of what I did for him in his studies. For
what I had heard from him the burning passion to become a teacher intensify me to
pursue to take the Secondary Education Course.
I decided to put myself in educational setting. When I was a student teacher in
Caniogan High School at Calumpit Bulacan. I spent most of my time teaching on the
third year level of the last section. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I
learned how much patience it takes to go into a classroom, sometimes with an aid and
sometimes without, and keep the class moving. My classes had no more than seventy
five students, yet it was more challenging than teaching a class with disabilities. These
students had a variety of characteristics most of them are not worried about learning.

Their teacher adviser told me in advance that these students were really naughty. One of
the tasks she left for class that day was to teach them to draw a thing that symbolized
themselves, it was ridiculous to saw the finished output of the two female students seated
on the last row, I thought it was a black baton but when I stepped near them I saw their
drawing clearly I wasnt expected that they could draw it. But I remained silent to what I
saw. But I started to tell a story about a woman with good imagination reflects her total
personality. They stared at me and I thought they realized what they had drawn, I saw
them picked another piece of paper and they started to draw again. I thought to myself,
how am I going to change their mind into positive outlook? With patience and time, these
students twisted their mind in a good perspective drawing and completed their tasks that I
thought was virtually impossible for me to teach them. I was and am convinced that this
is the right profession for me.
After I graduated, while I was waiting for the result of Professional Board Exam, I
spent my time in office work with my Uncles Printing Press. My Balikbayan Uncle
motivated me to go abroad and guaranteed me that he will recommend me in the same
frame of work, he wanted me to helped my parents in our daily living. I thought it was a
good idea, I opened a conversation about it with my parents together with my uncle, it
was my first time to saw my Moms face really disappointed. She told me that theyre not
asking me to help them. She started to express her sermons to open up my mind to
understand the value of my chosen profession. I found out myself realizing of what
dream I had before.
I started to teach professionally in a private school in Trinity College of Quezon
City, I was twenty three years old on that time. I was teaching senior high school. One of
my most memorable days was in a day of their graduation. I was teaching in the first
section of the senior high school. They had a final presentation two days before their
graduation about Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, The three of the group in the
class presented a wrong concept about Sisa a character in Noli and Huli a character in El
Fili, they portray a very bad impression of an image as being a Filipina. I didnt had an
opportune to correct that presentation it was the last day to met in the class school year. I
felt guilty because of the wrong perception that they had learned in the novel. I was
worried and started to assess myself as their teacher, what was I taught? Was theres
something wrong with me during the time of teaching with them? It was messed for me
to think about their final output. Until the graduation day came, in the morning before the
mass started, one of their classmates came to me and asked me a favor to helped her
friend cried inside their classroom, I thought it was true, I came after her, when the door
was opened there was something written in the blackboard Maam ang tunay na Sisa at
Huli ay naitanim po sa aming pagkatao na babangon tungo sa tunay na pagbabago sa
ikatataas ng aming moral bilang Filipina, I was really surprised of what they have
done. They gave me a gift and a real presentation of who I am as their Filipino teacher.
After a couple of years, my life was shifted into another dimension, I was accepted
a marriage proposal from a man which attracted me in his being makabayan, an organizer
and a facilitator in a livelihood and disaster program in the barrio community of one of
the town of Pampanga. I had to stay in the province to face my new way of living with
my husband and children. I started to work in a public school as a substitute teacher in
Masantol High School for almost one year and teaching social studies. At the first day

of my teaching it was like a journey, I thought my adjustment was really hard thing to do,
I remembered the time when I was student teacher in a public school, the experiences I
had learned from there, thats why, I thought it was not an easy way to start my work
with the students in public school, They had ninety students in one classroom, I thought it
was like a battle to encountered, I had always planned my strategies on how ninety
students learned from my lesson everyday despite of their tremendous individual
One day we had a brainstorming about human evolution, one of the students
explained her ideas why she believed that man came from a dust and gave an evidences
of the component of it that had in a human and she related it in the bible, I was amazed of
her words about her belief. This young girl was really clever in expressing her ideas, then
one day, this young girl was absent without notifying us why she was absent for a
consecutive days, when she came back I tried to asked her of what will happened for
many days of her absences. She only stared at me and asked me to forgive her without
any condition. I gave it without any hesitation.
But on the next day in her periodic test she was came late for almost two hours, I
asked her why she came late, again she only stared at me and said sorry pu Maam. I
was curious of her being silent in explaining her reason of absences and for being late in
the class. I decided to visit her at home when she was repeatedly doing her absences, I
dont had any idea how far her resident was, she resided in a far flung area of Masantol, I
discovered that every day she went to school she walked in a remote area for forty five
minutes then she rode a tricycle into school for thirty minutes, I saw their house was
structured with a white big sacks, they were financially unstable, I remembered when she
came late for two hours, I couldnt believed this young girl walked in a seven kilometer
away from home to school to take the periodic exams. I was and am not rich literally but
I tried to helped her and taught her how to earned money for her to continue her studies.
From then I realized in order for teachers to cultivate the inner senses of a students, they
have to have that within themselves.
For the twelve years teaching in Masantol High School, I rendered my time not
only in teaching and coaching but also in designing an advocacy plan in a community
literacy program for the out of school youths who resided in the far flung area of the
As I continue teaching, I m proud to say we are a significant part of everyone's
life. We show them the right path and groom the youth to become a better citizen and a
better person. We teach them to face the most difficult challenges of life and get through
them, easily.
I remember this saying from a famous writer that my high school teacher Mr.
Bland de Jesus always mentioned it during our discussion. "A teacher scolds you on your
mistakes but he also supports you to do your best so he can be defines as a potter who
beats the pot on the outer side to give good shape and design while supporting the pot by
putting a hand inside it."