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Piping Stress Job Interview questions: Part 3

1 8th July 2 01 3



interv iew

4 Com m ents

The following list will prov ide few interv iew questions
asked in different interv iew for a Piping Stress Engineer
post. Hope y ou will be able to find the answers from
ASME B 31 .3 and any piping stress tex t books or from
piping hand book. In case y ou could not find out a
specific answer reply in comments section. This is the
part three of the collection. Keep checking the website
regularly for other parts.
41 ) What does B31 .3 tell about SIF for sockolet and
42) Ex plain the role of Appendix V of B31 .3?
43) Does B31 .3 allow a stress limit of 1 .33Sh in PSV pop
up case or is it 1 .20 Sh?
44) Ex plain how to model snubber in CAESAR II.
45) Briefly ex plain the modeling of Sway Brace is CAESAR II.

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46) What is the basic difference between a snubber and a sway brace in terms of applicability ?
47 ) Ex plain with reason as to what should happen to the SIF and Flex ibility factor of a bend when a
trunnion is attached to it?
48) Ex plain the terms SIF and FLEXIBILITY factor.
49) Why SIF is not so significant with primary loading?
50) What happens to SIF of a reinforced connection if thickness of reinforcement increases bey ond 1 .5
times header thickness?
51 ) What special note B31 .3 prov ides for SIF of welding tees (B1 6.9) ?
52) Ex plain with reasons as to which one is hav ing higher SIF: a 45 bend or a 90 Bend?
53) Ex plain with reasons as to whether for a non 90 degree branch the same SIF can be taken as that for a
90 branch?
54) If thickness of the header of a branch connection increases, what happens to its SIF, other parameters
kept constant?
55) What are the methods for flange leakage checking? Write euations used for flange leakage checking in
pressure equiv alent method?
56) What are the major difference between ASME B 31 .3 and B31 .1 ?
57 ) Place the following lines in Rack and show the placement of ex pansion loop?
a) A 1 6 inch High pressure steam line
b) A 6 inch Low pressure steam line
c) A 1 0 inch Medium pressure steam line
d) A 30 inch flare line
e) A 8 inch process line and
f) A 24 inch cooling water line.
58) How to decide the Spring height for a top mounted Spring hanger? What are the attachments used?
59) How do y ou calculate SIF for 45 degree lateral connections entering into flare header?
60) What are the transfer lines? Why does the stress analy sis of transfer lines considered critical?

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This article has 4 comments

Thursday 29 August 2013, 2:49 pm
good post!!!

Thursday 29 August 2013, 2:51 pm
How to answer question 41 and 42? Please some help


Anup Kumar Dey

Friday 30 August 2013, 10:11 am
Answer to 41:
Refer Appendix D equations from B 31.3, For sockolet use equations for Branch welded on fitting, For
reducer the SIF is 0ne.
Answer to 42:
Appendix V provide guidelines for allowable variations in elevated temperature services when creep
comes into picture. For more details refer the code.

Wednesday 18 September 2013, 3:11 pm
Thanks for the help.
Very helpfull this blog
I recommend though my partners too.
They are very enthusiastic.
b. regards

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