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New Titles July December 2014

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New Titles July December 2014

Welcome to the Ashgate New Titles Catalogue for July December 2014.
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Cover illustration: By Sir Eduardo
Paolozzi, Parrot, As is When portfolio,
1965, Screen print, 77 54.5 cm
(30 21 in). The Eduardo Paolozzi
Taken from the book Eduardo Paolozzi, by
Judith Collins, 2014, Lund Humphries.

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Business Management and Training (Including Gower) 9
History (Including Variorum) 15
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Information and Cultural Management


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The International Library of Essays on Criminal Law


The Library of Essays in Contemporary Legal Theory

Second Series


The Library of Essays on International Human Rights


The Architecture Chronicle

The Architecture of Industry

Diary of an Architectural Practice

Changing Paradigms in Industrial

Building and Planning

Jan Kattein, University College London, UK

Edited by Mathew Aitchison, University of Queensland,


Design Research in Architecture

During the last 30 years, technological, social, economic

and environmental changes have brought about the most
dramatic evolution to architectural practice that has taken
place since the profession emerged during the Italian
Renaissance. Whilst these changes have transformed the
way architects work, few contemporary books discuss
architectural practice. The Architecture Chronicle sets out
to define the role of the contemporary architect in the light
of these changes. It also engages with the design and
production process and investigates how design decisions
are being made and by whom they are executed.
July 2014

230 pages



Architecture in an
Age of Uncertainty

Through a series of case studies, this book documents the

changing nature of industrial building and planning from
the beginning of the twentieth century to the beginning
of the twenty-first century. Drawing on research from the
United States, Europe and Australia, this collection of
essays highlights key moments in industrial architecture
and planning representative of the wider paradigms in
the field. Areas of analysis include industrial production,
hydroelectricity, aerospace, logistics, finance, scientific
research and mining. This richly illustrated collection will
be of interest for a wide range of built environment studies,
incorporating findings from both historical and theoretical
scholarship and design research.
248 pages



Ashgate Studies in Architecture

Camera Constructs

After two decades which saw the construction industry

flourish, has come a sudden period of instability, where
architecture firms have been jettisoning employees at an
unprecedented rate as building projects dry up. This edited
volume brings together scholars, critics, and architects
to discuss the present state of uncertainty in the practice
and discipline of architecture. The chapters are organized
into three main areas of inquiry: economics, practice, and
technology. Within this larger framework, authors explore
issues of security, ecological design, disaster architecture,
the future of architectural practice, and the ethical
obligations of the social practice of design.

Photography, Architecture and the Modern City

186 pages



August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

220 pages



Graffiti, Street Art and the Parergon

Camera Constructs reflects critically on the varied

interactions of the different practices by which
photographers, artists, architects, theorists and historians
engage with the relationship of the camera to architecture,
the city and the evolution of Modernism. Including twentythree essays by a wide range of historians and theorists
this book provides a rich and highly original analysis of the
relationship of photography to built form from the early
modern period to the present day.
384 pages

Focusing on how an important nineteenth-century

architect addressed the already shifting relation between
architecture, time and history, this book offers insights on
issues still relevant today-the struggle between imitation
and innovation, the definition (or rejection) of aesthetic
experience, the grounds of architectural judgment (who
decides and how), or fundamentally, how to act (i.e.
build) when there is no longer a single grand narrative
but a plurality of possible histories. Six drawings provide
the foundation of an itinerary through Charles Robert
Cockerells conception of architecture, and into the depths
of drawings and buildings.

Ornament and Order

Edited by Andrew Higgott, University of East London, UK

and Timothy Wray

September 2014

Anne Bordeleau, University of Waterloo, Canada

Edited by Benjamin Flowers,

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Reflections around Anachronistic Drawings

Ashgate Studies in Architecture

Ashgate Studies in Architecture

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Charles Robert Cockerell,

Architect in Time



Rafael Schacter, University College London, UK

Based on an in-depth ethnographic study working with
some of the worlds most influential Independent Public
Artists, this book takes a completely new approach. Placing
these illicit aesthetic practices within a broader historical,
political, and aesthetic context, it argues that they are in
fact both intrinsically ornamental (working within a classic
architectonic framework), as well as innately ordered (within
a highly ritualised, performative structure). Rather than
disharmonic, destructive forms, rather than ones solely
working within the dynamics of the market, these insurgent
images are seen to reface rather than deface the city,
operating within a modality of contemporary civic ritual.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

304 pages



The Architecture of Edwin

Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew
Twentieth Century Architecture, Pioneer
Modernism and the Tropics

Practical Building Conservation:

Building Environment

Iain Jackson and Jessica Holland,

both at the University of Liverpool, UK

Practical Building Conservation

Ashgate Studies in Architecture

This book thoroughly examines Fry and Drews highly

influential Tropical Architecture in West Africa and India,
whilst also discussing their British work, such as their post
World War II projects for the Festival of Britain, Harlow New
Town, Pilkington Brothers Headquarters and Coychurch
Crematorium. It highlights the collaborative nature of Fry and
Drews work, including schemes undertaken with Elizabeth
Denby, Walter Gropius, Denys Lasdun, Pierre Jeanneret and
Le Corbusier. Positioning their architecture, writing and
educational endeavours within a wider context, this book
illustrates the significant artistic and cultural contributions
made by Fry and Drew throughout their lengthy careers.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

406 pages


English Heritage

Building Environment looks at the interaction between

building materials and systems and their surroundings,
and how this may lead to deterioration. It presents ways of
assessing remedial treatments, and includes discussions on
occupant health and sustainable retrofitting.
August 2014

620 pages




New Titles July December 2014


Practical Building Conservation:
Earth, Brick and Terracotta

Reconstructing Italy

English Heritage

The Ina-Casa Neighborhoods of

the Postwar Era

Practical Building Conservation

Stephanie Zeier Pilat, University of Oklahoma, USA

Earth, Brick and Terracotta deals with fired and unfired clay
products. It considers their technological evolution, the
processes causing deterioration and how these should
be assessed, and the methods used for their repair and
November 2014

520 pages



Raw: Architectural Engagements

with Nature
Edited by Solveig Be, Hege Charlotte Faber and
Brit Strandhagen, Norwegian University of Science
and Technology, Norway
Nature inheres in many aesthetic forms of expression. In
architecture, however, nature emerges with a particular
power and clarity, which makes architecture a raw kind of
art. Thus, by using the concept of raw as a focal point, this
book provides new approaches to architecture in a broad
sense, as well as other aesthetic and artistic practices, and
will be of interest to readers from different fields of the arts
and humanities, spanning from philosophy and theology to
history of art, architecture and music.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

250 pages



Reading the Architecture of

the Underprivileged Classes
Edited by Nnamdi Elleh, University of Cincinnati, USA
This book not only shows how architects can learn from
traditional or vernacular dwellings in order to create
habitations for the people of low-income groups in public
housing scenarios, but also demonstrates how the
architecture of the economically underprivileged classes
goes beyond culturally-inspired tectonic interpretations
of vernacular traditions by architects for high profile
clients. It explores how the resourceful dwellings of the
underprivileged inhabitants of the great cities in developing
parts of the world pioneered certain concepts of modernism
and contemporary design practices such as sustainable and
de-constructivist design.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages



Ashgate Studies in Architecture

Drawing on the writings of the architects, government

documents, and including brief passages from works of
neorealist literature and descriptions of neorealist films
by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italo Calvino and others, this book
presents a portrait of the postwar struggle to define a postFascist Italy.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

298 pages



Shoah Presence: Architectural

Representations of the

Suspending Modernity:
The Architecture of Franco Albini
Kay Bea Jones, Ohio State University, USA
Ashgate Studies in Architecture

Kay Bea Jones illuminating study of selected works by

Studio Albini will reintroduce his contributions to one of
the most productive periods in Italian design. Suspending
Modernity follows the evolution of Albinis most important
buildings and projects, even as they reveal his apprehensive
attitudes about the modern condition. Albini clarified
the vital role of tradition in modern architecture as he
experimented with domestic space. His cohort defied CIAM
ideologies to re-socialize postwar housing and speculate on
ways of reviving Italian cities. Jones argues here that Albinis
masterful use of materials and architectural expression
mark an epic paradigm shift in the modern period.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

304 pages


Eran Neuman, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Urban Revolution Now

Ashgate Studies in Architecture

Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and


Focusing on the Ghetto Fighters House, the worlds first

Holocaust museum; Yad Vashem, Israels national Holocaust
memorial in Jerusalem; the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
in Washington, and the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, the book
discusses how the representation of history by architecture
creates a dialectic process in which architecture mediates the
past to the present, while at the same time creating a present
saturated with historical contexts. It shows how, together, they
are incorporated into one another and create a new reality: past
and present intertwined.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

220 pages




Edited by Lukasz Stanek, University of Manchester, UK,

Christian Schmid and kos Moravnszky, both at
ETH Zrich, Switzerland
In an era when the tendency identified by Lefebvre in his
1970 work The Urban Revolution has become reality, this
interdisciplinary book brings together some of the leading
thinkers including Neil Brenner, Edward J. Soja, Eric
Swyngedouw and Christine Boyer to draw a general picture
of the global processes of urbanization today. Gathering
together a range of studies from across the globe, the
common denoominator are Lefebvres concepts, such as
the production of space, perceived, conceived, and lived
space, right to the city, differential space, centrality, and
everyday life, which are developed beyond the context of
their original formulation.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

325 pages



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Art History and Fine Art

Big Bucks: The Explosion of the
Art Market in the 21st Century
Georgina Adam
This highly readable and timely book explores the
transformation of the modern and contemporary art market in
the 21st century from a niche trade to a globalised operation
worth an estimated $50 billion a year. Drawing on her
personal experience, the author describes in fascinating detail
the contributions made by a range of actors and institutions
to these recent developments. The authors engaging style
makes this informative text ideal for collectors, students, and
anyone interested in learning more about the evolution of the
unprecedented market for art which exists today.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages



Eduardo Paolozzi

Max Weber: An American Cubist

in Paris and London, 190515

Judith Collins
Artist Eduardo Paolozzi (19242005) was a unique cultural
figure. His varied yet instantly recognisable work chronicles
the significant changes in British art from the austere 1950s
to the post-post-modern late 1990s. This highly illustrated
and visually exciting book provides the first comprehensive
overview of the career of a major, prolific and complex artist,
exploring Paolozzis work from all periods and across all
media: collage, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, tapestry
and film.
Includes 200 colour and 85 b&w illustrations
October 2014

304 pages



June 2014

Catalogue Raisonn of Paintings

C.R.W. Nevinson
The Complete Prints
Jonathan Black
C.R.W. Nevinson (18891946) is regarded as one of the finest
British printmakers of the first half of the twentieth century
admired by contemporaries and modern-day viewers in
equal measure. Drawing on original archival research and
including a catalogue raisonn of Nevinsons prints, this
unrivalled resource stands as a landmark publication in the
literature available on this outstanding British modernist.
Includes 155 colour illustrations
September 2014

208 pages

Edited by Suzi Villiger, Contributing Editors:

StaceyGershon, Juliana Kreinik, Jessie Sentivan
and Helen Vong, Consulting Editor: Ani Boyajian,
Contributing Essay Editor: Karen Wilkin; Essays:
J. Kreinik, Paul Moorhouse, Peter Morrin,
Marcelle Polednik & K. Wilkin
Hans Hofmann (18801966) was a pivotal figure in
Abstract Expressionism and stands as one of the most
important characters of post-war American art. This
ground-breaking catalogue raisonn of paintings, which
has been painstakingly researched over sixteen years, is
both an invaluable scholarly resource and a celebration of
Hofmanns remarkable artistic achievements.
Includes 1622 colour and 78 b&w illustrations

150.00 $300.00

September 2014

1280 pages

170.00 $295.00

Craigie Aitchison

Lynn Chadwick:
2-Volume Boxed Set

A Life in Colour
Cate Haste
This fully illustrated study of the life and work of Scottish
artist Craigie Aitchison (19262009) is the first book to
cover the entire oeuvre of a painter whose distinctive and
powerfully evocative style has earned him widespread
critical acclaim and public popularity. Award-winning writer
Cate Haste draws for the first time on family archives,
letters, published interviews with the painter, and new
interviews with those who knew Aitchison to explore the
relationship of his life to his work, the influences which
shaped his visual imagination, the emergence of his
distinctive themes, and the development of his painting
Includes 190 colour and 15 b&w illustrations
November 2014

240 pages



Russian-American migr Max Weber (18811961) was one

of the most influential Modernists in America in the early
20th century. For the first time, this book examines Weber
in a European context, highlighting his crucial role in the
cross-cultural dialogue between Paris and London and his
important influence on the British avant-garde. Featuring
a number of little-known illustrations and comprehensive,
scholarly endmatter, Max Weber: An American Cubist in Paris
and London, 190515 is an essential reference work for all
those interested in the development and dialogues of artistic
Includes 55 colour and 33 b&w illustrations

Hans Hofmann

Edited by Sarah MacDougall and Rachel Dickson, with

texts by Percy North, Anna Gruetzner Robins, Nancy
Ireson, Pamela Roberts and Lionel Kelly

Michael Bird, va Chadwick and Dennis Farr

208 pages

Art, artefacts and archives in the collections

of the National Maritime Museum
Edited by Douglas Hamilton and Robert J. Blyth
with essays by James Walvin, David Richardson,
John Oldfield, Hakim Adi, Marcus Wood, Geoff Quilley,
Paul Lovejoy and Jane Webster
Newly available in paperback, Representing Slavery draws on
the extensive collections of the National Maritime Museum,
Greenwich, to offer unique insights into the histories and
legacies of slavery, the slave trade and abolition from the
mid-16th until the early 20th centuries. The book illustrates
and documents a wide range of objects relating to the
slave trade, including maps, photographs, pamphlets and
official publications, ethnographic documents, newspapers,
paintings, prints and drawings. Ten specially commissioned
essays by leading scholars provide a fascinating historical
framework, demonstrating the scale and brutality of slavery,
the form and extent of African resistance, and the widespread
nature of efforts to achieve abolition and emancipation.
Includes 120 colour and 76 b&w illustrations
August 2014

May 2014
Hardback Set

The Sense of Things

150.00 $300.00

Making Art in Africa

Edited by Polly Savage with essays by Robert Loder
and John Picton and a Foreword by Sir Anthony Caro
What does it mean to make art in Africa? In Making Art in
Africa, 60 of the continents leading artists give very different
answers to this question through a series of extraordinary
first-hand commentaries relating to specific works.
304 pages



320 pages



Willard Boepple Sculpture

Karen Wilkin, with a Foreword by Michael Fried
Willard Boepple Sculpture: The Sense of Things surveys the
mature work of one of the most original and compelling
abstract sculptors working today. The art Boepple has
produced since the 1970s focuses on corporeal proportions
and allusions, evoking the human body metaphorically
rather than via direct figuration. This insightful yet
accessible book will appeal to all those interested in
sculpture and contemporary manifestations of modernism,
including collectors, museum professionals and visitors,
students and artists.
Includes 92 colour illustrations
September 2014

Includes over 300 colour illustrations

November 2014


Representing Slavery

Produced in a limited edition of 100 to celebrate the centenary

of Lynn Chadwicks birth in 2014, this boxed set contains
the new, 4th edition of the essential illustrated catalogue
raisonn Lynn Chadwick Sculptor and Michael Birds definitive
monograph on the artist. The two books are contained in a
specially created slipcase covered in real cloth.
648 pages


104 pages



New Titles July December 2014


Art History and Fine Art

Animals and Early Modern Identity
Edited by Pia F. Cuneo, University of Arizona, USA
What roles did animals play in the construction of early
modern identities? In this volume, international scholars
working in the disciplines of history, art history and literature
provide suggestive and probing answers. Their essays
investigate how animals horses, dogs, pigs, fish, cattle,
sheep, birds, rhinoceroses, even sea-monsters and other
creatures served people in Europe, England, the Americas
and Africa to defend, contest or transcend the boundaries of
early modern identities.
Includes 61 b&w illustrations
August 2014

422 pages



The Art and Politics of Asger Jorn

Bishop Robert Grosseteste

and Lincoln Cathedral

British Models of Art Collecting

and the American Response

Tracing Relationships between Medieval

Concepts of Order and Built Form

Reflections Across the Pond

Edited by Nicholas Temple, University of Huddersfield,

UK, John Shannon Hendrix, University of Lincoln, UK
and Christian Frost, Birmingham City University, UK
Bishop Robert Grosseteste and Lincoln Cathedral is an
in-depth investigation of Grossetestes relationship to
the medieval cathedral at Lincoln and the surrounding
city. This book will contribute to the understanding of
Gothic architecture in early 13th-century England most
specifically, how forms and spaces were conceived in
relation to the cultural, religious and political life of the
period. The essays make an important contribution to
our understanding of the relation between architecture,
theology, politics and society during the Middle Ages, and
how religious spaces were conceived and experienced.

Edited by Inge Reist, The Frick Collection and

Frick Art Reference Library, USA
The Histories of Material Culture and Collecting,

This collection of fourteen essays by distinguished art

and cultural historians examine points of similarity and
difference in British and American art collecting. Half the
essays examine the trends that dominated the British art
collecting scene of the nineteenth century. Others focus on
American collectors, using biographical sketches and case
studies to demonstrate how collectors in the United States
embellished the British model to develop their own, often
philanthropic approach to art collecting.
Includes 42 colour and 13 b&w illustrations

The Avant-Garde Wont Give Up

Includes 33 b&w illustrations

October 2014

Karen Kurczynski, University of Massachusetts, USA

November 2014

Situating the Danish artist Asger Jorns work in an

international, post-World War II context, Karen Kurczynski
offers an account of the essential phases of this prolific
artists career, and addresses his works in various media
alongside his extensive writings and collaborations.
The study reframes our understanding of the 1950s, and
foregrounds the idea that the sensory address of art and its
complex relationship to popular media can have a direct
social and political impact.

Includes 16 colour and 52 b&w illustrations

August 2014

276 pages



The Art of the Sister Chapel

Exemplary Women, Visionary Creators,
and Feminist Collaboration
Andrew D. Hottle, Rowan University, USA
The Sister Chapel (197478) was an important collaborative
installation that materialized at the height of the womens
art movement. It consisted of an eighteen-foot ceiling that
hung above eleven canvases each depicting the figure
of a heroic woman portrayed by distinguished New York
painters. Based on previously-unpublished archival material,
this study details the fascinating history of The Sister
Chapel, its constituent paintings, and its ambitious creators.
Includes 16 colour and 156 b&w illustrations
July 2014

334 pages



202 pages



246 pages



Cuckoldry, Impotence
and Adultery in Europe,
15th17th Century

Blacks and Blackness in

European Art of the Long
Nineteenth Century

Edited by Sara F. Matthews-Grieco, Syracuse University,


Edited by Adrienne L. Childs, Harvard University, USA

and Susan H. Libby, Rollins College, USA

Visual Culture in Early Modernity

Compelling and troubling, colourful and dark, black

figures served as the quintessential image of difference in
nineteenth-century European art. This collection marks a
phase in the scholarship on images of blacks that moves
beyond undifferentiated binaries like negative and
positive that fail to reveal complexities, contradictions and

In Renaissance and early modern Europe, various

constellations of phenomena ranging from sex scandals
to legal debates to flurries of satirical prints collectively
demonstrate an increased concern with cuckoldry,
impotence and adultery. Deploying analytical tools from a
range of disciplines, these essays interrogate and explore
those phenomena to reveal the central importance of
sexuality and sexual metaphor for our understanding of
European history, politics and culture.

Includes 9 colour and 49 b&w illustrations

December 2014

254 pages

Includes 12 colour and 48 b&w illustrations



October 2014

272 pages



British Art in the Nuclear Age

Edited by Catherine Jolivette, Missouri State University,
British Art: Histories and Interpretations since 1700

Rooted in the study of objects, this book addresses the role

of art and visual culture in discourses surrounding nuclear
science and technology, atomic power, and nuclear warfare
in Cold War Britain. Far from insular in its concerns, this
volume draws upon cross-cultural dialogues between British
and European artists and the relationship between Britain
and America to engage with an interdisciplinary art history
that will also prove useful to researchers in a variety of
fields including European history, politics, design history,
anthropology, and media.
Includes 16 colour and 51 b&w illustrations
September 2014

282 pages


Death, Torture and the Broken

Body in European Art, 13001650
Edited by John R. Decker, Georgia State University, USA
and Mitzi-Kirkland Ives, Missouri State University, USA
Visual Culture in Early Modernity

Bodies mangled, limbs broken, skin flayed, blood spilled:

the art of the late medieval and early modern periods
contains myriad examples of spectacular unmaking. The
martyrdoms of saints, stories of justice, and reports of the
atrocities of war provided fertile ground for scenes of bodily
desecration. Contributors to this volume explore the larger
social functions that pain, suffering, and the desecration of
the human form played in European society.
Includes 77 b&w illustrations


September 2014

272 pages



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Art History and Fine Art

Delicious Decadence
The Rediscovery of French
Eighteenth-Century Painting
in the Nineteenth Century
Edited by Christoph Vogtherr, The Wallace Collection,
UK, Monica Preti and Guillaume Faroult, both at
Muse du Louvre, France
The History of Collecting is a topic of central importance
to many academic disciplines, and shows no sign of
abating in popularity. As such scholars will welcome this
collection of essays by internationally recognized experts
that gathers together for the first time varied and stimulating
perspectives on the nineteenth-century collector and art
market for French eighteenth-century art, and ultimately
the formation of collections that form part of such august
institutions as the Louvre and the National Gallery.
Includes 16 colour and 24 b&w illustrations
November 2014

221 pages


Iron, Ornament and Architecture

in Victorian Britain

Max Klinger and

Wilhelmine Culture

Myth and Modernity, Excess and


On the Threshold of German Modernism

In the half century after the building of the Crystal Palace

(1851), some architects, engineers, manufacturers and
theorists believed that the fusion of iron and ornament
would reconcile art and technology and create a new,
modern architectural language. This book studies the
development of mechanised architectural ornament in
iron in nineteenth-century architecture, its reception and
theorisation, and the contexts in which it flourished. As
such, it offers new ways of understanding the notion of
modernity in Victorian architecture.
Includes 16 colour and 153 b&w illustrations
June 2014


Marsha Morton, Pratt Institute, USA

Paul Dobraszczyk, University of Manchester, UK

342 pages


A Critical Anthology
Edited by Kimberly A. Smith, Southwestern University,
Studies in Art Historiography

During the period in which Expressionist artists were active

in central Europe, art historians were producing texts which
were characterized as expressionist, yet the notion of
an expressionist art history has yet to be fully explored in
historiographic studies. This anthology offers a cross-section
of noteworthy art history texts written 19121933 that have
been described as expressionist, along with commentaries
by an international group of scholars. Together they offer a
productive lens through which to re-examine the practice
and theory of early twentieth-century art history.
Includes 35 b&w illustrations
November 2014

300 pages




Julia King
During his lifetime, the work of architect George Hadfield
(17631826) was highly regarded, both in England and
the United States. Since his death, however, Hadfields
contributions to architecture have slowly faded from view,
and few of his buildings survive. In order to reassess
Hadfields career and work, this book draws upon a wide
selection of written and visual sources to reconstruct his
life and legacy.
Includes 26 colour and 40 b&w illustrations
August 2014

258 pages



436 pages



Leon Battista Alberti

and Nicholas Cusanus
Towards an Epistemology of Vision for
Italian Renaissance Art and Culture
Charles H. Carman, University of Buffalo, USA

Providing a fresh evaluation of Albertis text On Painting (1435),

along with comparisons to various works of Nicholas Cusanus
this study reveals a hitherto unsuspected shared epistemology
of vision. Analyzing a range of artworks in light of Albertis
and Cusanuss ideals of vision, the author attributes a more
deeply Christian Neoplatonic ideal than is typically accorded
to Alberti, and adds a new dimension to our understanding of
theories of vision in the Italian Renaissance.
Includes 5 colour and 20 b&w illustrations
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

206 pages


Rebuilding Anatolia after

the Mongol Conquest
Islamic Architecture in the Lands of Rum,
Patricia Blessing, Stanford University, USA
Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Studies: CS17

Visual Culture in Early Modernity

Beginning with the Mongol conquest of Anatolia in 1243,

and ending with the demise of the Ilkhanid Empire in the
1330s, this book considers how the integration of Anatolia
into the Mongol world system transformed architecture
and patronage in this frontier region. Blessing considers
the monuments built during this period alongside written
sources in Arabic, Persian and Turkish. In doing so, she
untangles the narratives of architecture, history and religion
and provides a broader understanding of the interaction of
identities in the medieval Middle East.
Includes 10 colour and 73 b&w illustrations and 3 maps


November 2014

250 pages



George Hadfield: Architect

of the Federal City

Includes 141 b&w illustrations

August 2014

The Expressionist Turn

in Art History

In this book, the first full-length study of its kind in English,

Marsha Morton argues that no artist represented the shift
from tradition to innovation in the Wilhelmine Empire (1870s
1880s) more compellingly than Max Klinger. Morton makes
an interdisciplinary examination of Klingers early prints and
drawings within the context of Wilhelmine transformations,
coming to the conclusion that the artists work revealed
the psychological and biological underpinnings of modern
rational man whose drives and passions undermined
bourgeois constructions of society.

Rival Sisters, Art and Music

at the Birth of Modernism,

Mariette and the Science

of the Connoisseur in
Eighteenth-Century Europe
Kristel Smentek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Studies in Art Historiography

Celebrated connoisseur, drawings collector, print dealer,

book publisher and authority on the art of antiquity,
Pierre-Jean Mariette (16941774) was a pivotal figure in
the eighteenth-century European art world. Focusing on
the trajectory of Mariettes career, this book examines
the material practices and networks through which
connoisseurs forged the idea of art as an object of empirical
and historical analysis. Drawing on unpublished archival
material as well as on histories of science, publishing and
collecting, this book shows how Mariette and his colleagues
interpretations of graphic arts gave rise to new conceptions
of artistic authorship.

Hagia Sophia and the Byzantine

Aesthetic Experience

Includes 20 colour and 40 b&w illustrations

Nadine Schibille, University of Sussex, UK

November 2014

316 pages


Edited by James H. Rubin, State University of New York,

USA and Olivia Mattis, Stony Brooks University, USA
Introducing the concept of music and painting as rival
sisters during the nineteenth century, this interdisciplinary
collection explores the productive exchange from rivalry
to inspiration to collaboration between the two media in
the age of Romanticism and Modernism. The volume traces
the relationship between art and music, from the opposing
claims for superiority of the early nineteenth century, to the
emergence of the concept of synesthesia around 1900.
Includes 8 colour and 78 b&w illustrations
November 2014

390 pages




Paramount in the shaping of early Byzantine identity

was the construction of the church of Hagia Sophia in
Constantinople (532537 CE). This book examines the edifice
from the perspective of aesthetics to define the concept of
beauty and the meaning of art in early Byzantium. Byzantine
aesthetic thought is re-evaluated against late antique
Neoplatonism and the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius that
offer fundamental paradigms for the late antique attitude
towards art and beauty.
Includes 42 colour and 13 b&w illustrations
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

330 pages



New Titles July December 2014


Art History and Fine Art

Sculpting Simulacra in
Medieval Germany, 12501380

Sculpture and Touch

The Spiritual Rococo

Edited by Peter Dent, University of Bristol, UK

Assaf Pinkus, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Subject/Object: New Studies in Sculpture

Decor and Divinity from the Salons of

Paris to the Missions of Patagonia

This book constitutes the first art-historical attempt to

theorize the idiosyncratic character of German Gothic
sculpture and trace the high and late medieval notions of the
living statue and the simulacrum in religious, lay and travel
literature. In addressing a range of works, from the oeuvre
of the Naumburg Master through Freiburg-im-Breisgau to
the imperial art of Vienna and Prague, Pinkus offers a new
understanding of the function, production, and use of threedimensional images in late-medieval Germany.

This book introduces a new impetus to the discussion of

the relationship between touch and sculpture by setting up
a dialogue between art historians and individuals who are
working in disciplines beyond art history. The collection
brings together a diverse set of approaches, with essays
tackling subjects from prehistoric figurines to the work of
contemporary artists, from pre-modern ideas about the
physiology of touch to tactile interaction in the museum,
and from the phenomenology of touch in philosophy to the
findings of scientific study.

Includes 14 colour and 80 b&w illustrations

September 2014

258 pages


Includes 56 b&w illustrations


Sculpture and the Decorative Arts

Claire Jones, University of York, UK

Includes 4 colour and 35 b&w illustrations




Examining the urban culture and landscapes of Istanbul

through Sehrengiz, a genre of Ottoman poetry written in
honor of various cities and provincial towns, this book
questions the space culture of the Ottoman world in relation
to practices of orthodox and heterodox Islam and imperial
politics. The author traces how a sixteenth-century marginal
protest movement evolved, by the early eighteenth century,
into a movement of urban space reform.
Includes 29 b&w illustrations
290 pages

Exploring for the very first time the global reach and spiritual
dimension of Rococo dcor, particularly in France, Central
Europe, Portugal, Brazil, and Spanish South America,
this study investigates the socio-religious motives for the
importation of this style into an ecclesiastical setting and its
commonalities with Enlightenment values, overturning the
clich of Rococo as a frivolous style and acknowledging its
essential modernity.
September 2014

448 pages



Sehrengiz, Urban Rituals and

Deviant Sufi Mysticism in
Ottoman Istanbul

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Visual Culture in Early Modernity

Includes 16 colour and 161 b&w illustrations


B. Deniz alis-Kural, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

Challenging perceptions of sculpture and the autonomous

artist, this book begins with a critique of the Rodin
scholarship, to establish how the selective study of his oeuvre
in particular, has obscured our understanding of French
nineteenth-century sculpture. Drawing on new archival
sources, sculptors and objects, this is the first sustained
study of how and why French sculptors collaborated with
state and private luxury goods manufacturers between
1848 and 1895. By contesting the false separation of art from
industry, Claire Joness study restores the importance of the
sculptor-manufacturer relationship, and of the decorative, to
the history of sculpture.
232 pages

250 pages

Sculptors and Design Reform

in France, 1848 to 1895

August 2014

August 2014

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Queens University, Canada



Textiles, Fashion, and Design

Reform in Austria-Hungary
Before the First World War
Principles of Dress
Rebecca Houze, Northern Illinois University, USA
The Histories of Material Culture and Collecting,

Filling a critical gap in Vienna 1900 studies, this book

offers a new reading of fin-de-sicle culture in the AustroHungarian Monarchy by looking at the preoccupation with
embroidery, fabrics, clothing, and fashion both literally and
metaphorically. The author resurrects lesser known critics,
practitioners, and curators, while also discussing the textile
interests of better known figures. Spanning the 50-year life
of the Dual Monarchy, this study uncovers new territory
in art history, insists on the crucial place of women within
modernism, and broadens the cultural history of Habsburg
Central Europe.
Includes 78 colour and 109 b&w illustrations
November 2014

454 pages



A Theory of the Tache in

Nineteenth-Century Painting
ystein Sjstad, University of Oslo, Norway
Studies in Art Historiography

Without question, the tache (blot, patch, stain) is a central

and recurring motif in nineteenth-century modernist
painting. Manets and the Impressionists rejection of
academic finish produced a surface where the strokes of
paint were presented directly, as patches or blots, then
indirectly as legible signs. Czanne, Seurat, and Signac
painted exclusively with patches or dots. Through a series
of close readings, this book looks at the tache as one of the
most important features in nineteenth-century modernism.
The tache is a potential meeting point between text and
image and a pure trace of the artists body. Even though
each manifestation of tacheism generates its own specific
cultural effects, this book represents the first time a scholar
has looked at tacheism as a hidden continuum within
modern art.
Includes 20 b&w illustrations
July 2014

190 pages



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Art History and Fine Art

The Urban Department Store
in America, 18501930

Visualizing Haiti in U.S. Culture,


Writing Fashion in
Early Modern Italy

Louisa Iarocci, University of Washington, USA

Lindsay J. Twa, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, USA

From Sprezzatura to Satire

Between the mid nineteenth century and the 1930s, the urban
department store arose as a built artifact and as a social
institution in the United States. While the physical building
type is the foundation of this comprehensive architectural
study, Iarocci reaches beyond the analysis of the brick and
mortar to reconsider how the spaces of selling were culturallyproduced spaces, as well as the product of interrelated
economic, social, technological and aesthetic forces.

From the 1910s until the 1950s the Caribbean nation of

Haiti drew the attention of many U.S. literary and artistic
luminaries, yet while significant studies have been published
on Haitis history, none analyze visual representations with
any depth. This book argues that choosing Haiti as subject
matter was a highly charged decision by American artists
to use their artwork to engage racial, social, and political
issues. Twa scrutinizes photographs, illustrations, paintings,
and theatre as well as textual and archival sources.

Includes 94 b&w illustrations

October 2014

252 pages

Includes 16 colour and 54 b&w illustrations



May 2014

322 pages



The Uses of Excess in Visual and

Material Culture, 16002010
Edited by Julia Skelly, Concordia University, Canada
Although the idea of excess has often been used to degrade,
many of the essays in this collection demonstrate how it
has also been used as a strategy for self-fashioning and
empowerment, particularly by women and queer subjects.
This volume examines a range of material including
ceramics, paintings, caricatures, interior design and
theatrical performances in various global contexts.
Each case study sheds new light on how excess has been
perceived and constructed, revealing how beliefs about
excess have changed over time.
Includes 4 colour and 41 b&w illustrations
August 2014

300 pages



Women, Femininity and Public

Space in European Visual
Culture, 17891914
Edited by Temma Balducci, Arkansas State University,
USA, Heather Belnap Jensen, Brigham Young
University, USA
Focusing on images of or produced by nineteenth-century
European women, this volume explores genteel femininity
as resistant to easy codification vis--vis the public.
Attending to various iterations of the public as space, sphere
and discourse, sixteen essays challenge the false binary
construct that has held the public as the sole preserve of
prosperous men. By considering works in a range of media
by an array of canonical and understudied women artists,
they demonstrate that definitions of both femininity and the
public were mutually defining and constantly shifting.
Includes 20 colour and 43 b&w illustrations

Visual Acuity and the Arts of

Communication in Early Modern
Edited by Jeffrey Chipps Smith, University of Texas, USA
Visual Culture in Early Modernity

November 2014

318 pages



Eugenia Paulicelli, Queens College and the Graduate

Center, City University of New York, USA
Visual Culture in Early Modernity

The first comprehensive study on the role of Italian fashion

and Italian literature, this book emphasizes the centrality
of Italian literature and culture for understanding modern
theories of fashion and gauging its impact in the shaping
of codes of civility and taste in Europe and the West. Using
literature to uncover what has been called the animatedness
of clothing, the author explores the political meanings that
clothing produces in public space.
Includes 8 colour and 48 b&w illustrations
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

278 pages



Zen Paintings in Edo Japan

Playfulness and Freedom in the Artwork of
Hakuin Ekaku and Sengai Gibon
Galit Aviman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
This book explores the playfulness and free-spirited attitude
reflected in the artwork of two prominent Japanese Zen
monk-painters: Hakuin Ekaku (16851768) and Sengai
Gibon (17501837). Aviman elaborates on the nature of this
particular artistic expression and identifies its sources,
focusing on the lives of the monk-painters and their artwork.
The author applies a multifaceted approach, combining
a holistic analysis of the paintings with contextualization
of the artwork within the specific historical, art historical,
cultural, social and political environments in which they
were created during the Edo period.
Includes 4 colour and 57 b&w illustrations
December 2014

186 pages



Contributors to this interdisciplinary collection explore

how an exponential growth in images, especially prints,
impacted the intellectual horizons and the visual awareness
of viewers in early modern Germany. Each chapter focuses
on one or more of the volumes sub-themes: art, visual
literacy, and strategies of presentation; audience and the art
of persuasion; the art of envisioning; the ephemeral arts and
theatricality; the built environment and spatial settings; and
the history of the visual.
Includes 58 b&w illustrations, 2 diagrams and 3 music examples
December 2014

240 pages



New Titles July December 2014


Business Management and Training

Action Research for
Professional Selling

Applying Lean Six Sigma in

the Pharmaceutical Industry

Building Anti-Fragile

Peter McDonnell and Jean McNiff

Bikash Chatterjee

Action Research for Professional Selling is about selling.

It is also about studying and improving your practice as
a salesperson. By doing this you can increase your sales,
raise your professionalism and show how you hold yourself
accountable for what you are doing. The book offers an
innovative, practical approach to selling, underpinned by
strong theoretical and philosophical frameworks and as such
makes a valuable contribution to the literature and to the
knowledge base and enhancement of selling as a profession.

Bikash Chatterjees guide to lean manufacturing, six sigma

and operational excellence in the pharmaceutical and
biotech industries explores how these techniques can be
applied across every aspect of the business; from the earliest
processes of project selection through the clinical trial process,
manufacturing and supply chain. Challenging conventional
wisdom, the book offers a quality perspective on lean
manufacturing and provides the latest thinking on Process
Analytical Technology and the opportunities of designing for
quality. These techniques are not without their challenges
how do you balance a lean philosophy with the dramatic
growth and change in the market for drugs in the developing
economies? Bikash Chatterjee offers direction to an industry
that is struggling to reinvent many of its processes.

Risk, Opportunity and Governance

in a Turbulent World

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

252 pages



Advances in Project Management

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

170 pages

Narrated Journeys in Unchartered Territory



Edited by Darren Dalcher

Advances in Project Management

Advances in Project Management covers key areas of

improvement in understanding and project capability
further up the management chain; amongst strategy and
senior decision makers and amongst professional project
and programme managers. This collection, drawn from
some of the worlds leading practitioners and researchers
and compiled by Darren Dalcher of the National Centre
for Project Management, provides those people and
organizations who are involved with the developments in
project management with the kind of structured information
and new approaches that will inform their thinking and their
practice and improve their decisions.
May 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

260 pages



Always On
Digital Brand Strategy in a Big Data World
Arve Peder verland
Always On provides an understanding of what it takes to
develop, implement and run a digital strategy but it is not
meant as a rigid process document that must be strictly
adhered to. Companies have different needs and live in
vastly different environments. The internal structure of an
organization and the market in which it competes is not
going to adapt to a digital strategy process, it must find a
process and methodology that works best for it. Success or,
more moderately, a good result is all about your people, their
engagement and their buy-in.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

136 pages



Bridging the Business-Project

Techniques for Reconciling Business-asUsual and Project Cultures
John Brinkworth

Every day human organisations fail. Building Anti-Fragile

Organisations explores a powerful alternative framework for
risk in design and management of human systems. AntiFragile organisations, like biological systems, being more
than robust actually improve their resilience through being
stressed. In the book, Bendell explains how its application
in development and management of organisations, services
and products, allows us to identify the characteristics that
will not only mitigate against the realisation of hazards, but
enable growth in protection, strength and anti-fragility over
time. The book identifies characteristics relevant to survival
in a turbulent world, and how our approaches to risk and
governance must change to create and manage anti-fragile
organisations. It gives readers the opportunity to make sense
of applying the concepts within their own worlds.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

248 pages



Complex Adaptive Leadership

Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty
Second Edition

Bridging the Business-Project Divide is a wonderfully

pragmatic book which understands that the one of the most
natural ways to connect projects and business-as-usual
activities is by identifying the needs of both, where these
diverge and, most importantly, how to bring them together.
Unfortunately, the natural side-effect of two so different
perspectives is misunderstanding, mutual incomprehension,
and despite good intentions on both sides, failure to deliver
to mutual benefit. John Brinkworth tackles the subject
by examining the symptoms how do we know there is
a problem? How is it manifested?; the causes a deeper
analysis going behind the symptoms to consider the root
causes; and the solutions addressing the root causes and
how this could lead to more successful projects.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Tony Bendell

222 pages



Nick Obolensky
Complex Adaptive Leadership, a Gower bestseller, has been
taught in corporate leadership programmes, business
schools and universities around the world to high acclaim.
In this updated paperback edition, the author argues that
leadership is a complex dynamic process and should involve
all those engaged in a particular enterprise.
Nick Obolensky has practised, researched and taught
leadership in the public, private and voluntary sectors, and
in this exciting book he brings together his knowledge of
theory, his own experience, and the results of 19 years of
research involving 2,500 executives in 40 countries around
the world.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

272 pages



Corporate Strategy in the

Age of Responsibility
Peter McManners, University of Reading, UK
During the boom times, governments championed
de-regulation and business responded by adopting an
anything-goes attitude. In these straightened times,
strategic analysis has to engage with the challenges that
society faces to create resilient corporations fit for the 21st
century. In Corporate Strategy in the Age of Responsibility,
McManners provides a strategic framework for navigating
the new economic environment. The book steers senior
business leaders towards radically new strategic thinking
for surviving and thriving in a challenging and changing
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

188 pages



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Business Management and Training

Cyber Security Management

The Digital Renaissance of Work

A Governance, Risk and Compliance


Delivering Digital Workplaces Fit for the Future

Paul Miller and Elizabeth Marsh

Peter Trim, University of London, UK, Yang-Im Lee,

University of Westminster, UK
Cyber Security Management places security management in
a holistic context and outlines how the strategic marketing
approach can be used to underpin cyber security in
partnership arrangements. The book is unique because it
integrates material that is of a highly specialized nature
but which can be interpreted by those with a non-specialist
background in the area. Indeed, those with a limited
knowledge of cyber security will be able to develop a
comprehensive understanding of the subject and will be
guided into devising and implementing relevant policy,
systems and procedures that make the organization better
able to withstand the increasingly sophisticated forms of
cyber attack.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

250 pages



180 pages



Design for Social Responsibility

The book is structured in three main sections, covering the

global context of the rise of design for policy, in-depth case
studies of the application of design to policy making, and
a guide to concrete design tools for policy intent, insight,
ideation and implementation. The summary chapter reviews
the key contributions and lays out a future agenda for design
in government, suggesting how to position design more
firmly on the public policy stage.


How to Build Successful Client Relationships

Jack Berkovi
Effective Client Management in Professional Services
explains how firms become client-centric, providing a
comprehensive, pragmatic, guide to the Client relationship
journey, from identifying potential Clients to their
engagement, care, retention, development, loyalty and
beyond. The handbook format has exercises and tools which
can help to establish which Clients are likely to be the most
lucrative and thus provide the desired financial returns.
The book also includes insights from top practitioners,
anecdotes, case studies, charts and useful exercises and
checklists. Readers can also determine their own level
of effectiveness using the end of chapter reviews and a
diagnostic tool to produce a Client Management Profile.

Designs, Methods and

Practices for Research
of Project Management

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Edited by Beverly Pasian

246 pages


A Guide for Supervisors and their

International Students
Steve Hutchinson, Helen Lawrence and
Dave Filipovic-Carter
Against a challenging background of growing numbers of
students but also increasing pressures on time and costs,
Enhancing the Doctoral Experience offers an approach to
improve the effectiveness of the doctoral student and increase
the professionalization of research supervision. It does so
by providing both with an awareness of, and a toolkit to
approach, student diversity.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

250 pages



The Essentials of
Project Management
Fourth Edition

Effective Client Management

in Professional Services

Edited by Christian Bason

250 pages

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Design for Policy

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The world of work is going through an unprecedented revival

driven by new technologies. The Digital Renaissance of Work:
Delivering Digital Workplaces Fit for the Future will take the
reader on a journey into the emerging technology-led revival
of work. A unique combination of thought leadership and
technical know-how, this book will bring the reader up-to-date
with the latest developments in the field, such as: freelancing
the organisation/ work but no jobs, localisation/ work but not
place, time travel and death of the weekend, trust, privacy and
the quantified employee, leadership in the hyper connected
organisation, beyond the office/ the mobile frontline,
automation and the frontiers of work, as well as setting out
how to lay down the roadmap for the digital workplace: the
human centred digital workplace, making the business case,
setting up the digital workplace programme, measuring the
digital workplace, and technology deployment.

Enhancing the
Doctoral Experience

Dennis Lock
The fourth edition of The Essentials of Project Management
is the complement to Dennis Locks comprehensive, and
encyclopaedic textbook; Project Management (now in its
Tenth Edition). Essentials provides a concise account of the
principles and techniques of project management, designed
to meet the needs of the business manager or student. Using
examples and illustrations, the author introduces the key
project management procedures and explains clearly how
and when to use them. The Essentials of Project Management
remains the ideal text for anyone new to project working,
including; senior managers, project sponsors, stakeholders
or students studying project management as part of a wider
business qualification or degree.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

220 pages




In Designs, Methods and Practices for Research of Project

Management, Beverly Pasian has brought together original
chapters from a veritable whos who of project management
research including authors such as Harvey Maylor,
Christophe Bredillet, Derek Walker, Miles Shepherd, Janice
Thomas, Naomi Brookes and Darren Dalcher. The collection
looks at research strategy, management, methodology,
techniques as well as emerging topics such as social
network analysis. The 38 chapters offer an international
perspective with examples from a wide range of project
management applications; engineering, construction, megaprojects, high-risk environments and social transformation.
January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

350 pages




New Titles July December 2014


Business Management and Training

Governance in Immigrant
Family Businesses

Industrial Poverty

Enterprise, Ethnicity and Family Dynamics

Knowledge Management in
the Pharmaceutical Industry

Yesterday Sweden, Today Europe,

Tomorrow America

Enhancing Research, Development and

Manufacturing Performance

Daphne Halkias and Christian Adendorff

Sven R. Larson

Conservative estimates put the proportion of worldwide

business enterprises owned or managed by families at 65%.
The importance of family businesses to the economies of both
developed and developing countries cannot be ignored.
Governance in Immigrant Family Businesses is an important
book, it explores the relationship between ethnic cultural
influence in family businesses and its impact on corporate
governance, addressing the intertwined influences of
contractual, relational and cultural governance mechanisms
and sets out a comprehensive theoretical model which
clarifies the complexities involved in business planning, family
harmony, and ethnic cultural variables. The authors specifically
identify the implications for research, education, and practice.
Application of their model will be of value to policy makers,
consultants, business researchers and educators.

Conventional wisdom says that Europes crisis is a financial

crisis. But is this really the case? In Industrial Poverty,
economist Sven R. Larson, challenges this view and
suggests instead that Europe is in a state of permanent
economic decline. Using Sweden in the 1990s as an
example, he shows how a welfare-state crisis combined
with the wrong kind of austerity policies replaces prosperity
with industrial poverty. Today, Europe is going through the
same transition into industrial poverty. Tomorrow, it could be
the United States, unless Congress and the President take
decisive action against the runaway budget deficit.

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

232 pages



Integral Green Zimbabwe

Rica Viljoen
Transformation and Innovation

Globalization, consumerism, legislation and human rights

issues impact on workplace demographics, changing the
very nature thereof. It is of strategic importance to ensure
that the benefits of diverse viewpoints and stakeholders are
leveraged. However, the underlying worldviews of economists,
business leaders and consultants are often informed from a
Western paradigm and solutions proposed and interventions
facilitated are not integrated, integral, systemic or congruent
with the containing environment or ecology.
Rica Viljoena acknowledges that diversity of thought presents
both gifts and challenges to leadership in multi-national
organizations. The existential question with which an
individual is confronted impacts on his or her worldview.
By continuously applying a specific worldview, certain gifts
manifest. These are called Human Niches. Here, Inclusivity
is positioned as a radical transformational methodology
with the purpose of unleashing the benefits of engagement
and diversity of thought. The process of Inclusivity enables
organizations to optimize the gifts of and contributions from a
diverse workforce and unleash tacit knowledge.


September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

136 pages



The Laws of the Knowledge


An African Phoenix Rising

An African Perspective on Human Niches

and Diversity of Thought

Blending the authors considerable experiences with

those of interviewees and with their retrospective and
forward-looking perspectives, this volume explains how to
apply Knowledge Management within a pharmaceutical
company in order to achieve improved efficiency, better
decision making and enhance innovation. This is achieved
by exploring Knowledge Management tools and techniques
within the changing landscape of the pharmaceutical
industry. The techniques and processes explored will also
apply to other industries and environments.


Inclusive Organizational

200 pages

175 pages

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell

Edited by Liz Mamukwa, Ronnie Lessem

and Alexander Schieffer

Changing Roles and the Meaning of Work

in Knowledge-Intensive Environments

Integral Green Society and Economy

Edited by Dariusz Jemielniak, Kozminski University,


Integral Green Zimbabwe: An African Phoenix marks the

debut of the Integral Green Society and Economy series,
which links the philosophical integral age with the practical
green movement. The series blends elements of nature and
community, culture and spirituality, science and technology,
politics and economics while this particular volume
focuses specifically on Zimbabwe, as well as Southern
Africa, drawing on the particular issues and capacities that
this country and region represent.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

230 pages



September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Integrated Assurance
Risk Governance Beyond Boundaries
Much has been written about assurance, but mainly by those
who provide it the professionals such as internal auditors,
accountants and information security technologists for the
purpose of advancing their professional practices. Less is
written for or by those in governance who need it for the
effective discharge of their responsibilities. Regulations, as
seen in the recent Walker Review, dont usually go beyond
acknowledging its importance and reliance on those in the
boardroom to get it right.
Reliable assurance, which is an integral part of corporate
governance, cannot be taken for granted; studies have
consistently shown the link between weak corporate
governance and corporate failures. It is time to rethink
assurance beyond its usual functional boundaries, to focus
on what matters to the business and how discussions in
the board room can be better supported by more joined up
assurance. This book will provide practical guidance for those
who need that support and others for providing it.
220 pages


172 pages



Vicky Kubitscheck

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

In The Laws of the Knowledge Workplace, Jemielniak

has collected research-based chapters providing deep,
interdisciplinary insight into knowledge professions,
addressing issues of professional identity, emotion, power
and authority, trust and indoctrination, and management
behaviour. The accounts and studies in this book come
from management, organization studies, sociology, and
anthropology of work perspectives and are fully international
in scope. They highlight the scale of the serious changes in
occupational roles and to the meaning of work that is taking
place in knowledge-intensive environments and give a
pointer to what might constitute good and bad management
practice in knowledge-intensive companies.


Leadership Meta-Competencies
Discovering Hidden Virtues
Dimitris Bourantas and Vasia Agapitou, both at
Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
The meta-competencies discussed in this refreshing
book are timeless virtues of which effective leaders seem
to possess: Existential intelligence the ability to pose
questions and reflect on fundamental issues in ways that
develop a mature ability to interpret the world and better
understand other people; Phronesis the ability to exercise
sound judgement based on skilful application of moral and
political rationality; Solitude a voluntary state achieved
when an individual has the ability to momentarily withdraw
and be free of external pressures and demands in order
to concentrate on desired mental-cognitive activities;
Trust building the ability to be credible, show trust in
and respect for other people and inspire trust.
For anyone wishing to consider hidden or forgotten aspects
of leadership competence this book introduces the notion of
meta-competences and deals in detail with them.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

175 pages



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Business Management and Training

Managerial Fraud


The Open Organization

Executive Impression Management,

Beyond Red Flags

Diversification in Times of Crisis

A New Era of Leadership and

Organizational Development

Nicholas Harkiolakis, Brunel University, UK

Terry A. Sheridan
In Managerial Fraud, Terry Sheridan reports the findings of
her study of fraudulent executives. Her work illuminates
the particular methods fraudsters employ to appear more
authentic than the average person and reveals two types of
executive fraudster with very different behaviours. All this
helps to explain why the current Red Flag approach fails
to identify potential fraudsters and instead tends to focus
on Red Flag executives who are negative characters, but
non-fraudulent. Better understanding of what Sheridan
has uncovered might result in organisations being able to
reduce their exposure to fraud perpetrated by their own
senior management.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

280 pages



In Multipreneurship, Nick Harkiolakis argues against the

more commonly held view that diversification at the level
of the individual entrepreneur, rather than that of the
established corporation, is the wrong business strategy to
pursue in times of economic crisis. The book illuminates the
multipreneurship or parallel diversification perspective
by presenting cases from around the world to highlight
the success factors attending diversification and the
personal and professional entrepreneurial attributes that
lead to successful and sustainable ventures. In so doing,
Harkiolakis provides a framework for diversification as a
means of achieving sustainable development.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

180 pages



Twelve Project Cases and a Commentary

Stephen Wearne and Keith White-Hunt
Advances in Project Management

Managing the Urgent and Unexpected explores what

is different managerially if work is unexpected, its
implementation is urgent and an immediate start it is
required. The lessons offered here will help private and public
organizations plan how to authorize and support future
urgent work to take advantage of immediate new business
opportunities or to protect or restore systems and services.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

150 pages



Mental Illness in the Workplace

Psychological Disability Management
Henry G. Harder, Shannon Wagner, and Josh Rash
Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Risk

The extent of mental health concerns in the workforce is

becoming increasingly apparent. Stress, depression, anxiety,
workplace bullying and other mental health issues are
costing businesses billions every year in lost productivity,
poor treatments and employee retention. The authors of
Mental Illness in the Workplace provide a practical guide
to identifying, understanding, treating and preventing
individual and organizational mental health issues, drawing
on empirical evidence from North America, the United
Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. They illustrate how
organizations can save money and improve the health and
well-being of their employees by using a psychological
disability management approach in the treatment and
accommodation of mental health issues. This book will meet
the needs of students and practitioners in human resources,
psychology and business management.
406 pages


September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

194 pages



The New Natural Resource

The Out-of-Home Immersive

Entertainment Frontier

Knowledge Development,
Society and Economics

Expanding Interactive Boundaries in

Leisure Facilities

Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen, University of Agder,


Kevin Williams and Michael Mascioni

This is a book about the role of knowledge in social and

economic development. There is a need to address the process
of developing knowledge as a social process and The New
Natural Resource starts with the argument that knowledge is
inherently a social phenomenon. This allows us to discuss the
relation between individual opinions and what is regarded as
knowledge. It also allows us to see how economic and political
and democratic processes are interrelated.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

304 pages



Digital Out of Home Entertainment is transforming the

customer experience in shops, cinemas, museums; almost
any environment where consumers are congregating. This
book provides a state of play exploration of the successes,
the emerging new applications and the strategies that
inform them and is an essential guide for entertainment
executives as well as those involved in retailing, the hotel
industry, mobile communications, museums and heritage.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

216 pages



July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

In The Open Organization Philip Foster explains how

organizational design requires an ability to share ideas,
knowledge, resources and skills across generational and
cultural boundaries in order to achieve the desired goals.
The book investigates the challenge to find a design that
will address generational, cultural, industry, and other
environmental factors in which the system must operate. It
explores the impact of motivation, culture, and generational
differences on the system defined as an Open Organization.

Managing the Urgent

and Unexpected

Philip A. Foste


Open Design and Innovation

Facilitating Creativity in Everyone
Leon Cruickshank
Open Design and Innovation develops the argument for a
more nuanced acknowledgement and facilitation of nonprofessional forms of creativity; drawing on lessons from
commercial design practice; theoretical analysis and a wider
understanding of innovation. The book offers a critique of
the hype surrounding some of the emerging phenomena and
a framework to help understand the emerging relationship
between citizens and designers. Specifically it examines:
innovation and design, mass creativity reality and myth, the
future of design (practice and profession), through a series
of case studies of new approaches to open design practices.
The text draws on academic research, practical experience
of the author in delivering open design projects and first
hand interviews with leaders in the fields.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

160 pages




New Titles July December 2014


Business Management and Training

The Price of Global Health


The Strategic Alliance Handbook

Drug Pricing Strategies to Balance Patient

Access and the Funding of Innovation

How to Shorten and Focus the

Shoppers Routes to Purchase

A Practitioners Guide to Business-toBusiness Collaborations

Second Edition

Roddy Mullin and Colin Harper

Mike Nevin

Shoppernomics is based heavily on facts and figures

supplied by both US and UK researchers, it examines the
near precise path taken by the shopper. The authors describe
the drivers including the barriers, the journey to purchase
itself from start with the discovery of the need, on the way to
the store, in the store and after purchase and then describes
how to put what messages across, at a time and in a form
for greatest impact.

The Strategic Alliance Handbook is a clear and complete

guide to the nuts and bolts of the process behind successful
collaborations. The book enables you to understand the
commercial, technical, strategic, cultural and operational
logic behind any alliance and to establish an approach that
is appropriate for the kind or alliance they are seeking and
the partner organization(s) with whom they are working.

Ed Schoonveld
The Price of Global Health is the first book of its kind: an indepth but straightforward exploration of the pharmaceutical
pricing strategy process, its underlying market access,
general business and ethical considerations, and its
implications for payers, physicians and patients. It is a much
needed and invaluable resource for anybody interested,
involved in or affected by the development, funding and use
of prescription drugs. In particular, it is of critical importance
to pharmaceutical company executives and other
leaders and professionals in commercialization and drug
development, including marketing, business development,
market access and pricing, clinical development, drug
discovery, regulatory affairs, health outcomes, market
research and public affairs.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

400 pages



August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

326 pages



Paul de Ruijter
If you are dissatisfied with an approach to strategy based
on simple backward looking analysis, management controls
and problems solving after the fact, but would like to make a
positive contribution to thinking about the future, Scenariobased Strategy offers the instruments to turn your intention
into practice. The text provides examples from commercial
to government and trade organizations; showing how others
have undertaken future explorations and how they used
these explorations to create a dynamic strategy.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

198 pages

Ensuring the Pace of Progress

Derek Parlour

206 pages



The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Strategy is an antidote to

a process of strategic planning that in many organizations
is often sporadic, biased, poorly articulated and rarely
implemented with total success. Drawing on a fundamental
collection of definitive principles, the author offers a structure
for strategizing; an indicator and explanation of strategic
tools, and insights into collaborative techniques for carrying
out the process successfully: formation, evaluation, alignment
and implementation. It will help you ensure that your strategic
process is always professional, relevant and timely.


180 pages



Performance, Safety and Risk Management

Strategies for Operational Teams
Randy E. Cadieux

Gabrielle ODonovan
Gabrielle ODonovan uses her research and the latest
industry developments to demonstrate how to approach
stakeholder communications and change management in a
structured and disciplined way, framed by the EU Directives
governance requirements. She shows how to use a variety
of tools and techniques to engage people with change and
embed new ways of doing things. She also reveals how to
entrench risk consciousness into your culture, helping you
secure Solvency II approval and operate successfully in the
Solvency II world.
176 pages

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Team Leadership in
High Hazard Environments

Second Edition

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The author of Successful Outsourcing and Multi-Sourcing is

a practitioner heading an operation that handles 400 million
customer contacts a year with less than 30 staff, through
both outsourcing and multi-sourcing. As well a focus on
multi-sourcing, the book addresses the question of why
a business should outsource in the first place and how
decisions to do this should be strategic, rather than it being
something that happens by accident. This book serves as
a valuable source of practical guidance for organisations
looking at outsourcing strategy, outsourcing professionals,
and those teaching or studying business topics.

Stakeholder Communications and Change

Paul Hunter

180 pages

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Solvency II

The Seven Inconvenient Truths

of Business Strategy

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The Single-Minded Project offers an approach to project

management that is entirely complementary to the existing
methodologies; one that recognises that at its heart, the
management of a project relies on the perceived choices
and methods, behaviours and decision-making of its players
and the freedom of action that is permitted to the project
regime. It fills in the gaps where the methodology doesnt
provide any kind of response to questions such as how fast
should we deliver this project and how much diligence
is appropriate in our decision-making. It recognises that
performance ultimately rests on human knowledge, resolve,
skill and collaboration.



Successful Outsourcing and


The Single-Minded Project


Navigate the Future

280 pages

Martin Price

Scenario Based Strategy

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB



Safety performance is a complicated issue, particularly

in high-hazard environments, where time and other
constraints, as well as impacts can be exaggerated. From
an organizational and business perspective, safety and
production/performance are often seen as competing goals.
When production is increased, safety defenses and barriers
frequently decrease, and when programs are developed in
an effort to improve safety, employees may not be able to
meet production goals within the safety constraints.
Team Leadership in High Hazard Environments recognises
these difficulties and proposes an approach to safety
leadership in which safety and organizational performance
are inextricably linked one that addresses safety from both
the systems and human factors perspectives. To that end,
Randy Cadieux introduces the nine essential components
to team leadership. By studying these areas and using
the information in each chapter, organizational leaders,
managers, and supervisors will gain an understanding
of key factors that will help them design, develop, and
implement team training programs that improve the way
employees work together and the way they mitigate hazards.
Additionally, the book describes how work systems and work
environments may be designed or shaped so that teams are
placed in a position to do their optimal work, maximizing the
potential for human and team performance.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

250 pages



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Business Management and Training

Technology, Business
and the Market

Towards Organizational Fitness

A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

Understanding and Negotiating

EPC Contracts, Volume 2

From R&D to Desirable Products

Gerry Randell, Bradford University, UK and John Toplis

Annotated Sample Contract Forms

John S. Sheldrake, Imperial College, London, UK

Technology, Business and the Market provides an
understanding of the connections between developing
technologies, research and development, industrial design
and the means by which these elements are managed
to produce desirable products. John Sheldrakes long
experience of teaching business and management to
engineers has highlighted a gap in the knowledge of students
and practitioners alike, between their grasp of developments
in science and technology and then how these developments
lead to the creation of successful products. Using case
studies examining the impact of new materials, techniques
and technologies, this book explores the linkages between
innovation, entrepreneurship, business (including finance),
design, manufacturing, branding and marketing.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

112 pages

176 pages




Understanding and Negotiating

EPC Contracts, Volume 1

Time Series Analysis

and Adjustment
Measuring, Modelling and Forecasting for
Business and Economics
Haim Y. Bleikh, Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in
Israel, Israel; Warren L. Young, Bar Ilan University, Israel
In Time Series Analysis and Adjustment the authors explain
how the last four decades have brought dramatic changes
in the way researchers analyze economic and financial
data on behalf of economic and financial institutions and to
provide statistics. An understanding of time series and the
application and knowledge of related time series adjustment
procedures is essential in areas such as risk management,
business cycle analysis, and forecasting. The case studies in
this book demonstrate that time series adjustment methods
can be efficaciously applied and utilized, for both analysis and
forecasting, but they must be used in the context of reasoned
statistical and economic judgment this is the first known
published study to really deal with this issue of context.
148 pages

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Towards Organizational Fitness is about the people who

work in organizations and addresses two main issues:
firstly, how to investigate and manage problems involving
people at work; secondly, how to assess and develop the
capability and fitness of an organization. The message
is clear; organizations should not proceed to change
any of their policies, procedures, processes or practices
until a systematic thorough diagnosis of the root cause
underpinning the need to change has taken place. The book
provides managers with a conceptual and practical guide for
achieving this.



The Project Sponsors Perspective

Howard M. Steinberg

266 pages

Any project which involves an EPC contract is also likely

to involve a number of other complicated contracts. The
challenge of the parties to an EPC contract is not to try to
eliminate risk but rather put into place a narrative structure
that enables the parties to predict the contractual result
that would obtain if a risk materializes. If the EPC contract
does not allow the parties to determine the consequences
of an unanticipated situation, they will have to look to an
expert, mediator, tribunal, or court to impart guidance or
pass judgment.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

400 pages

165.00 $300.00

Welcome to GoodCo
Using the Tools of Business
to Create Public Good
Tom Levitt

Understanding and Negotiating EPC Contracts explains the

fundamental commercial principles and pitfalls of turnkey
contracting for major infrastructure projects anywhere. It is
a comprehensive guide providing practical analysis of the
issues and challenges in complex construction projects.
Exhaustive in scope, the book enables professionals and
non-professionals to understand the commercial, legal and
financial elements of large construction projects and places
readers in a stronger position to assess short and longerterm needs of clients and constituents.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Howard M. Steinberg

110.00 $190.00

Welcome to GoodCo follows Tom Levitts critically acclaimed

Partners for Good which postulated that elements within the
private sector now understood the social obligations of the
corporate citizen and were willing to play that role. Welcome
to GoodCo explores that change in attitude and examines
how the processes, structures, purposes and tools of the
private sector economy can be turned into instruments of
social progress.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

268 pages



Whats Your Business?

Corporate Design Strategy
Concepts and Processes
Claire T. Tomlins
Whats Your Business? offers a comprehensive pathway
through corporate design, clarifying the relationship
between corporate design and corporate strategy and the
terms identity, brand, image, communication and reputation.
It explores the impact of developing digital technology on
brand creation which uniquely positions a business in a
marketplace, through symbolic and coherent design.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

190 pages




New Titles July December 2014


Legacies and Memories of War in Europe,
Edited by Nicholas Martin, Tim Haughton and
Pierre Purseigle, all at the University of Birmingham, UK
Focusing on three of the defining moments of the twentieth
century the end of the two World Wars and the collapse of
the Iron Curtain this volume presents a rich, interdisciplinary
collection of authoritative essays, covering a wide range
of thematic, regional and methodological perspectives.
By re-examining these traumatic years it illuminates ideas
concerning mythologisation, mobilisation, commemoration,
confrontation and representation in the aftermath of conflict.
The relationship between the living and the dead, the
contestation of memories and legacies of war in cultural and
political discourses, and the significance of generations are all
key threads binding the collection together.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

235 pages



Andrew Melville (15451622)

Writings, Reception, and Reputation
Edited by Roger A. Mason, University of St Andrews, UK
and Steven J. Reid, University of Glasgow, UK
St Andrews Studies in Reformation History

With the exception of John Knox, no one did more to

shape the Scottish Reformation than Andrew Melville.
Remembered chiefly as a firebrand defender of radical
Presbyterianism and reformer of the Scottish university
system, his broader contributions to the cultural
development of early modern Scotland his poetry and
prose have largely been marginalised in subsequent
historiography. Yet, as this collection shows, Melvillle was
much more than simply a parochial reformer rather he was
an influential member of a pan-European humanist network.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

322 pages



Arianism: Roman Heresy

and Barbarian Creed
Edited by Guido M. Berndt, Friedrich-Alexander-University,
Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany and Roland Steinacher,
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
This is the first volume to attempt a comprehensive
introduction to and overview of the evolution of the Arian
churches in the Roman world of Late Antiquity and their
political importance in the late Roman kingdoms of the
5th6th centuries, ruled by barbarian warrior elites. Bringing
together researchers from the disciplines of theology, history
and archaeology, and providing an extensive bibliography,
it constitutes a breakthrough in a field largely neglected in
historical studies.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

386 pages

Art, Literature and Religion

in Early Modern Sussex
Culture and Conflict
Edited by Matthew Dimmock, Andrew Hadfield
and Paul Quinn, all at the University of Sussex, UK
Essays in this volume offer interdisciplinary studies of a
county that was at the forefront of religious, political and
artistic developments in early-modern England. Ranging
from the schism of Reformation to the outbreak of Civil
War, the volume brings together scholars from the fields
of art history, religious and intellectual history and English
literature to offer new perspectives on early-modern Sussex,
and thus on religious change in England as a whole.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

267 pages


The Ashgate Research

Companion to Popular Culture
in Early Modern England
Edited by Andrew Hadfield and Matthew Dimmock,
both at the University of Sussex, UK and Abigail Shinn,
University of Leeds, UK
This comprehensive, interdisciplinary research companion
is an essential resource for scholars of early modern history
and culture. For the first time a detailed consideration of
the scope of early modern popular culture in England is
collected in one volume, highlighting the interplay of low
and high modes of cultural production. Issues as disparate
as reading cultures, games, food and drink, time, textiles,
religious belief and festivals are discussed, allowing the
authors to examine how popular culture impacted upon the
everyday lives and experiences of individuals and groups.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

480 pages

Heterodox Religious Identities in Britain,

Edited by Wayne Hudson, Charles Sturt University,
Australia, Diego Lucci, American University in Bulgaria
and Jeffrey R. Wigelsworth, Red Deer College, Canada
In the seventeenth and eighteenth century the terms
atheism and deism involved fine distinctions that have
not always been preserved by later scholars. The original
deployment and usage of these terms were often more
complicated than much of the historical scholarship
suggests. Offering new perspectives on a range of prominent
figures, this collection problematises the older view that
individuals were atheist or deists in a straightforward sense
and instead explores the plurality and flexibility of religious
identities during this period.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB



250 pages



Bede and the Future

Edited by Peter Darby, University of Nottingham, UK
and Faith Wallis, McGill University, Canada
Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland

Bede (c. 673735) was Anglo-Saxon Englands most prominent

scholar, and his body of work is among the most important
intellectual achievements of the entire Middle Ages. This book
brings together a group of international scholars to examine a
number of questions about Bedes changing attitudes towards,
and ideas about, the short term future (Bedes own lifetime and
the time soon after his death) as well as the end of time.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

250 pages



Boyle Studies

The Ashgate Research

Companion to the Korean War

Aspects of the Life and Thought of

Robert Boyle (162791)
Michael Hunter, Birkbeck College, UK

This essential companion provides a comprehensive study

of the literature on the causes, course, and consequences
of the Korean War, 19501953. Aimed primarily at readers
with a special interest in military history and contemporary
conflict studies, the authors summarize and analyze the
background, history, conduct, tactics, clashes, and outcome
of what for years was known as the Forgotten War.

Robert Boyles role as the most influential English scientist

in the generation before Newton is now acknowledged,
and the complexity of his ideas has become increasingly
apparent. This volume presents an important group of
studies by Michael Hunter, the leading expert on Boyle.
It forms a sequel to two previous books: Robert Boyle:
Scrupulosity and Science (2000) and The Boyle Papers:
Understanding the Manuscripts of Robert Boyle (2007). Like
them, it brings together material otherwise widely scattered
in essay volumes and academic journals, while over a third
of the books content is hitherto unpublished.

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

April 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Edited by James I. Matray, California State University,

USA and Donald W. Boose, Jr., United States Army War
College, USA

482 pages


Atheism and Deism Revalued



246 pages




British Pirates and Society,

Margarette Lincoln, National Maritime Museum, London
Pirates contributed to the British understanding of
trans-oceanic navigation, patterns of trade and remote
communities. This knowledge advanced imperial expansion,
which helps to explain why contemporary attitudes
towards piracy were ambivalent. This book, an engaging
study of vested interests and conflicting ideologies, shows
how pirates were portrayed in trial reports, novels, legal
documents, sermons, ballads and newspapers. It throws
light on contemporary ideals of leadership and masculinity,
gives insight into the domestic life of pirates, and offers
comparisons with our experience of piracy today.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

235 pages



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British Politics and Foreign
Policy, 172744

Challenging Orthodoxies: The

Social and Cultural Worlds of
Early Modern Women

Jeremy Black, University of Exeter, UK

Following on from Jeremy Blacks previous studies on
eighteenth-century foreign policy Politics and Foreign Policy
in the Age of George I and The Collapse of the Anglo-French
Alliance, this new book covers the period from the end of the
Anglo-French alliance in 1731 to the declaration of war in
1744. The book draws upon a range of foreign and domestic
sources, making particular use of foreign diplomatic records,
in order to illuminate the complex and often opaque workings
of the British state at a turbulent period of European history.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

318 pages



British Propaganda
and Wars of Empire

Essays Presented to Hilda L. Smith

Edited by Sigrun Haude, University of Cincinnati, USA
and Melinda S. Zook, Purdue University, USA
This collection, a testament to the work of Hilda L. Smith,
confronts orthodoxy in social and cultural, scientific
and intellectual, and political and legal traditions, to
demonstrate how women of all social classes could
challenge the conventional thinking of their time as well as
the ways in which they have been traditionally portrayed by
scholars. Subjects include womens relationship to guns
and gunpowder, the law, religion, public finances, the new
science in early modern Europe, and women and indentured
servitude in the New World.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

280 pages



Volume 13
Edited by Benjamin Z. Kedar, Hebrew University,
Israel, Jonathan Phillips, University of London, UK,
Jonathan Riley-Smith, University of Cambridge, UK
with Nikolaos G. Chrissis, University of Athens, Greece

Crusades covers seven hundred years from the First Crusade

(10951102) to the fall of Malta (1798) drawing together
scholars working on war, theology, law, literature, art,
numismatics and economic, social, political and military
history. There is a great need for more historical sources of
the Crusades narrative, homiletic and documentary to be
made available in trustworthy editions. Therefore, editorial
preference is given here to the publication of texts in both
European and oriental languages, although interpretative
material is welcomed, too. Ashgate publishes this journal for
The Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East,
and it incorporates the Societys Bulletin.
December 2014

380 pages


Coping with Crisis: The

Resilience and Vulnerability of
Pre-Industrial Settlements

Crusading and Warfare

in the Middle Ages

Daniel R. Curtis, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Edited by Simon John, University of Oxford, UK and

Nicholas Morton, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Influencing Friend and Foe 19002010

Edited by Greg Kennedy and Christopher Tuck, Kings
College London at the Joint Services Command and
Staff College, UK
In order to provide a better understanding of the shifting
nature of influence, this volume looks at how the British
government employed various forms of persuasion to
achieve its goals across the twentieth century. The collection
provides a range of case studies to assess how effectively
or ineffectively influence was brought to bear on an array
of non-western societies. This volume will be of interest not
only to historians, but to anyone interested in the operation
of influence as a foreign policy tool.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages



Catholic Reformation in
Protestant Britain
Alexandra Walsham, University of Cambridge, UK
Catholic Christendom, 13001700

490 pages



The fifteen essays in this volume cover a range of topics from

the Carolingian period through to the early fourteenth century.
Some offer new insight upon long-contested issues, some open
up new areas of debate connected to the history of crusading,
while others use innovative methodologies to unlock the
potential of various types of source material including:
manuscript illuminations depicting warfare, Templar graffiti,
German crusading songs, and crusading charters.

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

348 pages



New Titles July December 2014

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

246 pages



Deeds Done Beyond the Sea

Cosmo Innes and the Defence

of Scotlands Past c. 18251875

Essays on William of Tyre, Cyprus and the

Military Orders presented to Peter Edbury
Edited by Susan B. Edgington, University of London, UK
and Helen J. Nicholson, Cardiff University, UK

Richard A. Marsden, Cardiff University, UK

Crusades Subsidia

The antiquary Cosmo Innes (17981874) was a prolific

editor of medieval and early modern documents relating to
Scotlands parliament, legal system, burghs, universities,
aristocratic families and pre-Reformation church. This book,
which analyses Inness work and provides sources, opens a
window onto the ways in which Scottish identity and ideas
about the national past were perceived in Scotland during
the nineteenth century, a period when union with England
was all but unquestioned.

This volume celebrates Peter Edburys career by bringing

together essays focusing on his major research interests;
the great historian of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, William
of Tyre, and his chronicle; medieval Cyprus; and the
Military Orders in the Middle Ages. All based on original
research, contributions include new work on manuscripts
from the twelfth to the seventeenth centuries; studies of
language in William of Tyre; thematic surveys; legal and
commercial investigations pertaining to Cyprus; aspects of
memorialisation, and biographical studies.

August 2014
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June 2014
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394 pages


Crusades Subsidia

All pre-industrial societies had to face certain challenges:

earthquakes, plague, warfare, soil erosion and subsistence
crises. However, while some settlements were stable over
the long term, other settlements proved more vulnerable
to crisis. This book has been stimulated by the hypotheses
put forward by a recent disaster studies literature, which
suggests that vulnerability of habitation is less to do with the
crises themselves, but on endogenous societal responses.
By testing the explanatory framework on several societies
between the Middle Ages and nineteenth-century Europe, it
is argued that the most resilient habitations were those that
displayed an equitable distribution of property and power.

This collection, which brings together a selection of

Alexandra Walshams essays written over the last fifteen
years, examines key aspects of the evolution and experience
of the Catholic communities of post-Reformation Britain.
Rejecting an earlier preoccupation with recusants and
martyrs, it highlights the importance of those who
conformed with the ecclesiastical establishment and
explores the moral and political dilemmas that confronted
the clergy and laity. It reassesses the significance of the
Counter Reformation as an evangelical enterprise; analyses
its communication strategies; and illuminates how Catholic
ritual life adapted itself to a climate of repression.
August 2014
ebook PDF
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Rural Worlds: Economic, Social and Cultural

Histories of Agricultures and Rural Societies

Realities and Representations



260 pages




Denmark and Europe in the
Middle Ages, c. 10001525

Early Medieval Monetary History

Essays in Honour of
Professor Michael H. Gelting

Edited by Rory Naismith, University of Cambridge, UK,

Martin Allen, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK and
Elina Screen, University of Oxford, UK

Contributions to the Theory of the Emblem

Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland

The emblem was big business in early-modern Europe,

used extensively not only in printed books and broadsheets,
but also to decorate pottery, metalware, furniture, glass
and windows and numerous other domestic, devotional
and political objects. At its most basic level simply a
combination of symbolic visual image and texts, an emblem
is a hybrid composed of words and picture. However, as this
book demonstrates, understanding the precise and often
multiple meaning, intention and message that emblems
conveyed can prove a remarkably slippery process.

Studies in Memory of Mark Blackburn

Edited by Kerstin Hundahl, Lund University, Sweden,

Lars Kjr, New College of the Humanities, UK and
Niels Lund, Copenhagen University, Denmark
Medieval Denmark and Scandinavia have often been seen
as cultural backwaters that passively and belatedly received
cultural and political impulses from Western Europe.
However, Michael H. Gelting and scholars inspired by him
have shown that the intellectual, religious and political elite
of Denmark actively participated in the renaissance and
reformation of the medieval period. This anthology brings
the latest research in Danish medieval history to a wider
audience and integrates it with contemporary international
discussions of the making of the European Middle Ages.
September 2014
ebook PDF
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286 pages



Dreaming in Byzantium
and Beyond
Edited by Christine Angelidi and George T. Calofonos,
both at Institute of Historical Research / NHRF, Greece
This book the first collection of studies on Byzantine
dreams to be published aims to demonstrate the
importance of closely examining dreams in Byzantium
in their wider historical and cultural, as well as narrative,
context. The remarkable number of dream narratives
in Byzantine hagiography, historiography, rhetoric,
epistolography, and romance attests to the cardinal function
of dreams as vehicles of meaning in politics, religion and
literature. The essays provide a broad variety of perspectives,
exploring gender, eroticism, Greco-Roman and Islamic
influences, psychoanalysis and anthropology.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages



Dressing Judeans and

Christians in Antiquity
Edited by Kristi Upson-Saia, Occidental College, USA,
Carly Daniel-Hughes, Concordia University, Canada
and Alicia J. Batten, Conrad Grebel University College,
This volume aims to understand religious aspects of
dress in the ancient world by examining a diverse range of
religious sources, including literature, art, performance,
coinage, economic markets, and memories. Contributors
demonstrate how dress developed as a topos within Judean
and Christian rhetoric, symbolism, and performance, and
show how religious meanings were entangled with other
social logics, revealing the many layers of meaning attached
to ancient dress, as well as the extent to which dress was
implicated in numerous domains of religious life.
272 pages

December 2014

511 pages


Silvia Mostaccio, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

The Society of Jesus was founded on a principal of strict
obedience to papal authority, yet the turbulent political
circumstances in which they operated inevitably brought
them into conflict with the Catholic hierarchy. In order
to better understand and contextualise the concept of
obedience from a theological and practical perspective, this
book examines the Jesuits of south-western Europe during
the thirty-year generalate of Claudio Acquaviva (15811615),
a challenging time for the Jesuits, during which their very
system of government was called into doubt.
July 2014
ebook PDF
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218 pages



Adam Lucas, University of Wollongong, Australia

This is the first detailed study of the role of the Church in the
commercialization of milling in medieval England. Focusing
on the period from the late eleventh to the mid sixteenth
centuries, it examines the estate management practices of
more than thirty English religious houses founded by the
Benedictines, Cistercians, Augustinians and other minor
orders, with an emphasis on the role played by mills and
milling in the establishment and development of a range of
different sized episcopal and conventual foundations.
October 2014
ebook PDF
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588 pages


Peter M. Daly, McGill University, Canada

July 2014

248 pages



Early Modern Jesuits between

Obedience and Conscience
during the Generalate of Claudio
Acquaviva (15811615)


Ecclesiastical Lordship,
Seigneurial Power and the
Commercialization of Milling
in Medieval England

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

This volume consists of over twenty new essays written by

friends, colleagues and pupils of Mark Blackburn, Keeper of
Coins and Medals at the Fitzwilliam Museum and Reader in
Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge,
who died on 1 September 2011. As well as a fitting tribute to a
remarkable scholar, the collection constitutes a major body of
research which will be of long-term value to scholars with an
interest in the history of early medieval Europe.

The Emblem in Early Modern


100.00 $180.00

The Emperor Theophilos

and the East, 829842
Court and Frontier in Byzantium during
the Last Phase of Iconoclasm
Juan Signes Codoer, University of Valladolid, Spain
Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Studies: CS13

This book focuses on the impact of political relations with

the East, especially the Muslim caliphate, on the reign of the
last iconoclast emperor of Byzantium, Theophilos (829842),
reinterpreting the major events of the period and their
chronology. Separate sections are devoted to the influence
of Armenians at the court, the enrolment of Persian rebels
against the caliphate in the Byzantine army, the continuous
warfare with the Arabs and the cultural exchange with
Baghdad, the Khazar problem, and the attitude of the
Christian Melkites towards the iconoclast emperor. The final
chapter reassesses the image of the emperor as a good ruler,
building on the conclusions of the previous sections.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

480 pages



Englands Fortress
New Perspectives on Thomas, 3rd Lord Fairfax
Edited by Andrew Hopper, University of Leicester, UK
and Philip Major, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Overshadowed in the popular imagination by the figure
of Oliver Cromwell, historians are increasingly coming to
recognise the importance of Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax
of Cameron, in shaping the events of mid-seventeenthcentury Britain. As a military and political figure he played
a central role in defeating Charles I and supporting the
restoration of Charles II in 1660. This book shines new light
on this significant figure through a selection of essays
addressing a wide range of topics, from Fairfaxs role as
soldier and statesman, to his life as husband and scholar.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

260 pages



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Experiencing Exile

An Historian in Peace and War

Huguenot Refugees in the Dutch Republic,


The Diaries of Harold Temperley

David van der Linden, Erasmus University Rotterdam,

The Netherlands
Politics and Culture in Europe, 16501750

The persecution of the Huguenots in France, followed by

the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, unleashed
one of the largest migration waves of early modern Europe.
Focusing on the fate of French Protestants who fled to the
Dutch Republic, Experiencing Exile examines how Huguenot
refugees dealt with the complex realities of living as
strangers abroad, and how they seized upon religion and
stories of their own past to comfort them in exile.
January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

270 pages



Edited by T.G. Otte, University of East Anglia, UK

Ashgate Studies in First World War History

This volume provides the fully edited and annotated diaries

of the scholar, soldier and diplomat Harold Temperley
(18791939), covering his travels in the Balkans, his work
for British military intelligence during the First World War,
and his role in the Versailles peace conference. As a trained
historian, he was aware of the importance of recording
events as they unfolded, and regarded his diary as a means
of preserving a non-official record. As such, this edition of
Temperleys diaries offers scholars a direct and hitherto
neglected perspective on some of the most important events
that shaped twentieth-century Europe.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

606 pages



Francis Watkins and the Dollond

Telescope Patent Controversy
Brian Gee, edited by Anita McConnell and
A.D. Morrison-Low
Science, Technology and Culture, 17001945

Translation and Commentary

Working from original documents consulted for the first

time, Brian Gee has uncovered the life and times of an
eighteenth-century mathematical and optical instrument
maker, Francis Watkins, who played an important role in one
of the most significant legal cases to touch this profession,
the patenting of the achromatic lens in telescopes. The
book explains Watkins origins and his partnership with the
Dollond firm, who are shown to have been hard-headed and
ruthless, before accounting for Watkins successors and
their ultimate decline.

Translated by David S. Bachrach, University of

New Hampshire, USA

430 pages



Friendship in Medieval Iberia

Historical, Legal and Literary Perspectives
Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo, University of Lincoln, UK
This book contributes to the study of the history of emotions
and cultural histories of the Middle Ages, while also adding
another crucial piece to the broader historiographical
debate currently challenging the most traditional view of the
Iberian Peninsulas exceptionalism. This interdisciplinary
study considers whether Iberia should be rather considered
as a peripheral, but still vital, ring in a chain which linked
it to the rest of Europe, while occupying a central role in
the historical and cultural developments of the Western
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

210 pages



The history of medieval Germany, particularly that of the

lower social orders, has thus far remained largely unknown
outside of the German-speaking regions of modern Europe.
The translation of the four texts in this volume, which
focus on the city of Worms in the period c.1000 to c.1300, is
intended to help fill these lacunae. The history of Worms,
as told in these sources, can be understood as illuminating
the broader urban, ecclesiastical and political history of the
German kingdom at the height of its power.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

190 pages

Germans as Minorities during

the First World War



Late medieval and early modern cities are often depicted

as cradles of artistic creativity and hotbeds of new material
culture. Cities in Renaissance Italy and in seventeenth- and
eighteenth-century north-western Europe are the most
obvious cases in point. But, how did this come about?
Contributors to this volume set out to analyze whether, in
what context and why regulation or deregulation influenced
innovation and creativity in late medieval and early modern
cities, and what the impact was of long-term changes in the
political and economic sphere.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

390 pages



Edited by Feike Dietz and Els Stronks, both at Universiteit

Utrecht, The Netherlands, Adam Morton, University of
Oxford, UK and Lien Roggen and Marc Van Vaeck,
both at Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Illustrated Religious Texts in the North of Europe, 15001800
provides a new perspective on the role of visual imagery in
the Reformation period by focusing on international forms
of collaboration, and makes a significant contribution to
ongoing debates concerning the history of the book by
focusing on the ideological as well as practical side of
international contacts.
August 2014

278 pages

Life on the Tyne

Water Trades on the Lower River Tyne in the
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries,
a Reappraisal
Peter D. Wright, Newcastle University, UK
While the early modern period has long been recognised as
witnessing a growth in trade and consumerism, the majority
of studies to date have tended to focus upon London and
southern England. In order to provide a more balanced
understanding of the dynamics at work on a national level,
this book explores the local economy and waterborne trades
of Newcastle and the River Tyne, in the north-east of England.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages



Little Red Scares

Illustrated Religious Texts in the

North of Europe, 15001800

Edited by Karel Davids, VU University Amsterdam,

The Netherlands, and Bert De Munck, University of
Antwerp, Belgium

The Histories of a Medieval

German City, Worms
c. 1000 c. 1300

June 2014
ebook PDF
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Innovation and Creativity

in Late Medieval and Early
Modern European Cities



Anti-Communism and Political Repression in

the United States, 19211946
Edited by Robert Justin Goldstein, University of
Michigan, USA
Anti-communism has long been a potent force in American
politics, capable of gripping both government and popular
attention. Nowhere is this more evident that the two great
red scares of 191920 and 194654; the latter generally
if somewhat inaccurately termed McCarthyism. By
focusing on the interim period between the two major red
scares, this volume makes clear that the lingering effects
of 191920 and the gathering storm-clouds of McCarthyism
were clearly visible throughout the 20s and 30s. In so
doing the rationale and motivations for the red scares
are contexualised as part of an evolving political narrative,
rather than as isolated bouts of hysteria exploding onto
and then vanishing from the political landscape.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

380 pages



A Global Comparative Perspective

Edited by Panikos Panayi, De Montfort University, UK
Offering a global comparative perspective on the relationship
between German minorities and the majority populations
amongst which they found themselves during the First World
War, this collection addresses how public opinion (the press,
parliament and ordinary citizens) reacted towards Germans
in their midst. The volume uses the experience of Germans to
explore whether the War can be regarded as a turning point in
the mistreatment of minorities, one that would lead to worse
manifestations of racism, nationalism and xenophobia later in
the twentieth century.
July 2014
ebook PDF
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348 pages




New Titles July December 2014


Manhood and the
Making of the Military

Negotiating Transcultural
Relations in the Early Modern

Conscription, Military Service and

Masculinity in Finland, 191739
Anders Ahlbck, bo Akademi University, Finland
The creation of Finlands national conscription army in
the wake of its independence from Russia in 1917 aroused
intense but conflicting emotions. This book examines the
struggles of a new army to find popular acceptance and
support, and explores the ways that images of manhood
were used in the controversies. Ahlbck places the situation
of interwar Finland within a broad European context to
reveal the conflicts surrounding compulsory military service
and the impact of the Great War on masculinities and
constructions of gender.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

280 pages



Ottoman-Venetian Encounters
Stephen Ortega, Simmons College, USA
Transculturalisms, 14001700

Negotiating Transcultural Relations in the Early Modern

Mediterranean is a study of transcultural relations between
Ottoman Muslims, Christian subjects of the Venetian
Republic, and other social groups in the sixteenth and
seventeenth centuries. Focusing principally on Ottoman
Muslims who came to Venice and its outlying territories,
and using sources in Italian, Turkish and Spanish, this study
examines the different types of power relations and the social
geographies that framed the encounters of Muslim travelers.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages



Models of Democracy in
Nordic and Baltic Europe

New York and the First World War

Political Institutions and Discourse

Ross J. Wilson, University of Chichester, UK

Shaping an American City

Edited by Nicholas Aylott, Sdertrn University, Stockholm

The Nordic Experience

This book explores the ways in which representative

democracy works in two neighbouring collections of
European states: the Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland,
Norway and Sweden) and the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and
Lithuania). The central, guiding questions are: how does
political representation work in countries that have a lot in
common, but also a few significant contextual dissimilarities;
and what, if any, relationships between the respective styles
of democracy can be identified? Using a variety of theories,
perspectives and methods, the empirical studies that
populate the book seek to offer reflections on these questions.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

238 pages



Money Pits: British Mining

Companies in the Californian
and Australian Gold Rushes of
the 1850s
John Woodland
Modern Economic and Social History

Between 1849 and 1853, shares in nearly 120 public

companies to exploit the booming goldfields of California
and Australia were offered to the British public. The
companies were collectively capitalised at over 15 million,
but in the end only some 1.75 million was raised between
42 of them, with only one company surviving what the
newspapers of the day described as a gold bubble.
This is the first detailed investigation of the British gold
bubble companies and their involvement in the almost
simultaneous gold rushes on both sides of the Pacific.
276 pages





James Cannon, La Trobe University, Australia

Since the mid-1970s, the term zone has often been
associated with the post-war housing estates on the
outskirts of large French cities. However, it once referred
to a more circumscribed space: the zone non aedificandi
(non-building zone) which encircled Paris (1840-1940). This
unusual territory came to occupy a central place in Parisian
culture. By analysing a wider range of sources from the
duration of the zones existence, this study offers a nuanced
account of how the area was perceived by successive
generations of Parisian novelists, poets, songwriters, artists,
photographers, film-makers, politicians and town-planners.
January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

250 pages



Police Courts in NineteenthCentury Scotland, Volume 1

Magistrates, Media and the Masses

Taking the form of two companion volumes, Police Courts

in Nineteenth-Century Scotland represents the first major
investigation into summary justice in Scottish towns, c.1800
to1892. Volume 1, with the subtitle Magistrates, Media and the
Masses, provides an institutional, social and cultural history
of the establishment, development and practice of police
courts. It explores their rise, purpose and internal workings,
and how justice was administered and experienced by those
who attended them in a variety of roles.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

530 pages



The Next War in the Air

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The First World War constitutes a point in New Yorks history

when its identity was challenged, recast and reinforced.
Its position as a financial centre meant that its role in the
conflict was realised sooner than elsewhere in the United
States. This book uses archives, newspaper reports, leaflets
and the ethnic press to explore how the city responded to its
role in the War, from the outbreak in August 1914, through
the official entry of the U.S. in to the war in 1917, and after
the cessation of hostilities in memorials to the conflict.
260 pages

A Cultural History, 18401944

David G. Barrie and Susan Broomhall, both at

The University of Western Australia

Ashgate Studies in First World War History

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The Paris Zone

Britains Fear of the Bomber, 19081941

Brett Holman, University of New England, Australia
In the early twentieth century, the technology of flight
changed warfare. Writers argued that the main strategic risk
to Britain was the possibility of a sudden, destructive aerial
bombardment of Britains cities. For the first time, The Next
War in the Air draws on archival documents and publications
from 19081941 to reconstruct the concept of the knock-out
blow as it was articulated in the public sphere, the reasons
why it came to be so widely accepted, and the way it shaped
the responses of the British public to some of the great
issues facing them in the 1930s.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

302 pages



Police Courts in NineteenthCentury Scotland, Volume 2

Boundaries, Behaviours and Bodies
David G. Barrie and Susan Broomhall, both at
The University of Western Australia
Taking the form of two companion volumes, Police Courts
in Nineteenth-Century Scotland represents the first major
investigation into summary justice in Scottish towns, c.1800
to1892. Whereas Volume 1, subtitled Magistrates, Media and
the Masses, analysed the establishment, development and
practice of police courts, Volume 2 explores, through themed
case studies, the role of police courts in moulding cultural
ideas, social behaviours and urban environments in the
nineteenth century.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

290 pages



Precinct, Temple and Altar

in Roman Spain
Studies on the Imperial Monuments at
Mrida and Tarragona
Duncan Fishwick, University of Alberta, Canada
The studies included in this volume focus on the monuments
of two cities in Roman Spain, Emerita (now Mrida) and
Tarraco (now Tarragona). Duncan Fishwick provides
historiographic surveys of the monuments before discussing
the architectonic significance of the provincial forum at
Emerita, the influence of the provincial governor in its
construction, and the evidence for an Ara Providentiae and a
templum minus. He investigates the discovery of the Temple
of Augustus in Tarragona and turns his attention to present
opinion on the successive stages of construction and design.
September 2014

320 pages



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Probate Inventories of French
Immigrants in Early Modern
Greig Parker

Religion and Women in Britain,

c. 16601760

Russian California, 18061860

Edited by Sarah Apetrei and Hannah Smith,

both at the University of Oxford, UK

Edited by James R. Gibson, York University, Canada,

and Alexei A. Istomin, Russian Academy of Sciences,

Probate inventories provide an unparalleled glimpse into

the lives of the inhabitants of early modern England, as well
as the rich diversity and value of domestic material culture.
Further, they enable scholars to reconstruct the social and
business networks that are crucial for understanding the
period. By offering an introduction to and transcriptions
of probate inventories, this book provides a new resource
for those interested in the early modern household, material
culture studies, and the domestic lives of the Huguenot

The essays contained in this volume examine the particular

religious experiences of women within a remarkably vibrant
and formative era in British religious history. Scholars from
the disciplines of history, literary studies and theology
assess womens contributions to renewal, change, and
reform; and consider the ways in which women negotiated
institutional and intellectual boundaries. The volume refocuses scholarly approaches to the history of gender and
the history of feminism by setting the British writers often
characterised as early feminists in their theological and
spiritual traditions.

June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
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348 pages



220 pages



A History in Documents

Hakluyt Society, Third Series

This two-volume book is a documentary history of Russias

19th-century settlement in California. It contains 491
documents, mostly translated from the Russian for the
first time, fully annotated, and with an extensive historical
introduction. This broad range of primary sources provides a
comprehensive and detailed history of the Russian Empires
most distant and most exotic outpost, one whose liquidation
in 1841 presaged St Petersburgs abandonment of all of
Russian America in 1867.
August 2014
Hardback Set
ebook PDF

1286 pages

125.00 $225.00

Public Religious Disputation

in England, 15581626

Religious Conversion

Joshua Rodda, University of Nottingham, UK

Edited by Ira Katznelson, Columbia University, USA

and Miri Rubin, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Caucasia and the Iranian Commonwealth

in Late Antique Georgian Literature

This collection ranges far and wide from early Christian

pilgrims to fifteenth-century Ethiopia; from the Islamisation
of the eastern Mediterranean to Reformation Germany
to investigate the multiple causes and characteristics
of religious conversion. By probing continuities and
fissures, particularly in the Jewish, Muslim and Christian
experiences, the volume extends the range of conversion
to focus on matters less commonly examined, such as the
meaning of sacred space, bodies, gender, and the ways
conversion has been understood and narrated.

Georgian literary sources for Late Antiquity are commonly

held to be later productions devoid of historical value. As
a result, scholarship outside the Republic of Georgia has
privileged Graeco-Roman and even Armenian narratives.
However, when investigated within the dual contexts of
a regional literary canon and the active participation of
Caucasias diverse peoples in the Iranian Commonwealth,
early Georgian texts emerge as rich repositories of late
antique attitudes and outlooks.

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

St Andrews Studies in Reformation History

With a focus on England from the accession of Elizabeth I

to the mid-1620s, this book examines the practice of public,
academic religious disputation between opposing Catholic,
Protestant and nonconformist puritan divines. Introducing
a form of discourse hitherto neglected, the volume works
to rehabilitate a body of material only previously examined
as part of the mass of polemic produced in the wake of the
Reformation. In so doing, it argues that public religious
disputation can offer insights into contemporary beliefs and
conceptions of religious identity, as well as an accessible
window into the major theological controversies of the age.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages



Reading and Writing History

from Bruni to Windschuttle
Essays in Honour of Gary Ianziti
Featuring work by researchers in the fields of early
modern studies, Italian studies, ecclesiastical history and
historiography, this volume of essays adds to a rich corpus of
literature on Renaissance and early modern historiography,
bringing a unique approach to several of the problems
currently facing the field. Contributors engage with critical
questions concerning the continued relevance of history for
political and social life in the past and present by exploring
the challenges, contexts and implications of genre in the
reading and writing of history.
272 pages


History, Experience and Meaning

265 pages




Stephen H. Rapp Jr, Sam Houston State University, USA

524 pages



Rulership and Rebellion in

the Anglo-Norman World,

Seeking Truth: Roger Norths

Notes on Newton and
Correspondence with
Samuel Clarke c.17041713

Essays in Honour of Professor Edmund King

Edited by Christian Thorsten Callisen

June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The Sasanian World through

Georgian Eyes

Edited by Paul Dalton, Canterbury Christ Church

University, UK and David Luscombe, The University
of Sheffield, UK
The importance of rulership and rebellion in the history of the
Anglo-Norman world between 1066 and the early thirteenth
century is incontrovertible. The power, government, and
influence of kings, queens and lords dominated society and
was frequently challenged and resisted. But while biographies
of rulers, studies of central, local and seigniorial government,
and works on political struggles abound, many aspects of
rulership and rebellion remain to be explored. This volume,
dedicated to the pioneering work of Edmund King, will make
an original and timely contribution to our knowledge of
Anglo-Norman history.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

286 pages



Jamie C. Kassler, Australian Academy of the

Humanities, Australia
In the early 1690s, Roger Norths search for truth and the
knowledge of human nature was interrupted by three events:
his reading of Newtons books on mechanics and optics; his
correspondence with the Norfolk clergyman Samuel Clarke;
and his reading and response to Clarkes new publication
on the philosophy of the Godhead. Kassler details the
challenges that these events presented to Norths values,
and includes editions of Norths notes on Newtons books.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

388 pages




New Titles July December 2014


Shifting Genres in Late Antiquity

And so began the Irish Nation

Edited by Geoffrey Greatrex, University of Ottawa,

Canada, and Hugh Elton, Trent University, Canada,
with the assistance of Lucas McMahon

Nationality, National Consciousness and

Nationalism in Pre-modern Ireland

This volume examines the transformation that took place in

a wide range of genres in Late Antiquity. Aspects of sacred
and secular literature are discussed, alongside chapters
on technical writing, monody, epigraphy, epistolography
and visual representation. What emerges is the flexibility of
genres in the period: late antique authors were not slavish
followers of their classical predecessors, but were capable
of engaging with existing models and adapting them to their
own purposes.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

330 pages





Places, Territories, and Imagined Geographies

A favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Henry Lee was known

as the most accomplished cavaliero in England. This
handsome, entertaining and highly convivial gentleman
was an important participant in life at court as Elizabeths
tournament champion. He created the spectacular Accession
Day tournaments held annually before London crowds
of more than 8,000 people, was Lieutenant of Elizabeths
palace at Woodstock, and Master of the Armoury at the
Tower of London during the Spanish Armada. This is the
only biography of Sir Henry Lee in print, and explores the
interaction of politics, culture and society of the Elizabethan
court through the eyes of a popular and long-serving courtier.

Strategy and Policy for Small Navies

in War and Peace

The History of Medicine in Context

In 17051706, an epidemic of mysterious deaths terrorized

Rome. Pope Clement XIs physician, Giovanni Maria Lancisi,
was ordered to perform a series of dissections to discover
the cause of the epidemic, which hindered confession,
thus threatening the victims salvation. The book that
Lancisi subsequently published, De subitaneis mortibus
(On Sudden Deaths, 1707), is one of the earliest modern
scientific investigations of death. Sudden Death explores
how a new scientific interpretation of death first came into
being, and led the way to a belief in the conquest of death
by medicine which remains to this day.
210 pages

In the last two decades, research on spatial paradigms

and practices has gained momentum across disciplines
and periods, including the field of medieval studies.
Responding to this spatial turn in the humanities, the
essays collected here generate new ideas about how
medieval space was defined, constructed and practiced in
Europe, particularly in France.The resulting collection builds
on existing scholarship but brings new insight, situating
medieval constructions of space in relation to contemporary
conceptions of the subject.
July 2014
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266 pages



Suzanne Nol: Cosmetic Surgery,

Feminism and Beauty in Early
Twentieth-Century France
Paula J. Martin, Georgia Southwestern State University,
The History of Medicine in Context

Working at the forefront of cosmetic surgery at the turn of

the twentieth century, Dr Suzanne Nol was both a pioneer
in her medical field and a firm believer in the advancement
of women. Today her views on the benefits of aesthetic
surgery to women may seem at odds with her feminist
principles, but by placing Nol in the context of turn-of-thecentury French culture, this book is able to demonstrate
how these two worldviews were reconciled. This book sheds
much valuable light on advances in aesthetic surgery,
twentieth-century beauty culture, women and the public
sphere, and the new woman.
August 2014
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Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies Series

May 2014
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266 pages



Edited by Michael Mulqueen, Liverpool Hope University,

UK, Deborah Sanders, Kings College London, UK and
Ian Speller, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

History shows how relatively small naval forces can have

a disproportionately large impact on global events. This
collection, which adopts an interdisciplinary approach
drawing on the best new research from the fields of
international relations, security studies, strategic studies
and maritime history, addresses the roles and activities of
small navies in the past and the present, and investigates
the relationship of such navies with non-governmental
institutions in pursuit of broader maritime goals, be they
political, financial or environmental.


Edited by Meredith Cohen, University of California,

USA and Fanny Madeline, Laboratoire de Mdivistique
Occidentale de Paris, France

Small Navies

Maria Pia Donato, C.N.R.S. Institut dHistoire Moderne

et Contemporaine, Paris, France and University of
Cagliari, Italy

November 2014
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Space in the Medieval West

Sue Simpson, University of Southampton, UK


312 pages

Sir Henry Lee (15331611):

Elizabethan Courtier

260 pages

In this collection, the result of a lifetimes study, Brendan

Bradshaw provides an insight into how concepts of
nationalism and national identity can be understood and
applied to pre-modern Ireland. Drawing upon a selection of
his most provocative and pioneering essays, together with
three new pieces, the limits and contexts of Irish nationalism
are explored and its impact on both early modern society
and later generations, examined. The volume illuminates
political and religious developments within Ireland, and how
these affected events across the British Isles and beyond.
December 2014
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October 2014
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Brendan Bradshaw S.M., Queens College Cambridge, UK

Sudden Death: Medicine and

Religion in Eighteenth-Century

180 pages


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The Naval Route to the Abyss

The Wealth of Communities

The Anglo-German Naval Race 18951914

War, Resources and Cooperation in the

Renaissance Lombardy

Edited by Matthew S. Seligmann, Brunel University, UK,

Frank Ngler and Michael Epkenhans
Navy Records Society Publications

The Anglo-German rivalry in battleship building at the

beginning of the twentieth century has been blamed by
many as a major cause of the First World War, yet the Great
Naval Race has not received the attention that its notoriety
would merit. This volume facilitates an understanding of
how the two parties interacted by providing a comprehensive
survey of existing scholarship, as well as important primary
sources from a range of archives. By offering German
documents in their original text and in English translation,
this book makes the German role in this conflict accessible
to English speakers for the first time.
October 2014
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816 pages



Edited by Harald E. Braun, University of Liverpool, UK

and Jess Prez-Magalln, McGill University, Canada
Gathering together a group of internationally renowned
scholars this volume presents cutting-edge research on the
complex processes of identity formation in the transatlantic
world of the Hispanic Baroque. Identities in the Hispanic
world are deeply intertwined with sociological concepts
such as class and estate, with geographical-religious
elements, and with issues related to the ethnic diversity
of the worlds first transatlantic empire and its various
miscegenations. Contributors offer the reader diverse
vantage points on the challenging problem of how identities
in the Hispanic world may be analyzed and interpreted.




Publications of the Centre for Hellenic Studies,

Kings College London

This book addresses a gap in scholarly literature by

bringing together specialists from different disciplinary
traditions history, sociology, anthropology, linguistics,
literature, ethnomusicology and international relations
so as to examine the complex relationship between the
culture and peoples of Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, since the
founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, and to question
essentialist representations, stereotypes and dominant
myths. The collection offers essential reading for students
and researchers in inter-cultural communication, language,
international relations, and conflict studies.
June 2014
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342 pages



The Use of Hereford

The Sources of a Medieval English Diocesan
William Smith
The Use of Hereford, a local variation of the Roman rite, was
one of the diocesan liturgies of medieval England before
their abolition and replacement by the Book of Common
Prayer in 1549. Unlike the widespread Use of Sarum, the Use
of Hereford was confined principally to its diocese, which
helped to maintain its individuality until the Reformation. This
study seeks to catalogue and evaluate all the known surviving
sources of the Use of Hereford, with particular reference to
the missals and gradual, which so far have received little
attention. In addition to these a variety of other material
has been examined, including a number of little-known or
unknown important fragments of early Hereford service-books
dismembered at the Reformation and now hidden away as
binding or other scrap in libraries and record offices.

Edited by Eva Schandevyl, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,

Exploring the relationship between gender and law in
Europe from the nineteenth century to present, this
collection examines the feminisation of justice, its historical
beginnings, and the impact of gendered constructions on
jurisprudence. Every chapter addresses these issues from
the point of view of womens legal history or gendered legal
cultures. With contributions from scholars with expertise
in the major regions of Europe, this book is sensitive to the
intersection of gender theory, legal studies and public policy,
and is based on historical methodologies.
August 2014
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240 pages



30 Years After
Issues and Representations of
the Falklands War
Edited by Carine Berbri and Monia OBrien Castro,
both at the University of Tours, France
Thirty years after the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland
Islands, the war remains a source of continued debate and
analysis for politicians, historians and military strategists.
Not only did the conflict provide a fascinating example of
modern expeditionary warfare, but it also brought to the fore
numerous questions regarding international law, sovereignty,
the inheritance of colonialism, the influence of history on
national policy and the use of military force for domestic
political uses. As the essays in this collection show, the
numerous facets of the Falklands War remain current today
and have ramifications far beyond the South Atlantic.
December 2014
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Women and Pilgrimage

in Medieval Galicia

620 pages

200 pages

Edited by Vally Lytra, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Complex Identities in the Atlantic World

December 2014
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December 2014

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the

Relationship Since 1923

The Transatlantic Hispanic


288 pages

The early-sixteenth century was a turbulent time for the

Italian peninsula as competing centres of power struggled
for political control. Nowhere was this more true than the
area contested by Milan and Venice, an area constantly
crossed and occupied by rival armies. Investigating the
impact of successive crises upon the inhabitants of the Po
Valley, this book challenges many fundamental assumptions
about the relationship between war and economic
development and draws conclusion that have implications
for early-modern Europe as a whole.

When Greeks and Turks Meet

December 2014
ebook PDF
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Matteo Di Tullio, Bocconi University, Italy

Women in Law and Lawmaking

in Nineteenth and TwentiethCentury Europe

170 pages



Edited by Carlos Andrs Gonzlez-Paz, Instituto de

Estudios Gallegos Padre Sarmiento, CSIC, Spain
Compostela International Studies in Pilgrimage
History and Culture

For many in the Middle Ages, pilgrimages were seen to

represent a risk of moral and religious perdition for women,
who were generally discouraged from making them. Women
and Pilgrimage in Medieval Galicia represents an analysis
of the social history of women based on documentary
sources and physical evidence, breaking away from literary
and historiographical stereotypes, while at the same time
contributing to a critical assessment of the myth that
medieval women were kept hidden away from the world.
January 2015
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176 pages



150.00 $275.00


New Titles July December 2014


Communal Identity and SelfPortrayal in the Worlds of
Eastern Christianity, 3001500

Ideas and Practices in the

History of Medicine, 16501820

Late Byzantine and

Early Ottoman Studies

Adrian Wilson, University of Leeds, UK

Edited by Barbara Roggema, Kings College London, UK

Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS1038

Stephen W. Reinert, Rutgers, The State University

of New Jersey, USA

The Worlds of Eastern Christianity, 3001500: CS14

Most of these essays touch upon, and some of them are

exclusively concerned with, small scale social processes:
e.g. the routines of the all-female early-modern childbirth
ritual, the different ways that male practitioners were
summoned to such occasions, the functioning of voluntary
hospitals, the protocols underlying patient records.
Whenever there comes into being something new whether
an institution, a social practice or a concept the question
arises as to its relationship with what went before. This
concept resonates throughout these essays, but is most to
the fore in the chapters on early Hanoverian London and on
Porter versus Foucault.

The Christian communities of the Middle East distinguish

themselves through their unique languages, their ethnic
identities and their doctrinal stances. Whereas the history
of doctrinal disputes has been a topic of old in Western
scholarship, it is only in more recent times that scholars
have begun to investigate how the Christian communities of
the Nile-to-Oxus region perceived themselves and how they
asserted their distinct identities vis--vis their neighbours
and maintained a sense of communal integrity in response
to cultural change and foreign domination. This volume
brings together a number of key studies, many specially
translated into English for this volume, which deal with this
question of Eastern Christian self-definition. Included in the
volume is an extensive bibliography on the topic of Eastern
Christian self-understanding.
November 2014

450 pages
978-0-7546-6891-6 130.00 $235.00

The Eastern Mediterranean

Frontier of Latin Christendom
Edited by Jace Stuckey, Marymount University, USA
The critical studies in this volume explore the development
of the Western expansion into the Eastern Mediterranean
in the years 10001500. These works deal with economy
and trade, migration and colonization, crusade and
conquest, and military orders in this crucial period, as well
as the religious diversity and cross-cultural interaction
that transformed the political, economic and cultural
landscape of both East and West and altered the course of
Mediterranean history.
September 2014

470 pages
978-1-4724-2275-0 120.00 $215.00

On the Economic Encounter

Between Asia and Europe,
Om Prakash, Delhi School of Economics, India
Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS990

Economic contact between Asia and Europe dates back to

at least the early years of the Common Era, but it was only
in the fifteenth-century, when the Portuguese discovered the
all-water route to the East Indies, that this contact became
regular and significant. This collection deals with the Indian
Ocean trade on the eve of the Europeans arrival, as well as
the activities of the Portuguese, Dutch and English East India
companies. It also contains essays on textile manufacturing,
coinage and wages in India, and Bengali politics.
September 2014

350 pages
978-1-4094-1828-3 90.00


Thomas A. Fudge, University of New England, Australia

Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS1044

Branded as heretics, outlawed, then forced to fight for their

faith as well as their lives, the Hussites followers of the
martyred Bohemian priest Jan Hus (13711415) occupy
one of the most colourful and challenging chapters of
European religious history. The essays reprinted in this
book explore the early Hussite movement by examining the
definition, nature and development of heresy, studying the
social application of religious ideas, and examining some of
the leading personalities of this remarkable era.
434 pages
978-1-4724-2933-9 100.00 $180.00

This volume brings together studies on the political,

religious and socioeconomic interaction between the rising
Ottoman Empire and declining Byzantine state at the end of
the fourteenth century. They focus on key episodes of that
encounter, particularly in connection with Murad I, Bayezid
I, and Manuel II Palaiologos. Included is an assessment
of Manuel IIs Dialogue With A Persian, recently brought
to global prominence by Pope Benedict XVI in his 2006
Regensburg lecture, and a previously unpublished analysis
of Manuels Epistolary Discourse to Kabasilas.
August 2014

300 pages
978-0-7546-5940-2 85.00


Jewish Culture and Society in

Medieval France and Germany

The North-Eastern Frontiers

of Medieval Europe

Ivan G. Marcus

The Expansion of Latin Christendom

in the Baltic Lands

Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS1047

Edited by Alan V. Murray, University of Leeds, UK

These studies explore the history of the Jewish minority of

Ashkenaz (northern France and the German Empire) during
the High Middle Ages. A number of studies in the collection
focus on Jewish-Christian cultural and social interactions,
the foundations of the community ascribed to Charlemagne,
and especially on the fashioning of a martyrological
collective identity in 1096. The remainder of the studies
delve into the lives and writings of a group of Jewish ascetic
pietists, Hasidei Ashkenaz, which shaped the religious
culture of most European Jews before modernity.
October 2014

350 pages
978-1-4724-3634-4 90.00


Languages and Cultures of

Eastern Christianity: Armenian
Edited by Tim Greenwood, University of St Andrews, UK
The Worlds of Eastern Christianity, 3001500: CS2

This volume brings together a set of key studies on the

history and culture of Christian Armenia. The form and
content of Armenian literature displays an extraordinary
range of interactions with neighbouring languages, and
the diversity of Historical Armenias stretching across the
medieval Middle East requires us to rethink the intellectual
exchanges undertaken by Armenian scholars and writers.
Many of the essays have been translated into English
specially for this publication, which includes a substantial
new introduction.
December 2014

430 pages
978-0-7546-5980-8 120.00 $215.00


Heresy and Hussites in

Late Medieval Europe

260 pages
978-1-4094-5156-3 85.00

May 2014

August 2014

Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS902

Languages and Cultures of

Eastern Christianity: Greek
Edited by Scott Fitzgerald Johnson,
Georgetown University, USA
The Worlds of Eastern Christianity, 3001500: CS6

This volume brings together a set of fundamental

contributions, many translated into English for this
publication, along with an important introduction.
Together these explore the role of Greek among Christian
communities in the late antique and Byzantine East (late
Roman Oriens), specifically in the areas outside of the
immediate sway of Constantinople and imperial Asia Minor.
December 2014

600 pages
978-0-7546-6966-1 140.00 $250.00

By the mid-twelfth century the lands on the eastern coast

of the Baltic Sea, from Finland to the frontiers of Poland,
were Catholic Europes final frontier: a vast, undeveloped
expanse of lowlands, forest and waters, inhabited by
peoples belonging to the Finnic and Baltic language groups.
This volume presents 21 key studies (2 of them translated
from German for the first time) on this crucial period in
the development of North-Eastern Europe, dealing with
crusade and conversion, the establishment of Western rule,
settlement and society, and the development of towns, trade
and the economy. It includes a classified bibliography of the
main works published in Western languages since World
War II together with an introduction by the editor.
October 2014

420 pages
978-1-4094-3680-5 110.00 $200.00

The Papacy, Frederick II

and Communal Devotion
in Medieval Italy
James M. Powell, formerly Syracuse University, USA,
edited by Edward Peters, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS1046

The twenty-five essays in this volume four of which are

published here for the first time represent the work of a
great scholar in Mediterranean history. In an age often called
that of papal monarchy and secular-minded rulers, Powell
found popes with complex agendas and extensive pastoral
concerns, a rather more Christian Frederick II, the mechanics
of the Fifth Crusade, the sermons of the devout urban layman
Albertanus of Brescia, and Muslims under Christian rule.
August 2014

386 pages
978-1-4724-3569-9 90.00


Travellers, Merchants and Settlers

in the Eastern Mediterranean,
11th14th Centuries
David Jacoby, The Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS1045

This collection of studies, the eighth by David Jacoby, covers

a period witnessing intensive geographic mobility across the
Mediterranean from the eleventh century to the fifteenth
illustrated by a growing number of Westerners engaging
in pilgrimage, crusade, trading, shipping and settlement.
Jacobys essays address encounters between Christians
and Muslims in crusader Acre, rivalries between maritime
powers, the fall of crusader states, the restructuring of trade,
economic development in the Byzantine provinces, and the
function of Venice in Latin Constantinople.
June 2014

340 pages
978-1-4724-2579-9 90.00


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Human Factors and Aviation

Absent Aviators

Air Transport in the Asia Pacific

Gender Issues in Aviation

Edited by David Timothy Duval, University of Winnipeg,


Edited by Donna Bridges, Charles Sturt University,

Australia, Jane Neal-Smith, London Metropolitan
Business School, UK and Albert J. Mills,
St Marys University, Canada
Absent Aviators consolidates a diverse range of issues from a
number of authors from Australia, Austria, the United States,
Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Each of the
chapters is research-based and aims to present a broad
picture of gender issues in aviation, gendered workplaces
and sociology, underpinned by sound theoretical perspectives
and methodologies. The book will prove to be a valuable
contribution to the debates on women in masculine-oriented
occupations and a practical guide for the aviation industry to
help overcome the looming shortfall of pilots.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages



Advances in Aviation Psychology

Volume 1
Edited by Michael A. Vidulich, Air Force Research
Laboratory, USA, Pamela S. Tsang, Wright State University,
USA, John M. Flach, Wright State University, USA
Ashgate Studies in Human Factors for
Flight Operations

This book is the first in a series of volumes to be published

in conjunction with the biennial International Symposium
on Aviation Psychology (ISAP). The aim of each volume is
not only to report the latest findings in aviation psychology
but also to suggest new directions for advancing the field.
More than simply a collection of selected proceeding papers
authors expand on their work following the benefit of
interactions at the symposium.
272 pages
978-1-4724-3840-9 65.00

November 2014
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272 pages
978-1-4094-5406-9 65.00


December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

What was once a region in the shadow of larger and more

prosperous continents such as North America and Europe is
now at the forefront of expansion in commercial air-service
networks, frequency and capacity, and the overall growth in
the contribution of air transport to economies on regional
and, in many cases, individual country levels. Despite this,
it represents an area that is generally under-represented
in the commercial air-transport academic literature. Air
Transport in the Asia Pacific seeks to fill this gap. While one
volume cannot realistically address the complete range
of identifiable issues, this book offers a contemporary
snapshot of current academic research into commercial air
transport in the Asia Pacific.


Dealing with a Changing World

Edited by Peter Berggren, Staffan Nhlinder and
Erland Svensson, all at the Swedish Defence
Research Agency, Sweden
Human Factors in Defence

Assessing Command and Control Effectiveness: Dealing with

a Changing World offers a description of the current state of
Command and Control (C2) research in imperfect settings,
showing how a research process should assess, analyse and
communicate results to the development cycle of methods,
work, manning and C2-technology. Special attention is given
to the development of C2 research methods to meet the
current and coming needs. The authors also look forward
towards a future where effective assessment of C2 abilities
are even more crucial, for instance in agile organisations.
226 pages
978-1-4724-3694-8 65.00

Nawal K. Taneja
Designing Future-Oriented Airline Businesses is the eighth
Ashgate book by Nawal K. Taneja to address the ongoing
challenges and opportunities facing all generations of airlines.
Firstly, it challenges and encourages airline managements to
take a deeper dive into new ways of doing business. Secondly,
it provides a framework for identifying and developing
strategies and capabilities, as well as executing them efficiently
and effectively, to change the focus from cost reduction to
revenue enhancement and from competitive advantage to
comparative advantage. The material presented continues
to be at a pragmatic level, not an academic exercise, to lead
managements to ask themselves and their teams some critical
thought-provoking questions.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

308 pages
978-1-4724-4296-3 45.00


Assessing Command
and Control Effectiveness

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Designing Future-Oriented
Airline Businesses


The Dragon in the Cockpit

How Western Aviation Concepts Conflict with
Chinese Value Systems
Hung-Sying Jing, National Cheng Kung University,
Taiwan, Republic of China and Allen Batteau,
Wayne State University, USA
Ashgate Studies in Human Factors for
Flight Operations

The Dragon in the Cockpit enhances the mutual

understanding between Western aviation human-factors
practitioners and the Chinese aviation community by
describing some of the fundamental Chinese cultural
characteristics pertinent to the field of flight safety. This
book provides crucial insights into Chinese culture and
how it manifests itself during flight operations, as well as
highlighting ways in which Western technology and Chinese
culture clash within the cockpit.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4724-1030-6 60.00


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New Titles July December 2014


Human Factors and Aviation

Evolution of International Aviation

Patient Safety Culture

Risky Rewards

Phoenix Rising

Theory, Methods and Application

How Company Bonuses Affect Safety

Third Edition

Edited by Patrick Waterson, Loughborough University, UK

Andrew Hopkins and Sarah Maslen,

both at The Australian National University

Dawna L. Rhoades, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical

University, USA
As with the previous two editions, Evolution of International
Aviation reviews the historical development of the
international aviation system. From this foundation it then
provides an updated and expanded account of the current
state of the aviation and aerospace industry including
profitability, consolidation, and merger activity. New to this
edition, the book broadens the coverage of the industry
segments airlines, air cargo, and manufacturing to
include the emerging commercial space sector. Because
this book is intended for both the interested amateur and
the more serious student, references are provided in the text
and at the end of each chapter to allow for further in-depth
study. The third edition also adds to each chapter a set of
learning objectives and a concluding series of questions for
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

306 pages
978-1-4724-2016-9 35.00


Human Factors Challenges in

Emergency Management
Enhancing Individual and Team Performance
in Fire and Emergency Services
Edited by Christine Owen, University of Tasmania,
The fire and emergency services is a particularly large
industry in Australia alone it employs 250,000 personnel
yet there is very little by way of published human
factors books addressing this sector directly. This book
provides an overview of state-of-the-art research that
has been conducted within Australia, funded by the
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre. As Karl Weick once
commented, emergency events do not play by the rules and
these research chapters tell us something about a potential
future world of work that is highly dynamic, interdependent
and for which improvisation and critical thinking and
problem-solving are necessary pre-requisites.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

246 pages
978-1-4094-5305-5 65.00

Patient Safety Culture: Theory, Methods and Application is

essential reading for all of the professional groups involved
in patient safety and healthcare quality improvement, filling
an important gap in the current market. The main purpose
of this book is to provide researchers, healthcare managers
and human factors practitioners with details of the latest
developments within the theory and application of PSC
within healthcare. It brings together contributions from the
most prominent researchers and practitioners in the field of
PSC and covers the background to work on safety culture,
the dominant theories and concepts within PSC, examples
of PSC tools, methods of assessment and their application,
and details of the most prominent challenges for the future
in the area.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

368 pages
978-1-4094-4814-3 75.00


Financial incentives have long been used to try to

influence professional values and practices. Recent events
including the global financial crisis and the BP Texas City
refinery disaster have been linked to such incentives, with
commentators calling for a critical look at these systems
given the catastrophic outcomes. Risky Rewards engages
with this debate, particularly in the context of the present
and potential role of incentives to manage major accident
risk in hazardous industries.
January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

160 pages
978-1-4724-4984-9 35.00


Resilience Engineering in
Practice, Volume 2
Becoming Resilient
Edited by Christopher P. Nemeth, Applied Research
Associates, Inc., USA and Erik Hollnagel, University of
Southern Denmark
Ashgate Studies in Resilience Engineering

This volume describes how safety can change from being

protective to being productive, thereby improving the
resilience of the system. This is the fifth book published
within the Ashgate Studies in Resilience Engineering
series. The first introduced resilience engineering broadly.
The second and third established the research foundation
for the real-world applications that then were described in
the fourth volume: Resilience Engineering in Practice. The
current volume continues this development by focusing on
the role of resilience in the development of solutions.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages
978-1-4724-2515-7 60.00


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Human Geography
The Ashgate Research
Companion to Media Geography
Edited by Paul C. Adams, University of Texas, USA,
Jim Craine, California State University, USA and
Jason Dittmer, University College London, UK
This Companion provides an authoritative source for
scholars and students of the nascent field of media
geography. By indicating the sub-disciplines evolution
and hinting at its future, this volume not only serves to
encapsulate what geographers have learned about media
but also will help to set the agenda for expanding this type
of interdisciplinary exploration. The contributors-leading
scholars in this field not only review the existing literature,
but also articulate arguments about where the future might
take media geography scholarship.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

430 pages
978-1-4094-4401-5 85.00


State of Insecurity?
Edited by Elisabeth Vallet, University of Quebec, Canada
Border Regions Series

This book explores the issue of how the return of the border
fences and walls as a political tool may be symptomatic
of a new era in border studies and international relations.
Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this volume examines
problems that include security issues; the recurrence and/
or decline of the wall; wall discourses; legal approaches to
the wall; the wall industry and border technology as well as
their symbolism, role, objectives and efficiency.
290 pages



Communities in Transition:
Protected Nature and Local
People in Eastern and Central
Saska Petrova, University of Manchester, UK
Ashgate Studies in Environmental Policy and Practice

Providing an integrated perspective on why, how and

for whom nature conservation practices have been
implemented in CEE, this book sheds further light upon the
mechanisms through which such practices both redefine
and are affected by the everyday life of people living in
national parks. Offering a critical global review of the
environmental motivations and power interests behind
the creation of national parks, as well as a typology of the
relations between local people and the dynamics of nature
protection in them, this work challenges the dichotomy
between developed and developing countries that pervades
much of the academic literature on nature protection.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Emergent Urbanism
Urban Planning & Design in Times of
Structural and Systemic Change

Paul Morland, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

International Population Studies

Offering a new way of thinking about demographic

engineering (hard demography versus soft demography)
and how ethnic groups in conflict deploy demographic
strategies, this book will have a broad appeal to
demographers, geographers and political scientists. It asks
how policies have been framed and implemented to change
the demography of ethnic groups on the ground in their own
interests. It also examines how successful these policies
have been, focusing on the cases of Sri Lanka, Israel /
Palestine, Northern Ireland and the U.S.A.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4724-4164-5 65.00


206 pages
978-1-4094-4850-1 60.00


Edited by Tigran Haas, KTH Royal Institute of

Technology, Sweden and Krister Olsson, University
of Gothenburg, Sweden
Design and the Built Environment

Bringing together leading academics from across a range

of disciplines, Emergent Urbanism identifies the specific
issues dominating todays urban planning and urban design
discourse, arguing that urban planning and design not only
results from deliberate planning and design measures, but
how these combine with infrastructure planning, and derive
from economic, social and spatial processes of structural
change. Combining explorations from urban planning,
urban theory, human geography, sociology, urban design
and architecture, the volume provides a comprehensive and
state-of-the-art overview, highlighting the complexities of
these interactions in space and place, process and design.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Borders, Fences and Walls

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Demographic Engineering:
Population Strategies in
Ethnic Conflict

Edible Identities:
Food as Cultural Heritage

240 pages
978-1-4094-5727-5 60.00

Edited by Ronda L. Brulotte, University of New Mexico,

USA and Michael A. Di Giovine, West Chester University,

Encountering Affect

Heritage, Culture and Identity

Ben Anderson, Durham University, UK

Bringing together cultural anthropologists, archaeologists,

historians and other scholars of food and heritage, this
volume closely examines the ways in which the cultivation,
preparation, and consumption of food is used to create
identity claims of cultural heritage on local, regional,
national and international scales. Featuring case studies
from Europe, Asia and the Americas, this timely volume
also addresses the complex processes of classifying,
designating, and valorizing food as terroir, slow food, or as
intangible cultural heritage through UNESCO. By effectively
analyzing food and foodways through the perspectives
of critical heritage studies, this collection productively
brings two overlapping but frequently separate theoretical
frameworks into conversation.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4094-4263-9 60.00



Capacities, Apparatuses, Conditions

In Encountering Affect, Ben Anderson explores why
understanding affect matters and offers one account of
affective life that hones in on the different ways in which
affects are ordered. Intervening in debates around nonrepresentational theories, he argues that affective life is
always-already mediated the never finished product of
apparatuses, encounters and conditions. Through a wide
range of examples including dread-debility-dependency
in torture, ordinary hopes, and precariousness, Anderson
shows the significance of affect for understanding life today.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

202 pages
978-0-7546-7024-7 60.00


The Ethnopoetics of
Space and Transformation
Young Peoples Engagement,
Activism and Aesthetics
Stuart C. Aitken, San Diego State University, USA
Aitken examines key life-changing events to look at the
interconnections between space, politics, change and
emotions. Analysing the intricate spatial complexities of
these events, he explores the emotions that undergird
the ways change takes place, and the perplexing spatial
politics that almost always accompany transformations.
Aitken positions young people as effective agents of change
without romanticizing their political involvement as fantasy
and unrealistic dreaming. Going further, he suggests that
it is the emotional palpability of youth engagement and
activism that makes it so potent and productive.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4094-2251-8 60.00



New Titles July December 2014


Human Geography
European Integration
and Rural Development
Actors, Institutions and Power
Michael Kull, MTT Agrifood Research Finland
and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning

By examining the Community Initiative LEADER+ and

setting this within a discussion of the state and structure of
rural development policy, this book looks at the challenges,
opportunities and policy options which are available and
have been implemented in rural development. It shows
that these are often context dependent and that the future
of rural development policies, their shape and institutional
configuration depend on reforms put in place at all levels
of governance. Finally, it argues that the MLG of rural
development policy must be built with people who have
the know-how and the (local) knowledge to implement
development projects and who have made LEADER a
success in the past.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4094-6854-7 60.00


The Geographies of Air Transport

How Outer Space Made America

Edited by Andrew R. Goetz, University of Denver, USA

and Lucy Budd, Loughborough University, UK

Geography, Organization and

the Cosmic Sublime

Transport and Mobility

Daniel Sage, Loughborough University, UK

Making a detailed contribution to geographies of air

transport and aeromobility, this book examines the practices
and processes that produce particular patterns of air
transport provision both regionally and globally. In so doing,
it updates the seminal contributions of Eva Taylor (1945),
Kenneth Sealy (1957), Brian Graham (1995) to the study of
air transport geography. Leading scholars in the field offer a
unique insight into the key developments that have occurred
in the field and the implications that these developments
have had for geography, geographers, and global patterns of
past, present and future air transport.

In this innovatory book Daniel Sage analyses how and why

American space exploration reproduced and transformed
American cultural and political imaginations by appealing
to, and to an extent organising, the transcendence of spatial
and temporal frontiers. While largely engaging with the
historical development of space exploration, it shows how
contemporary cultural and social, and indeed geographical,
research themes, including national identity, critical
geopolitics, gender, technocracy, trauma and memory,
can be informed by the study of space exploration.

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

300 pages
978-1-4094-5331-4 65.00


Governing Megacities
in Emerging Countries

Indigenous Studies and

Engaged Anthropology

Edited by Dominique Lorrain, CNRS, France

Fiscal Austerity and Innovation

in Local Governance in Europe
Edited by Carlos Nunes Silva, University of Lisbon,
Portugal and Jn Bucek, Comenius University, Slovakia
This book offers a broad perspective on some of the
organizational and financial problems faced by cities and
local governments across Europe and analyses the reactions
and reforms implemented to address current economic
and public finance conditions. The geographical coverage
of the case studies, multidisciplinary background of the
contributing authors and focus on a multiplicity of issues
and challenges that confront local governments, not just
financial issues as is often the case, means this book is
relevant to a wide readership.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

206 pages
978-1-4724-3243-8 60.00

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages
978-1-4724-2588-1 25.00
978-1-4724-2585-0 70.00


The Collaborative Moment

Edited by Paul Sillitoe, Durham University, UK
Advancing the rising field of engaged or participatory
anthropology that is emerging at the same time as increased
opposition from Indigenous peoples to research, this book
offers critical reflections on research approaches to-date.
The engaged approach seeks to change the researcherresearched relationship fundamentally, to make methods
more appropriate and beneficial to communities by involving
them as participants in the entire process from choice of
research topic onwards. The aim is not only to change power
relationships, but also engage with non-academic audiences.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

280 pages
978-1-4094-4541-8 65.00


The Housing Question

Gentrification: A Working-Class
Kirsteen Paton, University of Leeds, UK
This book reconnects class and the urban through an
ethnographically detailed analysis of a neighbourhood
undergoing gentrification which historicises class formation,
critiques policy processes and offers a new sociological
insight into gentrification from the perspective of workingclass residents This ethnography of everyday working-class
neighbourhood life in the UK serves to challenge denigrated
depictions which are used to justify the use of gentrificationbased restructuring. By exploring the relationship between
urban processes and working-class communities via
gentrification, it reveals the hidden rewards as well as the
hidden injuries of class in post-industrial neighbourhoods.
208 pages
978-1-4724-1850-0 60.00

This book focuses on the material city and its institutions and
shows that, without recourse to a big new theory, urban leaders
have devised mechanisms of ordinary government. They
have done so through the resolution of practical and essential
problems: providing electricity, drinking water, sanitation,
transportation. In the originality of its hypotheses and the
precision of the analyses carried out in the four case study
cities of Shanghai, Mumbai, Cape Town and Santiago de Chile,
this work is addressed to all those interested in the life of cities:
politicians, local and central government officials, executives in
urban companies, researchers and students.



October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

239 pages
978-1-4724-2366-5 60.00


Tensions, Continuities, and Contingencies

in the Modern City
Edited by Edward Murphy and Najib B. Hourani,
both at Michigan State University, USA
Global Urban Studies

Drawing on cutting edge perspectives from urban studies,

this book grants renewed, interdisciplinary energy to the
housing question. It explores how housing raises a series of
vexing issues surrounding rights, identity, and justice in the
modern city. Through finely detailed studies that illuminate
national and regional particularities ranging from analyses
of urban planning in the Soviet Union, the post-Katrina
reconstruction of New Orleans, to squatting in contemporary
Lima the volume underscores how housing questions
matter in a wide range of contexts.
November 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

322 pages
978-1-4094-6262-0 70.00


Innovation in Public
Transport Finance
Property Value Capture
Shishir Mathur, San Jose State University, USA
Transport and Mobility

This book reviews four major Value Capture mechanisms

all of which are used to fund transit in the US. Through the
study of prominent examples of these VC mechanisms,
it evaluates each mechanisms performance focusing on
aspects such as equity, revenue-generating potential, the
institutional capacity required to design and implement the
mechanisms, stakeholder support for these mechanisms,
and the legal and policy environment. Although the book
focuses on the US, the use of the VC mechanisms and
the urgent need for additional revenue to fund public
transportation are world-wide concerns. Therefore, one
chapter of this book is devoted exclusively to an overview of
the VC mechanisms in use internationally.
May 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

228 pages
978-1-4094-6260-6 60.00


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Human Geography
Institutional Challenges to
Intermodal Transport and

The Life of the City

Space, Humour, and the Experience of
Truth in Fin-de-sicle Montmartre

Governance in Port Regionalisation and

Hinterland Integration
Jason Monios, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Transport and Mobility

This book provides an overview of intermodal transport and

logistics including the policy background, emerging industry
trends and academic approaches. Establishing the three key
features of intermodal transport geography as intermodal
terminals, inland logistics and hinterland corridors, Jason
Monios takes an institutional approach to understanding the
difficulties of successful intermodal transport and logistics.
Key areas of investigation include the policy and planning
background, the roles of public and private stakeholders and
the identification of emerging strategy conflicts.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

258 pages
978-1-4724-2321-4 65.00

Gordon Wilmsmeier, United Nations Economic

Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
and the University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Transport and Society

Based on in-depth empirical research this book develops

our understanding of maritime transport costs, the maritime
industry and the competitiveness of regions in a global
market environment through a geographical lens. Further, the
book uses a unique set of data that gives an extensive insight
into Latin American international maritime transport costs
and its determinants. This is a clear call for policy makers
and port authorities to strengthen transnational cooperation
in order to improve the development of the whole system of
maritime transport, focusing on the causes that put regions at
risk of becoming peripheral and uncompetitive.

An Introduction to Landscape
and Garden Design and Practice
Second Edition
James Blake
How do you design a landscape book suitable for its
intended uses? How can the natural qualities of a landscape
be enhanced with new features and focal points? How can
you make pedestrians stay on the footpath? What kind of
plant, path or wall should you put where, and what sort of
contract should you choose for your clients contractor?
This refreshing, down-to-earth book answers these
questions, guiding new students through the many facets of
professional practice and welding together the artistic, legal,
financial, environmental and management issues which can
seem so dauntingly disconnected.
350 pages
978-0-7546-7486-3 35.00
978-0-7546-7485-6 70.00

The Life of the City is a bold and innovative reassessment

of the early urban avant-garde movements that sought
to re-imagine and reinvent the experiential life of the city.
Constructing a ground-breaking theoretical analysis of the
relationships between biological life, urban culture, and
modern forms of biopolitical experiential authority, Julian
Brigstocke traces the failed attempts of Parisian radicals to
turn the crisis of authority in late nineteenth century Paris
into an opportunity to invent new forms of urban commons.

This book shows how urban design can complement other

disciplines when tackling the complex task of understanding
and improving the built environments public realm. It also
bridges the gap between theory and practice as it draws
from empirical research to suggest more quantitative
approaches towards auditing and improving public places.
By seeing where and why certain public places fail, direct
and informed interventions can be made to improve them
and through this contribute to the building of more attractive
and sustainable cities.

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

246 pages
978-1-4094-4896-9 60.00


280 pages
978-1-4094-6745-8 65.00


Lifestyle Mobilities

Moral Encounters in Tourism

Edited by Tara Duncan, University of Otago, New Zealand,

Scott A. Cohen, University of Surrey, UK and Maria
Thulemark, Dalarna University, Sweden

Market Structures and Network Configurations

August 2014

Design and the Built Environment

Studies in Historical Geography

Intersections of Travel, Leisure and Migration

International Maritime
Transport Costs

224 pages
978-1-4094-2724-7 60.00

Georgiana Varna, University of Glasgow, UK


September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Julian Brigstocke, Plymouth University, UK

Measuring Public Space:

The Star Model


Current Developments in the Geographies of

Leisure and Tourism

This book highlights the crossroads between concepts

of lifestyle and the growing body of work on mobilities.
The study of lifestyle offers a lens through which to study
the kinds of moorings, dwellings, repetitions and routines
around which mobilities become socially, culturally and
politically meaningful. Bringing together scholars from
geography, sociology, tourism, history and beyond, the
authors illustrate the breadth and richness of mobilities
research through the concept of lifestyle.
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

280 pages
978-1-4094-5371-0 65.00


Linking Networks: The Formation

of Common Standards and
Visions for Infrastructure

Edited by Mary Mostafanezhad, University of Hawaii

at Manoa and Kevin Hannam, Leeds Metropolitan
University, UK
Current Developments in the Geographies of
Leisure and Tourism

Illustrating the role of power and power relations in

tourism encounters within different political, economic,
environmental and cultural contexts, the authors in
this anthology analyse, theoretically and empirically,
the implications of the privileging of some moralities
at the expense of others. Key themes include the moral
consumption of tourism experiences, embodiment in
tourism encounters, environmental moralities as well as
methodological aspects of morality in tourism research.
Crossing disciplinary and chronological boundaries, Moral
Encounters in Tourism provides a much-anticipated overview
of this new interdisciplinary terrain and offers possible
routes for new research on the intersection of morality and
tourism studies.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

264 pages
978-1-4724-1844-9 65.00


Edited by Martin Schiefelbusch and Hans-Liudger

Dienel, both at Berlin Technical University, Germany
Transport and Society

Presenting recent research on the international integration

of infrastructures in Europe this book combines general
and methodological chapters and examples from a
variety of different sectors such as transport, electricity
and communication networks. The wide range of topics
gives a good overview of the different challenges posed
and the strategies employed in each sector to establish
internationally compatible networks, procedures and
standards. This work strengthens comparative research as
a complement to the detailed analysis of singular cases that
often characterises previous works in this field.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

270 pages
978-1-4094-3920-2 65.00



New Titles July December 2014


Human Geography
Negotiating Water Governance

Port-City Interplays in China

Why the Politics of Scale Matter

James Jixian Wang, University of Hong Kong

Edited by Emma S. Norman, Michigan Technological

University, USA, Christina Cook, Hebrew University of
Jerusalem, Israel and Alice Cohen, Acadia University,

Transport and Mobility

Walking a Fine Line

Based on the authors own research and investigations into

more than 25 port cities in China over the past 18 years,
this book provides vivid stories about China and challenges
existing theories on port development. This book answers
the following questions from a geographical perspective:
how has port growth been speeded up and realized under
strong state control and intervention? How have ports and
their cities affected each other? What lessons can Chinas
port-cities learn from other countries, regions and cities?
and what will be the next stage of port-city interplays in
China in this globalizing era?

Edited by Amy E. Lesen, Dillard University, USA

Ashgate Studies in Environmental Policy and Practice

Those who control water, hold power. Complicating matters,

water is a flow resource; constantly changing states between
liquid, solid, and gas, being incorporated into living and
non-living things and crossing boundaries of all kinds. As a
result, water governance has much to do with the question of
boundaries and scale: who is in and who is out of decisionmaking structures? Which of the many boundaries that water
crosses should be used for decision-making related to its
governance? Recently, efforts to understand the relationship
between water and political boundaries have come to the
fore of water governance debates: how and why does water
governance fragment across sectors and governmental
departments? How can we govern shared waters more
effectively? How do politics and power play out in water
governance? This book brings together and connects the
work of scholars to engage with such questions.
January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

300 pages
978-1-4094-6790-8 70.00


On South Bank: The Production

of Public Space
Alasdair J.H. Jones, London School of Economics, UK
Re-materialising Cultural Geography

Through an in-depth ethnographic examination of

Londons South Bank, this book explores the value widely
presupposed on urban public space. Based on subjective
accounts of the value of public space, as well as observations
of how the South Bank is used and practised on a daily
basis, it argues that this value is not so much inherent to
physical public space itself as it is derived through the
everyday use and production of that space. Public space is
valued not only for its essential material characteristics but
also for the productive potential that these characteristics, if
properly managed, afford on a daily basis.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

302 pages
978-1-4094-4003-1 70.00


The Paradoxes of Planning

A Psycho-Analytical Perspective
Sara Westin, Uppsala University, Sweden
New Directions in Planning Theory

Using a philosophical and psychoanalytical approach,

this book critically examines expert knowledge within
architecture and urban planning. Its point of departure is
the the gap between visions and realities, intentions and
outcomes in planning, with particular focus on projects in
Sweden that try to create an urban atmosphere. Finding
insights from the work of Sigmund Freud and his followers,
the book argues that urban planning during the 20th century
is a neurotic activity prone to produce a type of alienation.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

304 pages
978-1-4094-4803-7 65.00


August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

213 pages
978-1-4724-2689-5 60.00


Psychoanalytic Geographies
Edited by Paul Kingsbury, Simon Fraser University,
Canada and Steve Pile, Open University, UK
Psychoanalytic Geographies is a unique, pathbreaking volume and a core text for anyone seeking
to grasp how psychoanalysis helps us understand
fundamental geographical questions, and how
geographical understandings can offer new ways of
thinking psychoanalytically. Elaborating on a variety of
psychoanalytic approaches that embrace geographical
imaginations and a commitment toward spatial thinking,
this book demonstrates the breadth, depth, and vitality
of cutting edge work in psychoanalytic geographies and
presents readers with as wide a set of options as possible for
taking psychoanalysis forward in their own work.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

374 pages
978-1-4094-5761-9 30.00
978-1-4094-5760-2 75.00


Remembering the Cultural

Geographies of a Childhood Home

Scientists, Experts,
and Civic Engagement
Ashgate Studies in Environmental Policy and Practice

How do scientists, scholars, and other experts engage with

the general public and with the communities affected by
their work or residing in their sites of study? Where are the
fine lines between public scholarship, civic engagement,
and activism? Must academics give back once they collect
data and publish results? In this volume, authors from a
wide range of disciplines examine these relationships to
assess how they can be fruitful or challenging. Describing
the methodological and ethical issues that experts must
consider when carrying out public scholarship, this book
includes a checklist for critical factors of success in
engagement and an examination of the role of digital social
media in science communication.
January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

172 pages
978-1-4724-1524-0 60.00


Tourism and Violence

Edited by Hazel Andrews, Liverpool John Moores
University, UK
New Directions in Tourism Analysis

Drawing on a range of case studies this book demonstrates

the relationship between tourism and violence both in its
overt physical form and in the social structures and symbolic
landscapes that underpin touristic activity. Tourism and
Violence offers a timely intervention in this field by bringing
together, for the first time, work by scholars who, in their
different ways, are engaging with the concept of violence
within touristic settings and practices. This unique book
paves the way for future research that will probe further the
intersections between violence and tourism.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

274 pages
978-1-4094-3640-9 65.00


Peter Hughes Jachimiak, University of South Wales, UK

Tourism, Performance and Place

This book is primarily structured by the authors memories

of living in his own Welsh childhood home during the 1970s.
Employing an innovative auto-ethnographic approach
to investigate the otherness of the places that make up
the childhood home and its neighbourhood in relation to
memory-derived and memory-imbued cultural geographies,
Remembering the Cultural Geographies of a Childhood
Home is concerned with childhood spaces and childrens
perspectives of those spaces and, consequentially, with the
personalised locations that make up the childhood family
home and its immediate surroundings.

A Geographic Perspective

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4094-4812-9 60.00


Jillian M. Rickly-Boyd, Daniel C. Knudsen, Lisa C.

Braverman, Indiana University, USA and Michelle M.
Metro-Roland, Western Michigan University, USA
New Directions in Tourism Analysis

Drawing upon theories of landscape and performance, this

work weaves together existing tourism literature with new
scholarship to forge a geographically informed theory of
tourism. Such a theory integrates the ways in which places
are co-produced, circulated, interpreted, experienced, and
performed for and by tourists, tourism boards, and even
as everyday spaces. Bringing together theories of ritual,
Peircean semiotics, ideology, and performance, the authors
blend the often separate literatures of tourism sites and
touristic practices.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages
978-1-4094-3613-3 60.00


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Human Geography
Travel and Transformation
Edited by Garth Lean, Russell Staiff and Emma Waterton,
all at the University of Western Sydney, Australia
Current Developments in the Geographies of
Leisure and Tourism

Urban Transformations: Centres,

Peripheries and Systems

World Heritage in Iran

Edited by Daniel P. Donoghue, Canterbury Christ

Church University, UK

Edited by Ali Mozaffari, Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute,

Curtin University, Australia

Bringing together geographers, sociologists, cultural

researchers, philosophers, anthropologists, visual
researchers, literary scholars and heritage researchers,
this volume explores what it means to transform through
travel in a modern, mobile world. In doing so, it draws
upon a wide variety of traveller perspectives including
tourists, backpackers, lifestyle travellers, migrants,
refugees, nomads, walkers, writers, poets, virtual travellers
and cosmetic surgery patients to unpack a cultural
phenomenon that has captured the imagination since
the very first works of Western literature.

This book explores the role of cities, their influence and the
transformations they have undertaken in the recent past, the
ways in which cities regenerate, how plans change, how they
are governed and how they react to the economic realities
of the day. Bringing together studies from around the world
at different scales, from small town to megacity, this volume
captures a snapshot of some of the changes in city centres,
suburbs, and the wider urban region. In doing so, it provides
a deeper understanding of the evolving form and function of
cities and their associated peripheral regions as well as their
impact on modern twenty-first century landscapes.

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

252 pages
978-1-4094-6763-2 65.00


230 pages
978-1-4094-6851-6 65.00


Travel, Tourism and Art

Volunteer Tourism

Edited by Tijana Rakic, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

and Jo-Anne Lester, University of Brighton, UK

Popular Humanitarianism in Neoliberal Times

Mary Mostafanezhad, University of Hawaii

Current Developments in the Geographies of

Leisure and Tourism

New Directions in Tourism Analysis

December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

254 pages
978-1-4724-1039-9 65.00


172 pages
978-1-4094-6953-7 60.00

Under Construction: Logics of

Urbanism in the Gulf Region
Edited by Steffen Wippel and Katrin Bromber, both
at ZMO, Germany, Christian Steiner, University of
Osnabrck, Germany and Birgit Krawietz, Free
University Berlin, Germany

This edited volume presents for the first time a broad,

multi-disciplinary examination of Pasargadae by experts
from both outside and within Iran. It specifically focuses on
those disciplines that are absent from existing studies, such
as ethnography, tourism and museum studies providing
valuable insights into this fascinating place. In conclusion,
the book argues that to understand World Heritage sites and
their problems fully, a holistic approach should be adopted,
which considers the manifold of perspectives and issues and
it puts forward a novel approach to the question of heritage,
representation and construction of collective identity from
the framework of place.
258 pages
978-1-4094-4844-0 65.00


Worldwide Knowledge?
Global Firms, Local Labour and the Region
Martina Fuchs, University of Cologne, Germany

This first full length treatment of volunteer tourism taking a

longitudinal ethnographic approach offers a comprehensive
and comparative study of the perspectives of Thai host
community members, NGO practitioners and international
volunteer tourists. The book thus shines an ethnographic
lens onto the complexities and contradictions of the
volunteer tourism experience. Drawing on cross-disciplinary
perspectives in geography and anthropology as well as
development, tourism and cultural studies, Volunteer
Tourism illustrates how a focus on sentimentality in the
volunteer tourism encounter obscures the structural
inequalities on which the experience is based.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Heritage, Culture and Identity

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Focusing on the representations of touristic places, locals,

travellers and tourists in artworks; the role of travel and
tourism in inspiring artists; as well as the role of art and
artwork in imagining, experiencing and remembering places
and motivating travel and tourism; this edited volume
provides a space for an exploration of both historical and
contemporary relationships between travel, tourism and art.
Bringing together scholars from a wide range of disciplines
and fields of study, this volume discusses a range of case
studies across different art forms and locales.

Perspectives on Pasargadae


Ashgate Economic Geography Series

Putting forward a comprehensive view of knowledge with a

specific perspective on place and space, this book provides
a new perspective on the globalisation of knowledge.
Crossing disciplinary boundaries, the principal agenda of
this volume is to open up a perspective beyond knowledge
i.e. beyond the interpretation of knowledge as scientifictechnical knowledge. Author Martina Fuchs introduces
further kinds of knowledge and interpretation which
influence managements perception of globalisation and
therefore the knowledge which is going global. Exploring
beyond the meaning of worldwide knowledge as general
open access knowledge, this book also discusses barriers
to knowledge, problems of transfer, and the influence of
governance and control.
December 2014
ebook PDF
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156 pages
978-1-4724-1016-0 60.00


Interdisciplinary in approach, this volume explores and

deciphers the symbolic value and iconicity of the built
environment in the Arab Gulf Region, its aesthetics, language
and performative characteristics. It suggests that recent
developments in this region of the world not only represent a
showcase of extraordinary initiatives by which these desert
states have transformed, but also that the commodification of
local traditions acts as an essential element in the countries
effort to design an Arab version of (hyper-)modernity and to
position themselves as a regional and global archetype, which
has frequently been adopted elsewhere.
October 2014
ebook PDF
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319 pages
978-1-4724-1288-1 70.00



New Titles July December 2014


Information and Cultural Management

Australian Artists in the
Contemporary Museum

Crowdsourcing our
Cultural Heritage

Integrity in Government
through Records Management

Jennifer Barrett and Jacqueline Millner, University of

Sydney, Australia

Edited by Mia Ridge, Open University, UK

Essays in Honour of Anne Thurston

Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities

In Australia, the artists engagement with the museum

is traditionally regarded as having an important role in
the colonial project but, as times have changed, the postcolonial viewpoint has come to the fore. The authors of
Australian Artists and the Museum propose that the artists
engagement has moved from politically informed critique
taking place in museums of fine art, towards a critique of
the creation of knowledge taking place in non-art museums,
assuming new forms, including the artist acting as curator,
art interventions that highlight the use of taxonomic modes
of display and categorization, and the engagement with the
aesthetics of collections to suggest different readings of
objects and artefacts.

Crowdsourcing, or asking the general public to help

contribute to shared goals, is increasingly popular in
memory institutions as a tool for digitising or computing
vast amounts of data. This book brings together for the first
time the collected wisdom of international leaders in the
theory and practice of crowdsourcing in cultural heritage.
It features eight accessible case studies of groundbreaking
projects from leading cultural heritage and academic
institutions, and four thought-provoking essays that
reflect on the wider implications of this engagement for
participants and on the institutions themselves.
This book will be essential reading for information
and cultural management professionals, students and
researchers in universities, corporate, public or academic
libraries, museums and archives.

Edited by James Lowry, International Records

Management Trust and Justus Wamukoya, Moi
University, Kenya

July 2014

180 pages
978-1-4094-4249-3 30.00


October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

BIALL Handbook of Legal

Information Management
The second edition of this popular handbook has been
thoroughly updated by the original team of experts and some
new contributors, to provide current best practice guidance on
the key legal information issues for every type of service. Each
of the chapters is updated to reflect general changes in law
libraries and their users in the past seven years. In particular,
the handbook covers new information technologies, including
social networking and communication. New chapters also
focus on the key topics of outsourcing, and the impact of
the 2007 Legal Services Act. The second edition of this
valuable handbook continues to be an important professional
reference tool for managers and staff of all types of legal
information services, and will help them with the challenges
they face in their work every day.

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Digital Archetypes

Edited by Loyita Worley and Sarah Spells

456 pages
978-1-4094-2396-6 85.00


Second Edition

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages
978-1-4724-1022-1 65.00


As a celebration of Anne Thurstons contribution to the

field of archives and records management, and public
administration in the developing world, this excellent
volume brings together scholars and practicing archivists
to discuss the key issues around public records and good
governance. Never before have these authors from the
developing and developed world published together on
the intersection of records and archives and development,
a key to good governance. The book covers three broad
areas records management and training, governance
and transparency and digital records management and
preservation. Case studies from all over Africa enhance the
theoretical and practical perspectives taken by the authors.
This book will be essential reading for scholars and students
interested in records management and good governance
around the world.
224 pages
978-1-4724-2845-5 60.00


Adaptations of Early Temple Architecture

in South and Southeast Asia
Sambit Datta, Curtin University, Australia and
David Beynon, Deakin University, Australia

Museum Representations
of Maoist China

Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities

From Cultural Revolution to Commie Kitsch

This multi-disciplinary study of early archetypal Brahmanic,

Hindu and Buddhist temple architectures examines how
the styles from northwest India were adapted as they
spread into Southeast Asia. It unravels the specifically
compositional and architectural linkages along the trading
routes of South and Southeast Asia, and the common
themes and influences to be seen in the early temples of
Java, Cambodia and Champa. Using digital reconstruction
and recovery of three-dimensional temple forms, the authors
have developed a digital dataset of early Indian antecedents,
tested new technologies for the acquisition of built heritage
and developed new methods for comparative analysis of
built form geometry.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

248 pages
978-1-4094-7064-9 65.00


Amy Jane Barnes, University of Leicester, UK

The collection, interpretation and display of art from the
Peoples Republic of China, and particularly the art of the
Cultural Revolution, have been problematic for museums.
These objects challenge our perception of Chineseness
and their style, content and the means of their production
question accepted notions of how we perceive art. This book
links art history, museology and visual culture studies to
examine how museums have attempted to reveal, discuss
and resolve some of these issues. This book will be of
interest to scholars and students in museology, visual
and cultural studies as well as scholars of Chinese and
revolutionary art.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

230 pages
978-1-4724-1655-1 65.00


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Information and Cultural Management

Museums and Restitution

Redisplaying Museum

World Heritage, Urban Design

and Tourism

Edited by Louise Tythacott, University of London, UK

and Kostas Arvanitis, University of Manchester, UK

Contemporary Display and Interpretation

in British Museums

Three Cities in the Middle East

This book examines contemporary approaches to restitution

from the perspective of museums. It focuses on the ways in
which these institutions have been addressing the subject
at a regional, national and international level. In particular,
it explores contemporary practices and recent claims, and
investigates to what extent the question of restitution as
an issue of ownership is still at large, or whether museums
have found additional ways to conceptualise and practice
restitution, by thinking beyond the issue of ownership. The
challenges, benefits and drawbacks of recent and current
museum practice are explored.

Hannah Paddon

New Practices, New Approaches

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages
978-1-4094-3563-1 60.00


Museums in the
New Mediascape

Luna Khirfan, University of Waterloo, Canada

This is the first book to examine, in depth, the multi-million

pound redisplay and reinterpretation process in British
museums in the early twenty-first century. Acknowledging
the importance of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) as project
catalyst, Hannah Paddon explains and explores the complex
process, from the initial stages of project conceptualisation
to the final stages of museum re-opening and exhibition
evaluation. She also provides an in-depth look, using three
case study museums, at the factors which shape each
museum redisplay project including topics such as museum
architecture, government agendas and the exhibition team.
Finally, the book offers discussions and conclusions around
pitfalls and successes and thoughts about the future of
collection redisplay.

This book offers an interdisciplinary approach to the key

relationships between heritage conservation, city space
design, and tourism development in historic cities, linking
theory and practice in a unique way. The book offers an
investigation of three Middle Eastern historic cities, Aleppo,
Acre and Salt, all of which face significant challenges of
heritage conservation, adaptation to contemporary needs,
and tourism development. It presents practical scenarios
for the conservation and design of historic urban spaces
and the development of sustainable tourism, from the
perspective of planners, local communities and international
tourists. The author offers a comparative approach which
transcends political strife and provides valuable lessons for
the other cities inscribed on UNESCOs World Heritage List,
especially those in developing countries.

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

160 pages
978-1-4094-4707-8 60.00


224 pages
978-1-4094-2407-9 60.00


Transmedia, Participation, Ethics

Jenny Kidd, Cardiff University, UK
The museum today faces complex questions of definition,
representation, ethics, aspiration and economic survival.
Alongside this we see burgeoning use of an array of new media
including increasingly dynamic web portals and content,
digital archives, social networks, blogs and online games.
At the heart of this are changes to the idea of visitor and
audience and their participation and representation in the
new cultural sphere. This insightful book unpacks a number of
contradictions that help to frame and articulate digital media
work in the museum and questions what constitutes authentic
participation. Based on original empirical research and a
range of case studies the author explores questions about the
museum as media from a number of different disciplines and
shows that across museums and the study of them, the cultural
logic is changing.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

176 pages
978-1-4094-4299-8 60.00


Uncertain Images: Museums

and the Work of Photographs
Edited by Elizabeth Edwards, De Montfort University, UK
and Sigrid Lien, University of Bergen, Norway
This book brings into focus the ubiquitous yet entirely
unconsidered work that photographs are put to in museums.
The authors argument is that there is an economy of
photographs in museums which is integral to the processes
of the museum, and integral to the understanding of
museums. The international contributors, drawn from
curators and academics, reflect a range of visual and
museological expertise. The volume emerges from
PhotoCLEC, a HERA funded project on museums and the
photographic legacy of the colonial past in a postcolonial
and multicultural Europe.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

272 pages
978-1-4094-6489-1 65.00


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Heritage and Cultural Management 2014
catalogue from our website now

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New Titles July December 2014


Law and Legal Studies

Administrative Litigation
Systems in Greater China
and Europe

Asylum A Right Denied

Codifying Contract Law

A Critical Analysis of European Asylum Policy

International and Consumer Law


Edited by Yuwen Li, Erasmus University Rotterdam,

The Netherlands

Law and Migration

The Rule of Law in China and Comparative Perspectives

This book provides a comparative study of the administrative

litigation systems in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao,
as well as in a number of selected European countries
including both states with an advanced rule of law and new
democracies. The collective work illustrates the common
characteristics of the rapid development of administrative
litigation systems and whilst pointing out the shortcomings
and challenges faced by each jurisdiction, the book offers
both ideas and inspiration on how the systems can learn
from, and influence each other.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages
978-1-4724-3608-5 70.00


Helen ONions, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Edited by Mary Keyes and Therese Wilson,

Griffith University, Australia

This book examines the effect of recent attempts to

harmonize the identification and protection of refugees and
questions whether European law and policy adequately
uphold the fundamental right to seek and enjoy asylum as
set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It
considers the extent of obligations of the State to admit and
protect refugees, examines legislation concerning asylum
procedures and reception conditions, highlights proposals
and initiatives for refugee movements and determinations
and discusses improved protection of refugees while
responding to the security concerns of States.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

272 pages
978-1-4094-0409-5 70.00


Between Cultural Diversity

and Common Heritage

Edited by Le Cheng, Zhejiang University, China,

King Kui Sin, Hang Seng Management College,
Hong Kong and Anne Wagner, Lille University - Nord de

Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of codifying

contract law, this book considers the question from the
perspectives of both civil and common law systems,
referring in detail to issues of international and consumer
law. With contributions from leading international scholars,
the chapters present a range of opinions on the virtues of
codification, encouraging further debate on this topic. It will
be of interest to international and comparative contract law
academics, as well as regulators and policy-makers.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages



The Ashgate Handbook of

Legal Translation

Markets and the Law

Legal and Religious Perspectives on the

Sacred Places of the Mediterranean

Concepts of Law
Comparative, Jurisprudential,
and Social Science Perspectives

Edited by Silvio Ferrari, University of Milan, Italy and

Andrea Benzo, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Italy

Edited by Sen Patrick Donlan, University of Limerick,

Ireland and Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, Swiss
Institute of Comparative Law, Switzerland

Cultural Diversity and Law

Juris Diversitas

This collection investigates the latest advances in the field

of legal translation and provides an invaluable reference
volume for all academics and practitioners in the field. The
authors offer philosophical, rhetorical, terminological and
lexicographical perspectives and explore a range of topics
from both theoretical and practical positions. Multiple and
pluralistic viewpoints are also offered in the analysis of legal
translation among different jurisdictions such as China, the
EU and Japan.

This book presents legal perspectives on the most important

sacred places of the Mediterranean. The authors discuss
the notion of sacred places in anthropological, sociological
and legal studies, provide an overview of existing legal
approaches to their protection and consider the meaning of
sacred places in Jewish, Christian and Islamic thought. The
book concludes with detailed analysis of the legal status of
key sacred places and a set of legal principles to support a
general framework within which specific legal measures can
be implemented.

In this study international legal experts explore legal

concepts and contexts from diverse national and disciplinary
perspectives. Themes range from legal and normative
pluralism to the development of state law and legal systems,
and from laws rhetoric and the potential utility of alternative
vocabularies to the polyjurality of the present. The study
combines theoretical analyses and case studies to create a
rich picture of present scholarship on laws and norms and
the state of contemporary legal complexity, each crossing
traditional boundaries.

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Law, Language and Communication

352 pages
978-1-4094-6966-7 85.00


The Ashgate Research

Companion to Islamic Law
Edited by Rudolph Peters, University of Amsterdam,
The Netherlands and Peri Bearman, Harvard University,
This Companion provides a comprehensive and authoritative
guide to current research in the thriving area of Islamic
law. The book presents classical Islamic law through a
historiographical introduction to and analysis of the Western
scholarship. A distinguished group of authors provide an
overview of their particular specialty, reflect on past and
current thinking and also point to directions for future
research. The Companion covers key debates and provokes
new ways of thinking about long-standing issues in this
increasingly relevant and popular discipline.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

432 pages
978-1-4094-3893-9 85.00


360 pages
978-1-4724-2601-7 80.00


272 pages
978-1-4094-5526-4 70.00


Bioproperty, Biomedicine
and Deliberative Governance

Contemporary Perspectives on
the Detection, Investigation and
Prosecution of Art Crime

Patents as Discourse on Life

Katerina Sideri, The Open University, Greece

Australasian, European and

North American Perspectives

Globalization and Law

The focus of this book is on regulatory agencies, such

as the European Patent Office and the World Trade
Organisation, and their role and function in the regulation of
the bioeconomy. The author argues that the administrative
culture and underlying ethical visions that underpin
questions of governance and legal reasoning in the
legitimate decision making by these regulatory agencies
have far reaching consequences in many fields such as
biotechnological and biomedical research.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages
978-0-7546-7738-3 65.00


Edited by Duncan Chappell, University of Sydney,

Australia, and Saskia Hufnagel, University of London,
In the world of law enforcement art and antiquity crime has in
the past usually assumed a place of low interest and priority.
That situation has now slowly begun to change on both the
local and international level as criminals, encouraged in
part by the record sums now being paid for art treasures, are
now seeking to exploit the art market more systematically by
means of theft, fraud and looting. In this collection academics
and practitioners from Australasia, Europe and North America
combine to examine the challenges presented to the criminal
justice system by these developments.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages



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Law and Legal Studies

Crime and Punishment: Critical
Essays in Legal Philosophy

Developing Restorative
Justice Jurisprudence

The European Unfair

Commercial Practices Directive

5-Volume Set

Rethinking Responses to Criminal Wrongdoing

Edited by Thom Brooks, University of Durham, UK

Tony Foley, Australian National University

Impact, Enforcement Strategies

and National Legal Systems

Crime and Punishment: Critical Essays in Legal


International and Comparative Criminal Justice

Crime and punishment are emotive issues which raise

important and challenging questions. Can punishment
be justified? If so, then what purpose does it have? Which
practices best cohere with this purpose? These and
many other questions are addressed by this series of five
volumes which bring together classic articles written by
leading international figures in the field. Each volume
is organised thematically with a general introduction to
provide an accessible overview of the latest research. The
essays selected for inclusion are seminal works published
in English and the series constitutes an invaluable
reference resource for libraries, students, researchers and
June 2014
Hardback Set

2468 pages
978-1-4094-5126-6 700.00 $1375.00

Aim Muyoboke Karimunda, Supreme Court of the

Republic of Rwanda and the University of Rwanda
Human development is not simply about wealth and
economic well-being, it is also dependent upon shared
values that cherish the sanctity of human life. Using
comparative methods, archival research and quantitative
findings, this book explores the historical and cultural
background of the death penalty in Africa, and presents a
clear and compelling case for the total abolition of the death
penalty throughout Africa. It is essential reading for those
interested in promoting democracy and the protection of
fundamental human rights in Africa.

Declarations of Interdependence
A Legal Pluralist Approach to
Indigenous Rights
Kirsten Anker, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Cultural Diversity and Law

This book takes up the postcolonial challenge for law and

explains how the problems of recognition are tied to an
orthodox theory of law. The author focuses on prominent
aspects of legal discourse and process and includes case
studies and examples principally drawn from Australia and
Canada. As a contribution to legal theory the study advances
legal pluralist approaches not just by imagining a way to
make space for indigenous legal traditions but by actually
working with their insights in building theory.
256 pages
978-1-4094-4737-5 70.00

Green Criminology

This book provides a diverse and provocative array of

arguments, critiques and recommendations from leading
researchers and scholars in the field of green criminology.
The issues addressed are three-fold: the specific characteristics
of some of the major types of environmental crime and
its perpetrators; the problem of victimization in cases of
environmental crime; and the question of how to tackle this
problem. These topics are approached from the point of view
of green criminological theory, sociology, law enforcement,
community wellbeing, environmental activism and victimology.


310 pages
978-1-4724-2278-1 70.00

New Titles July December 2014

Markets and the Law

Bringing together leading experts in the comparative law and

consumer law domain, the book discusses the impact of the
2005 Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, or UCPD, and
whether the many possible issues identified at its inception
have been borne out in practice. The volume examines the
various policy developments, the growing body of case law,
the decisions of relevant national enforcement authorities,
as well as the legislative debates which have surrounded the
implementation of the UCPD in Member States.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Edited by Toine Spapens, Tilburg University,

The Netherlands, Rob White, University of Tasmania,
Australia and Marieke Kluin, Delft University of
Technology, The Netherlands


288 pages
978-1-4724-2340-5 70.00


The Exclusionary Rule of Evidence

Comparative Analysis and Proposals for Reform
Kuo-hsing Hsieh, National Chung Cheng University,
International and Comparative Criminal Justice

This book argues the need for the establishment of an

exclusionary rule of evidence in China as a means of
protecting the people from police wrongdoing. In support
of the argument and as a means of developing a suitable
process, the author takes a comparative approach to the
foundation and development of the exclusionary rule in the
UK and the USA, whilst also exploring the issues that may
arise in transferring the rule from one legal system to another.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4724-1067-2 70.00


Family, Religion and Law

Cultural Encounters in Europe

The EU, the US and Global

Climate Governance
Edited by Christine Bakker, European University
Institute, Italy and Francesco Francioni, European
University Institute, and LUISS University, Italy
This volume presents a critical analysis of transatlantic
relations in the field of environmental governance and
climate change. Drawing on research involving experts
from leading universities and institutes, the authors provide
innovative analyses on policy measures taken by the EU
and the US, the worlds largest economic and commercial
blocs, in a number of fields, ranging from general attitudes
on environmental leadership with regard to climate change,
to energy policies and new technologies for hydrocarbons
extraction and carbon capture.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

300 pages
978-1-4724-2652-9 75.00



September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

252 pages
978-1-4094-6533-1 70.00

Perspectives within Green Criminology

The Path Towards Abolition

252 pages
978-1-4724-1534-9 70.00

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Environmental Crime
and its Victims

The Death Penalty in Africa

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

This book argues for restoration as one of the main

objectives of the criminal justice process and offers an
approach aimed at restricting the current limitations
of criminal justice process and addressing the current
deficiencies. Drawing on comparative and empirical analysis
of existing models of global practice from the three primary
jurisdictions of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the
book provides the leading examples of restorative justice
practices incorporated in mainstream criminal justice
responses from around the world.

Edited by Willem van Boom, Leiden University, the

Netherlands, Amandine Garde, University of Liverpool,
UK and Orkun Akseli, Durham University, UK


Edited by Prakash Shah, University of London, UK,

Marie-Claire Foblets, Max Planck Institute for Social
Anthropology, and Mathias Rohe, University ErlangenNrnberg, Germany
Cultural Diversity and Law in Association with RELIGARE

This collection discusses how official legal systems respond

to the reality of a plurality of family types and origins within
their jurisdictions. Presenting empirical research which
includes legal and sociological data of unprecedented
comparative depth, the volume addresses issues such
as how minority families respond to the need to organise
their legal relationships and resolve their disputes in the
shadow of official legal systems which differ from those of
their familial and communal traditions. The book invites
reflection and demonstrates the urgency and complexity of
the questions regarding the search for justice in the field of
family life in Europe today.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

260 pages
978-1-4724-3315-2 70.00



Law and Legal Studies

Foundations of EU
Food Law and Policy

God, Schools, and

Government Funding

The Integration and

Protection of Immigrants

Ten Years of the European Food Safety Authority

First Amendment Conundrums

Canadian and Scandinavian Critiques

Edited by Alberto Alemanno, HEC Paris, France and

Simone Gabbi, European Food Safety Authority, Italy

Nina J. Crimm, St Johns University School of Law, USA

and Laurence H Winer, Arizona State University, USA

Edited by Paul Van Aerschot, University of Helsinki,

Finland and Patricia Daenzer, McMaster University,

This volume presents the viewpoints of academics, food

lawyers, industry and consumer representatives as well as
those of EU policymakers on the first ten years of activity of
one of the most prominent European agencies. Its broader
purpose, however, is to discuss the future role played by EFSA
within the rapidly-evolving area of EU food law and policy.
By revisiting and discussing the milestones in the history
of EFSA, the collection provides forward-looking views of
food leaders and practitioners on the future scientific and
regulatory challenges facing the European Union.

In recent years, a conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme

Court, over vigorous dissent, has developed circumventions
to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment that
allow state legislatures to use public tax dollars to aid
private elementary and secondary education, with the
vast majority of that funding reaching parochial schools
and other religiously-affiliated education providers. In
this book Winer and Crimm clearly elucidate for readers
greater understanding and appreciation the complex and
controversial policy, legal, and constitutional issues involved
in using tax expenditures mechanisms such as exclusions,
deductions, and credits that economically function
essentially as government subsidies - to finance private,
religious schooling.

January 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

392 pages
978-1-4094-6721-2 80.00


General Defences in Criminal Law

Domestic and Comparative Perspectives
Edited by Alan Reed, Northumbria University, UK
and Michael Bohlander, Durham University, UK
Substantive Issues in Criminal Law

The law relating to general defences is one of the most

important areas in the criminal law, yet the current state
of the law in the United Kingdom reveals significant
problems in the adoption of a consistent approach to their
doctrinal and theoretical underpinnings, as exemplified by
a number of recent developments in legislation and case
law. A coherent and joined-up approach is still missing. This
volume provides an analysis of the main contentious areas
in British law, and proposes ways forward for reform.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

496 pages
978-1-4724-3335-0 85.00


January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB


Edited by Larry May and Emily McGill,

both at Vanderbilt University, USA
Philosophers and Law

The essays collected for this volume represent the best

scholarly literature on Hugo Grotius available in the English
language. The focus is on Grotius contribution to political
concepts such as liberty and property and to issues in
international law and the laws of war. Grotiuss work,
especially De Jure Belli ac Pacis, is as important as that of
other 17th or 18th century philosophers and this volume
is essential for anyone interested in historical and modern
debates on key issues in political and legal philosophy more
broadly, and international law in particular.
528 pages
978-1-4094-6671-0 165.00 $325.00

Human Rights and the Body

Constitutional Jurisprudence and Legislative

Reform in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean
Andrew Novak, American University Washington
College of Law, USA
Law, Justice and Power

Over the last three decades many former British colonies

have reformed their capital punishment regimes to permit
judicial sentencing discretion, including consideration
of mitigating factors. Applying a comparative analysis to
the law of capital punishment, this book examines the
constitutional jurisprudence and resulting legislative reform
in the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South and
Southeast Asia.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages
978-1-4724-2325-2 65.00


Hidden in Plain Sight

Annabelle Mooney, University of Roehampton, UK
Law, Language and Communication

This study brings research in linguistics and the way in

which the body is written upon to bear on discourse on
human rights and the body. Drawing on legal concepts and
aspects of the law of human rights, the study argues that the
proper frames for human rights are firstly the human body,
seen as an index reliant on the natural world, secondly the
globe and finally, language. These three frames generate
rights to food, water, sleep and shelter, environmental
protection and a right against dehumanization.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4724-2259-0 70.00

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

304 pages
978-1-4724-3654-2 75.00


The Judicial System and

Reform in Post-Mao China

Grotius and Law

The Global Decline of the

Mandatory Death Penalty

This book draws attention to weaknesses in the regulation

and implementation of integration provisions threatening
the immigrants individual rights in the EU member states
of Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The study uses Canada
as a point of reference and challenges readers to critically
review the meaning of rights and the notion of global caring.
It takes a critical look at how vulnerable immigrants fare in
a largely immigrant nation with a welfare capitalism legacy,
when compared to three European nations which claim to
embrace institutional welfare models.

September 2014

304 pages
978-1-4094-5031-3 75.00

Law and Migration


Stumbling Towards Justice

Yuwen Li, Erasmus University Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
The Rule of Law in China and Comparative Perspectives

This comprehensive study examines the development and

changing characteristics of the judicial system and reform
process over the past three decades in China. Using a
combination of traditional modes of legal analysis, case
studies, and empirical research, the study reflects upon
the complex progress that China has made, and continues
to make, towards the modernisation of its judicial system.
It is unique in providing both breadth of coverage and
substantive details of the operation of the courts in China.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

336 pages
978-1-4724-3605-4 75.00


Law, Society and Community

Socio-Legal Essays in Honour
of Roger Cotterrell
Edited by Richard Nobles and David Schiff, both at
Queen Mary, University of London
This collection of socio-legal studies, written by leading
theorists and researchers from around the world, offers
original, perceptive and critical contributions to ideas and
theories that have been expounded by Roger Cotterrell
over a long and distinguished career. Engaging with the
complexity and multiplicity of our contemporary legal world,
the contributions are likely to become classics themselves
as they tackle some of the most significant challenges that
modern law faces.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages
978-1-4724-0982-9 75.00


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Law and Legal Studies

Legal Education
Simulation in Theory and Practice

Mixed Legal Systems,

East and West

Edited by Caroline Strevens, University of Portsmouth,

UK, Richard Grimes, University of York, UK and
Edward Phillips, University of Greenwich, UK

Edited by Vernon Valentine Palmer, Tulane University,

USA, Mohamed Y. Mattar and Anna Koppel, both at
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Emerging Legal Education

Juris Diversitas

Demonstrating how simulation can be constructed and

developed as a mechanism for delivering and assessing,
this book argues that simulation is a pedagogically valuable
and practical tool in teaching the modern law curriculum,
and discusses the claim that this form of experiential and
problem-based learning enables students to integrate the
classroom experience with the real world experiences they
will encounter in their professional lives. The study is based
on contributions from law teachers within the UK, Australia,
Hong Kong, South Africa and the USA, as well as the
authors own experiences in teaching law.

Advancing legal scholarship in the area of mixed legal

systems, as well as comparative law more generally, this
book expands the comparative study of the worlds legal
families to those of jurisdictions containing not only
mixtures of common and civil law, but also to those mixing
Islamic and/or traditional legal systems with those derived
from common and/or civil law traditions. This volume
will be an invaluable source for students and researchers
working in the areas of comparative law, legal pluralism,
the evolution of mixed legal systems, and the impact of
colonialism on contemporary legal systems. It will also be
an important resource for policy-makers and analysts.

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages
978-1-4724-1259-1 70.00


November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

400 pages
978-1-4724-3106-6 75.00


A Comparative Perspective
Edited by Mirtn Mac Aodha, Council of the European
Union, Belgium
Law, Language and Communication

Legal lexicography or jurilexicography is the most neglected

aspect of the discipline of jurilinguistics, despite its great
relevance for translators, academics and comparative
lawyers. This volume bridges this gap by bringing together
contributions from ten jurisdictions from leading experts in
the field. The work addresses aspects of legal lexicography,
both monolingual and bilingual, in its various manifestations
in both civilian and common law systems and also compares
epistemic approaches in a subject that is inextricably bound
up with specific legal systems and specific languages.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages
978-1-4094-5441-0 75.00


This book presents a detailed and critical analysis of the

case law of the International Court of Justice through the
prism of a functional analysis between negotiations and
the judicial settlement of disputes. The focus is thus not on
the merits of each individual case, but on its contribution to
and clarification of this functional interplay. The systematic
analysis of the case law leads the way for more detailed
discussion and debate.
480 pages
978-1-4094-1045-4 90.00


Latif Tas, SOAS, University of London, UK

This book contributes to, and refocuses, public debates
about the incorporation of plural approaches into the English
legal system by examining a secular method of dispute
resolution practised by the Kurdish Peace Committee
in London. The pluralistic approach is seen by Kurdish
communities in the UK as widely applicable elsewhere, and
in a possible future Kurdish state, as a practical solution
to the challenges of a pluralistic life. The book provides a
substantive evidence base, using extensive ethnographic
data, and examines detailed case studies in the context of
the customs and practices of the Kurdish community.

July 2014

544 pages
978-1-4724-0972-0 155.00 $300.00

The Quest for Constitutionalism

Edited by Hugh Corder, University of Cape Town,
South Africa, Veronica Federico, University of Florence,
Italy and Romano Orr, University of Teramo and
Bocconi University, Italy
This volume provides a timely assessment on the progress
made towards the achievement of a constitutional
democracy in South Africa. The chapters collectively present
an in-depth analysis of the development of the legal system
and of the implications of the Constitution for the social
configuration of power.
This book provides analysis that will be relevant to scholars,
students and practitioners, specifically those interested in
International Relations, Law, Sociology of Law, and African
Studies, as well as socio-political comparative studies.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4724-1631-5 70.00


Claire Hamilton, Queens University Belfast, UK

Edinburgh/Glasgow Law and Society Series

This book addresses the present EU foundational dilemma

by looking at the problematic relationship between the ideal
model of integration and the reality of the 21st century. It
discusses the current role of the EU and whether it aspires
to be a democratic polity or a functional organization based
on inter-governmental bargaining and explores the ways and
extent to which the present European crisis could create a
politico-legal space for new possibilities and opportunities
for action.
304 pages
978-1-4724-1291-1 75.00

This volume brings together a selection of the most

important published research articles from the ongoing
debate about the moral rights of prisoners. The articles
consider the moral underpinnings of the debate and include
framework discussions for a theory of prisoners rights
as well as several international documents which detail
the rights of prisoners, including women prisoners. The
volume also features detailed analysis of the moral bases
for particular rights relating to prison conditions such as
solitary confinement, recreation and work.

A Comparative Perspective on Punitiveness

in Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand

Edited by Massimo Fichera, Finnish Academy Centre of

Excellence in Foundations of European Law and Polity
Research, Finland, Sakari Hnninen National Institute
for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland and Kaarlo Tuori
University of Helsinki, Finland

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The International Library of Essays on Rights

Reconceptualising Penality

Reflections on the European Odyssey

Dispute Resolution and the

Kurdish Peace Committee

Karel Wellens, Radboud University Nijmegen,

The Netherlands

Polity and Crisis

Legal Pluralism in Action

222 pages
978-1-4724-2208-8 70.00

A Functional Analysis

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Negotiations in the Case Law of

the International Court of Justice

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Edited by John Kleinig, The City University of New York,

USA and Charles Sturt University, Australia

South Africa since 1994

Legal Lexicography

Prisoners Rights

Advances in Criminology

Although developments such as the drastic increase in the

use of imprisonment and restrictions on parole suggest a
new, harsher punitive era, Hamiltons empirical data based
on examination of penal policies in Ireland, Scotland and
New Zealand, suggests criminal justice and penal policies
vary. This study is critical of the way in which punitiveness
is currently measured by leading criminologists and
demonstrates the utility of viewing criminal justice from the
perspective of smaller jurisdictions.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4094-6316-0 70.00




New Titles July December 2014


Law and Legal Studies


The International Library of Essays on Criminal Law

Series Editor: Stephen Shute, Sussex University, UK
Criminal law is ever evolving, impacting on many more areas of citizens lives and underpinning the operation of the state more than ever before. This new series focuses on the underlining
theory and development of current criminal law and offers analyses of the key current topics in criminal law and the universal challenges ahead. The volumes include articles and essays
selected from a comprehensive range of international publications, and feature substantial introductions which survey the current state of the field, give an overview of important issues and
explain the significance of the texts in the collection. The series is an invaluable addition to libraries building their collections in the expanding fields of criminal law and criminology as well as
a reference resource for lecturers, researchers and students.

The Codification of Criminal Law

Edited by Michael Bohlander, Durham University, UK
and Daley Birkett, University of Nottingham, UK
This volume contributes to the codification debate by bringing
together research articles which compare and contrast the
experience of countries which have a criminal code with those
operating a case law system. Whereas wholesale codification
is a much more accepted phenomenon in the continental
law traditions, simplistic transplants from one legal tradition
can result in systemic frictions and other anomalies which
may offend domestic culture. This collection is an invaluable
reference tool which supports the discussion over codification
and promotes better understanding across the common law/
civil law divide.
July 2014

576 pages
978-1-4094-5466-3 175.00 $325.00

The Structure and Limits of

Criminal Law

Theoretical Foundations of
Criminal Trial Procedure

Edited by Paul H. Robinson, University of Pennsylvania

Law School, USA

Edited by Paul Roberts, University of Nottingham, UK

This volume brings together a collection of essays, many

of them scholarly classics, which form part of the debate
around three questions central to criminal law theory: firstly,
what conduct should be necessary for criminal liability,
and what sufficient? Secondly, what culpability should be
necessary for criminal liability, and what sufficient? Finally,
essays consider the question of how criminal law rules
should be best organized into a coherent and clarifying
doctrinal structure.
July 2014

640 pages
978-1-4724-2293-4 200.00 $375.00

Criminal Law and Human Rights

The Theoretical and

Philosophical Foundations
of Criminal Law

Edited by P.H.P.H.M.C. van Kempen, Radboud University

Nijmegen, The Netherlands
The essays selected for this volume discuss the meaning
and rationale of fundamental individual rights to substantive
criminal law, criminal procedure law and sentencing
law. The essays have been chosen for their high quality,
timeless approach and general attention to issues that are
of universal interest and thus not too closely related to the
technicalities of a specific criminal justice system, and offer
a general overview as well as an in-depth examination of
criminal law and human rights.
July 2014

490 pages
978-1-4094-6098-5 155.00 $275.00

Edited by David Dolinko, UCLA School of Law, USA

This volume offers a selection of significant and influential
research articles from the contemporary philosophical
debate over the fundamental concepts and structures of
Anglo-American criminal law. The articles consider the
moral legitimacy of punishment, excuse and justification
defenses and the conundrums of attempt liability, the bases
of culpability and criminal responsibility and the appropriate
limits of the criminal law. The introduction clarifies the
contexts in which these subjects are discussed, and the
volume includes an extensive bibliography.
July 2014

Expert Evidence and Scientific

Proof in Criminal Trials

The articles and essays reproduced in this volume explore

the theoretical foundations of criminal trial procedure.
This is a precise, but also fundamentally question-begging,
description of the books scope and ambitions. Viewed
in isolation, each of the components of its title might be
regarded as conceptually problematic. There are wellrehearsed difficulties, for example, in separating trials
form pre-trial proceedings, partly because the trial/pre-trial
dichotomy is an artefact of institutional procedural traditions
and different legal systems draw the line in different places,
for reasons that seem to them compelling but would not
necessarily be viewed as logical by foreign observers.
November 2014

652 pages
978-1-4094-6605-5 200.00 $375.00

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December 2014
Hardback Set

978-1-4724-2661-1 1000.00 $1975.00
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509 pages
978-1-4094-6099-2 185.00 $350.00

Edited by Paul Roberts, University of Nottingham, UK

The articles and essays reprinted in this volume explore
many of the most significant and pressing questions,
issues, opportunities and challenges presented by forensic
science and other expert evidence for contemporary criminal
adjudication. The focus is mainly on scientific proof in
criminal trials and the criminal trial, as both cultural icon
and institutional forum par excellence for resolving disputed
questions of fact, is a natural focal-point. Despite this, many of
the essays reproduced engage with broader general themes,
and there is some explicit discussion of pre-trial process.
November 2014

682 pages
978-1-4094-6606-2 210.00


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Law and Legal Studies

Regulating Corporate Bribery
in International Business

A Restorative Approach
to Family Violence

Anti-corruption in the UK and Germany

Changing Tack

Nicholas Lord, University of Manchester, UK

Edited by Anne Hayden, Auckland University of

Technology, New Zealand, Loraine Gelsthorpe,
University of Cambridge, UK, Venezia Kingi,
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
and Allison Morris, University of Cambridge, UK
and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Law, Crime and Culture

This book is about the regulation of corporations that

use bribery in international commerce to win or maintain
overseas business contracts and interests. The author argues
that despite significant cultural differences between the
jurisdictions, UK and German anti-corruption authorities
face procedural, evidential, legal, financial and structural
difficulties that are leading to convergence in prosecution
policies. Although self-regulatory and hybrid mechanisms are
aiding the response and gaining some level of regulation, the
default position is one of accommodation by state agencies,
even where the will to enforce the law is high.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4094-7055-7 60.00


Responsibility to Protect
and Sovereignty

This volume provides an essential update on current

thinking, practice and research into the use of restorative
justice in the area of family violence. It contains
contemporary empirical, theoretical and practical
perspectives on the use of restorative justice for intimate
partner and family violence, including sexual violence
and elder abuse. Whilst raising issues relating to the
implications of reporting, it provides a fresh look at victims
issues as well as providing accounts of those who have
participated in restorative justice processes and who have
been victims of abusive relationships.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

268 pages
978-1-4724-1230-0 70.00


Edited by Charles Sampford, Griffith University,

Australia and University of Waterloo, Canada and
Ramesh Thakur, The Australian National University

Rethinking International
Law and Justice

Law, Ethics and Governance

Edited by Charles Sampford, Griffith University, Australia,

Spencer Zifcak, Australian Catholic University, Australia,
Derya Aydin Okur, Istanbul Kltr University, Turkey

This book examines interventions in East Timor, Sri Lanka,

Sudan and Kosovo. The chapters explore and question UN
debates about the doctrine of the responsibility to protect, both
before and after its adoption in 2005, contrast state attitudes
to international military intervention and analyse what takes
place after intervention. It also discusses the ability of the
Security Council to access reliable information and credible
and transparent processes to enable it to make a determination
on the occurrence of atrocities in a Member State.
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

246 pages
978-1-4094-3782-6 70.00


General principles of law have made, and are likely further to

make, a significant contribution to our understanding of the
constituent elements of global justice. Dealing extensively
with global headline issues of peace, security and justice, this
book explores justice arising in specific areas of international
law, as well as underlying theories of justice from political
science and international relations. With contributions
from leading academics and practitioners, the book adopts
an interdisciplinary approach. Covering issues such as
international humanitarian law, and examining the significance
of non-state actors for the development of international law, the
collection concludes with the complex question of how best to
rethink aspects of international justice.
320 pages
978-1-4724-2668-0 75.00

Edited by A.M. Viens, University of Southampton, UK

and Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
The International Library of Essays on Rights

The right to bodily integrity is a controversial issue within

moral, political and legal discourse. This first collection
of scholarly research articles provides a comprehensive
overview of the debates around the ethical and legal aspects
of the right to bodily integrity and its implications in theory
and practice. The selected essays examine topics such as
pregnancy and reproduction, altering childrens bodies,
transplantation, controversial modifications and surgeries,
and experimentation and dead bodies.
September 2014


576 pages
978-1-4094-6607-9 180.00 $350.00

Sexual Orientation and Rights

Edited by Nicholas Bamforth, The Queens College,
University of Oxford, UK
The International Library of Essays on Rights

This volume collects together significant writings in the

debate about the rights of sexual minorities. The topics
covered include the meaning and importance of sexual
freedom, gender roles, marriage and other significant
partnerships, child care and adoption, the criminal law,
employment, and expression and pornography. The essays
reflect a variety of perspectives and seek to relate arguments
about sexual orientation and rights to broader debates
within feminist theory.
November 2014

Law, Ethics and Governance

December 2014
ebook PDF
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The Right to Bodily Integrity

560 pages
978-1-4094-3040-7 175.00 $325.00

Sister Wives, Surrogates

and Sex Workers
Outlaws by Choice?
Angela Campbell, McGill University, Canada
Gender in Law, Culture, and Society

This book develops an analytical framework that aims to

discern the meaning and value that women may ascribe to
morally ambiguous practices. An analysis of laws approach
to polygamy, surrogacy and sex work, particularly in Canada,
the United Kingdom and Australia, provides a basis for
evaluating the choice-coercion binary and for contemplating
alternate modes for assessing, from a law and policy
standpoint, the palatability of social practices that appear
pernicious to women.
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

258 pages
978-1-4094-3521-1 70.00


A Study of Mixed Legal Systems

Endangered, Entrenched or Blended
Edited by Sue Farran, Northumbria University, UK, Esin
rc, University of Glasgow, UK, Sen Patrick Donlan,
University of Limerick, Ireland
Juris Diversitas

This book provides a fascinating and critical insight into

familiar and less familiar mixed legal systems, taking the
reader on a voyage of discovery from the islands of St
Lucia and Guyana to those of Seychelles and Mauritius. It
considers those mixed systems which share boundaries with
unmixed ones, such as Scotland and Quebec, and those
located off-shore of major and dominant jurisdictions such
as Jersey off the coasts of Frances civil law and Englands
common law system, as well as Cyprus, situated between
the influences of Europe and those of the Middle East.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4724-4177-5 70.00



New Titles July December 2014


Law and Legal Studies

Towards Recognition of
Minority Groups
Legal and Communication Strategies
Edited by Marek Zirk-Sadowski and Bartosz Wojciechowski,
both at the University of Ldz, Poland, Karolina M. Cern,
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
Law, Language and Communication

This volume analyses some of the most current debates

concerning problems in the nature, justification, and
legal protection of human rights, relating to the issues
surrounding social milieu as a source of any legitimized law,
which is in need of legal recognition as well as being an
object of legal protection. Going beyond the legal analysis
to discuss communication strategies in human rights,
this collection will be of great interest to those studying
the philosophy and theory of law, practical philosophy in
general, political sciences and theory of democracy.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages
978-1-4724-4490-5 75.00


Trade, Food Security,

and Human Rights
The Rules for International Trade in Agricultural
Products and the Evolving World Food Crisis
Ying Chen

256 pages
978-1-4724-3742-6 70.00


Series Editor: Maksymilian Del Mar, Queen Mary University of London, UK

This second series of three volumes is a companion to the first series of The Library of Essays in Contemporary Legal Theory,
published in 2010. The series brings together the most important and influential articles on the relationship between
contemporary legal theory and three distinct subject areas: legal history, the humanities and the natural sciences.
The issues explored range from the latest methodological debates in historical jurisprudence, through to the aesthetics of law
and legal theory, and philosophical scrutiny of the claims of genetics and neuroscience vis--vis fundamental legal concepts.
Each volume contains an original introduction which summarises the essential contributions of each chosen article and
highlights common themes and connections, as well as an extensive bibliography for further reading.
Taken as a whole, the chosen articles reflect the sometimes-neglected richness of contemporary legal theory, which has
sought to learn from and be informed by developments in the above disciplinary fields. In recognising the efforts of these
scholars, the series further opens up the agenda, and introduces new sources and resources for contemporary legal theory.
The series is an essential resource for libraries, scholars and researchers who are able to access the key articles in the field
within one volume, and an invaluable one-stop teaching resource for lecturers in the field of contemporary legal theory.

Legal Theory and Legal History

Edited by Maksymilian Del Mar, Queen Mary University
of London, UK and Michael Lobban, London School of
Economics, UK
The papers selected for this volume explore issues in the
study of historical jurisprudence. The topics range from the
challenge to legal positivism from the perspective of the
history of the common law, to the latest methodological
debates in socio-historical jurisprudence. Taken together,
these papers show historical jurisprudence to be a
creative discipline capable of yielding insights about
how to conceptualise legal change, how to give voice to
those operating outside of legal officialdom and how to
understand the relationship between law and politics.
October 2014

598 pages
978-1-4094-5221-8 175.00 $325.00

Reflections on a New Ethical Foundation
for Law and Politics
Edited by Martha Albertson Fineman, Emory University,
USA and Anna Grear, Cardiff Law School, UK and
University of Waikato, New Zealand
Gender in Law, Culture, and Society

This book draws together major British and American

scholars who present different perspectives on the concept of
vulnerability and Finemans vulnerability thesis. The collection
demonstrates the broad and intellectually exciting potential of
vulnerability as a theoretical foundation for legal and political
engagements with a range of urgent contemporary challenges.
Exploring ways in which vulnerability might provide a new
ethical foundation for law and politics, it is of interest to the
general reader, as well as academics and students in fields
such as jurisprudence, philosophy, legal theory, political theory,
feminist theory, and ethics.
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

236 pages
978-1-4724-2163-0 35.00
978-1-4724-2162-3 75.00


The Library of Essays in Contemporary

Legal Theory Second Series

Volume IV

The author argues here that there is no absolute food

shortage and that distorted agricultural trade which
undermines world food distribution is a vital and overlooked
factor. The book looks at EU and US agricultural policies and
World Trade Organization negotiations in agriculture and
proposes that the international trade regime reconciles trade
rules with the consideration of food security issues. Several
other enforceable solutions to reduce world hunger and
malnutrition are also advanced, including national capacity
building, the improvement of governance, and strategic
development of biofuel programs.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB


Legal Theory and the Humanities

Legal Theory and

the Natural Sciences
Volume VI
Edited by Maksymilian Del Mar, Queen Mary University
of London, UK and Burkhard Schafer, University of
Edinburgh, UK
This collection brings together the most important and
influential papers theorising the changing relationship
between law and science. The articles span historical
overviews of the attempts by legal scholars to model legal
science on scientific methodology, and the efforts by legal
philosophers scrutinising the claims made on behalf of
genetics and neuroscience as to their implications for law
and legal concepts. The volume strikes a balance between
those that seek to protect laws autonomy against the
perceived unwelcome inroads of science, and those that
seek to shape and change law by incorporating the latest
scientific developments.
October 2014

554 pages
978-1-4094-5222-5 175.00 $325.00

Volume V
Edited by Maksymilian Del Mar, Queen Mary University
of London, UK and Peter Goodrich, Cardozo Law
School, USA

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and save money!

The papers selected for this volume offer a panorama of

problems and methods at the intersection of legal theory
and the humanities. The issues addressed include the role
of the emotions and the imagination in legal reasoning, and
the protection of the diversity of voices and perspective in
the name of community. The articles balance renewed calls
to humanise legal theory with those that analyse and explore
the relevance of specific domains of the humanities such
as literature, architecture, music, painting, drawing and
film for law.

Second Series

October 2014

October 2014
Hardback Set

978-1-4094-5247-8 475.00 $950.00
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562 pages
978-1-4094-5223-2 175.00 $325.00

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Law and Legal Studies


The Library of Essays on International Human Rights

Series Editor: Stephanie Farrior, Vermont Law School, USA
Although human rights were initially conceived as rights of the individual in relation to the state, there is growing recognition that human rights must also be respected in the international
arena. This series brings together the most important and influential scholarship on issues around human rights in the area of international law.
The volumes include a wide range of essays selected from an international search of print and electronic content and feature a substantial introduction by the volume editor which provides
an overview of the topic of each volume. The series includes foundational articles on the development of international human rights law and covers issues on the current challenges
facing international human rights lawyers and scholars, the UN system of rights, regional human rights systems and the fundamental principles of equality and non-discrimination under
international law.
The five volumes in this series are edited by leading scholars in the field and taken together provide an invaluable research tool for scholars and students interested in the growing field of
international human rights.

The Development of
International Human Rights Law

Regional Human Rights Systems

Volume I

Edited by Christina M. Cerna, Georgetown University

Law Centre, USA

Edited by David Weissbrodt, Fionnuala D. N Aolin and

Mary Rumsey, all at University of Minnesota, USA
The essays selected for this volume encompass the
development of human rights law from its philosophical
underpinnings and address many of its current
controversies. The introductory essay provides a roadmap
of the collections major themes and traces the relationship
between those themes. Taken together, the essays
emphasize the legal underpinnings of the human rights
regime and as such, the collection provides an essential,
wide-ranging account of this important part of international
law, procedure and practice.
April 2014

556 pages
978-1-4094-4129-8 175.00 $325.00

Challenges in International
Human Rights Law
Volume III
Edited by Menno T. Kamminga, Maastricht University,
The Netherlands
This volume identifies and contributes to the mainstream
challenges within international human rights law, such
as transitional justice, non-state actors, terrorism and
development, as well as to the wider and more systematic
range of challenges such as justiciability of social and
economic rights, extraterritoriality, health care and investment
arbitration. The articles include both long-standing essays
and more recently published material and are put into context
by the specially commissioned introduction.
July 2014

820 pages
978-1-4094-4436-7 255.00 $500.00

Volume V

The essays selected for this volume examine the structure

and functioning of the principal regional human rights
systems in the world today. These systems guarantee
primarily civil and political rights, although not all
governments and parties to these regional treaties are
democracies. These articles trace the history of these
systems, in particular, the expansion of their membership to
include almost all independent countries in the region, and
their evolution towards recognition of a right to democracy.
August 2014

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January 2015
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592 pages
978-1-4094-3911-0 185.00 $350.00

The United Nations System

for Protecting Human Rights
Volume IV
Edited by Dinah L. Shelton, George Washington
University, USA
This volume brings together the leading research articles
on the development of human rights law by the United
Nations. It includes articles on the law of the Charter and its
evolution; the UN law-making process; an assessment of the
UN efforts to strengthen the ability of individuals and groups
to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms;
and the work of the Charter-based organs, institutions and
procedures. It also includes essays on issues relating to
standard-setting, institutional evolution, and the creation of
monitoring procedures.
July 2014

680 pages
978-1-4094-4303-2 215.00 $425.00


New Titles July December 2014


Literary Studies
Adaptation, Intermediality and
the British Celebrity Biopic

Anti-formalist, Unrevolutionary,
Illiberal Milton

Edited by Mrta Minier, University of Glamorgan, UK

and Maddalena Pennacchia, Roma Tre University, Italy

Political Prose, 16441660

British Romanticism and the

Reception of Italian Old Master
Art, 17931840

William Walker, University of New South Wales, Australia

Maureen Clare McCue, Bangor University, UK

Beginning with the premise that the biopic is a form of

adaptation and an example of intermediality, this collection
examines the multiplicity of source texts and the concurrent
issues of fidelity and authenticity that accompany this genre.
Offering case studies of film biographies of literary and
cultural icons, the essays explore issues of production and
consumption, generic fluidity and hybridity, and the biopics
myth-making and myth-breaking potential.
October 2014
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200 pages
978-1-4094-6126-5 60.00


Citing Miltons major prose works from the civil war

through to the Restoration, Walker reveals a Milton who is
antiformalist in his constitutional thought, unrevolutionary
in his general socio-political outlook, and markedly illiberal
on a wide range of social, religious and political issues.
Walkers book is thus a highly provocative challenge to the
current consensus that Milton is an early modern proponent
of republicanism, radicalism, revolution and liberalism.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4724-3133-2 60.00


Matthew Wynn Sivils, Iowa State University, USA

Seth Whidden, Villanova University, USA

Considering the crises of literary authority in nineteenthcentury French literature against the backdrop of the
Second Empire (18521870) and the aftermath of the bloody
Paris Commune of 1871, Seth Whidden focuses on the
phenomena literary collaboration, parody, destabilized
poetic form, the substitution of one poetic or narrative
voice with that of the many that enabled challenges to the
traditional status of the writer and, by extension, the political
authority that it reflected.

September 2014
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November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB


192 pages
978-1-4724-4426-4 60.00


An Collins and the Historical


A Bibliographical Catalogue of
Italian Books Printed in England

Edited by W. Scott Howard, University of Denver, USA

The first edited collection of scholarly essays to focus
exclusively on An Collins, this volume examines the
significance of an important religious and political poet from
seventeenth-century England. An Collins and the Historical
Imagination celebrates Collinss writing within her own
time and ours through a comprehensive assessment of her
poetics, literary, religious and political contexts, critical
reception, and scholarly tradition.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

270 pages
978-1-4724-1847-0 65.00


192 pages
978-1-4094-6832-5 60.00


Authority in Crisis in French

Literature, 18501880

Situating the origins of American environmental fiction in

early Republic natural histories, Indian captivity narratives,
juvenile literature, and the subsequent development of
a uniquely American brand of environmental fiction that
began with James Fenimore Coopers The Pioneers, Matthew
Wynn Sivils argues that these works of early environmental
thought contributed to a growing cultural conception of
the environments importance in shaping the identity of the
fledgling nation decades before the influences of Emersons
Nature and Thoreaus Walden.
176 pages
978-1-4094-3163-3 60.00

Offering cultural, historical and literary readings of the

responses to Italian Old Master art by early nineteenthcentury writers, McCue illuminates the important role these
artworks played in shaping the themes that are central to
our understanding of Romanticism. She argues that they
informed the writing of Romantic period authors, enabling
them to forge often surprising connections between Italian
art, the imagination and the periods political, social and
commercial realities.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

American Environmental Fiction,


Studies in Art Historiography

British Women Writers and

the Asiatic Society of Bengal,
Re-Orienting Anglo-India
Kathryn S. Freeman, University of Miami, USA
Tracing the literary relationship between British women
and the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Kathryn Freeman argues
that women writers, distinct from their male counterparts,
interrogated Orientalist distortions of India through the
lens of gender. Her study invites us to rethink the Romantic
paradigm of canonical writers as replicators of Orientalists
cultural imperialism in favor of a more complicated stance
that accommodates the differences between male and
female authors with respect to India.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

144 pages
978-1-4724-3088-5 60.00


Compiled by Soko Tomita, Takushoku University, Japan

and Masahiko Tomita

Castigliones Allegory

Anglo-Italian Renaissance Studies

Veiled Policy in The Book of the Courtier (1528)

A sequel to Tomitas A Bibliographical Catalogue of

Italian Books Printed in England 15581603, this volume
supplements the data for the succeeding forty years (during
the reign of King James I and Charles I) and contributes to
the study of Anglo-Italian relations in literature through the
publication histories of Italian books printed in England.
September 2014

420 pages
978-1-4094-2289-1 80.00


W.R. Albury, The University of New England, Australia

Approaching The Book of the Courtier as an early modern
reader would have, author W.R. Albury explores aspects of
the work which he argues are intentionally concealed and
veiled in allegory. In this reading, Albury recovers a serious
political message which he shows has a great deal of
contemporary relevance, and which is lost from sight when
the work is approached from other perspectives.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

290 pages
978-1-4724-3263-6 70.00


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Literary Studies
Christopher Smarts English Lyrics
Translation in the Eighteenth Century

The Dog in the Dickensian


Rosalind Powell, Liverpool Hope University, UK

Beryl Gray

British Literature in Context in the Long

Eighteenth Century

The Nineteenth Century Series

In her study of Christopher Smarts translating practice,

Powell proposes a new approach to understanding the
relationship between Smarts poetics and his practice.
Addressing Smarts versions of Horace, Phaedrus and the
Psalms alongside popular works such as Jubilate Agno,
this study offers broad insights into classical reception and
translation theory; expressions of nationalism; developments
in liturgy and hymnody; and the composition of juvenile
texts in the early modern era.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages
978-1-4724-3507-1 60.00


November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

272 pages
978-1-4724-3529-3 65.00


Joseph Cornell, William Burroughs,

Frank OHara, and Bob Dylan
Rona Cran
Emphasizing the diversity of collage in the twentieth century,
Rona Crans book explores the role that it played in the work
of Joseph Cornell, William Burroughs, Frank OHara and
Bob Dylan. Collages catalytic effect, Cran argues, enabled
each to overcome a crisis in representation that threatened
to destabilize their work. Throughout, she shows that rigid
definitions of collage severely limit our understanding of
artists and writers who used it in non-traditional ways.

Domestic Murder in
Nineteenth-Century England
Literary and Cultural Representations

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

246 pages
978-1-4724-2182-1 60.00


Examining novels, trial transcripts, medico-legal documents,

broadsides, criminal and scientific writing, illustration and,
notably, Victorian melodrama, Bridget Walsh focuses on
the relationship between the domestic sphere, so central
to Victorian values, and the desecration of that space
by the act of murder. Her book tackles crucial questions
related to Victorian ideas of nationhood, national health,
inequality, newspaper coverage of murder, contested models
of masculinity and the portrayal of the female domestic
murderer at the fin de sicle.

Using the epistemological thought of Saint Augustine as the

key to thematic continuity, this book reads Pearl, Cleanness,
Patience and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as a
composite text with a continuous narrative that produces
meaning through its own intricate internal structure. The
book ultimately provides the reader with a clear sense of
the poets perspective on the nature of human knowledge
as well as its moral implications and with a deeper
understanding of how the poems bring the theological and
philosophical problems of the Middle Ages to bear on the
individual human experience.

May 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

194 pages
978-1-4724-2103-6 60.00


Women Writ, Women Writing

Domna C. Stanton, City University of New York, USA

Edited by Jennifer deWinter, Worcester Polytechnic

Institute, USA, Ryan M. Moeller, Utah State University,
Ashgate Studies in Technical Communication,
Rhetoric, and Culture

Taking as its point of departure the fundamental observation

that games are both technical and symbolic, this collection
investigates the multiple intersections between the study
of computer games and the discipline of technical and
professional writing. Contributors engage with questions
related to workplace communities and gamic simulations;
industry documentation; manuals, gameplay and ethics;
training, testing and number crunching; and the work of
games and gamifying work.

Women and Gender in the Early Modern World

The Dynamics of Gender in Early Modern France adds a new

dimension to the field of early modern French literary and
cultural studies by incorporating dynamic, shifting notions
of gender and engaging with contemporary critical theory
in an effort to gauge the specifics of textual conformity
and resistance to norms. This book emphasizes the central
importance of historical context and close reading from a
feminist perspective, which it also interrogates as practice.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4724-4201-7 60.00

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

172 pages
978-1-4724-3082-3 60.00


The Dynamics of Gender

in Early Modern France

Critical Methods & Applications at the


The Epistemological Perspective

of the Pearl-Poet
Piotr Spyra, University of Ldz, Poland

Computer Games and

Technical Communication

304 pages
978-1-4724-2640-6 70.00

Examining the authorial and cross-media practices of the

English novelist Elinor Glyn (18641943), Vincent L. Barnett
and Alexis Weedon trace Glyns work as a novelist in the
United Kingdom, her success in Hollywood as an adaptor, her
relationships with important figures in the Hollywood studio
system and her reworking of her stories as plays and movies.
Informed by extensive archival work, their book will appeal to
historians of film, culture, publishing and business.

Bridget Walsh, Hills Road Sixth Form College, UK

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Vincent L. Barnett and Alexis Weedon,

University of Bedfordshire, UK

Collage in Twentieth-Century
Art, Literature, and Culture

240 pages
978-1-4724-3096-0 60.00

In her study of Dickenss relationship to canines, Gray shows

that dogs, real and invented, were intrinsic to Dickenss
vision and experience of London and its representation. She
makes use of personal reminiscences, periodicals, images
of dogs by portrait artists and Dickenss illustrators, and
institutional archives to shed light not only on Dickenss life
and works, but also on his societys complex and conflicting
perceptions of and attitudes towards dogs.

October 2014
ebook PDF
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Elinor Glyn as Novelist,

Moviemaker, Glamour Icon
and Businesswoman


Ethics and Childrens Literature

Edited by Claudia Mills, University of Colourado, USA
Ashgate Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present

Exploring the ethical questions posed by, in, and about

childrens literature, this collection examines the way
texts intended for children raise questions of value, depict
the moral development of their characters, and call into
attention shared moral presuppositions. Even as childrens
literature has evolved in opposition to its origins in didactic
Sunday school tracts and moralizing fables, authors,
parents, librarians, and scholars remain sensitive to the
values conveyed to children through the texts they choose to
share with them.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4724-4072-3 65.00




New Titles July December 2014


Literary Studies
Fatherhood, Authority, and British
Reading Culture, 18311907

Gender and Song in

Early Modern England

The Horror Plays of the

English Restoration

Melissa Shields Jenkins, Wake Forest University, USA

Edited by Leslie C. Dunn, Vassar College, USA and

Katherine R. Larson, University of Toronto, Canada

Anne Hermanson, The Open University, UK

In analyzing the evolution of patriarchal authority in

nineteenth-century culture, Melissa Shields Jenkins argues
that Victorian novelists found new models within nonnarrative forms such as conduct books, biography, religious
manuals, political speeches and professional writing in the
fields of history and science. Jenkinss book contributes
to our understanding of the part played by fathers in the
Victorian cultural imagination, and sheds new light on the
structures underlying the Victorian novel.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

216 pages
978-1-4724-1161-7 60.00


Female Rebellion in Young Adult

Dystopian Fiction
Edited by Sara K. Day, Southern Arkansas University,
USA, Miranda Green-Barteet, University of Western
Ontario, Canada and Amy L. Montz, University of
Southern Indiana, USA
Ashgate Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present

Focusing on dystopian novels featuring a female protagonist,

this collection explores the liminal nature of a young woman
contending with societal and governmental threats at the
same time that she is navigating the treacherous waters of
young adulthood. Essays on writers that include Libba Bray,
Scott Westerfeld, Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Roth, Ally Condie and
Suzanne Collins show how this rebellious figure interrogates
the competing constructions of adolescent womanhood in
late-twentieth- and early twenty-first-century culture.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4724-3149-3 60.00

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4724-4341-0 60.00


Containing wide-ranging reflections on the subject of

female transgression in early modern Britain, this volume
presents a richly productive dialogue between literary and
historical approaches to the topic. The contributors illustrate
the dynamic relation between fiction and fact that informs
literary and socio-historical analysis alike, exploring female
transgression as a process, not of crossing fixed boundaries,
but of negotiating the epistemological space between
representation and documentation.

192 pages
978-1-4724-1552-3 60.00


George Eliot, Poetess

The Idea of Europe in British

Travel Narratives, 1789-1914

Wendy S. Williams, Texas Christian University, USA

The position of George Eliots poetry within Victorian poetry
and within her own canon is crucial for an accurate picture
of the writer, as Wendy S. Williams shows in her in-depth
examination of Eliots poetry and her role as poetess.
Williams examines Eliots poetry in relationship to her
gender and sexual politics and her shifting religious beliefs,
arguing that Eliots adoption of the poetess persona reveals
her commitment to help refine society through compassion
and fellow-feeling.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

176 pages
978-1-4724-3793-8 60.00


Katarina Gephardt, Kennesaw State University, USA

Showing how specific rhetorical strategies used in
nineteenth-century British travel writing produced fictional
representations of continental Europe in works by Ann
Radcliffe, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, and Bram Stoker,
Katarina Gephardt argues that nineteenth-century writers
envisioned their country simultaneously as distinct from
the Continent and as a part of Europe. She suggests that
their imaginative geography of Europe anticipated Britains
ambivalence about European integration.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4724-2954-4 60.00 $104.95

Edited by Brandie R. Siegfried, Brigham Young

University, USA and Lisa T. Sarasohn, Oregon State
University, USA

Edited by Richard Hillman and Pauline RuberryBlanc, Universit de Tours, France / Centre dtudes
Suprieures de la Renaissance-CNRS

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

God and Nature in the Thought

of Margaret Cavendish

Literary and Historical Explorations

236 pages
978-1-4724-1045-0 60.00

Tropes of monstrosity, madness, venereal disease, incest and

atheism define a group of macabre plays which burst onto
the London stage in the 1670s. Dubbed the horror or the
blood and torture villain tragedies by modern critics, these
deeply unsettling plays fascinated contemporary audiences.
Hermansons study marks the first comprehensive
investigation of the plays, examining them in light of
significant changes to theatrical practice as well as the
endemic civil conflict of the time.

Female Transgression in
Early Modern Britain

Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama

Innovative and collaborative in its approach, this volume

engages with the question of how gender informed song
within particular textual, social and spatial contexts in
sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England. In its attention
to the gendering of song and the gendered processes and
spaces of songs circulation and reception, it interrogates
the literary and cultural significance of song for early
modern readers, performers and audiences.


July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Women and Gender in the Early Modern World

Only recently have scholars begun to note Cavendishs

references to God, spirits, and the rational soul, and little
has been published in this regard. This volume addresses
that scarcity by taking up the theological threads woven
into Cavendishs ideas about Nature, matter, magic,
governance, and social relations, with special attention
given to Cavendishs literary oeuvre. The essays enhance our
understanding of Cavendishs intriguing and sometimes
brilliant contributions to debates about Gods place in the
scientific cosmos.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages



Literature and the Encounter

with God in Post-Reformation
Michael Martin, Marygrove College, USA
Each of the figures examined in this study John Dee, John
Donne, Sir Kenelm Digby, Henry and Thomas Vaughan, and
Jane Lead is concerned with the ways in which God can
be approached or experienced. Michael Martin analyses
the ways in which the encounter with God is figured among
these early modern writers who inhabit the shared cultural
space of poets and preachers, mystics and scientists.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

230 pages
978-1-4724-3266-7 60.00


Magical Transformations on the

Early Modern English Stage
Edited by Lisa Hopkins, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
and Helen Ostovich, McMaster University, Canada
Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama

Considering a variety of questions centering on magic and,

or in, performance, this volume furthers the debate about
the cultural work performed by representations of magic on
the early modern English stage. Collectively the essays show
that the idea of transformation applies not only to the objects
and subjects of magic, but that the plays themselves can be
seen as working to effect transformation in the ways that they
challenge contemporary assumptions and stereotypes.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4724-3286-5 60.00


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Literary Studies
Manuscript Miscellanies
in Early Modern England

Mediterranean Identities
in the Premodern Era

Edited by Joshua Eckhardt, Virginia Commonwealth

University, USA and Daniel Starza Smith, Lincoln
College, University of Oxford, UK

Entrepts, Islands, Empires

Transatlantic Reprinting
and the Embodied Book

Edited by John Watkins and Kathryn L. Reyerson,

both at University of Minnesota, USA

Jessica DeSpain, Southern Illinois University

Edwardsville, USA

Transculturalisms, 14001700

Ashgate Series in Nineteenth-Century

Transatlantic Studies

Material Readings in Early Modern Culture

Perhaps more than any other kind of book, manuscript

miscellanies require a complex and material reading
strategy. This collection of essays models and refines
the study of these complicated volumes. Using extensive
textual and bibliographical evidence, it offers stimulating
new readings of literature, politics and religion in the
early modern period, and promises to make important
interventions in the history of the book.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

254 pages
978-1-4724-2027-5 65.00


July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Martyrs and Players in

Early Modern England
David K. Anderson, University of Oklahoma, USA
Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama

Focusing on Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare,

John Webster and John Milton, Martyrs and Players in Early
Modern England argues that the English tragedians reflected
an unease within the culture to acts of religious violence.
David Anderson explores a link between the unstable
emotional response of society to religious executions in the
Tudor-Stuart period, and the revival of tragic drama as a
major cultural form for the first time since classical antiquity.
252 pages
978-1-4724-2828-8 60.00

286 pages
978-1-4094-5599-8 65.00



Medical Cultures of the

Early Modern Spanish Empire

Memory and Spatiality in PostMillennial Spanish Narrative


New Hispanisms: Cultural and Literary Studies

Lindsay Ann Reid, National University of Ireland

Focusing on seven literary texts produced in the

post-millennial period, this monograph examines the
relationship between space and Republican memory and
the reconfigurations of power in the Civil War, Franco
Dictatorship, Transition and the resurgence period. Ryan
combines scholarship on the history of spatiality in Spain
with sociological literature on memory and identity,
demonstrating the intertwinement of historical change
and spatial transformation with the individual Republican
struggle to maintain continuity with a marginalized identity.

Material Readings in Early Modern Culture

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

238 pages
978-1-4724-3570-5 60.00



Focusing on the postclassical discourses that Ovids poetry

stimulated, this study explores how Ovids English protgs
including Isabella Whitney, William Shakespeare and Michael
Drayton replicated and expanded upon the Roman poets
distinctive and frequently remarked bookishness in their own
adaptations of his works. Reid analyzes how Ovidian-inspired
mythologies and bibliographical aetiologies informed the
sixteenth-century creation, reproduction, and representation
of books, and provides alternative models for thinking about
the dynamics of reception, adaptation, and imitatio.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages
978-1-4094-5735-0 60.00


Helen Lynch, University of Aberdeen, UK

As the Spanish empire grew, cultural ideas and practices

related to sickness and health, sex, monstrosity and death
came into contact and conflict. Old ideas took root in new
soil, others were stamped out, and new cultures arose. This
collection examines the dynamic context in which medical
cultures circulated to propose new interpretations of the
reception, appropriation, and elaboration of medical cultures
in the vast territories controlled by the Spanish monarchy.

Ovidian Bibliofictions
and the Tudor Book
Metamorphosing Classical Heroines in
Late Medieval and Renaissance England

New Hispanisms: Cultural and Literary Studies

205 pages
978-1-4094-3200-5 60.00

Lorraine Ryan, University of Birmingham, UK

Milton and the Politics

of Public Speech

272 pages
978-1-4724-2813-4 65.00

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Edited by John Slater, University of California Davis,

USA, Maraluz Lpez-Terrada and Jos Pardo-Toms,
both at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC),

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Jessica DeSpain examines reprints by Charles Dickens,

Susan Warner, Fanny Kemble and Walt Whitman to theorize
the ongoing transatlantic transformation of texts that took
place before adoption of the Chace Act of 1891. As authors,
readers, and publishers struggled with the unpredictability
of the textual body, the physical book and the physical body
became metaphors of flux, and discourses of destabilized
bodies inflected issues essential to transatlantic culture,
including class, gender, religion and slavery.

Tragedy, Religion and Violence on Stage

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Defining the Mediterranean as a coherent region with

distinct patterns of social, political, and cultural exchange,
this interdisciplinary collection explores the production,
modification, and circulation of identities based on religion,
ethnicity, profession, gender, within three distinctive
Mediterranean geographies. Contributors address such
topics as interreligious conflict and accommodation;
immigration and diaspora; polylingualism; classical
imitation and canon formation; traffic in sacred objects;
Mediterranean slavery; and the dream of a reintegrated
Roman empire.

Using Hannah Arendts account of the Greek polis to explain

Miltons fascination with the idea of public speech, this book
reveals what is distinctive about his conception of a godly,
republican oratory and poetics. Setting Miltons poetry
and prose in the context of Civil War polemic; classical
political theory and its early modern reinterpretations; and
Renaissance writing on rhetoric and poetic language, the
volume culminates in an Arendtian reading of his Greek
drama Samson Agonistes.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages
978-1-4724-1520-2 65.00


Performing Authorship in
the Nineteenth-Century
Transatlantic Lecture Tour
In Person
Amanda Adams, Muskingum University, USA
Ashgate Series in Nineteenth-Century
Transatlantic Studies

Expanding our understanding of what it meant to be a

nineteenth-century author, Amanda Adams takes up
the concept of performative, embodied authorship in
relationship to the transatlantic lecture tour. Adams
examines tours by British and American authors, including
Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet
Martineau, Charles Dickens, and Oscar Wilde, arguing
that these tours were a central aspect of nineteenthcentury authorship at a time when authors were becoming
celebrities and celebrities were international.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

178 pages
978-1-4724-1664-3 60.00



New Titles July December 2014


Literary Studies
Renaissance Drama on the Edge
Lisa Hopkins, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Recurring to the governing idea of Shakespeare on the Edge,
Hopkins expands the parameters of her investigation beyond
England to include the Continent, and beyond Shakespeare
to include a dramatists ranging from Christopher Marlowe
to John Ford. Hopkins also expands her notion of liminality
to explore not only geographical borders, but also the
intersection of the material and the spiritual, tracing the
contours of the edge which each inhabits.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

196 pages
978-1-4094-3819-9 60.00


The Renaissance Utopia

Dewey W. Hall, California State Polytechnic University,

In his study of Romantic naturalists and early
environmentalists, Hall claims the creation of the National
Trust in the United Kingdom and the National Parks in
the United States were both shaped by literature. Central
to Halls project are links among Gilbert White, William
Wordsworth, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Octavia Hill and John
Muir in the context of the vexed relationship between the
ecosystem and the machine during the nineteenth century.
208 pages
978-1-4094-2264-8 60.00


Chlo Houston, University of Reading, UK

A study of European utopias in context from the early
years of Henry VIIIs reign to the Restoration, this book
assesses the societies projected by utopian literature from
Thomas Mores Utopia (1516) to the political idealism and
millenarianism of the mid-seventeenth century. Renaissance
Utopia complements recent scholarly work on early modern
communities by providing a thorough investigation of
the issues informing a way of modeling a very particular
community and literary mode-the utopia.

Representing Children in Chinese

and U.S. Childrens Literature

Hristomir A. Stanev, University of Louisville, USA

Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama

At the turn of the seventeenth century, Hristomir Stanev

argues, ideas about the senses became part of a dramatic
and literary tradition in England, concerned with the
impact of metropolitan culture. Drawing upon an archive of
early modern dramatic and prose writings, and on recent
interdisciplinary studies of sensory perception, Stanev here
studies representations of the five senses in Jacobean plays
in relationship to metropolitan environments.
208 pages
978-1-4724-2445-7 60.00


Edited by Claudia Nelson and Rebecca Morris,

Texas A&M University, USA

Ashgate Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present

Shakespeare and the

Versification of English Drama,

Bringing together childrens literature scholars from China

and the United States, this collection provides an introduction
to the scope and goals of a field characterized by active
but also distinctive scholarship in two countries with very
different rhetorical traditions. Wide-ranging and ambitious in
its encouragement of communication between Chinese and
American childrens literature scholars, this collection is a
model for examining how and why childrens literature, more
than many literary forms, circulates internationally.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4724-2421-1 60.00


Representing Judith in Early

Modern French Literature
Kathleen M. Llewellyn, Saint Louis University, USA
Women and Gender in the Early Modern World

The first full length study to focus on Judith in early modern

French literature, this book breaks new ground in its focus
on adaptations of the Bibles Old Testament Book of Judith
across a range of early modern French literary genres. It
provides a deeper understanding of early modern ideas
regarding the role of women, the use of exemplary stories
in preaching and teaching, theories of vision, and the
importance of community in Renaissance France.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

160 pages
978-1-4724-3533-0 60.00


Marina Tarlinskaja, University of Washington, USA

Surveying the development and varieties of blank verse
in the English playhouses, this book is a natural history
of iambic pentameter in English. Marina Tarlinskajas
statistical analysis of versification focuses on Shakespeare,
but places his work in the literary context of the times. Her
results offer new ways to think about the dating of plays,
the attribution of anonymous texts, and how collaborators
divided their task in co-authored dramas.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages
978-1-4724-3028-1 70.00

Edited by David Atkinson, University of Aberdeen, UK

and Steve Roud
In recent years, the assumption that traditional songs
originated from a primarily oral tradition has been
challenged by research into street literature. Not only are
some traditional singers known to have learned songs from
printed sources, but most of the songs were composed
by professional writers. This volume engages with the
long-running debate over the origin of traditional songs by
examining street literatures interaction with and influence
on oral traditions.
306 pages
978-1-4724-2741-0 70.00


Sensory Experience and the

Metropolis on the Jacobean
Stage (16031625)

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

The Interface between Print and Oral Traditions

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Dialogue, Travel and the Ideal Society

198 pages
978-1-4724-2503-4 60.00

Street Ballads in NineteenthCentury Britain, Ireland, and

North America

An Ecocritical Study, 1789-1912

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Romantic Naturalists,
Early Environmentalists


Transnational Mobilities
in Early Modern Theater
Edited by Robert Henke, Washington University
St. Louis, USA and Eric Nicholson, Syracuse
University in Florence, Italy
Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama

The essays in this volume investigate English, Italian,

Spanish, German, Czech, and Bengali early modern
theater, placing Shakespeare and his contemporaries in
the theatrical contexts of western and central Europe, as
well as the Indian sub-continent. Contributors examine the
movement of theatrical units, genres, performance practices
and dramatic texts across geo-linguistic borders. Mobility is
examined from both material and symbolic angles, revealing
a tension between transnational movement and resistance
to border-crossing.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

302 pages
978-1-4094-6829-5 65.00


Written Maternal Authority and

Eighteenth-Century Education
in Britain
Educating by the Book
Rebecca Davies, Loughborough University, UK
Arguing that the location of idealised maternity for women
is in the act of writing educational discourse rather than in
the physical performance of the maternal role, Davies plots
the formation of a written paradigm of maternal education
that associates maternity with educational authority. She
examines a wide range of genres by authors that include
Samuel Richardson, Mary Wollstonecraft, Maria Edgeworth
and Jane Austen.

The Shakespearean
International Yearbook

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

176 pages
978-1-4094-5168-6 60.00

Volume 14: Special Section,

Digital Shakespeares


Edited by Tom Bishop, University of Auckland, New

Zealand, Alexa Huang, The George Washington
University and MIT, USA, Brett D. Hirsch
The Shakespearean International Yearbook

In 2002, for the second volume of this journal, Ian Lancashire

reflected on the state of computing in Shakespeare. The
decade since his review has seen dramatic change in the
web of digital Shakespeares. This issues special section
on Digital Shakespeares reflects on these developments and
achievements, highlights current research in the field, and
speculates on future directions.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

226 pages
978-1-4724-3964-2 60.00


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Music Studies
Advanced Musical Performance:
Investigations in Higher
Education Learning
Edited by Ioulia Papageorgi, University of Nicosia, Cyprus
and Graham Welch, University of London, UK
SEMPRE Studies in The Psychology of Music

Black Popular Music in Britain

Since 1945
Edited by Jon Stratton, Curtin University, Australia and
Nabeel Zuberi, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

This book brings together current psychological and

educational research on issues related to advanced musical
performance learning within higher education contexts.
Each of the books four sections focus on one aspect
of music performance and learning: musics in higher
education and beyond; musical biographies and musical
journeys; performance learning; and developing expertise
and professionalism.

Black Popular Music in Britain since 1945 provides the first

broad scholarly discussion of this music since 1990. The
book critically examines key moments in the history of
Black British popular music from 1940s jazz to 1970s soul
and reggae, 1990s Jungle and the sounds of Dubstep and
Grime that have echoed through the 2000s. While the book
offers a history it also discusses the ways Black musics in
Britain have intersected with the politics of race and class,
multiculturalism, gender and sexuality, and debates about
media and technology.

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

350 pages
978-1-4094-3689-8 60.00


Christian Meyer, CNRS, France and Karen Desmond,

University College, Cork, Ireland
Royal Musical Association Monographs

The treatise on musica plana and musica mensurabilis written

by Lambertus/Aristoteles is our main witness to thirteenthcentury musical thought in the decades between the treatises
of Johannes de Garlandia and Franco of Cologne. This treatise
presents both the rudiments of the practice of liturgical chant
and the principles of polyphonic notation in a dense and
rigorous manner like few music treatises of its time. This new
edition of Lambertuss treatise is the first since Edmond de
Coussemakers of 1864. Christian Meyers meticulous edition
is displayed on facing pages with Karen Desmonds English
translation, and the treatise and translation are prefaced by a
substantial introduction.
185 pages
978-1-4724-3983-3 60.00


Edited by Pamela Karantonis, Bath Spa University, UK,

Francesca Placanica, National University of Ireland
Maynooth, Anne Sivuoja-Kauppala, Sibelius Academy,
Finland and Pieter Verstraete, Bilgi University Istanbul
Cathy Berberian (19251983) was a vocal performance artist,
singer and composer who pioneered a way of composing
with (and listening to) the voice in the musical worlds of
Europe, North America and beyond. As a modernist muse for
many avant-garde composers, she went on to embody the
principles of postmodern thinking in her work. This volume
celebrates her path through musical landscapes including
her approach to performance practice, gender performativity,
vocal pedagogy and the epistemological borders of art
music, the concert stage, the popular LP and the opera
industry of her times. The collection features primary
documentation and a Foreword by Susan McClary.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Beckett and Musicality

Edited by Sara Jane Bailes and Nicholas Till,

both at the University of Sussex, UK
Discussion concerning the musicality of Samuel Becketts
writing now constitutes a familiar critical trope in Beckett
Studies, one that continues to be informed by the stillemerging evidence of Becketts engagement with music
throughout his personal and literary life, and by the ongoing
interest of musicians in Becketts work. The essays included in
this book explore a number of ways in which Becketts writings
engage with and are engaged by musicality, discussing familiar
and less familiar works by Beckett in detail.
285 pages
978-1-4724-0963-8 65.00


Black British Jazz

Routes, Ownership and Performance
Edited by Jason Toynbee, The Open University, UK,
Catherine Tackley, The Open University, UK and
Mark Doffman, University of Oxford, UK

238 pages
978-1-4094-6983-4 60.00

Edited by Karen Burland, University of Leeds, UK and

Stephanie Pitts, University of Sheffield, UK
SEMPRE Studies in The Psychology of Music

This collection explores the processes and experiences

of attending live music events from the initial decision to
attend through to audience responses and memories of a
performance after it has happened. The book brings together
international researchers who consider the experience of
being an audience member from a range of theoretical and
empirical perspectives and the question of what makes
an audience, arguing convincingly for the practical and
academic value of that question.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

218 pages
978-1-4094-6981-0 50.00


Cathy Berberian: Pioneer

of Contemporary Vocality

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB


The Ars musica Attributed to

Magister Lambertus/Aristoteles

December 2014

230 pages
978-1-4094-6913-1 60.00

Coughing and Clapping:

Investigating Audience


and Popular Music
Edited by Sheila Whiteley, University of Salford, UK and
Jedediah Sklower, Universit Sorbonne Nouvelle, France
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Counterculture emerged as a term in the late 1960s and

has been re-deployed in more recent decades in relation to
other forms of cultural and socio-political phenomena. This
volume provides an essential new academic scrutiny of the
concept of counterculture and a critical examination of the
period and its heritage.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

316 pages
978-1-4724-2106-7 65.00


Fiesta de diez pesos: Music and

Gay Identity in Special Period Cuba
Moshe Morad
SOAS Musicology Series

Collaborative Creative Thought

and Practice in Music
Edited by Margaret S. Barrett, University of Queensland,
SEMPRE Studies in The Psychology of Music

Focusing on the domain of music, the approach taken in this

book falls into three sections: investigations of the people,
processes, products, and places of collaborative creativity
in compositional thought and practice; explorations of the
ways in which creative collaboration provides a means of
crossing boundaries between disciplines such as music
performance and musicology; and studies of the emergence
of creative thought and practice in educational contexts
including that of the composer and the classroom. The
volume concludes with an extended essay that reflects
on the ways in which the studies reported advance
understandings of creative thought and practice.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

300 pages
978-1-4724-1584-4 60.00


The Special Period in Cuba was an extended period

of economic depression starting in the early 1990s,
characterised by the collapse of revolutionary values and
social norms, and a way of life conducted by improvised
solutions for survival, including hustling and sex-work.
During this period there developed a thriving, though
constantly harassed and destabilised, clandestine gay scene
(known as the ambiente). In the course of eight visits to
the city between 1995 and 2007, the last dozen years of
Fidel Castros reign, Moshe Morad became absorbed in
the Havanas gay scene, where he created a wide social
network, attended numerous secret gatherings - from
clandestine parties to religious rituals and observed
patterns of behaviour and communication. He discovered
the role of music in this scene as a marker of identity, a
source of queer codifications and identifications, a medium
of interaction, an outlet for emotion and a way to escape
from a reality of scarcity, oppression and despair.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

289 pages
978-1-4724-2457-0 65.00


Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Black British musicians have been making jazz since

around 1920. This book reveals their hidden history and
major contribution to the development of jazz in the UK. The
chapters show the importance of black British jazz in terms
of musical hybridity and the cultural significance of race.
The volume also provides a case study in how music of the
African diaspora reverberates around the world, beyond the
shores of the USA the engine-house of global black music.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

235 pages
978-1-4724-1756-5 60.00



New Titles July December 2014


Music Studies
From Soul to Hip Hop

Legacies of Ewan MacColl

Edited by Tom Perchard, Goldsmiths University of

London, UK

The Last Interview

The Library of Essays on Popular Music

The essays contained in this volume address some of the

most visible, durable and influential of African American
musical styles as they developed from the mid-1960s into the
21st-century. Soul, funk, pop, R&B and hip hop practices are
explored both singly and in their many convergences, and in
writings that have often become regarded as landmarks in
black musical scholarship.
November 2014

580 pages
978-0-7546-2950-4 180.00 $350.00

Metrical Psalmody in
Print and Practice

Edited by Allan F. Moore, University of Surrey, UK and

Giovanni Vacca

English Singing Psalms and Scottish Psalm

Buiks, c. 15471640

Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Timothy Duguid, Texas A&M University, USA

This book contributes significantly to the debate

surrounding the importance of Ewan MacColl to the English
folk revival. MacColl gave two extended interviews with
co-editor Giovanni Vacca in 1987 and 1988 and these provide
the impetus for a re-examination of his methods, his politics
and his aesthetic aims. Great emphasis is placed on the
importance of seeing MacColl as not only a British, but a
European folk activist, through discussion of his hitherto
barely known work in Italy, enabling a re-contextualisation of
his work within a broader European context. Peggy Seeger
contributes a Foreword to the collection.

St Andrews Studies in Reformation History

Indias Kathak Dance in

Historical Perspective

October 2014
ebook PDF

Margaret E. Walker, Queens University, Canada

270 pages
978-1-4094-2430-7 65.00


SOAS Musicology Series

Through an analysis both broad and deep of primary and

secondary sources, ethnography, iconography and current
performance practice, this enquiry undertakes a critical
approach to the history of kathak dance and presents new
data about hereditary performing artists, gendered contexts
and practices, and postcolonial cultural reclamation. The
account that emerges places kathak and the Kathaks firmly
into the living context of North Indian performing arts.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

166 pages
978-1-4094-4950-8 60.00


Johann Matthesons Pices de

clavecin and Das neu-erffnete
Matthesons Universal Style in
Theory and Practice
Margaret Seares, University of Western Australia
Royal Musical Association Monographs

In this important study, Margaret Seares places Johannes

Matthesons Pices de clavecin (1714) in the context of his
work as a public intellectual who encouraged German
musicians and their musical public to embrace a universalism
of style and expression derived from contemporary
currents in music of the leading European nations. Searess
understanding of Matthesons ideas is based on a thorough
study of his non-musical writings, especially Das neuerffnete Orchestre of 1713, the third part of which is offered
here in English translation for the first time.
October 2014

141 pages
978-1-4724-3846-1 50.00


John Wallis: Writings on Music

Edited by David Cram and Benjamin Wardhaugh,
both at the University of Oxford, UK
Music Theory in Britain, 15001700: Critical Editions

John Wallis (16161703), was one of the foremost British

mathematicians of the seventeenth century, and is also
remembered for his important writings on grammar and
logic. An interest in music theory led him to produce
translations into Latin of three ancient Greek texts those
of Ptolemy, Porphyry and Bryennius and involved him in
discussions with Henry Oldenburg, the Secretary of the
Royal Society, Thomas Salmon and others as his ideas
developed. The texts presented here cover the relationship
of ancient and modern tuning theory, the building of organs,
the phenomena of resonance, and other musical topics.
October 2014

250 pages
978-0-7546-6870-1 65.00

Litpop: Writing and Popular Music

Edited by Rachel Carroll, Teesside University, UK and
Adam Hansen, Northumbria University, UK
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Bringing together exciting new interdisciplinary work from

emerging and established scholars in the UK and beyond,
Litpop addresses the question: how has writing past and
present been influenced by popular music, and vice versa?
Contributions explore how various forms of writing have had
a crucial role to play in making popular music what it is, and
how popular music informs literary writing in diverse ways.
The collection features musicologists, literary critics, experts
in cultural studies, and creative writers.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

229 pages
978-1-4724-1097-9 60.00


Louise Talma

Louise Talma (19061996) was the first female winner of

two back-to-back Guggenheim Awards, the first American
woman to have an opera premiered in Europe, the first
female winner of the Sibelius Award for Composition, and
the first woman composer elected to the American Academy
and Institute of Arts and Letters. This book analyses Talmas
works in the context of her life, focusing on the effects on
her work of two major changes she made during her adult
life: her conversion to Catholicism, and her adoption of serial
compositional techniques. Employing approaches from
traditional musical analysis, feminist and queer musicology,
and womens autobiographical theory, this is the first fulllength study of this pioneering composer.

326 pages
978-1-4094-6892-9 70.00


The Music Treatises of

Thomas Ravenscroft
Treatise of Practicall Musicke and
A Briefe Discourse
Ross W. Duffin, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Music Theory in Britain, 15001700: Critical Editions

Thomas Ravenscroft is best-known as a composer of rounds

owing to his three published collections: Pammelia and
Deuteromelia (both 1609), and Melismata (1611), in addition
to his harmonizations of the Whole Book of Psalmes (1621)
and his original sacred works. A theorist, composer and
editor, Ravenscroft wrote two treatises on music theory: A
Briefe Discourse (1614), and A Treatise of Practicall Musicke
(c.1607), which remains in manuscript. This is the first book
to bring together both theoretical works by this important
Jacobean musician and to provide critical studies and
transcriptions of these treatises.
256 pages
978-0-7546-6730-8 60.00


Kendra Preston Leonard

281 pages
978-1-4724-1643-8 65.00

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

July 2014

A Life in Composition

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

During the Reformation, the Book of Psalms became

one of the most well-known books of the Bible. This was
particularly true in Britain, where people of all backgrounds
memorized and sang poetic versifications of the psalms.
This book is the first to consider both English and Scottish
metrical psalmody, comparing the two traditions in print
and practice. It combines theological literary and musical
analysis to reveal new connections between the psalm texts
and their tunes, which it traces in the English and Scottish
psalters printed through 1640.


Musicality in Theatre
Music as Model, Method and Metaphor
in Theatre-Making
David Roesner, Kent University, UK
Ashgate Interdisciplinary Studies in Opera

Music continues to be immensely influential in key

developments of theatrical practices. In this study of
musicality in the theatre, David Roesner offers a revised
view of the nature of the relationship between music and
theatre. The theoretical scope of the book is developed from
a wide range of case studies, some of which are re-readings
of the classics of theatre history (Appia, Meyerhold, Artaud,
Beckett), while others introduce or rediscover less-discussed
practitioners such as Joe Chaikin, Thomas Bernhard,
Elfriede Jelinek, Michael Thalheimer and Karin Beier.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages
978-1-4094-6101-2 70.00



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Music Studies
The Politics of Verdis Cantica
Roberta Montemorra Marvin, University of Iowa, USA

Singing Dante: The Literary

Origins of Cinquecento Monody

Vibe Merchants: The Sound

Creators of Jamaican Popular

Royal Musical Association Monographs

Elena Abramov-van Rijk

This study unpacks the history of Verdis composition from

its creation, performance, and publication in the 1860s
through its appropriation as social and political commentary
and its perception by American broadcast media as a
weapon of art in the mid-twentieth century. The project also
offers the first fully documented study of the performances,
radio broadcast, and filming of the work by conductor Arturo
Toscanini during World War II. In presenting new evidence
about ways in which Verdis music was appropriated by
expatriate Italians and the US government for cross-cultural
propaganda, it addresses the intertwining of Italian and
American culture with regard to art, politics, and history.

Royal Musical Association Monographs

Ray Hitchins, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

This book takes its departure from an experiment presented

by Vincenzo Galilei in the Florentine Camerata in about 1580.
This first demonstration of the stile recitativo is known from
a single later source, a letter written in 1634 by Pietro dei
Bardi. This report has remained a curiosity in the history
of music, and it has seemed impossible to determine the
true significance of Galileis presentation. Unfortunately the
music is lost, yet we know the poetic text chosen by Galilei
was an excerpt from the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.
Starting from this information the author considers Galileis
motives for choosing this text and sheds light on some of the
features of his experiment.

Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

August 2014

204 pages
978-1-4094-1785-9 60.00


November 2014

182 pages
978-1-4724-3799-0 60.00


Popular Music Matters

Essays in Honour of Simon Frith

Soundscapes from the Americas

Edited by Lee Marshall, University of Bristol, UK

and Dave Laing, University of Liverpool, UK

Ethnomusicological Essays on the Power,

Poetics, and Ontology of Performance

Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Edited by Donna A. Buchanan, University of Illinois, USA

Simon Frith has been one of the most important figures in

the emergence and subsequent development of popular
music studies. The contributions to this volume of essays
and memoirs seek to honour Friths achievements, but
they are not merely about Frith. Rather, they are important
interventions by leading scholars in the field, including
Robert Christgau, Antoine Hennion, Peter J. Martin and
Philip Tagg. This volume will become an essential resource
for those working in popular music studies, as well as in
musicology, sociology and cultural and media studies.

SOAS Musicology Series

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

226 pages
978-1-4724-2179-1 60.00


Post-War French Popular Music:

Cultural Identity and the
Brel-Brassens-Ferr Myth
Adeline Cordier
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens and Lo Ferr are three

emblematic figures of post-war French popular music who
have been constantly associated with each other by the
public and the media. They have been described as the
epitome of chanson, and of Frenchness. But there is more
to the trio than a musical trinity: this new study examines
the factors of cultural and national identity that have held
together the myth of the trio since its creation.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

188 pages
978-1-4094-2606-6 60.00


Senza Vestimenta: The Literary

Tradition of Trecento Song
The Literary Tradition of Trecento Song
Lauren McGuire Jennings, University of
Southern California, USA

191 pages
978-1-4724-1583-7 60.00


Turbo-folk Music and Cultural

Representations of National
Identity in Former Yugoslavia
Uro Cvoro, University of New South Wales, Australia
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Turbo-folk music is the most controversial form of popular

culture in the new states of former Yugoslavia. Beginning
with 1970s Socialist Yugoslavia, Uro Cvoro explores the
cultural and political paradoxes of turbo-folk. Taking as
its starting point turbo-folks popularity across national
borders, Cvoro analyses key songs and performers in Serbia,
Slovenia and Croatia. What is proposed is a new way of
reading the relationship of contemporary popular music to
processes of cultural, political and social change and a
new understanding of how fundamental turbo-folk is to the
recent history of former Yugoslavia and its successor states.
224 pages
978-1-4724-2036-7 60.00

241 pages
978-1-4724-2186-9 60.00


Vinyl: A History of the

Analogue Record
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

This book traces the evolution of the recording format from its
roots in the first sound recording experiments, to its survival
in the world of digital technologies. Each chapter explores a
different element: the groove, the disc shape, the label, vinyl
itself, the album, the single, the b-side and the 12 single, the
sleeve. By anatomising the object in this manner, the author
brings a fresh perspective to each of his themes.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

226 pages
978-1-4724-3433-3 17.99


When Music Migrates

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Richard Osborne, Middlesex University, UK

Dedicated to the late Gerard Bhague, this anthology

offers perspectives on the evolving legacy of performance
ethnography in socio-musical analysis and reflects the
heritage but also contemporary trajectories of Bhagues
scholarly concerns. Prefaced by an essay outlining key
developments in the ethnography of performance paradigm,
the volumes seven case studies portray snapshots of
musical life in representative communities of the Americas,
including the southwestern and Pacific United States, Puerto
Rico, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba and Ecuador. These studies pose
anthropological inquiries into the ontology of performance
practice, the social power of poetic performativity, and the
experience and embodiment of sound in place.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Vibe Merchants offers an insiders perspective on the

development of Jamaican popular music. This rare
perspective focuses on the actual details of music making
practice, rationalised in the context of the economic and
creative forces that locally drive music production. By
focusing on the work of audio engineers and musicians,
recording studios and recording models, Ray Hitchins
highlights a music creation methodology that has been
acknowledged as being different to that of Europe and
North America. The book leads to a broadening of our
understanding of how Jamaican Popular Music emerged,
developed and functions.

Crossing British and European Racial

Faultlines, 19452010
Jon Stratton, Curtin University, Australia
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Jon Stratton explores the concept of song careers, referring

to how a song is picked up and then transformed by being
revisioned by different artists and in different cultural
contexts, to examine the ways that music has crossed racial
faultlines that have developed in the post-Second World
War era as a consequence of the movement of previously
colonized peoples to the countries that colonized them. It
is this migration of music that will appeal not only to those
studying popular music, but also cultural studies and race.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

216 pages
978-1-4724-2978-0 60.00



Music and Material Culture

Senza Vestimenta reintegrates poetic and musical traditions

in late medieval Italy through a fresh evaluation of more than
50 literary sources transmitting Trecento song texts. These
manuscripts have been long noted by musicologists, but
until now they have been used to bolster rather than to
debunk the notion that so-called poesia per musica was
relegated to the margins of poetic production. Jennings
revises this view by exploring how scribes and readers
interacted with song as a fundamentally interdisciplinary art
form within a broad range of literary settings.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

303 pages
978-1-4724-1888-3 70.00



New Titles July December 2014


Politics and International Relations

After Ethnic Conflict

Between Justice and Stability

Converging Regions

Policy-making in Post-conflict Bosnia and

Herzegovina and Macedonia

The Politics of War Crimes Prosecutions in

Post-Miloevic Serbia

Global Perspectives on Asia and

the Middle East

Cvete Koneska

Mladen Ostojic

Southeast European Studies

Southeast European Studies

Edited by Nele Lenze and Charlotte Schriwer, National

University of Singapore, Singapore

After Ethnic Conflict: Policy-making in Post-conflict Bosnia

and Macedonia investigates how sensitive policy issues can
be resolved in the aftermath of war by investigating how
political elites interact and make decisions in ethnically
divided societies. Focusing on the interactions between
political elites and attempts to reach agreement across
ethnic lines in Bosnia and Macedonia the book examines the
impact that institutional factors can have on political actors
and the decisions they make.

Lack of cooperation and compliance with the International

Criminal Tribunal (ICTY) was one of the biggest obstacles
to Serbias integration into Euro-Atlantic political structures
following the overthrow of Miloevic. By scrutinising the
attitudes of the Serbian authorities towards the ICTY and
the prosecution of war crimes, Ostojic explores the complex
processes set in motion by the international communitys
policies of conditionality and by the prosecution of the
former Serbian leadership in The Hague.

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages
978-1-4724-1979-8 60.00


270 pages
978-1-4094-6742-7 65.00


Air Power in UN Operations

The BRICS and Beyond

Wings for Peace

Edited by A. Walter Dorn, Royal Military College of Canada

The International Political Economy of the

Emergence of a New World Order

Military Strategy and Operational Art

Edited by Li Xing, Aalborg University, Denmark

The International Political Economy of New

Regionalisms Series

The current volume examines the renewed global dynamic,

and how it is changing the relationships between the
interdependent global communities across Asia and
the Middle East. Focussing on the broader aspects of
finance and trade between the Middle East and Asia, as
well as growing security issues over natural resources
and questions of sovereignty, this volume concludes with
speculations on the growing importance of Asia and the
Middle East in the global setting.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

250 pages
978-1-4724-3685-6 65.00


Air power for warfighting is a story thats been told many

times. Air power for peacekeeping and UN enforcement is
a story that desperately needs to be told. In rich detail this
volume describes: aircraft transporting vital supplies to UN
peacekeepers and massive amounts of humanitarian aid
to war-affected populations; aircraft serving as the eyes in
sky to keep watch for the world organization; and combat
aircraft enforcing the peace. Rich poignant case studies
illuminate the past and present use of UN air power, pointing
the way for the future.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

388 pages
978-1-4724-3549-1 28.00
978-1-4724-3546-0 75.00


Australias war on terror

Too often, existing literature has conflated the discourses
that enabled the War on Terror, ignoring the contextual
specificities of the states that make up the Coalition of the
Willing. Australias war on terror Discourse fills this gap by
providing a full and sustained critical analysis of Australian
foreign policy discourse along with the theoretical synthesis
for a specific model of critical discourse analysis of the
286 pages
978-1-4724-1985-9 65.00

Maxime H. A. Lariv, University of Miami, USA

Recent great transformations are characterized by a

diffusion of power away from the traditional North Western
powers and towards the global South. This volume suggests
that the world will witness a new era of interdependent
hegemony, in which both the existing First World and the
emerging Second World are intertwined in a constant
process of shaping and reshaping the international order in
the nexus of national interest, regional orientation, common
economic and political agenda, political alliance and
potential conflicts. This collection juxtaposes, from different
perspectives and approaches, the discussion on the political
economy of the emerging world order with a focus on the
rising powers.
248 pages
978-1-4724-2836-3 65.00


Global Interdisciplinary Studies Series

Dr. Lariv questions whether there is such a thing as a

European defense and security policy. This book analyzes
the integration process by clearly illustrating to the reader
the two sides of the argument in order to understand the
complexity of the problems in the different stages of the
creation and implementation of the European defense policy.
In doing so, this study asks the question of why the process
has been so halting and of such limited scope. Ultimately,
this book offers a unique base for fostering discussion,
understanding and critical thinking on the CSDP.
October 2014
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278 pages
978-1-4724-0995-9 65.00


Kathleen Gleeson

July 2014
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Understanding the Complexity

The International Political Economy of New

Regionalisms Series

October 2014
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Debating European Security

and Defense Policy


Debating the End of Yugoslavia

Contentious Integration
Post-Cold War Japan-China Relations in the
Chien-peng Chung, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Rethinking Asia and International Relations

This book studies the relationship between the Peoples

Republic of China and Japan as the basis of the construction
and maintenance of economic and security arrangements
in the Asia-Pacific. It explains how these arrangements
have been challenged by the occasionally testy ties between
these two major Asian powers and explores their dynamic
interactions in promoting their own agenda and ambitions,
and obstructing that of the others in contending for
leadership of East Asia.
November 2014
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168 pages
978-1-4724-1998-9 60.00


Edited by Florian Bieber, Armina Galija and Rory

Archer, all at the Centre for Southeast European
Studies, University of Graz, Austria
Southeast European Studies

Debating the End of Yugoslavia is less an attempt to re-write

the dissolution of Yugoslavia, or to provide a different
narrative, than to take stock and reflect on the scholarship
to date. New sources and data offer fresh avenues of
research avoiding the passion of the moment that often
characterized research published during the wars and
provide contemporary perspectives on the dissolution. The
book outlines the state of the debate rather than focusing
on controversies alone and maps how different scholarly
communities have reflected on the dissolution of the
country, what arguments remain open in scholarly discourse
and highlights new, innovative paths to study the period.
October 2014
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236 pages
978-1-4094-6711-3 65.00


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Politics and International Relations

Devolution and Localism
in England

European Union and

New Regionalism

Fukushima and Beyond

David M. Smith and Enid Wistrich,

both at Middlesex University, UK

Competing Regionalism and Global

Governance in a Post-Hegemonic Era

Christopher Hubbard, Curtin University, Australia

Combining historical and policy study with empirical research

from a qualitative study of regional elites this book offers an
original and timely insight into the progress of devolution
of governance in England. With particular interest in how
governments have tried and continue to engage English
people in sub-national democratic processes while dealing
with the realities of governance it uses in-depth interviews
with key figures from three English regions to get the inside
view of how these processes are seen by the regional and
local political, administrative, business and voluntary sector
elites who have to make policies work in practice.

Third Edition

August 2014
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128 pages
978-1-4724-3079-3 60.00


A Discourse Analysis of
Blendi Kajsiu, University of New York in Tirana, Albania
Southeast European Studies

Why did Albania enjoy some of the most successful

anti-corruption programs and institutions along with
what appeared to be growing levels of corruption during
the period 19982005? Looking at corruption through a
post-structuralist discourse analysis perspective this book
argues that the dominant corruption discourse in Albania
served primarily to institute the neoliberal order rather than
eliminate corruption. As a rare example of post-structuralist
discourse analysis of corruption this book can be useful
for future research on discourses of corruption in other
countries of the region and beyond.
228 pages
978-1-4724-3130-1 65.00


Entrepreneurship in the Polis

Understanding Political Entrepreneurship
Edited by Inga Narbutait Aflaki, Karlstad University,
Sweden, Evangelia Petridou, Mid-Sweden University,
Sweden and Lee Miles,Loughborough University, UK,
and Karlstad University, Sweden
The Ashgate Plus Series in International Relations
and Politics

In this volume, as is reflected in the book title, the editors

make the conscious choice to use political as the umbrella
modifier for all entrepreneurship which takes place in
the polis. The editors and contributors fill a lacuna in the
political science literature by conceptually enhancing the
term political entrepreneurship through development of
a theoretical framework juxtaposed with empirical work.
They collectively test and advance theoretical assumptions
about the emergence and implementation of entrepreneurial
action in the polis and explore the role of political contexts
and structures as to whether and how they inform political
entrepreneurial action.
November 2014
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232 pages
978-1-4724-2397-9 70.00

The International Political Economy of New

Regionalisms Series

Stemming from an international and multidisciplinary

network of leading specialists, this best-selling text is fully
updated with new chapter additions. With the first edition
prepared at the end of the last century and the second
edition adding inter-regional relations, this new edition
focuses on competing models of regional cooperation within
a multipolar world and the role of the European Union.
500 pages
978-1-4724-3439-5 28.00
978-1-4724-3436-4 85.00



The European Union with(in)

International Organisations
Commitment, Consistency and
Effects Across Time
Edited by Amandine Orsini, Universit Saint-Louis
and Universit Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Globalisation, Europe, Multilateralism series

Consisting of a two part structure, this book is focussed

in Part I on more general trends of the EUs long-term
participation with(in) International Organisations (IOs) and
in Part II on more precise case studies on labour standards,
public services, flexicurity, human trafficking and security.
This book asks why the EU has been involved with(in)
IOs on such a long-term basis? How? With what impact?
These three key research questions are addressed in this
innovative volume, in a bid to explore the continuity of EU
action with(in) IOs. This volume will be highly useful for
students, academics and experts, combining a clear and
easy-to-use framework with new empirical data.
October 2014
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218 pages
978-1-4724-2415-0 25.00
978-1-4724-2414-3 60.00

In light of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident of 2011

the prospect of including or excluding nuclear power in a
low-carbon twenty-first century world is now increasingly
critical. It is in this emerging scenario and context that this
book presents a full suite of historical, contemporary and
projected data. Its use of complementary and comparative
country-based case studies provides ample opportunity
for developing strongly illustrative analysis of policy
effectiveness in diverse polities and markets. In this way, it
combines clear, comprehensive and rigorously sciencebased evidence, analysis and interpretation of data, all
leading to conclusions and policy recommendations.
September 2014
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208 pages
978-1-4094-5491-5 60.00


Gandhi in Political Theory

Instituting Neoliberalism Against Corruption

in Albania, 19982005

January 2015
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Edited by Mario Tel, Universit Libre de Bruxelles

and LUISS University, Rome

August 2014
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Nuclear Power in a Low-Carbon World


Truth, Law and Experiment

Anuradha Veeravalli, University of Delhi, India
Despite an overwhelming body of scholarship and literature
on his life and thought the true systematic nature of
Gandhis intervention with modern political theory and
his method and structure of thought have not previously
received sustained attention. This book attempts to address
the lacuna by contending that Gandhis critique of modern
civilization and the presuppositions of post-Enlightenment
political theory, its epistemological and metaphysical
foundations was both comprehensive and systematic.
September 2014
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178 pages
978-1-4724-2284-2 60.00


Gender and Conflict

Embodiments, Discourses and
Symbolic Practices
Edited by Georg Frerks, Utrecht University,
The Netherlands, Annelou Ypeij, Center for Latin
American Research and Documentation (CEDLA),
The Netherlands, and Reinhilde Knig, University of
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gender in a Global/Local World

Failed States and the

Origins of Violence
A Comparative Analysis of State Failure
as a Root Cause of Terrorism and
Political Violence
Tiffiany Howard, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Utilizing global barometer data, Tiffiany Howard examines
the underpinnings of individual support for political
violence and argues that an insidious pattern of deprivation
within failed states drives ordinary citizens to engage in
and support extreme acts of political violence. A rigorous
examination of four regions plagued by a combination of
failed states and political violence Sub Saharan Africa, The
Middle East and North Africa, Southeast and South Asia,
and Latin America this text draws parallels to arrive at a
single conclusion; that failed states are a natural breeding
ground for terrorism and political violence.
June 2014
ebook PDF
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222 pages
978-1-4724-1780-0 65.00

Through an in-depth analysis of the multifaceted

manifestations of gender and conflict, this book shows
how cognition and behaviour, agency and victimization, are
gendered beyond the popular stereotypes. Conflict not only
reconfirms social hierarchies and power relations, but also
motivates people to transgress cultural boundaries and
redefine their self-images and identities. The contributions
are a mix of classical ethnography, performance studies and
embodiment studies, showing emotions and feelings often
denied in scientific social research.
September 2014
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298 pages
978-1-4094-6485-3 70.00




New Titles July December 2014


Politics and International Relations

Gender Integration in
NATO Military Forces

The Islamic State in the

Post-Modern World

Maritime Power in the Black Sea

Cross-national Analysis

The Political Experience of Pakistan

Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies Series

Lana Obradovic, University of Nebraska Omaha, USA

Louis D. Hayes, University of Montana, USA

Maritime Power in the Black Sea provides the first

comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the
comparative maritime power of the six littoral states in the
Black Sea Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and
Bulgaria. This book examines the maritime capabilities
and assets of each of these states and also considers the
implications of the distribution of maritime power on both
regional and international security.

Gender in a Global/Local World

Numerous states have passed gender integration legislation

permanently admitting women into their military forces. As
a result, these states have dramatically increased womens
numbers, and improved gender equality by removing a
number of restrictions. Why do states abandon their policies
of exclusion and promote gender integration in a way that
womens military participation becomes an integral part of
military force? By examining twenty-four NATO member
states, this book argues that civilian policymakers and
military leadership no longer surrender to parochial gendered
division of the roles, but rather support integration to meet
the recruitment numbers due to military modernization,
professionalization and technological advancements.
July 2014
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228 pages
978-1-4094-6476-1 65.00


291 pages
978-1-4724-1208-9 65.00


The Making of Eurosceptic Britain

Second Edition
Chris Gifford, University of Huddersfield, UK

The Internet and Democracy

Building in Lusophone African
Susana Salgado, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
This timely book fills an important gap in the literature on
the influence of the Internet and new media on Portuguese
speaking African countries. Based on extensive field work
throughout the region, the author examines the influence
of the Internet in the transition to democracy in Africa, and
asks whether there are new possibilities for popular activism
to emerge from evolving communication environments and
media systems.

What has been the political impact of the Eurozone Debt

Crisis in the UK? To what extent have the bank collapses
and bailouts reinforced Britains Eurosceptic trajectory?
In this revised and updated second edition Chris Gifford
addresses these key questions reflecting on the Labour
governments approach to Europe while exploring the
extensive mobilisation of Eurosceptic forces in opposition
to the Conservative-led coalition government.
October 2014
ebook PDF
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224 pages
978-1-4094-5758-9 60.00


Sarah Ingham

This book assesses the Ethiopian ethnic federal system

from the perspective of the principles of socialist federations
and other Marxist oriented policies pursued by the ruling
Ethiopian Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).
Exploring how the application of these ideological principles
has impacted on the structure and function of the Ethiopian
federal system, the research examines the ways in which
these ideological policies of the ruling party affect national
consensus, protection of human rights, the rights of minority
groups, separation of power principles and the relationship
between the federal and regional governments.
November 2014
ebook PDF
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240 pages
978-1-4094-5296-6 65.00

Its Impact on CivilMilitary Relations

in Britain

Federalism Studies

In the last two decades, various states from the Global

South have emerged as important players in international
relations. Most popular amongst them is China. Brazil, India
and South Africa have also taken essential roles in global
and regional politics. Compared to traditional great powers,
they can be labelled regional great powers or regional
powers because their influence is with the exception of
China concentrated on their neighbourhood. This book
analyses how geographical conditions influence the regional
economics and politics of South Africa, allowing the author
to delineate its region of influence.

August 2014
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The Military Covenant

Semahagn Gashu Abebe, McGill University, Canada

The International Political Economy of New

Regionalisms Series


Ethnicity, Ideology and Democracy in Ethiopia

Sren Scholvin, Leibniz Universitt Hannover, Germany

208 pages
978-1-4094-3656-0 60.00

170 pages
978-1-4724-1262-1 60.00

The Last Post-Cold War

Socialist Federation

Geography, Economics and Politics in

Southern Africa

October 2014
ebook PDF
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May 2014
ebook PDF
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The Geopolitics of
Regional Power

284 pages
978-1-4724-3073-1 65.00

The Islamic State in the Post-Modern World is a study of the

political development of Pakistan. This study consists of
three parts. The first addresses the concept of the state
as it has evolved historically, the second section focuses
on the creation of Pakistan as an experiment in bridging
the gulf between the demands of the modern state and
the philosophical-spiritual attraction of the Islamic model,
and the third part considers international issues from the
beginning of the 21st century especially the conflicts in Iraq
and Afghanistan.


November 2014
ebook PDF
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Deborah Sanders, Kings College London, UK


The Military Covenant states that in exchange for their

military service and their willingness to make the ultimate
sacrifice, soldiers should receive the nations support.
Exploring the concepts invention by the Army in the late
1990s, its migration to the civilian sphere from 2006 and its
subsequent entrenchment in public policy, Ingham seeks
to understand the Covenants progress from the esoteric
confines of Army doctrine to national recognition.
August 2014
ebook PDF
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242 pages
978-1-4724-2854-7 65.00


Misunderstanding Russia
Russian Foreign Policy and the West
Magda Leichtova, University of West Bohemia,
Czech Republic
Well argued and balanced, Leichtova provides an
alternative and more constructive understanding of what
drives Russian foreign policy. The book is based on the
concepts of constructivism and orientalism in international
relations to analyse the policies of the Russian Federation,
whilst highlighting that Russian foreign policy is complex
phenomenon constructed from internal as well as external
developments, perceptions and expectations.
July 2014
ebook PDF
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178 pages
978-1-4724-1789-3 60.00


Moving Health Sovereignty

in Africa
Disease, Governance, Climate Change

Malta in the European Union

Edited by John J. Kirton, University of Toronto, Canada,

Andrew F. Cooper, University of Waterloo, Canada,
Franklyn Lisk, University of Warwick, UK and Hany
Besada, University of Ottawa, Canada

Mark Harwood, University of Malta, Malta

Global Environmental Governance

Reflecting Maltas unique and often contentious road to EU

membership, the book explores the historical context and
outlines how Maltese processes and policies have changed
since membership and whether a causative link exists
between these changes and Maltas membership of the EU.
A wide range of primary and secondary sources facilitate
the study complemented by a series of interviews with a
broad range of Maltas political and social actors as well as
individuals from EU institutions.

Todays era of intense globalization has unleashed

dynamic movements of people, pathogens, and pests that
overwhelm the static territorial jurisdictions on which
the governance provided by sovereign states and their
formal intergovernmental institutions is based. This book
insightfully explores the challenges this creates in ways that
put the perspectives of Africans themselves at centre stage.

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

302 pages
978-1-4724-3666-5 70.00


September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

294 pages
978-1-4094-5048-1 65.00


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Politics and International Relations

Muslim Citizens in the West

Political Culture, Political

Science, and Identity Politics

Revolutionary Subjectivity in
Post-Marxist Thought

Edited by Samina Yasmeen, University of Western

Australia and Nina Markovic, Australian National

An Uneasy Alliance

Laclau, Negri, Badiou

Howard Wiarda, University of Georgia, USA

Oliver Harrison, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Drawing upon original case studies spanning North America,

Europe and Australia, Muslim Citizens in the West explores
how Muslims have been both the excluded and the excluders
within the wider societies in which they live. The book extends
debates on the inclusion and exclusion of Muslim minorities
beyond ideas of marginalisation to show that, while there
have undoubtedly been increased incidences of Islamophobia
since September 2001, some Muslim groups have played their
own part in separating themselves from the wider society.

In this important book, well known Comparativist, Howard J.

Wiarda, traces the long and controversial history of culture
studies, and the relations of political culture and identity
politics to political science. Under attack from structuralists,
institutionalists, Marxists, and dependency writers, Wiarda
examines and assesses the reasons for these attacks and
why political culture went into decline only to have a new
and transcendent renaissance and revival in the writings of
Inglehart, Fukuyama, Putnam, Huntington and many others.

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Spaces and Agents of Inclusion and Exclusion

332 pages
978-0-7546-7783-3 70.00


226 pages
978-1-4724-4228-4 65.00

Negotiating ArmenianAzerbaijani Peace

Refugees and the Myth of

Human Rights


Rethinking Political and International Theory

Since the onset of the Global Financial Crisis the ideas of

Karl Marx have once again become prominent in social
and political thought. This book turns to Marxs theory
of revolutionary subjectivity to assess the work of three
contemporary global theorists: Ernesto Laclau, Antonio
Negri, and Alain Badiou. While providing a critical
examination of the theory of revolutionary subjectivity in
Laclau, Negri and Badiou, due to the fact such aspects
were already present in Marxs own theory, this book also
offers insights into the nature of post-Marxism itself. Whilst
accepting their respective differences, the conclusion offers
a synthesis of all three theoretical approaches to understand
the constitution of revolutionary subjectivity today.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

184 pages
978-1-4724-2133-3 60.00

Life Outside the Pale of the Law

Opportunities, Obstacles, Prospects

Emma Larking, Australian National University, Australia

Shaping US Military Law

Governing a Constitutional Military

Conflict resolution, conflict management and conflict

transformations are major themes in this unique book which
examines, explores and analyses the mediation attempts
of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Ohannes Geukjian
shows the most striking characteristic of a protracted
internal conflict such as this is its asymmetry and explains
that, without meeting basic human needs like identity,
recognition, security and participation, resolving any
protracted social conflict is very difficult.

Most Western liberal democracies are parties to the United

Nations Refugees Convention and all are committed to
the recognition of basic human rights, but they also spend
billions fortifying their borders, detaining unauthorised
immigrants, and policing migration. Meanwhile, public
debate over the Wests obligations to unauthorised
immigrants is passionate, vitriolic, and divisive. Refugees
and the Myth of Human Rights combines philosophical,
historical, and legal analysis to clarify the key concepts at
stake in the debate, and to demonstrate the threat posed by
contemporary border regimes to rights protection and the
rule of law within liberal democracies.

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Ohannes Geukjian, American University of Beirut,

Post-Soviet Politics

292 pages
978-1-4724-3514-9 65.00



Aid Reform and Technologies of

Governance in Ghana

History, the Progressive Tradition, and

Practical Ideas for Todays Politicians

Justice, International Law and Global Security

Since the United States entry into World War II, the federal
judiciary has taken a prominent role in the shaping of the
nations military laws. Yet, a majority of the academic legal
community studying the relationship between the Court
and the military establishment argues otherwise providing
the basis for a further argument that the legal construct of
the military establishment is constitutionally questionable.
Centring on the Cold War era from 1968 onward, this book
weaves judicial biography and a historic methodology based on
primary source materials into its analysis and reviews several
military law judicial decisions ignored by other studies.
268 pages
978-1-4724-1910-1 65.00


Lord Mawuko-Yevugah, Ghana Institute of Management

and Public Administration, Ghana

Richard Carr, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Outlining the historical context, and offering suggestions
for contemporary thinkers, this comprehensive overview
shows how all three major UK political parties have made
a significant contribution to the One Nation agenda over
the past century and a half. Re-asserting the One Nation
tradition inherent in interventionist liberals like Keynes and
Lloyd George, it encourages us to look beyond reformist high
Tory politicians such as Benjamin Disraeli and sketches out
precedents for current politicians in areas such as house
building, local government, the living wage, a financial
transaction tax, and the welfare state.

Lieutenant Colonel Joshua E. Kastenberg, United States

Air Force, Judge Advocate Generals Corps, USA

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Reinventing Development

One Nation Britain

184 pages

186 pages
978-1-4724-3007-6 60.00

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB



Contemporary African Politics

This book shows how the new architecture of aid has

important implications in three distinct but related ways:
the discursive construction and production of postcolonial societies; the changing focus of Western aid and
development policy interventions; and the reproduction
of the politics of inclusive exclusion. The author provides
detailed and original research on the new development
paradigm and develops a critical theoretical approach to
re-think conventional analyses of the new discourses on aid
reform whilst offering a fresh, alternative interpretation of
changes in international aid relations.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

158 pages
978-1-4724-2674-1 60.00


Parties, Elections and

Electoral Contests
Competition and Contamination Effects
Marc Guinjoan, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
According to the Duvergerian theories, in the long run,
only viable parties are expected to stand for elections.
Non-viable parties should join a pre-electoral coalition with
another party or withdraw from competition entirely. Why
then do non-viable political parties throughout the world
systematically continue presenting candidates? This book
argues that political parties will take advantage of their
viability in an arena to present candidacies in other arenas
where they do not have chances to become viable.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

182 pages
978-1-4724-3908-6 60.00



New Titles July December 2014


Politics and International Relations

State, Society and Information
Technology in Asia
Alterity Between Online and Offline Politics
Edited by Alan Chong, S. Rajaratnam School of
International Studies, Singapore and Faizal Bin Yahya,
National University of Singapore
Calling attention to the unique social and political uses
being made of IT in Asia in the service of offline and online
causes predominantly filtered by pre-existing social milieus,
the contributors examine the multiple dimensions of Asian
differences in the sociology and politics of IT and show how
present trends suggest that advanced electronic media will
not necessarily be embraced in a smooth, unilinear fashion
throughout Asia.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

218 pages
978-1-4724-4379-3 65.00


The Symbolic Representation

of Gender
A Discursive Approach
Emanuela Lombardo, Complutense University of
Madrid, Spain and Petra Meier, University of Antwerp,
Innovatively adopting a discursive approach, this book - the
first full-length treatment of symbolic representation focuses on gender issues to tackle important questions such
as: What are women and men symbols of, and how is gender
constructed in policy discourse? It studies what functions
symbolic representation fulfils in the construction of gender,
what social roles get legitimized in policy discourse, and
how this affects power constellations, ultimately revealing
much about the relation between symbolic, descriptive, and
substantive representation.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4094-3236-4 65.00


Corruption, Contraband, Jihad and the

Mali War of 20122013
Stephen A. Harmon, Pittsburg State University, USA
The International Political Economy of New
Regionalisms Series

Covering such issues as Islamist terrorism, border insecurity,

contraband, and human trafficking, this book looks at the
interrelated problems of political and social pathologies that
affect terrorist movements and security in the Sahara-Sahel
region. A valuable publication, it treats a series of related
problems on the basis of a broadly defined area, with a
special emphasis on the role of Islam as both a moderating
and exacerbating factor.
304 pages
978-1-4094-5475-5 70.00

What Should Armies Do?

The Use of Statebuilding Research in

British Policy

Armed Forces and Civil Security

John L. Clarke, U.S. Army War College, USA

Thomas Waldman, Sultan Barakat, and Andrea Varisco,

all at the University of York, UK
Despite the increasing volume of research on state building,
the use and uptake of findings by those involved in policymaking remains largely under-examined. As such, the
main themes running through this book relate to issues of
research influence, use and uptake into policy. It grapples
with problems associated with decision-making dynamics,
knowledge management and the policy process and draws
on concepts and analytical models developed within the
public policy and research utilization literature, from linear
models of instrumental use to the enlightenment function
of research.

This volume focuses on two key elements in the North

American and European security debate: the decline of both
the external threats to most North American and European
states, and that of budgetary resources available for defense.
These twin declines are coupled with a desire on the part of
civil leaders to engage the military in more domestic tasks
and the desire of senior military leaders to preserve force
structure, resulting in a dynamic in which civil leaders will
ask their militaries to do more, and military leaders will be
more inclined to say yes. As such, this book focuses on the
enormous increase in the provision of non-military services
and support asked of North American and European military

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

268 pages
978-1-4724-2757-1 65.00



188 pages
978-1-4724-4526-1 60.00


Understanding Statebuilding

When Care Work Goes Global

Traditional Governance and the Modern State

in Somaliland

Locating the Social Relations of Domestic


Rebecca Richards, University of Lancaster, UK

Edited by Mary Romero, Arizona State University, USA,

Valerie Preston, York University, Canada and Wenona
Giles, York University, Canada

Much analysis of state building focusses on dissecting

specific projects and attempting to identify what has gone
wrong in states such as Afghanistan and Iraq. What draws
less attention is what has gone right in non-interventionist
statebuilding projects within unrecognised states. By
examining this model in more depth a more successful
model of statebuilding emerges in which the end goal of
modern democracy and good governance are more likely to
be realized. Indeed states-within-states such as Somaliland
where external intervention in the statebuilding process is
largely absent can provide vital new lessons.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

222 pages
978-1-4724-2589-8 65.00


Gender in a Global/Local World

We know that migration systems link the women who

migrate and the households and organizations that employ
domestic and care workers, but how do these migration
systems work, and more importantly, what are their impacts
on the sending as well as the receiving societies? How do
sending and receiving societies regulate womens migration
for care work and how do these labour market exchanges
take place? How is reproductive labour changed in the
receiving society when it is done by women who are subject
to multifaceted othering/racializing processes? When Care
Work Goes Global seeks to answer these questions.
September 2014
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ebook ePUB

Terror and Insurgency in

the Sahara-Sahel Region

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Understanding Influence

The Warrior, Military Ethics and

Contemporary Warfare

312 pages
978-1-4094-3924-0 70.00


Achilles Goes Asymmetrical

Pauline M Kaurin, Pacific Lutheran University, USA
Military and Defence Ethics

While there has been extensive discussion on what counts as

military professionalism, that is what makes a soldier, sailor or
other military personnel a professional, the warrior archetype
(varied for the various roles and service branches) still holds
sway in the military self-conception, rooted as it is in the
more existential notions of war, honor and meaning. In this
volume, Kaurin uses Achilles as a touch stone for discussing
the warrior, military ethics and the aspects of contemporary
warfare that go by the name of asymmetrical war.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

186 pages
978-1-4094-6536-2 60.00


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Religion and Theology

Alternative Islamic Discourses
and Religious Authority

Armenian Christianity Today

The Changing Soul of Europe

Identity Politics and Popular Practice

Edited by Carool Kersten, Kings College London, UK

and Susanne Olsson, Sdertrn University, Stockholm,

Edited by Alexander Agadjanian, Russian State

University for the Humanities, Russia

Religions and Migrations in Northern and

Southern Europe

Contemporary Thought in the Islamic World

This book argues that the centre of gravity for alternative

Islamic discourses will continue to shift from the Arabicspeaking heartland towards the geographical peripheries of
the Muslim world and expatriate Muslims in North America
and Europe. This process has consequences for the question
of authority among Muslims. In view of recent seismic shifts
in the political constellation of the Middle East, the trends
discussed in this book hold important clues for the possible
direction of future developments in that part of the Muslim
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

220 pages
978-1-4094-4130-4 60.00


Anishinaabe Ways of
Knowing and Being
Vitality of Indigenous Religions

Very few studies have examined the worldview of the

Anishinaabeg from within the culture itself and none have
explored the Anishinaabe worldview in relation to their
efforts to maintain their culture in the present-day world.
Focusing mainly on the Minnesota Anishinaabeg, Gross
explores how their worldview works to create a holistic
way of living, which the Anishinaabeg call the Good Life.
However, as Gross also argues, the Anishinaabeg saw the
end of their world early in the 20th century and experienced
what he calls postapocalypse stress syndrome.

Archbishop Pole
The Archbishops of Canterbury Series

This fresh exploration of the life, work and writing of

Archbishop Pole, focuses particularly on Poles final years
(155658) as Archbishop of Canterbury. Stressing the events
and character of Poles English life, up to his exile in the
1530s, as well as in his final years in England, this book
explores his close relationship with Henry VIII and Mary I.
Portraying Pole as a crucial figure in the Catholic-Protestant
division, this book details the attempt to restore Roman
Catholicism as the national religion of England and Wales
by telling the life-story of the hinge figure in forging English
religious and political identity for several centuries. The
final section of this book draws together important and
illuminating source material written by Pole during his years
as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series

This book paves the way for a more enlarged discussion on

religion and migration phenomena in countries of Northern
and Southern Europe. The book presents through various
theoretical lenses and empirical researches the impact
mobility and consequent religious transnationalism have
on multiple aspects of culture and social life in societies
where the religious landscapes are increasingly diverse.
The chapters demonstrate that we are dealing with complex
scenarios: different contexts of reception, different countries
of origin, various ethnicities and religious traditions.

A Metaphysics of Information

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

William A. Dembski

In Being as Communion philosopher and mathematician

William Dembski provides a non-technical overview of
his work on information. Dembski attempts to make good
on the promise of John Wheeler, Paul Davies, and others
that information is poised to replace matter as the primary
stuff of reality. With profound implications for theology and
metaphysics, Being as Communion develops a relational
ontology that is at once congenial to science and open to
teleology in nature. All those interested in the intersections
of theology, philosophy and science should read this book.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-0-7546-3858-2 17.99
978-0-7546-3857-5 60.00


270 pages
978-1-4724-3469-2 65.00



Christianity in the Modern World

Changes and Controversies
Edited by Giselle Vincett, University of Birmingham, UK
and Elijah Obinna, Abia State University, Nigeria
Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary
Perspective Series in Association with the BSA
Sociology of Religion Study Group

The divergent and oftentimes contradictory state of

Christianity in the modern world fuels questions about
its place and future in the world: in politics, education,
healthcare, and even in sport. This book brings together
cutting edge research on the most recent changes and
trends in Christianity worldwide. Contributors drawn from
the USA, UK and Europe, Africa and East Asia offer an
invaluable breadth of coverage, expertise and disciplinary
perspective at the intersections between sociology of
religion, theology, politics, education and human geography.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Thinking Inside the Box

John Edwards, University of Oxford, UK

330 pages
978-1-4094-2057-6 70.00


Categorisation in
Indian Philosophy

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4724-1271-3 60.00

Edited by Helena Vilaa, University of Porto, Portugal,

Enzo Pace, University of Padova, Italy, Inger Furseth,
University of Oslo, Norway and Per Pettersson, Karlstad
University and Uppsala University, Sweden

Ashgate Science and Religion Series

Lawrence W. Gross, University of Redlands, USA

316 pages
978-1-4724-1734-3 65.00

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Being as Communion

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Armenian Christianity Today examines contemporary

religious life and the social, political, and cultural functions
of religion in the post-Soviet Republic of Armenia and
in the Armenian Diaspora worldwide. Scholars from a
range of countries and disciplines explore current trends
and everyday religiosity, particularly within the Armenian
Apostolic Church (AAC), and amongst Armenian Catholics,
Protestants and vernacular religions.

208 pages
978-1-4094-7025-0 60.00


Edited by Jessica Frazier, Oxford Centre for

Hindu Studies, UK and University of Kent, UK

Dialogues in South Asian Traditions: Religion,

Philosophy, Literature and History

Divination and Theurgy

in Neoplatonism

Shedding light on the way in which Indian philosophical

traditions crafted an elaborate picture of the world, this book
brings Indian thinkers into dialogue with modern philosophy
and global concerns. For those interested in philosophical
traditions in general, this book will establish a foundation for
further comparative perspectives on philosophy. For those
concerned with the understanding of Indic culture, it will
provide a platform for the continued renaissance of research
into Indias rich philosophical traditions.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages
978-1-4094-4690-3 60.00


Oracles of the Gods

Crystal Addey, University of Wales, UK
and Cardiff University, UK
Ashgate Studies in Philosophy and Theology in
Late Antiquity

This book explores the extensive links between oracles and

philosophy in Late Antiquity, particularly focusing on the
roles of oracles and other forms of divination in third and
fourth century CE Neoplatonism. Examining some of the
most significant debates between pagan philosophers and
Christian intellectuals on the nature of oracles as a central
yet contested element of religious tradition, Addey focuses
particularly on Porphyrys Philosophy from Oracles and
Iamblichus De Mysteriis.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4094-5152-5 65.00



New Titles July December 2014


Religion and Theology

Evangelicalism, Piety and Politics

Freedom of Speech and Islam

Islamic Myths and Memories

The Selected Writings of W.R. Ward

Edited by Erich Kolig, University of Otago, New Zealand

Mediators of Globalization

Edited by Andrew Chandler, University of Chichester, UK

This book brings together the most striking and significant
articles published by the eminent British religious historian,
W.R. Ward. Today, Ward enjoys an international reputation
as a scholar of John Wesley in particular and Protestantism
in Britain and Continental Europe at large. In this unique
collection, Chandler brings together for the first time
Wards significant work on Evangelicalism, Wesley and
Protestantism from the 17th to 20th centuries, opening up
new possibilities for analysis and argument for scholars
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4094-2554-0 65.00


Freedom of speech and expression is considered in the

West a high public good and an important social value,
underpinned by legislative and ethical norms. Its importance
is not shared to the same extent by conservative and devout
Muslims, who read Islamic doctrines in ways seemingly
incompatible with Western notions of freedom of speech.
Featuring experts across a spectrum of fields within Islamic
studies, Freedom of Speech and Islam considers Islamic
concepts of blasphemy, apostasy and heresy and their
applicability in the modern world.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4724-2402-0 65.00


This book probes the ways in which turn-of-the-millennium

evangelicals in North America have regarded the landscape
of participation. Rathe views relevant evangelical literature
by looking through a surprising lens borrowed from
medieval theology, bringing into focus not only evangelical
understandings, but also the identities and historical
traditions they reflect. One of the broadest reviews yet made
of evangelical worship literature, this book reconnects
evangelical tradition to the Great Tradition and in the
process re-appropriates classic concepts that are full of
promise for contemporary ecumenical dialogue.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4094-6919-3 60.00

Perceptible Inspiration

Robert William Keith Wilson

Liturgy, Worship and Society Series


George Augustus Selwyn (18091878) focuses on Selwyns

theological formation, which places him in the context of
the world of traditional high churchmanship, rather than
the Oxford Movement narrowly conceived. It argues that
his distinctiveness lay in the way in which he was able
to transplant his vision of Anglicanism to the colonial
context. Making use of Selwyns personal correspondence
and papers, as well as his unpublished sermons, the book
analyses his theological formation, his missionary policy,
his role within the formation of the colonial episcopate,
his attitude to conciliar authority and his impact upon the
diocesan revival in England.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages



Edited by Nathal M. Dessing, Leiden University,

The Netherlands, Nadia Jeldtoft and Jrgen S. Nielsen,
both at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and
Linda Woodhead, University of Lancaster, UK
Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series

This book offers a new direction for the study of contemporary

Islam by focusing on what being Muslim means in peoples
everyday lives. It complements existing studies by focusing
not on mosque-going, activist and devout Muslims, but on
those who are nominal believers, or who put their religion
to work in unorthodox ways. As well as offering fresh
empirical studies of everyday lived Islam, the book offers a
new approach which calls for the study of high religion and
everyday popular religion in relation to one another.
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

196 pages
978-1-4724-1753-4 60.00


Islam and Development

Exploring the Invisible Aid Economy
Edited by Matthew Clarke and David Tittensor,
both at Deakin University, Australia
Focusing on the role and impact of Islam and Islamic FBOs,
an arena that has come to be regarded by some as the
invisible aid economy, Islam and Development considers
Islamic theology and its application to development and
how Islamic teaching is actualized in case studies of Muslim
FBOs. It brings together contributions from the disciplines of
theology, sociology, politics and economics, aiming both to
raise awareness and to function as a corrective step within
the development studies literature.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4094-7080-9 60.00

Joseph W Cunningham, Saginaw Valley State

University, USA
Ashgate Methodist Studies Series

Perceptible inspiration, a term used by John Wesley to

describe the complicated relationship between Holy Spirit,
religious knowledge, and the nature of spiritual being, is not
unlike the term Methodist which was also coined by critics of
Methodism during the eighteenth century in Britain. Wesleys
adversaries - especially the pseudonymous John Smith, with
whom Wesley exchanged letters for a period of three years
frequently attacked the plausibility of such a thing as direct
spiritual sensation, which Wesley in turn defended. What
exactly did he mean by perceptible inspiration?
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

172 pages
978-1-4094-5734-3 60.00


Everyday Lived Islam in Europe


John Wesleys Pneumatology

Theological Formation, Life and Work

Alan Rathe, Asbury Theological Seminary, USA

276 pages
978-1-4724-1149-5 65.00

George Augustus Selwyn


Taking a Twenty-First Century Reading

This book brings the theoretical perspectives of mythmaking and collective memory to the study of Islam and
globalization and to the study of the place of the mass media
in the contemporary Islamic resurgence. It explores the
annulment of spatial and temporal distance by globalization
and by the communications revolution underlying it, and
how this has affected the cherished myths and memories of
the Muslim community.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Evangelicals, Worship and


Edited by Itzchak Weismann, Haifa University, Israel,

Mark Sedgwick, Aarhus University, Denmark and Ulrika
Mrtensson, Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, Trondheim, Norway


Kierkegaard, Aesthetics,
and Selfhood
The Art of Subjectivity
Peder Jothen, St. Olaf College, USA
Ashgate Studies in Theology, Imagination and the Arts

In the digital world, Kierkegaards thought is valuable

in thinking about aesthetics as a component of human
development, both including but moving beyond the
religious context as its primary center of meaning.
Contributing to the debate about Kierkegaards conception
of the aesthetic, this book argues that Kierkegaards concern
is provocatively to explore how a self becomes Christian,
with aesthetics a dimension of such self-formation. At a
broader level, Jothen also focuses on the role, authority
and meaning of art within religious thought generally and
Christianity in particular.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4094-7016-8 60.00


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Religion and Theology

A Kryptic Model of the

Muslim and Catholic

Pilgrimage Practices

Pilgrimage, Politics and PlaceMaking in Eastern Europe

Andrew Ter Ern Loke, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

Explorations Through Java

Crossing the Borders

Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Religion, Theology

and Biblical Studies

Albertus Bagus Laksana, Sanata Dharma University,


Being divine seems to entail being omniscient, omnipotent

and omnipresent, but the New Testament portrays Jesus as
having human properties. It seems logically impossible that
any single individual could possess such mutually exclusive
sets of properties. A Kyptic Model of the Incarnation aims to
provide a critical reflection of these challenges and to offer
a compelling response integrating aspects from analytic
philosophy of religion, systematic theology, and historicalcritical studies.

Ashgate Studies in Pilgrimage

Edited by John Eade, University of Roehampton and

University College London, UK and Mario Katic,
University of Zadar, Croatia

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages
978-1-4724-4573-5 60.00


Employing a comparative theological and phenomenological

analysis, this book reveals the deeper religio-cultural and
theological import of pilgrimage practice in the identity
formation and interaction among Muslims and Catholics
in south central Java. In a wider context, it also sheds light
on the larger dynamics of the complex encounter between
Islam, Christianity and local cultures.
270 pages



Legal Cases, New Religious

Movements, and Minority Faiths

New Voices in Greek Orthodox


Edited by James T. Richardson, University of Nevada,

USA and Franois Bellanger, University of Geneva,

Untying the Bond between Nation and Religion

Trine Stauning Willert, University of Copenhagen,

Ashgate Inform Series on Minority Religions and

Spiritual Movements

Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Religion,

Theology and Biblical Studies

Exploring cases in different parts of the world, this book

offers a practical insight for understanding the relations
of NRMs and other minority religions and the law from the
perspective of legal cases. Including contributions from
scholars, legal practitioners, actual or former members,
this book presents an objective approach to understanding
why so many legal actions have involved NRMs and other
minority faiths in recent years in western societies, and
the consequences of those actions for the society and the
religious group as well.

Demonstrating that in late modernity, parallel to rising

nationalisms, there is a shift towards religious communities
becoming the central axis for cultural organization and
progressive thinking, this book presents Greece as a case
study based on empirical field data from contemporary
theology and religious education, and makes a unique
contribution to ongoing debates about the public role of
religion in contemporary Europe.

240 pages
978-1-4724-2874-5 60.00


July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

196 pages
978-1-4724-1894-4 60.00


Minority Religions and Fraud

In Good Faith

Migration, Settlement and Innovation

Edited by Amanda van Eck Duymaer van Twist, Inform, UK

Edited by Maria Hmmerli, University of Fribourg,

Switzerland and Jean-Franois Mayer, Institut
Religioscope, Switzerland

Ashgate Inform Series on Minority Religions and

Spiritual Movements

Analysing both fraud and religion as social constructs with

different functions and meanings attributed to them, this
book raises issues that are central to debates about the
limits of religious toleration in diverse societies, and the
possible harm that religious organisations can inflict upon
society and individuals. With a focus on minority religions,
the book offers a comparative overview of the concept of
religious fraud by bringing together analyses of different
types of fraud or deception.

New Titles July December 2014

Porphyry in Fragments
Reception of an Anti-Christian Text
in Late Antiquity
Ariane Magny, Thompson Rivers University, Canada

The Greek philosopher Porphyry of Tyre had a reputation

as the fiercest critic of Christianity. It was well-deserved:
he composed fifteen discourses against the Christians, so
offensive that Christian emperors ordered them to be burnt.
We thus rely on the testimonies of three prominent Christian
writers to know what Porphyry wrote. Porphyry in Fragments
argues that Porphyrys actual thoughts became mixed with
the thoughts of the Christians who preserved his ideas, as
well as those of other Christian opponents.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4094-4115-1 60.00



The Public Face of African New

Religious Movements in Diaspora

The Orthodox migration in the West matters, despite its

unobtrusive presence. It matters in a way that has not yet
been explored in social and religious studies: in terms
of size, geographical scope, theological input and social
impact. This book explores the adjustment of Orthodox
migrants and their churches to Western social and religious
contexts in different scenarios. Investigating how Orthodox
identities develop when displaced from traditional ground
where they are socially and culturally embedded, this book
offers fresh insights into Orthodox identities in secular,
religiously pluralistic social contexts.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

320 pages
978-1-4094-6754-0 70.00



Orthodox Identities in
Western Europe

224 pages
978-1-4724-0911-9 60.00

204 pages
978-1-4724-1592-9 60.00

Ashgate Studies in Philosophy and Theology

in Late Antiquity

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Since the beginning of the anthropology of pilgrimage, scant

attention has been paid to pilgrimage and pilgrim places in
eastern and south-eastern Europe. Seeking to address such
a deficit, this book brings together scholars from eastern
and south-eastern Europe to explore the crossing of borders
in terms of the relationship between pilgrimage and politics,
and the role which this plays in the process of both sacred
and secular place-making.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Ashgate Studies in Pilgrimage


Imagining the Religious Other

Edited by Afe Adogame, University of Edinburgh, UK
Ashgate Inform Series on Minority Religions and
Spiritual Movements

This book provides new theoretical and methodological

insights for understanding and interpreting ANRMs and
African-derived religions in diaspora. Contributors focus
on groups and movements drawn from Christian, Islamic,
Jewish and African-derived religious movements and
explore their provenance and patterns of emergence,
their belief systems and ritual practices. The book offers
new insights into how ANRMs can be better defined,
approached, and interpreted by scholars, policy makers and
media practitioners alike.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

272 pages
978-1-4724-2010-7 65.00



Religion and Theology

Recovering the Female Voice
in Islamic Scripture

Religion and AIDS Treatment

in Africa

Revisionism and Diversification

in New Religious Movements

Women and Silence

Saving Souls, Prolonging Lives

Georgina L. Jardim, University of Gloucestershire, UK

Edited by Rijk van Dijk, African Studies Centre, The

Netherlands, Hansjrg Dilger, Freie Universitt Berlin,
Germany, Marian Burchardt, Max Planck Institute for
the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Germany
and Thera Rasing, University of Lusaka, Zambia and
Ministry of Community Development Mother and
Child Health, Zambia

Edited by Eileen Barker, London School of Economics

and Inform, UK

Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Religion, Theology

and Biblical Studies

This book finds that far from silencing women, the Qur`an
affirms the female voice as protester for justice and as
questioner of Theology. In this reading of the female role
in divine revelation in the Islamic text, Georgina Jardim
returns to the scriptures of the Judeo-Christian counterpart
of the Abrahamic faiths, to investigate whether the Bible
may claim women as brokers of revelation. The result is an
enriched understanding of divine communication in the
Abrahamic scriptures and a commonplace for reasoning
about the female voice as speaker in the Word of God.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

276 pages
978-1-4724-2637-6 65.00


This book critically interrogates emerging interconnections

between religion and biomedicine in Africa in the era of
antiretroviral treatment for AIDS. Highlighting the complex
relationships between religious ideologies, practices and
organizations on the one hand, and biomedical treatment
programmes and the scientific languages and public health
institutions that sustain them on the other, this anthology
charts largely uncovered terrain in the social science study
of the AIDS epidemic.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

312 pages
978-1-4094-5669-8 70.00

This book explores different ways in which, as NRMs

develop, stagnate, fade away, or abruptly cease to exist,
certain orthodoxies and practices have, for one reason or
another, been dropped or radically altered. As part of the
Ashgate Inform Series, this book approaches its topic from a
wide range of perspectives. Contributors include academics,
current and former members of NRMs, and members of
cult-watching movements.
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

286 pages
978-1-4094-6230-9 19.99
978-1-4094-6229-3 65.00


Richard Baxters
Reformed Liturgy

Redefining Pilgrimage

Ashgate Inform Series on Minority Religions and

Spiritual Movements

New Perspectives on Historical and

Contemporary Pilgrimages

Religion and Power

A Puritan Alternative to the

Book of Common Prayer

Edited by Antn M. Pazos, Instituto de Estudios

Gallegos Padre Sarmiento, Spain

No Logos without Mythos

Glen J. Segger, Yale Institute of Sacred Music, USA

David Martin, London School of Economics, UK

Liturgy, Worship and Society Series

In this book David Martin argues, against Juergen

Habermas, that religion and politics share a common mythic
basis and that it is misleading to contrast the rationality
of politics with the irrationality of religion. In contrast to
Richard Dawkins (and New Atheists generally), Martin
argues that the approach taken is brazenly unscientific and
that the proclivity to violence is a shared feature of religion,
nationalism and political ideology alike rooted in the
demands of power and social solidarity.

The English Civil War and its aftermath was a time of human
devastation, political uncertainty and religious instability.
The Church of England had not witnessed such liturgical
innovation since Thomas Cranmer, and would not see such
creativity again until the end of the twentieth century at
least in terms of liturgical texts. Segger examines the
theology and ecclesiology of Baxters liturgical opus. While
never approved for public use, the Reformed Liturgy remains
an important and creative liturgy representative of those who
fought for their Puritan convictions, but lost.

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Compostela International Studies in Pilgrimage

History and Culture

Exploring what does and what does not constitute

pilgrimage, Redefining Pilgrimage draws together a wide
variety of disciplines including politics, anthropology,
history, religion and sociology. Leading contributors offer
a broad range of case studies from a wide geographical
area, exploring new ways of approaching pilgrimage
beyond the classical religious model. Re-thinking the global
phenomenon of pilgrimages in the 21st century, this book
offers new perspectives to redefine pilgrimage.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

192 pages



280 pages
978-1-4724-3360-2 19.99
978-1-4724-3359-6 65.00


292 pages
978-1-4094-3694-2 65.00

Religion Italian Style

The Roots of Religion

Continuities and Changes in a Catholic Country

Franco Garelli, University of Turin, Italy
Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series

This book argues that the relationship between religion and

society in Italy has unique characteristics when compared
with what is happening in other European Catholic
Countries. Exploring key topics and religious trends which
question how the population feel - from the laity and the role
of religions in the public sphere, to moral debates, forms of
religious pluralism, and new spiritualities Garelli questions
how intricately religion is interwoven with the nations fabric
and the dynamics of the whole society.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4724-3644-3 60.00



Exploring the Cognitive Science of Religion

Edited by Roger Trigg, University of Warwick and
University of Oxford, UK and Justin L. Barrett,
Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, USA
Ashgate Science and Religion Series

The cognitive science of religion is a new discipline

that looks at the roots of religious belief in the cognitive
architecture of the human mind. This book deals with the
philosophical and theological implications of the cognitive
science of religion which grounds religious belief in human
cognitive structures: religious belief is natural, in a way that
even scientific thought is not. Philosophers and theologians
from North America, UK and Australia, explore the alleged
conflict between truth claims and examine the roots of
religion in human nature.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

224 pages
978-1-4724-2731-1 60.00


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Religion and Theology

Sacred Suicide
Edited by James R. Lewis, University of Troms, Norway
and Carole M. Cusack, University of Sydney, Australia
Ashgate New Religions

The label Suicide Cults has been applied to a wide variety

of different alternative religions, from Jonestown to the Solar
Temple to Heavens Gate. Additionally, observers have asked
if such group suicides are in any way comparable to Islamist
suicide terrorism, or to historical incidents of mass suicide,
such as the mass suicide of the ancient community of Masada.
Offering a valuable perspective on New Religious Movements
and on religion and violence, Sacred Suicide brings together
contributions from a diverse range of international scholars of
sociology, religious studies and criminology.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

256 pages
978-1-4094-5086-3 65.00


The validity of the religious quest is defended across

faiths. Yet it is not only the quest, but also the way in which
religions have developed which is of central significance.
Their committed followers live ordinary lives in the
mainstream of the world, working out their faith in relation
to life. In Sensible Religion, leading thinkers in world
religions explore how religions are in conversation with
other disciplines, bringing a transcendent perspective to the
discussion. Countering the argument that religion is at root
extremist and irrational, Sensible Religion brings together
thoughtful reflections by leading thinkers about humanitys
spiritual quest.

Sociological Theory and the

Question of Religion
Edited by Andrew McKinnon and Marta Trzebiatowska,
both at the University of Aberdeen, UK
Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary
Perspective Series in Association with the BSA
Sociology of Religion Study Group

This book offers a variety of theoretical perspectives on the

study of religion that bridge the gap between mainstream
concerns of sociologists and the sociology of religion.
Following an assessment of the current state of the field, the
authors develop an emerging critical perspective within the
sociology of religion with particular focus on the importance
of historical background. Re-assessing the themes of
aesthetics, listening and different degrees of spiritual
self-discipline, the authors draw on ethnographic studies of
religious involvement in Norway and the UK.
240 pages
978-1-4094-6551-5 60.00

Difference is Everything

Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Religion, Theology

and Biblical Studies

David Pitman, University of Queensland, Australia

Going beyond ordinary readings of Aquinas and building

a foundation for further insights into the works of both
theologians, this book draws out the implications of the
thought of Eckhart and Aquinas for contemporary issues,
including ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue, liturgy
and prayer, and religious inclusivity. Reading Aquinas and
Eckhart in light of each other reveals the profound depth
and orthodoxy of both of these scholars and provides a novel
approach to many theological and practical religious issues.
230 pages
978-1-4094-6916-2 60.00


Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Religion, Theology

and Biblical Studies

Presenting an accessible introduction to the contemporary

issues and challenges facing all those engaged in the
further development of inter-faith relationships, dialogue
and partnership between the world religions, Pitman argues
that the future of world peace and prosperity depends on the
outcome. This is accomplished with particular reference to
ten key Twentieth Century theologians, each of whom had
significant influence in the field of inter-religious studies,
both during their lifetime and beyond.
May 2014
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246 pages
978-1-4724-1090-0 60.00


Edited by Christopher Lewis, University of Oxford, UK

and Dan Cohn-Sherbok, University of Wales, UK

December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

Anastasia Wendlinder, Gonzaga University, USA

Sensible Religion

224 pages
978-1-4094-6808-0 60.00

Beyond Analogy

Twentieth Century Christian

Responses to Religious

July 2014
ebook PDF
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September 2014
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Speaking of God in Thomas

Aquinas and Meister Eckhart


Testing Fresh Expressions

Identity and Transformation

The Wisdom of the Spirit

John Walker, Diocese of Canterbury, UK

Gospel, Church and Culture

Ashgate Contemporary Ecclesiology

Edited by Martyn Percy, University of Oxford, UK and

Pete Ward, Kings College London, UK

Testing Fresh Expressions investigates whether fresh

expressions of church really do what is claimed for them
by the fresh expressions movement and, in particular,
whether their unique approach helps to reverse trends
of decline experienced by traditional churches. The book
examines those claims and untangles their sociological and
theological assumptions. From a careful study of factors
underlying attendance decline and growth, Walker argues
that long-term decline can be resisted only if churches are
better able to attract children, the non-churched or both.
August 2014
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270 pages



Ashgate Contemporary Ecclesiology

In this ground-breaking book exploring Christianity and

contemporary culture, internationally-renowned scholars
interface with the legacy of Andrew Walkers work and
look forward in their own predictions of trends. Following
Walkers special interests in house churches, charismatic
renewal, culture and faith, this book picks up on these
themes and also looks more broadly at topics such as
Pentecostalism, Alpha and post-Evangelicalism.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4724-3565-1 60.00


Theology and California

Theological Refractions on Californias Culture
Edited by Fred Sanders, Biola University, USA and
Jason S. Sexton, TECC Project, USA and University
of Southern California, USA
Californians Fred Sanders and Jason Sexton assemble
leading voices and specialists both from within and without
California for engagement with Californias influential
culture. Leading theologians and cultural critics such as
Richard J. Mouw, Paul Louis Metzger, and Fred Sanders,
are included alongside leading specialists in film studies
and cultural critique, theological anthropology, missiology,
sociology, and history.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4724-0947-8 19.99
978-1-4724-0946-1 60.00



New Titles July December 2014


Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy

Actor-Network Theory
and Crime Studies

Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism

Representation, Cognition and Everyday Talk

The Ashgate Research

Companion to Memory Studies

Explorations in Science and Technology

Rusi Jaspal, De Montfort University, UK

Edited by Siobhan Kattago,Tallinn University, Estonia

Edited by Dominique Robert and Martin Dufresne,

both at the University of Ottawa, Canada

Studies in Migration and Diaspora

Developed by Bruno Latour and his collaborators,

actor-network theory (ANT) offers crimes studies a
worthy intellectual challenge. It requires us to take the
performativity turn, consider the role of objects in our
analysis and conceptualize all actants (human and nonhuman) as relational beings. Thus power is not the property
of one party, but rather it is an effect of the relationships
among actants. Students, academics and policy-makers
will benefit from reading this collection in order to explore
criminology-related topics in a different way
January 2015
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

176 pages
978-1-4724-1710-7 60.00


Drawing upon media and visual sources and rich interview

data from Iran, Britain and Israel, Antisemitism and
Anti-Zionism examines the concepts of antisemitism and
anti-Zionism, tracing their evolution and inter-relations, and
considering the distinct ways in which they are manifested,
and responded to, by Muslim and Jewish communities
in Iran, Britain and Israel. Providing insights from social
psychology, sociology and history, this interdisciplinary
analysis sheds light on the pivotal role of the media,
social representations and identity processes in shaping
antisemitism and anti-Zionism.
October 2014
ebook PDF
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272 pages
978-1-4094-5437-3 65.00


December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

350 pages
978-1-4094-5392-5 85.00


The Australian Country Girl:

History, Image, Experience
Catherine Driscoll, University of Sydney, Australia

The Ashgate Research Companion to Fan


Against Old Europe

Raphael Schlembach, Liverpool Hope University, UK

Edited by Linda Duits, Utrecht University, The

Netherlands, Koos Zwaan, Inholland University of
Applied Sciences, The Netherlands and Stijn Reijnders,
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Exploring the work of key theorists critical of globalization,

including Habermas, Negri, Holloway, Postone and de
Benoist, this book examines critical theory approaches to
alter-globalization, illustrated with concrete examples of
movements within contemporary Europe. In so doing, it
invites readers to explore the charges of nationalism, antiAmericanism and antisemitism brought against parts of the
alter-globalization movement. Providing a new perspective
on critiques of globalization, Against Old Europe will appeal
to sociologists and social and political theorists studying
social movements, anti-globalization activism and European
politics and identity.

The twenty-two chapters of this volume elucidate the key

themes of the fan studies vernacular. As the contributing
authors draw from recent empirical work around the globe,
the book provides fresh insights and innovative angles
on the latest developments within fan cultures, both
online and offline. Because the volume is specifically set
up as companion for researchers, the chapters include
recommendations for the further study of fan cultures.
As such, it represents an essential reference volume for
researchers and scholars in the fields of cultural and
media studies, communication, cultural geography and the
sociology of culture.

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

September 2014
ebook PDF
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Critical Theory and Alter-Globalization


168 pages
978-1-4094-5333-8 60.00

Memory has long been a subject of fascination for poets,

artists, philosophers and historians. This timely volume,
edited by Siobhan Kattago, examines how past events are
remembered, contested, forgotten, learned from and shared
with others. Featuring contributions from key thinkers in the
field, this comprehensive volume will be a valuable resource for
all academics and students working within this area of study.


314 pages
978-1-4094-5562-2 85.00

In Australia, country girl names a field of experiences and

life-stories by girls and women who have grown up outside
of the demographically dominant urban centres. It also
names a set of ideas about Australia that is surprisingly
consistent across the long twentieth century despite also
working as an index of changing times. This book offers
a fresh perspective on this history and a new focus on the
ever-changing experience of Australian rural life. It argues
that the country girl has not only been a long-standing
counterpart to the Australian bush man she has, more
importantly, figured as a point of dialogue between the
country and the city for popular culture and for public
sphere narratives about Australian society and identity.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages
978-1-4094-4688-0 60.00



Anthropological Explorations
in Queer Theory
Mark Graham, Stockholm University, Sweden
Queer Interventions

Anthropological Explorations in Queer Theory offers a wide

ranging fusion of queer theory with anthropological theory,
shifting away from the discussion of gender categories and
identities that have often constituted a central concern of
queer theory and instead exploring the queer elements of
contexts in which they are not normally apparent. Engaging
with a number of apparently non-sexual topics, including
embodiment and fieldwork, regimes of value, gifts and
commodities, diversity discourses, biological essentialisms,
intersectionality, the philosophy of Bergson and Deleuze,
and the representation of heterosexuality in popular
culture, this book moves to discuss central concerns of
contemporary anthropology, drawing on both the latest
anthropological research as well as classic theories.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

176 pages
978-1-4094-5066-5 60.00

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Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy

The Australian Country Girl:
History, Image, Experience


Charisma and Patronage

A Technology Under the Radar?

Reasoning with Max Weber

Catherine Driscoll, University of Sydney, Australia

Inga Kroener

Andrew D. McCulloch, University of Lincoln, UK

In Australia, country girl names a field of experiences and

life-stories by girls and women who have grown up outside
of the demographically dominant urban centres. It also
names a set of ideas about Australia that is surprisingly
consistent across the long twentieth century despite also
working as an index of changing times. This book offers
a fresh perspective on this history and a new focus on the
ever-changing experience of Australian rural life. It argues
that the country girl has not only been a long-standing
counterpart to the Australian bush man she has, more
importantly, figured as a point of dialogue between the
country and the city for popular culture and for public
sphere narratives about Australian society and identity.

Central state and non-covert surveillance began in earnest at

the start of the twentieth century. By the start of the twentyfirst century, the UK was one of the most surveilled societies
on earth. This timely volume by Inga Kroener analyses the
particular combination of factors that have created this
surveillance state.

A detailed and richly illustrated analysis of charisma and the

political and cultural conditions in which charismatic figures
arise, this work of historical sociology critically engages with
Max Webers ambiguous concept of charisma to examine
the charismatic careers of a number of figures, including
Joan of Arc, Hitler, Nelson Mandela and Jesus. With close
attention to the social and political legacy of charisma
for modern capitalism, it also examines the emergence
of a global class of the super-rich, a process buttressed
by a belief on the part of business leaders in their own
charismatic powers.

October 2014
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200 pages
978-1-4724-0109-0 60.00


162 pages
978-1-4094-2345-4 60.00


September 2014
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The Challenges of
Diaspora Migration
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on
Israel and Germany

Beyond Hate

Edited by Rainer K. Silbereisen, University of Jena,

Germany, Peter F. Titzmann, University of Zrich,
Switzerland and Yossi Shavit, Tel Aviv University, Israel

C. Richard King and David J. Leonard,

Washington State University, USA
The Cultural Politics of Media and Popular Culture

Drawing on a range of new media sources, including

websites, chat rooms, blogs and forums, this book
explores the concerns expressed by advocates of white
power, with regard to racial hierarchy and social order,
the crisis of traditional American values, the perpetuation
of liberal, feminist, elitist ideas, the degradation of the
family and the fetishization of black men. What emerges
is an understanding of the instruments of power in white
supremacist discourses, in which a series of connections
are drawn between popular culture, multiculturalism, sexual
politics and state functions, all of which are seen to be
working against white men.
August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages
978-1-4724-2749-6 20.00
978-1-4724-2746-5 65.00


Studies in Migration and Diaspora

This interdisciplinary, comparative volume examines

migration from German and Jewish Diasporas to Germany
and Israel, examining the roles of origin, ethnicity,
and destination in the acculturation and adaptation of
immigrants. The book presents results from various
projects within a large research consortium that compared
the adaptation of Diaspora immigrants with that of other
immigrant groups and natives in Israel and Germany. With
close attention to specific issues relating to Diaspora
immigration, including language acquisition, acculturation
strategies, violence and breaches with the past, educational
and occupational opportunities, life course transitions and
preparation for moving between countries, The Challenges of
Diaspora Migration will appeal to scholars across the social
sciences with interests in migration and ethnicity, Diaspora
and return migration.
June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

354 pages
978-1-4094-6424-2 70.00

The Birth of a Genetics Policy

Challenging Myths of

Social Issues of Newborn Screening

Jolle Vailly, National Institute for Health and Medical
Research, France
Based on a five-year research project and winner of the Prix
Le Monde for academic research in France, The Birth of a
Genetics Policy analyses the three dimensions scientific,
political and moral of the social issues raised by a policy
of screening for the genetic disease of cystic fibrosis
amongst babies. Drawing on extensive interview material
and observational research, it explores the conditions under
which a screening policy is decided upon and implemented,
the types of political logic underlying it, and the effects it has
on norms and values.
December 2013
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-1-4724-2272-9 65.00

New Titles July December 2014



Contemporary Sociological
Thinkers and Theories
Sandro Segre, University of Genoa, Italy
In this volume Sandro Segre provides a comprehensive
overview of the major theoretical perspectives in
contemporary sociology. The perspectives are divided
into four sections: Interpretative Sociology; Structuralist
Sociology; Micro and Macrosociological Perspectives; and
Historical and Philosophical Perspectives. An introduction
to each section provides a detailed overview of the key
concepts and figures who contributed to the perspectives.
An analysis of their reception in the secondary literature
and a balanced evaluation of each perspective derived from
extant critical literature are also provided.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

416 pages
978-0-7546-7181-7 80.00


Crisis in the Nordic Nations

and Beyond
Edited by Kristn Loftsdttir, University of Iceland,
Iceland and Lars Jensen, Roskilde University, Denmark

Lee F. Monaghan, University of Limerick, Ireland

and Michael Atkinson, University of Toronto, Canada
Interactionist Currents

Drawing on extensive field research conducted in North

America and Britain over a twenty year period, this book
challenges masculine myth making. Mindful of a rich
sociological tradition that seeks to understand the social
world as lived and experienced, the authors provide insights
that are likely to challenge common perceptions of various
groups of men and boys, their diverse physical cultures,
shared ways of being and identities.
214 pages
978-1-4724-0099-4 60.00


At the Intersection of Environment, Finance

and Multiculturalism

Understanding Physical Cultures

June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

240 pages
978-0-7546-7344-6 65.00

White Power and Popular Culture


May 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

With discourses of crisis and disaster featuring strongly

in contemporary discourses on contemporary society, this
book brings together critical perspectives from across the
humanities and social sciences to explore the idea of crisis
as inherently related to power dynamics and the formation
of different subjectivities and identities within the Nordic
countries and globally.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages





Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy

Disability and Social Movements

Female Masochism in Film

The Festivalization of Culture

Learning from Australian Experiences

Sexuality, Ethics and Aesthetics

Rachel Carling-Jenkins

Ruth McPhee

Edited by Andy Bennett, Jodie Taylor and Ian Woodward

all at Griffith University, Australia

Interdisciplinary Disability Studies

Film Philosophy at the Margins

This book provides the reader with a ground-breaking

understanding of disability and social movements. By
describing how disability is philosophically, historically,
and theoretically positioned, Carling-Jenkins is able to then
examine disability relationally through an evaluation of the
contributions of groups engaged in similar human rights
struggles. The book locates disability rights as a new social
movement and provides an explanation for why disability
has been divided rather than united in Australia. Finally, it
investigates whether the recent campaign to implement
a national disability insurance scheme represents a reemergence of the movement.

Responses to heterosexual female masochism have ranged

from neglect in theories that focus predominantly or
only upon masochistic sexuality within male subjects, to
condemnation from feminists who regard it as an inverted
expression of patriarchal control rather than a legitimate
form of female desire. It has commonly been understood
as a passive form of sexuality, thus ignoring the potential
for activity and agency that the masochistic position may
involve, which underpins the crucial argument that female
masochism can be conceived as enquiring ethical activity.
Female Masochism in Film avoids these reductive and
simplistic approaches by focusing on the ambivalences and
intricacies of this type of sexuality and subjectivity.

November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

180 pages
978-1-4724-4632-9 60.00


Ethnic Stratification and

Economic Inequality around
the World
The End of Exploitation and Exclusion?
Max Haller, University of Graz, Austria and Anja Eder,
University of Graz, Austria
A systematic examination of the interaction between class
structures, social stratification and ethnic differentiation,
Ethnic Stratification and Economic Inequality around the
World sheds light on the manner in which social structures
produce different levels of economic inequality, offering a
fivefold typology of patterns of ethnic stratification, which
can be applied to present-day world regions.
December 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

500 pages
978-1-4094-4952-2 80.00


June 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages
978-1-4094-3198-5 65.00


From Silence to Protest

International Perspectives on Weakly
Resourced Groups

Feminism, Gender and


Edited by Didier Chabanet, Sciences Po (Cevipof) and

Ecole Normale Suprieure de Lyon, Lettres et Sciences
Humaines (Triangle), France. Frdric Royall, University
of Limerick, Ireland

Politics, Passion and Pedagogies

The Mobilization Series on Social Movements,

Protest, and Culture

Miriam E. David, University of London, UK

Drawing on the collective biography of leading feminist
scholars from around the world and current evidence
relating to gender equality in education, this book employs
methods including biographies, life histories, and narratives
to show how the feminist project to transform womens lives
in the direction of gender and social equality became an
educational and pedagogical one. Through careful attention
to the ways in which feminism has transformed feminist
academic womens lives, the author explores the importance
of education in changing socio-political contexts, raising
questions about further changes that are necessary.
238 pages
978-1-4724-3711-2 65.00

Eventful Bodies

October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

176 pages
978-1-4724-1316-1 60.00

The Festivalization of Culture explores the links between

various local and global cultures, communities, identities
and lifestyle narratives as they are both constructed and
experienced in the festival context. Drawing on a wide
range of case studies from Australia and Europe, festivals
are examined as sites for the performance and critique
of lifestyle, identity and cultural politics; as vehicles for
the mobilization and cementation of local and global
communities; and as spatio-temporal events that inspire and
determine meaning in peoples lives.


The editors of this book examine social movement scholars

use of contemporary concepts and paradigms in the study of
protest as they analyse the extent to which these tools are valid
(or not) in very different regional - and thus political or cultural contexts. The chapters cover examples including urban riots in
France and in Great Britain, the World Social Forums of Dakar
and Nairobi, the struggles of precarious workers in Italy and
Greece, unemployed mobilization in Germany and Ireland, the
mobilization of the Roma and Muslims in Europe, the Brazilian
landless movement, the mobilization of small farmers in
France, as well as mobilization in authoritarian states such as
Morocco and Cuba.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages
978-1-4094-6796-0 65.00


The Cosmopolitics of Illness

Michael Schillmeier, University of Exeter, UK
Theory, Technology and Society

Disrupting, questioning and altering the taken-for-granted

cosmos of everyday life, the experiences of illness
challenge the different ways in which social normalcy
is remembered, maintained and expected. Using rich
qualitative and ethnographic data alongside print and
on-line media sources, this book explores the various
experiences of life threatening, infectious or non-curable
illnesses that trouble the practices and relations of human
and social life. Challenging a mere deficit-model of illness,
it examines how the cosmopolitics of illness require and
initiate an ethos that cares for difference and diversity.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4094-4982-9 60.00


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Social Policy and Welfare 2014 catalogue
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Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy

Genomics and the Reimagining
of Personalized Medicine

Heritage, Diaspora and the

Consumption of Culture

Internet Studies

Richard Tutton, Lancaster University, UK

Movements in Irish Landscapes

Panayiota Tsatsou, University of Leicester, UK

A rigorous, critical examination of the promises of

genomics to transform the economics and delivery of
medicine, Genomics and the Reimagining of Personalized
Medicine examines the consequences of the shift towards
personalization for the way we think about and act on
health and disease in society. As such, it will be of interest
to scholars and students of the sociology of medicine and
health, science and technology studies, and health policy.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

208 pages
978-1-4724-2256-9 60.00


The Global Capitalist Crisis

and Its Aftermath
The Causes and Consequences of the Great
Recession of 20082009

Past, Present and Future Directions

Edited by Diane Sabenacio Nititham, National-Louis

University, USA and Rebecca Boyd, University College
Cork, Ireland
Studies in Migration and Diaspora

Using an interdisciplinary and transhistorical framework

this book examines the cultural, material, and symbolic
articulations of Irish migration relationships from the
medieval period through to the contemporary post-Celtic
Tiger era. With attention to peoples different uses of social
space, relationships with and memories of the landscape,
as well as their symbolic expressions of diasporic identity,
Heritage, Diaspora and the Consumption of Culture examines
the different forms of diaspora over time and contributes to
contemporary debates on home, foreignness, globalization
and consumption.
November 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

254 pages
978-1-4724-2509-6 65.00


October 2014
ebook ePUB
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

288 pages
978-1-4094-7387-9 65.00


Liminality and the Modern

Living Through the In-Between

Bjrn Thomassen, Roskilde University, Denmark

Globalization, Crises, and Change

Hyper Sexual, Hyper Masculine?

Written by a team of experts on the contemporary global

capitalist political economy, this ground-breaking volume
provides critical analyses of the causes and consequences
of the Great Recession of 20082009. Through a careful
examination of the origin, development and aftermath of
the catastrophic economic crisis, editor Berch Berberoglu
and his colleagues demonstrate that those most responsible
for the economic collapse are the ones least affected by its
devastating impact.

Gender, Race and Sexuality in the Identities

of Contemporary Black Men

Liminality and the Modern offers a comprehensive

introduction to this concept, discussing its development
and laying out a conceptual and experiential framework
for thinking about change in terms of liminality. Applying
this framework to questions surrounding the implosion of
non-spaces, the analysis of major historical periods and
the study of political revolution, the book also explores its
possible uses in social science research and its implications
for our understanding of the uncertainty and contingency of
the liquid structures of modern society.

Edited by Berch Berberoglu, University of Nevada, USA

October 2014

350 pages
978-1-4724-1727-5 70.00


Global Knowledge Production

in the Social Sciences
Made in Circulation
Edited by Wiebke Keim, Ercment elik,
Christian Ersche and Veronika Whrer,
all at the University of Freiburg, Germany
Global Connections

An innovative contribution to debates on the

internationalization and globalization of the social
sciences, this book pays particular attention to their
theoretical and epistemological reconfiguration in the light
of postcolonial critiques and critiques of Eurocentrism.
Bringing together theoretical contributions and empirical
case studies from around the world, including India, the
Americas, South Africa, Australia and Europe, it engages
in debates concerning public sociology and explores
South-South research collaborations specific to the social
sciences. Contributions transcend established critiques of
Eurocentrism to make space for the idea of global social
sciences and truly transnational research.
October 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

272 pages
978-1-4724-2617-8 65.00


A comprehensive overview of the field, Internet Studies

considers key issues of social importance that the study of
the Internet draws upon. At the same time, it examines the
role of the Internet in social research and the development
of highly interdisciplinary and rapidly developing Internet
research. Hence, this volume maps out areas of certainty
and uncertainty in the study of the Internet and, as such,
it will be of interest to scholars and students of media and
communication, sociology and social research methods.

New Titles July December 2014


Edited by Brittany C. Slatton, Texas Southern University,

USA and Kamesha Spates, Kent State University, USA
Presenting new interview and auto-ethnographic data,
and drawing on an array of theoretical approaches
methodologies, Hyper Sexual, Hyper Masculine? explores
the formation of gendered and sexual identity in the lives
of black men, shedding light on the manner in which these
are affected by class and social structure. It examines the
intersecting oppressions of race, gender and class, while
acknowledging and discussing the extent to which black
mens social lives differ as a result of their varying degrees
of cumulative disadvantage.
July 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

200 pages
978-1-4724-2512-6 60.00



Masculinities in the
Criminological Field
Edited by Ingrid Lander, Stockholm University, Sweden,
Signe Ravn, The Danish National Centre for Social
Research, Denmark, and Nina Jon, Norwegian National
Crime Prevention Council, Norway

Internet Studies
Past, Present and Future Directions
Panayiota Tsatsou, University of Leicester, UK
A comprehensive overview of the field, Internet Studies
considers key issues of social importance that the study of
the Internet draws upon. At the same time, it examines the
role of the Internet in social research and the development
of highly interdisciplinary and rapidly developing Internet
research. Hence, this volume maps out areas of certainty
and uncertainty in the study of the Internet and, as such,
it will be of interest to scholars and students of media and
communication, sociology and social research methods.
288 pages
978-1-4094-4641-5 65.00

256 pages
978-1-4094-6080-0 65.00

Control, Vulnerability and Risk-Taking

September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

August 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB


This volume both problematizes and renders visible

conceptions and norms regarding male behaviour and
masculinities, showing how these affect the criminological
field through providing a theoretically sound and clear
gender perspective to this field of research. With sections
based around the following three themes: negotiations of
masculinity in institutional settings; vulnerable masculinities;
and risk-taking and masculinities, this volume will be of
interest to scholars of criminology, sociology, social work
and gender studies, as well as policy-makers, and law
enforcement professionals.
September 2014
ebook PDF
ebook ePUB

264 pages
978-1-4724-1013-9 65.00



Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy

Mediation in Family Disputes

Online Gambling and Crime

Racial Prescriptions

Principles of Practice

Causes, Controls and Controversies

Fourth Edition

James Banks, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Pharmaceuticals, Difference, and the Politics

of Life

Marian Roberts, London School of Economics and

Political Science, UK and UK College of Family
This is the authoritative textbook on family mediation. It
draws on a wide cross-disciplinary theoretical literature
and on the authors extensive and continuing practice
experience. It encompasses developments in policy,
research and practice in the UK and beyond. First published
in 1988 as a pioneering work, this fourth edition has been
fully updated to incorporate legal and policy developments
in the UK and in Europe, new sociological and philosophical
perspectives on respect, justice and conflict, and
international research and practice innovations.
December 2014
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300 pages
978-1-4094-5034-4 25.00
978-1-4094-5033-7 70.00


Migrant Care Workers

Searching for New Horizons
Karen Christensen, University of Bergen, Norway and
Ingrid Guldvik, Lillehammer University College, Norway

With attention to the manner in which online gambling

can be a source of criminal activity, not only on the part
of players, but also criminal entrepreneurs and legitimate
gambling businesses, Online Gambling and Crime
discusses developments in criminal law and regulatory
frameworks, evaluating past and present policy on online
gambling. A rich examination of the prevalence, incidence
and experience of a range of criminal activities linked to
gambling on the Internet, this book will appeal to scholars
and policy makers in the fields of sociology and criminology,
law, the study of culture and subculture, risk, health studies
and social policy.
July 2014
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194 pages
978-1-4724-1449-6 60.00


Jonathan Xavier Inda, University of Illinois,

Urbana-Champaign, USA
Racial Prescriptions explores the politics of dealing with
health inequities through targeting pharmaceuticals at
specific racial groups based on the idea that they are
genetically different. Drawing on the introduction of
BiDil to treat heart failure among African Americans,
this book contends that while racialized pharmaceuticals
are ostensibly about fostering life, they also raise thorny
questions concerning the biologization of race, the
reproduction of inequality, and the economic exploitation of
the racial body.
September 2014
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144 pages
978-1-4094-4498-5 60.00


The Poetics of Crime

Reconfiguring Citizenship

Understanding and Researching Crime and

Deviance Through Creative Sources

Social Exclusion and Diversity within

Inclusive Citizenship Practices

Edited by Michael Hviid Jacobsen, Aalborg University,


Edited by Lena Dominelli, Durham University, UK and

Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha, University of Victoria, Canada

Classical and Contemporary Social Theory

Contemporary Social Work Studies

Cristensen and Guldviks Migrant Care Workers provides

insight to the historical context for public care work and
shows how migration policies, general welfare and longterm care policies as well as cultural differences in values
in the UK and Norway set the context for how migrant care
workers can realise their individual life projects. The authors
discuss what might be called a new type of migrant one
who is neither a victim of the divide between the global
north and the global south, nor someone leaving family
behind, but individuals using care work as a part of their
own life project of potential self-improvement.

The Poetics of Crime is an invitation to reconsider and

reimagine how criminological knowledge may be creatively
and poetically constructed, obtained, corroborated and
applied. Departing from the conventional understanding
of criminology as a discipline concerned with refined
statistical analyses, survey methods and quantitative
measurements, this book shows that criminology can and
indeed should move beyond such confines to seek sources
of insight, information and knowledge in the unexplored
corners of poetically and creatively inspired approaches and

October 2014
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October 2014
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Citizenship as a status assumes that all those encompassed

by the term citizen are included, albeit within the
boundaries of the nation-state. Yet citizenship practices can
be both inclusionary and exclusionary, with far-reaching
ramifications for both nationals and non-nationals. This
volume explores the concept of citizenship and its practices
within particular contexts and nation-states to identify
whether its claims to inclusivity are justified. This will show
whether the exclusionary dimensions experienced by some
citizens and non-citizens are linked to deficiencies in the
concept, country-specific policies or how it is practiced in
different contexts.

220 pages
978-1-4724-1546-2 60.00


304 pages
978-1-4094-6995-7 70.00


June 2014
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322 pages
978-1-4094-4898-3 70.00


Obesity, Eating Disorders

and the Media
Edited by Karin Eli and Stanley Ulijaszek, both at the
University of Oxford, UK

Queering Fat Embodiment

Edited by Cat Paus, Massey University, New Zealand,
Jackie Wykes, University of Melbourne, Australia and
Samantha Murray
Queer Interventions

How do the media represent obesity and eating disorders?

How are these representations related to one another? And
how do the news media select which scientific findings and
policy decisions to report? Multi-disciplinary in approach,
Obesity, Eating Disorders and the Media presents critical new
perspectives on media representations of obesity and eating
disorders, with analyses of print, online, and televisual
media framings.
September 2014
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182 pages
978-1-4094-5771-8 60.00


170 pages
978-1-4094-6542-3 60.00

An Ethnomethodological Study of
Experimental Physics
Philippe Sormani, University of Vienna, Austria

Shedding light on the ways in which fat embodiment is lived,

experienced, regulated and (re)produced across a range
of cultural sites and contexts, Queering Fat Embodiment
destabilises established ideas about fat bodies, making
explicit the intersectionality of fat identities. It represents
a paradigm shift within fat studies, challenging the field
of study which has primarily reproduced a white, ableist,
heteronormative subjectivity in its analyses.
May 2014
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Respecifying Lab Ethnography


Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation


Respecifying Lab Ethnography delivers the first

ethnomethodological study of current experimental physics
in action, describing the disciplinary orientation of lab
work and exploring the discipline in its social order, formal
stringency and skilful performance - in situ and in vivo. In
bringing together two major strands of ethnomethodological
inquiry, reflexive ethnography and video analysis, which
have hitherto existed in parallel, Respecifying Lab
Ethnography introduces a practice-based video analysis.
In doing so, the book recasts conventional distinctions to
shed fresh light on methodological issues surrounding the
descriptive investigation of social practices more broadly.
August 2014
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304 pages
978-1-4094-6586-7 70.00


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Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy

Roma in Europe

Sport, Gender and Power

The Politics of Collective Identity Formation

The Rise of Roller Derby

Ioana Bunescu, Malm University, Sweden

Adele Pavlidis, Griffith University, Australia and Simone

Fullagar, University of Bath, UK

This path-breaking book explains the processes through

which the heterogeneous population of Roma in Europe
constitutes itself into a transnational collective identity
through the practices and discourses of everyday life, as
well as through those of identity politics. It illustrates how
the collective identity formation of the Roma in Europe
is constituted simultaneously in the local, national, and
European contexts, drawing attention to the mismatches
and gaps between these levels, as well as the creative
opportunities for achieving this political aim.
August 2014
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250 pages
978-1-4724-2058-9 65.00


Social Change and Social Work

The Changing Societal Conditions of Social
Work in Time and Place
Edited by Timo Harrikari, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Pirkko-Liisa Rauhala, University of Helsinki, Finland and
Elina Virokannas, University of Jyvskyl, Finland
Social Change and Social Work discusses and examines
how social work is challenged by social, political and
economic tendencies going on in current societies. The
authors ask how social work as a discipline and practice is
encountering global and local transformations. Divided into
three parts, topics covered include the changing social work
mandate throughout history; social work paradigms and
theoretical considerations; phenomenological social work;
practice research; and gender and generational research.
August 2014
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208 pages
978-1-4724-3278-0 65.00

Gender, Bodies and Transformation

As a new breed of lifestyle sport enthusiasts derby grrrls

are pushing the boundaries of gender as they negotiate
the nexus of pleasure, pain and power relations. Offering
a socio-cultural analysis of the rise and reinvention of
roller derby as both a new, globalized womens sport and
an everyday creative leisure space, this book explores the
manner in which roller derby has emerged as a gendered
space for self-transformation, belonging and embodied
contest, in which women are invited to experience their
emotions differently, embrace pain and overcome limits.
November 2014
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Social Work in East Asia

Edited by Christian Aspalter, Bejing-Normal UniversityHong Kong Baptist University United International
College, Zhuhai, China

Theorising the Practice of

Community Development

208 pages
978-1-4724-1771-8 60.00


The Fight for Ethical Fashion

The Origins and Interactions of the Clean
Clothes Campaign
Philip Balsiger, European University Institute, Italy
The Mobilization Series on Social Movements,
Protest, and Culture

Drawing on insights from qualitative fieldwork using a

wide range of empirical sources, Philip Balsiger traces
the emergence of the Clean Clothes Campaign back to
the rise of consumer campaigns and shows how tactics
were adapted to market contexts in order to have retailers
adopt and monitor codes of conduct. By comparing the
interactions between campaigners and their corporate
targets in Switzerland and France (two countries with a
very different history of consumer mobilization for political
issues), this ground-breaking book also reveals how one
campaign can provoke contrasting reactions and forms of
market change.
September 2014
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189 pages
978-1-4094-5805-0 60.00


A South African Perspective

Peter Westoby, University of the Free State, South Africa
and The University of Queensland, Australia
By examining community development stories as
experienced on the ground, Westoby is able to show how
the poor are organising themselves using various forms
of community development as well as demonstrating how
the state and non-state actors are attempting to organise,
engage or accompany the poor through community
development. The book also breaks new ground in
theorising the practice of community development, drawing
inductively from the stories analysed. Theorising the
Practice of Community Development draws upon a unique
analytical framework to help illuminate current community
development policy and programme challenges, along with
practice dilemmas and wisdom.
July 2014
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220 pages



Worlds of ScienceCraft
New Horizons in Sociology, Philosophy, and
Science Studies
Sal Restivo, University of Ghent, Belgium, Sabrina
M. Weiss, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
and Alexander I. Stingl, Drexel University, USA and
University of Kassel, Germany
A response to complex problems spanning disciplinary
boundaries, Worlds of ScienceCraft offers bold new ways of
conceptualizing ideas of science, sociology, and philosophy.
Beginning with the historical foundations of civilization and
progress, assumptions about the categories we use to talk
about minds, identities, and bodies are challenged through
case studies from mathematics, social cognition, and
medical ethics.
June 2014
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250 pages
978-1-4094-4527-2 65.00


Owing to rapid economic development and the onset of

population ageing, social work has become a major means
of delivering social services and relieving and preventing
social problems at an individual, family, and community
level in East Asia. This groundbreaking volume explores
the current state of development of social work provision
across the region. It is the first book of its kind to investigate
current and future trends, as well as the challenges
and pitfalls of social work one of the fastest-growing
professions in East Asia.
August 2014
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194 pages
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978-1-4724-1309-3 65.00



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