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Guru Nanak Institute of Management
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About Management Courses in Delhi

You have graduated with flying colors,

secured a degree in engineering or
successfully acquired a Bachelors degree in
Business Administration. Now you want to
pursue further studies in the field of
management, but are in a dilemma as to
which one to elect, whether to go for a
Masters degree in Computer Applications or
one in Business Administration. When it
comes to the choice of college, you would
obviously want to secure a degree from a
well-reputed college providing you with
abundance of opportunities to procure a job
of your choice.
Guru Nanak Institute Of Management
GNIM is without a doubt one of the best
choices available in Delhi. Here is an
overview of courses offered by GNIM.

Masters of Business

Masters of business administration consolidates your understanding

of basic human resource management and organizational behaviour,

with specializations in global leadership, entrepreneurship or
environmental management. Being an advanced business degree,
this program develops an individual into a skilled entrepreneur, who
can precisely run his or her business or can direct ones. The program
is so designed to further enhance graduates and develop their
business insights, critical intelligence and decision-making strategies.
The course comprises of fundamental business skills and
specializations in particular business subjects. Apart from academic
knowledge, this masters degree emphasises on practical knowledge
of the real-world of business. It focuses on practical attributes like
global intelligence about business development and personality on a
particular business domain, transforming students into confident
individuals for them to establish firm footsteps in the global market.

Masters of Computer

Masters of computer applications is a type of postgraduate, academic master's degree. The degree
typically includes coursework in both computer science and business skills and the core curriculum
depends upon the type degrees and specializations. The MCA course consists of core subjects like
Operating systems, Computer Networks, Unix System Programming, Databases, Mathematics,
Professional Communication and Ethics. The Master of Computer Application curriculum spreads
over 6 semesters which includes courses for 5 semesters aimed at transmitting the broad spectrum
of knowledge and 1 semester of industrial training with internships in reputed organizations such as
Vishal Mega Mart, Yes Bank,, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Dish TV, Lemon Tree
Finance, HDFC Bank, Muthoot Group, and Axis Bank to name a few. GNIM was
ranked amongst the top ten colleges in Delhi, to procure a MCA degree from.

Postgraduate Diploma in Businesss

Management (PGDM)
PGDM is a two-year full time programme
on Business Management, on completion of
which you are conferred with a Postgraduate
(PGDBM). The curriculum lays the
foundation for a conceptual and analytical
understanding of Indian and international
business. The programme is designed to
closely integrate current management theory
and practical skills. The course fosters in
you, an attitude essential for the growth of
students into competent, responsible

If you are a graduate willing to pursue a management degree, GNIM is one of the
foremost institutes in Delhi. For their prospectus and further information log on to,
PGDM Collage in Delhi. To know more about their alumni and recruiters, visit

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