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TOO_ [+ adjective/adverb] more than is acceptable or possible:

Do you think the music's too loud?

You've put too much salt in the soup.

There are too many cars on the road.


Amanda is far too young to get married.


I was getting too old for romantic relationships.

My boots were three sizes too big for me.


He was too ill to travel.


The box was too heavy for me to lift.

Used at the end of a sentence or clause to mean 'also':

There were people from all over Europe, and America too.

Can I come too?

'I'm feeling hungry.' 'Me too.'

It's a more efficient system and it's cheaper too.

[+ adjective/adverb] spoken used with a negative to mean 'not very':

She doesn't seem too upset about it.

'What was the weather like?' 'Oh, not too bad.'

She was none too pleased (=not at all pleased) when I told her.

All too/only too: used to emphasize that a particular situation exists

when you wish it did not exist:

Beggars are becoming an all too familiar sight in our cities.

I regret to say that these rumours are only too true.

Used to emphasize a remark that you are adding:

'He's been banned from driving.' 'A good thing too!'

'A woman farmer?' asked Gabriel. 'Yes, and a rich one too.'

I am/he is/you are etc too!: informal especially American English used to
emphasize that you disagree with what someone has said about someone
or something:

'You're not smart enough to use a computer.' 'I am too!'

Be too much for somebody:used to say that something is so difficult,

tiring, upsetting etc that someone cannot do it or bear it:

Working full-time was too much for her.

The shock was too much for him.

[+ adjective/adverb] spoken formal very:

Thank you. You are too kind.

Be only too glad/pleased to do something

to be very willing to do something:

I'd be only too pleased to assist you.

Too little, too late: used to complain that not enough is being done to
solve a problem and that the action did not start early enough:

Doctors have criticized the government's response to the crisis as too

little, too late.

Enough meanssufficient.

Daveis intelligentenough to do thewritething.

You'renotworking fastenough

I don'thave enough time.


Enough precedes adjectives and adverbs:

He isn't old enough to watch this program.

We're not walking quickly enough.

Enough may also precede nouns:

Wehave enoughmoney .

I have not got enough money to buy this computer.

1. We use enough to mean sufficient.

Your clothes are big enough to fit me.

You've done enoughwork. You can stop now.

Haveyougot enoughmoney to buy me a drink?

2. We

use enough in


mean lessthansufficient or lessthannecessary.

You're not working fast enough, you won't finish on time.

Sorry, I haven't got enoughfood foreveryone.

Not enough of my friends are coming to theparty.

1. We can use enough without a nounifthemeaningisclear.

There's a lot of food but not enough for everyone.


2. We can replace enough with the before a noun.

I don't have the money to go on holiday.

Hiscompanydoesn'thave theresources to do thejob.

3. We can use time or room alone to mean enough time orenough room.

Is there room in your car for one more person?

Do wehave time for a coffee?


1. I leftthecoffeefor a minute to coolbecauseitwas ________ hot to drink.
2. He wasn'tstrong ________ to liftthat heavy box.
3. Therearen't ________ policemen in ourtown.
4. Do youhave ________ information to help me withthisproblem?
5. Itis ________ difficult to do for a littlechild.
6. I do nothave ________ much time to prepare dinner.
7. I didn'tbuythe car becauseitwas ________ expensive.
8. He didn'tworkhard ________ to passtheexam.
9. Mymumcan'tsleepbecauseshedrinks ________ muchcoffee.
10. Sheisn'told ________ to startdriving.
11. Peter is ________ to become a police officer. He'sonly 1.65 cm tall.
12. I'dlike to buy a new car and a goodhouse, butI'mjustnot ________ to do
it. (rich)
13. Myschoolis ________ frommyhouse to goonfoot. So, I cycle to
schooleverymorning. (far)
14. Kelly is ________ to drive a car. She'sonly 14. (young)
15. That skirt you are wearing is ________ for you. Youneed a biggersize.
16. David is quite a fast runner, but he isn't ________ to beat the Italian
runner, who is considered to be the best. (fast)
17. I'm a good swimmer, but I'm not ________ to enter a championship.
18. The beach was ________ yesterday, so we decided to go somewhere
else. (crowded)
19. We wanted to go to Paris last weekend, but the plane tickets
were ________ , so we stayed at home. (expensive)
20. This T-shirt isn't ________ for me. I need a biggerone. (big)

21. Wedidn'tbuythesofabecauseitwasn't ________ . (comfortable)

22. Thestudents are ________ to studythe irregular verbslistbyheart.
23. Thesoupisn't ________. I'dlikeit to be hotter. (hot)
24. Don'teatthatchicken! It's ________. (salty)
25. The music is ________ and I can't hear anything you say. (loud)