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p ? 7 3 AGES 10+ et ee et ee ee roe bes et Ta “WAR HAS CHANGED” GCM ae CMU Wu MLC place of state armies as the world’s primary war machines. As the fires of war continue to spread, take OEE EN eed Uame cECay Sa eR Cuts nee IELD GUIDE > GAME BOARD ‘The game board is divided into 42 tertories which OUTER HAVEN » ‘A mobile, highly modified Arsenal Gear-class submersible GAME BOARD: how Out zone divi Outer Haven Battleship > HEADQUARTERS Each player will have one that contains aeity, you ‘The numberof c to the number of when recruit important to achieving some objective e OVERVIEW OF COMPONENTS > DICE You use the dice when attacking and defending territories, FREE A? Be A 2-Siced Attack Die G-Sided Defense Dice 8-Sided Defense De > BOSS CARDS > TERRITORY CARDS > DREBIN’S SHOP CARDS Each boss has a corresponding “There is one card for each teritory on Drebin’s Shop cards allow players to take card that detalls their unique the world map game board. Each card ——_ actions throughout the game. Drebin’s offensive and/or defensive battie has the name and picture of the Shop cards are purchased and activated modifiers. teritory and 1 or 2 stars, with Drebin Points, Each card contains strategic offensive or defensive abilties > REWARDS Rewards are linked to Objectives. Once rewards are attained, they give a bonus to your armies, Rewards ‘are used only in the Command Room version ofthe game, te) oy Chr ‘courmon 18 pony