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Dr. Isaac Sheps

Baltika President
Carlsberg Group Senior Vice President Eastern Europe

ICONTEC, Cartagena, August 2014

Management & Leadership

The verb manage comes from the Italian maneggiare
(to handle especially tools), which in turn derives from
the Latin manus (hand). The French word
mesnagement (later mnagement) influenced the
development in meaning of the English word
management in the XVII and XVIII centuries.
Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933), who wrote on the
topic in the early twentieth century, defined
management as "the art of getting things done
through people".
Leadership is usually described as the process of
social influence in which one person can enlist the aid
and support of others in the accomplishment of a
common task.

Management should enable, facilitate, demand :
Integrative Thinking The Opposable Mind

Lean = Continuous Improvement

Continuous Learning

Communication Internal and External
The Opposable Mind - How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking
Roger L. Martin (2007)

Managers Role
A scientist is faced with discovering
the laws of nature and properties of
materials and so on.
Engineers, the technologists are faced
with utilizing the properties of
materials and the laws of nature for
the benefit of man.

The manager is faced with utilizing the

forces of people for the benefit of
Juran, 2003

Stop Demotivating Your Employees

David Sirrota, Louis Mischkind,and Michael Irwin Meltzer,
Harward Management Update, volume11,Number 1,Jan.2006

Most companies have it all wrong. They dont

have to motivate their employees. They have
to stop demotivating them.
In about 85% of companies employees
morale sharply declines after their first six
months and continues to deteriorate for
years afterward.

Source: survey of about 1.2 M employees at 52 Fortune 1000 companies

from 2001 through 2004, Sirota Survey Intelligence

Strategy Workshop

Three Key Goals of People at Work


To be respected and to be
treated fairly in areas such
as pay, benefits and job

Achievement To be proud of ones job,

accomplishments and

Camaraderie To have good, productive

relationships with fellow

Strategy Workshop

Good to Great
Enduring great companies
preserve their core values and
purpose while their business
strategies and operating
practices endlessly adapt to a
changing world. This is the
magical combination of
preserve the core and
stimulate progress.
Jim Collins,
2001, USA

Strategy Workshop

Be Flexible

You should reject

conclusions that were
precious for a long
time if you found out
that they are wrong,
and to teach others to
act in the same way.

Socrates (469 - 399 B.C.)

Strategy Workshop

Integrative Thinking

The test of first-rate intelligence is the

ability to hold two opposing ideas in
mind at the same time and still retain
the ability to function. One should, for
example, be able to see that things are
hopeless and yet be determined to
make them otherwise.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Strategy Workshop


Integrative Thinker Features of Stance

Stance About The World

1. Existing models do not represent reality; they are our
2. Opposing models are to be leveraged, not feared.

3. Existing models are not perfect; better models exist that are
not yet seen.

Stance About Self

1. I am capable of finding a better model.
2. I can wade into and get through the necessary complexity
3. I give myself the time to create a better model
Strategy Workshop


Level 5 Leadership
Combination of:
Determination and Self-effacement

Relentlessly give credit to those around them instead

of taking it themselves
Get the right people in the organization

Give them jobs suited to their capabilities

Set aggressive goals
Jim Collins, Good to Great, 2001


I love learning, but hate to be taught.


What really matters is what you learn

after you know everything.

Strategy Workshop

John Wood


Facilitate Teamwork

The problems that exist in the

world cannot be solved by the
level of thinking that created

Albert Einstein

Strategy Workshop


What Makes the Grass Grow

Attempts at despotismRepresent, as it were, the drunkenness
of responsibility. It is when men.. are overwhelmed with the
difficulties and blunders of humanity, that they fall back upon a
wild desire to manage everything themselves
This belief, that all would go right if we could only get the
strings into our own hands, is a fallacy almost without
exceptionThe in and sorrow of despotism is not that it does
not love men but it loves them too much and trusts them too

When a men begins to think that the grass will not grow at
night unless he lies awake to watch it, he generally ends either
in an asylum or on the throne of an emperor.

G.K, Chesterton, Robert Browning (1903)

Strategy Workshop


Communication Telling the Story


Talk about the total picture


Provide focus on the important



Explain and balance promises

made to stakeholders


Sell the message tell great


Strategy Workshop


The Poem of Leadership

A leader to be
All should follow me
With passion and not from fear
Moving always at the highest gear

As we are the Winners

No more beginners

So lets all jump on the train

And Success maintain
Isaac Sheps

The Ingredients of Leadership

Unity of Purpose

Clarity of Direction


of Message

Tolerance of

Focus on what can be done not why it cant


Building the Vision

Build confidence:

It is a very funny thing about

life - if you refuse to accept
anything but the best, you
very often get it.
W. Somerset Maugham

Nurture existing good ideas

Build it as team, you can influence it
but your team has to end up saying:
We Did It Ourselves



Target Setting

The greatest danger for

most of us is not that our
aim is too high and we
miss it, but that it is too
low and we reach it!

Strategy Workshop


A leader is best when people barely
know he exists.
Not so good when people obey and
acclaim him.
Worse when they despise him.

But of a good leader who talks little,

when his work is done and his aim
fulfilled, they will say We did it
Lao-tze, the 6th century B.C.
Chinese philosopher
Strategy Workshop



Napoleon woke up a
sentry who fall asleep

and told him:

When you were asleep
I was on guard now you

take over.
Strategy Workshop


Purpose of an Organization

The purpose of an organization is

to enable the common men
to do uncommon things.
P. Drucker

Strategy Workshop


The 3 C of Management

Competence be GOOD in what you are doing

Confidence express your views with NO FEAR
Caring show you CARE for 3 C



Change formula


You Cant Beat Success

Only when the tide goes out you

discover whos been swimming
Warren Buffett

Strategy Workshop


Al Pacino Scent of a Woman

Now, I have come to the crossroads in my life. I always

knew what the right path was without exception I
knew. But I never took it You know why?
It was too damn hard !