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C1 swot

C2 Shellen
C3 gluttonous
rick or treat
trick or treat
give us something good to eat
if you don't
we don't care
we'll put red ants in your hair
trick or treat
trick or treat
we love candy oh so sweet
each and every halloween
we all say trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
give us something good to eat
if you don't hee hee hee
we'll put snails upon your feet
trick or treat
trick or treat
we love candy oh so sweet
each and every halloween
we all say trick or treat
ghosts and witches, monsters too
men from space, and bats say boo
cowboys and fairies what a zoo

better be ready
they're coming for you
(C2 scapa o bomboana pe jos si C3 i-o ia si incep sa se certe se aude
repetatits mine, oh,no,its mine,ye?? why are you so sure?? -sunt intrerupti de
P:Hey kids, come here.
Cei trei se inghiontesc si se aude:
C3:You shouldnt have yelled at that old woman.
C2: Yes,sure its my fault,but I have told you that we should get not steal
those candies.
C1:Dont worry, guys. Maybe he is just jealous that my costume is so cool
.(pe un ton prefacut chinuit si plangacios) -You may be arrested for looking
C1: Yes sir,is there any problem?
P: Oh,no,no,no, I just want to warn you against the dangers on this day
C3: (voit serios):Ye,youre right sir, Ive just met Frankestein. He wanted
to kidnap my mother and rob my house.
C1 il pocneste peste cap pe C3
P: Dont laugh! Anything may happen . Lets talk about that I call
Stranger Danger.
C3: Sososo boring
P: What do you usually do on Halloween?
C3: We get candies!!
C1-No,no,no,this is not quite a purpose.
C2: Youre right, you are so materialistic. (zise infulecand ciocolata si
stergandu-se cu maneca la gura).

C1: WelloHalloween (or Halloween ... but also known as Samhain,

Summers End, All Hallows Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool, and Snap-Apple), is a
holiday that's celebrated annually on the night of October 31. It originated in
Ireland, and is celebrated in quite a few countries including Ireland itself, the
United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Australia,
Sweden among others. It's celebrated in a variety of ways and activities
including trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, "haunted
house" tours, carving pumpkins (Jack-o'-lanterns) and reading / watching scary
stories / movie. People give us candy to pray for the souls of the dead and to
ward off evil spirits.
P:Its impressive,really impressive. Did you learn all this at school?
C1:No,sir,I search every day...(este intrerupta de C3 brutal)
C2:Wonderful, you are so clever, honest ,smart shout up, I
want get rid of this stupid officer.
P: Hey, Im not stupid, my mummy say that I am great ,beautiful,
intelligent man . Now,lets talk about ..about..about
C3:Stranger and danger (plictisit si sarcastic).
P: Do you know what danger means?
C3 :Danger is when,when you are hungry,and all you have to eat is 5
sandwiches, a banana and a cake,this is danger ,mr officer,or when you dont
have enough candies..(destul de ganditor si confuz)
P: Yes,its good (descurajat)...No, its not very good. You know...(gasinnd
salvarea intr-o gluma) Candies cant kill you, can they?
C2 (parand ca se salveaza pentru patrie,cu o mana pe inima) You never
know,we shouldt assume that risk.

Policeman: Sometimes, especially now, around Halloween, you may find

yourselves in this situation : you meet a stranger in the park at night and he has
a van. He offers you candies to get in the van ..
Child2 :Uuuu! I like candies!
Policeman: Well... We all like candies! But... What would you do?
Child2 : Whatever it takes to get that candy!
Policeman: Wait a minute... wait a minute... The man... He says you that
what you have to do is get into his van to get that candy.
Child2: Get in that van!
Policeman: No, no! Im sorry! Its all me, its all me! I should carify. The
man is a stranger, you dont know the man.
Child2 : Ok, so then you go... Whats your name? Im Shallen. Where are
you from? Im from Tenesee. Everythings checked out, then get in that van and
get that candy!
Child 3 : Ooo! I get it.. So, if you introduce yourself the stranger hes not a
stranger anymore.
Policeman: No, no, no! Thats wrong! The idea is that you should never
talk to strangers!
Child 2 : Hold on! I cant talk to him? I mean hes right there eating all his
candies and I am supposed to sit there in total silence and ignore him? That is
classic bad manners, man!
Child 1 : Yeah... This is not nice!
Policeman: Ok, guys.. When I say dont talk to strangers that includes not
getting into the van.

Child 2 : Mr Officer, lets clarify something! There is candy involved, right?

Now.. For me.. I am all about candy! And if I have to get into that van to get that
candy... I am now all about vans!
Child 3: Hey, guys, theres a van parked across the street. Lets ask the
driver for candies!
Policeman: No, no, no!!
Child 1: Mr Officer, because of you, when I grow up, I want to drive a van
and pass out candy to kids. I love vans!
Policeman: Wait, wait! Let me explain! Shallen, come here. We are going
to do a scenario. There is no candy in this one and no vans!
Child 3: No Vans? I already hate this!
Policeman: I am a stranger talking to your friend. Lets just pretend! Hey,
little girl, you want to get into my van?
Child 2: Youre probably a friend of my dad. Lets go!
Policeman: No, no! I am a total stranger to you!
Child 2 : Waa! I dont know all my dads friends. I dont even know my dad!
Policeman: Wait! I am not a friend of your father.
Child2 : Wait! So.. Youre playing my dad.. Whats up dad? Why did you
leave mom?
Child 1 : Hey, guys, Shallen is meeting her dad!
Policeman: I am not her dad!
Child 3 : Be a man and take responsibility for your child!
Policeman: Shes not my daughter! Now listen! Can anybody name a single
thing that was wrong with this scenario?

Child 3: Ummm.. Let me think... There were no vans and no candies! But
Shellen was awesome! Shellen, Shellen!!
Policeman : You know what? Im done here. Just... Read this!
Child 2 : Hes old fashioned. Lets go trick or treating!