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Huawei HG658 as FttH Router

1. Power up the Huawei router using the power adapter supplied in the box
2. Connect an Ethernet cable from Port 1 on the router to your Cable modem or Data Point.
See figure 1

Figure 1

3. Connect another cable from either of the other ports (2, 3 or 4) to your computer
4. Open up a browser (eg. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer) and navigate to
the Router setup page:
5. Login using the credentials below
Username: admin
Password: HuaweiAdm
6. When logged in, click on Basic on the left hand side of the page and navigate to the Internet
Connection Sub-menu. Once there, Change the Internet Mode to FTTH Mode and click
submit. See diagram 1.2 below

Figure 2

7. After step 6 the router will reboot. Follow steps 4 & 5 to log back into the wireless router to
continue setting it up.

8. Once logged in, click on Basic menu option then on Link Interface. In there youll see the
Interfaces available on the router. In ATM click on the tick box under remove then click on
the remove button to remove this link interface. If prompted regarding removing WAN
connections click on agree. See figure 3 below.

Figure 3

9. Once youve deleted the interface in step 8, cycle through the PTM, Ethernet and UMTS
options and remove any interfaces that may have been configured on the router.
10. Once youve deleted all the interfaces, go back into Ethernet and click on New. Under VLAN
ID and 802.1P options enter 1 for both of them then click Submit. See figure 4 below.

Figure 4

11. Click on WAN on the left hand sub menu and click on new to add a new WAN connection.
See figure 5 for illustration making sure the options listed below are entered / selected
Connection Device: ETH1
WAN Connection: Enable (ticked)
Service List: INTERNET and VOIP (ticked) & TR069 (unticked)
Bind List: LAN2, LAN3, LAN4 & SSID1 (ticked) the rest should be unticked
Connection Type: IP_ROUTED(PPP)
Authentication Mode: Auto
Connection Trigger: Always On
Username: your primary e-wire username / email address eg. (

Password: the password that corresponds with the above username

MRU: Auto
MSS: Auto

Figure 5

12. Click on submit after ensuring that youve entered the details correctly. The router should
save the settings and after 30 45 minutes it should connect to the internet.

Light Status
The Huawei Router has 10 LED lights at the front to indicate the status of certain features on the
router. Please refer to figure 6.
Table 1


Status / Colour
On - Red
On - Green
On - Green
On - Green
On - Red
On - Green

Router is turned off
Router is turned on
WAN cable is not plugged in LAN 1 if configured for FttH or Cable
There's a problem with establishing a link with the WAN device (Cable Modem or ONT)
Link between Router and WAN established
Internet settings are not configured
Internet settings are configured but are incorrect
Internet is configured correctly and connected
Wireless is not configured or Activated
Wireless is working correctly
VoIP is not configured correctly or Not at all
VoIP services are up and running


On - Green
On - Green
On - Green
On - Green
On - Green

Nothing is plugged into LAN1 - Should be off if configured for FttH

Something is plugged into LAN1 although it should be off if configured for FttH
Nothing is connected into LAN2
Cable plugged into LAN2
Nothing is connected into LAN3
Cable plugged into LAN3
Nothing is connected into LAN4
Cable plugged into LAN4
Nothing is plugged into the USB port or USB port is not configured
Router's USB FTP server feature enabled and functional

Figure 6