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The Screaming Reel.....

Edition Five.... 01.11.14

Presidents report
Isnt it amazing just how
quickly a year can go! Our
AGM is just around the corner,
and I can only re-iterate
just how important it is for
members to attend to vote,
or please provide your proxy
to a member to vote on your
As this will be my last
opportunity for the year
before the AGM to write
anything I would like to take
the opportunity to extend
my deepest gratitude to
the committee for the work
undertaken this year. It has
been a time of great change,
where we have moved to
a model where we have
permanent staff, supported
by a range of additional casual
Change is always difcult to
deal with, but I do believe that
the benets related to this are
well worth it. The club house
is being far better utilised,
and we are continuing to see
a range of fresh faces down
there every evening.
As the club continues to
evolve I expect the growth we
are currently experiencing to
continue, and whist this puts
our existing infrastructure
under pressure, it also

provides the direction to

expand our current service
offerings and also enhance
our existing facilities.
Next year we will hopefully
be able to implement a range
of initiatives that will see your
club expand the grounds
to provide a greater view,
provide an increased level
of meal service, and further
enhance the clubs shing
related activities.
Interestingly I have also even
had a chance to go shing
this year, and have again been
astounded by the quality of
our shery. This is also only
going to get better over
time, and I look forward to
seeing not only the club go
from strength to strength but
also hopefully continue to be
able to experience the great
outdoors in what is truly a
magnicent part of the world.
I look forward to seeing you
down at the club.



With Derby retaining the

trophy and choosing the
tides that suit them the best,
the Broome team have some
hard work ahead of them.
Entries for the competition
closed on the 8th of
November with shing to be
held over the weekend of
the 14th. This is a members
only competition that has no
boundaries; providing you
stick to the rules.
Lines in at 7am on the 15th
and scores to be lodged
no later than 10am on the
16th. BBQ will be held on
the 14th at Willare roadhouse
for registration a brunch will
be catered for before the
presentation on the 16th.

Christmas Tinny
A one day competition this
year will be held on the 30th
November. Registration
will be at the club between
4pm and 6pm on the 29th of
Members are $25 with any
non-members wishing to
enter $40. Lines in at 05:30
hours on the 30th with score

cards to be lodged by
18:00 hours. No late
score sheets will be
accepted. Rules and
scoresheets available
upon registration.
Presentation to be held
at the AGM.

AGM and
To be held at the
shing club on the 6th
December from 16:00
hours. All members
are essential to attend
as the club needs
to vote in the new
constitution as it wasnt
formally accepted
by the governing
body last year, due to
inadequate numbers.
The revised constitution
is essential to the
future development
of the club, without
it we will struggle to
evolve. There will be
a free sausage sizzle
at the AGM and the
Christmas party and
tinny competition
presentation will follow
the AGM proceedings.
For those members
that will not be able to
attend, we urge you
to contact us on either
broomeshingclub. or president@
au to obtain a copy
of a proxy voting form that
enables your vote to count by
nominating a friend or other
member to

vote in your absence. Proxies

should be notied that they
will be voting on your behalf
and forms will be received up
to the day of the AGM.

Tips and
tackle, to
catch you
more sh!
At a time of year where the
shing action is happening
thick and fast. It can be very
hard to keep up with action.
Many anglers nd themselves
caught up in trying to do too
many things all in the same
Over the Queens Birthday
long weekend the Broome
shing club held the annual
Barra and BS competition for
2014. The rules were slightly
amended this year to allow
anglers to sh their favourite
pools and stretches of the river. This enabled anglers with
a good knowledge of the river
to connect to some quality
The competition was a little
light on for numbers this
year at just twenty anglers.
Although the numbers were
low the competition was very
tight and it was great to see
that there were a moderate
number of sh caught for
the weekend. Wade Clarke
won the champion angler
position for 2014 posting
whopping aggregate bag
length of 401cm. This was a
great effort and really shows
what local knowledge and

sheer determination can do

when competition time comes
round. Wade also took out
the largest Barramundi for the
weekend with a sh of 110cm.
Eric Locke narrowly missed
the champion angler
position, posting a total of
399 cm for the weekend,
securing him the Champion
male position for this year.
Champion female Jo Small
won the section posting her
respectable aggregate bag of
The smallest Barra title for
the weekend fell to Shane
Minshull which practically
committed hari-kari on his
lure. The club would love
to thank the sponsors of
the event for their efforts in
support the event, which we
are hoping to make a bigger
and better challenge in 2015.

Picking a couple of target

species each month will help
you to focus on achieving
good and regular captures
of sh. A calculating way to
develop as an angler is to
ensure that you keep a diary
or log of your captures or lack
of success will ensure that
you can replicate successful
expeditions in years to come.
If you are into your lure
shing, buying a range of
sizes and colours in likely
patterns is the key to success.
The anglers that are successful
lure shers have strived
hard to achieve a range of
lures that will produce when
conditions are variable.
Never be afraid to try small
lures and if you nd that the
lures have inferior hooks or
other hardware, then looking
to change the hardware out
can ensure that you stay
connected to good sh.

Tips and
tackle .....
Ive been lucky enough to use
and review some relatively
new shing rods over the last
few months. The Storm brand
of rods arent something that
many anglers would look at as
a quality product as they look
somewhat toy like.
Im here to tell you that the
Gomoku range of rods are
amongst some of the best
value for money rods that Ive
ever shed with. These rods
are suited to jigging as they
are soft and exible. The real
virtue of these rods is that
they are incredibly strong and
due to their yielding nature,
they can handle anything that
Ive targeted with ease and
dont wear the angler out like
many other rods can do.
They are highly recommended
as entry level rods for kids and
are the ideal rod for women
as they are so forgiving when
you hook the sh of a lifetime.

The report
With so many shing options
at the moment it can be hard
to gure out exactly what to
do. The Billsh action is still
cranking up north with many
anglers commenting that the
sh are absolutely annihilating
anything that cross their
A couple of club members
took part in a mission to
break the current day capture
record that stands at 44
sh. The crew, led by Billistic
owner operator Chris Nisbet
managed to convert 14 sh
and a small Black marlin
over a two hour session
that sounded like absolute
carnage. There was literally
no need run teasers, the team
managed to raise sh with
three pushers and commented
that the some sh were that
hungry that they were eating
the pushers as they were
being removed from the
Unfortunately the weather
conditions arent ideal for
small boat owners to venture
Northe as the westerly breeze
and unpredictable storm
activity can create troubling
conditions for small boats.
For smaller vessel owners
there is no need to complain
though, as the inshore reef
action is heating up and
anglers are reporting good
captures of Snapper, Coral
trout, Blue bone and Maori
sea perch.
The bay has been producing

moderate numbers of Black

jewsh, Mangrove jack
and the odd Fingermark.
Barramundi are in ne form
but are only yielding to those
anglers willing to put in the
hours to nd them and to sh
the tides that really turn them
on. At the moment we are
seeing an increasing number
of baitsh moving into the
creek systems within the bay
and it would be well worth
casting a livie or a strip bait
around in a likely area for a
chance at a Barra or two.
For people who like their
sight shing, there has
been some very surprising
Threadn activity in the
shallows and around the
mangroves on the higher
tides. Triple tail have been
really responsive to small bite
size lures and unweighted
soft plastics and it appears
that they are hit and miss on
the lead up to neap tides and
through the tide but have
been in good numbers on the
increasing tides. If youre not
of the lure shing persuasion
an unweighted prawn or
pilchard llet on a small circle
hook will produce some very
surprising action.

Cheers, Beno

Recipes for

Crispy Skinned Fish.

Ive really been getting into
fresh sh lately and have a
new found appreciation for
unavoured sh, no crumbs,
no our, no eggs, no mess.

your sh intact.
Fillet and Scale your sh.

I nd that with some of our

favourite eating sh that a
little bit of texture takes the
avour of the sh to a new
level. One of the best ways
to add texture to the sh is
to make the skin crispy. Its
a simple method that really
makes for an incredible dish.

Cover in glad wrap and

store on a cake cooling tray
or similar and let dry in the
refrigerator for an hour or so
(even better over night).

This works with any of the

species up this way that
have reasonably large scales.
Mangrove jack, Barramundi,
Threadn, Bluebone,
Fingermark and Triple tail are
all viable candidates for this
The very rst thing that you
need to do is to ensure that
you euthanise, bleed and
store your sh in an ice slurry
while on the water.
Incorrectly stored sh will
break up and fall apart more
readily in the frying pan. So
store it right and youll enjoy

Cut your sh llets into 5 10cm strips.

When its time to cook, bring

a solid based pan to high
heat and add a high smoke
point oil such as Rice Bran or
Canola oil. This should heat
the oil rapidly.
Once the oil slightly smokes,
place the sh portions skin
side down. The portions
tend not to curl up as much
as whole llets.
Cook the sh until it is almost
cooked through, then season
with a tiny pinch of salt.
Flip and sear to get a nice
golden brown on the other
Serve with a slice of lime and
some uffy rice or an Asian
style salad.

For those members out there
who arent aware that weve
been running a competition
on Facebook, well we have!
From its success it could be
a feature again for next year.
Please dont hesitate to post
photos to our Facebook page
or when it is up and running
our Instagram feed on the
new website.
Check out the images through
this edition theyre in the
running for the current competition.
Get over to our Facebook
page if you feel the need to