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This report is about how literacy affects on language , literacy is the abilities to read and
write coherently and think critically about the written word. Literacy encompasses symbol
systems refer to culture and community development that involves progression of skills that
begins with the ability to understand the spoken words and decode written words .
The history of literacy
Literacy in Europe
The starting of literacy in Europe begins with the bible and clergy provision ,this opened the
door to literate lay defendants to claim the clergy to give the benefit to other people. One of
the highest literacy rates is translated scripture and this appeared in the 18th century , this
reflects the importance of bible reading . by the time of the American revolution literacy in
new England is suggested to have been 90% . The concepts nowadays of literacy are suitable
to the invention of movable type of printing press , the revolution in technology reflexes
how to ignore illiteracy in the 19th century .
Literacy in north America
United state: In 1870, ,20% of population was illiterate and the race was playing a role In
learning white people more than black people . however, 86% of the general population had
basic or higher prose proficiency as of 2003.

South America : In 1964 in brazil Paulo freire was arrested and exiled for teaching the
Brazilian peasant to read .
Literacy in Africa
Algeria :
The literacy rate of 70 % which is attributed to the fact that education is compulsory and
free in Algeria up to age 16
Bostawan :
The literacy rate 85%
Egypt : It has high rate literacy .education is compulsory from the age six to 15 and free for
all children to attend.
The rate of literacy between 37 and 63% by 1984
Kenya : The literacy rate is 70% due to the fact that every year of primary school are
provided tuition froe by the government

Literacy in Asia
Chinese and Japanese
This language has a number of characters in the speakers lexicon , this is language can be
expressed phonetically and alphabetically but the chines speakers prefer the chines logo
graphic system .
The problem in literacy vary by country and culture, writing systems ,quality of education ,
availability of written material .
In laos ,when spelling and pronunciation rules are filled with expectations in the phonetic
alphabet and the mechanics of reading will be easy to learn . a literacy project in loas
address (big brother mouse ) this project leads to make books that literacy fun to let the
learning easy and acceptable to the learner
Economic impact
In the field of working , we can be trained the literate people that illiterate people becomes
they have higher socio- economics status , for example india when the woman and child
reach specific age , they will be without education .
Broader and complementary definition
The definitions of literacy are different from region to another and from writer to another,
for example in the united state , the national council of teachers of English and international
reading association have added to the traditional list of competencies .
A basic literacy standard in many societies is the ability to read magazine and newspaper
other societies the ability to use computers and technology with entering the internet the
information becomes easy to get , so it s easy to read the information .

Public library efforts to promote literacy

The most important thing is teaching literacy in some regions and how it reflexes sub-skills in
language like phonics and fluency and accuracy ,comprehension. The learner must
understand the alphatical principles in order to be master in a language .
The last thing in this report is preparing some programmes and operating organizations in
some countries to omit illiteracy and develop learning through training learner with those
programmes and organizations like the REAL/ oray county and Boulder reads and Hills
borough literacy council.