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Mike Rawlings*

Angela Hunt*

You really see two aspects of transportation

philosophy taking place. One, individuals that
believe in a neighborhood, that they live in a fivemile radius and thats where they spend most of
their time. Then, a lot of individuals believe they
live in a region, a place called Dallas-Fort Worth,
which is the fourth-largest population in the

We can reclaim this project and win back the

publics trust by moving forward with the park and
flood control improvements.

Mary Suhm

Scott Griggs*
We are in a unique position. This decision can
be made with hindsight. So much has changed.
It's time to oppose this tollroad.

Craig Holcomb

Larry Good
I have changed my mind and now confess
publicly my opposition to building this highway.

Jerry Allen

Robert Meckfessel
I supported the toll road. But now, as a public
citizen, I do not. There are three reasons why.
First, no matter what anyone tells you, this is not
the road we voted on. It is wider and bigger and
more intrusive.
Second, we were told that the toll road was
needed to make possible the other amenities in
the Trinity River Corridor. We now know that is not
true. In fact, the toll road has become an
impediment to the other things we want to do.
And, third, were smarter now than when we
approved this road. Weve learned more about

inner-city highways and the damage they do.

Rick Callahan

Mark Lamster

My personal preference is a tunnel, says District

5s rep. I am not talking about nine miles of
tunnel. I am talking about from Dead Mans Curve
as the beginning point to whatever eclipses the
levee, maybe three miles at the most, then you
pick back up above ground. You would have a
little visual relief.

Its the urban planning equivalent of the Iraq War:

a bad idea managed behind closed doors into
something far uglier than was sold to the public,
and with potentially devastating long-term

Carolyn Davis

Alex Krieger
A fricking highway is not the thing to do.

Dwaine Caraway*

Patrick Kennedy
"If you need a highway parallel to an existing
highway to relieve it, you're failing at city building."
"To continue the improvement of the Design
District and surrounding areas, we need to be
focusing on improving demand to live and work
there. Putting a highway between the
neighborhood and the amenity of the Trinity River
does the opposite."

Monica Alonzo

Jason Roberts

Tennell Atkins*

Sandy Greyson

Lee Kleinman

Adam Medrano

Vonciel Hill

Wick Allison

Imagine what a fully realized Trinity lakes,

athletic fields, bridges, flood control, transportation
improvements can do. We just have to keep the

"I learned from the Trinity mistake. Maybe the

biggest prejudice of all human beings is
presentism. That is to say, what is has always
been and will always be."

Michael Morris

Bill Weinberg

Sheffie Kadane

Mark Clayton

Royce West?

Joe Tave

I am not so wedded to it that I wont reconsider it,

if there is an outcry from the city.

Dallas Citizens Council

Rudy Bush

Its in our DNA. - Alice Murray

A look at the picture to your right gives you some

sense. What a lovely afternoon it will be along this
little lake with the road looming over your head
and cars clipping by one after the other. If the
raging noise isnt enough, then the wafting smell
of eau du highway should be intoxicating. No,
seriously, gas fumes are intoxicating. Bad
hangover too.

Greater Dallas Regional Chamber

Garrett Boone

Alan Walne*

David Griggs

Rodger Jones

Zac Trahan
The Trinity river provides drinking water for
millions of people across the state--about 30% of
all Texans. Here in Dallas we have a long and
shameful history of treating the Trinity poorly, but
now we have an opportunity to protect it and
integrate it into what could be one of the largest
urban greenbelts in Texas.

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Jeff Tumlin
Part of the reason you are not seeing enough
shift is you are not offering a high enough level of
amenities in your center city. Youve got a couple
of chess pieces on the board, but you are not
playing a full game yet. Now, Houston has figured
this out and is out to beat the pants off of Dallas.

Jennifer Gates

Ricardo Bofill
Myriam Camargo
Duncan Fulton
Marcel Quimby
Craig Reynolds
Dennis Stacy
Betsy del Monte
Dallas has accomplished much by looking to the
future with innovation and vision. Lets not stop

now by grasping at transportation solutions from

the past.

Tip Housewright
Bryce Weigand
Philip Kingston*
The people who want the road have won every
vote since 1998. So why isnt the road built
already? Its because its infeasible without a
huge public subsidy and always was. The city sold
the citizens a road it couldnt build.

Don Williams
David Marquis
Bob Weiss
John Carona*
Jim Schutze
Lying is the important issue even more
important than the project itself because the
people who lied then will continue to lie in the
future. The important reality is that they are liars.
They were liars when this project started. They are
still liars. They will continue to lie about this project
and about anything else when they think lies will
get them what they want.

Sierra Club Dallas

Texas Campaign for the Environment
Dallas Homeowners League
Laura Miller
I oppose anything but a lower speed, landscaped,
meandering four lane parkway. Which it is clear
would never get built with todays road proponents
pushing for high speed and six lanes - and the
Corps all but declaring no landscaping will be
permitted. The window to have built what Sandy
and I supported in the compromise has closed.

AIA Dallas
At this time, we cannot endorse the Trinity

Parkway Alternative 3C proposal until we

understand how it will incorporate these essential

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League

David Taffett
Tim Rogers
Eric Celeste
* rumored potential mayoral candidate