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Good afternoon teacher and classmates today my partners and I are going to tell 3 theories to explain
what we think would have happened if the Spaniards had never come to our country.
Joel is going to explain the first one.
- If Spaniards hadnt invaded Peru, Aztecs and Incas wouldve had direct contact and this would
inevitably produce a technological advance exponentially in these two cultures due to knowledge
sharing. (expande tu idea, las otras eran teorias, y es una teoria por persona)
Considering that (trata de usar eso)..
This is very important because the vast majority of important developments not developed
everywhere, but discovered exceptionally and then spread by contact between the cities, as in the
case of writing and the wheel, invented in the Middle Eastern, spreading worldwide.
A Mexican archaeologist found a toy inside the Aztec ruins of some of its most important cities. But
he noticed something curious, was that the toy had wheels. Nevertheless, they never used it for
machines or cars. Maybe if a South American Pre-Hispanic engineer saw this model, he wouldve had
a brilliant idea and developed the use of the wheel.
The second theory we have in mind is that we wouldnt have practiced Catholicism if the Spaniards
hadnt come to Per. We all know that UNLIKE Spaniards, Incas used to believe in many gods.
Viracocha was the creator god, the one source of power; he was aided in his divine administration by
servant gods. The sun god, inti, was also very important for them. The sun god became the symbol for
the Incas and his name was always invoked. The Inca were a deeply religious people and were
reluctant to stop adoring all their gods. Nevertheless, they end up accepting Spaniards religion. Our
ancestors used to make human sacrifice and used to give thanks to their gods in big celebrations such
as the well known Inti Raymi. If the incas hadnt been pressured to change their costumes and
belief, we would probably be celebrating the Inti Raymi differently. Nowadays, the Inti Raymi has
become an ideal theatrical representation to attract thousands of tourists and local visitors; it
has lost its religious nature. If the Spaniards hadnt come, we would have gods for all natural
phenomena and we would strongly believe in immortality. But as all of us know, the Incas were
force to believe in an only god since their belief and traditions didnt go over well with Spaniards.
And the last theory we have is that If the Spaniards hadnt conquered Peru, they would not have
brought european diseases to Peru such as leprosy , influenza, smallpox, etc.
When Peru came into contact with European newcomers, our country realized another terrible
enemy, not the white men and their black servants, but their invisible murderers that these men

brought in their blood and their breath: their diseases. Those diseases caused a terrible death
because Indians did not have these antibodies to defend against new virus carried from Europe and
If the European diseases such as smallpox ,measles , thyphus and leprosy had never been in Peru ,
there wouldnt have been hundreds of thousands of dead people. The diseases began to arrive since
Cristobal Colons second journey in 1493 and to 1519 and were deadly.
Another fact is another plague in 1524: smallpox spread throughout Tawantinsuyo killing many
Indians including the Inca Huayna Capac and his son Ninan Cuyochi. If the Inca had had antibodies to
fight with these germs, Huayna Capac would not have dead. Spaniards did not care about the deaths
since that did not affect their interests so these diseases began to kill the indian population in a
silently way. If those diseases had not been deadly, Indian population would have fight against the
Spanish invasion.