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18th SAARC summit held in

Kathmandu (Nepal)


Indian Company to cross 5 cr market capitalizations? TCS


Austria Currency-Euro


TARC Committee head- Parthasarathi Shome


Road development minister? Nitin Gadkari

Strictly Personal: Manmohan and Gursharan


World AIDS Day- 1st December

Who elected head of Arujna award selection committee


Commodity market regulator

Book writer - by Daman Singh

Kapil Dev

Forward Markets Commission

10. Gagan narang is related to which sports - Shooting

11. Van bandhu scheme- for holistic development of tribal people
12. Chutak power plant in which state
13. Brazil capital

Jammu & Kashmir


BBPS Full form Bharat Bill Payment System

Largest solar power plant in which district of MP - Rewa district
NTCA full form Union budget allocated for Sc development - Rs 50,548 cr

18. PLR is also known as

Base Rate

19. Tata SIA airlines known as



One questions is related to Ebola scientist.


Next G-20 summit (2015) is to be held in


Capital of Bhutan



Currency of Italy



Current CRR


Minimum RTGS


External Affair Minister of India


Work of Banking Ombudsman


2 lakh
Sushma Swaraj

Solving customer complaints.


What is not true about credit card?


What is not true about mobile alert?

10. ISIS is active in which states

Iraq & Syria

11. Where is SHIGMO festival celebrated


12. President gave Padma Vibhushan to which eminent author?

Ruskin Bond

13. Children above 10 yrs of age are not allowed which facility
14. Face to face video communication in which bank
15. First Bank to set up Payment Gateway
16. India and Brazil agreement 2014
17. Palestinian Hamas is
nt group.

Current Account

Indusind Bank.


trade and investment flows.

Palestinian Islamist political organization and milita

18. Max amount of credit card transaction on which we get message on our phone.
19. Rural population as per 2011 census


20. EBOLA first discovered in which country

Democratic Republic of Congo

21. Cartoonist Rran kumar sharma who died recently is a creator of

22. World habitat day

Chacha Chaud

October 6th

23. Maximum antibiotics consuming country


24. Which International passenger Airline crashed down

25. Prakash Nanjappa related to

Malaysian Airline.

Shooting (India).

26. Cauvery wildlife sanctuary located in


27. Sania Mirza brand is the ambassador of which state - Telangna

28. Mettur Dam on Kaveri River is in which state

Tamil Nadu

29. KYC for what purpose - to prevent banks from money laundering activities
30. Aajeevika " scheme" is also known as - National Rural Livelihoods Mission (

Which state in India has highest rural population - U.P


Currency of Finland


Capital of Egypt - Cairo


2015 BRIS Summit- Ufa, Russia



World diabetes day- 14th November

Movie directed by Muzaffar Ali (film maker),Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhava
na Award winner- Umrao Jaan
Role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) appointed by RBI
ernor of RBI

as a 5th Deputy Gov


Dipika Pallikal and Joshana Chinappa related to



Dronacharya Award Selection Committee headed by- Ajitpal Singh

10. RBI imposing a limit on ATM transactions. Which cities does come under this
- Pune and Raipur
11. The Nobel Prize 2013 in physics went to Brit Peter Higgs and - Belgian Fran
cois Englert
12. The Vijay Mallya Story written by - K Giriprakash
13. The RBI issued draft guidelines for setting up small banks and payment bank
s, with a minimum capital of - 100 crore
14. what we call -------(some story telling) in A.P and Telangana - Hari Katha
15. Head of Governance of Boards of Banks in India - PJ Nayak
16. Commercial Paper (CP) is issued in the form of - promissory note.
17. Union cabinet approved Ken-Betwa river link which will benefit which two st
ates - UP & MP
18. Who got field s medal by International Mathematical Union's (IMU) - Manjul B
19. Minister of Consumer Affairs, food & PD? Ramvilas Paswan
20. How much capital to be infused in banks to meet Basel-III norms by 2018 as
per union budget Rs 2.40 lakh crore
21. Capital of Australia? Canberra
22. Which insurance company will insure under Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana - L
23. Nimmo Bazgo hydropower project in which district of J&K- Leh
24. Which country will host 7th IBSA summit


25. RBI asked banks not to impose penalties on accounts not maintaining minimum
balance on which of the following accounts? any inoperative account
26. Which model of first ever Smartphone was launched in 1994?
27. Max money that can remitted to Nepal from any of the NEFT-enabled branches
in India 50,000
28. BKS Iyengar who passed away recently was a renowned - Yoga teacher
29. DICGC does not cover insurance for which account?

30. Funds for Deendayal Upadhya Gram Jyoti Yojana - 500 cr

31. Currency of Netherlands - Euro
32. Human Rights day - Dec 10
33. Largest indigenously built warship - INS kamorta
34. RBI license given to which micro-finance company - Bandhan
35. AIMA full form - All India Management Association
36. Business leader of the year award by AIMA was given to - Mr M. G. George Mu
thoot, Chairman, The Muthoot Group
37. 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games to be held in - Nanjing, China
38. Which country is largest wind power producer - China
39. Definition of stale cheque in India - check that is 3 months or older than
the date
40. The concept of BRIC was introduced by which economist - James O'Niel
41. Full form of CTS - Cheque Truncation System
42. Roger Federer related to which game - Tennis
43. Which bank launched first equated EMI on debit cards


44. 24 engineering students died in river beas of Himachal Pradesh which dam g
ates where open - Larji Dam
45. Which of the following feature of RTGS is not true - It is used for small t
46. Which state has Highest urban population according to census 2011 - Maharas
47. Which Irish author Created the character Dracula - Bram Stoker
48. Regulator of Forwards and Futures market

Forward Market Commission (FMC)

49. Surya Kiran VII Exercise took place between - India & Nepal
50. Rongali Bihu celebrated in which state


51. Best parliamentarian award goes to Arun Jaitley and - Karan Singh and Shara
d Yadav

1st Smartphone created by IBM

IBM Simon

53. Note which is partially- fully obliterated -mutilated Note

54. E-BAAT full form - Electronic Banking Awareness and Technology
55. Health ministry launches "Anti tobacco campaign" named- Sunita
56. SIT head 4 black money- M.B. Shah

57. RBI panel head who recommend CPI formula - Urjit Patel Committee
58. CTBT - Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty
59. Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary state- U.P. Varanasi
60. FII is regulated by- SEBI
61. 1200 megawatt Lanco power plant in Udupai established by which company- Ada
ni group
62. According to railway minister in rail budget how many people travel daily b
y train- 23 million
63. JUAL ORAM Ministry of Tribal Affairs come from which constituency- Sundarg
har, Odisha
64. First Skill Development Centre

Jaipur, Rajasthan


Who is Women and Child development minister - Menaka Gandhi


Currency of Portugal


Capital of Uzbekistan


RBI issued guide lines to small banks and _____: Payments



Total number of districts in India according to Census 2011: 640

Neeranchal to give impetus to watershed development in the country with an
initial outlay of Rs 2,142 crore

World Vitiligo Day: 25 June


Telangana official festival: Bonalu, Bathukamma


What do you mean by HOMES(full form) ,it is announced in budget?

10. BIMSTEC country?

11. Slumdog Millionaire: Danny Boyle
12. Hydroelctric Power Plant in Kargil Distrcit : Chutak Hydroelectric Plant
13. According to railway minister in rail budget how many people travel daily b
y train- 23 million
14. INS kolkata is developed by?
15. To which telecom company reliance is linked up?


RuPay card is launched by: National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)


Jan Dhan Yojna Insurance cover

Rs 1 Lakh

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) cabinet minister
alraj Mishra

Ethiopia capital

Adis Ababa


Libya s currency



Shiva s trilogy s author

Amish Tripathi


Chacha Chauhary s author

Pran Kumar Sharma

Eco tourism and Education tourism in railway announced for - North East S

95th Independence Day celebrated by which country


10. RBI s new deputy governor - SS Mundra

11. Name of transaction in which we doesn t swipe card, but use details of card
nline transaction
12. Which agency set standards for individual customers and SME: BCSBI
13. Red cross day - 8th May
14. Rath Yatra in which state - Odisha
15. Sunidhi chauhan got dada saheb phalke award for which song - 'Kamli' from '
Dhoom 3'
16. IIEST full form - Indian Institutes of Engineering Science and Technology
17. How many judges are there to select a judge of supreme court?
18. Ragala venkat Rahul is which player


19. Which film directed by Richard Attenbourgh and got Academy Award: Gandhi
20. PAC chairman

KV Thomas

21. Kruger National Park

South Africa

22. India s first Indigenous anti submarine


23. Drug for ebola virus - ZMapp


Bharat Bill Payment System - "any where any time payment system"
FDI in insurance sector - 49%
Proposed number of IIMs in Union Budget


Serena Williams related to


How many gold medals India got in commonwealth games


Paran Kumar


One question related to INS Kolkata?


In which city of Japan Mou signed for making Varanasi smart city


Minister of Parliamentary affairs state




Prakash Javadekar

10. Minimum pension under EPFO: Rs 1000

11. In one time how many Rs currency printed by RBI
12. According Census 2011 which state has highest population: Uttar Pradesh
13. Which Metro city celebrated its 375th anniversary: Chennai
14. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee National Rural Mission: stop migration from rural a
reas to cities
15. Go India Smart Card by: Northern Railways
16. Teenage Swimmer USA Create World Record: Katie Ledecky
17. Kuchipudi is a classical dance of : Andhra Pradesh
18. AIMA Entrepreneur of the year: Mr Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, Chairman and Manag
ing Director, Bandhan Financial Services.
19. International Day against drug abuse- June 26
20. Textile join hand with for handloom weavers: Flipkart
21. India to give grant of $1 million for construction of cricket stadium in: K
andhaar, Afghanistan
22. Paragliding world cup will be held in: Kangara, HP
23. Japan Yen
24. Indonesia Capital: Jakarta
25. Playing It My Way Book Autobiography of : Sachin Tendulkar
26. BASIC Countries- Brazil South Africa, India and China
27. Full form of DTAA- Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
28. One question on MICR and cheque?

29. Which of the bank has been featured in Forbes Asia's FAB 50 list of 2014: A
xis Bank
30. Total Number of Rajya Sabha seats: 250
31. Totals seats for Uttar Pradesh for elections: 80

India nuclear deal with country- Australia

33. Who is Sumitra Mahajan: Lok Sabha Speaker

34. How many seats does BJP won in U.P: 71
35. Usain Bolt represent which country: Jamaica
36. In the 4th test with England how many Indian batsman gone to duck: Six
37. Who are Bank Mitras?
38. Pran Kumar Sharma related to which field: Cartoonist
39. In which state elections will be held in 2015: Bihar
40. Vinod Kumar Duggal resigned as a governor from which state: Manipur
41. Virbhadra Singh is the chief minister of which state: Himachal Pradesh
42. India won how many gold, Silver, Bronze respectively in common wealth: 15,3
43. Full form of ETF: Exchange Traded Fund


Common wealth games in 2018 at: Gold Coast, Australia


In shooting 10m Air Rifle gold medal won by: Abhinav Bindra


Robert Azevedo head of: WTO


K. Sankaranarayanan is the ex-governor of : Maharashtra


Pran kumar Sharma creator of: Chacha Chwoudhry


Top country in milk export: Australia


CSAT stands for: Civil Services Aptitude Test


Agriculture Growth rate in union budget: 4%


Railway Fare increased by: 14.2 %

10. Kosi river flows from which country to India: Nepal

11. Aizawl capital of which state: Mizoram

5.5% GDP fy15 by: Icra


_____more IIT

s in Union Budget: 5

14. Yuan is the currency of: China

15. What is Ebola: Hemorrhagic fever
16. World bank poverty line income?
17. Mundra port in which state: Gujarat
18. Padma awards are announced on the eve of: Republic Day
19. Jack Kallis who retired from cricket belongs to which country: South Africa
20. Indian Prime Minister visited Nepal for how many times?
21. Control authority of e-riksha: State Govt (Delhi)
22. Apinder Singh won bronze medal in which game: Triple Jump
23. Hampi monuments on which river bank: Tungabadra river
24. Pritzer prize is related to which field: Architect
25. John Kerry is: US Secretary of State
26. Pale related to which game: Football
27. ICAR full form: Indian Council of Agricultural & Research
28. Manchester United is related to which game: Football
29. 3rd test India v/s England held in which stadium: The Rose Bowl Stadium
30. Germany currency- Euro
31. Iron Chanu Sharmila belongs to which state


32. Which state of Highest percentage of Literate- Kerala

33. Ozone day was observed on- September 16th
34. Amount for new smart city in budget -7060 crores
35. Romancing with life is the autobiography of which actor- Dev Anand
36. Chhau the folk dance of which state - Orissa
37. What is the minimum pension - Rs. 1000
38. Financial inclusion scheme- Jan Dhan Yojana
39. Railway total employee- 13.1 lakh
40. Which prize is not given to any player this year- Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna P
41. Sushil kumar , bajarang related to sport- Wrestling
42. Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskaar- Hanuman Akhara
43. Information and Broadcasting union minister- Prakash Jawadekar

44. What is the maximum investment in BSBDA per year:- 1 lakh

45. Committee on Obsolete Laws is headed by

R. Ramanujam

46. Recently, Ice Bucket Challenge is more often in news. Why is this being org
To donate to people suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
47. Next New Coin May Be come by RBI - Rs 100
48. Who became the ambassador of turn back crime campaign of Interpol -- Shah R
ukh Khan
49. Name of the traditional tea offered to PM Narendra Modi by Japanese PM


50. Where Nalanda university is located: Bihar

51. Capital of Ireland


52. Currency of Germany


53. Supreme court order on shifting of lions from Gir national park to: Madhya
54. US security advisors landed at Mount Sinjar in which country: Iraq
55. Mullaperiyar dam in Kerala is in which district: Idukki
56. Piyush Goyal ministry: Ministry of Power