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Obliged to Love

By Val McCleod

Sourced, seeded and sustained by love, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. captured the
conscious of the world by illuminating our inextricable interconnectedness.
Profoundly prophetic in his scope, Dr. King, set the foundation and established
the framework for generational reconciliation.

His dream for multi-dimensional parity launched the first “Yes We Can”
campaign. The substance of Dr. King’s message was unbridled hope. He made a
deliberate decision to sacrifice and serve without reservation to fulfill the hopes,
dreams and prayers of the millions who lived before and after him.

As a certified trainer/practitioner of Dr. King’s philosophy and teachings, I am

thoroughly aware of how strategically the civil rights movement advanced the
cause of peace and justice. Armored in courage and insulated by his devotion to
do justly, live compassionately and walk in humility, Dr. King and others, from all
races and cultures, shared a common bond of faith, focus and fulfillment.

Fueled forward by and with love, Dr. King clearly understood that brotherly love
is the most harmonizing and healing force in the universe. Love promotes better
understanding, unity, accountability and cooperativeness.

Through a convergence of collective consciousness, we must never fail to

recognize that the advances and advantages that we now enjoy are because of the
generosity and suffrage of others.

As we reflect upon the 40th memorial of Dr. King’s assassination, we should all
pause to evaluate our individual and collective obligations. We have all greatly
benefited from Dr. King’s life and we are equally responsible for reconciliation.

We have come this far by faith. Much sweat, tears and blood that were shed to
pave and construct the way for great accomplishments, including, this historic
opportunity to elect a woman or an African-American man for president of the
United States. This deeply obliges me.

It is because of Dr. King’s tremendous sacrifices and great service that I am

obliged to live a life that also leaves a legacy. I am obliged to live to give to others.
I am obliged as an African-American to reach out and embrace others irrespective
of their race, class or sexual orientation. My obligation flows deeply within my
heart. In so doing, my life resonates appreciation for Dr. King’s sacrificial love, life
and legacy.

……………..I am obliged to love.

V! McCleod is a professional speaker, writer and commentator who uses her voice to promote
relational and racial reconciliation. V! can be reached by e-mail or post comments at her blog -
Conversations with V!