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SmartAX MA5300 Broadband Access System

Installation Manual

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SmartAX MA5300 Broadband Access System (B01D200)

Installation Manual
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About This Manual

Release Notes
The current version of this manual applies to the SmartAX MA5300 Broadband
Access System V100R005 (referred to as the MA5300 hereafter).

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Documentation CD ROM

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The manual introduces the installation of the MA5300 when it is mounted to the
B01D200 cabinet. This manual includes the following parts:
Chapter 1 System

Overview introduces the structure and performance

characteristics, equipment components and relative technical specifications of the

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

B01D200 cabinet. It also provides information on the MA5300 frame and some typical
configurations in the B01D200 cabinet.
Chapter 2 Installation Preparations deals with the environment requirements on
the installation as well as jobs to be done before the installation.
Chapter 3 Cabinet Installation elaborates on installation procedure of the B01D200
Chapter 4 Installation of the Power Distribution System focuses on the power
distribution system of the B01D200 cabinet, including lightning protection unit, power
supply module, and batteries.
Chapter 5 Board Introduction and Cable Connection describes in detail the
boards of the MA5300, as well as the connection and routing of subscriber cables,
power supply cables, monitor cables and optical fibers.
Chapter 6 Checkup of Hardware Installation introduces items to be checked after
equipment installation is completed. It also describes the power-on and
commissioning procedures.
Chapter 7 Monitoring System Configuration describes the monitoring system







Appendix covers equipment specifications (such as dimensions, weight, and power
consumption) of the MA5300, wiring diagrams of the B01D200 cabinet, as well as
engineering labels for cables.

Intended Audience
The manual is intended for the following readers:
Hardware installation engineers
Telecommunication technicians
Engineering technicians of the MA5300

This manual uses the following conventions:

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

I. General conventions



Normal paragraphs are in Arial.

Arial Narrow

Warnings, Cautions, Notes and Tips are in Arial Narrow.


Headings are in Boldface.

Courier New

Terminal Display is in Courier New.

II. Symbols
Eye-catching symbols are also used in the manual to highlight the points worthy of
special attention during the operation. They are defined as follows:

Caution: Means reader should be extremely careful during the operation.

Note: Means a complementary description.

Environmental Protection
This product has been designed in compliance with the requirements on
environmental protection. For the proper storage, use and disposal of this product,
national laws and regulations must be observed.

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

Safety Instructions
1 Overview
This section introduces part of the safety precautions that should be followed during
the installation and maintenance of the MA5300.

Before any operation is performed, please read the operation instructions and precautions carefully to
minimize the possibility of accidents. The Note, Caution, Warning and Danger items in other manuals do
not cover all safety precautions that should be followed. They are only the supplements to the safety
precautions for operations as a whole. Therefore, the personnel in charge of the installation and
maintenance of the Huawei products are required to understand these basics of safety operation

Please abide by the local safety recommendations for various operations. The safety
precautions described in this manual are a supplement to local safety
recommendations, and do not cover all potential dangerous situations.
When you work on the system, please abide by the safety precautions regulated by
Huawei Technologies.
Only trained and qualified personnel are allowed to install or maintain the equipment.

1.1 Conventions Used

The following section lists the warning symbols which contains the safety precautions
that you should pay attention to.
The warning symbols indicate different warning levels, which are danger, warning,
caution and note respectively.
Danger means that an accident may occur if the safety precautions are
neglected. This type of accident is likely to be fatal.
Warning means that an accident may occur if the safety precautions are
neglected. This type of accident may be fatal or cause serious injury. It may also
damage the product.
Caution means that an accident may occur if the safety precautions are
neglected. This type of accident may cause injury or damage the product.

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

Note means that an incident may occur if the safety precautions are neglected.
This type of accident may cause injury or damage to the product.

Warning symbols

General warning symbol: It indicates safety precautions.
ESD protection symbol: It indicates that the equipment is sensitive to the
Voltage warning: It indicates dangerous voltage.
Microwave symbol: It indicates strong electromagnet field.
Laser radiation symbol: It indicates strong laser radiation.

2 Electric Safety
2.1 High Voltage

Direct contact or indirect contact by some wet objects to the high voltage or mains may be fatal.

When installing the equipment with AC power source, follow the local safety
recommendations. Only the qualified personnel are allowed to install equipment
with AC power source.
Before working on the equipment, remove conductive rings, bracelet, necklaces,
and watches.
Turn off the power supply when you find water leakage in the cabinet.
Keep the equipment away from water even in the humid environment.

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

Improper operations with the equipment under high voltage may pose a fire hazard or electric strike. The
AC power cord cabling must follow local regulations, and only the qualified personnel should be allowed
to make the operations in question.

2.2 Power Cable

Do not connect or disconnect a power cable when the power switch is on. When the power cable touches
a conductor, the electric spark or electrical arc may pose a fire hazard or harm the eyes.

Switch off the power supply before connecting or disconnecting the power cable.
Before connecting the power cable, make sure that cable and labels on the cable
are correct.

2.3 Tools

When you work on the equipment under high voltage or AC power supply, use the special tools.

2.4 Drilling Holes

Do not drill holes on the cabinet without permission. Drilling holes improperly on the cabinet may damage
the cables inside the cabinet, and the scrap falling into the cabinet may cause short circuit of the circuit

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

To drill holes on the cabinet, you must wear insulating gloves, and remove the
cables inside the cabinet first.
Protect your eyes as the splashing scrap during drilling the holes may hurt your
Prevent the scrap from falling into the cabinet.
Improper drilling may damage the electromagnetic shielding performance of the
Remove the scrap immediately after drilling the hole is finished.

2.5 Lightning

Do not work on the system during periods of lightning.

To avoid lightning strike, ensure that the equipment is connected to the earth ground

2.6 Static

Static generated by the people will damage the static-sensitive unit on the circuit board, such as the
integrated circuit (IC).

When people move, or take plastic items, the friction between clothes, or between the
shoes and the floor may generate static. The static remains long in the human body.
Wear anti-static wrist when working on static-sensitive units, and connect one end of
the wrist to the earth ground properly.

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

To ground

Figure 1 Schematic of wearing anti-static wrist

3 Battery

Before you work on the battery, read through the safety precautions on battery handling and connection.

Avoid battery short circuit or electrolyte leakage, which will erode metal objects and
circuit board.

3.1 General Operations

When installing and maintaining battery, care should be taken for the following issues.
Do not wear metal objects, such as watches, bracelet, and rings.
Use special insulating tools.
Wear eye-protecting devices.
Wear rubber gloves and apron which prevents the electrolyte leakage.
Keep the positive battery upright. Do not put it downside up or tilted.

3.2 Short-circuit

Battery short circuit cause bodily injury. If possible, disable the battery supply before working on the

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

3.3 Toxic Gas

Do not use lead-acid battery without seal. Gas emitted from the battery will catch fire or erode the
equipment. Have the battery laid stably and horizontally.

Since working battery releases flammable gas, it should be put in a ventilated place
with fireproof design.

3.4 Over Temperature

Battery over-temperature leads to battery distortion, damage or acid fluid leakage.

Check if there is acid fluid leakage when the battery temperature is over 60C. If yes,
deal with the acid fluid in time.

3.5 Acid Fluid

Absorb the acid fluid and neutralize it when there is any acid fluid leakage.

You can absorb and neutralize the acid fluid with the following material:
Follow the instructions given by the battery manufacturers.

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

4 Laser Beam

Fiber laser beam harms your eyes. Avoid exposure to the laser beam.

Do not look at the fiber outlet with naked eyes when installing or maintaining fibers.

5 Working at Heights

During working at Heights, be cautious to prevent object from falling.

High-altitude work should comply with the following requirements:

High-altitude operator must be trained.
Operating machines and tools should be carried safely to avoid falling.
Take safety protection measures like wearing helmet and safety belt.
In cold areas, heat-retaining clothes should be worn before high-altitude
All lifting appliances should be checked before high-altitude operation.

6 Others
6.1 Lifting Heavy Objects

Do not walk under the lifting objects.

Huawei Technologies Proprietary

6.2 Handling Objects with Sharp Angles

Wear gloves when moving the equipment with sharp angles.

6.3 Unplugging and Plugging Board

Insert the board with caution, to avoid distort the pins on the backplane.
Insert the board along the slot to avoid short circuit caused by direct board circuit touching.
When holding the board, do not touch the board circuit, components, connector and cabling trough.

6.4 Bundling of the Signal Cable

The signal cable should be separated from the cable with power current or voltage. Allow at least 20cm
space between them.

Huawei Technologies Proprietary