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A. Choose a, b or c.
1. Rita is very

and everyone likes her.

a. childish
2. He is

b. silly
because he eats too much.

a. overweight

b. aggressive

3. I paid by

b. credit card

4. You have to wait in the

c. receipt

to get a ticket for the concert.

a. queue

b. entrance

c. escalator

to buy this car. It costs too much money.

a. avoid
6. Lauras baby is quite

b. pay

c. afford

b. chubby

c. wavy

a. straight
7. A man dressed in old clothes came
a. through
8. I dont

c. handsome

for my new dishwasher.

a. cash

5. I cant

c. kind

b. past

c. towards

b. trust

c. attack

people easily.

a. admit
9. Islands are

with tourists during the summer.

a. amazed

b. unbelievable

c. crowded


B. Complete the sentences with a suitable word from the box.






1. My mother went shopping and bought a nice cotton

2. Your new boots are very similar
3. I dont really look like

Copyright MM P

4. Heres your change


5. My f lat is on a(n) avenue

6. The owner

look like

to mine.
my father but my little sister does.
and receipt, Sir.
with heavy traffic.

of this restaurant is a neighbour of ours.

the dialogue with the

in the


a. This black one.


take this one

b. In cash, please.

e. So, how much are they?

c. Oh, you are right.

A: Well, Madam, which skirt did you choose?
B: (1) This black one

A: Nice. And it goes very well with this white top.

B: (2) . Oh, you are right.

A: These tops have a 30% discount.

B: (3) So, how much are they?

A: 25, Madam.
B: (4) well, Ill take this one too

A: Great. How would you like to pay?

B: (5) In cash, please.




A. Complete the sentences using the comparative or the superlative form of the
adjectives in brackets. Add the where necessary.
1. Clark is the best

(good) student in class.

2. Today the weather is nicer

3. Harry is funniest
4. Janet is more outgoing

(nice) than it was yesterday.

(funny) of all my friends. He really makes me laugh.
(outgoing) than her sister, Mary.

5. Im sorry, Tim but your test was the worst

6. This is most expensive

(expensive) watch in the shop.

7. In most countries, football is more popular

8. Annette lives the farthest

(bad) of all.
(popular) than basketball.

(far) from the city centre than I do.

B. Circle the correct words.

1. Would you like to try on the brown shorts or the black one / ones?
2. This dress doesnt fit me. Can I have a larger one / ones, please?
3. These earrings are too expensive / expensive enough. I cant afford
Copyright MM P

4. He doesnt do well at school. I dont think he works enough hard / hard enough.
5. The noise from the party next door was too loud / loud enough, so I couldnt
6. The coffee is sweet too / sweet enough. It doesnt need any more sugar.


to a

between two




1. Jane bought a T-shirt for her

2. Janes brother is very tall.
3. The T-shirt cost 40 euros.
4. Janes friend would like to take the T-shirt.


Read the text and write T for True or F for False.

Clothes designer Stuart Weitzman has the record for the most expensive shoes. They are called the Cinderella
Slippers and they cost $2 million. They have diamonds all over them and singer Alison Krauss wore them to the
Oscars in 2004.

In 1998, four friends explored a silver mine in North San Diego. They found an old pair of jeans but thought
nothing of it. Later, they discovered they were original Levis and they were 115 years old! The owners sold them on
the Internet for $60,000 and they became the most expensive jeans in the world.

4000 people from all over Australia are trying to make Australias longest scarf. You can see 60 metres of the scarf at
the Melbourne Craft Fair. But this is only part of it. The final scarf is going to be over 30 km long!

1. Alison Krauss wore the worlds most expensive shoes at the



2. Four friends found some Levis jeans 115 years ago.

3. The most expensive jeans cost $60,000.

4. The longest scarf in the world is 60 metres.