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This video is about how to build an effective presentation by Professor Pete Lane, the

Chair of Marketing Department of WSBE. What if you have a good idea but you dont
have the skill to present it well? You may fail to present it and your idea is lose out. The
good news is Pete Lane argue that the presentation skill can be learn by people and we
can develop it. He said the more you do it, the more you practice it and the better you
did it. Built an effective presentation need to focus to the four steps which are developing
a presentation strategy, create the story line, create slides that work and looking like a pro
when you present.
Firstly, developed a presentation strategy has concern about what do you need to say, to
whom, why and how. The first thing you have to know is what the purpose of your
presentation is. For example, are you going to persuade, or to make recommendation, or
just giving information for your audience to make decision or not to. Secondly, who is
the primary audience for your presentation and thinking about them when you design
your presentation such as organization position and roles, familiarity with issue being
discussed and so on in order to make connection with them. Lastly, the organization
requirement for the presentation is also important. Normally, organization have stated the
certain norm and requirement for how you put information together, so it is important to
make sure and understand what that is before you put those information in your
presentation. A very good organization also will include feedback on how you doing your
Secondly, story line is a compelling narrative that drawn your audience into your view of
the word. Create a story line for your presentation can help you to show the audience how
you will start to reach the target. The presentation need to start strong and has a strong
introduction. Before you go further, you can tell the audience about what you are going to
tell them later which mean an executive summary had been made to guide the audience
thinking. Then you can open with brief problem statement, list types of analyses done and
brief summary of insight and recommendation. So the audiences have the idea on what
you are going to present later. Then, build solid logic into your presentation. Mean you
have to show the insight from your analyses not the gory details, focus on what they need
to know to buy your conclusion, and keep details of analyses handy for Q&A part. In
addition, presentation is different with report in a several way which are presentation
dont have reports level of detail, information sequence mat need to modified to fit
required present format, information density & rate usually lower in a presentation means
that the more diverse the audience, the lower the density and rate but still need to meet
the primary audiences need. Finally, close the presentation with convincingly. You can
quickly restate the problem and recommendation, thank the audience about their attention
and participation, and ask the question to make sure that everyone is clear and
understanding about the presentation. If you are presenting as a team, remember that you

should never add any addition information for other teammates answer, because this will
reduce the audience trust for your teammate and hurt their credibility.
Then, create an effective and useful Power Point slides to help in your presentation. You
should remember that careful use the slide may help in your talk but overuse makes you
look foolish. The slide should supplement you, not replace you mean that you should use
the slide as an extra tool for your presentation and not just read it but explain it, best
background and text color combination varies also important to help you look formal and
professional, for example, Dark background and light text best in larger, darker room.
Inverse, light background and dark text best in smaller, brighter rooms. At first, always
keep your slides simple and clean looking. For example, limit 3-4 color for your text and
chart in the slides, no distracting background graphic like animation and annoying music
which will distract your audience attention from you. Secondly, use the simple and large
font size for skim ability such as aim for a maximum of 60-75 words per slide. Finally, be
sure to group ideas and guide audiences eyes such as using font size, bolding, bullet
color & white space and if slide is too dense audience will ignore wither you or slides. In
addition, using graph to show the relationship of the data you collected is great and clear
to the audience understanding the outcome.
Finally, you have to look like a pro when you doing the presentation in order to gain trust
and believing from the audiences. There are few way to creating a professional
impression which are dress formal (dress formally rather than less when in doubt), be
poised and confident but not arrogant, reach out to your audience and make eye contact
with your key audience member and remember dont hide behind the podium, involve all
members of your project team if you are doing the group presentation (introduce all of
them at first like their task, role and field) and change presenters at natural break points,
know your material completely for anticipate question and to not read from cards or
papers, and use your body language correctly. Besides that, you have to manage your
time carefully such as answer all the question but be concise; speak loudly, clearly, and
with inflection (not monotone droning). For example, use the loudly voice when you are
trying to explain the key information in your presentation. In the presentation, do not
forget to smile to in order to show your friendly and kindness so the audience willing to
participate in the talk.
In addition, there are something you should never do that in your presentation which are
dont argue or be flippant with audience, dont use humor unless you are really good at it,
dont be disrespectful to anyone even they are disagree with your point in the
presentation and try to convince them, dont generalize about group of people (negative
view about gender, age, ethnicity, national origin), dont panic its not an inquisition
because most audience try to find new idea and signs of excellence. In opposite, there are
something you should do for it in your talk which are do be confidence in discussing your
idea because if you dont act like you believe them, no one will, do remember to relax

because you are the only one who know what is supposed to said in that time so the
others will not notice if some little mistake happened, and finally do enjoy yourself
because presentation is the time to show your ability and professional to the others people.