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Little Champion Program (Std VI)

Maharashtra Olympiad Movement (MOM)

Mock Test Paper (Stage 1)
Max Marks : 100
Exam Format

60 Marks

Space for Rough Work

: 60 Questions
: 20 Questions 20

Section 1 (Science 1-60 )

1. At Neev following sign board is displayed -

5) The force is necessary to ........

a) set a stationary object in motion and to change its
b) change the speed of moving object and to change


its shape

The Floor is Slippery.

You Might Fall.

The Force that is associated with the caution

given in the above board is
(a) Frictional force

(b) Electric force

(c) Magnetic Force

(d) Gravitational Force

2) Arrange the following according to decreasing

order of their life span,
a) elephant, dog, housefly, ostrich


d)all the above

6) Why oil is put in machines regularly?

a) to increase the force

b) to reduce friction

c) to make the surface shiny

d) none

7) Which forces are applied while cycling?

a) mechanical

b) Gravitational

c) Frictional

d) Muscular

8) The kilometer is a unit of........ system.

b) dog, housefly, elephant, ostrich

a) binary b) octal c) decimal d) positional

c) elephant, ostrich, dog, housefly

9) The body temperature of a normal person

d) housefly, dog, elephant, ostrich

3) The radar system is used in ........
a) spotting over speeding vehicle b) tennis competition
c) cycling race

c) to stop the moving object and to pull and push an

d)all the above

4) An image stays on our eyes for 1/10 second.

This is called ........
a) vision

b) persistence of vision

c) temporary vision

d) short vision

is ........ degree centigrade.

a) 37

b) 99

c) 25

d) 42

10) The plant having additional roots above the

ground is ........
a) jowar b) beetroot

c) carrot

d) neem

11) Some plants produce flowers with bright

colours. This favours
a) photosynthesis

b) pollination

c) movement

d) growth

12) What will happen if androecium and

gynoecium of a beautiful flower are removed?

a) Insects will not be attracted

b) fruit will be formed without seeds
c) fertilization will not occur d) fruit size will be reduced

13)........ will float on water but........ will sink in

a) Wooden boat, nail b) Nail, wooden boat
c) Nail, iron ship

d) Iron ship, wooden boat

24) The process of separating fibers from seeds of

14) Which of the following is S.I. unit of time?

cotton is called ........

a) Light year b) Hour c) Second d) Minute

a) spinning b) ginning c) weaving d) sorting

15)........ is not measured in liter.

25) Which of the following fibers is commonly

a) Milk b) Water c) Kerosene d) Rice

used for clothing?

16) In C.G.S. system, mass is measured in..,

a) Fur

a) Kilograms b) Gram c) Quintal d) none

26) Which of the following sentence is correct?

17) Which kind of force is used by the bullocks,

a) Cotton garment is warmer than a woolen sweater.

while pulling the cart?

b) Woolen sweater is warmer than a cotton garment.

b) Wool

c) Quills

d) Bristles

a) Mechanical force

b) Muscular force

c) Cotton garment and woolen sweater both are

c) Gravitational force

d) Much force is not required

equally warm.

18) Gravity is the force that makes the stone come

d) Woolen sweater and cotton garment both are

down from a height. As it falls, its speed..../...


a) Decreases continuously b) Remains constant

27) All living organisms are made up of cells. Cells

c) Depends on mass of the stone .

are ........ in nature.

d) Increases continuously

a) Visible b) Microscopic c) Macroscopic d) Both a & b

19) A moving ball on floor stops after some time

28) The difference between living and non-living is

due to........force.

that, all the living things have........

a) Gravitational b)Frictional c) Magnetic d) Mechanical

a) some shape V-

b) cellular structure

20) The movement of a bird's wings is an example

c) specificcolour

d) definite shape


29) Select the correct example of reproduction.

a)Oscillatory motion

b) Periodic motion

a) Flies gathering around tube light.

c) Linear motion

d) Non-uniform motion

b) Dogs, Cats give birth to young ones like them.

21) In construction work........ is used to lift the wet

c) Birds lay eggs.

d) Both b & c

cement concrete up to the higher floors.

30) All in vertebrate animals lack ........

a) Pulley

b) Inclined plane

a) gills

b) gills and vertebral column

c) Lever

d) Pulley attached to inclined plane

c) vertebral column

d) wings

22) Which of the following is not a natural fiber?

31)........ is an example of shrub.

a) Cotton

a) Ocimum b) Chilly c) Hlibiscus d) Bengal gram

b) Jute c) Nylon

d) Silk

23) Cotton plants are usually grown in ........

32) Example of climber ........

a) black soil and warm climate

a) Bottle gourd

b) Cucumber

b) red soil and dry climate

c) Bitter gourd

d) All of these

c) black soil and moist climate

33) Major area in a leaf is occupied by........

d) red soil and humid climate

a) leaf base b) leaf apex c) lamina d) veins

Space for Rough Work

34) Thalamus is ........

a) Part of a stem where branches are present.
b) Stalk which may be short or long.
C) Part of stalk attached at the base of flower,

45) Which of the following is not a unit of

d) Attachment of leaf with stem.

measurement of distance?

35) If Sepals : Calyx; then Petals : ........?

a) metre b) centimetre c) kilometer d) kilogram

a) pollens b) stigma c) corolla d) ovule

46) Objects which do not emit light of their own

36) Reproductive structures in flower are ........

are called ........

a) androecium, gynoecium b) stamens, pistils

a) luminous objects

b) non - luminous objects

c) calyx, corolla

c) opaque objects

d) transparent objects

d} both a & b

37) Which of the following is a good conductor?

47) The materials through which objects cannot be

a) Barbie doll

b) Wooden chair

seen are known as ........

c) A silver spoon

d) Glass stirrer

a) transparent b) opaque c) translucent d) invisible

38) Electrical wires and parts of electrical

48) The separation technique used to separate a

appliances are covered with ........

solid-solid mixture is ........

a) iron b) copper

c) gold

a) decantation

b) evaporation

39) Materials, which do not allow electricity to

c) filtration

d) handpicking

pass through them easily, are called ........ of

49) Which of the following is the best


method of waste disposal?

a) reflectors b) Insulators c) conductors d) absorbers

a) Landfill method b) Throwing waste in open pit

40) Metals are ........ of electricity.

c) Incineration

a) absorber b) insulators c) conductors d) deflectors

50) When the switch of an electric torch is in ON

41) If you stand at the center of a circular track

position, electric current flows from the electric

and watch athletes run around it, their distance

cell to the filament of an electric bulb due to which

from you remains the same while running, that

it gets ,......, and the bulb ........

means they are at rest.

a) cooled, does not glow b) heated, does not glow

a) True b) False c) Can't say

d) plastic

d) None

c) heated, glows

d) Composting

d) cooled, glows

42) A bulb does not glow when a/an ........ plug is

51) Which of the following is transparent?

used in the plug key.

a) Blood b) Petrol c) Steel tumble d) Cellophane

a) iron nail b) matchstick c) aluminium d) copper

52) Suppose you are making some tea, and have

43) Which of the following fibres are obtained from

boiled water and added tea leaves to the water.

the fleece of animals?

Then you realise that you cannot find the strainer.

a) Rayon

b) Cotton

c) Nylon

d) wool

You look for a clean piece of cloth, but do not find

44)........ on large scale should be practiced to

one. What method would you like to apply for a

avoid drought.

cup of tea without leaves?

a) Deforestation

b) House construction

c) afforestation

d) No - forestation

a) Sieving b) Evaporation C) Decantation d) Filtration

Space for Rough Work

53) Most animals can move from one place to

another. This type of movement is called........
a) movement

b) transportation

c) conduction

d) location

54) We use ........ as raw material to produce paper

a) animals

b) trees

c) bacteria d) cotton

55) Which of the following things is necessary for

burning and for living organisms?

62. Disha read that fourteen thousand, nine

a) watervapour

b) oxygen

hundred eighty-seven people live in Wardha.

c) nitrogen

d) carbon dioxide

Which of the following is another way to write this

56) For respiration, aquatic animals use ........

number ?

a) oxygen dissolved in soil

(A) 10,000 + 4,000 + 900 + 80 + 7

b) oxygen from air

c) oxygen dissolved in water

(B) 14,000, 987

d) oxygen from carbon dioxide

(C)14x100+9 x10+87

57) Which of the following is not a component of

63. There are 100 questions on Neevs test. He has


completed 40 of the questions. What percent of

(D) 1 + 4 + 9 + 8 + 7

a) carbon dioxide

b) sulphur dioxide

the 100 questions has Neev completed ?

c) water vapour

d) noble gases

(A) 0.4%

(B) 4%

(C) 40%

(D) 400%

58) The component of air used by green plants to

64. Neev's mother bought 6 bags of fruit at the

make their food is

fruit store.

a) nitrogen

b) oxygen

c) carbon dioxide

d) water vapour

59) Mountaineers carry oxygen cylinders while

climbing high mountains because at high altitudes
a) they get tired and require more oxygen.
b) oxygen in the air is less.
c) some oxygen is converted into ozone.
d) some oxygen is required by the fuels to create
warmth. .







component of air?

What fractional part of the bags contained red fruit


A) Nitrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Water vapour

d) Carbon dioxide








65.Which of the following does not represent 0.4 ?

Section 2 (Maths 61-80 )

61. Which of the following is a true statement ?
(A) Parallel lines always intersect
(B) Intersecting lines are never parallel
(C) Perpendicular lines never intersect
(D) Intersecting lines are always perpendicular

Space for Rough Work

66. Which type of angle best describes angle Q ?

72.Express as algebraic statement.

5 i? subtracted from twice a number and then added
to four times of another number.
(A) Obtuse

(B) Acute

(C) Right

(D) None

In the figure below, which two angles appear

a)5-2x + 4y b) 5-2x-4y c) 4y + 2x-5 d) 4x -2y-5

73. The two whole numbers occurring just before
1000 are ........

to be obtuse ?

a) 900 and 800

b) 1001 and 1002

c) 98 and 999

d) 996 and 997

74. A number with four or more digits is divisible

by ......... if the number formed by the last three
(A) Angles 1 and 2

(B) Angles 1 and 3

digits of the number is divisible by 8.

(C) Angles 1 and 4

(D) Angles 2 and 4

a) 3 ..,


Which number is best represented by point

'P' on the number line ?


c) 16


75. The decimal form of five hundreds three tens

two ones and eight tenths is .....
a) 523.8

b) 532.8

c) 502.8

d) 538.8

76. A toy is placed in front of a mirror at a distance

(A) 21.1 (B) 20.9

(C) 21.0

(D) 20.8

of 80 cm from it, then the reflected image is

69. A am a number . When u interchange my ten

formed at a distance of........ cm from the mirror.

thousand digit with my hundred digit, I become

a) 40

804,963. What number am I ?

77. A basket contains 300 mangoes. 75 mangoes

b) 80

c) 100

d) 160

(A) 849,063

(B) 894,063

were distributed among students. The percentage

(C) 809,463

(D) 840,963

of mangoes left in the basket is ........

70. Neev was cutting two ribbons of length 96 and

a) 25 %

112 cm long. He is cutting them into equal pieces

78. Find L.C.M. of following numbers. 12, 24, 48,

to make bows. What is the length of the longest


piece that he can cut so that no ribbon is wasted?

a) 504

a) 10

79. Neev has 558 flags to pack into boxes. Each




b) 30 %


b) 432


d) 75%


71. Some times Mrs. Sharma and Mrs. Varma meet

box will hold 62 flags. How many boxes will Neev

in Star Gym. Mrs. Sharma goes to Gym every 3rd

need to hold all the flags ?

day and Mrs. Varma goes to the gym every 5th

a) 34,596

day. How many days gap will be there in their two

80. What is the area of a rectangle that measures 5

meeting at gym?

meters wide and 6 meters long?

a) 14 days b) 15 days c) 13 days d) 5 days

a) 11 m2

Space for Rough Work

b) 0.9


c) 9

d) 620

c) 30 m2

d) 16m2

Section 3 (Mental Ability

81-100 )

81. Direction :

In the following question, find the

number of a triangles in the given figure

Space for Rough Work

91. Select the odd one
Directions (92 - 93): Find the missing term
92. 3. 12, 27, 48, 75, 108,?
(a) 121 (b) 137 (c) 147 (d) 151
93. 563, 647, 479, 815,?
(a) 143 (b) 197 (c) 233 (d)321
94. In a code BOXER word is written as AQWGQ
then VISIT is written as

82. In a code PERFECT is written as RGTHGEV

than BROWN is written as


95-97 Directions:

Study the following figure

carefully and answer the questions


83. In a code PROVIDE is denoted from OSNWHED

than MORNING is denoted in the same code as

84-90 Directions The First and Second terms are

related that the same relationship holds between
the third and the fourth trem. Find the 4 th term
using the same relationship.

95. Find out the number that lies inside all the

84. 3 : 243 : : 5 : ?
(a) 745

(b) 1215

(c) 2145 (d)3125

85. acE:bdF::fhJ:?
(a) giK

(b) gkH

(c) dhK (d) ikH

86. BIGE : JQOM :: RYWU : ?

(a) ZACD

(b) ZADC

(c) ZGEC (d) ZVYX

87. QDXM : SFYN :: UIOZ ; ?

(a) UXPA (b) WXPA (c) YXKL (d) ZXLA
88. Fan: Wings:: Wheel:?
(a) Round (b) Cars (c) Spokes (d) Moves
89. Match: Win :: Examination:?
(a) Write (b) Appear (c) Success (d) Attempt
90. Tree: Forest ::Soldier:?
(a) Battle (b) Army (c) Gun (d) General

(a) 2

(b) 5

(c) 7

(d) 9

96. What are the numbers that lie inside any two
(a) 2, 1

(b) 5, 1

(c) 5, 9

(d) 9, 1

97. Find out the number that lies only inside

(a) 2

(b) 5

(c) 9

(d) 11

98-100 Direction : Find one term from the four

alternative that would fit into the series.
98. C,D,G,H,K,L,??
(a) MN (b) SR (c) OP (d) PQ
99. BD,FH,JL,NP,?

(a) QS (b) RT (c) QT (d) PR

100. DW, FH, JL, Np ,?
(a) PK (b) BZ

(c) LO

(d) AY