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Book Arts Roundup

GBW RMC Quarterly Newsletter

Rocky Mountain
Chapter Board

Ethan Ensign

Pamela Luetz

Sammy Lee

Emily Tipps

Lang Ingalls

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by November 30.

Dear Members,
We had a delightful meeting at Toni Nelsons house in August and got to see her workshop
and tools. Thank you Toni!
It was decided that the November meeting will be held at Weber State University (date &
time TBA). We will meet in Susan Makovs classroom in the art department. Susan will show
her letterpress and bookbinding equipment, as well as printmaking equipment. It will be an
open meeting, with demonstrations of leather paring and leather types and uses. Students
from WSU will be invited; as well, any and all book people are welcome.
We are still looking for a place to hold our February meeting. Let me know if you have
ideas. We hope the May meeting will be at Steve Pratts workshop in Cove Fort.
Additionally, I remind the membership that the national Standards of Excellence will be
in SLC in 2012. Your board is putting together an exhibition to show in conjuction with the
conference. It is a set book, juried exhibition. Keep an eye out for the announcement this

- Ethan Ensign

from the Denver Chair

Greetings Members!
I am thrilled to be the new co-chair of the Rocky Mountain Chapter and have the opportunity
to become involved in book related events in this region. I have enjoyed membership in the
Chapter since moving to Colorado Springs four years ago from Dallas where I was active in
the Lone Star Chapter. As a bookbinder for almost 30 years, my greatest pleasure is spending
time at the bench, teaching, and collaborating with other bookbinders and book artists.
We are fortunate to have a number of book arts events in the Denver area and it is my hope
that there will be some activities ahead in Colorado Springs. The Press at Colorado College
is a great resource ( Aaron
Cohick has been the printer at the Press at Colorado College since 2010. Before coming to
Colorado College, he worked as a commercial letterpress printer in San Francisco and taught
at the San Francisco Center for the Book.
The exhibit, Book Craft: Deconstructing, Unhinging, Decomposing, at the Norlin Library at
University of Colorado, Boulder just came down on September 8th. Thanks to Sammy Lee
and others for their work on that exhibit, and to those of you who submitted work to display.
And a special thanks to Ginny Kilander for her contributions as past co-chair. I hope I can
keep up her good work.

- Pamela Leutz

The Roundup is a publication of
the Rocky Mountain Chapter of
the Guild of Bookworkers, and
is distributed to its members. To
become a member, please visit:

from the Salt Lake City Chair

from the Roundup Editor

Dear Members:
You will notice a new format for the Roundup, as requested by a Chapter Member. I
hope that you find it legible and the information accessible. I am always open to ideas call
or email anything you might suggest as an improvement! And please consider getting the
Roundup in pdf format via email; it saves our chapter lots of nuggets so we can do other cool
things. Your humble editor,

-Lang Ingalls


Fro m Content to Concept to Object, with Don Glaister & Suzanne Moore, September 26 to 30
Telluride, Colorado;
T h e S i m p l e T h r e a d o f S e w n B o o k s , an Educators mini-workshop with Louona Tanner, October 8
Salt Lake City, Utah;

E a t , Paint, Love, with Jill Berry, October 14 to 16

Valley Ridge, Wisconsin;
In t ermediate/Advanced Fine Binding, with Monique Lallier, October 17 to 28
Telluride, Colorado;
Fo r warding & covering of Textblocks, with Don Etherington, October 31 to November 11
Telluride, Colorado;
P r e s s t o P o s t i n a D a y , with Claire Taylor, November 12
Salt Lake City, Utah;
Ad vanced Pape r Conser vation, with Renate Mesmer, October 17 to 28
Telluride, Colorado;
D e s e r t F i b e r s & o t h e r P a p e r m a k i n g W o n d e r s , with Pam Wood, November 5
Karla Ellings Mummy Mountain Press & Paper Mill, Paradise Valley, New Mexico;
C a s u a l , P l a y f u l & I n v e n t i v e C a p i t a l L e t t e r s , with Peter Thornton, November 5 & 6
Albuquerque, New Mexico;


C o u n t e r f o r m : a J u r i e d S h o w o f U t a h B o o k w o r k , through November 4
Special Collections Gallery, J. Willard Marriott Library, 4th floor, Salt Lake City;

T h e V e t e r a n : a n O f f e r i n g o f R e v e r e n c e & R e s p e c t , November 4 to January 6

Special Collections Gallery, J. Willard Marriott Library, 4th floor, Salt Lake City;


2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 4 G B W Tr a v e l i n g E x h i b i t i o n
Deadline for Intent to Enter: September 30
T h e D e c o r a t e d B o o k : C o n t i n u i n g a Tr a d i t i o n
Deadline: October 24
Venue: Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Philadelphia
Bind-O-Rama 2011 Artistically Reversible: Where Conservation and Art Meet
Deadline: October 31
Venue: Online
T h e 2 0 1 2 H e l e n Wa r r e n D e G o l y e r A w a r d f o r A m e r i c a n B o o k b i n d i n g
Deadline: January 31, 2012
Venue: Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas


A b e c e d a r i a n G a l l e r y , Denver, through October 1
Big Draw Little Draw is both an exhibition (Little Draw) featuring small scale drawings by artists from throughout the US and a
community drawing event (Big Draw) that will culminate in magnets drawn by anyone who wishes to participate distributed throughout
the Denver area by Denvers street art team, The Magnet Mafia.

O p e n H o u s e a f t e r n o o n s a t E w i n g F a r m , Lafayette, October 1 & December 3
Visit the Ewing Farm, home of the Book Arts League, for Letterpress demonstrations and refreshments on one of our Open House
days. The Autmn Open House is on Saturday, October 1, from 1 to 4 pm. The Holiday Open House si on December 3, from 1 to 4 pm.

U t a h B o o k F e s t i v a l , Salt Lake City, October 22 & the entire month of October
This year the festival will have activities throughout the month of October (National Book Month), at venues throughout the valley
and state. Salt Lake City Book Festival Day, October 22, will feature 5 Keynote authors (TBD) with book exhibitors and a poetry slam, at
the City Library.

I l l u m i n a t i n g t h e Wo r d : t h e S a i n t J o h n s B i b l e & t h e C o n t e m p l a t i v e L a n d s c a p e ,
Santa Fe, October 23 to April 7, 2012


Context New Mexico has long been noted as the Land of Enchantment, a landscape of powerful spiritual resources; a place to renew ones
commitment to oneself, ones community, and to transcendent creative forces. Creativity and spirituality have been pervasive social phenomena from
the beginning of human history; without an interest in the humanities, in personal ethics and values, as manifest in everyday life, we lose our ability to
contribute to the greater good of humanity. The humanities inform all creative expression and underscore the kinship of all peoples regardless of religious
practice. Spiritual beliefs and practices are deeply personal, while at the same time they are very often celebrated communally. Religious interpretations
are as unique as there are individuals, whether practicing in private or in sacred communities.

The Saint Johns Bible The Bible has had enormous influence on life in New Mexico ever since it was carried into the territory over 400 years
ago by explorers, soldiers, friars, and settlers from Spain. Our presentation of a modern, 21st Century Bible highlights the states long-held dedication
to religion, history and art. Historically, hand-written Bibles were the work of monastic communities requiring years of devotion to the craft. The Saint
Johns Bible is being produced by lay scribes and artisans under the guidance of Benedictine monks at Saint Johns Abbey, and is truly an embodiment of
artistic excellence. As a Bible, it employs ancient and contemporary theology as well as designs and symbols from cultures the world over, The Saint Johns
Bible attempts to express the divine love for humankind and all creation. It has been called Americas Book of Kells. This exhibit will be one of the last
times the pages of this masterpiece can be viewed before they are bound into book form and returned to the Abbey.

The Contemplative Landscape The Contemplative Landscape features black and white photographs of sacred locations or landscapes in New
Mexico dedicated to ceremonial purposes, either paying tribute to an ascendant ritual authority or for the purposes of contemplation. Many of the images
explore the idea of sacred community performing in landscape: the land, art, architecture, and people who build and populate the sacred in its various
manifestations are all depicted in these images. The photographs complement the manuscript pages by featuring as many of the religious organizations
from across New Mexico as possible, including Hispanic Catholic, Sikh, Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Protestant, Baptist,
Methodist, to name but a few of the sacred communities represented in the state.

On Exhibit The exhibits are installed with low light both for conservation purposes and to create a contemplative environment in which to
view and think about not only the objects and images one is viewing but to reflect on ones internal beliefs and guides. The vibrant pigments and gold
leaf used on the manuscript pages act as a counterpoint to the quiet black and white images of sacred people and places in New Mexico. The middle of
the gallery contains a labyrinth. We hope that throughout the duration of the exhibition, visitors continue to seek out the solace of the gallery not only as
a place for reverie but also as an invitingly quiet space to escape from the cares of the day for a few moments of contemplative reflection and meditation.
Both exhibits will open on October 22, 2011. The Saint Johns Bible will close on April 7, 2012. The Contemplative Landscape will continue through
December 31, 2012.

Programming & Event Schedule

October 22, 5 to 7 PM, VIP Reception for Saint Johns Bible & The Contemplative Landscape
October 23, 2 to 4 PM, Public Lecture & Book Signing with photographer Tony OBrien & writer Christopher Merrill
November 6, 2 to 4 PM, Public lecture by Carol Neel of Colorado College
November 7, 7 to 8:30 PM, Donald Jackson (lead artist for the calligraphy and artwork for Saint Johns Bible)
November 18, 5:30 to 7:30 PM, Public Lecture by Pat Musick
November 19, 10 to 4, Celtic letter forms Workshop with Pat Musick
December 4, 2 to 4 PM, Schola Cantorum & the Monks of Christ in the Desert Monastery
2012: there are several more upcoming events associated with this marvelous event; see website & future issues of the Roundup
Chapter Member Nancy Culmone also notes Quill Cutting & Gilding demos (October 29, November 26, December 17, January 21,
February 18, March 24) with herself and Paul Maurer in conjunction with this incredible event.

H a n d P a p e r m a k i n g : 2 5 t h S u r p r i s e , various location & dates
This year Hand Papermaking celebrates its 25th anniversary. Benefit events are taking place worldwide in homes, studios, and galleries.
These surprise parties are a grassroots effort to connect with old friends and reach out to newcomers. Sign up now for a party near you!
October 1, Asheville BookWorks, Asheville, North Carolina
October 8, the studio of Amy Richard, Gainesville, Florida
November 5, the studio of Karla Elling, Paradise Valley, Arizona
December 2, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota
December 5, Dieu Donn Papermill, New York, New York


The Chicago Public Library exhibition One Book, Many Interpretations opened August 27. Rocky Mountian Chapter
members whose work is in the show: Roberta Lavadour, Lang Ingalls, Peggy Johnston, Chapter Co-chair Pamela Train
Leutz, and Madelyn Garrett. As well, the show is curated and organized every five years by Chapter Member Lesa Dowd,
CPL Conservator, Special Collections & Preservation Department, who also showed a title. The show runs through April 15.
Rocky Mountain Chapter member Jill K. Berry has a book coming out November, (North Light Books) titled Personal
Geographies: Mapping Your Stories in Mixed Media. Available now for pre-order, see

TECHNIQUE FROM KAREN HANMER, who got it from PETER VEHEYEN, shown on book below

Laser Printing On Leather

1. Pare leather to thin onlay thickness

2. Paste to tissue
3. Dry flat between blotters under weight
4. When fully dry, trim one edge straight this will be the leading edge into the printer
5. Print desired image on paper (this will show you where to position the leather so the image prints in the desired area)
6. Position leather over image on laser print
7. Tape leading edge of leather to laser print with scotch tape

(use a thin tape, and adhere well so as not to get stuck in the printer)

8. Make a second laser print, this time on the paper with the leather taped to it

(note: if the print is not acceptable, it may be possible to rub it off, depending on the leather used)
9. After print is cool, fix the image with a protective coating

(try: Cellugel or Krylon spray [a variety of surfaces are available, glossy, satin, matte, etc.])
10. Trim printed leather to desired size and proceed to use as an onlay or inlay
The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe (Farrar, Straus and Giroux; New York; 1979; first edition)
bound by Karen Hanmer, 2011

Book Arts Roundup

Guild of BookWorkers, Rocky Mountain Chapter

Post Office Box 200984
Denver, Colorado 80220

Nancy Missbach

86 West 11th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80204

October 7, noon to 7:00p.m.

October 8, 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.

As many of you know, over a year ago Nancy Missbach suffered from a severe
stroke due to a malignant brain tumor. Though Nancy has made great strides in her
recovery, she will not be returning to her studio. Nancy is currently living at the St. Pauls
House in Chicago, where she can be closer to her family.

Large equipment has been priced at less than half of its value and smaller items will
be negotiable at the sale.

Please note

that if you or your institution are interested in making an offer

on the entire binding studio,
it is advisable to contact Leah Missbach Day
prior to the sale at:

Inventory includes Bindery Equipment, Printing & Letterpress Items, Binding Tools
and Supplies, various Miscellaneous Bindery Items; Paper, Bookcloth, Board, and
various Miscellaneous Board & Paper Items; as well, there are many Artists Books
and Nancys library of binding-related Books and Manuals.
~ insert 1 ~

Nancy Missbach studio sale: a small sampling

16 x 19 press

16 x 19 press

11 x 14 x10 press, nishing presses

Wire-O coil binder

paper drill
Nancy Missbach

86 W. 11th Ave
Denver 80204

Oct. 7, noon-7p
Oct. 8, 10a-3p

supply sampling
40 jacques board shears

Proceeds enable her
continued care and
support her family.

23 Challenge paper cutter

asst tools

asst tools/gilding

Tel-anima stamping press

corner rounder

handle letters

~ insert 2 ~

backer attachment

asst cloth