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Summary of August Wilsons Fences

It is 1957. Troy and his family are African American. They are Rosehis wife--,
Coryhis son--, Gabrielhis brother--, and Lyonhis son by previous marriage--. With his
close friend, Bono, Troy works as garbage collector. Friday will be a nice to them day as it is
their payday. They do their weekly ritual to drink and share together in Troys home. Troy
tends to ask for injustice treatment Blacks used to get, like why Black is not allowed to drive
garbage truck.
One Friday, during their ritual, Bono asks Troy an important thing whether he has
affair with Alberta, a woman who hangs out at Taylors, a bar Troy and Bono used to visit. As
if hiding something, Troy denies it by shifting to the other topic. Rose coming seems to be
his redemption from this situation. He tells Bono how he loves Rose a lot.
Piles of conflict gather around and cover Troys mind. He doesnt permit Cory to play
ball in his football team, Negro Leagues, by reason his pitiful experience. He was a player of
the same club, but he never got any chance to play in Major Leagues due to his going old.
Cory was more or less his revenge of his despair. Starting from this trifle, a serious problem
till fight rouse between this father-son relation.
As the other Fridays, Lyon always visits his father to beg for money. Like Cory, Like
Lyon, he receives the same avoidance as Cory got, to pursuit his dream of becoming a jazz
musician. However, Troy realizes he couldnt blame Lyons rudeness, especially when asking
for money. Thats because he wasnt there when Lyon is delivered, he was at jail.
Gabriel comes up in this play symbolically. Gabe has brain-damaged due to a war
injury. He tends to tell Troy that he sees Judgment Day is waiting for Troy. Troy often feels
guilty to Gabe. He, who should manage well the money Gabe has got from the government,
takes it over to fulfill his own needs in fact.
Over those endless problems, its a very fortunate Troy has such an awesome wife, as
Rose. Rose loves him sincerely. Never a single complain is released from his lips toward the
presence of Lyon in their home. She sees Lyon as if he is her own son, equal to Cory.
Rose asks Troy to build fences around their house which Troy never understands what
it is for. Once, Bono explains him what the fences are for. He said it is for protection. Rose
loves them and want to protect the whole family ..keep people out..and keep people in. He
tries to mention Troys extramarital affair through his statement but without hurting him.

However, Troy finally admits his affair with Alberta after Bono insist to find it out more
Troy reveals his affair to Rose then. He said he is going to have a child from Alberta.
Rose was utterly upset. She never thinks Troy will betray her like this. Ironically, though
Rose turns to be apologetically, Troy keeps defending himself he is not guilty, that Alberta is
the only to get away from his pain of difficult life.
Troys revelation has changed the whole of his life. Rose no longer gives her attention
as intensively as before. They dont talk to each other for six months though they live at the
same shelter. Rose gets more disappointment to Troy after he signs papers stating Gabriel has
been taken away to the asylum. It is just misperception actually because Troy is illiterate and
thinks it is a statement to allow Gabe from jail.
Troy comes home carrying a motherless baby, Raynell. How wise Rose is. She
accepts Raynell as her own daughter. No use to blame the baby, it is her fathers sin, not hers.
Rose has changed a lot. She turns to be quiet, dependent, and more religious.
On contrary, Troy gets more burdens over his head. He has lost not only her beloved
wife, but also his sons and best friend, Bono. It is not because they are no longer work at the
same field since Troy has been hired to be driver of garbage truck. But it is merely due to the
more sensitive case, Troys betrayal. Bono, whose words of recalling Troy from his sin never
got attention, has found the other friends to drink and play domino.
The destruction of Troys life reaches its top after his fight with Cory. Corys respect
to Troy as his father has faded away. He disapproves what Troy has done to her mother, Rose.
The absence of excuse me from Corys lips leads Troys anger. He chases Cory but Cory
denies it. They fight to each other, grabbing for baseball bat. Finally, Cory leaves. Troy dies
from a heart attack when he was swinging a bat at the baseball that hangs from a tree in their
Cory returns home in his Marines uniform, so does Lyons. But, Cory refuses to attend
Troys funeral as a reflection of his rebellion to his father. As a god mother, Rose, tries to
advise that he is not a man at all if he keeps standing on his ego. Cory and seven year old
Raynell compare their memories of their past with Troy, as a father. Gabriel who has been
free from the asylum encloses the play with his frustration of his doesnt work-trumpet. His
cry to the heavens is responded by the enlightening of the stage.

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