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Alexander J.

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as an assistant principal
DePaul University School of Education
Type 75 Certificate/ General Administrative License

Fall 2012-Winter 2013

DePaul University School of Education

Masters Degree in Teaching & Learning Secondary Education
Illinois State Certification Mathematics Grades 7-12
Illinois State Certification Psychology
School of Education GPA 3.736/4.000

Fall 2007-Spring 2010

Spring 2010
Winter 2009
Winter 2011

State University of New York at Albany

B.A. in Mathematics GPA 3.22/4.00

Fall 2003- Spring 2007


Peace and Education Coalition Sinclair Campus
Fall 2011- Current
Math Instructor:
Facilitate a PLC (professional learning community) with first year teachers at Peace and Education
Taught three different math classes (Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra) to alternative school students
Created three curriculums serving at-risk population reinforcing basic skills, CRS, CCSS, and social justice
Introduced online quizzes to each math class taught
Instructional Leadership Team Member (I.L.T.)
-Worked with administrators to implement instruction to help specific skills
-Collaborated with other teachers and administrators to further a positive school culture
Maintained and modeled strong classroom management skills utilizing Boys Town Model Best Practices
Developed and implemented individualized academic and behavior plans for at-risk students
Students have experienced academic growth in math scores from fall to spring interims every year (70% in 2012)
Analyze data based on grade level equivalency to ensure students are ready for collegiate math (STAR Assessment)
Created school wide teambuilding and culture days where students collaborate and work together to solve puzzles and
complete obstacles. (Sinclair Clue, Sinclair Olympics 2013-2014)
Students taught for whole school year earned 85% growth and students transferring in during winter earned 82%
growth in 2013-2014
Facilitate Aventa Learning (online classes) for students
Dominican University Adjunct Education Professor through Teach for America
Fall 2011- Spring 2014
Facilitate first year teachers through Teach For America on classroom strategies, work life balance, and best ways to
reach goals and see student growth
Monitor and check-in with teachers after the year to track teacher retention
Per discussions with corps members, 65% of teachers have experienced growth of students either in first or second
year of teaching
Provide a positive environment for first year teachers to share best practices
Teacher Leader for Teacher Leader Institutes (Professional Development) Mathematics for CPS
Fall 2012- Current
Attend professional development conducted by David Foster
Collaborate with teacher leaders and I.S.L.s (Instructional Support Leaders of Networks for C.P.S.) in most efficient
and engaging ways to present the David Foster development to Chicago Public School educators
Implement new practices and assessments in my own classroom
Facilitates and supports high quality mathematics instructional practices by discussing the research and experiences of
the practices in my classroom.
Presents strategies for successful Common Core implementation at the classroom level.
Provide support and suggestions for ways to enhance instruction and student learning.
High Jump Chicago at F.W. Parker School
Fall 2013- Current (Saturday School)
High Jump equalizes access to education for middle school students who have exhibited academic ambition
and potential and who are of limited economic means
Math 1- Algebra Instructor for current seventh grade students throughout the city of Chicago.
Implement engaging & interactive common core lessons that focus on mastery of algebra and geometry standards

Create differentiate class work sheets and online quizzes

Track and monitor student growth and progress

Chicago Teaching Fellows- The New Teacher Project

Fall 2012- Fall 2013
Conducted full-day interview events for groups of applicants to the Chicago Teaching Fellows
program, taking scripted notes throughout group activities such as teaching samples and discussions
Efficiently located appropriate questions to ask during individual interviews by reviewing resumes
and notes from the group portion of the interview day and determining what additional evidence was
Observed multiple mini lessons providing feedback and evaluated the second mini-lesson along with
candidates ability to apply feedback.
Evaluated candidates based on a rubric of competencies and evidence collected during the interview
event; summarized findings and recommended candidates in or out
**Chicago Teaching Fellows is now assessed electronically**
Community Links High School
Geometry Instructor for summer session 2012

Summer 2012

Columbia College: Upward Bound program

Math Instructor:
Summer 2011
Taught three different math classes (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus) to bridge students from Juarez and Foreman
Facilitated college and educational field trips
Supervised athletic events during residential week
Rauner College Prep- A Noble Network High School, Chicago, Illinois
Fall 2007-Spring 2011
Algebra II teacher:
Serving low-income and underserved populations at a rigorous & non-selective enrollment school
Founding Sophomore Year Math Teacher
Achieved the highest growth/historic gains on the PLAN test in Noble Network history
Implement ACT Testing strategies in teaching and coordinated co-teaching activities (Math Lead Teacher)
Maintained and modeled strong classroom management skills
Developed and implemented individualized academic and behavior plans for at-risk students
Established, coordinated, and tutored after school math enrichment program
Encouraged and participated in collegiate activities
Differentiated math classes in Algebra II reinforcing basic math concepts, Algebra I, and an extension focused on PreCalculus
Created a remedial study hall to help reinforce math skills that were lacking in several sophomore students
Student Advisor:
Advised and guided 20 young male scholars
Review and reinforce qualities of model citizens and scholars
Communicate frequently with all parents and guardians of my advisees
Supervised multiple field trips varying from community service to universities
Attained 90% or higher average over four years on Report Card Pickup with regards to family attendance
Extra-Curricular Involement:
Film Instructor:
Initiated Rauner Colleges Preps first Film Classic Appreciation class on Saturdays
Facilitated discussions concerning themes, motifs, and cinematography in the film classics
Soccer Coach:
Head coach of Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer
Fall and Spring 2007-2011
Goalkeeper trainer for KICS
Fall 2014
Played Division I soccer with professional goalkeepers Bouna Coundol & Stew Ceus Fall Spring 2003-2007
Soccer Player
Played Division I soccer with professional goalkeepers Bouna Coundol & Stew Ceus Fall Spring 2003-2007
Albany High School, Albany, New York
Winter 2007- Spring 2007
Volunteer math aide in multiple classrooms and assisted in the resource room
Albany High School, Albany, New York
Volunteer math aide in multiple classrooms and assisted in the resource room

Winter 2007- Spring 2007

Private Academic Tutor

Fall 2005- Current
Helped students, groups, and adults with mathematics varying from K-8, high school, college, to GRE preparation

Hoffman, Wachtell, Koster, Maier Law Office

Administrative Assistant responsible for copies, errands, and secretarial duties

Summer and Winter 2004-2006

Town of Cortlandt Youth Soccer and Basketball Referee

Supervised and refereed boys soccer and basketball

Summer and Winter 2003-2006

Brigitte Swenson
Lauren Baker

Peace and Education Principal
Co-teacher at Peace and Education for three years

Contact Info

Sonia Wilson

Co-worker and collaborator sophomore team at

Rauner College Prep for four years


Mary Kremer
Anne Deeter

Lead Facilitator for Chicago Teaching Fellows

Instructional Support Leader for C.P.S.
Alternative Network and Facilitator of Teacher
Leader Institutes
Principal at Jamieson Elementary School
General Administrative License Site Supervisor via
DePaul University
Dominican University Director of Alternative
Certification and TFA representative

Rickey Murff
Jessica Fulton
Francisco Borras

Math Specialists for C.P.S.

Lead facilitators of Teacher Leader Institutes
Principal of Community Links High School

Joseph Davis

David Alex
Valerie Warnsby
Sarah Zoelle

Superintendent of Washington County (North Carolina)

Assistant Superintendent of Noble Network of
Charter Schools (was principal of Rauner from 2007-2011)
Senior Program Operations Manager of Chicago
Teaching Fellows/TNTP Academy
Athletic Director of Rauner College Prep
DePaul Professor, Superintendent of
District 146, and mentor
DePaul Student Teaching Supervisor
Director of High Jump Program at F.W. Parker
Co-teacher at Rauner College Prep for two years

Craig Kirsch

Columbia College Upward Bound Coordinator


Matt Miller

KICS Director

Caycee Sledge
Robert Baughman

Eric Thomas
Ashley Chin
Jennifer Johnston
Jeff Stawick