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Nokia Siemens Networks

For Cisco

Mobile Broadband Ethernet

and IP Assurance

the user experience
is the key to customer loyalty

Providing an excellent customer

experience is essential for operators
that wish to succeed in todays
highly competitive markets.
Customers expect to use their
chosen mobile services whenever
and wherever they want. Operators
will only be able to maintain ARPU
and customer loyalty by meeting
these expectations. In other words,
the drive for quality of service and
quality of experience must lie at the
heart of every operators business.
NetAct OSS5.3 CD3 introduces
Ethernet and IP assurance
monitoring and reporting for the
Cisco based Mobile Backhaul and
Core Site connectivity solutions
delivered by Nokia Siemens

Whilst predominantly designed to

support Cisco within Mobile Backhaul
and Core (cell site, aggregation and
controller site routers), the solution also
enables support for other Cisco IOS,
IOSXR & IOS XE based devices that
may be present in the operators

The NetAct for Cisco solution provides

an assurance solution with Fault and
Performance Management with
CLI/SSH used remotely for device
configurations. Additionally Nokia
Siemens Networks is able to offer and
deliver Customer Services for:

Combined with the ability to manage the

Microwave Radio domain in addition,
Nokia Siemens Network NetAct
provides true e2e Mobile Broadband
assurance that negates the need for
complex and risky integration projects.

The ability to manage the Ethernet

and IP/MPLS domain utilizing the
same OSS applications that are used
for the Radio Access and Core
network provides e2e assurance
capabilities that result in higher
service availability and increased end
user satisfaction.
Cisco support in the NetAct
Monitoring & Reporting applications
enables the user to build network
views that reflect the e2e physical
connectivity across the Radio
Access, Backhaul and Core
networks. This combined with
common alarm monitoring processes
and tools enables events to be
correlated so that fault detection and
isolation is expedited enabling faster
restoration of service times.

Operator benefits
e2e assurance across the entire Mobile
Broadband domain
Reduce costs through rapid problem detection
and prioritization according to potential network
and service impact
Analyze network performance to understand
trends and maximize revenue
Respond more quickly to customer complaints

Cross domain alarm correlation

Customized Performance
Integrations to Umbrella OSS

e2e visibility
and common OSS applications
ensures network availability
NetAct Integration
The NetAct for Cisco solution is an
off-the-shelf adaptation that was
introduced with OSS5.3 CD3.

NetAct Monitoring
NetAct monitoring applications are used to
display the network topology and process/view
fault and event data.

The solution is realized using a

combination of SNMP trap reception
and SNMP polling.

The NetAct graphical views are easily adjustable

to the different monitoring needs. In the upper
level views users can quickly see the general
alarm situation of the managed network. Moving
to a sub-view shows the alarming objects and
enables the operator to launch tools for corrective

With approximately 300 alarm &

event notifications from the network
elements including L2 and L3 service
affecting alarms the user is able to
monitoring, report and react to any
likely network failure or outage.


Data WH

Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct provides flexible view

creation with Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 3 IP alarm & event

NE health monitoring
Chassis, FRU, FAN
Control Plane monitoring
Link state monitoring
Link up / down
MPLS monitoring
VPNs, LSP Tunnels
RTT & Ping monitoring
Others RMON, Syslog,
Configuration change,
Cold/Warm Start,
Authentication failure, etc

System logging (Syslog)

Syslog messages can be used to
supplement the normal fault traps.
NetAct provides support to receive
the Syslog Messages as SNMP traps
and processes these as other

NetAct Alarm Monitor

The NetAct Alarm Monitor application presents
the active alarm situation of the network as a
sorted list. The sorting of the list is based on the
alarm severity class and alarm time stamps
(generation time of alarms in the element or their
insertion time into the NetAct alarm database).
Alarm Monitor provides the operator with the
possibility to acknowledge and cancel alarms,
launch additional applications and to open the
related Alarm Manual page for further details on
the alarm or actions to be taken.
NetAct Alarm History
Alarm history handling provides the user with
means to investigate the possible causes of faults
to gain a clearer understanding of the general
status of the network system and the nature of the
problems that are active. After the alarm
information is collected and monitored in NetAct,
the user can carry out an analysis of the fault
situation by performing various user-defined
searches and queries to the alarm database.
NetAct Alarm Correlation
NetAct Alarm Correlation reduces manual alarm
handling and the workload of monitoring
personnel by automating the management of the
alarm flow. You can implement operator-specific
correlation rules to best suit your needs.
Element Manager Launch
NetAct Element Manager Launch enables the
User to select from a command line interface
session or Cisco Prime applications if deployed.
This provides the ability for Configuration
Management and service provisioning.

Key Features
Network wide assurance covering Radio
Access, Mobile Backhaul and Core
Real-time fault status monitoring with element,
link and service event handling
SLA violation threshold crossing alerts
Cross domain alarm correlation
NetAct northbound interface support

e2e reporting
and common OSS applications
ensures network performance
Performance Assurance
In addition to the assurance
capabilities provided by the NetAct
Monitoring applications for Cisco, the
solution enables NetAct Reporting
applications to collect and report on
key performance criteria to ensure
the elements & links are performing
as expected.
NetAct Fault Management Reports
Fault management reports (FM
Reports) provide the user with a web
based interface to see snap shots of
the fault status at any given time. The
statistical survey of alarms provides
information that allows the user to
identify problems in the network, and
to take corrective actions to improve
the network performance. The user
can define the scope of the report, for
example, the time frame or the
network elements and alarms. The
alarms can be selected by alarm
class and alarm status (active, or all
Report Builder
Report Builder is the central
application of the NetAct Reporting
system. It allows the user to:

Create and manage KPIs

Create and manage reports
Manage the permissions to
access data
Run reports.

The easy-to-use graphical user

interface and the use of a report
creation wizard enables even
inexperienced SQL users to create
ad-hoc reports with the NetAct
Report Builder.

This application is designed to run a broad range

of different reports on the performance data of
different network technologies. Although it is
possible to use the NetAct Report Builder for
ad-hoc queries for example for troubleshooting,
the main purpose is to administer the reporting
Reports for Cisco include support of network
element health and physical port performance

Device availability
CPU and memory utilization
Port bandwidth
Port transmissions, port utilization, port
errors, port discards ingress & egress
Broadcast, unicast and multicast packets
IPSec tunnel packets in, out and dropped

Report Explorer
NetAct Report Explorer combines the functionality
of NetAct Report Browser and KPI Browser. The
Report Explorer is a web interface, acting also as
a reporting portal. NetAct Report Browser allows
viewing any report created with Report Builder.
Also URL links to other reports and sources can
be included to the reporting portal.
NetAct Report Explorer can provide the same
report to several different user groups by running
the reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or
generating summary reports. The tool allows
operations like sorting of the resulting data rows,
or changing the time selection of a given report.
NetAct Report Explorer allows easy access to
management level information, and it also serves
as a starting point for detailed troubleshooting.

Key Features
Mobile Broadband network wide reporting
Network element heath and port level reporting
Common reporting application for all technology
15 minute collection intervals
Raw & aggregated data (hour, day, week)
Web based alarm & event trending view with
FM Reports
NetAct northbound interface support

Technical Details & Ordering Items

Technical Details NetAct for Cisco - OSS5.3 CD3 onwards
Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Monitoring
Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Reporting
NetAct Monitoring

Managed Object Browser

Hierarchical Top Level User Interface views for Cisco

E2E cross domain management (Radio, Core & Mobile


View creation and maintenance with Network Editor

Alarm Monitor

Alarm Manual Pages

Maintenance Region

Maintenance Mode

Alarm History and FM Reports

Alarm sorting and filtering

Alarm acknowledge and unacknowledged

Alarm cancel

Alarm resynchronization

Alarm correlation and FM rules

Network element health, port health, link status, MPLS,

Control Plane and connectivity fault management alarm

User defined threshold crossing alerts (service


Alarm forwarding to email

Alarm Trouble Ticket creation

Element Manager launch CLI/SSH and Cisco Prime


Alarm forwarding to NetAct NBI (3GPP)

Support for Cisco IOS, IOSXE & IOSXR based

switches & routers including Cisco MWR2941, 7600
series, ASR-901, ASR-903, ASR-9000, ASR-1000, ME
Series, 3750

Generic MIB support for others

Sales Item Code


NetAct Reporting

Measurement data collection via SNMP polling

Measurement data storage and management

Raw and aggregated data at hour, day, week

Reporter Builder and editor

Reports viewed in NetAct Reporter as graph, bar, line

and pie charts with Microsoft Excel option

Top-N Reports e.g. worst performing ports

Network element health, Port bandwidth, Port

transmissions, port utilization, port errors, port discards
ingress & egress

Broadcast, unicast and multicast packets

IPSec tunnel packets in, out and dropped

PM data forwarding via NetAct NBI (MDE/XML)

Support for Cisco IOS, IOSXE & IOSXR based switches &
routers including Cisco MWR2941, 7600 series,
ASR-901, ASR-903, ASR-9000, ASR-1000, ME Series,

Generic MIB support for others

NetAct Ordering Codes for Cisco

Sales Item Description
NetAct Mobile Backhaul Monitoring BSW
NetAct Mobile Backhaul Reporting BSW
Monitoring ASW for MBH Cell Site LTU
Monitoring ASW MBH Aggregation Site LTU
Monitoring ASW MBH Controller Site LTU
Reporting ASW for MBH Cell Site LTU
Reporting ASW MBH Aggregation Site LTU
Reporting ASW MBH Controller Site LTU

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