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Biletul 1 dependent on computers

This is very true! i would say it is a good thing but not for all of us. especially not for children
who forget to do anything else then to play pc games. but not only the children spend a lot of time
in front of the pc playing games, even grown up people do this. in rest pc and the internet are very
helpful. It would be a very hard life without this two components of our life. What is a big
problem is that children become more and more addicted of pc and internet and we should expect
that in the future we wont see anymore children outside playing together. But lets hope that the
world will not change so much and in the near future we will still see children playing with balls
or other games, but not in front of the pc.
Before I met the internet and the pc it all was so simple, but now I cant imagine my life without
them. And I dont think that its a bad thing because they make my life easier and Im not
addicted of them wich is the most important thing. Internet really is the greatest invention. But the
parents who buy pcs to their children should be very careful at them and they should make them
a program, not too long, when they can stay in front of their pc and play.
Another not so good thing is that since the internet appeared books and newspapers tragically
became less and less used. The authors have a very hard time trying to sale their creations, and
children started to forget about reading old but good books. And of course if you would ask a
child who plays a lot on the pc, about a very famous but old author he wont know anything about
him unless he studied him at school. This I must say it is a very bad thing and its growing, just
like the internet but in the other way

Biletul 2 children should be raised by their grandparents

Grandparents who raise their grandchildren can provide a loving, familial home environment that
is more positive than a foster care or other such governmental arrangement. Nonetheless, raising
children is difficult for grandparents during what should be their golden years. Most grandparents
do not bargain on having children to raise when they should be enjoying a time of peace and
quiet. It seems that no matter how the grandchildren behave, they impact the well-being of their
grandparents, for better or worse, simple because of their presence (Harrison et al, 2000).
Grandparents who raise their grandchildren also significantly affect the educational functioning,
developmental outcomes, and well-being of their grandchildren (Edwards, 2003; Harrison et al.).
Few publications offer practical and theory-based interventions to help these families. In this
article we review much of the available data and add to the database relative to these new family
relationships. We focus on the social, emotional, behavioral, and school functioning of children
raised by their grandparents. Practical, theory-based interventions are described to assist these
families and improve the children's school-related functioning.
Biletul 3 Damage of the environment is an inevitable..

I cant approve this! And I dont think that these are improvements as long as they are damaging
the world. Improvement means better and the real improvements have just begun. The cars will
be in the near future electric wich I think its the best thing, because the old cars but even some of
the new ones do a lot of damage to the nature because of the gases. And there are many other
things that work with fosile fuel wich burns, and evacuates in the atmosphere all kind of toxic

gases. And all this gases, if there wont be any major improvements will soon destroy our
precious earth.
Very soon I hope the world will be again a green planet, like it was before the industry appeared,
and the air we breathe will be truly clear.
think the technological basis for improved standards of living is causes environmental damage.
Though damage is caused to the natural world because of corparations attempting to fulfill
demand the main threats are the stripping of rainforests and carbon footprints. We have
anlternative resources but we dont use them.
I think that the salience of carbon fuels and practices which damage the environment ase caused

Biletul 4 Some people prefer to live in a small town

I grew up in a small town and then moved to a big city, so I have experienced the good and bad
sides of both. I never thought that I would like living in a big city, but I was wrong. After ten
years of living in one, I can't imagine ever living in a small town again.
Small towns and big cities both have some problems in terms of transportation. In a small town,
you have to own a car to ensure a comfortable living .you can't get around without one because
there isn't any kind of public transportation. Big cities generally have heavy traffic and expensive
parking, but there you have a choice of taking public transportation. It's not free, but it's often
cheaper than driving when you consider gas and time, especially if you don't have a car, you're
better off in the city.
I love the excitement of big cities. Small towns have a slow pace. Large cities mean you have to
adapt to a variety of situations, like finding a new route to work or trvine a new restaurant. I enjoy
that challenge very much. Another part of the excitement of city living is the variety of cultural
activities available. There is a wild assortment of theatre music and dance performances available
in big cities. I think that living in an area where everyone was just like me would quickly become
Biletul 5 How do movies or television influence people's
I strongly believe that movies and television have a great influence in people's behaviour. It is an
undeniable fact that most people in the world have access to either a televison or a cinema theatre
and do make use of them at a regular basis.Some of the ways in which such media can affect
people are stated below.
Firstly, The main group of people who are attracted to the television and movies are the the
teenagers.This is the group that is most susceptible to change.They often try to emulate what they
see on screen and in order to be a hero themselves.It is not uncommon to see young people try to
mimic the stunts and heroic deeds performed by their idols or role-models on screens.Sometimes,
this will have a deleterious effect as young people try to display some violent and aggressive
behaviour that they visualize in the screen.
Lastly, Some of the programs that appear in movies and televisions contain a lot of adult content
which is inappropriate for young children.Some of these programs are broadcasted without
appropriate warnings.This might pose a threat to the children.They might get attracted to such

inappropriate material thereby indulge themselves in wrong practices.

Biletul 6 change one important thing about your hometown

I live in a city of a poor country. I have been living there since I was born, so I know what the
stingy problem of my hometown is. Business of my dear city has not developed yet. People still
has low living level. Frankly, the main reason is bureaucratic procedure.
Firstly, the procedure is so complicated that having legal business documents has many
challenges. For example, if a man wishes to start a business, he has to spend at least 3 months to
hold all authorized documents in his hand because, according to the bureaucratic authorized
official, he has to knock each offices door about twice or three times a day. The reason is these
officials have to solve their own works: having breakfast, coming back home for preparing meal,
bring their children after school, and so on. They are unreasonable reasons, but they still exit. In
estimation, he must have spent a week on having each red authorized sign, and he must have had
20 ones regularly. Totally, it must have taken him 20 weeks or 5 months.
Secondly, the procedure changes every year. Just after he got the new procedure regulation, he
has studied the newest one. This is a poor man because he always lags behind it. As a result, if he
is late in seeking the lawful authorized some days, he will wait until a new one, which is the most
they are undecided about their investment. It is one of indirect reason why my city is.
Biletul 7 Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it
Many people spend all of their money when they earn it wastefully, but other like to save their
money for the future. In my opinion, It's good to enjoy a small amount of money when you earn it
and save a larger amount of money for the future.
When people earn money, they should use a small amount of it to do what they want. They can
spend money for entertainment, buy a small thing for themselves, go camping with their friends,
have a party with their family..... But they must to pay attention not to spend too much.
In addition, doing what people want can help them relax absolutely, give them energy and
inspiration to do their job better. Try giving yourself a gift when you earn money, I'm sure that it's
very interesting!
Otherwise, if you don't enjoy your money when you earn it, you will live a dull life. Your only
duty is go to work and earn money, so bored! It's good to budget money for necessities as
clothing, rent and for the fun things as vacations, parties, relaxation....

Moreover,with your earnings, if you are ill or lose your job,you will have money to manage your
life.When you are old and your children still go to school,you can pay school fees for them. And
you even lend your friends money when they are in trouble.People don't save money for the
future ,they could have problems.So you had better send your money to the bank you believe in.

Biletul 8 agree or disagree with the following statement?

Whether grades could encourage students to learn has been argued for a while. There are varity of
arguments among students and teachers. It is a important topic because it concerns with the
method how we educate effectively our students. From my experience, I agree with the idea that
grades encourage students to learn.
It has been argued that marks could make some students stressful,
especially for the students with poor grades. However, as research on the education indicated that
grades could let students clearly understand their performance and let them know their advantage
and disadvantage. For example, without grades, how could students know what talent they really
have? Grades is the indicator of students' ability to master the knowledge.
Moreover, the teacher can clearly master the status of each student study through grades. Every
one had talent, but no one had all the talent. By grades, the teacher can understand ach student's
talent. For instance, some students may be good at logic thinking, such as mathmatics, physics;
the others may like atheletic, such as baseball, tennis. By grades, the teacher can give different
advice to different student.
Furthermore, only through grades can parents understand how their child's performance in the
study. For example, when I had a poor performance in some courses, my parents always helped
me figure out the reason and help me go through it. Each time I went through this difficulty, I had
more confidence on my study.

Biletul 10 opportunity to visit a foreign country for two

If I have the chance to visit a foreign country, for sure, i'll choose to visit United States of
America. Actually that was my dream since fifteen years. Really, thet would be the most beautiful
journey in my life. I have three reasons to proof my choice, and they are; big country, diffrent
cultures, and meeting many all varieties of people.

Firstly, U.S.A is the biggest and the most civilized in the world. Also, it has the many big cities,
such as, Newyork and Washington. Certainly, I would like alot to live in such big and crowded
cities that has a huge number of people. Moreover, in States you can feel the smell of the old
history in its museums and some old buildings. Simultaneously, you can find also the latest
technology and the highrest levels of modernization.
secondly, only in America, you can find many dieffrent cultures in the same place. For examples,
you can find a chinese area beside arabian area. You may have your lunch in Italian resturant
while take your dinner in Indian food court. Furthermore, every state has its own differnt laws
and legislations. While you are move from state to another, you feel that you are in different
country not in different state.

Biletul 11 importance of friendship in ones life

In all that talking with the teen-agers from all over the world, the most frequent thing is
friendship. In our days we assist very often at negative forms of friendship manifestation, from
the most exteriorized ways to the most expressed in vulgarly language.
Friendship is a human characteristic, fact visible even by Aristotle (even before Epicurus), who
presumed that nobody can live without friends, even if he/she has all the fortunes in the whole
Friendship is also a manifestation form of self knowledge, a capacity of the human being to refer
him self on others. Of course, the human kind must look at themselves, inside and outside, like in
a mirror, not in one deceptive kind of way, but who reflects correctly his personality, without
misrepresenting it, one way or another, underneath one appearance or another...
True friendship is based on mutual confidence and spirit of sacrifice. Its distinguished by
devotion and by respecting the given word.
Those are the most common tips of how to be a true friend: treat your friends the way you want to
be treated... keep secrets that are told to you... pay attention when your friend is talking with
you... keep your promises... share things with your friend, dont be a selfish person... always tell
your friend the true... and stick up for your friend.
Strong friendships may be the most important stress-fighter you have. Socializing has proven
health benefits, so spend time with your friends.
Is there a magic wand that silently transforms you and those special people on a journey into,
what sometimes can be a lifelong relationship? Is it mutual admiration, common interests, the
need to be a friend? Or is it just an enduring tie that bonds you together, allows you to almost
think as one and gives you one of lifes greatest joys.
Friendships are precious jewels.
Biletul 12 person or personality you admire most
The person I admire the most is my mother, MARIA. What I admire about my mother is that she
helps me with all my problems at school and other places. If my friends and I had an argument at
school, I would tell my mom and she would help me solve it. If I was having trouble with school
things, she would help me with them. I also admire my mother because she is always busy doing
things for me and my brothers and spends a lot of her time doing things for my school. I also love
her dinners and I think she makes the best lemon bars and lemon cakes. I think my mom is the
best mom ever

Re: Biletul 13 negative aspects of using the Internet

The internet is literally one of the greatest inventions of this century and First of all we need a
clear and frank analysis of what these negative aspects of the Internet are. The comments will be
of a general nature as well as observations specific to the Orthodox Jewish community.
2) Online chat groups where anonymous individuals can meet online and engage in unrestricted
conversation. The conversation could be of course strictly innocent, on the the other hand, it
could be of more sinister nature. There is a potential for sexual deviants to prey on unsuspecting
minors as well as inappropriate male / female relationships being formed.

5) The internet has become a staple part of our mode of communication. This includes email,
video/ audio conferences and messenger clients (Eg MSN Messenger, Yahoo, AOL, etc). This
mode of communication is highly effective and beneficial when dealing with individuals who live
over long distances. However, when the internet becomes the defacto means of communication
between friends and family this can lead to a deterioration of the quality of our relationships. If
one can just chat online, one often misses valuable opportunities to communicate with people
on a one-to-one basis in real life.
6) The Internet like anything can be highly addictive. It can cause interference in ones work/
study and family life. The excess amount of time spent online can lead to a lack of sleep, and ill
health in the short / long term due to lack of exercise and sunlight.

Biletul 14 favourite means of transport

The Train - My Favourite Means of Transport When Going about the Country :
- this is why the train is my favourite means of transport when travelling about the country;
- travelling by train is as if having hired my personal car driver ( but few can have personal car
drivers at theirs disposal, except those bosses of some huge companies );
- the prices are OK and they have reduced prices for different categories of passengers : children,
students, pensioners;
- the train timetables are fixed and strict ( except special weather conditions or special railway
situations );
- railways are not usually so much affected by the bad weather conditions than, let's say, the
- they have specially trained workers to maintain and keep the railways in proper function;
- the chances of accidents are much diminished when travelling by train than let's say by car;
- I can admire the sceneries through the train window ( which is a delight to me );
- I can even read a book ( which I can't do if travelling by car );
- I can enjoy the socializing company of the other passengers in the train compartment ( as people
quickly become nice company keepers when travelling by train );
- the railway stations are provided with waiting rooms for those waiting or being forced to wait
longer in case of bad weather conditions;
- I can choose the type of train comfort I want ( if I have enough money or extra comfort money
for express, fast, or slow trains );
- travelling by train is not very noisy, so I can safely even sleep, or use the sleeping car service
provided especially for this purpose ;
- I can open the window or the door of my compartment or the window of the train compartment
corridor to adjust the temperature;
- I can use the restaurant car service if I want something to eat or drink;
C. The Plane - My Favourite Means of Transport When Going Abroad :
- this is why the plane is my favourite means of transport when travelling abroad :
- I like getting to long distance places very fast;
- I like sensing the sudden change in social atmosphere and climate;
- I enjoy the very comfortable plane seats;
- I like to experience the challenge of the strange downward and horizontal view of the sceneries,

because it offers me another perspective than the one on land or water;

- the prices tend to become OK due to the price competition between the many airways
companies available nowadays;
- the comfort is raised by offering plane passengers "restaurant car services" on the spot, indeed
whatever I need or want ( so no need to go to a restaurant car like I do when in trains );
- the plane atmosphere is very friendly, and you have the feeling that you are at home;
- the planes are usually very safe means of transport because the plane pilots are very well
- the air routes are not very crowded, like the land routes;
- there are reduced chances of accidents ( though terrorist attacks or kidnapping may happen,
especially when some of the passengers are very rich or VIPs / very important persons );
- when in a plane, I am not in direct contact with the supporting medium ( the air ), compared to
the water, which can be a continuous source of discomfort, especially when the water is agitated
by the winds or hurricanes;
- travelling by plane offers me a very unusual, not-everyday experience of admiring the
mountains, fields, rivers, seas and oceans;
- travelling by plane helps me save time, especially if I travel on business, or with the purpose of
visiting long distance places, and I do not have a lot of time at my disposal;

Biletul 15 favourite holiday and the traditions related

The Christmas season is a time for celebrating the gift of Jesus Christ, reaching out to others,
and sharing traditions with loved ones. Family time at Christmas can create some of lifes most
precious memories! Even simple activities can carry a lot of meaning and greatly impact the lives
of your children.
Here ATI staff from across the country share the traditions and holiday ideas that have meant a
lot to their families, encouraging you to plan special times for your family and to keep Christ the
central focus of your holiday celebrations.
Probably my favorite Christmas tradition growing up was doing Advent together as a family the
four weeks prior to December 25. Each Sunday we gathered around the table and lit a candle in
the Advent wreathone candle for each week, until all the candles were lit.
One of my favorite holiday traditions is the decorating of the Christmas tree. Each year, we
enjoy hot apple cider and molasses cookies as we decorate. With Christmas music playing in the
background, we all hang our own ornaments on the tree. Our tree has never had one particular
theme, except maybe hodgepodge! Yet, I think its one of the most beautiful trees of all, with
stories and memories tucked into every branch
love Christmas! I love the smells of balsam, the sounds of Christmas hymns, andmost of all
the faces of friends and family! It is one of the most wonderful times of the year.

Biletul 16 things you do to have a healthy life

Being healthy is very important.To have a healthy life you have to think well of yourself and do
things that are best for you. First of all, i think a healthy life begins on the inside and i'm talking
about the emotional health.Feeling good and being positive are important things that help me.
Living a healthy lifestyle is not so simple.The trick to healthy living is making small changes like
taking more steps, eating more fruits or having an extra glass of water. These are just a few
ways i do for living healthy without drastic changes. The truth is, movement is movement and
the more you do, the healthier you'll be. Even moderate activities like gardening and walking
can make a difference. Sometimes i have structured programs of exercises, especially aerobic
exercises, but sometimes when i feel like i'm not ready for a structured program i do small
things like dancing, jogging, cycling or walking in the park, because every little bit counts and it
all adds up to burning more calories.Another alternative is swimming and is very good because
is one of the most excellent exercises that helps train the whole body.
Eating a healthy diet is another part of the healthy lifestyle. It helps with weight management
and can also improve your health and quality of life as you get older.I have diets and generally i
focus on diets with lots of vegetables and fruits.I also try to avoid excessive fats, sugar and
Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to mean drastic changes. In fact, drastic changes almost
always lead to failure. Making small changes in how you live each day can lead to big rewards,
that's why i pay attention to things that i can do to be healthy. Everyday we make choices. From
what to eat and what to wear to which financial investments are most important for our futures.
Far too often we forget to invest in balancing our lifestyles so we can enjoy our retirement not
only in wealth but in health.

Biletul 17 about the importance of being good

Any educated person must learn and respect the good manners in society and in their families.
Living together is difficult if the good manners are not present and we can see that every day at
school, in the street and even at home. RESPECT ME TO RESPECT YOU is something that
everybody must do. The good manners still exist for most of the people but some young people
consider them out of fashion and have no respect for anything or for anyboby. For example not all
the students always respect their teachers or their own parents
There is some strange logic in the sentence : RESPECT ME TO RESPECT YOU ! ( The
strangeness is this : IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT ME, THEN I DO NOT RESPECT YOU !!! )
Genuine good manners do not crave to see good manners in others so that they can pop up. But
instead, good manners express themselves naturally without the competition of someone else's
good manners ! It's because good manners cannot behave in any other way but good manners ! If
good manners are welcomed by other good manners that is the ideal case !
Biletul 22 advantages of being a famous person

Speak about the advantages of being a famous person. Give arguments and examples to sustain
your opinion.
in my opinion there are no advantages to being famous. if you are famous paparazzi will
constantly follow you and take photos of you even when you are having sex or if you are naked
and they will constantly try to immortalize you in a situation with a sexual conotation. you dont
have to be famous to earn money or to be rich or happy or to do anything in life. being famous
is a handicap. for whoever is famous it probably shows that the only way they could make it in
life was to be famous. why are people famous ? the most famous people in the world are actors.
what do actors do ? they lie. so that means actors also lie about being famous. they arent
famous, they just say they are famous.
Biletul 25 about the benefits of keeping pets
Human-pet relationships do not require the same effort as human ones, yet the rewards are
love, gratitude, fun and companionship.Pet owners are less likely to report feeling lonely than
non-pet owners and 58% of owners say they met and made friends through having pets.
Companion animals can positively influence child development. Studies have revealed greatly
improved social competence and self-esteem in children with pets compared to those without.
Pets offer a therapeutic and non-threatening strategy to reduce stress.
Companion animals assist with therapy in hospitals, prisons, psychiatric institutions, nursing
homes and schools.

Biletul 26 best friend

My best friend is Anna. She is 1, 60 tall and has long hair. She's very pretty, she is really sweet
and crazy, extremely kind, funny, honest, helpful, caring and protective.She's also very smart
and has a great sense of humour. She is a wonderful person who always there for me and I
appreciate that. And of course, I do the same for her.We like the same things and we think
positive about many aspects of our lives.We do everything together and have the same hobbies
like computers, music, tennis, jogging, photography.She likes to visit new places like i do, that's
why we made many trips together.
She talks to me when i have problems, protects me, do her best for mean and we support each
other.She accepts me for who i am, she gives me confidence and i can trust her with the most
embarrassing secrets.There are times when i am in need of real help, when i'm in serious
trouble, i've made a huge mistake or i'am really depressed and sad.Anna will be more than
happy to help me in these situations, without reservation.She doesn't judge me and she's here
to offer me advice and support.She picks me up when i'm down and she offers me a shoulder
where to cry when i'm upset. She's with me in every moment and we share everything. I can say
that she's interested in every aspect of my life.

I would certainly say that Anna is my best friend because we have shared stories and
experiences with one another that i wouldn't share with any other person.

Biletul 27 hobby you have or you would like to have

Hobbies are practiced for interest and enjoyment, rather than for financial reward. I would
like to dance if I would have the necessary time.
Dancing is a very healthy hobby. You can loose weight, train yous muscles or simply stay fit
by danceing an hour every day.
There are more types of dances: the so called starndard dances like the valcer, the latin
dances like salsa or merengue, and modern dances like hip-hop or break dance. People of
different ages choose different types of dances.
I think making a habit of dancing is a healthy ting. Dancing keeps the dancer fit, it works
almost all of your muscles from your had to your toes. It helps to control your blood presure
and it helps you to develop right posture (testtarts).
Dancing keeps fit not ony your body but your mind too. Nobody saw a sad dancer. Dancing
cheers you up and gives energy on exhausting days. Listening to music and following the
rhythm helps you to get rid of he problems at least while dancing.
Dance is one of the most artistic ways of doing sports. Eaven is it requires some kin of
skills it worths.
Biletul 28 the impact of music on your life
It's like a "medicine" to me without any "side effects"!!!
When I'm sad, I listen even to "Shaggy" who proclaims in a song "It wasn't me" and when I need
to relax and calm down, "Ella Fitzgerald" can be very "soothing" !
Music helps relax me and to keep me calm. I have depression and some times find it hard to
calm down
Music keeps me alive....Enough said..
Music has always been a part of my life ever since I can remember. There was always music of
some sort in our home from "big band" to rock and roll to country. I once commented to a deaf
friend that If I were to loose my hearing the only thing that would bother me about it would be
that I would never hear music again. The rest of the noises I wouldn't have a problem with

Biletul 29 an object in your house which represents you

The talisman under the shape of a cat eye, inherited by my mum from my grandmother had
something strange that attracted me from the first time I saw it. Why it attracted me? I
cant explain that but I felt like every tiny part of my body was full of heat. Even I was
conquered by heat. Then I thought it is a simple coincidence but the curiosity to discover if
it is a magic talisman made me hold it once again in my hand. Fantastic! The experience

was repeating. And from then, every time when Im covered in pessimism, I take the
talisman and hold it in my hand and the feeling goes away. From what my mum told me, I
understood that the talisman was found at a crossroad where, with very long time ago, the
women with supernatural powers were burn, being declared as witches. There is the
possibility that this talisman should have belonged to one of the witches. Now I wonder and
ask myself: How is possible that this talisman was not burned? Should it be a captive
force inside the talisman? My skin shivers only when I think of this. And, its mine
Biletul 30 information or manipulation?
30.What does advertising mean to you: information or manipulation? Give arguments to
support your ideas.
"If I were starting life over again, I am inclined to think I would go into advertising business in
preferrance to almost any other. The general raising of standards of modern civilization among
all groups of people during the past half century would have been impossible without that
spreading of the knowledge of higher standards
Introduction :
- advertising is the means by which goods are promoted and marketed in industrial societies;
people to buy things that are often not needed, or that it
- as consumers are changing it is also argued that advertisements are changing, becoming a
feature of post-modernity