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Hastinapur Tourism
Hastinapur is a small town at Meerut
district in the Indian state of Uttar
Legend holds that King Hastin founded
this village. Hastinapur is famed as the
capital of Pandavas (Great heroes of
epic Mahabharata).
Hastinapur is considered as a Kashi of
Jain religion, according to Jainism
Hastinapur was constructed by the God.
Hastinapur is located 37 km from
Meerut and 110 km from Delhi.
History of Hastinapur:
Hastinapur, Hastin (elephant) and
Pura (city), Named after the
elephant. The history of Hastinapur
begins from the period of

Ancient Hastinapur was the capital

of kingdom of the Kauravas,
belonging to the Kuru dynasty. The
first reference to Hastinapur in Hindu
mythology comes as the capital of
Emperor Bharata and it is to believe
the city Hastinapur was established
by Bharata’s son Hastin.
INDIA is the cradle of greatmen.
There are so many holy towns like
Ayodhya, Banaras, Ujjain and
Hastinapur etc. Pt. Nehru says in his
book ‘The Discovery of India’- ‘Dilli or
Delhi, not the modern city but ancient
cities situated near the modern site,
named Hastinapur and Indraprastha
becomes the metropolies of India.’ So
we can say that Hastinapur was the
capital of India in the time of
Hastinapur is a popular Jain
pilgrimage. It is believed to be the
place where the king Shreyans
donated ‘Ikshuras’ to Rishabhdev
(first Jain Tirthankar). There are some
relevant Jain statues can be seen in
the vicinity, prominent being the life
size of the 16th Tirthankar Shantinath.
Jain Temples:-
Hastinapur is one of the most
respected shrines of Jain
religion.There are some very
important temples and stoops(Pillars),
which was founded by the different
acharyas (Teachers) of Jain religion in
different time, like Digamber Jain
Bada Mandir and Shwetamber
Jambudweep is the main attraction
point in Hstinapur. In the middle of
jambudeep there is ‘Sumeru Parvat’
the hight of this is 101feet . it has 136
stairs. We can see the bueaty of
hasinapur to go up on the sumeru
Kailash Parvat
It’s hight is 131feet and it has 72
jinalyas .
Old Pandeshwar Temple:
This old temple is devoted to Lord
Shiva, situated in the ruins of old
Hastinapur. The old temple was
renovated by Gujar King Nain Singh .

Hastinapur National Park:

The dense forest of Hastinapur lies
astride the canal is a perfect tour for
the wildlife lovers. The park is rich in
faunal wealth because of the different
types of ecological niches existing in
the reserve. Peacock, National Bird of
India is found here in abundance.
Water reserve near river Ganga is
one of the major wintering areas for
large numbers of aquatic birds from
Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, China,
and Siberia.
Hastinapur is a very important place,
both for Jains and Hindus. Its a
pilgrimage for all.
The Hindu mythology related to this
place is known to all...Thanks to Mr.
B.R.Chopra....but the Jainism
importance is known to few so I will
concentrate on that.
Hastinapur was the capital of the
kingdom of the Kauravas, belonging
to the Kuru dynasty of kings. The
throne of this city was the prize over
which the Kurukshetra War of the
epic Mahabharata was fought. All
incidents in the epic Mahabharata
have taken place in this city of
Hastinapur. The first reference to
Hastinapur in Hindu mythology
comes as the capital of Emperor
Now regarding Jainism,It is
considered to be the Kashi of Jain
Religion. According to the Jain
manuscripts, Hastinapur was
constructed by the Gods.

Starting from the time of Lord

Rishabhnath to the time of Lord
Mahavir, Jainism has been
influential in this place. Tirthankaras
Lord Shantinath. Lord Kunthanath
and Lord Aranath were born here.
Hastinapur has its historical as well
as endow mental importance. This is
the place where Aadi teerthankar
prabhu Adinathji has concluded
fasting lasted for 400 days by
drinking sugarcane juice from
Shreyanshkumar. It has the
opportunity of being the place of
kalyanak (Garbh, Janm, Deeksha &
Kevalgyan kalyanak of Shri
Shantinath, Shri Kunthunath & Shri
Adinath prabhu). Samvasaran of
Bhagwan Mallinath took place here.
Muni Suvratswami, Bhagwan
Parshwanath & Mahaveer Swami on
this holy place, uttered spiritual
In 1970, the Jain Temple was built
here. In 1974, a Digambar Jain
Trilok Sansthan was inaugurated
here. In the month of Kartik, a Jain
festival is celebrated here. People
from all over the country come here
to celebrate this festival.
There are ‘Jhankiya, Jhuley, Rail,
Jalpariya and Hansi ke golgappe for
Residential facilities
There are guest house and flates
having modern facilities.
You can reach there :-
Train: - Meerut Railway Station.
From Delhi, so many trains are
available for Meerut.
Airport: - Delhi.
Road: - From Meerut busses are
available from 7 AM to 8:30 PM for
From Delhi it takes 3-3.5 hours to
reach Hastinapur in a car/taxi.