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June 5, 1985
1. Lie down on your stomach and grab your ankles from the inside. Use your
hands to push the ankles out to the sides and to pull them back in. Do not let your
knees slide. Move quickly. 2 1/2 Minutes. This exercise will hurt if your liver is not
2. Lie down on your stomach. Place your hands on the outside of your ankles. Use
your hands to open and close your legs by sliding your knees out and in. 21/2
3. Sit on your heels and clasp your hands behind your back. Exhale as you bow
your head to the ground bringing the arms up as high as possible in back. Inhale as
you rise back up into a sitting position. 3 Minutes.
4. Repeat exercise three in celibate pose. 3 Minutes.
5. Sit and spread your legs wide apart. Hold on to your toes and stretch to the left
side bringing your nose to your left knee. Rise up and stretch to the right side
bringing your nose to your right knee. Continue for 1 Minute.
6. Do frog pose 108 times. Keep your heels together and off the ground.
7. Lie down and relax. 19 Minutes.

If your psyche is rivht

on its axis,

you'll be happy no
matter whether you
are rich or poor. If
your psyche is right
on its orbit, you'll be
rich whether or not
you are happy. If both
are in harmony, you'll
be rich and happy
and a giver like God.
This set will help in
breaking old habits
and attachments. It
creates a proper flow
of energy in the three
chakras of the lower
triangle and enhances
elimina-tive functions.