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Sample Questions Speaking FCE Part 1 (About the place you live in)

Where are you from?
De dnde eres?
Where do you live?
Dnde vives?
Have you ever lived
Has vivido alguna vez
en el extranjero?
Which of these cities
-I mean London and
Paris- do you like
Cul de estas ciudades
te gusta ms?
Can you tell something
about the city/town
you live in?
Me podras decir algo
sobre la ciudad/ pueblo
donde vives?
Do you know what
Madrids population is?
Sabes cuntos
habitantes tiene
Whats special about
your city/town?
Qu es especial acerca
de tu ciudad/pueblo?

Posible respuesta
Im from Madrid.
Soy de Madrid
I live in Madrid.
Vivo en Madrid.
No, I havent, but I have visited some cities like London and
Paris.No, pero he visitado ciudades como Londres y Pars .

Its difficult to say. I like them both. Es difcil decirlo. Me gustan

London is a very cosmopolitan city and Paris is very romantic. London
es muy cosmopolita y Pars es muy romntica.

Well, Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. Bueno, Madrid
es la capital y es la ciudad ms grande de Espaa. Madrid is located on
the Manzanares river in the centre of the country, and its a really
nice city to visit and to live in. Madrid est situada en el ro
Manzanares en el centro del pas. Es tambin una ciudad muy bonita para
visitar y vivir.
Yes, I do. Its about 6 million including the metropolitan area. S lo
s. Son 6 millones de habitantes incluyendo el rea metropolitana.

There are many things that make Madrid special. For example, it has
a lot of parks , museums, big buildings, and many people from
different regions of Spain and other countries.
Hay muchas cosas que hacen de Madrid (una ciudad) especial. Por ejemplo,
tiene muchos parques, museos, grandes edificios y mucha gente de
diferentes regiones de Espaa y de otros pases.

Sample questions Speaking FCE Part 1 (About your work or studies- future plans)
Posible respuesta
Do you work or
Im studying at the University.
Estudio en la Universidad.
What are you
Im studying computer science.
Estudio informtica.
Do you like your
Yes, I do. I like to study computer science because I have always liked
studies? Why?
computers. S. Me gusta estudiar informtica porque siempre me han gustado
los ordenadores. I got my first computer when I was 10 and since then I
have been building or repairing them. Tuve mi primer ordenador cuando
tena 10 aos y desde entonces he estado construyendo o reparando
What are you
Im planning to go to live in The UK for a year to study English.
planning to do
Pienso ir a vivir al Reino Unido por un ao para estudiar ingls.
when you finish
Where would you
Id like to work for an IT company in Spain or abroad, for example in
like to work in the
The UK or Germany. Me gustara trabajar para una empresa de
telecomunicaciones en Espaa o en el extranjero, por ejemplo, en el Reino
Unido o en Alemania.

How long have you

been unemployed?

I have been unemployed for six months. He estado en el pago 6 meses.

Sample Questions Speaking FCE Part 1 (About your family)

Posible respuesta
Do you have a big I have a small family. There are four of us, my parents, my brother and
or small family?
I. Tengo una familia pequea. Somos 4, mis padres mi hermano y yo.
Do you live with
Yes, I do. I live with my family in a flat in Barcelona.
your family?
S. Vivo con mi familia en un piso en Barcelona.
Do you have any
Yes I do. I have one sister and a brother. S, tengo una hermana y un
brothers or
Would you have
No, I wouldnt. When I was small I enjoyed very much playing with my
liked to be an
brother and my sister and now I enjoy being with them. No. Cuando era
only child?
pequeo me gustaba mucho jugar con mi hermano y mi hermana y ahora me
gusta estar con ellos.
Sample Questions Speaking FCE Part 1 (About your friends)
Posible respuesta
In your opinion, what makes a
A good friend is someone who stays close to you in
good friend?
difficult moments.
Un buen amigo es alguien que se queda junto a ti en los
momentos difciles.
Do you have many friends or few
I have few friends, but very good ones.
Tengo pocos amigos, pero muy buenos.
Do you spend most of your time
During the week Im at home with my family, but I usually
with your friends or with your
spend weekends with my friends.
Durante la semana estoy en casa con mi familia, pero
generalmente los fines de semana los paso con mis amigos.
When you are with your friends
I usually go to have a drink with my friends or we go to
where do you usually go?
the cinema, or sometimes they come to my house or I go
to theirs.
Generalmente salgo a tomar algo con mis amigos, o vamos al
cine, o a veces vienen a mi casa o yo voy a la de ellos .
What do you usually do when you
When Im at home I usually study, browse the internet,
are at home?
watch TV, or listen to music.
Cuando estoy en casa generalmente estudio, navego por
internet, veo la tele o escucho msica.