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8W) so No Orf and other u must

back to old Cryptoworks.mdl for it
change Cryptoworks.mdl to Cryptoworks.mdl.upc
change Cryptoworks.mdl.old to Cryptoworks.mdl
vPlug (SoftCam Emulator for DVB-S Cards)
-----This plug-in decrypts the crypted words from the incoming ECM stream and much mo
------Decompress the ZIP file in the root (or plugins) folder of your TV application,
in example "C:\DVB-APP\".
The installed files should look like:

vPlug has been tested with:

MD-API based programs:
- ProgDVB (installation dir = Root or Plugins folder of the app.)
- ALT-DVB (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app.)
- HispaDVB (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app. + CSA.DLL f
or Budget cards in the modules folder)
- TSReader (installation dir = MDPlugins folder of the app. + CSA.DLL
or FFDecsa_64_MMX.dll in the root folder)
- DVB Dream (installation dir = Plugins\pip00 ,...)
- WinClip (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app.)
- SkyView (installation dir = MDPlugins folder of the app.)
DVB-Core based programs:
- MyTheatre (installation dir = >>**Plugins**<< folder of the a
- RitzDVB (installation dir = >>**Plugins**<< folder of the app
And also:
- DVB-Viewer-Pro (installation dir = >>**Plugins**<< folder of the app + se

lect "has CI" in hardware option of the program, settings -> options -> hardware
-> has CI module) and add DefaultCSA=FFDecsa_64_MMX.mdl to vPlug.ini file

vPlug news

------V 2.4.6
- Added Viaccess-3 0x030B00 support.
- Moved N2-ECM handling codes to the external module.

V 2.4.5


v_keys.db integrity check on start-up.

$002A Seca-1 AU.
a new column to CA-Info section to show the blocked items.
new menu items : Add to ignore list + Unblock items

- CSat HD channels support added.

- SIDSA module update
V 2.4.2
- SIDSA module update
- Added a new option to vPlug's toolbar for saving vPlug's monitor output to a f
ile. Plz use this option when you want to ask for help.

update 04.03.2009
- SIDSA module update

V 2.4.1

Added two options in vPlug.ini for controlling CSA scrambled pids.

a) It should work with dvb-viewer-pro in native mode
b) set DecodeTeleTextPid = 1 in vPlug.ini for decrypting CSA scrambled TeleTexts
c) set DecodeAllCSAScrambledPIDs = 1 in vPlug.ini for decrypting everything! (al
l of the CSA scrambled pids which is not recommended in normal cases)
update 27.01.2009
- SIDSA module update
update 28.12.2008
- Digi-TV AU fix
update 25.12.2008
- Digi-tv AU fix
V 2.4.0
- Added SIDSA support (JSC sports on NileSat)
- N1 ROM7 AU fix
thnx to all friends who helped me in this year.

V 2.3.9
- N1 ROM11 AU fix
- Added VIASAT(Sirius 4/4.8 East) soft N.D.S support.
- Added TV Vlaanderen - Astra 19.2E Seca2 support.
V 2.3.8

Added temporary NDS support (for Premiere).

Added Providers name column to CA-Info list.
Added expired OP key detector and keys meaning to in use keys list.
TPS should work with the last "good" <expired> tps.bin.

V 2.3.7
- Fixed overwriting of constant DCW's with not in use DCW's.
- Added an option for recording whole transport stream
(only works with dvb-viewer-pro, right click on the CA-Info -> Utils -> ...)
+ Some other minor fixes.

V 2.3.6
- Added UK cable N1 AU.

V 2.3.4
- Added an experimental tps.bin generator.

V 2.3.3
- Added v_tps.bin file format support. (Set TPS_AU=1 in vPlug.ini to use this fi
08.06.26, Polsat/DigiTV N2 AU update
08.06.25, Polsat N2 AU update

V 2.3.2
- Added Remote's TPS.bin file support. (set TPS_AU=0 in vPlug.ini)

V 2.3.1
- Fixed Showtime I2 AU.

V 2.3.0
- Fixed Polsat N2 AU.
- Fixed DigiTV N2 AU.

V 2.2.9
- Fixed Polsat N2 AU.
- Fixed DigiTV N2 AU.

V 2.2.8
- Fixed Showtime & ART I2 AU.
- Fixed DigiTV N2 AU.

V 2.2.7
- Fixed TPS AU.

V 2.2.6
- Fixed Polsat N2 AU.

V 2.2.5
- Fixed writing of last v_tps.db key. (delete your old v_tps.db file and try aga

V 2.2.4
- Added keys verification to I2 EMM handling to stop updating the fake keys.

V 2.2.3
- Fixed glitches of Music choice channels. (IgnoreNonConsecutiveDCWs option in v
+ Some other minor fixes.

V 2.2.2
- Added a quick key file import tool.
- Added support of both 6 & 8 byte BISS keys.

V 2.2.1
- Added EMM filter timeout (to the vPlug.ini file).
+ Some other minor fixes.

V 2.2.0
- Fixed S.View I2 AU.
- Fixed LA7 I2 AU.
(thnx to all friends who helped me, you know who they are ;) )
Here is the new vPlug's I2 keys schema (to stop releasing new versions just beca
use of the master key changes) :
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
I CAID_ProviderId
otherwise 00)

key_index key ; op-key (clear or encrypted)

M0 key; EMM-Seed (clear)
M1 key; ECM-Seed (clear)
M2 key; Common-IV (clear ecm & emm IV's)
M3 key; Clear-PMK0
M4 key; Clear-PMK1
M5 key; Encrypted-PMK0
M6 key; Encrypted-PMK1
M7 data; Clear 2 byte SA
M8 data; Encrypted-SA
M9 data; Clear 3 byte EMM header e.g., 82703F or 82403F or ...
F0 IsEncrypted; To use encrypted data, set IsEncrypted to 01 (

V 2.1.9
- Added TV Globo N2 AU (13E - N2 C102).

V 2.1.8
- Fixed TPS AU.

V 2.1.7
- Fixed Polsat N2 AU.

V 2.1.6
- Fixed Multi's.

V 2.1.5
- Added LA7Cartapiu (12.5W) I2 AU. (thnx to Mitega for the info and thnx to Mill
e for testing)

V 2.1.4
- Added S.View, IN*TC TV, Free*Tv & *DreamTv Support! (I2 AU)
(thnx to a friend for the dump and thnx to Tapis for the info)

V 2.1.3
- Added an ECM filter timeout for latest ProgDVB.

V 2.1.2

- Fixed Polsat & DigiTV N2 AU.

V 2.1.1
- Some I2 Tweaks.

V 2.1.0
- Added MCT I2 (AU). (thnx to a friend for the dump and thnx to Tapis for the in

V 2.0.9
- Fixed TPS AU.

V 2.0.8
- Fixed Polsat & DigiTV N2 AU.

V 2.0.7
- Added extended info bar.
- Fixed N2-AU AutoStart on KeyChanges.
- Structure of v_emm.ini file has been changed to save system's resources and re
ducing the chance of not having a good key on next KeyChange.
New format :
PID= EMM PID (hex)
Schedule=1 (or 0) If you set it to 1, vPlug will run EMM filter every 20
minutes for you.
Active=1 (or 0) enabling or disabling a pid or a provider

V 2.0.6
- Fixed Premier's N2 AU.

- Added ProviderID_IgnoreList and CAID_IgnoreList to vPlug.ini. (vPlug's ecm han

dler won't process related ecm-pid's)

V 2.0.5
- Fixed Polsat N2 AU.
- Fixed DigiTV N2 AU.
Happy new year 2008 :)

V 2.0.4
- Fixed Premier's N2 AU.

V 2.0.3
- Fixed TPS freezes on key changes.

V 2.0.2
- Premier's minor fix (MECM 61).

V 2.0.1
- Fixed Premier's N2 AU.
- Add a new option for enabling or disabling Retevision's TS handling to vPlug.i
ni. (it's disabled by default)

V 2.0.0
- Fixed TPS AU.

V 1.9.9
- Added Spanish DTT channels, Retrvision (Hispasat 30W) support for dvb-viewer-pr

o. (Thnx to Pikachu)

V 1.9.8
- Fixed D+ N2 AU.

V 1.9.7
- Fixed DigiTV N2 AU.

V 1.9.6
- Fixed Polsat N2 AU. (don't forget to delete your old AU keys -> 02 and 3D inde

V 1.9.5
- Added S#eca2 nano 5108 support. (TVN, ESP2 INT'L, AXN Crime on HB-13E)
(Thnx to all friends who helped me)

V 1.9.4
- Fixed I2 ART Sports ECM handling.

V 1.9.3
- Changed keys definition of I2 to
I provider_id key_index key ;
for example:
I 10 08 xxxx ; Showtime's key08
I 00 08 xxxx ; ART's key08
- Added N2 0505 support.


V 1.9.2
- Added AC-3 PID's detection for V 1.9.1 ...

V 1.9.1
- Added ability of decrypting all audio tracks of one channel for DVB-Viewer-Pro
by using FFDeCSA.
You have to set DecodeAllAudioPids = 1 in vPlug.ini and select all audio channel
s in options->recorder of DVB-Viewer-Pro.

V 1.9.0
- Fixed TPS AU.
- Fixed freezes of S2 006A.

V 1.8.9
- Added S#eca2 006A support.
(Canal D#igitaal NL: mtv music, mtv nl, mtv hits, mtv base, mtv two, vh1, vh1 cl

V 1.8.8
- Fixed DCW parsing of N2.
- Added simultaneous update of 05xx providers by N2 AU.
- Added vPlugGUILog option into the vPlug.ini file to enable or disable it.

- Fixed PIP problem with some of the DVB-applications.

V 1.8.7

- Fixed ECM parsing of Cryptoworks.

+ Some other minor fixes.

V 1.8.6
- Fixed D+ AU.
- Added keys files monitor.
(vPlug will check the changes of keys files which are done by external tools eve
ry 1 minute.)

V 1.8.5
- Added New NA N2 MECM$40 handling.
- Added SLO-TV VIA-1 AU.
- Added signature check for decrypted Cmd $BA.
(if they change the 3DST key, you will notice that)

V 1.8.4
- Added Polsat N2 AU.
- Added DigiTV N2 AU.

V 1.8.3
- Fixed high CPU usage problem during emm handling.

V 1.8.2
- Fixed pw star's ecm handling (N2 0503).

V 1.8.1
- Fixed D+ & Cabo AU.

required key format : N provider_id 3DST key ; 3des-cbc key for encrypted $BA
Cmd. IDEAST key in N2Brute...
- Added MECM support for pw star. [No MECM...]
- Added BISS support for DVB-Viewer-Pro.

V 1.8.0
- Added
- Fixed
- Fixed

Seca2. (Thnx to Humax)

10949 V , 11393 V, 11623 V, 12245 H, 12322 H , Canalsat: 12380 V)
Cabo Nagra2 AU.
some stability problems.

V 1.7.9
- Fixed NA N2 AU. (Thnx to Daex for the info)

V 1.7.8
- Fixed high CPU usage problem with 7W - I2 channels.
- Faster I2 AU.
+ Some other minor fixes.

V 1.7.7
- Fixed D+ N2 AU. (Thnx to Tapis for the info & Nitus for testing)
- Fixed ECM filtering of 7W - I2 channels. (Thnx to SHE7A for testing)

V 1.7.6
- Added Showtime, ART & Pehla I2 AU. (will take 4 to 5 minutes)
- Fixed freezes during emm handling of NA providers.

V 1.7.5
- Added ShowTime-I2. (thnx to Remote, Tapis, Humax and all involved)
Expected format of required key: I 0604 key_index key ;
- Fixed NA N2 AU. (thnx to KillerCoder)
- Added Kabel Deutschland's MECM handling support.
- Fixed PMT parsing of Polsat channels.
- Low CPU usage experience with native DVB-Viewer's API.

V 1.7.4
- Fixed some problems with DVB-Viewer-Pro.

V 1.7.3
- Added MCT-I2. (thnx to Humax for his kind help)
Expected format of required key: I 0628 key_index key ;
- Before testing please remove all of the entered constant dcw's of MCT's chan
nels (if any). Constant dcw's have higher priority in vPlug.
- **This option is useless for now!!**
- Fixed DISH/BEV's N2 AU/AR.

V 1.7.2
- Added Premier's MECM handling. (thnx to Humax for his kind help)
- Fixed TPS AU.
- Added a new logo! (thnx to Mikica)

- Fixed TPS AU.

V 1.7.1
- Fixed TPS AU.

V 1.7.0
- Fixed D+/Cabo AU.

V 1.6.9
- Fixed D+ AU.

V 1.6.8
- Fixed TPS AU.
- Added more language files. (thnx to all friends for their corporation)
- Added quick OP-Key editor to popup menu of CA-Info.
- Added 2 new options to keys editor window. (keep all keys or delete all keys b
efore the import)
- Added DisableAU option to vPlug.ini.

- A fix for Russian and Greek and languages.

V 1.6.7
- Fixed TPS AU.
- lang\english.lng has been completed. you can translate it to your local langua
ge and to set that in plug-in, just right click on the CA-Info of vPlug monitor
and select your local language from the appeared menu.
p.s. plz send a copy of your translated file to me to add it to next releases. t

V 1.6.6
- Fixed some "minor" problems with TPS! (Special thnx to Mehdi & Tapis)
Note: it's not AU for now ...

V 1.6.5
- Fixed TPS AU.
- Added new option to popup menu of CA-Info to add/edit constant dcw's easily.

V 1.6.4
- Fixed problems with dual core CPU's.

V 1.6.3
- More optimizations for TPS-AU & D+/Cabo N2 AU.

V 1.6.2
- Fixed some problems with Cryptoworks handling.

V 1.6.1
- Some stability fixes for D+ and CABO AU.
(To turnoff AU , edit v_emm.ini and set AutoStartOnChannelChange=0)

V 1.6.0
- Fixed D+ and CABO N2 AU.
You need another
N provi 3D xxx ;
N provi 12 xxx ;
N provi M2 xxx ;
N provi 02 xxx ;


key of these providers too.

3DES key
RSA key of 1st group
RSA key of 2nd group <--------- this one!

Enjoy it while it lasts! :-)

- Added new format for BISS keys (in v_keys.db)
F SID_hex_1FFF 00 key_8_bytes ; comments
F 21351FFF 00 30XXXXXXXXXXXX0B ;RAI AFRICA , SID = 2135 (hex) = 8501 (de

Previous method (using v_sids.db) is valid too.
+ Some other minor fixes.

- Added Seca-1 AU.
keys format:
S ProviderID master_key_index master_key ; as usual
S ProviderID M1 your_SA_here ; SA = shared address (3 bytes)
- notes:
1- Only tested on RAI (HB 13E).
2- EMM data rate of seca-1 is not too high (max 260 bps
for RAI). So you should be patient for grabbing a good emm packet.
- Fixed out of memory problems with FFDecsa and DVB-Viewer-Pro.
- Fixed memory leaks of RSA routines. Affected systems: Nagra1/2 and Cryptoworks
- Added new option to popup menu of CA-Info to add preferred ecm-pid to v_sids.d
b easily.

- Fixed TPS AU. (Added keys order pattern)

- Fixed TPS AU. (keysStartPos adjustment...)

- Fixed BEV's N2 AU/AR. (Added EEPROM permission MAP)
- Fixed calculation of Seca1 hash.
- Fixed provider-id detection of seca1 in Auto-CAT mode.


-New : Added FFDeCSA support for DVB-Viewer-Pro (V3.6.1.2). (Thnx to Pikachu)

+ Some other minor fixes.

-Bug fix : Fixed some problems with EMM handling.

-Bug fix : Fixed some problems with ProgDVB.

V 1.5.4
-New : Added time synchronization with satellite for TPS channels. If you want t
o turn off this feature, add SatTime=0 in vPlug.ini file.
+ Some other minor fixes.

V 1.5.3
- Update : Fixed TPS AU!

V 1.5.2
- Update : Fixed TPS AU.
+ Some other minor fixes.

V 1.5.1
- Update : Fixed D+ N2 AU.
- Notes :
1- You should also add this key to v_keys.db file -> N p
roviderID 3D 3des_key_here ; 3DES key, 3*8 bytes
2- To run EMM filter automatically you should add the fo
llowing info into the v_emm.ini file

- Update : Fixed DISH & BEV N2 AU.
- Update : Added auto reload v_tps.db file on TPS-AU mode.
- Bug fix : Fixed broken GMT changer when v_tps.db file is in use.
And ... Thanks to all friends who helped me.

V 1.5.0
- New : Added TPS-AU.
1- Only tested on 10873, for example
2- Added TPS_AU option to vPlug.ini.
normal tps.bin file will be used,
new v_tps.db file will be created

on France5. Just wait 1 or 2 minu

if you set it to 0 (make it inact
otherwise TPS-AU will be started
and used.

- Update : Fixed P*e*i*re N2 AU.

- Update : PMT & CAT parsers have been rewritten from scratch.
- Update : AU.Bin file has been removed. New format of Via-1 MK's in v_keys.db:
V ProviderID Master_Key_index Master_key ; as usual
V ProviderID M1 your_SA_here ;
- Update : Added support for new NA N2 providers.
- Update : Fixed memory problems with long times running of AU features.
- Update : Disabled emm-s handling enabled again. now you can enter your cam-id
in v_keys.db file.
its new format :
N providerID M9 your_ID_here ; emm-s
N providerID M8 your_IDEA_key_here ; emm-s
N providerID M7 your_SIG_key_here ; emm-s
N providerID M6 your_RSA_Key_here ; emm-s
Thanks to all who helped me (you know who you are) ... ;)

V 1.4.2
- Update : Fixed BEV N2 AU.

V 1.4.1

- New : Added GMT changer to vPlug's Editor.

V 1.4.0
- Bug fix: fixed broken v_dcw_sharing.

V 1.3.9
- New : Added TPSCrypt-3 algo.(Thnx to Giampigimpi, Mahdi & D-Mon)
Daily tps.bin files are needed for this feature + correct GMT settings.
- New : Added AutoECM option to vPlug's try icon menu. If you disable AutoECM, v
Plug won't test all of the available ecm pid's to find the decryptable one. in t
his case, 1st pid or preferred ecm-pid from v_sids.db will be read.
- Improved : Added binary pid writer to Arbitrary tab of vPlug's monitor window.

V 1.3.8
- Improved : Added latest implementation of N2 map3b.
- Improved : Fixed N2 AU (for DISH). (Now AU .BIN's are external)
- Removed files : noone.srv and image.bin.
- Update : Added "Reread keys" option to vPlug's try icon menu.
- Bug fix : Starting Radegast-CardClient ecm filters in dvb-viewer-api has been

V 1.3.7
- New : Added vPlug's editor.
Most of the vPlug's files have been removed!
List of the removed files:
- Softcam.Key -> moved to v_keys.db
- v_nagra2_emm.ini [Nagra2 emm keys]-> moved to v_keys.db -> expecte
d format:
for idea_decrypt -> N ProviderID 02 xxxxxxx ;
for idea_signing -> N ProviderID 03 xxxxxxx ;
for rsa -> N ProviderID 12 xxxxxxx ;
- v_verify.ini [Nagra1/2 verify keys]-> moved to v_keys.db -> expect
ed format -> N ProviderID V xxxxxxx ; enter 0101010101010101 to disable sig. che

- v_biss.ini -> moved to v_sids.db

- v_dcw.ini -> moved to v_sids.db
- v_sid_cache.xml -> moved to v_sids.db
These .db files can be edited via vPlug's editor window.
+ A lot of optimizations.

V 1.3.6
-Improved : Added ability of testing different implementations of CSA modules (f
or DVB-Viewer-Pro).
- All of the CSA dll's must be renamed to *.mdl.
- All of the CSA dll's must be placed into the CSA folder.
- You can set the active CSA module by using DVB-Viewer-API tab of the v
Plug's monitor.
-New : Added MadExcept to vPlug to help you/me locating crashes.
If you have any problem with vPlug, plz post the content of vPlugBugRepor
t.txt file which is located beside the .exe file of your dvb-app at DVBN.

V 1.3.5
-New : Added direct support of DVB-Viewer-Pro-API. (a fresh v_sid_cache.xml file
is needed for faster channel switching, download it from h++p://www.dvbskystar.
-Improved : Faster capturing of N2 EMM-G packets.
-Update : Added DirectoryMonitor option to vPlug.ini file. Set it to 0 to turn o
ff SoftCam.Key changes monitoring (AutoReload).
-Bug fix : Fixed IO errors in ECM/EMM binary loggers.
-Update : Added Popup menu to vPlug's tray icon.

V 1.3.4
-Bug fix : Fixed DISH & BEV Autoroll.

V 1.3.3
-Improved : Added N2 EMM Nano B1 processing for DISH and BEV (DISH & BEV Autorol
-Bug fix : Processing Windows shutdown message.
-Improved : Added BISS & constant dcw's support for WatchTVPro.

V 1.3.2
-Bug fix : Fixed some issues with MT(v3.36). (Thnx J.F.)

V 1.3.1
-Update : Some internal fixes, including:
-Delete Noone.dll and use new No
one.srv file. Now dvb-app's won't try to load it as a plugin.
You can move all of the vPlug's
related files (except vPlug.ini+vPlug.dll) to for example c:\xyz1234
Then just specify it in
i file ->FilesPath.
-Fixed freezes with MT.

V 1.3
-Improved : Added New NA N2 MECM$40 handling. (Thnx Noone!)
-Improved : Added TTTrick support for the SS1-TT KS driver. Set use_KS_driver &
use_TTTrick to 1 in vPlug.ini. (Thnx to Nagravision for the info. and testing)
-Improved : Added AutoPMT for the apps which do not parse PMT correctly (for exa
mple you see 2 ecm pid's on the specific channel but it has only one ecm pid). S
et AutoPMT to 1 in vPlug.ini in these cases.
-Bug fix : Automatically starting the cs client when set "AutoStartCardSharing=1
" in vPlug.ini.
-Improved : Detection of N2 EMM's in different dvb apps.
-Improved : Get "op-key" from URL. Now v_get_key.ini supports all of the public
systems which are implemented in vPlug. (Set InternetAccess to 1)
Its new format:

V 1.2.1
-Bug fix : Fixed some issues with daylight saving time.
-Improved : AES Keys AutoCycle by using v_AES.db keys.

V 1.2.0
-New: Added v_AES.db . Now you can watch TPS channels for a week *without* an in
ternet connection.
1- Please adjust your "system time" and also "time zone" in control pane
l. Otherwise it won't work as expected.
2- If your time zone in windows registry is not correct, by using the tz
edit program, you can edit it.
For example changing "offset from GMT" +3:30 to +4:30 or disabling dayli
ght saving time.
3- If you want to disable AutoAESfromWeb, set InternetAccess to 0 in vPl
ug.ini file or use preferences menu.
4- Format of v_AES.db is very simple: (if you want to make it yourself f
or another week)
Plain AESkey(16 byte) + UNIX time(4 byte) + ...

V 1.1.0
-Improved : Radegast-CardClient. (Thnx to Predator314, Skywise & Daex for testin
-New : Added dcw's logger to Radegast-CardClient. (Also format of v_Radegast.ini
has been updated)
format of each line in its log file is:
CRC32 of the ecm packet:dcw odd/even index:DCW:date time
52E14418:0:8103E6F96B6E8B60:2006/08/25 01-46-00
-Bug fix: Some issues with dvb-core based apps have been fixed.
-Bug fix: Fixed ecm decryption with differnt packet sizes.

V 1.0.0
-Update : Added AutoReconnet to Radegast-CardClient.
-Update : Added proxy settings for the CardClient, AutoAESfromWeb and getTranspo

-Bug fix: Fixed calculating hash of TPSCrypt2 when 2 "F008" are present in the E
CM packet!
-Bug fix: Fixed crash on exit.

V 0.9.9
-Update : Some internal fixes, including:
- "AutoStartCardSharing"
option in vplug.ini. Set it to 0 to disable starting card sharing on channel ch
- Set "DisplayErrors" in
vplug.ini file to zero to disbale system tray icon. (Or use preferences menu)
- Some fixes for save to
file option of Irdeto1.
- Now specifying correct
CA_ID and Provider_ID in v_Radegast.ini for channels with 1 ecm-pid and 1 entry
in .ini file are optional.
- Faster channel switchi
ng with Radegast servers.

V 0.9.8
-New : Radegast-CardClient. You can add your Radegast servers to v_Radegast.ini
file. (Many thnx to Fedmond31 for the test server)
-Update : NA N2 AU fix. (Thnx to Daemonx for the info.)
-Update : Some internal fixes.

V 0.9.7
-Update : Menu_id of "Transponders update" has been changed.
-Update : Some fixes for DCWs-Sharing through web pages. (less freezes)

V 0.9.6
-Update : DreamTV Nagra1 AU.
-Update : Some fixes for AutoAESfromWeb.
-New : Transponders update from the net.
-New : DCWs-Sharing through web pages.
You can add your card sharing servers which can publish dcws through web
pages in v_dcw_sharing.ini file.

(It's a very simple and one way card sharing method)

Structure of v_dcw_sharing.ini is similar to v_get_key.ini file. (Thnx to
Tonytr for the test server)
You can track dcws by using update key tab.

V 0.9.5
-Update : Freezes during the AES key changes have been fixed. (It needs a good s
erver for sure)
-Update : Automatically disabling use_TTTrick when it is not supported.

V 0.9.4
-New : Offline Debugger.
-Bug fix : Fixed broken N2 ECM handling.
-Bug fix : Adding non-repetitive new found AES key to the end of Softcam.Key fil

V 0.9.3
-New : Preferences editor.
-Update : Some fixes for AutoAESfromWeb.
-Bug fix : Error in calculating hash of Viasat3 (Viaccess PC-2.3) has been fixed
-Bug fix : ECM parsing of Cryptoworks has been fixed.

V 0.9.2
-Bug fix : Fixed Crash on exit.
-Update : v_get_key.ini file has been updated.

V 0.9.1

-New : Cryptoworks emulation has been Added. (Thnx to st20tp2)

SoftCam.key format: (similar to camd3.keys)
;W -> Cryptoworks ; 0DnnYY -> 0Dnn=CAID, YY=Provider id
W 0DnnYY 00 xxxxx ; 32 characters = ECM Key index 00
W 0DnnYY 01 xxxxx ; 32 characters = ECM Key index 01
W 0DnnYY 06 xxxxx ; 12 characters = CardSystem Key
W 0DnnYY 80 xxxxx ; 32 characters = EMM-G Key index 00
W 0DnnYY 81 xxxxx ; 32 characters = EMM-G Key index 01
W 0DnnYY B0 xxxxx ; 128 characters = RSA Key
-Update : v_get_key.ini file has been updated. (Thnx to Zakari)
-Bug Fix : Writing Via-1's found key to softcam.key file.
A quick how-to: (Via-1 AU without internet connection)
a) you should have au.bin file.
b) tune to one of the SRG's channels.
c) open vPlug's monitor and select emm tab.
d) click at find pid's.
e) select emm-pid of 009400 from the dropdown list.
f) click at start button and wait. (max. 5 minutes)
c,d,e,f) -> edit v_emm.ini file like this:
-Update : "Reread SoftCam.Key" menu option has been removed. Now its changes are
being watched.

V 0.9.0
-Bug Fix: fixed N2 dcw's parsing (moderate intermittent freezes). (Thnx to Daex)

V 0.8.9
-Update: DigiTV (N2 2111) fixed. You need the correct keys for sure! (Thnx to om
ega_man for the help and testing)
-New : Added CardClient CAMD3.5 UDP protocol support (ECM request). (Thnx to J.T
Note: Only tested with camd3.exe for cryptoworks channels of W3.
You can enable/disable it in vplug.ini and it is possible to specify the
exe path of camd3 to let vPlug run it automatically (optional).
Console's out put of CAMD3 for win32 can be traced by using "win camd3"
tab of vPlug in this case.
It is not perfect but works (partially)!
-New : N2 mecm processing. (Thnx to Jake for the Algo and Thnx to Daex and Drumm
erboy for the help and testing)

V 0.8.8
AutoAESfromWeb Updates:
- Do not caching web pages.
- Validating new found key before writing it to SoftCam.key file.
- Testing all of the v_get_key.ini entries one by one until finding the workin
g key and not only the 1st item. So please be patient!
- Adding non-repetitive new found AES key to the end of Softcam.Key file for t
he next AES Keys AutoCycle test.
Note: All of the related settings will be read from IE's preferences (such as
proxy settings, etc.)
-Bug Fix: fixing broken saving Analyzed ECM's output option.

V 0.8.7
-Bug Fix: Do not using illegal MD-API Filter_ID's!
-New: AES Keys AutoCycle.
Note: You can add as many AES key as you want to softcam.key file! Index of ke
ys are not important here and can be 01,xz, x1,... or any thing else with length
of 2 characters. And plz add ';' before your comments in SoftCam.key file!
-Update: AutoAESfromWeb with correct http header info.
Note: vPlug only tries to find new AES key when the hash is incorrect (e
very 30 minutes/until next key change). So it does not cause a high load on web
servers (such as other AES key finders with key update interval set to every 1 m
inute or less)
-Bug Fix: fixing broken saving ECM packets option.
-New : "Reread SoftCam.Key" menu option.

V 0.8.6
-Bug Fix : Hex Viewer errors.
-Bug Fix : P*e*i*re (N2 0501) fixed again!

V 0.8.5
(Maintenance release)
-Update : Nagra2 Nano E0 handling. (Thnx to Daex)
-Update : Detection of CA System Names based on latest official docs. (http://w
-Bug Fix : Some little bugs in PMT parser have been fixed.
-Bug Fix : Bad processing of nano83 in nagra2 EMM parser has been fixed.
-New : FilesPath option in vplug.ini file. (If this option sets to empty, plug-i
n will read all of the related files from where the dll is located (default valu
e). if you specify a path (for example a network location or a central path for
all programs), new read/write path will be this option's value. (except
i file))
-New : AutoAESfromWeb option in vplug.ini file.(If your softCam.key file is not
up-to-date it will try to find the new AES key from the web automatically and so
ftCam.key file will be updated. set AutoAESfromWeb=0 to turn it off (default val
-New : Displaying info's/errors by using a tray icon. (Set DisplayErrors=0 in vp
lug.ini file to turn it off.)

V 0.8.4
-New : TPS "AES" key updater from internet (new "update key" tab and v_get_key.i
ni file). (Thnx to Navbas for different Regular Expression patterns)
-New : Binary logger (ECM/EMM)
-Bug Fix : D+ Nagra2 AU.
-Bug Fix : Fixed Crash on exit with TSReader.
-Bug Fix : Rewriting found Nagra2 keys if different old keys set to the same val
-Bug Fix : Detection of Globecast as a Nagra2 provider.

V 0.8.3
-Bug Fix : POLSAT's Nagra2 AU.

V 0.8.2
-Bug Fix : Small freezes with Nagra2.
-Bug Fix : Nagra2 emm handling.(Thnx to Drummerboy & Daemonx)

V 0.8.1
-New : Globecast-Nagra2 support. (Plz Remove all of the old Nagra1 keys and Try
with a correct RSA key...)
-New : PolSat-Nagra2 support. (Thnx to "NIST Special Publication 800-20, Figure
2. TDEA Cipher Block Chaining (TCBC) Mode, Page 8"!)

-Bug Fix : Constant DCWs detection and DVBCore apps.

"Knowledge has a value when you share it with others..."

V 0.8
-New : Reading delay of sending DWs from vplug.ini file. by playing with the set
ting delays for the dw's you can effectively eliminate most of the momentary fre
ezing and pixelations.
-New : TTTrick for WatchTVPro (use_TTTrick=1 in vplug.ini file). It is not worki
ng with other programs, only TTDVBACC applications. Also you need a patched firm
ware, eg. from ProgDVB ! (Copy contents of C:\ProgDVB\Modules\boot\24 to C:\Wa
-Bug Fix : Nagra2 emm handling.(Thnx to Daemonx)

V 0.7.9
-Update : Nagra2 EMM handling and bad EMM-G packets. (Thnx to Daemonx for all th
e help and testing)
-Update : Testing Nagra2 ECM decryption when verify key is unknown!
Ex. For TvCabo add the following line to
v_verify.ini file:
4901 = 11111111111111111111111111111111
In this way (11...<--16 times-->...11) p
lug-in will not check the hash. (thnx to wlx for testing)

V 0.7.8
-Bug fix: Stopping CAT filter.

V 0.7.7
-New: Calculating hash of Via-1/2 and TPSCrypt1/2.
-New: Calculating hash of Seca-1.
-New: Auto ECM. (Auto Cycle between different ECMs of one provider and selecting
the decryptable one based on correct hash of decoding.)
-New: v_sid_cache.xml file. (its records will be generated by plug-in based on s
uccessful pids of AutoECM)

-Bug fix: Crash on_exit has been fixed (BMDThread was removed!).
-Bug fix: Nagra2 EMM handling and fake keys. (Thnx to Daex for the info. and tes
-Update: tvCabo -> Nagra2 ECM handling was fixed. (Remove Nagra1 keys and then t
est it + add its verify key to v_verify.ini file)

V 0.7.6
-Update: D+ Nagra2 ecm decryption was fixed. (thnx to Cookie and Testi for the i
-Update: Using normal Nagra2 key format
N 0101 00 xxxxxxxxxx... ; (86)->key00
N 0101 01 xxxxxxxxxx... ; (96)->key10 o
r key01 here
N 0101 M1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
-New: Menu has been added to main form to facilitate start/stop of the plug-in i
n dvbCore conditions.
-Update: CPU meter was removed. (one of the reasons of instability)
-Update: Better code clean up at On_Exit. (thnx to JoshyFun and his great PoorMa
n'sCam's sources,
-Update: Main dialog form of the plug-in is not always on top any more.
-Bug fix: No more Unknown CA Systems!
-Bug fix: Stopping AutoEMM filters.
-Update: AutoStart nagra2 emm filter on incorrect hash of ecm decoding (it reads
correct emm pid from v_emm.ini file).
-Update: It seems sleep(100) is necessary between sending dcw1 and dcw2 for dvbC
ore based apps.

V 0.7.5
- New : DVBCore support!
(Never update the UI on a thread other than the
UI was created upon! ;))
- update : YANKSE-sid.cache file has been updated. (thnx to its author, LeDoc h++p://
- update : Threading model has been changed. (thnx to BMDThread components and i
ts author, Boian Mitov - w*w.mitov.c*m)
- bug fix : locking of the find emm pid's button.
- New : Auto Start/Stop of EMM filter by using v_emm.ini file.

V 0.7.4
- update : BEV Nagra2 ECM and EMM handling.
- update : YANKSE-sid.cache file has been updated for DISH & BEV channels. (thnx
to Smilex745)
- update : v_nagra2_emm.ini file has been updated for BEV channels. (thnx to Dru
mmerboy and also for his great testing report of the plug-in)

V 0.7.3
- new: Nagra2 EMM handling. (Thnx to CardCoders & Jake)
How to use:
Select the EMM page.....find PIDs, select xxxx pid, and
- update: support
Key Format:

for Nagra2 ECM IDEA keys/opkeys (86)->key00 and (96)->key10.

0101 00 xxxxxxxxxx...
0101 10 xxxxxxxxxx...
0101 M1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

V 0.7.2
- Update: Long ECMs Handling of Nagra2. (Thnx to CardCoders)

V 0.7.1
- New: Reading verify keys of nagra2 and nagra1 from v_verify.ini file.

V 0.7
- NEW: Nagra2 ECM decryption. (Thnx Humax, siko-SK, st20tp2, Remote ...).
softcam.key format:
N 7101 I1 xxx... ; idea key ('I1' instead of '00' to avoid conflict bet
ween nagra1's key00 and nagra2's idea key)
N 7101 M1 xxx... ; ecm mod
- NEW: Nagra-1 PK0 finder. (Thnx RichardF for the info.)
- NEW: ECM-Check tab.
- NEW: PAT filter.
- NEW: "NT" based CPU meter.
- Bug fix: checking expired sid.cache ecm-pids.
- NEW: fixed DCW manager (v_dcw.ini file).

V 0.6
- Bug fix: Bug in ECM decryption algo of Nagra, when they do not use RSA algo.

Improved: Detecting of more useful Nagra emm's for AU.

NEW: Irdeto-1 ECM decryption. (Thnx F.B. for the ECM Log)
Improved: Constant DCW Tab.
Bug fix: Detecting BISS system.
NEW: Displaying calculated check sums of Biss key (useful for normal receivers
with BISS option).
- NEW: Reading BISS keys from v_biss.ini file. (Plz refer to its format for more
PS. BISS encryption system just uses "fixed DCWs". There is no algo...

V 0.5
-NEW: Via-2 ECM decryption. (And also YANKSE-sid.cache has been updated for ART
(A lot of thnx to the author of "Russian wafer" card & MrToolate)
-NEW: Nagra-1 EMM decryption ( Just Polsat AU! ... I can not receive other Nagra
providers :( ).
-NEW: Writing found Nagra's keys to SoftCam.Key file.
-NEW: Writing found Via-1's keys to SoftCam.Key file.
-NEW: Reading RSA Keys of Nagra EMM decryption from "rsakeylist" file.
-NEW: Integrating ECM calculator and plug-in. (my little app to test algo's)
-Improved: Detecting of CA System Names. (Many thnx to the author of dvbsnoop, h

V 0.4
-NEW: Nagra-1 ecm decryption (Just Polsat! And you should have its RSA keys in S
-NEW: Reading "YANKSE-sid.cache" file. (To find correct ECM-PID -> Faster channe
l switching!)
-NEW: Reading related files (softcam.key, au.bin, .ini & YANKSE-sid.cache) from
where the dll is located.
-NEW: CAT filter. (Thnx JF for the "How to write a SECA CAM " doc.)
-NEW: Creating filters over the any arbitrary PID (For debugging purposes).
-NEW: Reading "TPSCrypt2" keys from softcam.key (Ex.: V 007C00 01 AES_key (16 by
tes=32 HEX digits)). AES hard coded key has been removed.
-NEW: Reading Via-1 SA/MK from au.bin file. (format of this file is according to
sammy/hummy AU ram.bin files!)
-Bug fix : EMM filter is more stable now!
-Bug fix : Controlled "CPU index out of bounds" errors. ;)
And many thnx to the authors of "Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Delphi impl
ementation (" and "CryptLIB (
al/dev/CryptLIB/default.html)" for fast RSA routines.

V 0.3 a/b
- New TPSCrypt2's AES keys -> patched by rofaghaa! (never released by me!)

V 0.3
-NEW: TPS AU Fix! (Thnx MrToolate!)
-NEW: Seca-1. (Many thnx to the authors of "MEDIAGUARD MUSINGS" and "GrolandSAT
-NEW: PMT filter. (Thnx Remote!)
-NEW: Scan_Current_CAT -> Enhanced emm filter! (Thnx Vlinders for the CAPI_Samp
-NEW: Get_MDAPI_Version
-NEW: Activate/deactivate option is working now!
-NEW: CPU Usage Measurement. (Thnx Dynnikov->
-Bug fix: starting/stopping ecm/emm filters on selected pid.
-Bug fix: TPSCrypt1 detection/TPSCrypt2 odd key! (Many thnx to France 2/3/5 chan

V 0.2
-Constant DCW support ;)
-Bug fix: Via-1 odd key
-BISS Support (BISS CAID =0x2600, thnx Zhanmo1!)
-Bug fix: Duplicate Get_Programm_Detail has been removed.
-Bug fix: Setting Form_Close Action to caHide.
-Low CPU usage! (Sending DCWs when it is necessary)

V 0.1
First public release!
Tested in ProgDVB.
Supported systems:
And Via-1 EMM analyzer (Beta Ver.!!)

If it's working, great, if not...then just delete it (I recommend "shift+delete"
This tool is strictly for Educational purpose only. The author is not to be made
liable for abuses.