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Richauna Okojie

Behavioral Science and Public Health 5120

Assignment 3 Stages of Change and Weight Loss Among Rural African American
Women, Obesity Research 9(1). 59-67

1. In this study, the variable or expression, What friends think about weight is an
operationalization or the same s one of the constructs in the Theory of Reasoned
Action and Planned behaviour? What construct is that and how many components
does it have?
It is the normative beliefs construct with the two components of behaviour and
behavioral intervention.

2. Do you think that obesity rates were higher among older study participants? If so, use
data in the study to justify your answer.
Yes, the obesity rates were higher among older study participants. As per the study,
the percentage of obese women in the ages of 18-24 stands at 37.5%, in the ages of
25-34 at 41%, and in the ages of 35-40, almost 50% women were obese.

3. The author stated that, BMI (body mass index) peaked in the Preparation Stage and
then decreased for individuals in the Action and Maintenance Stages. Does this make
sense? Why or why not? In other words, how can you explain this statement in actual
public health practice?
There is consistency in the BMI with the various studys stages. In the stage of
preparation, the participant intends to take action in the upcoming times, which

mostly becomes the subsequent month. It certainly makes sense that in comparison to
the stages of action and maintenance, BMI is higher here. In the stage of action, the
participant brings about changes in the lifestyle, which is measured over the span of
six months. The stage of maintenance, comprises of participants paying attention on
relapse prevention. If these two stages are successful, it certainly makes sense that a
BMI that is low would reflect in comparison to the stage of preparation.

4. What major limitation (related to data collection about weight) is associated with this
study? Did the authors do anything to minimize the effects of that problem? If yes,
what did they do?
The main limitation was that the women in the study were taken from two countries
and Virginia and of these just 5 could be put in the action stage. Due to this, the
results could not be generalized to all of the rural South areas. For minimizing the
problems effect, the combination of preparation and actin stages has been done by
authors for a multivariate analysis.

5. What is the main argument offered by the authors about the relevance of conducting
this study at the time they did?
The main argument offered by the authors about the relevance of conducting this
study at the time they did due to the fact that proclamation of obesity being made a
public health priority at this time by the US Public Health Service.