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2. Date 01 Birth

The illfomlatoon provided by me is true to tho best
of my ~Ilowkldge. I ag",e to abide by the rules
and regulaltioos govemir.g the Workshop. If
selected, I sha ll attend the program for the ellti",
duration. I also ullderta ~e the responsib< lity to
Illform the coo..-dillator In advance in case I am
unatJje to attend the oours".



Place :
Signature of the Applica nt

Workshop on


"Effective Research Ilith Results"

is an employ"" of our Institute/Orgallization and
is here by spollsored for the abov" Wor1<shop. He
I She wi ll be permitted to attend the program.~

(28/ 11/20141029/ I1nOI4)

CondUClcd by


PlaCII :
Signatu!e of the Authority
S. .Ioumal f'oIlio::at.ons

Mailing Address

The Co-ordinator

I O .~

Workshop on effective research with re sults

KCG College 01 Technology
Phone : 9176998520
Email: deanar@


Dr. Raja P:wl Perin bam

Dr.R. Senthil

About KCG RF
Research Forum (KCGRF) started in the year
2013 with the aim 01 accelerating research and to
9"'t funded projects in vanous areas, On go<'19
lurJded p<ojec\s in the coIle9'" are
.:. Mechan,cal Eng,neering department
""",,,,ad Rs.8.5 lakhs from AICTE as
fundi"9 under Research Promotion Scheme
lor 'Numeocal & Experimental ,nvesUgation
01 =-extrusoo 01 Aluminium - Copper
.:. From departmentol Sc,ence and Technology
under Inn ovation and Entrepreneur
Development Centre p<og.amme, which is
running lor the 4th year in the campus, fove
student prOfl>C1 Were lunded to the tune 01 1
la~h I project every year,
.:. Department 01 Tamilnadu state counci l lor
scie""" and technology (TANSCST) has
sar>CIioned Rs 1,6 Lakhs lor Computer
science department lor Brain Imaging
.:. AeronauUcal Engineering department was
sar>CIkJned RS.9 .8 (La~hs) from ORD l as
fundi"9 fo esearch in the topic Base Drag
Reductjon Studies by CFD and experiment
at Low speeds
Partiri p~lIt .

& R '1:i. tra lioll Fcc

.:. Faculty Mcmtx,,,, & PhD Stud~nt.' - Rs MOO

.:. Slud~nt< _ Rs 500

Payments 10 be mad~ ,n favour of :
KCG college of Technology payable al Chennai
Oal'" 10 Re'llembe.:
La<l date of regislration' 20.11 14
OJIC of Imimalion : 22. II .14

Obj e c tive

The objective of the workshop is to facilitate

researchers with latest research issues and
challenges in various areas. This workshop is
to enlighten the participants with effective
insight into the research work with good
results in publications patents and funded

Speake rs :
Or. Raja Paul Parinabam Prof ECE
KCG College & Technology
(Former Professor Anna University)
Or. lIIavazhagan Director (Research)
Hindustan University
(Former Scientist DRDO)

Course Contents
Effective research papers for
conference and journ als
Research Methodofogy
Joomal review process and
Domain wise journal classifications
Joomals for fast publications
Identifying plagiarism
Computing SNIP SJR hindex ,il0
index and citation index
Registering with Google scholar and
Thomas Reuter
Proposal preparation for funding
Importance of patenting and
Intellectual property
LATEX as efficient t ool for writing

Or. S.Poornachandra Dean IQAC

SNS College Of Engineering

Facu)ty and Researchers From all Discipline

Program Ce rtificates :
Participation certificates wi ll be issued 10
the candid ales who attend Ihe program in
lull by research forum 01 KCG College of