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Enchanting Coorg – Nature at it`s Best!

Visited Coorg in June 2008 – My impressions of this wonderful place.

One trip to Coorg. It will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Dr. Krishnaja A.P.

3rd January 2010
Kodagu or Coorg (in English) is the most picturesque district of Karnataka State in
South India. Set amidst verdant valleys, Coorg is a breathtakingly beautiful hill
station I had visited. Perched on the Western Ghats, misty hills, lush teak wood
forests, coffee plantations, orange groves and winding pathways make it

Carpeted and covered in almost every hue of green

Endless mountain ranges, ridge after ridge of grassy and lush forest clad slopes
rising to touch the sky, give Coorg its unique flavour
The air here feels much lighter and fragrant
Mist covered hills

Soaring oak trees, rich and variegated vegetation

Panoramic views of the morning mist rolling down thickly wooded hill slopes
The wooded slopes, quaint villages, colorful scenery and undulating landscape is

As you travel through Coorg, the forest encloses you in a protective embrace now
and then.
Coorg is a fertile land beyond belief…………….

Coorg is renowned for its coffee. Karnataka is the largest exporter of coffee in India
and Coorg contributes 80% of the crop for export. Coffee needs a lot of rainfall,
high altitude, and a steep terrain to flourish. Since Coorg meets all these conditions,
it has lots of coffee plantations. Coorg’s coffee estates have produced some of the
world’s best coffee with a variety of plants like Arabica and Robusta.
We walked amidst the coffee plants and pepper creepers climbing large trees.
Coffee bushes are sheltered from the sun's direct rays by tall sentinel-like trees
over which the dark green pepper vines trail.
The jackfruit is believed to be indigenous to the rain forests of the Western
Ghats of India.
Coffee, cardamom, pepper, orange, timber and honey known as ‘Coorg Honey'
are the major products of Kodagu. Tea, rubber. Arecanut, coconut, citrus fruits,
pineapple, papaya, plantain, piggery and poultry are other products fueling its
Picturesque Abbey Falls – a beautiful sight with waters gushing down into a rocky
ravine. Tucked away in private coffee plantations, a path leads through lovely
coffee and cardamom plantations right up to the falls. The ideal time to visit is the
monsoons, when the surrounding vegetation is lush green and the falls cascade over
the boulders below with a roar that can be heard from the main road.
Where I learned that there were more colours in flowers, than those in an artist’s
Picture Postcard perfect with their red tiled cottages and purplish blue flowering
shrubs Durante, the Kodagu towns have an old-world charm about them.

Pouring rain, misty cloud covering the roads, less than 100 ft visibility, monsoon
breeze, biting cold.
Talacauvery- The birthplace of the river Cauvery, is a holy site for the Hindus.
The Kodavas consider this river their Mother. The source of this long river, is
on the top of the hill called, Brahmagiri. There are about 435 Steps leading up to
the Brahmagiri peak, where the landscape provides an enchanting view,
especially at sunrise or sunset.
Pleasant weather, endearing landscape, green mountains, lush green forests,
meandering pathways, inviting coffee, orange and cardamom plantations and
…...much more. Finally, the mist that comes and goes without any notice…..

Photographs: Aditi C Nair & Krishnaja A.P. June 2008.