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Court Visit
San Juan RTC Branch 162

Submitted To:
Atty. June Ambrosio
Submitted By:
Martha Rose C. Serrano

May 16, 2014

A judiciary that is independent, effective and efficient, and worthy of public trust and
confidence. A legal profession that provides quality, ethical, accessible and costeffective legal service to our people and is willing and able to answer the call of public

A Vision for the Philippine Judiciary

The court is a living symbol of justice and equality to almost all the individuals. We
live in our mentality that it is only through the jurisdiction of the courts where we can
achieve and win legal battles and be able to receive fair judgment and management to
all our concerns. Majority are willing to face numerous court related and ethical
issues,concerning both lawyers and judges just to have a sound judment of a particular
case. Some parties would not even consider any alternative way to peacefully settle
issues but would decide and force into court proceedings.
As law student, the court visit serves as a tool to openly appreciate the practice
of law. It is a first hand experience which will teach and make us understand and
appreciate the profession. It gives us gist on how one conducts herself in public and in
open court. The court observation held last May 14, 2014 made me to realize that there
is more to the practice of law than what we are studying about. It made me understand
that study of law is not only based on theory but a life long quest for knowledge and
commitment. It is not just a mere tool for justice but it is a way of life.
The court and its setting dictates to us how thing must be done. Its management
and court handling sets the mood and tone of all the cases. Branch 162 of the San Juan
Regional Trial Court sets a positive and well established atmosphere to hear family and
child related cases.
Proper time management enables the judge to hear and appreciate all the
necessary pleadings presented by the parties in court. The judges demeanor and his
supervision of the cases calendared for the day was very well organized and each case
is being prioritized. The parties are well aware that their issues be regocnized and be
treated with impartiality. His interaction and relationship with the lawyers, witnesses and
even the parties are in candor and fairness in relation with the ethical standards
expected of him.
The lawyers are very professional in handling their cases and in presenting their
witnesses. They made it a point that all matters taken are of equal importance and will
be useful for the proper settlement of issues of the case. The cross examination
conducted gave me an idea of what to expect and how it would be conducted. The
strategy presented by the lawyer for the respondent in the last case during her cross
against the psychiatrist showed great passion and commitment in her field. She was
able to present and made her point out of the affidavits presented without destroying or
making unjustifiable merits against the witness. The irremarkable commitment of each
lawyer greatly influenced me to dream big and to strive more to be able to reach for my
dream. However, as observed, lawyers when their witnesses are crossed must be
mindful of the actions of co lawyers and must post objections to allow their witnesses to
breathe in space in case of tight questioning. As lawyers, they should not only seek for
justice but must also prioritize and protect the welfare of those witnesses who will serve
as our tool to achieve what we want.

As I continue my quest of becoming a lawyer, I will make sure that all the
learnings and remarkable insights which I gained through the experience will serve as
my foundation towards a well defined and more powerful practice in due time.