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Everyone wants

to Be Heard

We all know how discouraging it can be to share our story with

someone whos not really listening. Being engaged in a conversation
is about so much more than simply talking. How can we use words to
connect with each other in ways that can do deep and lasting good?

How do we have conversations that matter?

t o r e c e i v e a f r e e s h e l f ta l k e r , s e e p a g e 1 5 .

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or decades, Operation World has been

the worlds leading resource for people
who want to impact the nations for Christ
through prayer. Now the research team
of Operation World offers Pray for the
World, an accessible resource to facilitate
prayer for the nations even more.
The Operation World researchers asked
Christian leaders in every country, How
should the body of Christ throughout the
world be praying for your country? Their
responses provide the prayer points in this
book, including:


RELIGION / Christian Life / prayer

300 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-3686-4, $15.00, W

Timely challenges for prayer and

specific on-the-ground reports of
answers to prayer

Population and people group statistics

Charts and maps of demographic


Updates on church growth, with a

focus on evangelicals

Explanations of major currents in

economics, politics and society

Join millions of praying people around the

world. Hear Gods call to global mission.
And watch the world change.

From the Introduction

The book in your hands weighs less than one kilogram, yet if all the desires, requests, and goals expressed in it were
implemented, it would radically change the nations of this world! Wars would end, ethnic hatreds would be calmed,
politicians would become honest, and economic justice would be a reality. Poverty would end, environmental destruction would cease, and diseases would disappear. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ would have godly leaders. It
would be renewed, revived, united in vision, mobilized for mission, and made ready for Christs return. We do not
merely pray about the many points in this book, we pray toward somethingthe fulfilment of the Fathers purposes,
and His Kingdom come!

Your Will
Be Done
On Earth.

This book gives a picture of every country of the world and the state of the church
and the lost. May it stimulate much-informed prayer that receives answers!
From the foreword by

P at r ick J o hnst o ne

This new tool will mobilize immeasurably more prayer, bringing the latest
research from the Operation World
team to a broader audience. . . .
Take up, and read . . . and pray!
M ichael Oh

Executive Director / CEO of the Lausanne Movement

F e at u r e s
& B e n e fi t s

An abridged, simplified
version of leading prayer
resource Operation World,
7th edition

Strategic and relevant prayer

points for each country
including statistics, map and
summary for each region

Includes reliable information

meticulously fact-checked by
global and local experts

R e l a t e d Ti t l e :
Operation World, 7th Edition

978 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-5724-1, $26.00

may 2 0 15

Colin Duriez

Features & Benefi ts

Reflects on how the various Inkling writers

processed the problem of evil during WWII

Part I: Understanding Evil
During a Time of War
1. C. S. Lewis in Wartime:
The Cosmic Battle
2. Devilry and the
Problem of Hell: The
Screwtape Letters

Be d e viled

3. Inklings in Wartime:
Themes of Spiritual

Lewis, Tolkien and

the Shadow of Evil

4. Images of the Dark

Side: The Lord of the
5. Right and Wrong as
a Clue to Meaning:
The Problem of Pain and
Mere Christianity
6. Exploring What Is
Wrong with the World:
The Cosmic Trilogy

7. Progress and Regress

in the Journey of Life:
The Pilgrims Regress
8. The Divide Between
Good and Bad:
Tolkiens Leaf by Niggle
and Lewiss The Great
9. The Power of Change:
The Chronicles of Narnia
10. Pain and Love: The
Four Loves, Till We
Have Faces and A Grief
11. Release from Hells
Snares: Lewis and the
Road out of the Self to
Gain the Self
12. The Way of Goodness
and the Far Country:
Narnia and MiddleEarth

Part II: The Intersection of

Good and Evil

Nobody knows more about the respective canons of

C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien or their collaborative
friendship than Colin Duriez, and he puts his erudition
to work in this new volume that explores and elucidates


the shadow of evil in their respective literary works.

RELIGION / christian life / spiritual warfare

192 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3417-4, $17.00, WPD

The battle between good and evilin both the seen and
unseen worldswas clearly at play in the era of C. S.
Lewis and his friends in the Oxford literary group, the
Inklings. Some of the members of the Inklings carried
physical and psychological scars from World War I
which led them to deeply consider the problem of evil
during the dark era of World War II. Were they alive
today, their view of a spiritual conflict behind physical
battles would undoubtedly be reinforced.

Bruce L. Edwards, editor of C. S. Lewis: Life, Works, Legacy

Among the Inklings, Lewis was at the forefront of writing

on human pain, devilry, miracles and the supernatural
with books like The Screwtape Letters. He provides the
main focus of this book, with Tolkiens The Lord of the
Rings trilogy as another rich resource looking into the
World War II era and beyond. Particularly focused in
the context of wartime, Duriez delves into the interplay
between good and evil, enlightening us to the way of
goodness and the promise of a far country.

co l i n d u r i e z has taught, written and spoken worldwide on C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien

and the Inklings for nearly thirty years. In addition to winning the Clyde S. Kilby Award
in 1994 for his research, he also has appeared as a commentator on the extended-version
film DVDs of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Duriez studied at the University of Istanbul, the
University of Ulster and under Francis Schaeffer at LAbri in Huemoz, Switzerland.

a p r i l 20 1 5
Finding, Keeping and
Features & Benefits

Sharing the thingS UnSeen

A first-person illustration of the way hope

works in a persons life

For anyone facing disillusionment and

those who minister to them

Foreword by Scot
Introduction: On the
Service Road
1. I Want Hope
2. Exile: Life Without
3. Identifying Hopes
4. Postitioning for
Hope: Honesty with

5. Postitioning for
Hope: Honest Cries
to God


6. The Pushback: Fear

7. Jesus, the HopeBringer
8. Hopes Arrival
9. Hopes Dance
Partner: Transformed
10. Hopecasting

A straightforward, no-garbage look at the virtue that is

proclaimed by the New Testament as the anchor of our
souls.. . . Hopecasting is a no-nonsense primer for the
virtue that will put oxygen in your spiritual lungs. Read it

M ar k O e st r e i c h e r

and expect to find life.

foreword by Scot McKnig ht

Jeanne Mayo, Youth Leaders Coach and The Cadre

Marko teaches each of us how he has learned to practice a
life of hope through the resurrection. . . . May you discover
the reality of a biblical hope that reshapes life today.
From the foreword by Scot McKnight


RELIGION / christian life / inspirational

208 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3692-5, $16.00, W

Why are some people full of hope, while many of us

struggle to get past the snooze alarm?
Hope often seems elusiveboth to explain and to
experience. So we find ourselves instead clinging to
lesser substitutes. From self-medication to lazy clichs,
we apply these balms to our pain and experience little
to no comfort. But we know, in our guts, that these
replacements arent the hope-filled lives we long for,

the lives we were made for.

Mark Oestreicher gets it. Through hard-wrought
experience and robust-bordering-on-desperate theological reflection, he offers here a fresh perspective on
Hope, that virtue that God carries to us even as God
carries us. Read Hopecasting and discover a good God
casting hope your way.

m a r k oest r e i c h e r is a partner in The Youth Cartel, challenging youth ministers through

holistic professional coaching, strategic consulting and inventive resource development.
He previously served as president of Youth Specialties in San Diego, and he is the author or
contributor to more than sixty books and extensive youth ministry curricula. He is active in
middle school ministry at Journey Community Church in La Mesa, California.

may 2 0 15

ForeworD by

Hirsc H

Features & Benefi ts

g a b e Ly o n s

Presents a missional perspective on the

theology of sexuality, gender and identity

Leads the way forward for people of faith in

their ministry in the gay community


re De e m ing s e x


N a k e d C o N v e r s at i o N s a b o u t




Introduction: The
1. Oh My God!
Sexuality Meets
Section I: Where
Have All the Sexy
Christians Gone?
2. Modesty Gone Mad
3. Jesus . . . Sex
Section II: Bits, Bobs
and Tricky Business
4. The Eight
of Sex

5. Gender Matters
6. Uncomfortable Sex
7. Bi Now, Gay Later?
8. Limping Straight to
Section III: The
Mission of Christian
9. The Bent Scapegoat
10. Imago Gay
11. Re-Sexing the
Conclusion: The Dreaded

You wont fail to be moved by [Hirschs] allegiance

to radical grace, her trust in the potency of genuine
hospitality, and her unyielding confidence in the power
of God to reconcile, repair and renew us all.

Michael Frost, author of Incarnate and Exiles


RELIGION / sexuality & gender studies

208 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3639-0, $16.00, W

Nothing has exposed the gap between the church and

the broader society quite like the cultural argument
over sexuality. Relationships, identities, orientations
and even seemingly straightforward concepts such as
gender have cut battle lines between the church and
the world. In the fog of war and the cloud of conflict,
its increasingly hard to see our way clearly.

LGBT friends and neighbors, in Christian fellowships

and in movements that have held a concern for people
created in Gods image and a high view of the Bibles
teaching on sexuality in constructive tension. When
you consider the world from the perspective of Gods
kingdom mission, it turns out the smoke clears and a
redemptive imagination takes root.

There is hope, however. Debra Hirsch has seen it

firsthandin meaningful lifelong relationships with

Discover a holistic, biblical vision of sex and gender

that honors God and offers good news to the world.

d eb r a H i r sc h has led churches and ministries among young adults, the poor and the LGBT
community in Australia and America for over twenty years. She is a minister of an eclectic
bunch of missional artists and vagabonds called the Tribe of Los Angeles and she is coauthor
(with Alan Hirsch) of Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship. She also serves with
Forge Missions Training Network and on the steering team for the Missio Alliance.

m a rc h 2 0 1 5
Features & Benefits

Noel Castellanos

A holistic vision for the work of the cross and

the churchs mission in the community

Foreword by

Tells a rich story of the Latino experience in

Christian America

Where the Cross

Meets the Street

Foreword by John Perkins
and Wayne Gordon
Introduction: Mumbo

8. Restoration and

1. Mi Familia

9. Confrontation of

2. Leaving the Barrio

10. S, Se Puede

3. A New Burden for

the Barrio

Conclusion: Seek the Peace

and Welfare of the City

4. Becoming an


5. Incarnation

Appendix 1. A Snapshot

6. Proclamation and

Appendix 2. Lessons from

the Book of Nehemiah

John Perkins and wayne Gordon

What happens to the neighborhood

when God is at the center

7. Demonstration of
Noel helped us to move from a black/white association
toward a more full expression of the American experience
of Asian, Native American, Latinos. . . . His voice has
been a tremendous asset to CCDA, the body of Christ and
Gods kingdom.
From the foreword by John Perkins and Wayne Gordon




RELIGION / christian life / social issues

192 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3691-8, $16.00, W

The cross means more than weve let it mean.

languishing of poor and other marginalized people.

Proclaiming the gospel and forming the faithful: these

are the most practiced disciplines of the evangelical
church. As central as these disciplines are, however,
they are only part of the story. And as Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) CEO Noel
Castellanos has learned over a lifetime of ministry and
mission, the neglect of the gospels full implications
has contributed to the erosion of communities and the

Here Castellanos shows the strengths and limitations

of a narrowly focused church and broadens our imaginations to embrace a gospel that proclaims Christ and
forms disciples. This life-giving gospel also demonstrates compassion, confronts injustice and restores
individuals and communities to wholeness. This is the
whole work of the cross; this is the privilege of those
who follow the Word made flesh.

noe l Caste l l a nos works in Latino, urban communities across the country serving in youth
ministry, church planting, advocacy and community development. He is chief executive officer
of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) and was the founding pastor
of Chicagos La Villita Community Church. He is the coauthor of A Heart for the Community and
New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry.

may 20 15

he wildly popular online comic

Coffee with Jesus, described by Li-

brary Journal as offering disarmingly

funny reflections on human failings
and faith, is back with a venti-sized
second volume. Find yourself in your
favorite characters, and laugh with
Jesus at the absurdities of our world
and the ways we walk in it.
Follow returning characters as they
honestly engage with Jesus about
their successes and failures and
wants and needs, effectively showing what conversation with Godor
prayermight look like. These poignant and pointed visual vignettes are
rife with good theology and will have
you laughing for days.

Features & Benefits

A second volume of your
favorite online comic, from
the Internet straight to
your coffee table!


Humor / topic / religion

192 pages, paperback, 7 x 10 inches, 978-0-8308-3693-2, $18.00, W

Featuring classic posts and

all-new, exclusive material

david wilkie is the artist behind the popular online comic strip Coffee with Jesus. He and his
wife Katie cofounded Radio Free Babylon, a media creation consortium that produces literature, music,
software, websites and less tangible ideas about life. Dave has held numerous and varied positions in
his career, including writer, creative director, producer, musician, on-air talent, clergyman, fax repairman and artist, sometimes all at once.

Are you ready for a second cup?

IV itle
New T


Praise for the first volume

I loved this book! I never use the phrase LOLIm sorry, thats just how I was raised.
But this book honestly had me laughing out loud.

j o n ac u f f ,

New York Times bestselling author of Stuff Christians Like

The heart is the comic collection and its humor, at once gentle and barbed and more thought-provoking
than many a sermon. Buy this for a Christmas gift, to be read over a cup of strong joe.

P u b l i s h e r s W e e k ly , November 11, 2013

Coffee with Jesus is one of my guilty pleasures. I read its sassy Jesus as a
refuge from sober Christians and to make up for the smart-aleck
gene missing from my DNA.

Dav i d N e f f ,

former editor in chief, Christianity Today

If you dont buy this book, you will be cursed. Everything will begin to go
horribly wrong. You will gain weight. You will lose your job. Your car will
break down and youll learn you need a new one. Your mutual fund
will lose over 50 percent of its value. Please buy this
bookfor the sake of your children.

Da n K i m b a l l , author of Adventures in Churchland

120 pages, paperback,
978-0-8308-3662-8, $16.00

may 2 0 15
Features & Benef its

Includes a six-session discussion guide for


Author is pastor of a growing missional church

in Denver

Welcomes skeptics and those with questions

and doubts about their faith


Questions, Doubts & Choices

About an UnChAnging goD

Introduction: Going
Through Changes

7. From Power to

1. From Closed to

8. From Legalism to

2. From Certainty to

9. From Toil to Work

3. From Definition to


4. From Words to
5. From Knowing to
6. From Being Right to
Being Faithful

MicHael Hidalgo

10. From Nowhere to

11. From Bad News to
Good News
12. From Fear to Love
13. From Small Stories
to a Big Story
Discussion Guide
Further Reading

Foreword by HugH Halter

For those struggling with difficult questions about

God, faith and life overall, Michael Hidalgo offers
insights from Scripture, reflections from his own
journey and a healthy dose of humor to guide us all


toward a more robust faith in Jesus.

RELIGION / christian theology / apologetics

192 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3695-6, $16.00, W

I cannot and will not go back to the faith I have clung

to for decades. I am done with it.
This is not a declaration of being done with faith, but
it is a recognition that faith has to change. Many of us
are grappling with similar doubts. How much can we
actually know about God and our world? Who is right
and who is wrong? Whose truth is really true? Do I
need God to live a life that matters?

Brad Lomenick, author, The Catalyst Leader

We have questions not because we reject faith in God,

but because we live in a rapidly changing world of new
realities, new technology and new insights that demand
new answers. This changes how we live, communicate,
think and believe.
We know we are moving from somewhere, but we dont
exactly know what we are moving toward. Thats what
this book is about.

m i c h a e l h i da lg o is the lead pastor of Denver Community Church, which under his

leadership has grown from forty people to over 1,500. A graduate of Grand Rapids Theological
Seminary, Michael served alongside Ed Dobson as a teaching pastor at Calvary Church
in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hidalgo has addressed thousands nationally with the ONE
Campaign and Malaria No More and writes regularly for Relevant Magazine and Sojourners.

J u ne 2 0 1 5
Features & Benefits
Uses the metaphor of music to describe God
as Master Musician and Gods people as his

Written by renowned Christian musician John

Michael Talbot

Free MP3 download is available for companion

song at

1. Gods Grace
2. Our Response
3. The Church

The Master Musician

M a s t e r
Mus icia n
M e d i tat i o n s
o n

J e s u s


sample meditation
God himself is the Master Musician. We are
only his instruments. We cannot make music
without his touch. Without the musician,
the instruments whole purpose is pointless,
futile and vain. Without Gods touch, we are
incomplete and unfulfilled. Furthermore, the
more the instrument is played by the hand
of God, the more we are actually conformed
to his melody and style. We vibrate to his
rhythm and resonate to his tone. We actually
mature and mold according to his tone. We are
conformed to his image.

In these pages renowned Christian musician John

Michael Talbot calls the church to greater unity and
service under Gods authority. Using the metaphors of
music, this spiritual meditation draws us into closer
union with Jesus and each other by opening our hearts

John Michael Talbot


RELIGION / christian life / devotional

112 pages, paperback, 5 x 7 inches, 978-0-8308-3697-0, $13.00, W

and minds to Gods grace. As God the Master Musician

crafts us into fine musical instruments, we can join
in the symphony orchestra of the church and make a
beautiful music bigger than any one musician for all
the people of the world.

For a free MP3 download of John Michael Talbots companion song, visit

jo h n m i c h a e l ta l bot is an award-winning Christian recording artist, writer, television presenter,

motivational speaker and minister. He founded his own community, the Brothers and Sisters of
Charity, at Little Portion Hermitage and is the author of numerous books bringing the Christian
monastic tradition to contemporary life including The Jesus Prayer, Blessings of St. Benedict, The Way Of
The Mystics and The Music of Creation.

ju ne 2 0 15
Features & Benefi ts

A research-based sociological picture of the

reality of anti-Christian hostility

Explores culture clashes in difficult areas of

our society

Suggests ways that Christians can respond


1. Introduction
2. Haters Gotta Hate: The Roots of Christianophobia
3. Cant Please All the People
4. Are Christians Responsible for Christianophobia?
5. The Particular Challenge of Homosexuality
6. Trouble Within
7. Hate Me Not
8. How to Deal with Christianophobia

Everyone should read George Yanceys pioneering

work on extreme hostility toward Christians. It is
data-based, balanced and practical.

Tony Carnes, publisher and editor,


A Journey Through

NYC Religions
RELIGION / christian life / social issues

192 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-4422-7, $16.00, W

Sometimes Christians are too quick to claim that they are

being persecuted. But in our heated cultural environment,
Christians arent just being paranoid or alarmist. AntiChristian hostility is real.
Sociologist George Yancey explores the phenomenon of
Christianophobia, an intense animosity against Christians and the Christian faith. While Christianophobia in
the United States does not typically rise to the violent
levels of religious persecution in other parts of the world,

Christians are often still treated in ways that perpetuate

negative stereotypes and contribute to culture wars.
Yancey unpacks the underlying perspectives and root
causes of Christianophobia, and he considers to what
extent Christians have themselves contributed to the
hostility. In this truthful yet hope-filled treatise, Yancey
shows how Christians can respond more constructively,
defusing tensions and working toward the common

g eo rg e ya nce y (PhD, University of Texas) is professor of sociology at the University of

North Texas specializing in race/ethnicity, biracial families and anti-Christian bias. He is the
author, coauthor or coeditor of books such as Compromising Scholarship: Religious and Political
Bias in American Higher Education and Beyond Racial Gridlock. He is the founder of Reconciliation
Consulting, helping churches and ministries develop and sustain a multiracial emphasis.


m a rc h 2 0 1 5


Paperback edition features a new introduction

by N. T. Wright

Offers scholarly, historical analysis of firstcentury Judaism and Christianity

6. The Challenge
of Easter

1. The Challenge of
Studying Jesus

7. Walking to Emmaus
in a Postmodern

2. The Challenge of
the Kingdom


rediscovering who
jesus was and is


5. Jesus and God

Introduction by
N. T. Wright






Features & Benefits

8. The Light of
the World

3. The Challenge of
the Symbols


4. The Crucified

This superb addition to Wrights oeuvre will prove

fruitful reading for neophytes as well as for those
already familiar with his approach.

Publishers Weekly
Wright has produced a work of frankly evangelical

N . T. W r i g h T

faith with strong historical integrity, because both

are necessary for serious study, uncomfortable as

With a New introduction

that may be. . . . A refreshing and inspiring read for

those who take both conservative faith and historical
scholarship seriously.

Library Journal, January 2000


RELIGION / biblical studies / jesus, the gospels & acts

208 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3696-3, $16.00, WES

Today a renewed and vigorous scholarly quest for the

historical Jesus is underway. Now this paperback edition
of N. T. Wrights classic work contains even more insight
with an all-new introduction by the author.

cannot assume that by saying the word Jesus, still less

the word Christ, we are automatically in touch with
the real Jesus who walked and talked in first-century

Wright challenges us to roll up our sleeves and take

seriously the study of the historical Jesus. He writes,
Many Christians have been, frankly, sloppy in their
thinking and talking about Jesus, and hence, sadly, in
their praying and in their practice of discipleship. We

The Challenge of Jesus poses a double-edged challenge:

to grow in our understanding of the historical Jesus
within the Palestinian world of the first century, and to
follow Jesus more faithfully into the postmodern world
of the twenty-first century.

n . t. w r i g h t is a prolific writer of both scholarly and popular books, including Simply

Christian, The Original Jesus and Jesus and the Victory of God. His N. T. Wright For Everyone Series
includes commentaries covering the entire New Testament. Formerly bishop of Durham
in England, Wright is a professor at the University of St Andrews and was formerly canon
theologian of Westminster Abbey, and professor at Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

ju ne 2 0 15
Making Disciples across cultures

Features & Benefi ts



Missional principles for a Diverse World

charles a. Davis

Resources for intercultural disciplemaking,

leadership development and missional
church planting at home or internationally

1. Introduction: My
Journey as Disciple
and Disciple-Maker
2. What Is a Disciple,
3. Disciples Let God Lead
from the Invisible
4. Disciples Hear
and Obey
5. Disciples Develop


6. Disciples Do What
Love Requires

8. Leaders Equip
Disciples for Ministry
9. Disciples Live an
Undivided Life
10. Disciples Engage in
Personal and Cultural
11. Disciples Keep the
End in Mind
12. Disciples Organize
Flexibly and
13. Glimpses of a

7. Disciples Make
Longtime church leader Charles Davis applies a
distinctively missionary analysis to the worn-out
ecclesiologies of our time. But its not all critique and
analysis: built on narrative and experience, he lovingly
provides the church with a very useful diagnostic tool
that gives us viable pathways toward renewal of
church life and mission. I am grateful for this book.


RELIGION / christian ministry / missions

224 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-3690-1, $18.00, W

Culture affects how we make disciples. We often

unconsciously bring our own cultural assumptions into
ministry and mission, but in todays global environment,
disciplemaking requires the humility and flexibility to
adapt between different cultural approaches.
Charles Davis, former director of TEAM, provides a
framework for missional disciplemaking across diverse
cultural contexts. With on-the-ground stories from a

alan hirsch, founding director of Forge Missional

Training Network and author of The Forgotten Ways

lifetime of mission experience, Davis navigates such

tensions as knowledge and behavior, individualism
and collectivism, and truth and works to help Christian
workers minister more effectively.
Ministry teams, church planters, pastors and missionaries
working interculturally at home or overseas can be part
of Gods movement of making disciples in the unity and
diversity of the global church.

c h a r l es a . dav i s (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the former executive

international director of TEAM. He has over four decades of crosscultural experience in
global disciplemaking and missional church planting. He was previously president of the
Evangelical Seminary of Caracas, and he is a member of the Global Leadership Council of
the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance.


MARCH 20 1 5

rAChAeL CrAbb, SonyA reeder & diAnA CALvin

Features & Benefits
Free shelftalker available with purchase

Shares model dialogues between three women

of different generations

Helps you start your own listening group

Foreword by Larry Crabb
Introduction: Three Voices,
One Song
Why Listen In Is in
Dialogue Form

4. Giving Away More of

Me: Sonyas Response
5. I Can Do Anything:
Dianas Story

Five Key Ingredients

6. Invitingly Competent:
Dianas Response

1. Hands Over My
Mouth: Rachaels Story

7. Reflecting on the

2. Finding My Voice:
Rachaels Response

Afterword: Man to Man,

by Larry Crabb

3. Im a Girl and I Like

Football: Sonyas Story


Foreword & Afterword by

LArry CrAbb

Listen In

Listen In
Building Faith and Friendship
Through Conversations That Matter

The powerful and transformative conversations

between the three women in this book provide a model
and an inspiration for those of us who long for real
spiritual connection.

Elisa Morgan, cohost of Discover the Word

In this remarkable book, Rachael, Sonya and Diana
invite us to Listen In on their conversation as they
lock arms to face the past and search for and find the
truth and beauty in one another.


Miriam (Mimi) Dixon, pastor, First Presbyterian Church of

Golden, Colorado

RELIGION / christian life / spiritual growth

176 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-4316-9, $16.00, W

We all know how discouraging it can be to share our

story with someone whos not really listening. How can
we use words to connect with each other in ways that
can do deep and lasting good?
In these pages Dr. Larry Crabbs wife Rachael and two of
her friends in ministry take up this question in a creative
and informative way, providing model dialogues with
one another exploring the deep issues of their lives. You
will be intrigued and informed by learning from their

journeys, but most importantly you will learn how you

can start similar conversations with your friends.
Reflection and discussion questions provide a guide for
you to think about how the themes of these chapters
relate to your own life journey. This makes an ideal book
for small groups of women as well as for triads or pairs
to read and discuss together. Along the way you will
learn new listening skills as well as learn about yourself
and your friends. Come along and listen in.

S on ya Ree d e r , D i a n a Ca lv i n a n d R ac h a e l C r a bb are friends whose relationships span

two generations and 850 miles. Based in Denver, Colorado, Rachael Crabb is an author, ministry
consultant and conference and retreat speaker worldwide. Sonya Reeder, a licensed professional
counselor, operates a private counseling practice in Longview, Texas, and Diana Calvin serves as
connections minister at Trinity Fellowship Church in Richardson, Texas.


a p ril 2 01 5

Over 10 Million LifeGuides Sold

Features & Benef its

Finding God in the Whirlwind

Features the popular inductive study


Eight sessions include helpful notes for

group leaders

Convenient workbook format for groups or


Application questions help you to act on

what you have learned

8 stu d ies f o r i n d i v i d u a l s o r gr o u p s

Juanita ryan

1. Live in the Present
with Eyes
Wide Open
Matthew 6:19-34

6. Remain in
with God

Isaiah 40:25-31

Psalm 16

3. Seek and Live in

Gods Wisdom

7. Labor in Love

4. Express Gratitude
the Day

A L i f eG u i d e


Mark 6:30-46

2. Receive Strength for

the Day from God

James 1:1-5, 17; 3:13-17

5. Rest with and Rely

on God

Philippians 4:4-9

Colossians 2:6, 20-23;

8. Serve with Joy
John 13:1-17; 15:9-12
Leaders Notes

B i b l e S t u d y


RELIGION / biblical studies / bible study guides

64 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3107-4, $8.00, WEU

How have you been? a friend asks. Busy, we say.

Much of our busyness is necessary to our survival or to
the well-being of others and ourselves. In the whirlwind
of our lives, however, it may seem impossible to focus
beyond the noise of daily demands. We long for a
greater awareness of God with us. This LifeGuide study
explores ways of conversing with God in the midst
of things, so we can see our days work as the joyful
service of kneeling before Jesus.

Bible Studies

Since 1985, LifeGuide Bible Studies have provided solid

biblical content and raised thought-provoking issues
making for a one-of-a-kind Bible study experience
for individuals and groups. With resources tailored
specifically to equip group leaders, LifeGuide Bible
Studies provide everything leaders need to effectively
guide their small groups in consideration of Old and
New Testament books, character studies and topical

j ua n i ta rya n is a clinical nurse specialist with an MSN in psychiatric mental health

nursing. She has taught mental health nursing at Bethel University, Rio Hondo Community
College and Biola University. She is currently a therapist in private practice at Brea Family
Counseling Center in Brea, California. She is the coauthor of The Twelve Steps: A Spiritual
Kindergarten and the author or coauthor of over thirty Bible studies.


48- T i t le

Bible Study Center

LifeGuide Bible Studies
With tasteful icebreakers, solid biblical
content and reliable leaders notes,
LifeGuide Bible Studies have been a
standby for small group leaders since 1985.

More than 110 LifeGuide titles

have sold over 10 million copies!

4 8-T i t le b i b le st u dy center
Save 52% on original order #8070
Free freight
Free fixture
Occupies only 1.5 square feet
of floor space
48 new and bestselling LifeGuide
Bible Study titles
48% discount on restocking orders

For a list of titles included go to

978-0-8308-8070-6, $922 net ($1,920 retail)


ma rch 201 5

Tara M. Owens

Features & Benefi ts

Shows how spirituality is innately tied to the


Encourages readers to feel positive about their

bodies as a place where we connect with God





Part I: Body Reality

1. Where Do Our Fears
Come From?

7. Touch or Temptation
8. Desire or Destruction
Part III: Becoming Whole

2. How We Lost Our


9. Tension Taming

3. Broken Body, Broken


11. Sensing His Kingdom

4. Dust to Dust
Part II: Facing the Fears
5. Angel or Animal

Finding god in
our Flesh and bone

6. Beauty or Beast

10. At Home in Your Skin

12. Flesh of My Flesh

13. This Is My Body
Appendix: Group
Discussion Guide

Wise, erudite, loving and tender, Embracing the Body

will bring true healing and wholeness to our theology of
our physical bodies as a church.

Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist

Truth. Beauty. Revelation. Those are just some of the
words to describe Embracing the Body by Tara Owens.
It is a rare and insightful book written by a poet who
longs to love Jesus with every fiber of her being and


RELIGION / christian life / spiritual growth

240 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3593-5, $17.00, W

Our bodies teach us about God, and God communicates to us through our bodies. Our bodies are more
good than we can possibly imagine them to be. And yet
at times we may struggle with feelings of shame and
guilt or even pride in regard to our bodies. What is God
trying to do through our skin and bones?
In Embracing the Body spiritual director Tara Owens
invites you to listen to your thoughts about your body

invites others to do the same.

Stasi Eldredge, coauthor of Captivating

in a way that draws you closer to God, calling you to

explore how your spirituality is intimately tied to your
physicality. Using exercises for reflection at the end of
each chapter, she guides you to see your body not as
an inconvenience but as a place where you can meet
the holy in a new waya place to embrace Gods glorious intention.

ta r a M . ow ens (MTS, Tyndale Seminary) is a certified spiritual director and the senior
editor for Conversations Journal, a forum for authentic spiritual transformation. Owens also
provides spiritual direction through her ministry Anam Cara and is a part-time instructor
for the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program at Benet Hill Monastery, both based in
Colorado Springs.

m a rc h 2 0 1 5

Jennie Isbell & J. Brent Bill

Features & Benefits

Guides the reader to find new words for prayer

to deepen their connection with God

Practical prayer exercises throughout the book



1. A New Way to Pray
2. What Lies Beneath
the Words
3. God in Action: Finding
Our Verbs
4. Images of an Active
Tense God: Nouns That
Fit the Verbs
5. Hope, Beauty and
Depth: Adjectives and
6. Unpacking Meaning:
Shared Language and
Authentic Prayer

7. Jesus, the Word of

God, and Our Words
8. Beyond Words:
Other Ways of
Or Not

in the

9. Gospel Means Good

News: And News Is
New, by Definition
Appendix 1: Exercises for
Building Prayer as a
Spiritual Practice


Appendix 2: Prayer
Appendix 3: Resources

This exciting book, full of fresh ideas, is an invitation

to discovery of self and to theological growth through

Crafting a Fresh Language of Prayer

prayer. It is tinged with humor and filled with stories,

summoning the reader to dance, to see with new eyes
and to experience the fullness of embodiment.

Michael Birkel,

professor of religion, Earlham College

Bill and Isbell are renewing not only my prayers but

my heart.

Leslie Leyland Fields,

and Mothers

author of Forgiving Our Fathers


RELIGION / christian life / spiritual growth

192 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3596-6, $16.00, W

Do you long for deeper communion with God? Spiritual director Jennie Isbell and Quaker minister J. Brent
Bill know how easy it is to lapse into repetitious refrains of prayer:
Our hearts told us that we had lapsed into easy God
speak. We werent reaching deep into our spirits and
drawing out living words of praise, confession, concern, intercession and longing. We were tired of speaking in clipped shorthand to God. We wanted to pray in

such a way that we showed up with our whole selves.

If you have experienced a similar longing, come join
the authors on this prayer journey into the deep waters of the Spirit. This book offers companionship and
guidance as you begin to notice, consider and deepen
your prayer experiences, with refreshing exercises
sprinkled through every chapter to offer you a fresh
language for prayer. Find God herein the nouns and
the verbs of your conversation.

jenn i e Isbe l l (MDiv, Earlham School of

j . b r ent b i l l is a writer, retreat leader and

Religion) is an experienced spiritual director

and the author of Leading Quakers, an
eight-part curriculum for training worship

Quaker minister who has written articles,

short stories and books such as Awaken Your
Senses, Mind the Light: Learning to See with
Spiritual Eyes and Imagination and Spirit.


a p ril 2 01 5


Beth A. Booram

Features & Benefi ts

Coauthor of Awaken Your Senses

S ta r t i n g S o m e t h i n g n e w

S t a r t i n g

Includes interviews with people from various

walks of life who have pursued their dreams

Suggestions at the end of each chapter for

personal reflection and processing

Offers suggestions for spiritual directors who

are helping others discern their dreams


S o m e t h i n g

Part I: Discerning a GodGiven Dream

n e w

1. Conceiving
2. Brooding
3. Welcoming
4. Discerning

S p i r i t u a l
Y o u r

D i r e c t i o n

G o D - G i v e n

f o r

D r e a m

9. Waiting
10. Dying
11. Resurrecting
Part III: Birthing a GodGiven Dream
12. Birthing
13. Living
14. Sustaining

Part II: Shaping a GodGiven Dream

Epilogue: What Comes

of Dreams

5. Naming


6. Shaping
7. Sorting

Appendix: Web

8. Changing


To all of us who dare to dream but are unsure of what

to do with those dreams. . . . Hold this book in one hand
and your dream in the other and watch as the Spirit
leads you forward!


RELIGION / christian life / spiritual growth

176 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-3597-3, $16.00, W

Do you have a dream? Do you long to change your

lifestyle or vocation, or to start a new business or nonprofit ministry? Do you find yourself wondering, How
do I know for sure that this dream is from God and for me?
And what in the world do I do with it?
Drawing from her own life-changing experience of
realizing a dream, spiritual director Beth Booram has
written this book to guide you through the spiritual

David G. Benner, depth psychologist, spiritual director,

author of The Gift of Being Yourself

process of defining and acting on the idea stirring

within you. Interviews from people including Chris
Smith, Phileena Heuertz and Randy Reese who have
courageously embraced a God-prompted idea are
included with each chapter to add further vision and
insight. Carefully designed exercises at the end of each
chapter will guide those in the beginning stages as
well as provide practical help and support for those
who are actively tending a God-given dream.

bet h a . boo r a m is the cofounder and director of Sustainable Faith Indy, an urban retreat
center in Indianapolis, where she leads the School of Spiritual Direction and offers individual
and group spiritual direction. She designs and facilitates contemplative retreats and speaks
around the country on spiritual formation and Christian leadership. Booram has served in
several pastoral roles in the church and is the coauthor of Awaken Your Senses.


r i l1 420 1 5
octobera p20

An encouraging and empowering vision of

shared leadership and teamwork

Tailored toward leadership at the top and

center of your churchs mission

Presents the latest research on church

leadership teams

Part I: Why Read

a Book about

Part V: Whats Your

Best Next Step?


Teams That Thrive is an incredible resource to help


Part III: How Well

Is Your Team


Part II: Why Do

Leadership Teams
Make Sense?

Part IV: What Are

the Collaborative
Disciplines of
Teams that

Dave Ferguson



foreword by

t h at


Features & Benefits

r y a n t. h a r t w i g
a n d w a r r e n b i r D

Five Disciplines
oF collaborative

you and your team rethink how you lead. Packed with

church leaDership

outstanding research, helpful tips, practical wisdom

and thoughts from expert commentators, this book is
the how-to resource you need to move your team (and
your church) from simply surviving to thriving.

Jenni Catron, church leader and author of Clout


RELIGION / christian church / leadership

208 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-4119-6, $17.00, W

Its increasingly clear that leadership should be

sharedfor the good of the organization and for the
good of the leader. There are too many burned out
leaders, beleaguered institutions and stunted organizations. The church is no exception: pastors are fried,
congregations are stuck, and the work never lets up.
But what does it actually mean to share leadership?
How does team leadership bless and not frustrate a

wa r r en B i r d (PhD, Fordham University) is

the director of research and intellectual capital
support for Leadership Network. He has served
as a church planter and pastor and has written
over twenty books for ministry leaders.

Researchers and practitioners Warren Bird and Ryan

Hartwig have discovered churches of various sizes and
traditions that have learned to thrive under team leadership. Through practical insights, compelling research
and real-life stories, they help you overcome barriers
and build teams of mutual support and meaningful,
sustainable action. This empowering vision for church
leadership culminates with five disciplines that can
take your team from struggling to thriving together.

Rya n T. H a rt w i g (PhD, University of Colorado)

teaches communication at Azusa Pacific
University and frequently speaks to pastors
regarding senior leadership teams, teamwork
in ministry, and small-group ministry design.

ju ne 2 0 1 5
Jamie D. Aten and David M. Boan
Features & Benefi ts


Includes contingency plans and over twenty

worksheets ready to be photocopied

Presents best practices from faith-based

disaster response programs and research


selections from Contents

Part I: Foundations
Part II: Planning,
Response and

How to prepare your congregation for crisis response

Create ways to minister to your community

Part III: Case Studies and

Concluding Thoughts

Practical guidance for physical, emotional and spiritual care

Resources and worksheets for emergency preparedness

Part IV: Tools for Planning

and Implementation
Preparedness Plan
Continuity of Ministries
and Services
Church Go-Kit
Community Planning

Part V: Disaster Spiritual

and Emotional Care
Tip Sheets
Recognizing Common
Disaster Survivor
Stress Reactions
How to Provide
Psychological First Aid
How NOT to Provide
Volunteer and
Survivor Care
Helping Volunteers Talk
About Stress
Recognizing and
Preventing Burnout in
Strategies for Self-Care

There is a real need right now for guidance on what

Christian emergency and disaster work actually looks like.
. . . We are called to save both souls and lives, and this
book gives direction on how we can do both.


RELIGION / christian ministry / pastoral resources

208 pages, paperback, 7 x 10 inches, 978-0-8308-4122-6, $19.00, W

When floods or tornadoes devastate an area, or when

shootings and violence shock a community, people
turn to local churches as centers for response and
assistance. Knowing what to do can be the difference
between calm and chaos, courage and fear, life and
death. But few churches plan in advance for what they
should dountil the storm hits.
Dont get caught unprepared. Jamie Aten and David


Thad Hicks, divisional emergency disaster services director,

The Salvation Army

Boan, codirectors of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, provide this practical guide for disaster preparedness. Filled with resources for emergency planning
and crisis management, this book helps local congregations prepare for the unthinkable, provide relief to
survivors, care for the vulnerable and help communities recover. The time to plan is now. Your church can
help prevent harm and save lives during a disaster.

Ja m i e d . aten (PhD, Indiana State University)

dav i d m . boa n (PhD, Biola University) is

is the codirector of the Humanitarian Disaster

Institute. He teaches psychology at Wheaton
College and previously served as assistant
director of the Katrina Research Center.

associate professor of psychology at Wheaton

College and leads basic and applied research
on international relief efforts as codirector
of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute.

ay1 42 0 1 5
october m20

Features & Benefits

Inspires and mobilizes churches to innovate

arts ministry within their congregations

Advice for enhancing worship and sermons

Written by an experienced artist who serves

with Vineyard Arts Community, USA

1. A Renewal of the Arts
and Creativity in
the Church

10. Five Interactive Art

Projects for Churches

2. Ten Ways the Arts and

Creativity Support the
Churchs Mission

12. Dance in the Church

3. Envisioning the Arts

and Creativity in
Your Church

14. Creating an Art Studio

and Workshops to
Foster Creativity

4. How to Launch an
Arts Ministry in
Your Church

15. An Art Gallery in

Your Church

5. Inspiring, Empowering
and Leading Artists in
the Church

11. Live Art in the Church

13. Media, Film
and Video

16. Creating Sacred Space

17. Beyond the
Church Walls

6. Crafting a Creative
Arts Community

18. Artists-in-Residence
in the Church

7. Structure for
Arts Ministry

19. Your Church as an

Arts Patron, and
Working with
Outside Artists

8. Building a Creative
9. Applications for the
Arts and Creativity
in Sermons

20. Working Around

Barriers to the Arts
and Creativity in
Your Church

If the future is creative, is it any wonder that sometimes the church seems stuck in the past?
Now is the time for the church to reclaim its role as a
center of creativity. Among your members are artists,
musicians and other creatives whose gifts can enhance your worship, inform your theology and affect
your community. Christian arts advocate J. Scott
McElroy gives a comprehensive vision and manual
for unleashing creativity in your congregation so you


RELIGION / christian ministry / pastoral resources

280 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-4120-2, $20.00, W

can connect with the more visual, aural, participatory

and expressive generation that is rising up within the
church today.
In this practical handbook youll find clear direction
for activating your church in every avenue of worship
mobilizing and managing artists in your congregation, adding creative elements to your sermons,
gaining vision for enhancing your worship service and
engaging the broader community.

j . scott m c e l r oy is an author, speaker, arts advocate, voiceover artist and visual artist.
He is the author of Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity
and the director of the New Renaissance Art Movement, which hosts the Creative Church
Conferences in Boise, Idaho, and Indianapolis, Indiana. He also serves as Director of Arts at
the Vineyard Church, Indianapolis, as well as with the Vineyard Arts Community, USA.


ma rch 201 5

E l d E r s h i p and thE M i s s i o n of G o d

J.r. Bri GGs & BoB hya tt

forword By

Features & Benefi ts

alan HirscH

A practical, missional guide to church


Answers questions about selection, decision

making and solving problems

Includes a study guide that elder teams can

work through together

Foreword by Alan Hirsch
Introduction: Structured
for Mission

7. Eldership as Spiritual
8. Team Leadership

1. Mission-Oriented

9. The Role of Elders in

Decision Making

2. Characteristics of
Mission Alignment
and What Derails It

10. The Difficult Tasks

of Elders

3. The Roles of an Elder

11. What about

Women Elders?

4. Biblical Qualifications
of an Elder

12. Practical Questions

and Answers

5. Cultivating an Ethos
Rooted in Gods

Epilogue: Eldership as
Discussion Questions

& Hyatt

6. Selecting Elders

If your churchs eldership basically operates like the

Equipping TEams for

faiThful ChurCh lEadErship

board of directors of a small religious enterprise, get

them to read this book. Quick. J.R. Briggs and Bob
Hyatt not only outline the biblical functions of eldership
but they do so through the missional prism that the


RELIGION / christian ministry / pastoral resources

224 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-4118-9, $17.00, W

Every church needs leadership. But leadership should

not reside in a single pastor. The biblical model for
church leadership is found in teams of elders who
together guide the community into Gods mission.
Church leaders J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt provide a
comprehensive picture of elders as agents of mission
for their communities. Looking at eldership through a
missiological lens, Briggs and Hyatt unpack the role,

j . r . b r i g g s serves in many ministries that

encourage and equip pastors and leaders.
He founded Kairos Partnerships, the Epic Fail
Pastors Conferences and is on staff with the
Ecclesia Network and Fresh Expression US.

original biblical writers used.

michael frost

character and posture of a mission-oriented elder. Elders

oversee, shepherd, teach, equip and model for Gods
people what life with Jesus looks like in a particular
context. Including a study guide that elder teams can
work through together, the authors provide practical
guidance for how elders are selected, work together,
make decisions, protect the congregation and invest in
the lives of others.

bob h yatt is the founding pastor of

Evergreen Community in Portland, Oregon.
He also serves as a spiritual director and
is the director of Church & Movement
Multiplication for the Ecclesia Network.

m a rc h 2 0 1 5

Presents twenty-one propositions about our

understanding of Adam and Eve in light of
the ancient Near Eastern world

Weighs the viewpoints of New Testament

texts while considering claims of science

The Garden Is an
Ancient Near Eastern
Motif for Sacred
Space, and the Trees
Indicate God as the
Source of Life and

Forming of Humans
in Ancient Near
Eastern Accounts
Is Archetypal, So
It Would Not Be
Unusual for
Israelites to Think
in Those Terms
The New Testament Is
More Interested in
Adam and Eve as
Archetypes Than as
Biological Progenitors
Though Some of the
Biblical Interest in
Adam and Eve Is
Archetypal, Yet They
Are Real People Who
Existed in a Real Past

Lo s T


AdA m A n d ev e

Adam Is Assigned as
Priest in Sacred
Space, with Eve
to Help

Forming from Dust

and Building from
Rib Are Archetypal
Claims and Not
Claims of Material



selections from Contents

The Lo s T WorL d

Features & Benefits

Genesis 23 and the

human origins debate


A dA m

Pauls Use of Adam Is

More Interested in
the Effect of Sin on
the Cosmos Than in
the Effect of Sin on
Humanity and Has
Nothing to Say About
Human Origins:
Excursus on Pauls
Use of Adam, by
N. T. Wright

An d

e ve

J o h n h . WA LT o n
With a contribution by n. T. Wright

It Is Not Essential That

All People Descended
from Adam and Eve


RELIGION / biblical studies / old testament

272 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-2461-8, $17.00, W

For centuries the story of Adam and Eve has resonated richly through the corridors of art, literature and
theology. But for most moderns, taking it at face value
is incongruous. And even for many thinking Christians today who want to take seriously the authority
of Scripture, insisting on a literal understanding of
Genesis 2-3 is painfully difficult.
How can Christians of good faith move forward? Who
were the historical Adam and Eve? In what cultural

code was this couple, this garden, this tree, this serpent portrayed?
Following his groundbreaking The Lost World of Genesis
One, John Walton now backlights this most elemental
story with the ancient world of the biblical author.
Walton gives us the context, insights and clarity to
reset the discussion and move forward. As a bonus, an
illuminating excursus by N. T. Wright places Adam in
the implied narrative of Pauls theology.

jo h n h . wa lton (PhD, Hebrew Union College) is professor of Old Testament at Wheaton

College and Graduate School. Some of Waltons books include The Lost World of Scripture, The
Lost World of Genesis One, The Essential Bible Companion and the NIV Application Commentary
Genesis. His ministry experience includes church classes for all age groups, high school Bible
studies and adult Sunday school classes, as well as teaching The Bible in 90 Days.

au g ust
2 0 1 5201 5
B u rGe

A W e e k in

Features & Benef its

the L i f e of a


Fast-paced fictional account takes you back

to first-century Palestine, viewing Jewish life
through a Roman centurions eyes

Enriches learning about the social and

cultural context of Jesus day

Sidebars take readers deeper into important

aspects encountered in the narrative

1. From Emesa to

6. From Caesarea
to Capernaum
7. Capernaum

2. From Raphana to

8. Capernaums

3. From Dura-Europos
to Raphana

9. Capernaums

4. From Raphana to

10. One Week in


5. Caesarea

Biblical scholars are not typically known for writing

historical novels, much less gripping page-turners. . . .
Fully true to the historical-cultural setting of the early

Ga ry M . Bu rG e

first-century Roman empire, this story not only makes

the New Testament world come alive but it creates one
very plausible scenario of the career and family of the
Capernaum centurion.


Craig L. Blomberg, distinguished professor of New

RELIGION / biblical studies / pauls letters

208 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-2462-5, $16.00, W

Enter a world of warfare and treachery, of duty and

honor, of love and loyalty, interwoven with the inner
workings of a Roman centurions household. And then
trace it as the road curves toward little Capernaum.
Follow the story of Appius, a proud centurion, and
Tullus, his scribe and slave. From a battle with the Parthians, through a tragic personal crisis, to the gladiator arena at Caesarea Maritima, their tale finally leads
to the backwater village of Capernaum on the shores

Testament, Denver Seminary

of Galilee. There, in a culture not their own and during

a week they will never forget, they encounter a Jewish
prophet from Nazareth.
In entertaining historical fiction, this fast-paced account gives us an empire-eye view of the world of the
Gospels. Splashed with informative sidebars and images, we capture a view of Jesus world from the outer
framework looking in.

ga ry m . b u rg e (PhD, University of Aderbeen) is professor of New Testament at Wheaton

College. Among his many published books are Theology Questions Everyone Asks, John: The Gospel
of Life and the award-winning Whose Land? Whose Promise? Burge is an ordained minister in the
Presbyterian Church (USA) and holds memberships in the Institute for Biblical Research, the
Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical Research and the Society of Biblical Literature.


m ajrc
u lyh 20
Features & Benefits

Deals with key doctrines such as God

becoming human, the cross, sin, the person
and work of Christ, and our life in Christ

Conclusion: No Other Name Under Heaven

Mike Reeves has done it again. This is another rich,


Lively and readable overview of Jesus

Rejoicing in chRist

Introduction: Christianity Is Christ
1. In the Beginning
2. Behold the Man!
3. There and Back Again
4. Life in Christ
5. Come, Lord Jesus!

Rejoicing in


deep, simple, joyful, thrilling booktheology that does

what theology should, pointing us to Jesus, marveling
and celebrating.

M i c h a e l R e e v es

Andrew Wilson, author of If God Then What?

Reeves shows that for believers, our life is from

Author of Delighting in the Trinity

Christ, and Christ is our life! His account of Christian

doctrine about Jesus is complimented with a
treasure trove of historical artwork depicting Jesus,
stimulating the mind as well as the heart.

Michael F. Bird, lecturer in Theology at Ridley,

Melbourne, Australia


RELIGION / christian theology / christology

144 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-4022-9, $16.00, WEZ

If we want to know who God is, the best thing we can

do is look at Christ. If we want to live the life to which
God calls us, we look to Christ. In Jesus we see the true
meaning of the love, power, wisdom, justice, peace,
care and majesty of God.
Michael Reeves, author of Delighting in the Trinity, opens
to readers the glory and wonder of Christ, offering
a bigger and more exciting picture than many have

imagined. Jesus didnt just bring us the good news. He

is the good news. Reeves helps us celebrate who Christ
is, his work on earth, his death and resurrection, his
anticipated return and how we share in his life.
In an age that virtually compels us to look at ourselves,
Michael Reeves calls us to look at Christ. As we focus
our hearts on him, we see how he is our life, our
righteousness, our holiness and our hope.

m i c h a e l r ee v es (PhD, Kings College) is an author, theologian, historian and professor who teaches
at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) and is the director of Union, a WEST initiative that
puts the theological academy back in the local church context. He previously oversaw the Theology
Network, a theological resources website, and was associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham
Place. His books include Delighting in the Trinity, On Giants Shoulders and The Good God.


march 201 5

Brian K. Morley

M a p p i n g


Features & Benefi ts

A comprehensive and even-handed survey

of apologetic approaches

Arms readers with a vast array of defenses

for the faith, encouraging practical
application for apologetic engagement

Provides historical and philosophical

background for each approach

Part I: Foundational
1. Apologetics in
the Bible

6. E. J. Carnell, Gordon
Lewis and Francis
Classical Apologetics

2. Apologetics in
History: A Survey

7. Introduction to
Classical Apologetics

Part II: Apologetic


8. Richard Swinburne


10. Norman Geisler

3. Cornelius Van Til


4. John Frame
Reformed Epistemology

11. John Warwick


5. Alvin Plantinga

12. Gary Habermas

9. William Lane Craig


Comparing Contemporary approaChes

Mapping Apologetics provides the most complete

and best analysis to date of my overall apologetic

/ Christianity
/ christian
theology/ History
/ apologetics

paperback,6 6x x9 9inches,

Everyone believes something. But how and why do

people believe? What counts as evidence? How much
can be assumed or believed by faith alone?
When it comes to religious faith, the questions become
at once more difficult and more important. In this
comprehensive survey, Brian Morley provides an
overview of Christian apologetic approaches and how
they differ. He explores the historical and philosophical
underpinnings of key figures and major schools of

John Warwick Montgomery, distinguished research

professor of philosophy, Concordia University

thought, from the presuppositionalism of Cornelius

Van Til to the evidentialism of Gary Habermas. Moving
beyond theory, Morley also demonstrates how each
apologetic view works out in practical terms.
This guide covers the complexities of apologetics in a
way that is accessible to the nonspecialist. Evenhanded
and respectful of each apologist and his contribution,
this book provides the reader with a formidable array
of defenses for the faith.

b r i a n K . m o r l e y (PhD, Claremont University) is professor of philosophy and apologetics

at the Masters College in Santa Clarita, California. He is the author of God in the Shadows: Evil
in Gods World and has been a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical
Philosophical Society and the Society of Christian Philosophers. Morley and his wife Donna
are founders of Faith and Reason Forum, a ministry to those who want an intelligent faith.


ju ne 2 0 1 5
Features & Benef its

Examines the importance of the Old

Testament as the First Testament

Offers surprising insights into the message

of the Old Testament, examining and
challenging Christian perceptions

Analyzes current notions of theological

interpretation of Scripture while setting the
stage for understanding biblical theology



1. Do We Need the New Testament?

2. Why Is Jesus Important?
3. Was the Holy Spirit Present in
First Testament Times?

Letting the Old Testament

Speak for Itself

4. The Grand Narrative and the Middle

Narratives in the First Testament and
the New Testament
5. How People Have Mis(?)read Hebrews
6. The Costly Loss of First Testament Spirituality
7. Memory and Israels Faith, Hope and Life
8. Moses (and Jesus and Paul) for Your
Hardness of Hearts

J Oh N G O L D I N Gay

9. Theological Interpretation


RELIGION / biblical studies / old testament

216 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2469-4, $22.00, W

Do we need the Old Testament? Thats a familiar question, often asked. But as an Old Testament scholar,
John Goldingay turns that question on its head: Do we
need the New Testament?
Whats new about the New Testament? After all,
the Old Testament was the only Bible Jesus and the
disciples knew. Jesus affirmed it as the Word of God.
Do we need anything more? And what happens when
we begin to look at the Old Testament, which is the

First Testament, not as a deficient old work in need of

a christological makeover, but as a rich and splendid
revelation of Gods faithfulness to Israel and the world?
In this cheerfully provocative yet probingly serious
book, John Goldingay sets the question and views it
from a variety of angles. Under his expert hand, each
facet unfolds the surprising richness of the Old Testament and challenges us to recalibrate our perspective
on it.

jo h n g o l d i n gay (PhD, University of Nottingham) is David Allan Hubbard Professor of

Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. His books include The Theology of the Book
of Isaiah, Key Questions about Interpretation, Models for Scripture, the seventeen-volume Old
Testament For Everyone series and commentaries on Psalms, Isaiah and Daniel. He also
serves as an associate pastor at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Pasadena, California.


may 2 0 1 5

rE nE W i nG M orA l th E ol oG y

Features & Benefi ts



Christian Ethics as Action,

Character and Grace

Introduces the Thomistic tradition of moral


Anchors Anglican moral theology in

evangelical conviction

Discusses individual virtues, their

interconnection and function

Offers a timely textbook in ethics for the

evangelical Anglican tradition


Part II

Part I

9. Virtues: Moral
Dispositions for
Acting Well

1. Moral Theology:
Tradition and
2. Purpose, Reason
and Action

W Estb Er G

D A n iEl A . W Estb ErG

3. The Process of
Practical Reasoning
4. How to Evaluate Good
and Bad Actions
5. Actions, Dispositions
and Character

10. Wisdom in Action

11. Justice
12. Fortitude
13. Self-control
14. Faith
15. Love
16. Hope
Author Index

6. The Reality of Sin

Subject Index

7. Conversion to Christ

Scripture Index

8. Gods Will and

Gods Law


RELIGION / christian theology / ethics

240 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2460-1, $25.00, WPD

While ethical issues are being raised with new urgency, Christians are increasingly unfamiliar with the
moral grammar of their faith. The need to reengage
the deep-down things of the Christian moral tradition
has seldom been more urgent.

tion. Now Daniel Westberg infuses this venerable ethical tradition with a biblical confidence in the centrality
of the gospel and the role of the Holy Spirit in forming
character, while also laying down a sound moral psychology for practical reason and ethical living.

Moral theology has a long history in the Catholic and

Anglican traditions. The tradition of theological ethics, influenced by Aristotle by way of Aquinas, offers a
distinct emphasis on the virtues and character forma-

Christianswhether of Anglican, Catholic or other

traditionsinterested in vigorously retrieving a great
moral heritage, will find here common ground for
ethical reflection and discipleship.

da n i e l a . w estbe rg (DPhil, Oxford University) is professor of ethics and moral theology

at Nashotah House, a seminary of the Episcopal Church in Nashotah, Wisconsin. Westberg
is the author of Right Practical Reason: Action, Aristotle and Prudence in Aquinas and several
articles in The New Dictionary of Christian Ethics and Pastoral Theology. He also served as an
Anglican priest in the diocese of Toronto for ten years.


j u ne 20 1 5

Situates evangelical ethics in the context of

American youth and the millennial generation

Presents Christian ethics as an aspect of

Christian discipleship

Grounds ethics in theological and moral realism

Part I: Getting Started:
Assessing our Current
Moral Faithfulness
1. Morality Matters:
A User-Friendly
Introduction to
Christian Ethics

3. Some Popular Ethical

Options (2): RulesOriented Approaches
4. The Religio-Cultural
Soup Were All In:
Assessing Its Impact on
Our Moral IQ
Part II: Toward a
Moral Faithfulness:
Integrating Balance and
Responsibility into Our

5. More on a Moral
Realism (1): The Moral
Guidelines the Scriptures
6. More on a Moral
Realism (2): The Moral
Guidance the Scriptures




7. So, What Would

Jesus Do?
8. Responsible and
Responsive Decision
Making: A Closer Look
at Drawing in the Dirt
9. The Ethic of
Responsible Christian
Discipleship: Reasons
for Its Embrace


2. Some Popular Ethical

Options (1): ResultsOriented Approaches

Ethical Lives

Pursuing Moral FaithFulness

Features & B enef its

Ethics and Christian Discipleship

Gary Tyra

10. Actually Becoming an

Ethically Responsible
Christian Disciple: The
Process Involved


RELIGION / christian theology / ethics

320 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2465-6, $30.00, W

Christianity is in a state of moral crisis. Even though

people make moral decisions every day, many Christians lack both the ability to evaluate these decisions
and a community of discipleship to help inspire a
morally faithful life. Compared to the people around
them, there is often no discernible difference in how
Christians go about making moral choices.
As a biblical and practical theologian with decades of
pastoral experience, Gary Tyra approaches the topic

with the practical goal of facilitating moral formation

and encouraging everyday moral faithfulness. Tyra
argues that Christians can have confidence in their
Christ-centered, Spirit-enabled ability to discern and
do the will of God in any situation. Moral faithfulness
follows from a life of Christian discipleship.
In an age of moral apathy and theological confusion,
Pursuing Moral Faithfulness is a breath of fresh air and a
sign of hope for the future.

ga ry t y r a (DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary) is professor of biblical and practical

theology at Vanguard University of Southern California. He is the author of The Holy Spirit
in Mission, Christs Empowering Presence, A Missional Orthodoxy, Beyond the Bliss and Defeating
Pharisaism. Tyra also has over twenty-five years of pastoral experience including serving as
senior pastor at Yorba Linda Community Church, Yorba Linda, California.


march 201 5

aaron Chalmers

Features & Benef its

Interpreting the

Interpreting the

Provides readers the skills to formulate their

own interpretations of the prophetic books

Designed with the needs of students,

preachers and teachers in mind

Includes forty illuminating illustrations

Serves as a companion volume to Exploring

the Old Testament, Volume 4: Prophets

If the prophets seem confusing and irrelevant to

certain readers . . . and if the church wants a userfriendly corrective to the misunderstandingthis is it.
Every pastor and teacher seeking to nourish the church
through messages from the prophets needs to drink
deeply from Chalmerss well. And every professor
hoping students will learn to interpret the prophets
correctly ought to assign this book.


P ro Ph e t s

D. Brent Sandy, author of Plowshares and Pruning Hooks

[Chalmers] has assimilated a vast and complex range
of materials from the Old Testament and its world,
and from the scholarly world, and out of them has
formulated a coherent and intelligible account of the
Prophets for his readers. And it all serves a passion to
help people read the Prophets for themselves.

R e a d i n g , U n d e Rs tan d i n g a n d P R e ac hi ng
fRo m t h e W o R l d s o f t h e P Ro P h e t s


John Goldingay, Fuller Theological Seminary

While engaging the best in recent scholarship, this
book is accessible to the uninitiated. . . . A helpful
resource for those who want to hear the breadth and
depth of the message of the prophets.

RELIGION / biblical studies / prophets

192 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2468-7, $20.00, WG6

The prophetic books are some of the most captivating

and fascinating texts of the Old Testament, but they
are also some of the most misunderstood. Interpreting
the Prophets equips the reader with the knowledge and
skills they need to interpret the Prophets in a faithful
and accurate fashion.
Beginning with the nature of the prophetic role and
prophetic books in Israel, Old Testament scholar
Aaron Chalmers leads the reader through the vari-

Mark J. Boda, McMaster Divinity College

ous worlds of Israels prophetshistorical, social,

theological and literarywhile providing the basic
contextual and background information needed both
for sound and sensible exegesis, and for sensitive
interpretation and application for today. He concludes
with a helpful chapter giving guidelines for preaching
from the Prophetsincluding advice on choosing the
texts, making appropriate analogies, and the potential
problems and common pitfalls to avoid.

a a r on c h a l m e r s (PhD, Flinders University) is head of the School of Ministry, Theology and

Culture at Tabor Adelaide, a multidenominational, evangelical college located in Adelaide,
Australia. He teaches in the field of Old Testament and hermeneutics and is passionate
about helping Christians to engage with the Hebrew Scriptures. He is the author of Exploring
the Religion of Ancient Israel: Prophet, Priest, Sage and People.








.. .. .. .. .. .. ..
.. .. .. .. .. ..




.. .. .. .. .. .. ..




.. .. .. .. .. .. ..




.. .

Now that the church in the West lives within a postChristendom context, how should preaching look
different? What homiletical assumptions arose within
Christendom but are no longer relevant for a missionary church?


We hear plenty of discussion about missional theology, missional leadership and missional church planting. But what about missional preaching?

Equipping the Community for Faithful Witness


Darrell L. Guder, Henry Winters Luce Professor

of Missional and Ecumenical Theology, Princeton
Theological Seminary


Patrick Johnson focuses the continuing investigation of the

missional church on the theology and practice of preaching.
. . . Combining scholarship and pastoral passion, he is
profoundly broadening and deepening the exploration of
the missional church with this pioneering work.



3. The Witness of Missional Congregations




2. The Witness of the Christian Community




1. The Preacher as Witness

4. A Missional Homiletic of Witness





























Connects missional preaching to the

missional interpretation of Scripture


.. .. .. ..


Develops a missional homiletic to equip

pastors and advance the study of practical



Initiates an interdisciplinary conversation

between missional theology and homiletics


T h e M i s s i o n o f P r e ac h i n g

Features & Benefits

............................................................................. . . . . . . . .

a p r i l 20 1 5

P a T r i c k W. T . J o h n s o n
Foreword by D a v i D J . L o s e


RELIGION / christian ministry / preaching

256 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-4070-0, $25.00, W

Here Patrick W. T. Johnson develops the first missional

homiletic, a model for preaching determined by the
missionary encounter between the gospel and Western culture. Mobilizing the latest resources in homiletical theory and missional theology, he argues that
preaching is a major form of the churchs witness to
Jesus Christ, equipping the congregation for its witness to the world.

pat r i c k w. t. jo h nson (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) is pastor of Frenchtown

Presbyterian Church in Frenchtown, New Jersey, and adjunct professor at Princeton Theological
Seminary. He also serves as a PC (USA) teaching elder and as a preaching consultant, focusing
his teaching and consulting on the areas of speech, missional theology and homiletics.

ap ril 2 01 5
Barbeau and Jones

Edited by

Jeffrey W. Barbeau
Beth Felker Jones
Features & Benefi ts




Presents the proceedings of the 2014

Wheaton Theology Conference

Includes a diverse range of theological

perspectives, including Baptist,
Pentecostal, Reformed, Roman Catholic
and Wesleyan


Contributions by:
Estrelda Y. Alexander
Allan Heaton Anderson


Jeffrey W. Barbeau


Oliver D. Crisp
Timothy George
Beth Felker Jones
Gregory W. Lee
Matthew Levering
Douglas Petersen
Sandra L. Richter

Christian Renewal
in the Community of Faith

Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Geoffrey Wainwright
Michael Welker
Amos Yong


RELIGION / christian theology / pneumatology

275 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2464-9, $25.00, W

While the age of the Holy Spirit began with Pentecost,

the twentieth century has seen an explosion in the
Spirits work through the remarkable growth of Pentecostalism and the changing face of global Christianity. Despite these surprising developments, and the
undeniable significance of the Holy Spirit throughout
the life of the church, pneumatology too often remains
a subject of misunderstanding and neglect.

jeff r e y w. ba r be au (PhD, Marquette

University) is associate professor of theology
in the graduate school at Wheaton College.
He writes and researches on theology,
history and literature.

These essays, gathered from the 2014 Wheaton Theology Conference, provide an ecumenical exploration of
the Holy Spirits person and work in biblical, historical, doctrinal and practical perspective. In addition to
essays on Augustine, Aquinas, creation and salvation,
the volume features important contributions on the
current shape of global Pentecostalism by leading
scholars in the field.

fe l k e r jones (PhD, Duke

University) is associate professor of
theology at Wheaton College. She is the
author of The Marks of His Wounds: Gender
Politics and Bodily Resurrection.

bet h

a p r i l 20 1 5

Engages with recent sociological data about

youth and religious identity

Develops an articulacy theory of testimony

in dialogue with social constructivism

Provides concrete examples and stories

1. Testimony: An Introduction
2. Faithful Words Prompt Faithful Reality
3. What We Say Is Who We Are: Articulating Identity
Through Narrative
4. A Theology of Testimony

Saying Is Believing

Features & Benefits

Saying Is

The Necessity of
Testimony in Adolescent

5. Testimony in Practice: Toward a Practical Theology


With our focus on missions and programs, helping youth

articulate their faith often gets lost in the shuffle. But
Amanda Drury teaches us howand brilliantly. It wont
take more than a few chapters to reveal that Mandy is
one of the most profound, accessible, original voices ever to
speak into the conversation about youth ministry.

Spiritual Development

AmANDA HoNTz Drury

Mark DeVries, author of Sustainable Youth Ministry

Saying Is Believing establishes Amanda Drury as a new
and compelling voice in practical theology, a pacesetter for
a generation of scholars convinced that the way we form
young peoples faith profoundly affects our own.

Kenda Creasy Dean, author of Almost Christian: What the

Faith of Our Teenagers Is Telling the American Church

The idea of giving ones testimony often evokes summer church camps, evangelistic revivals, mission trips
and baptisms. But what if our view of sharing a testimony of faith is all wrong?
According to Amanda Drury, testimony is not merely
about describing something that happened in the
past. It is a practice that forms our present and future
identity. Testimony changes us, and without it we risk
having a stunted and stale faith.

Amanda Drury is one of the most creative and thoughtful people

thinking about youth ministry in North America.


Andrew root

RELIGION / christian ministry / youth

208 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-4065-6, $22.00, W

Drawing on work in sociology, psychology and theology, Drury develops an understanding of testimony
as an essential practice for Christian spiritual formation, especially for adolescents who are in the process
of developing their identity. Recent studies reveal a
staggering inability for adolescents to articulate their
religious beliefs. Now more than ever, churches need
to recover the practice of testimony as an integral part
of communal worship.

a m a n da h ont z D r u ry (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) has been in youth ministry

for almost fifteen years. She now serves as assistant professor of practical theology at
Indiana Wesleyan University and is ordained in the Wesleyan Church. She teaches, speaks
and writes on youth ministry and her passion is to see teenagers empowered to express
their faith in words and actions.


june 2 0 1 5

Features & Benefi ts

as Retrieval
Receiving the Past,
Renewing the Church

Surveys specific theologies and practices

of retrieval, focusing on Scripture,
theology, worship, spirituality, mission
and culture

Observes how the Christian tradition

shapes the churchs life and thought

Seeks to cultivate discernment in

retrieving tradition

selections from Contents

Receiving and Transmitting the Deposit
of Faith
1. Scripture
Theological Interpretation of Scripture
2. Theology
Trinitarian Theology

W. David Buschart
& Kent D. Eilers

3. Worship
Liturgies and Architecture
4. Spirituality
Cruciform Wisdom
5. Mission
Communal Life and Practices
6. Cosmos


A Metaphysics of Participation
RELIGION / christian theology / general

352 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2467-0, $28.00, WPD

The movement to retrieve the Christian past is a

mode of theological discernment, a cultivated habit of
thought. It views the doctrines, practices and resonant
realities of the Christian tradition as deep wells for a
thirsty age. This movement across the church looks
back in order to move forward.
David Buschart and Kent Eilers survey this varied
movement and identify six areas where the impulse
and practice of retrieval has been notably fruitful and

w. dav i d B u sc h a rt (PhD, Drew University) is professor of theology and historical studies at Denver Seminary. He is
the author of Exploring Protestant Traditions:
An Invitation to Theological Hospitality.

suggestive: the interpretation of Scripture, the articulation of theology, the practices of worship, the disciplines of spirituality, the modes of mission and the
participatory ontology of Radical Orthodoxy. In each
area they offer a wide-angle view before taking a close
look at examples to give finer texture to the discussion.
More than a survey and mapping of the terrain, Theology as Retrieval inspires reflection, practice and hope.

k ent D . e i l e r s (PhD, Kings College,

University of Aberdeen) is assistant
professor of theology at Huntington University. He is the author of Faithful to Save:
Pannenberg on Gods Reconciling Action.

m a rc h 2 0 1 5

An extension of Molnars previous work

Divine Freedom and the Doctrine of the
Immanent Trinity

Exhibits an exhaustive knowledge of Barth

scholarship, deft appreciation of Torrance
and also a remarkable independence

1. Thinking About God
Within Faith: The Role
of the Holy Spirit
2. The Role of the Holy
Spirit in Knowing the
Triune God
3. Considering Gods
Freedom Once Again

Authentic and
Essential If It
Is Grounded in
Election? Just How
Far Did the Later
Barth Historicize

and the

Faith, Freedom

Features & Benef its

7. The Obedience of the

Son in the Theology
of Karl Barth and of
Thomas F. Torrance

5. The Perils of
Embracing a

8. A Theology of Grace:
Living in and from the
Holy Spirit

6. Can Jesus Divinity

Be Recognized as


The Economic Trinity in Barth,

Torrance and Contemporary Theology


4. Origenism, Election,
and Time and

Faith, Freedom
and the Spirit

Pau l D . M o l n a r

Paul Molnar is one of the outstanding theologians of

his generation. . . . Powerfully argued and meticulously
documented, this book is a magisterial interpretation of
Barth and Torrance on the Trinity in relation to election
and the incarnation.


George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary

448 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-3905-6, $40.00, W

Distinguished scholar Paul Molnar adds to his previous work, Divine Freedom and the Doctrine of the Immanent Trinity, to help us think more accurately about the
economic Trinity, about divine and human interaction
in the sphere of faith and knowledge within history.
Molnar relies on the thinking of Karl Barth and of
Thomas F. Torrance in dialogue with other contemporary theologians (Catholic and Protestant) about divine
and human freedom.

RELIGION / christian theology / pneumatology

Powerfully argued and meticulously documented,

Molnars magisterial study begins with an extensive
discussion of the role of faith in knowing God through
his incarnate Word and thus through the Holy Spirit.
He considers the divine freedom as the basis for true
human freedom and discusses perils of embracing
a historicized Christology, expounding on how the
doctrine of justification by faith relates to living in the
power of the Holy Spirit and the economy of grace.

pau l d . m o l n a r (PhD, Fordham University) is professor of systematic theology at St. Johns

University in Queens, New York. He is the author of Incarnation and Resurrection, Divine Freedom
and the Doctrine of the Immanent Trinity and Karl Barth and the Theology of the Lords Supper,
and has been published in numerous journals including the Scottish Journal of Theology,
International Journal of Systematic Theology and Modern Theology.

ap ril 2 01 5

J o h n E . S ta p l E f o r d
Features & Benefi ts

Third edition includes two new chapters

on economics as a science and global
poverty, plus expanded discussions of
entitlements, government debt, healthcare
reform and immigration reform

Outlines a faithful response to the ethical

challenges posed by modern economics

Responds to seven of the most widely used

introductory economics texts

B u l l S,


John Stapleford provides an indispensable resource

for students and teachers of introductory economics
coursesthough the book merits study outside the

C a lv E S

classroom as well. I particularly appreciated the faithful

reliance on Scripture as the ethical benchmark applied
throughout the book.

Kenneth G. Elzinga, professor of economics, University

of Virginia

[Staplefords] discussion applies careful economic

reasoning combined with ethical direction aptly derived
from the Scriptures. The book takes seriously the

applyinG ChriStian EthiCS in EConomiCS

authority of Scripture in critically reflecting on the core

assumptions of economics while guiding readers in an
irenic yet challenging manner.


Edd Noell, professor of economics and business,

RELIGION / christian life / social issues

Westmont College

288 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-4072-4, $25.00, W

Self-interest, economic efficiency and private property

rights are among the most basic assumptions of market economics. But can an economic theory built on
these assumptions alone provide adequate insight into
human nature, motivation and ultimate goals to guide
our economic life?
John Stapleford says no, along with those economists
who recognize the limits of their discipline. He insightfully shows us how ethics are inextricably intertwined

with economic life and analysis. Writing from a Christian ethical perspective, he interacts with seven standard introductory economics texts, exploring the moral
challenges embedded in various macro-, micro- and
international economic theories and outlining a faithful
response to them. The third edition includes two new
chapters on economics as a science and global poverty
plus expanded discussions of entitlements, government
debt, healthcare reform and immigration reform.

jo h n e . sta p l efo r d (PhD, University of Delaware) is president of the Caesar Rodney Institute, an
education nonprofit, and principle in DECON First. He is professor emeritus of economic development
with Eastern University and was formerly the director of the Bureau of Economic Research at the
University of Delaware and founder of the Delaware Small Business Development Center. He has
been published in journals such as Faith & Economics and Journal of Biblical Integration in Business.


m ajrc
u lyh 20 1 5

New StudieS


BiBlical theology

Features & Benef its

7. The Fulfillment of the

Promise Inaugurated:
The Gospels

Bound for
the Promised

8. The Fulfillment of the

Promise Inaugurated:
The Epistles

The land promise in

God's redemptive plan

Biblical-theological study of the land

of promise

Evaluates covenant theology and

dispensationalism, offering a middle ground

1. Biblical Theology and
the Land Promise
2. The Beginning and
the End: The Land
and the Kingdom
3. Making the Promise:
4. Advancing the
Promise: Exodus
5. Partially Fulfilling the
Promise: JoshuaKings
6. Fulfilling the Promise?
Exile and the Prophets of
an Eschatological Hope

9. The Fulfillment
of the Promise
Consummated: The
Eschatological Kingdom
in Revelation
A Concluding Summary
of the New Testament
10. Theological

A Concluding Summary
of the Old Testament

Oren R. Martin

[Martin] argues that the land promises constitute

part of a trajectory that begins with the loss of land

Series Editor:

at the expulsion from Eden and ends, finally, in the new

D. A. Carson

heaven and the new earth. The resulting synthesis of

the land promises, kingdom promises and eschatology


is thought-provoking and sometimes moving.

From the preface by d. a. Carson

RELIGION / biblical studies / general

208 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-2635-3, $25.00, WIV

Just as the Old Testament book of Genesis begins with

creation, where humans live in the presence of their
Lord, so the New Testament book of Revelation ends
with an even more glorious new creation where all of
the redeemed dwell with the Lord and his Christ.
The historical development between the beginning and
the end is crucial, for the journey proceeds through the
land promised to Abraham. The Promised Land is the
place where Gods people will once again live under his

lordship and experience his blessed presence.

In this stimulating study from the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, Oren Martin demonstrates how
the land promise advances the place of the kingdom
that was lost in Eden, also serving as a type throughout Israels history that anticipates the even greater
land that will result from the person and work of
Christ and be enjoyed in the new creation for eternity.

o r en R . m a rt i n (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of Christian

theology at Boyce College at Southern Seminary. Previously, he served as professor of theology at
Northland International University and on staff for the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.
He has written articles and book reviews for various publications including the Journal of Evangelical
Theological Society, Trinity Journal and the Gospel Coalition.


march 201 5

Features & Benefi ts

Tyndale Old Testament


Series updates include discoveries

from the Ancient Near East, a key
emphasis on linguistics and a revised
exegetical format

Volume includes introduction,

translation, analysis and section-bysection commentary

Each section of scriptural text includes

segments on context, comment and


The Song
of Songs

about the series

Series Editor: David G. Firth
Consulting Editor: Tremper Longman III
The Tyndale Old Testament
Commentaries have long been a trusted
resource for Bible study. Written by
some of the worlds most distinguished
evangelical scholars, these volumes
offer clear, reliable and relevant
explanations of every book in the Old

Iain M. Duguid


RELIGION / biblical commentary / old testament

160 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-4286-5, $18.00, WIV

This Old Testament book, the best of songs, has

fascinated and perplexed interpreters for centuries.
We hear the passionate melody of romantic love and
are confronted by erotic imagery, but whose love is
described? Is it a couples love for each other, Gods
love for his people or a poem that speaks to love in all
its dimensions?

Iain Duguids commentary explains how the Song is

designed to show us an idealized picture of married
love, in the context of a fallen and broken world. It
also convicts us of how far short of this perfection we
fall, both as humans and as lovers, and drives us repeatedly into the arms of our true heavenly husband,
Jesus Christ.

i a i n M . d u g u i d (PhD, University of Cambridge) is professor of Old Testament at Grove City College and
pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Grove City, Pennsylvania. His books include Living in the Gap
Between Promise and Reality and Hero of Heroes, as well as commentaries on Ezekiel, Daniel, Ruth, Esther
and more. He is a contributor to the New Living Translation Study Bible, the HCSV Study Bible and the
ESV Study Bible.


a p r i l 20 1 5

Tyndale New Testament


Features & Benef its

Second edition includes updated and

expanded introduction, analysis and
section-by-section commentary

Updated series takes into account new

knowledge, critical questions, literary
context and Bible translations

Written for the educated layperson,

while also helpful to pastors and



Second Edition

about the series

Series Editor: Eckhard J. Schnabel
Consulting Editor: Nicholas Perrin
Written by some of the worlds most
distinguished evangelical scholars, the
Tyndale New Testament Commentaries
offer clear, reliable and relevant
explanations of every book in the New

Douglas J. Moo


RELIGION / biblical commentary / new testament

240 pages, paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 978-0-8308-4287-2, $18.00, WIV

The genius of the letter of James lies in its powerfully

simple call for repentance, for action and for a consistent Christian lifestyle. In this revised commentary
Douglas Moo allows Jamess words to cut through our
theological debates, our personal preconceptions and
our spiritual malaise and return us to an invigorating,
transforming Christianity. This second-edition volume
in the storied Tyndale New Testament Commentary
series includes a new extensive introduction, analysis

and section-by-section commentary of the book of

The Bible is being translated, commented on, read,
studied, preached and analyzed as never before. But
it is questionable whether it is being obeyed to a
comparable degree, Moo says in the preface. All this
suggests that the message of James is one that we all
need to hearand obey.

d o u g l a s j . m oo (PhD, University of St Andrews) is the Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of New

Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School. He has written numerous New Testament
commentaries for the NIV Application Commentary series and the Tyndale New Testament
Commentary series. Since 2006, he has chaired the Committee on Bible Translation, the group of
scholars charged with revising the text of the NIV.

may 2 0 1 5

new in series

h ag gai, zec hariah & m al achi

The post-exilic prophetic books of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi are
set in times of great adversity, when the earlier prophets promises for
Jerusalems restoration seem far from memory. These books restate Gods
intention to establish his glorious kingdom, and explain what this means
for the lives of his people. In this Apollos Old Testament Commentary,
Anthony Petterson offers detailed commentary on these prophetic books,
setting them in their wider biblical-theological context. He shows the
connections between the post-exilic world and our own, and explains how
these books contain a vital message for the church today, living in the gap
between promise and reality.


RELIGION / biblical commentary / old testament

448 pages, hardcover, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2524-0, $45.00, WIV

a nt h on y R . p ette r son is lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew at Morling College, New South Wales,
Australia. Previously he served as pastor of Hornsby Heights Baptist Church, Sydney, and associate pastor of
Grosvenor Road Baptist Church, Dublin. He is the author of Behold Your King: The Hope for the House of David in the
Book of Zechariah, and study notes on Haggai and Zechariah for a new edition of the NIV Study Bible.

may 2 0 1 5

new in series

com m entary on john, volu me 2

In the latest addition to the Ancient Christian Texts series, translator
David R. Maxwell and editor Joel C. Elowsky render a service to students
of patristics and New Testament studies alike. The first complete English
translation of Cyril of Alexandrias Commentary on John since the
nineteenth century, this volume unveils one of the brightest lights in
the Alexandrian tradition. It rests on Puseys critical edition of the Greek
text and displays Cyrils profound theological interpretation of Scripture
and his appeal to the patristic tradition that preceded him. This is an
indispensable tool for understanding Cyrils approach to Scripture.


religion / biblical commentary / new testament

400 pages, hardcover, 7 x 10 inches, 978-0-8308-2912-5, $60.00, W

Dav i d R . M a x w e l l (PhD, University of Notre Dame)

is associate professor of systematic theology at
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. His primary research
interest is in the early church and he is ordained in
the Lutheran Church.

joe l c . e low s k y (PhD, Drew University) is associate

professor of historical theology at Concordia Seminary,
St. Louis. He also served as a volume editor for the
Ancient Christian Doctrine series.

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avah i 20
l a b1 5l e

Now In Paperback

incar n at i on
The late Thomas F. Torrance has been called the greatest Reformed
theologian since Karl Barth and the greatest British theologian of the
twentieth century by prominent voices in the academy. His work has
profoundly shaped contemporary theology in the English-speaking world.
This first of two volumes comprises Thomas F. Torrances lectures
delivered to students in Christian Dogmatics on Christology at New
College, Edinburgh, from 1952 to 1978. In eight chapters these expertly
edited lectures focus on the meaning and significance of the incarnation
and the person of Christ.


RELIGION / christian theology / christology

371 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2459-5, $35.00, USM

T Ho m as f. to r r a nce (19132007) occupied the chair of Christian dogmatics at the University of Edinburgh for
twenty-seven years. He was the recipient of the Templeton Foundation Prize for Progress in 1978, and he served
as moderator of the Church of Scotland and coeditor of the Scottish Journal of Theology.

now ava
ava ii ll aa bb ll ee

now in paperback

ne w testa m ent t h eolo gy

Here is a New Testament theology that does not succumb to the fashion of
settling for an irreconcilable diversity of New Testament voices but argues
that a synthetic New Testament theology is a real possibility. Beginning
with the Gospels and Acts, proceeding to each of Pauls letters, focusing
then on the Johannine literature and finally looking at Hebrews and the
remaining general epistles, Marshall repeatedly stops to assess the view.
And gradually he builds up a composite synthesis of the unified theological
voice of the New Testament.


religion / christian theology / general

765 pages, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 978-0-8308-2538-7, $35.00, WIV

i . h owa r d m a r s h a l l

(PhD, University of Aberdeen) is emeritus professor of New Testament exegesis and

honorary research professor at the University of Aberdeen. He is the author of New Testament Theology: Many
Witnesses, One Gospel as well as commentaries on Luke, Acts, 1-2 Thessalonians, the Pastoral Epistles, 1 Peter and
1-3 John. Additionally, he is coauthor of Exploring the New Testament: A Guide to the Letters and Revelation and coeditor
of the New International Greek Testament Commentary series.


recent re l e ases

the acts of the apostles

called (audio)

Recently discovered in the Durham Cathedral

Library, J. B. Lightfoots commentary on the
Acts of the Apostles is a landmark event of
great significance to both church and academy. Carefully transcribed and edited, these
texts give us a new appreciation for Lightfoots contributions to biblical scholarship.

To live as followers of Jesus is the most urgent call upon Gods people. Mark Labberton
returns to the fundamentals of human life,
identifying universal issues in a context of
people, time and place. Called points the way
forward for Christians to rediscover their
calling to be agents of change in our world.

viii + 399 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-2944-6,

$40.00 / ivp academic

247 minutes, audio CD, 978-0-8308-5574-2,

$16.00 / IVP books


A change of heart

This companion volume to T. F. Torrances Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ presents
the material on the work of Christ, centered
in the atonement, given originally in his
lectures delivered to his students in Christian
Dogmatics on Christology at New college,
Edinburgh, from 19521978.

How did one of last centurys most celebrated

liberals change so dramatically? In this intellectual and spiritual memoir, Thomas Oden
journeys from conservative rural Methodism in Oklahoma to free-spirited theological
innovation in academia, and back to the
foundations of ancient Christianity.

489 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2458-8,

$35.00 / IVP academic

384 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-4035-9,

$40.00 / IVP academic

the attentive life

the church in exile

Do distractions and busyness keep you from

seeing Gods work? Framed around the monastic concept of praying through the hours
of the day, Leighton Ford helps you develop
spiritual attentiveness so you can pay attention to how God is working through you and
in the world around you.

The church in North America today lives in

a post-Christian society. Lee Beach helps the
people of God to develop a hopeful and prophetic imagination, a theology responsive to
its context, and an exilic identity marked by
faithfulness to Gods mission in the world.

229 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3599-7,

$16.00 / formatio

beyond awkward
Why is it hard to share the good news of
Jesus? Simply put, talking about Jesus is
awkward. Yet when we brave the awkwardness, we see God work. Beau Crosetto helps
us move out of our comfort zones and
beyond the awkwardness to share the lifetransforming power of God with others.


256 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4066-3,

$25.00 / IVP academic

confessing christ for

church and world
This collection of essays by Kimlyn Bender
sheds light on the task of modern theology
and the witness of the church, discussing
Barths understanding of atheism, Schleiermachers Christology and the challenges
posed to the canon by Bart Ehrman.

208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3688-8,

$16.00 / IVP books

391 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4059-5,

$40.00 / IVP academic

building your volunteer team

covenant and commandment

Are you wondering how to get new volunteers

onboard for your ministry? Youth leaders
Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman have heard
all the reasons leaders fail to get and keep
volunteers. Thats why they have developed
this 30-day on-ramp to creating a volunteer
team, with all of the needed tools included.
176 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4121-9,
$16.00 / IVP praxis

Studying key scriptural texts and interacting

with historical and contemporary theologians,
Bradley Green shows how different aspects of
the Christian life are each God-elicited, real
and necessary, providing a theology of the
nature, role and place of works, obedience
and faithfulness in the new covenant.
208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2634-6,
$22.00/ IVP academic

recent r e le ases

doing good without giving up

hidden but now revealed

As Christians, we all want change in the

world. But we dont just aim at changewe
aim at faithfulness and out of faithfulness
comes fruitfulness. Activist Ben Lowe renews
our mission with key postures, practices and
real-life examples of persevering in faithful
activism and advocacy today.

This book explores the biblical conception of

mystery as an initial, partially hidden revelation that is subsequently more fully revealed,
shedding light not only on the richness of
the concept itself, but also on the broader
relationship between the Old and New Testaments.

208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3679-6,

$16.00 / IVP books

393 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2718-3,

$27.00 / IVP academic

eternal living

knowing jesus through the

old testament

Whether influenced by Dallas Willard as a

family member, friend, professor, philosopher
or reformer, contributors bring refreshing
insight into his ideas, what shaped him and
also his contagious theology of grace and
joy. These snapshots and Dallas-isms move
readers toward deeper experiences of God.
240 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-3595-9,
$22.00 / formatio

the future of evangelical theology

The shift of Christianity from the EuroAmerican West to the Global South invites a
thorough rethinking of evangelical theology. In this bold theological proposal, Amos
Yong draws on the Asian American religious
experience to develop a pentecostal global
evangelical theology.
255 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4060-1,
$25.00 / IVP academic

god dwells among us

Just as we do today, the writers of the Old Testament felt a deep longing for the presence of
God. Tracing the themes of Eden, the temple,
Gods presence and the new creation, this
book seeks to fuel the churchs passion to fulfill its missiondemonstrating Gods abiding
presence to the ends of the earth.
215 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4414-2,
$17.00 / IVP books

Has the Bible bound Christians to a narrow

and mistaken notion of Jesus? In this updated
book, Christopher Wright traces the life of
Christ as it is illuminated by the Old Testament and describes Gods design for Israel as
it is fulfilled in the story of Jesus.
288 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2359-8,
$18.00/ IVP academic

language for god in patristic

Criticism of myth in the Bible is not a
modern problem. Mark Sheridan, an expert
in early Christianity, explores how ancient
Christian theologians interpreted Scripture
in order to address the problem of attributing
human characteristics and emotions to God.
256 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4064-9,
$26.00 / IVP academic

leading small groups in

the way of jesus
Why do Christians gather together? Often,
its because thats just what Christians do.
Missional consultant Scott Boren helps you
lead your small group into deeper community
even as you follow Jesus into Gods mission.
224 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3681-9,
$16.00 / IVP books

the good shepherd

lessons in belonging

Kenneth Bailey, with his celebrated insights

into Middle Eastern culture, traces the theme
of the good shepherd from its origins in
Psalm 23 through the prophets and into the
New Testament, observing how it changed,
developed and was applied by the biblical
writers over a thousand-year span.

Why bother with a church? This is now the

first theological hurdle not just for millennials but for people of faith from all sectors.
Erin Lane mines her own complicated relationship with the church to give fresh insight
into the complexities and possibilities of a
shared faith.
208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4317-6,
$16.00 / IVP crescendo

288 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4063-2,

$24.00 / IVP academic


recent re l e ases

life together in christ


Weve all been let down by so-called community. Veteran spiritual director Ruth Haley
Barton helps us get personal and practical
about experiencing transformation together.
This interactive guide allows us to grow
through and by the experience of transforming

The book of Psalms is the heart of the Old

Testament. It also anticipates Jesus Christ.
In this Tyndale Old Testament Commentary,
Tremper Longman interprets each psalm in
its Old Testament setting, summarizes its
overall message and reflects on its significance from a New Testament perspective.

176 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-3586-7,

$18.00 / formatio

479 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4285-8,

$18.00 / ivp academic


psalms 1-72 & psalms 73-150

In this latest volume in the Reformation

Commentary on Scripture series, volume
editor Beth Kreitzer introduces us to the wisdom and insight of familiar and unfamiliar
reformers alike as they unpack the riches of
Lukes inspired narrative of the things that
have been accomplished among us (Lk 1:1).

Derek Kidner provides a fresh and penetrating guide to the Psalms in these two
volumes, analyzing each psalm in depth,
commenting on interpretative questions
and bringing out the universal relevance
of the texts.

400 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-2966-8,

$50.00 / IVP academic


196 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2937-8,

$18.00 / IVP academic
242 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2938-5,
$18.00 / IVP academic

naming the elephant

questioning your doubts

In this companion to The Universe Next Door,

James W. Sire offers his refined definition of a
worldview and addresses key questions about
the existential and intellectual formation of
worldviews, the public and private dimensions of worldviews, and how worldviews
help us navigate our pluralistic universe.

Scientist and cancer researcher Christina

Powell helps us grapple with our doubts
about God, helping us move beyond skepticism, disillusionment or painful life circumstances to work through challenges to faith
and find a renewed confidence in our beliefs
when we dig deeper into our questions.

174 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4073-1,

$20.00 / IVP academic

208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3678-9,

$16.00 / IVP books

overturning tables

the radical disciple

The history of Protestant mission in the world

has unfolded in step with the history of the
modern marketplace, defining missions success in marketplace terms. Scott Bessenecker
points toward a view of missions freed of
false attachments to material paradigms and
tailored toward a kingdom vision.

John Stott explores eight aspects of Christian

discipleship which are too often neglected
and yet deserve to be taken seriously: nonconformity, Christlikeness, maturity, creation
care, simplicity, balance, dependence and
death.The message is simple, classic and personal: Jesus is Lord. He calls. We follow.

201 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3680-2,

$16.00 / IVP books

144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3684-0,

$13.00/ IVP books

the pietist vision of christian

higher education


Bringing together leading scholars associated

with Bethel University, this volume presents
a distinctively Pietist approach to Christian
higher education, which emphasizes the
transformation of the whole person for service to God and neighbor.

The doctrine of sanctification has spent the

last few decades waiting not-so-patiently
behind ideas like election and justification by
faith alone. In this volume, twelve theologians explore the meaning and significance of
sanctification for contemporary evangelical
theology and practice.

230 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4071-7,

$26.00 / ivp academic

300 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4062-5,

$28.00 / ivp academic

recent r e le ases


true you

R. Paul Stevens examines examples of service

that were motivated by imagination, passion,
faith, hope and lovefrom Genesis to Revelation. Out of these studies you will discover
how to live and serve wholeheartedly. No
matter what your profession, you are a full
time minister of Jesus Christ.

Pressure to perform and conform starts early

in a womans life and never stops. Designed
to take you deeper with God on your own or
in a group, these pages offer a reminder that
there is a true you waiting to be known in
each of us and that the world awaits the stories that each of us were made to tell.

64 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3106-7,

$8.00 / IVP connect

176 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4315-2,

$16.00 / IVP crescendo


the way of grace

In this honest guide, life coach Daniel Allen

shares how he heard Gods wake-up call on
his life and how we can thrive in our faith,
vocation and relationships, all while addressing common pitfalls that trip us up as men.
God is shaping you into a leader, and he is
sending you out to serve others.

With poignant vulnerability, The Way of Grace

describes Reverend Glandion Carneys journey from the diagnosis of Parkinsons disease
into a new land of Gods amazing grace. We
too can experience lives full of grace and
truth, courageously searching out Gods wonders every day.

216 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3687-1,

$16.00 / IVP books

160 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3594-2,

$15.00 / formatio

theologys epistemological dilemma

what your body knows about god

Karl Barth and Alvin Plantinga are not

thought of as theological allies, with Barths
opposition to philosophys role in theology
and Plantingas emphasis on warranted belief.
Kevin Diller argues that they actually offer a
unified response to the central epistemological dilemma in theology.

Scientists are now discovering ways that our

bodies are designed to connect with God.
Journalist Rob Moll explores the fascinating
ways our brains and bodies interact with God
and spiritual realities, using neuroscience to
show how our brains actually change and
adapt when engaged in spiritual practices.

352 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3906-3,

$30.00 / IVP academic

217 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3677-2,

$16.00 / IVP books

to everyone an answer

why i am a christian

In a society that believes anything goes,

the Christian worldview faces aggressive
opposition. Francis J. Beckwith, William Lane
Craig and J. P. Moreland assembled the essays
in this bookcovering all major aspects of
apologeticsto help you make a more coherent defense for the Christian faith.

Perhaps youve had the funny feeling that

God wants to get your attention. John Stott
has spent a lifetime wrestling with questions
about Jesus both personally and in dialogue
with skeptics and seekers around the globe.
Now he provides a compelling, persuasive
case for considering the Christian faith.

396 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4074-8,

$28.00 / IVP academic

140 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3685-7,

$13.00 / IVP books

true paradox

with the clouds of heaven

The complexity of the contemporary world

is sometimes seen as an embarrassment for
Christianity. But law professor David Skeel
shares how Christianity offers plausible
explanations for the central puzzles of our
existence and provides a comprehensive
framework for understanding human life.

Perceiving a hole that should be filled with a

robust treatment of Daniel, James Hamilton
delves into the books rich contribution to
the Bibles unfolding redemptive-historical
storyline. He addresses key questions and
examines the literary structure, visions, heavenly beings and typological patterns.

176 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3676-5,

$15.00 / IVP books

272 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2633-9,

$25.00 / IVP academic


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$8.00, ivp connect

John Stott BiBle StudieS

12 Studies with Commentary for Individuals or Groups


Building a Community in Christ

Joh n



$8.00, ivp connect

$8.00, ivp connect

$8.00, ivp connect

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The battle between good and evilin both the earthly and spiritual
realmswas an inescapable inspiration for C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien and their
contemporaries. Inhabit the literary and theological worlds of the
Inklings as they consider spiritual warfare, the problem of
evil and the promise of goodness.
F o r m o r e i n f o r m at i o n s e e p a g e 4 .

I s t h e r e a c r e at i v e ,
S p i r i t- i n s p i r e d i d e a

stirring within

yo u ?

B r i n g Yo u r G o d - Gi v e n


to L i f e

F o r m o r e i n f o r m at i o n s e e p a g e 2 0 .