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U.S. Congressman JIM COSTA Representing the 16th District of California Dear Friend, [As you know, House Republicans, Senator Feinstein and I have been working on legislation that will provide more reliable vrater deliveries to our Valley. The purpose of the legislation would be to create greater ‘operational flexibility to take adventage of rain‘all that we were unable to capture in March of this year and in the last water year. Some estimates indicate that with greater flexibility an additional 1,000,000 acre fect of ‘water could have been delivered to the Valley. I am as frustrated as| know you are about yasterday’s announcement by Senator Feinstein that the Senate will not move a bill this year. However, given the progress we have made, | think we need to continue to build on this effort after we return from the Thanksgiving recess. The drought crisis that is affecting California, and in particular the people of the San Joaquin Vallay, demands action. I remain committed to reaching a deal prior to the year’s end that will enhance our ability to recover from thisdrought and will continue to explore any and all options available to do so. |look forward to ‘working with my colleagues in the House to advance water legislation that will help alleviate the impacts to the San Joaquin Valley and to the rest of Califomia. As ie all know, California is facing an extreme drought and our San Joaquin Valley is suffering. The time to act isnow. Until we get a bipartisan, comprehensive water bill passed, this issue will remain as one of my top oriorities. Please feel free to contact me on this or any other federal issue of importance to you. cerely, fh JIM COSTA Member of Congress