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Lot 3 – SaaS

Lot 3

Visa Management as a Service

HP Visa Management as a Service (VMaaS) Visa Management is a
full suite of modular and service oriented applications designed to
securely manage biometric visa applications & biometric identities,
centrally review and approve applications, personalize & issue
visas, eVisas and resident permits and store the Visa Applications in
a centrally available National Visa Information System (N-VIS).
These applications are designed for use at embassies, consulates, outsourced Visa
Application Centers (VAC), and other visa-issuing locations (e.g. Visa on Arrival) and
HQ and involved agencies. The system provides an interface to be integrated into new
or existing Border Management Systems and features a convenient visa web portal for
starting the visa application directly from home over the internet. The service is
delivered by HP’s Agile Delivery Services, HP’s Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud
Services and Gemalto’s Visa Management System (Coesys).

Service Overview
The Visa Management Service provides the infrastructure,
network connectivity, software and delivery services to
effectively manage, end-to-end, all VAC and DOC centers
throughout the world as Software as a Service (SaaS) with all
the required resiliency expected of a critical national service.
The service components provide the following functional
benefits: Distributed Services for an end-to-end solution;
Database LookUp and History Concept; Passport Capture
and Verification; Face Capture and QA; Iris Capture and QA;
Fingerprint Capture and QA; Signature Capture and
Processing; Demographics Capture; A4 Document Capture /
Archive; Summary and Receipt Print; Approval Service;
Service Denial / Control (Watch) List Checks; Printing
Service; Issuing Service; External Interfaces and Visa
Management – Web portal.
HP Enterprise Cloud Service Virtual Private Cloud Services
(ECS-VPC) offers the benefits of cloud computing whilst
meeting enterprise-class requirements for security,
performance, and availability accredited at IL3.
These Services consist of the provision of physical or virtual
servers, related storage, software and other resources,
configuration and support services, to host the application
development services and eventual production service.
HP provides two differing service packages utilising the
following Lot 3 (SaaS) deployment models:

Visa Management as a Service – Development (Dev
and Test) Private Cloud - provides Agile Delivery
Services to rapidly configure the solution utilising 8
staff for 8 months across 4 sprints. ECS VPC Service

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G-Cloud customers through
an unsurpassed portfolio of
services that provides:

Agility with EnterpriseGrade Cloud Computing
Security, reliability, and
control of private cloud
options with flexibility
and scalability of public
cloud options
Highly automated and
fast service provisioning
and decommissioning
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operating system hardening. firewalls and routers.HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd G Cloud Lot 3 – SaaS is a virtual (multi-tenant) deployed from HPs Private Cloud (IL3) provided from HP’s data centres to host the development software  Visa Management as a Service – Runtime (Live Service) provides the ability to host the developed software in a Live Production environment within HPs Private Cloud – ECS VPC Service which is a virtual (multi-tenant) Private Cloud (IL3). HP has designed them to be suitable to IL4 processing. HP VMaaS has implemented numerous physical security measures. and will work with CESG through the G-Cloud Pan Government Accreditation Process. visual identification by 24/7 security personal. access control lists. and other processes.  Strong password policies  Two-factor authentication for network devices  Controlled access to database or system passwords  Each data centre is equipped with physical protection such as such as video cameras on all access points and along the perimeter. six months after the introduction of the Development (DEV) service. HP’s ECS-G VPC Service hosted on physical or virtual services in HP’s industry-leading next-generation data centres offers:  SLAs  Scale-up and scale-down capacity  Capability to meet a customer’s security and compliance requirements. All visits must be prearranged. otherwise access is denied The data centres used to provide these services have ISO 27001 accreditation. The Live service is priced on application and it is envisaged that this will be accredited to IL3. Information Level Date Accredited Forecast Accredition Date 0 N/A 1 N/A 2 N/A 3 6 months from call off 4/5 N/A HP Confidential—subject to use restriction Page-2 . key card access and ID cards. Information Assurance HP VMaaS is ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified and protected by a solution that features security provisions across all technology layers. Production scalability and performance will depend upon the Customer’s precise requirements to transform the service.

offboarding. provisioning the infrastructure for the service. hardware. The licences are only valid for the duration of the contract with the option to renew. HP will provide monitoring of the application and infrastructure 24 x 7 using industryleading system monitors for availability and 2nd and 3rd line support. HP will provide an Agile Delivery Team (8 staff) to configure and develop the services using an 8 month duration with a series of 4 sprints. Connectivity HP can support PSN and GSI network connectivity. the GCloud customer may incur additional hardware. HP will provide a price on application to migrate configuration and data into a the live service environment and to stand up the suitable environment for resilience and scalability needs. hardware. Depending upon the connectivity required. Licence Management HP provides software licences for the application and infrastructure as a bundled‘ cost together with the VMaaS excluding middleware and database. including network. The customer commits to base and peak capacity and only pays for the resources used within that range as described in that service with the same onboarding. while both VPN devices are owned. HP will provide monitoring of the application and infrastructure 24 x 7 using industryleading system monitors for availability and 2nd and 3rd line support. There is no requirement to purchase perpetual licences. This will be identified on the Order Form and agreed prior to service commencement. The VMaaS service fees differs for DEV environments versus LIVE.HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd G Cloud Lot 3 – SaaS Service Deployment Service Deployment to DEV/TEST HP will provide one instance with Test (TEST). While many customers connect to HP VMaaS through the internet with no special requirements. Service Deployment LIVE HP will provide Production (LIVE). Customers may choose between the following options:  Establish the VPN over the internet and HP SaaS data centre. including network. and software that is necessary to support the application. and software that is necessary to support the application. some customers Information Security policies require that all traffic to go through a VPN. Dependencies HP ECS-VPC Service provides Burst resources. provisioning the infrastructure for the service. software. service management. change in services. maintain and own the VPN device on his side  Establish the VPN over the internet and HP SaaS data centre. backup/restore and HP Confidential—subject to use restriction Page-3 . supplied and maintained by the customer. and will manage all networking infrastructure within HP’s data centre. and services costs to establish network connectivity. maintain and owned the VPN device on the SaaS side and customer to manage. It allows a customer to quickly flex server and storage resources up and down to meet their business needs in both DEV and LIVE services. HP SaaS to manage.

Training Can be provided via the GDS framework at SFIA rates with price on request. OneTime Service Charges (Agile Delivery Services and ECS-VPC Services). Service Levels and Credits. Disaster Recovery. Service Levels. minimum service terms as described in the ECS-VPC Service. disengagement. Data Loss: Limited HP Responsibility.HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd G Cloud Lot 3 – SaaS archive – Data Files (Excluding Databases which is an option. HP Confidential—subject to use restriction Page-4 .

Customer Data will be permanently erased without further notice to Customer. if Customer has obtained optional backup service. if any) after (i) receiving Customer’s notice that Customer Data have been removed or. HP Confidential—subject to use restriction Page-5 . HP will restore Customer Data to the Customer designated server or storage within the HP environment (at additional cost. are not included within the core pricing as the G-Cloud customer. can choose a number methods of implementing the G-Cloud Service either by choosing to synchronise the move with upgrades to applications or rollout of new capability. including any work in progress. HP will hand over the set of defined deliverables for the service engagement. Transition prices (including data migration).  Upon Such requests must be submitted within thirty (30) days after expiration or termination of Call-Off Agreement. Thereafter. Depending on the scope and size of the change. unless stated. pro-rated on a per diem basis for additional days of operation required to restore and retrieve backups).HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd G Cloud Lot 3 – SaaS Joining the HP Cloud Family Onboarding Customer enquiries and Call-Off Contracts should be directed to the HP UKPS Framework Management Centre by emailing ukpsframework.  Give Customer notice that all operating systems and storage media have been erased and that all access to the HP network and HP Cloud Services has ceased. These services are available via HP’s Lot 4 Offerings on CloudStore. as well as normal Charges. including HP’s then-current standard Charges for restores. if no such notice is received (ii) expiration of thirty (30) days from expiration or the effective date of termination.response@hp. the parties shall have the following responsibilities. HP will provide the nominated G-Cloud customer with a simple Service Request Form to capture the required order details.  Over-write all storage media (including backups. or promptly following issuance of a termination notice. dependent on their business requirements. Offboarding and Disengagement Beginning ninety (90) days before the Call-Off Agreement is scheduled to expire. HP’s consultants can assist with the definition of G-Cloud Service architecture to make sure your transition runs smoothly and without disruption. HP will produce a scope and pricing framework within an agreed period of time. Changes in Service HP recognises the G-Cloud customer needs to be able to easily and flexibly change capacity within the HP Cloud Service. HP will:  Give periodic notice to Customer of pending expiration or termination of the Call-Off Agreement and cessation of Service. Upon acceptance of the Call-Off Contract. Changes can be administered via a formal Change Control process as agreed between HP and the customer.  Upon request. Delivery of the service will commence on a date that is mutually agreed.

Service Management HP Enterprise Service Management consists of standard. processes. secure and global IT services delivery model which complements our G-Cloud Services.  Remove all Customer data and Customer software and notify HP.  Disconnect from the HP data centre. scalable processes. HP will determine the service assurance elements required to address specific support requirements to either enhance or compliment existing support functions within the customer’s organisation. Our end-to-end IT service management framework underpins every aspect of HP IT services. consisting of the following components:  Incident Management  Capacity Management  Problem Management  Service Level Management  Change Management  Asset Management  Release Management  Event Management  Configuration Management  Financial Management  Service Request Management  Client Access and Reporting  Service Catalogue Management  Cross-Supplier Integration  Availability Management HP's Standard Reference Architecture (SRA). tools and technology required to deliver quality services within a consistent. Details of any Trial Service available A demonstration of the offered Service(s) and a Proof of Concept environment are available upon request. As part of the Onboarding Process. teams and secure multi-tenant tools enabling IT service management provision based on the ITIL framework. and on receipt of the Customer Call-Off Contract. the integrated implementation of the HP service management tool set and HP global processes.  Provide a receipt for the delivery of the defined service deliverables.HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd G Cloud Lot 3 – SaaS Customer will do all of the following in a timely manner:  Pay the charges due as set out by HP for the work delivered. It includes all the people. Backup/restore and Archive – Data Files (Excluding Databases) HP’s G-Cloud offering for VMaas includes the following backup strategy as standard:  Differential daily backups of G-Cloud Customer data  Weekly full backups of G-Cloud Customer data  Retention of backups for thirty (30) days HP Confidential—subject to use restriction Page-6 .  Request that HP remove Customer’s domain names from the Enterprise Cloud Service (ECS) domain.

although Service Levels may be reported for partial months.g. Customers using these services for Customer-managed servers must install and configure backup software. Service Levels will be based on those for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP application covering availability and 2nd/3rd levels support arrangement. archival and recovery services (as described above). Any DR strategy that is put in place will be in addition to the base pricing of this offering. and at additional cost:  Encryption and off-site storage of the foregoing backups  Retention of file backups for thirty (30).HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd G Cloud Lot 3 – SaaS  Upon request. restoration of the G-Cloud Customer’s files from backups (at HP’s then-current standard rates)  Upon request. other than restoration from then-current backups maintained by HP to the extent that Customer chooses optional backup.g. and can work with the Customer to develop a detailed DR strategy. Description Availability Infrastructure Uptime 99. platform/database support and maintenance) 8x5 GMT (English language) Level 3 Application Support (e. including relevant calculations. if any. provide backups to the G-Cloud Customer for archival purposes (at HP’s then-current standard rates). provide copies of data to Customer for its archival and other purposes (at HP’s then-current standard rates). as Customer may specify  Upon request. in addition. sixty (60). Disaster Recovery HP offers extensive Disaster Recovery capability for tailoring to specific Customer requirements. Archive service includes. or ninety (90) days. Service Credits may be assessed for Faults beginning within the first full calendar month thereafter. HP will provide monthly reports of Service Level performance and applicable Service Credits. Service Constraints Not applicable to this service.5% Level 2 Application Support (e. application changes) 8x5 GMT (English language) HP Confidential—subject to use restriction Page-7 . Service Levels and Credit Service Levels Service Levels are measured and reported from the time servers are made available for Customer use. Data Loss: Limited HP Responsibility HP assumes no responsibility for restoration of lost or corrupted data or applications. Service Credits are not assessed for partial months.

Supporting Information  HP Standard Commercial Terms and Conditions to be used  Acceptable Usage Policy HP Confidential—subject to use restriction Page-8 . risk and value and so are negotiable. These are dependent on volume.HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd G Cloud Lot 3 – SaaS Service Credits HP does offer Credits for under performance against SLAs.