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Franceska Shirka

School of

University For The Creative


Canterbury School Of Arts

The Building
UCA is a specialist university with over 150 years
of experience in supporting and developing
creative arts students. I am attracted to the
buildings geometrical appearance, very clean,
sleek and minimalistic. There is a large amount of
space in and around the uni to create a sculpture,
to distract people from their everyday view. !
I want to create an illusion through photographs
and digital media to disrupt this, something
unrealistic come to life through images.!

As it is pretty evident there is allot of space to

work with inside the campus.

Anish Kapoor - Cloud Gate

My main inspiration was Cloud Gate, a public sculpture by Indian - Born British
Artist Anish Kapoor, that is the centerpiece of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park in the
Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois.

Arran Gregory

Arik Levy

Mirrored Architecture

My Idea

My initial idea is to photograph the uni outside, inside, during

teachings, break times ( where students will be roaming) any time of
day. I will be interacting with students to help me with my concept. !

What I would like to do is create a digital illusion of something that

is not there, a structure, geometrical statue, the unknown, and have
students around it, not noticing it actually there. I will also be
involving students, having them 'interact and notice something that
is not visible to them.!

I will be photographing the uni with a digital camera and adding the
sculptures through various mobile apps.

Tools of Trade

I will be using various apps to

create different effective
photographs. They each offer
different geometrical ways to
edit photographs which work
very well creating interesting
and unusual images. !





Fragment is an app that allows

you to create eye catching and
unusual images, creating
different geometrical shapes
reflecting different parts of the
image, disrupting it and
creating a unusual collage. I
believe this would work very
well with images of the
campus close up and of
students work.



Matter is an app allowing you

to add reflective structures
within the photographed
environment, seeming almost
realistic with the accuracy of
shadows and reflections within
the structure, I will be using
this app to add structures
within the campus, posing
students in a way to have them
appearing to interact or
acknowledge the structure.
This will make images of the
campus stand out.



Tangent is an app that offers

many different abstract
overlays for images, from lines,
geometrical shapes, to give the
image a more digital
illustration feel, I believe
images of students sculptures
and parts of the building
would work well applying
these effects to make it more


Testing Apps with stock photos

Testing Apps with stock photos

Examples in london

Projects using mobile apps



Vsco + Rays

Outcome & Aims


A Wide selection of different images using different editing and effects to suit different audiences.!

Ranging around 15-20 Different images!

You will be able to select your preferred images to suit the area you will like to present them.
( Website, blogs, posters, magazine, promo)!

The theme and style of the photos will mostly be based around retro, abstract, and very creative
which reflects the students creative minds and architecture in one.!

This can also be very versatile as the apps are available to the public, any students who are inspired
by this may create their own.!


To create a series of eye catching images promoting UCA in different ways.!

To grab the attention of viewers of different ages who are interested in the univirsity!

Examples of In-App Projects

VSCOcam_ Rays


Mosaic Tiles

Time Management

Final Outcome

Can be used in any form of

publishing, magazine,
promotion, website etc.!

Selection of 15+ images

presented on a disk.!

Aim to create interesting and

abstract images of the
environment in the uni and