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ControlLogi Controllers Troubleshooting Guide For Use with RSLogix 5000™ Software Corporate Headquarters Fake Autraton, 7 East Wiszorsn vue Site 140, Miva, 202-5302 USA, Tet (4142125200 Fa) 142125201 eadquaos for llon-Bradley Products, Reckwell Sofware Products and Giobal Manfacuring Slutons Arwricas cel Atoraton, 2 Suh Sond Stat, Milvaukoe WIST2D 2295 USA, Te 414382700 Fac ataanzeuat Erneta Esti actvolAsanatin SNK Vsstaan sad Soong, 170 Buse gn, Te (22205, Fac 226590610 ‘sa Pec Rockwall futtmati. 27a Cn, 18 White Rat, Causeway Ea Hen Kor, Te B52 7 Fx 220815 eadquaros fr Datige and Roiance lec Protects ners PocwelAtoraton€040PendsCort, Grail, SC 29615-4817 USA Tel (1) 842970, Foc) 064. 281.2483 Fire Esti Rel Anti rina 2.1431 Cali, Garman T6081 S40, F 6061178) ‘sa Pec Rdkwalfuttmati, Newt ca, 1-1/0 even Hose Singer 78, Te CIT Fax 66901 Catalog Numbee ABT:17E6-TS120- May 2004 2 Reaweranmzn ie An set Pine USE Spender Ptbates ABT TESTS gece Important User Information Because ofthe varity of uss forthe products described in tis publication, those responsible forthe application and use of the products must satisy themselves that all nacessary steps have been taken to ensure that each application and use meets all performance and safety requirements, including any applicable laws, regulation, codes and standards. This documentation should be used only by qualified, experienced and properly trained professionals Throughout this manual, we make references o other lechricl documents. When appjng procedures, you must consul the efrences std regarding more ctl safety information ast apoles o speci circumstances. This publcaton fs pacically updatad and revise, please consul your authoized Rackvel Automation reprasenave fr updates and revsions. Ensure that you are using the mos up ta date techrical earances for your paricular application, Any ilustrations, charts, sample programs and layout examples shown inthis manual are intended solely for purposes of examole. Since thee are many variables and requirements associated wih every parcular nstalation, Rockwell Automation cannot and does not assume responsibilty orkabity (include intlectual property iby for actual use based upon the examples shown in his publication. Inno event wil Rochwel Automaton, Inc, Rackwel Sofware, Inc. or any ofis alate or subsidiary companies (herenaler Rockwell Automaton) be responsible or able for indirect or consequential damage resulting from the use o application ofthese products Reproduction of the contents ofthis copyrighted publication, n whole arin pat, without writen parmision of Rockwell Automaton prohibited. How To Use This Guide This flowchart is designed tobe used by lechiian wth general industrial conrls enprence. Before using this tableshotng guide tisimpotanlto become fiir wih the flowchart symbol used and ther meanings. These can be fourd inte Legnd. Along wih a asic understanding of he symbols itis importante follow safe toubleshoong prctees when rpaing a ystem.iing of safely precautions canbe fund undor the headings Safety Considerations and Precautions Appendix and should be ead before pocasdng th eas. ATTENTION: The controle i assumed to have been ther un or emote Fun made when the problem occured - and no recent changes have been made by he wserto th code or ering dvice. The basc system consis of@ContlLogx™ cone runing ladder logic routines, diserete I/O modules, analog 0 modules, remote (0 modules on @ non-redundant ControlNet™ network, and an [2M>-compatle comput with PSLogi 5000 sotvare Fundion lack diagrams or ther programming languages, dvs and oon, and complex communication ieudng gateways and messaging, Device Ethemet9orEhetetIP DH+™, ec) ae natin te scope of this guide For SUPPORT, contact you local Rockwell Automation, In. salaleupport fice or cl: +1 (440) 646-6800 (you havea registered copy of sofware) bebvaen the hous of GAM and SPM (East Tine), or + 1(414) 512-8176 bebveen the hours of BAM and 4:80PM (COT) For AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY onsite service and pats, cal 1200) 422-4913, Layout of Guide Getting Started ¥ Contoler Power Supply UO Modules ¥ Noise-Related Problems Y 1756 Digital 1756 Digital 1756 Analog Controlfvet mi Module ai Modules VO Modules Networks Produced and Consumed a Flex 10™ a Troubleshooting Procedures Layout of Guide Sally Considerations and Precautions iN Software Procedures [tas | Major Fault Types and Codes [ase |] ‘Troubleshooting Appendioes Safety Precautions [The waming tangle symbol i found throughout the troubleshooting procedures that follaw. Whenaver you encounter the warning ltiangle, you MUST REFER to Appendix A Safely Considerations and Precautions found althe end ofthis guide. I outines important steps that must be taken. These lems either guard your safety or the safety of your co-workers, or they provide important deals fo minimize chances of damage to your machine, process, or dive When Troubleshooting, Pay Careful Attention to These General Warnings: ING) ATTENTION: Have all personnel remain clear ofthe controlled equipment when poweisapaled. The problem may be FV incrmitent, and sudden unexpected machine mation could oocur and recultin injury. Have someone ready to operate an emergency stop such in case become necessary to shutoff power othe controled equipment. Also, see NFPA TOE Par I for addtional guidelines for safety elated work practces ATTENTION: Never reach into @ machine to actuate & swith since unexpected machine motion ean cecur and caus injury. ATTENTION; Remove all electical power al the Main Power Diconnect switches, + Removing poner rom ane supply does NOT necessatiy remove power ram anyother power supply. + Fclaase andor retain stored energy of auxiary sources of power. This can include energy stored in capactars, springs, steam, compressed air, or hydraulic systems. + Follow the general quidalines of NFPA 7OE Part when replacing modules or performing repairs on the system, Legend This symbol identifies the stating pointon each tab. (EGG) A yellow box asks a question to determine the cause of the problem. [EGR rcrange bor suggests a possible cause ofthe problem. [Tlie] A blue box suggests the actions to perform, Yes be Yes, No, and other text give ansivers to questions. Always follow the path wih the comect anewar in the direction of the arrow. This symbol identfes important sfaty precautions related io the curent bos, Refer to Appendix A Salety Considerations and Precautions This symbol relates steps or information onthe chat tothe corresponding symbol on the graphic. This symbol indicates that the logical pth you ara following is contrued an the tab withthe given number. _ B® La ls Diagnooto Neasagee PanelView™ Terminal or Other Human Machine Itorlaoe 7 a Power fluotustions transients frem inooming power sourves Incuotive loads thatare powered by hard oontants Variable frequenoy drives and servo drives - oaused by the high frequenoy ewitohing ofthe power (veltage end ourreni) tothe motors thats done by he drive ampiiirs Nearby ARC welding that uses the same grounding grid Nearby generators or high frequenoy dive systoms that ave been improperly shislded Nearby high requenoy communications tranomitterscuoh as celular phones ‘romTab 1 Cone, twe, oF more (tal) = ~~ Controller OK LED Controller was in normal RUN made before the faut Green Solid Off (lo Ligh) LED Prost Red When troubleshooting using controller ed Flashing LEDs, view the LEDs inthe following order 4. OK (Controlled 2.10 Gaps may ena fovea Tae Geen Off ee nary tsa cee teunateSaeo Selig (NeLight) Solid upuseg. wnt conti orgat ene ite tut be cetgeato coe otto, te ec bari ha fie omen at) Testeshaing 10 aero oreen soit ( fo tight) NN 7 ® Te change te Remete Tunmede wing the keyswiteh, select RUN ‘and then REM. Controller RUN LED Controller IjO LED. ff (o Light) Green 8 Green Flashing ed Flasning IGE om Ta 14,28, na sk Green gts) Sold Green _ Red Flashing Flashing Conte Pribens Non-Redundant Power Supplies ‘Non-Radundant Power Suppliss: + 1756.78 Low Jumperto Lah Jumper to Right EEE tom Tab 2 and 2A) Treblshoatng owe 16 Suppl Frobiens Non-Redundant Power Supplies ‘Non. Redundant Pewer Supplies: + 1758.2A728 + 1628726 + ABATIA + 1756287518 ‘rom Tab 3A “esleosig Pome 8 Sor abees @ siagosie ren 1756-PSCA Chassis Adapter Module (Series B Chassis Only) 4756-PSCA Front View 1756-PSCASi¢e View {75E-CPR cable Contosior SGT romta a 3B “otinctoing Poe 20 See eles Redundant Power Supplies: + 1758-PATSRIA + 1756-PBISRIA Plestc Barrier__ 1758-CPR Cable Connector Redundant Power Supplies x ® LEDs: Power onjott switen LED Goior Key off lo Light) BB Grosn 80 a ater sot Non-Fed (on Redundancy) Solid-State Relay Connestions Power Input Connections ‘rom Tab Sand 38 = _ 1756-CPR Cable -.91 \ men 1755-PSCA Redundant Power Supply Chassis ‘Adapter Module Redundant Power Supplies feduncant Power Supplies: es ee + 1758-PB7SRIA Annunciator wiing * This is only one possible sotup fora redundant system using one chassis, ‘rom Tab 9 Supply robes u RSLogix 5000 Software Attention Triangles A -@BJ 1/0 Configuration RSLogix 5000 Local §) (0) 1756-08160 Local_Outputs sotmatéatenion edule 8) 19447568160 Local_ Inputs [4] 1758-0B16D Local_Output PA, [5] 1756-CNB/B Local CNB mpuratis ols Ph, 3 [0] 1756-CNB/B Packaging Line fi, (3]1756-0816D Packaging_Outputs Triangle Remote Output Module (A) ® ‘lot Number of Wodule ‘Wom Tab 28, 2, 3B, 30, SD, and 114 RSLogix 5000 Software Remote Attention Triangles -S@ 1/0 Configuration ora J (011756-0816D Locel_ Outputs [Beepeaannerieee Local 8) (21175618160 Local Inputs [Paes communications votes Module (Begin Here) a = Deed ~ ote enor * contamtzions (6) Remote Output Module ‘rom Tab 4and 5 || Cextingtred wih 0 Plone 28 RSLogix 5000 Software Remote Attention Triangles 1/0 Configuration §] [0]1756-0B16D Local_Qutpute AJ (211756-1816D Local_Inputs §) (4]1758-0B1€D Local_Qutput fa §) (5) 1756-CNB/8 Local_CNB Gl. §J 30] 1756-0NB/E Packaging_Line (Gh (91 1756-08180 Packaging_Outputs Remote Ourput Module ConttoNet™ Network (1786 U0 module or 1794 Flex YO™ mode) RSLogix 5000 Software I/O Attention Triangles 4 1/0 Configuration fh, (01 1756-08160 Assembly Digtsl_Cutputs Fautea Local [21 1786-B16D System_Digital Inputs output Module Local Communications Module [=)-- 6} (5]1756-CNB/B Local_CNB Renote Communications Woaule [=~ f) 3 [0] 1756-CNB/B Packaging Line i, (11 1756-L1 Packaging fauteaenoe [3] 1756-0181 €D Pack aging_Qutputs Output Module {rom Tab 4 4A, 8H, €M, and 9 || Ceting Sad wih tens 2 1756 ]O Module Identification ‘oidontty tho modulo, rter tone of to following tens: a © Hardware label |or0 for Input or ouput (B) (inside module doo1) + lant drawings : seen eee {AorAG,B orD6,F or Fast Response Analog (8) (5-170 Configuaion Sufix Qiagnests, Electronic Fusing Indvicualy Isolated) A 1756Q8 16D), —. I Module Sot Number = Guy tom Tap 28 ana ac 4756-10 Data Oxtput Modi 4D Cig Sted it Prone u 1756 Digital Output Module OK LED Module Status "0: Green 01 Red 1! Flashing + K+ Flashing 0] Green =| 0] fea | sofa — | k| souia Deo of (Wo Lights) rom Tab 40 ies Geen Red Red a) Fusing Sele Noh) ro; fo kK i “olehating 56 Data! 8 Cpe Motte Prsens 1756 Digital Output Module OK LED eeerrius a ea Module Status oft (o Lights) tiomTab 5 |_| —_ cy Digital Output Device Examples (A) ouput Device: a device that receives r | signals from 2 controlle. The following examples are digtal ouput devices: Movor starter coil P soencia vale Contactor Pitt ight Sack Eg Stack Lights {rom Tab Sand 5A Tre devioe ison and wont tum offstay of Tre device i off and wont tur onistay on 40 1756 Digital Output Nodule Signal Flow Controler WO Nodle esr pn Fleta Device Died GE trom Tab se ‘eblchoting 86 igs 2 uta Peslens 11756 Digital Output Nodule Signal Flow Controler WO Nodule esr ba Field Device Ca o¢al:).0DaIa.14 Ped BG ron Ta sc TeblahoningS6igtl “ (pat lel Pabens RSLogix 5000 Software Cross Reference Report (A) ase ac: The fist tag that refers to an area of memory. For Caio [- IJ generated. Eg. Tyre: frag SJ 90006: [assent [center] Cecat:0.Datad ‘Afas Tag: Asecond Hane [oss tat =] {tag that refers to an area of memory. Eg, Star. Flex | Rogan | Rouine Desuaive pit —-toney Tome 7 ac erwey.. Comme N ic Cormey.. conre - Bt nck. nes @) ai Display by Logie START [eg ‘oslehoting 760igtt 46 put ode Pobens RSLogix 5000 Software Force On Indication Ladder Logie Window LocatO:O.Data 14 » Perce a Enabled Forge Vale For Monior Tags Window aes J=Gm Indivates i Any Forcos Exist me _aol and if They Are Enabled (Active) See [ACurdinaoers] Shawfitordl Online Tootat emf EH v0 recs =| areee Enabled a a 5 @ iss Nota | mal 7 Gum trom Tap se (@)-RSLogix 5000 Software Program Control Instructions* —gacR5— The NCR (aster Control Reset) instruction, used in pais, ereetes a program zone that can disable all rungs within the MCR instructions. —— {LEL J+ When enabled, the JMP (Jump) insttution skips fo a referenced LIL (Label) instruston (target) and the contrller continues executing from that pont. Jumped log seafined The JMP instruction can move ladder exeeaton forward or backward. LAS]. The AF AliFae Istucion) instruction i sed to temporarily disable «rung while debugging a prject ~ 7 Ladder EditorsDispley. Select @ a Show Alias Tag information. W0 Teg Format: Pt Location Slt Typedembersi st ces eo ‘rom Tab 5H Teableheoting 76 gta 56 ttpatfele oiems| 1756 Digital Output Module Fuse LED (&) lett Fused P c 3 Modutes®: Sem [Pe Feestorss] Shes ¢ TmLOBa, Tate [ome + 1756-0016 Tag ReBeTs | -80Ut 1756-08160 [=a aren pt. 1756-B8E fT iris F 1758-0V16E8 - + 1756-0816 + 1756-088 3) (o awl Crewe) Mao] Carat * This ist isoumrent as of the date of this publication For fas] Peafintar 97 unlisted modules, onsu the ‘module desorption or user “ manval. te | Penintsrnn 5 GTR trom tab 58 ana st 5K sheen 1756 Digital Output Module Signal Flow Controller vo medule esr ba Field Devise Sa Lecat0.0.Data.14 Ci Ps ‘rom Tab 5K Taublchoting 36g 60 Opal Prblens 1756 Digital Output Module Signal Flow Controler 0 Nodule esr Field Devite A Loral.0.Dara.14 Deng from Tab SL “Yeablatating EE igs 62 Oirpat edt Prebens| RSLogix 5000 Software Cross Reference Report ‘A Base Tag: The first \ ‘tag that refers to an aiea of memory For WO tags, mese are automaticaly generated. Fg. Te [Teg T] S20 fasenbyicontae=] | focat0so Dates Alias Tag: A second Hane Posteo Dam ® ie] tag that refers i an aiea of memory. Leal, [Refer [Pa [Destmave| Eg.Sta Ei] Fegan [Rone IC Carvey. comve).. Fling Canw. NIC Carvey.. Conve... Flunga Conv. NIC Carvey) Convey. Bang Con. OTE Corey... Convey... RunaS Conv. “ TIER ty bogie ABy Tay) TasHloarchy Display by Logie 63 START [er Treablehatng 186 igs of Data rates RSLogix 5000 Software Force Off Condition Ladder Logic Window D> Indicates That Locat0:0.Data.14 Forces are Enabled Faroe Vale (For Digital Values, 1=0n, 0-01) Moritor Tags Window andif Thoy Are Enabled (Aotve) Online Toctbar ee FeARIE TA 0 ry = Enabled [ sci! 8001 E Invtaled D «ein ano} FTF woneor rans AEsEte [| cf START [oe 50 50 66 (A}—ASLogix 5000 Software Program Control Instructions* c uuction, used in pairs, creates a program zone CHC pat oan sablo al unge within tho NCR intustons IMF -{LEL J+ When enabled, the JAP (Jump) instruction skips toa referenced LBL (Labe) instruction, (taigen and me convotler continues executing tom that poin. Jumped logic fs not ‘scanned, The JNP instrution oan move ladder exeoution forward or backward, CAF The AFI (All False Instruction) instruction is used to temporarily ¢isable a rung while debugging a project. “— when enabled, the IND (Temporary End) instruction directs the control 1 execute logic only up tothe THD instiuctionas it ats as the end ofthe routine, * For additonal information on these or other program controlinstructions, corsult ie Online instruction Help system. ‘rom Tab 5H Toasted 16 Oat Onpatfeae Potten 08 Problem Input Instruction(s) ® outpur mat wit Nor Turn Onistay On Date Op Fre Op Pe ‘Alias Tag doest2 sa 1) Local 10a soot? basi Base Tag ie a = © compaison nsttons: ® prceting npus © compaison nstotons: (et Leas Oe Hontenstes) + owe + Les cou + um cea + eo oat + neo * outputs in Logixs000 controllers are only dependent on oe the inputs that eo the tof them and nat he igh. GLa tom tan so No,itisa compaticon inetucton Teast 176 og Outpatledle feiens 70 ‘Comparison Instruction Source Values Gis Than, Source A Source 8 Analog Medule Source LIM. Lint Test (CIR Low Lit ‘Analog wodule Source High Lint| START [or hn si 1756 Digital Output Module ST (State) LEDs loss? Baat «inca 210308 ——i G ye Preveging inp > (AtLeast One Nonshntensited) @® 10 Tag Format: Location:Siot:Type.MemberBit Packaging Line:0.Dam4 Output That Will Not Turn OniStay On Op ALP, na coxa soot Alias Tag tase ays ate nor aispayed (esr uni A cy st cas in the Ladder Logio window, seleot Tools—+Ontions Ladder Editor—Display. Seles Show Ali Tag information, Dee ESET tom tan 50 Trableaheatin 176 gta m4 tiated reins Tag Type Identification ® Location:Slot:Type.Member.Bit “The type of data required. "Is for input and “O" is for output Exampes: Loca:2.Datad Local:7:0.cHiDaia Packaging Line:t:0.Data.1 START [EEE + Pushbutton + Sensor + Switeh 1756 Digital Input Module OK LED Dra Ue od ule Satus 10: Green + 01 Red ©: Flashing + x Flashing o] k Green| ©] Rea Solid | Sota on (Wo Lights) trom Tab 4D andST Cp) Geen Green Red Rad Te (or Not Avaliable) Flashing Sold Flashing Steady 0 0 K kK i) ik “realest 176 gta Input ibaa Prtens B 1756 Digital Input Module State (ST) LED Dra aU Ded Specific Point Number [Mumirated =On) BEE tron tabs “reblog 16 Og Input loca Proms 1756 Analog Output Module OK LED > anatos ourpur A green flashing CAL LED jates that the module is Cra Module Status Green solid in normal calibration mode. (ZZ Green Flashing [Red Fasting ME Red solid ‘om Tab 4D, 51, 2nd 5 4) cron Gren Fad _ Rel Sow Fasng Seeking 1756 Analog Input Nodule OK LED © ansLoc mut Acgreen ashing CALLED ates thatthe module is in norwal calibration mode. Module staus Greensoia [ZZ GreenFesting PZ Fed Flashing MB et sis ‘tom Teb 7 Green Gren Red Red Solid Flashng Sold Flashing Toubleabotng HEE Analog VO ede Prolene at RSNetWorx™ for ControiNet Software Network Browse ail @) a Woe: A device exten ona network. 2g, a 7550NB oda ‘rom Tab 48 86 ewok iro 1756-CNB Module Channel Status LEDs rn as Alphanumeric Wessage ) channet situs fn ‘rom Tab 8 60, aH, 8K, and alt Of Red Green Red RediGeen Green NNolighs) Solid Flashing Flashing Flashng oie fA “oslutning Cone a Newot 1756-CNB Module Channel Status LEDs Cee al -p) Prampe: Node Address Setto 0 Channel status LEDs (Of (No Lights) ‘Tens Position Ones Pesition irom Tab 6A 8B “outing ant °» evo on 1756-CNB Module Channel Status LEDs Cag Alphanumetic Message Fed Solid Channel status LEDs ‘rom Teb 0A Troblestotng Conte stor ros 1756-CNB Module Channel Status LEDs Corsa Alphanumeric Message Green Flashing channel ‘Status LEDS @® oworvraseoppsivs) eh Xs in hase (Together) = = o 1756-CNB Module Channel Status LEDs ControlNET ‘Alphanumetic Message @ reoresting ohana status LEDs GEE trom tap 0a Tieblshosing Conroe wor ror 96 1756-CNB Module Channel Status LEDs roy Alphanumeric Message RedjGreen Flashing Channel Status LEDS (A) ourtt Phase (opposites) de InPhase Togetter a al START Egor " Tubing Cone 98 Newort ror 1756-CNB OK LED Cee ts ‘Alphanumeric Message Green Solia Channel Staus LEDs ‘tom Teb 6A Green Red Green Pad Ot Sold Sold Flashing Flashing (No Lah) 8G Tate cunt 10 1756-CNB Module Alphanumeric Message Cray (A) Alphanumeric Message Channet Status LEDs ‘rom Tab 0G Tetlesooing Conroe Newent 102, 1756-CNB Module Alphanumeric Message ControlNET (B) Example: Node \) address Sett00 ® npranunrnessge Channel Status LEDs Tens Position Ones Position SGT rom ta on at Tossing Sone 4 Kv 1756-CNB Module Alphanumeric Message rag ®) Aipanamsi message Channel! Status LEDS ‘rom Tab al _ “= 106 1756-CNB Module Alphanumeric Message Cas ® Example: Node ‘dares 5et10 0 @® apnanuericussige Channel Status 8 2 1 4 5 6 LEDs Brau | | ‘ere 108 1756-CNB Module Alphanumeric Message ray B) npranunac message Channel Status LEDS SGT rom tan ac 7 ‘ere 110 1756-CNB Module Alphanumeric Message Cray ® Apnanuneris wessage Channel status LEDs Bu _ “a 112 1756-CNB Module Alphanumeric Message ControlNET ‘Alphanumeric Message channel status Lens rom Tabac. Toast Cate, Newor trons 14 ControlNet Media Problems Ale view commun Fautednodesare 21 £18] ‘entified withan [> auchomse X 0 ie-sice 3 2 02 05 4 5 PLCS}HOC UTPLANR.. U7SH-AENR.. IDSEACRBR ‘rom Tab 8D, BE, BF, and él Teutecooting Conte 116 eo ron RSNetWorx for ControlNet Network Parameters, Status LED A @ channe ‘status LEDS ATOLAGNS of ATO4ACHR)AS Flex UO Controllet Adapter ass lt et Pazeet Med aon Gol A Only - One Network Using Channel A Only Only - One Network Using Ghanrel 8 Only ‘Aang - Redundant Media from Tab 4D AandB AoE Of Green (together) (ndvdualy) Wo gts) Said || “secre Green Red —_—ReiGreen Flashing Flashing Flashing 118 Flex I/O ControlNet Adapter Module LEDs Status LED @ \ Channel staus LEDS TS4-ACNIS oF {704-ACNIRYS Flex V0 ControiNet Adapter START Go Red/Green RediOt of Fashing Flashing N) (oligts) Red Sckd__Alorataly _Atoratay Oa oe 120 Flex /O ControlNet Adapter Module LEDs Status LED ® came — status LEDs TTOL-ACNIS 179. ACNIRYID Flex YO ControiNet Adapter ‘om Tab 9 and 08 Of Geen Green Sold (loLghs) Sole Fashug Fed Red Fasting ne Flex /0 ControlNet Adapter Module LEDs Status LED ® ‘Status LEDS {T4ACNIS oF ‘194ACN(R)TS Flex EO ConolNet Adapter from Tab 9B Tbleshotng Fx WAaaptePtiene 14 Flex YO ControlNet Adapter Module Terminal Base ‘A Flex 10 rack assembly consists ‘of a communications adaptor and SSE SS YO modules. The adapter communicate withthe UO ‘edule trough a bckpiane in the terminal bases. 125 ‘rom Tab 9C TophleshotingFex WOhdanerPetens 126 Flex /0 ControiNet Adapter Module LEDs Status LED ® ‘Status LEDS TT94-AGNIS oF AT94-ACH(R)AS Flex 10 ConolNet Adapter LLG tomtay oe 9E TOAdsterPrellens 18 Produced and Consumed Tags Produsing Contioller YO Configuration ot Consuming Controter ©) 1/0 Cortiguration 1] 176 sembly [2] 1756-IB16D System_DigtalInputs Genial Corvecton | Madde Wo | Backer | Atention Tingle EenalodPacksthtonal APH [Tero 20. 7600m) ii 7 Msjor Fault On Controler f Canrection Fal: Wiilein Run Mode from Tab 51 and 5S Telchosting 130 Produced nd Conetned gs RSLinx Software Station Diagnostics SF Mew Cement Seer DD 2| 315) Conmurieation Status: ACTIUE Transniite good: 94e729 Total received: 15260524 Transhitter short + Receied bad Uupsate eine ever 03 ecto hnisnateh event Fight-Click Menu Fees ‘ut af step events: alse’ detectet: foil sione thane! & errors Channel 8 state: [fever froma ‘rom Tab 1A, 80-and 9 Noiefened RSLinx Software Station Diagnostics Inthe Nolse detected value increases 10 value > 100 for this amount atime... | The source maybe... ‘short period of tine ‘Abutst oi nese, Possible causes inaude (<1 minute) anunsuppressed relay coi or contac, an nearby aro welder, et. - EMI (electromagnetis interference) Arend pro ating getetaoy THs ay be caused Dy serve (65 minutes) rVF0 atvea neeoy sigh equney Atami, uty oaing or tape ote fromTab 1t Trabedetng 104 Nézefeed ‘ ATTENTION Safety Considerations and Precautions (Read before Attempting Repairs) Fepars should onl be perfomed by qualified personnal. Before attempting any repairs, you must {ake all basi sately precautions. See NFPA TOE Pat lIforgudenes for safety elated work pacices \Wihen atempting any rai, you must ntiy al personne. Have all personne remain clea of he ‘contolad equipment when repas ae atiempted, especially when power i applied or reapplad. The poblemmay be interment, and sudden unexpected machine moten could occur and resltn injury \ihen atempngrepars, ave someone ready 10 operate an emergency stop sultzh n case t becomes necessary te abit of power tothe controled equipment Never each ino 2 machine acute a swtch eee unexpected mache maton can occur and cause injury Cyeting power to device temporary disables rom centling ofer devices. Evaluate what poton() ofa process device nay control betore removing power. As soon as poner is estore, the ‘davice wil resume corral Sudden unexpectad machine matin coud sou an reoutinnjuy. nN ATTENTION 6 Safety Considerations and Precautions (Read before Attempting Repairs) “Tum network power OFF before parfoming any ofthe folong actons: + Tesing power connections (grounding) * Checking fer open or short cieuts + Measuing network resistance Important: Removealleleorical power at he main power disconnect switches. Removing power ‘fom one supply does NOT necessary remove power rom any otter power supply You rnustrelease andor restrain toed erergy of auntary sources of power. This can imciue enetgy stored in capac, springs, sean, compressed ait, ot hydaulc systens Modules can be removed and inserted under power. However, you must satis) yoursef that remowng fhe ‘edule wil not adverse affect the runing proceso. Identify what the module fs controling before removing t When a medule is nae or emoved while backplane powcr iz applied an loci are may ‘ctut An electical are can cause peronal jury or property damage by sending a false signal tof devices causing uintended machine matin or oss of process conl ar causing an expsion ina hazardous envfonnent, Repeated electicalarcng causes excessive wear ocoatacs on the module adits meting comecors. (Contnued) satay 136 FING consserzons Safety Considerations and Precautions Y (Read before Attempting Repairs) 6. ‘Ths vabeshootng gud sdeigred btoubeshoo an exsing basic orsoogx tan hat mes ATTENTION “Sosy non snd otitedos'sweblesoet show pet ors oye tran Tis gid is based up he at that no event changes ave been made fhe lade ogi ces cece, Bauch sem wasprevovsly operators sumed ha laer loge coe and ro changes berewe, Use extn cutonnhen etng renga kor eve paral conisinig rods, ging bi, and making any changes online that wil affect fe contol of devices. Mistakes can cause unirtonded Ina mote fs pecs como, mg pence! and danagng equpnen Boe prfornng provednes onthe eanpetheoe sey proce. © Detemne f changes must be medeorne Verh ourconpany pms one enesng ander, Assesshaw machinery wil respond to changes. (Check he propasad changes fr accurary Nloiy al personnal f the changes. Vet that you are online tthe correct processor ot scanner mods, Safety Coneidoratione and Procautione nN (Read before Attompting Ropaire) ATTENTION 10. Pay carl ateron when ehangiag controler operating modes, Fun made should ony be used whan all condone are safe. De net use Program mede ao an emergency stop (E oto). Program mode Isnota safety device. Users are ate to mod a project onina in Remote Program mode Be sure to contre outputs wih cre to avod iru to personnel and danage to equipment Electrical discharge can damage integrated cuits or semiconductors if you touch baciplane connector pins + Toscha crounded object to discharge stat potertial * Do net cuch backplane or somector pins + Donct cicitcompanerte NW evaiabl,uoee static safe workstation + When notin use, Keep components mnsidea siate-sheld package (Continued) Som,” ‘ ATTENTION Safety Considerations and Precautions (Read before Attempting Repairs) 12. Updating module fimware using the ContolFash uty in RSLogix 5000 sofware temporary disables amoduie rem contlirg ther devices. Evaluate what porion(s) ofa process & module may contro bebe stating the Flash update 48. Interrupting @ fash update by disabling communicatons or remeving a movil from the chassis wil damage the module 414, Whena controller isunlocted, two or more users can make edi tothe sane project atthe same ime. Onlre lit commands (Accept, Tet, Untest, and Cancel are performed ona progam basis and wl fect ll outings the same progr. ets are nade wthin te same components althe same fe the lat eit accepted wil be applied, poosbly adveosly afectng or carcelng edits madeby another utor. Coordinate all wrk earculyf avoid such stuatone N ATTENTION Safety Considoratione and Procautione (Read bofore Attompting Ropaire) 18. Be extemalycatetulwhen mating changes to data, First dsternine how te change willafect the process o ‘machinery. Do not frget that contlle-seoped deta can be accessed by eay progam [Ablue artow «Ina Tegs column heading oran instucton ndcates that a change te the value wll immediately take efact nthe contol. \Whan forces are “Enabled,” use extreme caution, Any exising forcasare active and any added forces will take effotimmediatly I parameters fora ContoINet retworkare changad, the network must be resoheduled using FENstWorx ‘ctr, This wl inlornp all eommuricafons wih schoduied [O. A machne cannotbe sunningwhla the rnetwerk is being rescheduled. Because nade numbers are citcal, consult a network specialist before making any changes, CContolNet node numbers must be lower than the UMAX or SMAX parameters (or both, depending on the ‘uncon ofthe devia. Ina non-redundant aystem, node numbers mustbe unique nurbats betwean 1 and $9 ‘Because nace numbers are cracal, canst @ network spacastbefare making any changes. A 140 How To Identify an I/O Module Type and Base Tag To ifentify the medule type, refer to one ofthe following tems: + RSLogix 5000 Software HO Configuration + Plant Drawings + Hardware Label (lnside Module Doot) WO Module Type lor 0 for Inputor Output A for AC, 6 for DC, Flor Fast Response Analog umber of Points 5 1/0 Configuration [* (Diagnostic, Elestronic Fusing, Individuelly isolated) Module Slet Numbor 0818) base tags arenot displayed inthe Ladder Logic window, \ seletTools-s0ptions... Ladder Edtor->ispay. SS ~ Select Show Alias Tag information. a ut YO Module Base Tag Format Location:Slot:Type.Member. Bit For digial YO modules, the spect point on the I module, *Data’ is used forall YO values. (CHxDaia for analog modules) The type of data required "is used for input and "0" for output. The slot number cf the }0 module in ts chassis. Slots are numbered from et to right, begining with 0. Examples: Lott pate The network location. “Loca is used fora local medule, The nae ofthe eee communications adapter (e.g, remote module) is used for an YO module in Locak-0.CHODeta ons adapter (e4,renole 1750-CNB module) suse for an YO mal Packaging Line:4:0.Daa.1 7 "emote cha: || ‘tae Pec 12 How To Configure a Communications Driver Ira lost eontguraten has been previously saved, restore itusing the RSLnx Back Up and Restore tity found nthe RSLnxdectoy. Start or maximize RSLine sofware From the Communicasons menu select Configure Drivers Selec a drvarby choosing the approprat apn For this ype of communications From the Available Driver Types drop-down ist, select 8-282 DFt devices GontraNe (aptop compute Controle (1-b1 ISA or 32-5 EISA compatible desktop compute) 1764- PCG lor Conon devices. 1784-PCIC(S) for ContolNet devices. ~GarseNe (POT bealbuscampatbe isKop computer 1784-PCC for ControWlet devices. Ethomat® Ethemet devices. Softee roedues (Continued) ud How To Configure a Communications Driver (continued) Click Add New In the Add New RSLnx Orver dialog bo, ype a new name up t 15 characte (no spaces) and then click OK, Configure the driver by chacsng the agprepricte opti: To configure tis driver Then. ‘Alen Bray OF CCommuncatone Device (Seri) 1784-PCC (ConirolNe) ‘A. From the Comm Port deep-down lis, selec the compte sal por thet the diver vwiluse B. Click Auto-Configure, The succesful confgaraton s confirmed ‘Inthe Staion Name textbor, type a sation name In the MAC ID text ba, ypea MacID. The address must be lowerthan the UNAX\alie, Because node numbars are crical consut anetwok spac. 1784-PCIC(S) (ConirolNes) ‘A. From tho Sora Number iat, aco the PCICIS) card In the Network Address textbor, type a nede number forthe computer The ‘adérose mustba wor than the UNAX vale Bacauso rode nimbors are ene, corsuit @ network specialist ; * (Contimeg 45 Tocontiguretnis diver... 1TB4-KTCIX) (ContoiNet) Ethemet devices Then, 7h Inthe Statin Name tet bo, iype a name that wil dently the compatern the SWhe window B, Select the nterupt value, memory address, and YO base adctess. The memory and HO base addresses mustmaich the physical switch settings on the ATO4KTOXIS care C. Inthe Net Adatess tex: bor, ype the GonteNet nade numberof he compute. The addroat must be lower than to UMAX value. Bocauee nade numbre aro citical, consulta natwerk spesalit. A. Inthe host ame textbox, type the software IP addtess asignadton the I7SE-ENET masule B, Cick OK. C. Toadd the rame of another 1756ENET madule, cok Add New ... and than repeat Steps A. to C. Sars Pacdese 146 How To Upload, Download, and Go Online to a Controller (B) Network Example BD Workstation, BIRLDOL Te Linx Gateways, Ethemet (Se AB_DFI-1Serial, OFL Driver — Ze AB_ETH-2, Ethernet Sf), 1756 ENTE, 1756-ENETIB Backplane — (=) €9 Backglane, 1756-A4/A Coniroler —— &- ff 00, 1756-L1/4 LOGIXE5S0, Box_9_Derno ® seiaeranpe 1 Workstation, BRLDO1 de Linx Gateways, Ethemet ©) de AB_DF1-1Serial, DFL Controls = ff NSE Important: Before performing tis procedure, cabls mus be connected andthe requved communications ctver must be configured. Fr hp corfiguring a driver, rferto Tab Bt “The keysntch on the centraller must bein Pregram or Remcta mode 4. Stat RSL0goc $000 oofware, Important 2 the project wil be downlbaded, open the project le that willbe vansferad to the conte 3. From he Commuricaions menu, select Miho Active 4 A) 5 Inthe PSLinx Whe Active window, select the diverfor he network that you will use to commuricale with the contol. Expand the network (dive) that willbe used forthe data transfer unt the contrlleris dspayad ) Important: Fer anctwore concn, the contol wl be undorthe backplane branch, For asaralcantacton, dont expand the backolane 6. Select he contol Important: Toupioad argo ane, a fe nthe computer tat maiches the fie nthe contaler must ext. A project the contallermay be upaadedinte a new file: howaver, rung comments, daecsption and aio chano willbe lot. (Continued) Seta Procdne us How To Upload, Download, and Go Online to a Controller (cont 7. Upload, deunlaad, ogo online to tha cenzallerby chossing the appropiate opten: To. Go anlire tea contale to monitor and ad the project Upload a project fom the contol ira the temporary ‘menor of he computer D> Saving the project wil replace the offine ‘compte vrsion with the contralle: veson. Download fre open project ‘ro the camputerto be contollr and then go anne Then, perform the following eotions ‘A. Cick Go Ontine. B. Ifa matching files not found, nthe SlactFile diag box, browse tothe matching He or inthe Fle name textbox, ype a name fr a new fie tobe created ‘A Cick Upload. B. Inthe Connected o Upload diclog box, click Select File C. Inthe Select Fle dialog bo, browse tothe maiching fe o inthe Filename ext box, ‘ype aname fora naw fle tobe created and the cick Select. D. Inthe Connattod to Uplead dalg box, lick Upload A. Cick Download, B. Very ha the conrlar iste isthe destination controler andthen cick Download. 1.49 ATTENTION: If you areonine andyou are geingto make any changesto the project or controlar dats, fst dontly#othor uses ao onlina tothe contolor Far hep, see the procedureon Tab B5. fete Freedone 150 How To Identity if Other Users are Online to a Controller @ tray ortom Right corner > Ions ATTENTION taconeler uecled, te oro eer anak ste sae peat theca me Ore ol cennands cp Tot Une eanel ae petomel or FUNG roger seta oanernesan oper trade wn Becana Bearers dhe Cane be a clued Ge ype pony aby ego caning eis macy at er DN sess eaten ®Loewe fessor ad deny han wing low abe rN Htheseicons are displayed ...| Then ths condition exists... ATTENTION. Only yeu ae enliv tothe cantrlar The cantolerislocked by you No wacring, When the ‘contollrielocked, only ‘Ancther user i orine te he coriroler but a0 edts have Bean | the vor thet locked the made. Anather usar has lacked the control. ‘contol ean make edits Ther users orineto the corircler andadis havebeen | tthe project. made. Anathe usar has lacked the control. Dri you weer oe cle, Tereare no Carty cada yr vith thar users so that you are ‘ncher user i orine to thecorirolerandihas rot worlng in he same routine made edits io the propet There are noloci. ‘program at the came tine, Scie Porte 152 How To Monitor and Edit Data in a Logix5000 Controller, Blue Arrow (a Controller Tags - Box_3_Demo|controller) Shavihof Al A Sot [Tao Name TegNane 7 [vaue + [Fore [Type bulletin_drive_net_contiol 1 BOOL bulletin_drive_net_ref 1 BOOL EE}bulletin_diive_speed_ref DINT Scone: [Box 3 Demolcontio ¥] STE ]\Monitor Tags { Eat Teas Monitor Tags Tab Values 153 «change f the value wil immediatly take efectin the contol. Caefuly evaluate theimpact ot {any change befow making it ATTENTION: blue arrow «ina Tag courm heading or an rtution nests tha > Ta change a tag value in the Laddar Loge wind, click the parameter textbox in the instruction, ype the new value and then press Ente. 2. Tochange atag val nthe Tagslist periorm the flowing actos: pan tho cantallerseoped or program-copod tags list containing th tag to be monitored Inthe Monior Tags tab, locate the tag and expendi te dplay any members, ements, o bis lithe Value column isnot visible, rigt-cck any column heating and then select Toggle Column—>Value. To dopley the value ina cteren format radix, clk the Syl ell othe tag ard then from the rog-dowm ist, slac a display format ‘To enter naw tag vale, click te Value call ofthe tag type fhe new value, and than press [Enter] or lickin a cal inanather ron How To Identity and Manually Clear a Fault Fault Mode: ‘tn Fait iernunira ToS) cota BF oamox Clear Fauts Buton tetas Bg aie easy Bend falter | tenoaesl | Un FaultTab —}—MaeFaas | snoifaiie | Daeitiw | Ateroad Fault Message —+ [ae Mania freon Yaron Fesbe: haiaane Impontant: A major fal wl stop the executon of the convoler ard tension Fault mode, Important ‘Youcan quicl clzarthe cause of afaut by selecing Clear Fault from the Online drop-down list n the Onine oar. However, the cause ofthe aut lanot denied and cleare, the contol wil faut again. ATTENTION: fthe convolars m Fun made, te contol wil bain oparaton agan es soon as any fasts are cleared and iwi ott any programmed machine maton. Unexpected mefon can cause N damage to equipmart and iru to persons. > online tothe fauted Logics000 controler. Inthe Orin tocar, rem fhe Fauteddrep-down ls, select Goto Faults The Contoler Properties dialog box opens wih the Major Faults or Minor Faults ab dispayed Using the fault information in the Recent Faus list, comec fhe cause ofthe fault Ck Clear Majors or Clea Minors. When alfauts are cleared, click OK, ‘Stare Procndme 156 How To Search by Cross Reference Perio Bee Toe: [rag Scape: [ascend (Conralle =] Hane [oss Dae 7 =] esata Double-click ¢ Ee] Fegan | Rowire (©) towto access a fae nes tower Peri SAIC Corvay.. Conve. Convey. Conver TER ty tooic K (® sonopions brthe Tage window or Ladder Logic window, locas tho ta fr which the report wi bo generat Right cck he then cele Go to Cross Reference. Uotog the tbe that ae located across the bottom ofthe Coss Fference window, select By Loge, By Tag, oF By Tag Hierarchy to doplay the reals, They Tag Hierarchy tab wil dsplay alas chans. The By Logictab wil dspay allISR nstructens. AY inthe Desicve cuneate ngcontdl hcp. (8) Tedepy ne conespndngcode oan tyne aderLoge vino, oiler ony sete Reedee 158 How to Manage Forces Onfne Toolbar ae Rei = re a @—Fuee @® Needs Imaleates i ny Forces Exist ‘and it They Are Enabled Intalled 2 Goonineto the Log5000 Inthe Online ‘oobar, select the Fores tab riroler hat crtais the value tobe forced Determine the curont ere este by choooing the appropiate opton It Forees Tab Displays .. Then the following conditions exist. (oem Nofores exst or are enabled (acive) Even ffercas are created they vill not be auomatcally active, > YO Ferces:EnatledNone atl’ Lh trees: Entiat Use extreme caution. Ary cexsing forces areactve and any addad tvs wil ake ect immediatly. D> Wo Face: Deak Forces have bean cated but are natenabled (ctv). feroas are enabled, the exsing forces wil take effect immediately. Ste Peed 160 How to Manage Forces (continued) ATTENTION: St clara a re, mt Se eee aaa FANG Sores Brome aaslgcs Fat le 0 Yo ers Leader Logs Window Force Value (For bigitl Loca: 0:O0.Data14 Vales, 1-07, 0-08) o> Moniter Tags Window nix "OFF ke seca: [ACerarnatcon =] Shara | Enabled State Value Tagine [ear Fors al [5 7] Te D> Indicates That Forces Oniahe | 8 {seme BO2C ae Enabled. One | ELE mone toos (Eel ip 161 ne 3. Creat, erable, able or remove afore by choosing the eppropateopton: To... Then. Override adigtl Rpt or output Fight sick he taginthe Tago window or Ladd Logis value wadow and ten select Erbe On Fuse Of vere an araog value D> Check the scaling ale inthe VO configuration 4. Figh-ick the tg in the Tags Window or Ladder Leni window anidthen sec MonitorEdit Forte Value of Teg Name 2 Glick the Farce Man cllfthe chanel datatype, ype the foce value and then Press [Ete] Activate allforcesin the contol. Any From the Forces drep-down lis, scoot Enable Al Forces. nev fore willimmadatelytako effect. a ae Disable allforcesn the coiroler From fie Frcs cep aawn a seeetDaDe ATFOTES. (ay Tenor afore vaue ato ongerequed | Agile ine ntuatag and hn ee amove Fore (a) Fenow alfove vce nite pojet Fgh hk indulgent move Faoa (A) Sota Foor 162 How To Schedule a ControiNet Network cheduled cannactions must be in Program mode during scheduling Important: Al contallrs wth ATTENTION: Schedulng the Contollet network using HSNetWox software wilintrupt al ccommuricatons with scheduled ID. A machine carnot be ning while the network is being reschadvled Becatse nahworkparamotars ae rica ie operation, consult = nanwerkspocalit before making eny changes. Stat ASNaWone or ConsolNet softrare From the Fle menu, select Open. Salet the ation where thefle's located, selecthe filename, andthen cick apen From the Network menu, select Online, Inthe Netork Usage area, sles Edits Enabled. tho network curently schediledan the Online/Oine msmatch dielog box opens. select Use online data (upload) and then cick OK. From the Network menu, select Properties. 8 Click the Network Parameters tb 1 4 (Contnuod) eft Prosedne 164 How to Schedule a ControlNet Network (continued) SS ea Parts | Mac Conaan| Seed] — tte redone: ot Name 0. 12. 8. on Edt the netwark schedule by choosing the aporoprice optiens: Inthis Pending text box Type orseleet the Network UpdatoTine (ms) | Netwerkc update ime (NUT) Max Scheduled Adsress ‘Number ofthe nede wih the highest aderessto use chedl ime en the natwork (SMAN). Tax Unssheduled Addrass | Highest node number nade an the network (UMAR) incudng the computer being usedto roublechot. Media Redundancy ‘Channaleta wwe, Giek OK. Sare the fle Ine Save Configuration calog box, elect Optinie and re-urite schedule for ll connections and then click OK The networks scheduled, Any errs or messages ae Inted inthe Messages window. Clese or nininize the RSNetWorcior CrtroNet sotware ‘Save the projets runing in all cortolers onthe achoddled notwark. How to Assign a Node Address to a 1756-CNB Module PNG] ATTENTION: Betre removing and PUY inserang 2medule under power, you must a ately youl that removing the module ©) 23 ville adversely ec fe ning proces, When a miul is nse or ‘enoved while beckplane ponris apied rg Sneleetical remy cca. Th can couse peor ox propery darege by Exting unnanda acne mefon rls : of ocee otro ating anexposon TensPoston Ones Poston ina hazardous enierment. Rogested arcing causes excessive wear to contacts ee eee ee ATTENTION: ContoNet node numbers ‘must be lower than SMAK value. Ina or-edurdart system, rode numbers must be unigue nunbers between 1 and 99. Bosaute nade numba aa ral, carsut ‘2 network specialist before makng any changes. DEN se tsar ve 1. (OPTIONAL) Tum the chasss poner supply of. See the warning onthe tb above, 2. Ramave the module by pushing down onthe locking clipe a the top nd bottom ofthe module and sling the ‘mace ot fhe chases. Althe top of he 1756-CNB medule locate the two 10-dgjtrotary dls Using the retary dal, st the rode address forthe module Fer example. for 5, set0 on tha let dl and 5 on the right cal 5. Toreplace the module, algn the module creat board wih the top and botom guides inthe chess. 6. Side the mule int the chassis, making sure that fhe module propelyconnacts wih the backplane. The ‘modu i fll irstaled when ts lush with the powar supply an ater istlled medules. Tre Contollt address displays on fhe font panelof the module inthe format Af, where x«isthenade address (@9. for ABS, the node address is 5) Sete Food 168 Major Fault Types and Codes Type | Code | Cause Recovery Method 1 | 1 | Thecontrller powered onin Run mode. | Execute the power-oss handler. 3 | 16 | Arequredi/O module connection failed. | A Checkthat the UO modu isin he chassis B._Checkelestenc keyng requirements, C._ In he RSLogic 5000 project. ria-cck the controler and then select Properties. D. ick the Major Fault and the modu properties Connection tab for more inermation about the faut 3 | 20 | Possible protiem with the ControlBus | Replace the chassis. crass that is non-recoverabl, 3 | 23. | Atleast one required connection was not_| Wai forthe cantoller 0 igh’ totum green before established before going to Run or changing to Run or Remote Run mode. Remote Run mode. 169 Mejor Fault Types and Codes (continued) Cause Recovery Method An Unknown instruction was encountered. This may be from a program conversion. Remove or raplace the unknown instruction wth the proper instruction ‘An array subscript Is too big or a control structure POS oF LEN value s invalid ‘Adjust the value to be within he vald range. Important: Do not exceed array sizes or go beyond the dimensions defined. Control structure is LED or POS <0, ‘Adjustthe value sothat itis > 0. The parametero of the JSR iratruction do not match these of the associatod SBR or ET instruction Paso the appropriate rumber of parameter. If too many parameters aro passed, extra paramore aro ignored without ator. ‘timer instruction has a negetive preset or accumulated valve. Find the source of the ier preset value and adjustit so that t does not produce a negate value, (Continued) 1170 Major Fault Types and Codes (continued) ‘Cause Recovery Method ‘Atask watchdog timer has expired. A ‘ask has not completed ina specified petiod of ima. A progiam error caused {an infinite loep, a program is too comlex 'oexenute as quickly as spenfied, o a higher pronty taskis keeping this task ‘rom finishing Increase the task watchdog timer vale, shorten the task execution time, make the prioiy of this task “higher” simply higher priority tasks, or move some code te another controler, ‘Anattemot was made to place the controller in Fun mode using the keysstch during a project download, Wait forthe dowrload to complete and then clear the fault The axio actual position hae exceeded the positive evertravel limit. 4. More the exsin he negative drectonuntl poston iewithin the overeavel int 2. Execute the MAFR (Motion AxisFeult ese) inetucton ay Mejor Fault Types and Codes (continued) Type | Code | Cause Recovery Method 11 | 2 | Theactual postion has exceeded the | A Nove the ao ma postive drecion unl poston within rogatve overiravel i the ovorravl int B._ Execute an MAFR (Motion Avs Fault Rese! inatucion. 11 | 3 | Theactualpostion hasexceeded | A Nove the postion win tolerance Fostton error tolerance, B._Exccatethe MAFR (Motion Aris Fault Reset instruction 41 | 4 | Encoder chanel A,B, or 7 A. Feceanec he encoder channel Scan Lia B. Execute an MATR (Maton Ans Fault Rese! instucion. 11 | 6 | Drive fautinput was activated ‘A. lear the dive faut B_Brscstean MAFR (Maton Axis Fault Reset) (Continued) 172 Major Fault Types and Codes (continued) Cause Recovery Method ‘Synchronous connection has 1 Execute an MAF (Metin Axi FaultFese)insiructon, incurted a felure. 2 Ith problem parsiss, cemove and then cerser the sero module 3._lfthe problem stil persis, ceplace th serve module Replace the servo module. Servo module has detected a serious hardware faut “Asynehronous connection has 1 incunteda failure, Execula an MAFA (Motion Ais Fault Reseljinerucion 2. Ifthe problem parsists, remove and then reinsert the servo module 4. the problem sill ests, replace the serve module. Major Fault Types and Codes (continued) Cause Recovery Method ‘Armotion task has experienced 1. Glearthe group fatag ‘an overlap, The group's coarse 2. Increase the meton group’ update rate wpa to tho 8. Clear the maja mantain correct operation _—e Ma at penn Cten 174 The following are trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc. ControlLogix DH+ Flex VO Logixs000 Logixs550 Panel View RSLinx RSLogix 5000 RSNetWorx ControlNet is a trademark of ControlNet International. DeviceNet is a trademark of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc. (ODVA). Ethernet is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation, Xerox Corporation, and Digital Equipment Corporation. Allother trademarks are the property of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.