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Surprised! Just got a call by Mr. Musharaf. Islam world rather than Middle East.

Seems like upper birth population of whole of Middle East has reduced by 50 %. A small research done by me 8
months back.

Seems like upper birth population of whole of Middle East has reduced by 50 %. A small research done by me 8
months back.
With: Andrina Zukerberg.

Art Of Living, International Head Quarters, Bengluru.

My online life from

Oct. 2013 & then
updated. Collection of
my facebook & twiter
Copyright :
Shailendra Singh

Surprised! Just got a call by Mr. Musharaf. Islam world rather than Middle East.

03 06 -- 1985

It is pretty surprising to see that Internet Explorer is still the 2nd most used browser in the world with 23% share
whereas Firefox has 20% share and Chrome leading the pack with 48% share!
I guess the default "IE" installation in Windows and inability of Government agencies to adapt to the new
browser contributes most in those 23%.

Hillary Clinton : Photos, Videos & Latest News about Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Bride and Prejudice, Scene 4.


If you fail please go out and celebrate. It means you're really awesome at something else. It's just that you
haven't discovered it yet

Native Americans can take support of African Americans & take revenge of their Genocide.

I was thinking for a while as to why I am getting moderate Search results here in East than West. B'coz....
people are writing more in English (UK). After exchanging mails with Mr. Bill Gates.

Be ready to face snap polls in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar tells NCP - The Times of India.

More than venture capital, entrepreneurship needs motivation; and here is small fun fact which I hope motivates
all: Apple is now worth more than entire Russia's stock market. At $114.18 per share, Apple is worth $652
billion as of now, whereas Russian stock market is only worth $531 billion.

Weddings and marriages haven't evolved.. But yes, the wedding invitation certainly has. This caught my
attention in nice way.. Kudos!

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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The conflicts, the imperfections, the agony within and the satisfaction.. These are the stuff which actually
pushes the human mind and forces him to create, to express, to solve the problem. In case the world was a
perfect one, there would have been no art, no entrepreneurs and no excitement!

Complete story of acquisition in United States.

# Out of 166 that Microsoft has acquired. 84 are of Native Americans, 32 of Presbyterians & 10 are of
# Out of 154 that Google has acquired. 133 are of Native Americans, 33 are of Presbyterians & 8 are of
# Out of 62 that Apple has acquired. only 1 is of Native American origin, 8 of Presbyterians & 20 are of
# Out of 50 that Facebook has acquired. 13 are of Native Americans, 3 of Presbyterians & 20 are of Orthodox.
# Out of 11 that Yahoo has acquired. Only 1 is of Native American origin, 6 are of Presbyterians & 13 are of
Unconfirmed facts got through Shri. Prem Singh Chouhan {President South India, Bhrama Kumari Samaaj} via
Mrs. Nancy Reagan {Somewhere in South Asia}.
Seems like upper birth population of whole of Middle East has reduced by 50 %. A small research done by me 8
months back.
With : Andrina Zukerberg.

Meet Vebbler: A 'personal' social networking site launched by 23-year-old Mumbaikar. Connecting you to
everyone who makes a difference to your life. I have registered @ Vebbler.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Government logs into open source policy to use as Digital India drive, cut software costs.

World must reject linkage between religion, terror, says PM Narendra Modi - The Economic Times.

Italian language is said to have hidden treasures. So as Italian Indian treasury. And, so as Italian mafia in United
With : Sharad Pawar.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Sensex rallies over 100 points to fresh high; Nifty hits record highs.

I think JD (S) will go to Utter Pradesh.


Hymns From The Vedas - Creation.
Smriti Irani releases scanned copy of her YALE Degree everybody on social media owes an apology to her.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 165 Seconds.

Surprised! Just got a call by Mr. Musharaf. Islam world rather than Middle East.

Seems like upper birth population of whole of Middle East has reduced by 50 %. A small research done by me 8
months back.
With : Andrina Zukerberg.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Art Of Living, International Head Quarters, Bengluru.


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Narendra Modi 15th Most Powerful Person On The Planet, Sonia Gandhi Out!

Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs Snapdeal: Revenues & Losses Comparison.

The only solution to this is that Amazon should go for E - Books.
-- Gourav Kumar Jindal, NRI, {My Financial Advisor}.

No valid reason given for not disclosing names in blackmoney list:.

-- Shri. Subramanian Swamy.

d ff
pat from Imran Khan.

Surprised! Just got a call by Mr. Musharaf. Islam world rather than Middle East.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 165 Seconds.

Smriti Irani releases scanned copy of her YALE Degree everybody on social media owes an apology to her.

Since last 12 - 13 years in news I read these words with doubt & pain. -- "IRAQ CRISIS".

The people who have failed me doesn't know that I believe in spoiling myself before any revenge.

I doubt whether Smt. Sonia Gandhi is daughter of Oswal, the person who killed John F Kennedy. As even he
had fled to Russia.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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I am very happy with Flipkart's service this time. I was told that product would take 29 - 30 days. But, got it
delivered in just 8 days.

As we are again moving from online to offline life I feel like India need digital nervous system with brain in

Mr. Bill Gate's book Business @ The Speed of Thought is a gem for any budding enterpreneur. Just loving it.

'Ram Sethu' will not be broken for Sethusamudram project: Govt - The Times of India.

Happy Independence Day to our neighbourhood. Pakistan have a blast.

Indian Govt. setting aside a fund to boost entrepreneurship seems something like return to Socialism. It would be
good if Smt. Smriti Irani funds for something like indibloggers meets. Especially tech bloggers have developed a
bond after interacting in facebook groups, day and night. Recently there was even a very big food bloggers meet.
#Random #Thought #Shailu03.

Good to see valley is speaking online.

Now PMO to rename Indira Awas Yojna (IAY), the rural housing scheme to National Gramin Awas Mission
(GRAM). Surprisingly, it seems that there are 600 such schemes named after Nehru - Gandhi family.

Naidu Chants Innovation Mantra, to Focus on Electronics.

I was confidant, I would pass. But, failed in all, don't know how ? Can't waste more years in studies. I can't
digest yet another year back! feelingirritated.

App Google Goggles is dedicated to certain class of individuals who put on their Goggles inside Indian
Parliament & sit mum for their entire life. And their better half is responsible for encouraging bob - cut culture in
-- #Shailu03.

Road widening in Super Market area of my native city Gulbarga appears to me more of Vote Widening, where not a
single shop is fallen down. it doesn't seem to be going keeping future of City in mind.
#Gulbarga #Shailu03.

After a upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8. Many change their Fb. passwords due to this display. As initial setting of
location in my case was that of capital Delhi.

Wishing you all a Happy Ancient Teachers day. The one (Guru) who brings you from darkness, ignorance to a new
World with full of illumination & making you realize that "Knowledge is the biggest asset".

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Google was late to search; Facebook was late to social networks and Apple was very late to MP3 player. Its never
too late.. Just do it better.. Perfection is boring.. Make it wonderful !

11 Reasons Why Freelancing Is Better Than A Desk Job Any Day.

App Google Goggles is dedicated to certain class of individuals who put on their Goggles inside Indian Parliament &
sit mum for their entire life. And their better half is responsible for encouraging bob - cut culture in India.
-- #Shailu03.

Road widening in Super Market area of my native city Gulbarga appears to me more of Vote Widening, where not a
single shop is fallen down. it doesn't seem to be going keeping future of City in mind.
#Gulbarga #Shailu03.

India Sets Aside $1.6 Billion Fund For Startups.

Success is a lousy teacher, it convinces smart people into thinking that they can't fail


Shocking state of Rahul Gandhis General Knowledge.

Every neighboring Nation is your enemy & it's internal enemy is your friend .
-- Chanakya (Kautilya).

India can create a market for small SAARC NAtions & in return more of branches of Indian firms in these Nations for
return of South East Asians. Kind of say, a market for Malaysian innovations. Borne out of India 2020 (Respected;
APJ & Rajan).
#Random #Thoughts #Shailu03.

Gunshot !

If 9/11 deserves a moment of silence, then Palestine deserves for us never to speak
again. #PrayForGaza #FreePalestine

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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I remember from my School days. When news where being read, our School's Physical Education
teacher had almost forced us to clap for Leander Peas & Mahesh Bhupathi's victory in some
tournament. But, see we are the first to report abuse for a great player like Sharapova. This is the
condition of other sports than Cricket in India.

Ours is a strange nation! Codes used for communication during fights are being sold to US by parents
of people working in DRDO. Now, DRDO director is being attacked. Such people are true enemy of
our nation. My blood boils over this. Such idiots should be treated with severe punishment.

National Herald case: Delhi court summons Sonia, Rahul as accused

Sharing once again in Public Interest (Please share) ....Must watch!! Must share!!
Do not consider this as a political post. This is not to praise or criticize anybody but to find out how
influential leaders have been fooling young Indian minds by preaching something in front of camera
& doing something else behind the cameras. How would it feel if you had 32 years of professional
experience in which you had never compromised on ethics but a "Krantikari" who was not happy with
your tough questions calls for a press release and resorts to making serious allegations that you are a
paid agent without any proofs, and after the press release (after allegations), admits that it was just a
slip of tongue, while the damage to your reputation is already done. This is exactly what happened in
the case of veteran journalist Rajat Sharma. I have never seen him being so emotional in any other
show before. Watch how he dissects Kejriwal's lies like how a biologist dissects a specimen.

National Herald case: Summons to Sonia, Rahul weakens the Cong further.

Introducing MyRefers : A peer to peer job referral network. By my friend Aditya Nath Jha.

The Story of Mahabharata Beautifully Retold In Just 36 Tweets.

Aamir Khan meets Modi.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Skybox: Google Maps goes real-time but would you want a spy in the sky staring into your letter
box? -->>

Why theres always a market for new messaging tools. Were looking a way to talk to a just-right-size
group of people.

Complete story of Mr. Narendra Modi as CM & cases of human right violation in Gujarat. -->>
#True #Outcome.

Strange! Indian Politician go to Pakistan for bringing Foreign Direct Investment. I never knew this.

Ours is a strange nation ! Codes used for communication during fights is being sold to US by parents
of people working in DRDO. Now, DRDO director is being attacked. Such people are true enemy of
our nation. My blood boils over this. Such idiots should be treated with severe punishment.

It's been almost 10 seasons of "Two & a half MEN". those guys never got that one target at a time is
key to success.

Assume a machine which produces 461 dollars (Rs 29,043) every hour. If there is no interruption, this
machine will certainly make $4 million in a year. A guy called Felix Kjellberg, from Sweden, actually
uses one such machine. His only job is to create, and upload videos on Youtube. He is called the
world's most popular Youtuber.

Indian Broadband penetration shown online is always questionable by me. Shri. Gulam Nabi Azad on
some Govt. website say it to be just 10 %. But, 84% of Fb.'s 100 million Indian users access it on their
phones. Where as wikipedia says it to be just 12.6%. So, what's the real broadband penetration of
India if one of my update of Maxthon Browsers gets 10 Million downloads, for say....?

Dear Google, meager Google Adsense earning means lately Adsense turning just a tool for Dollar Rupee fluctuations. Increasing Fiscal Deficit of India, Crude oil prices for us, affecting IMF, Increase
in Indian Railways priices. As you people never alter as what you people take with Google Adwords. In
that, you people are entering Regional ad market. It really hurts me when you people say that you pay
in South Asia according to Broadband Penetration. It really hurts me being an Indian.
#Random #Thought.

The award for perfectly settling entire clan, in whole of Asia should go to Shri. Karunanidhi.
Corruption is just part & parcel of it!

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Being active online & talking to so called just come - in clients gives you some innovative ideas for
College Projects.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The award for settling entire clan in whole of Asia should go to Shri Karunanidhi. Corruption is just
part & parcel of it.

Liberation of Tibet for from Asias third largest Buddha Vihar @ my native. China should stop illegal
trade of homely made items in Eastern borders.

App Google Goggles is dedicated to certain class of individuals who wear their Goggles inside Indian
Parliament & sit mum for their entire life. And their better half is responsible for encouraging Bob
cut culture in India.
-- #Shailu03.

Encouraging inter - marriages by Encouraging Hinduism among followers of Alevism, Sufism, Ghulat,
Bektashi Order, Ismialism, Druze, Baha i Faith, Zaidiyyah, Al-Lawatia & Baharani People & working
for peace in middle east by trying to make a united Middle East with Hindi among one of its official
language & creating employment opportunities there.
-- #Shailu03.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Netanyahu pushes to define Israel as nation state of Jewish people only.

The ancient loathing between Sunnis and Shi'ites is threatening to tear apart. -- JOHN R BRADLEY.

U.S. stocks fall : Nasdaq leads losses Market Snapshot.

Things to do in Gulbarga City.

I never knew my simple Orkut Tagline will bring Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Stephen Knapp, Mr. Azim Premji
to AIET (My Previous College) & create Mrs. Sonia Gandhi pressurizing Mr. Narayan Murthy to issue
rude statements & even make her bring recession in my own country. The sole reason why Mr. Deve
Gowda withdrew support from then Cong. -- JD (S) government.

India supporting National Iraqi Alliance (NIA) in Iraq, for return of Assyrians, Yezidis & Kurds to
their home lands & encouraging Zoroastrianism among Assyrian, Kurds & Yezidis.
#Random #Thought.

Narendra Modi has suggested that he will authorize cross-border strikes to eliminate terrorists in
hostile countries. The bravest ever statement made by any living or dead (would-be) Indian PM.
-- Mohul Ghosh.

Our Best and Worst Prime Ministers, The Telegraph -- Ramachandra

Microsoft OneDrive Secretly Modifies your BackUp Files.

Smriti Irani accuses Priyanka Gandhi of indulging in poll gimmicks.

Induction of Dalits and backward classes in the administration of the Lord Venkateswara temple at
Tirupati & head priest of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is reported to have stolen temple
jewellery worth Rs 10 lakhs ?
Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi gets herself involved into smuggling?

Sonia Gandhi involved in smuggling of Indian antiques to Italy - Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

Someone is trying to show their influence by stopping me to further Like pages & banning me without
any reason. I am thinking to leave facebook.

Indian subcontinent need to help Iran in their Nuclear endeavours & see that they will store their own
Nuclear Weapons completely Western in their land & so their own missile range must include Greece
& Isreal in particular. In return, take Crude Oil at subsidized Price; so that Global rise in Crude Oil
price should not impact India at least for coming 10 - 15 years.
Even motivating Persian Studies & Nawab Culture in Indian City of Luckhnow.
#Dangerous #Thought.

BSE Sensex hits record high for third straight day.

PMO unconcerned about scientists deaths.

Rebranding exercise: IT companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro training staff to step up their skills.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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TCS in top 10 global IT companies list.


The reciprocal nature of networking establishes a relationship instead of a one-night-stand.

-- AKash Sharma.

A mistake with a Re - Tweet on Twitter teaches new lesson on Facebook.


Today is Adolf Hitler's birthday. A leader who made Germany an efficient Economical country. A
person who was much better than most of the leaders of today. I admire his philosophy of "blitzkrieg".

Add your voice for authorities requiring permission from a judge before they look through your stuff,
whether it's in your home or stored online.

Powered by, View Source, Mozilla Firefox plugin Firebug & Color picker are few tools to replicate
things online.

RCB... RCB....
One can surely gain mastery over Hindi, English, Punjabi & Urdu after hearing Navjot Singh
Sidhu over a long time.

Is it true that there were Indian National Congress people behind "Gulbarg Society massacre" &
"Godhra train burning" in Gujarat, done by certain agents of Politicians of North Karnataka with help
of Gujarati community living @ Gulbarga & Mr.Narendra Modi just replied to that.

I dont like the concept of 33% women reservation, because not even 10% women are active in politics.
Normal women won't be able to take advantage of this. Only wives, daughters, niece, cousins of MP
and MLAs will take advantage of this. There are already so many families in parliament and
assemblies, this bill will let them bring their whole family to parliament. This bill won't empower
women but will empower only the women of political families.
-- Abhishek Shukla.
Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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There are 2 Bs: Say Bangalore for IT development & Buffalo for IT services.
#Random #Thought #Shailu03.

Next breakthrough app will come from India : Microsoft.

Someone said to me traditional stocks are tumbling down a lot in United States. For say, FORD!

IT services in Buffalo for upliftment of Native Americans & American Blacks. By IT development @
B'Lore. 2 native B'Lore firms to play major role in near future.
#Noble #Thought.

Always give back to the community which has given you so much
Creating my 1st ever torrent to share "German Language Course" that I just downloaded.
#torrent #german.
-- Sumoni Hfg.

Bad timing of the advertisement. This 'discovery' will nowhere lead to.

A sustained area of investment for the coming year.

India's growth likely to recover to 5.4 per cent in 2014: IMF.

Stocks fall for 3rd day in row; S&P 500 down for year again: stock market live blog recap.
Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Lok Sabha polls a battle of thoughts: Rahul Gandhi.

My all-time favorite.

A day after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi claimed credit for his party for developing
Bangalore into an information technology hub; Modi sought credit for the NDA regime under Atal
Bihari Vajpayee for bringing a comprehensive IT law, which he said boosted IT exports.
When NDA ruled the country, the country registered 40% growth in annual IT exports, but the same
sank to 30% during the first five years of the UPA regime, and to 9% during UPA-II. "I have come to
the land of IT. Please tell me how you will explain this," Narendra Modi said in Bangalore.

The Indian markets have broken out of their five-year trend with ups and downs. The general trend
since 2009 has been upwards with corrections along the way. I think it is just the beginning. Going
forward, we are looking at 15-20 per cent annualised returns from the Indian markets.

Thank god I believe at least my facebook account wont get disabled / deleted.
The former secretary of state described herself as a champion for Internet freedom and believer in
the power of social media at a conference for marketing professionals in San Francisco, the first stop
on a multi-day speaking tour that will take her to three Western states. Inequality of the kind we are
now experiencing is bad for individuals, bad for our economy, bad for our democracy. -- Mrs. Hillary
Rodham Clinton.

Momentum continues : Sensex, Nifty hit fresh record highs.

This man hasn't taken a bath since 1954. Horrible.

As India strengthens. Full co-operation should be given to Greeks with their Religious practice of Idol
Worship, for Greeks in Greece & Australia.
Olympics start with a Vedic Ritual of lighting a lamp. -- My Religious Guru.
Whole of Europe will once again follow World's oldest Religion -- Nostradamus.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Someone might have suggested some changes to Yahoo Homepage. Now it looks awesome. But, still
Flash videos is what loads slower.
#Awesome #Experience.

European Stocks Decline Second Day Amid Ukraine Tension.

176 BSE 500 stocks rally over 50% since August.

I personally feel it's been proved now that Men are good @ identifying the size of flying objects &
Women its color.

Picturefill A Smart Responsive Images Approach.

Hidden facts about 2G Spectrum Scam - Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

According to Dr Swamy distribution of 2G spectrum scam bribe money:
A. Raja - 3000 Crore.
P Chidambaram - 5000 Crore.
M Karunanidhi - 16000 Crore.
Sonia Gandhi's sister Anuska - 18000 Crore.
Sonia Gandhi's sister Nadia - 18000 Crore.

Nasdaq ends below 4,000 for first time since early February.

The strong performance of mid-caps suggests more investors are now confident of a strong coalition
at the Centre led by the Bharatiya Janata Party after the elections, driving up market activity to a twomonth high. The average daily turnover in the cash market is at INR 18,391 crore, the highest since
February 2012. The F&O segment too is seeing more action with daily turnovers averaging R1.65 lakh
crore in April.

This short documentary reveals the hazards of the electronics industry in China profiling workers
poisoned by chemicals and their struggle for compensation.
Take Action!

Dear politicians, don't give us bribe, instead give us free WiFi , we will vote for sure
Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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One can suck these bloods.

Protect your WordPress site from Heartbleed vulnerability.

Walk Free Ambassador: How I got involved in fighting modern slavery - Walk Free.

Delhi Rape Case -- Real Story.

A thing shared by one of my friend just after the BRUTAL DELHI RAPE incident. I myself can't judge
the correctness of that heinous crime. But, a judicial probe may do it under a able leadership at the
Centre. Want to know the Reality behind this Bus Gang Rape case, What REALLY happened? All this
while we have been hearing news after news of what happened , but we are all far off from the truth
since media has been restricted to get it to us.
RAM SINGH, the main accused did not insert an Iron Rod into the girl, he actually put his hand
inside the girl's vagina and pulled out her uterus in rage after raping her twice and when he did that
the liver got displaced and he threw the uterus out of the bus and then later the girl.
REASON BEING While defending she bit and slapped him. The next day a team of police were searching not only for
the accused but also hunting the Uterus of this girl. This is the shocking REALITY. If by any means
the girl survives this brutality, she would have to live only on liquid diet forever as her Intestine is
damaged beyond repair. The reporter who had to cover this story is shocked to the roots hearing all
this and cannot prepare herself to follow more on this story. Please share this as much as possible and
bring out the Reality to everyone since after hearing this.
DEATH PENALTY seems too less for the. I don't know what to call it as my vocabulary doesn't have a
good enough word to define ' it '. Not mine, some other's share. Don't want to name that person now.

How Warren Buffett lost $1 billion.

Bill Clinton was elected second time even though people knew he had an affair with his office staff
Monica Lewensky.they thought it was his personal life It has nothing to do public life.But see us,we so

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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curious whether Modi is married or not, whether he lives with her or not. We are all peeping Toms.

Yesterday it took me a complete whole day thinking as for what reason Dollar, Pound, etc are not
slipping against Indian Rupee. Then I quickly realized that we donate blindly to a Political Party
known as AAP. And, they are people who operate in most professional way online.
#Doubt #Rise4INR

As India strengthens; encouraging a common Religious faith of Judaism in Israel & Palestine. And,
thus forcing Israel to cut diplomatic ties with Vatican & making their new diplomatic ties with
#Random #Thought.

Google Translate equates Francis to a better world - Vatican Insider.

When not knowing Math can cost you $15,000.

I never had bothered about politics and was offered to do Internet Marketing for Mr.Narendra
Modi way back in 2004 (By locals, not officially by him). But this time, having seen the number of
scams breaking new World records each & every day, Brutal Rule, etc; persuaded me to vote for a
change in government and the way the country should be ruled.
I genuinely want to vote this time, more than ever and there are many like me who are fed up with
this current government and would vote for the first time in their life too, I ask everybody to come
forward and vote for a good cause of helping themselves and our nation to develop as well.
Since AAP is another way of Indian National Congress coming back to power like they had done in
Andhra Pradesh with support from Chiranjeevi. Lets give BJP this time power and see how good they
will be. It is very much clear that BJP's leadership is inexperienced to tackle Congress brains. So, keep
your vote ready even for next Election. Go to polling booth & Vote for a change. As per Indian
Constitution there is a rule which says that you can claim your vote back if it's been done by someone
else! Kill 5 Congressmen for 1 BJP man! I am voting for BJP this time. Good Morning.

Indian Politicians are playing with me these days. Everybody wants to speak against Mr. Narendra
Modi. Even the bitterest rival praises the other person. Crony Capitalism is very much needed these
days. It arises as a result of Cronyism (Quota System). This is the way Bhramins will get jobs in this
Country. Sorry to speak against our FM, PCC.
If our #FM, PCC do Forex Trading on his #PC then he can force any of the World's biggest business
magnate to go for #VCC.
Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Erase the ink, vote twice.

-- Sharad Pawar.
The ultimate Power.

Defective Pune EVM 'transfers' all votes to Congress - The Times of India.

9 Countries that Hate America Most.

International approval of U.S. leadership improved last year by just 5%, really bad.

Tip of the day 2 : Students can download complete Website using softwares like "Offline Browsers" or
IDM for accessing offline. I had downloaded IIT Madras website in past. Piracy is said to legal within
** I got very good notes for subject called "Signals & Systems".

Modi as PM could become one of the greatest nation builders - equivalent to China's Deng, UK's
Thatcher, France's de Gaulle, USA's Reagan.
-- Rajiv Malhotra.

Is it true that Sonia Gandhi is poorer than Rakhi Sawant?

India is a country in which illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are brainwashed by clerics from Saudi
Arabia to vote for a leader from Italy who diverts our hard earned money into Switzerland and we

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Indians think "inspecting" a desert state for 4 days and doing a dharna in front of the office of Chief
Minister of that dhokla state is going to fix the whole system!!

I dont like the concept of 33% women reservation, because not even 10% women are active in politics.
Normal women won't be able to take advantage of this. Only wives, daughters, niece, cousins of MP
and MLAs will take advantage of this. There are already so many families in parliament and
assemblies, this bill will let them bring their whole family to parliament. This bill won't empower
women but will empower only the women of political families.
-- Abhishek Shukla.

There are 2 Bs: Say Bangalore for IT development & Buffalo for IT services.
#Random #Thought #Shailu03.

In August 2013, newspapers reported that Varun Gandhi was the only MP in the country who had
spent cent per cent of his MP Local Area Development Fund (MPLAD) before stipulated time.
According to official sources, Varun Gandhi used his funds for the development in education, health
and infrastructure activities. His proposals were worth more than the entire MPLAD fund thus
ensuring the entire amount of `25 crore was spent during his tenure as a Member of Parliament. His
political aides stated that he submitted the proposals on time and also employed his personal team to
monitor the use of money.

If there would have been another Rakesh Sharma today. He would be asking "What's that in India
existing Gandhi clan is doing?
#Random #Thought #Shailu03.

How to choose a Catchy Domain Name?

After many sleepless nights spend chatting with Mr. Avinesh Singh, said to be just a 15 year old
boy who discuss Modiji's boring & fake CAG Reports.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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Rs 4000 crores have been spent on Aadhar card. Nandan Nilekani should be prosecuted under 13
(1) (d) for squandering public money.
Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

Its been 66 years Congress is fooling us. This April let's Fool them by Voting KAMAL PHOOL.
#PappuDiwas #KejriDiwas.
-- Abhishek Shukla.

From my archive of shared status updates. One more prediction coming true.

Jan lokpal Bill another Power House more Corruption. Why doesn't India remove "License Raj" as
they had done earlier in 1991?

How to get Samsung out of Apple. There is an acquiring lesson in disguise. For sharp minds.

Copyright : Shailendra Singh Bais

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See how we have changed the meaning of the term 'Secular'. According to the dictionary the
meaning of secular is - worldly rather than spiritual. Not specifically relating to a religion or to a
religious body.
-- Nalini Subramanya.

If someone around you says that I am mad & affirm not to LIKE or SHARE my post then identify
that Indian National Congress agent you need to fight with him / her in future.

Jan lokpal Bill another Power House more Corruption. Why doesnt India remove "License Raj" as
they did in 1991?

Tip of the day 1: Making a Tweet between 8 & 9 P.M. IST & scheduling it to get delivered exactly at
3 A.M. IST using, This is the time when people in U.S. are most active
on Twitter. Thus Bollywood going viral in west.

My earlier update won't hurt Indian culture that much as it hurts Indian Economy with this
Research which thinks too much before a start. When we have a visionary like Mr. Narendra Modi.
Then, why to think that much for generations to come?
#Random #Thoughts.

One can Hangover during a Hangout. But, can't Hangout during Hangover.
#Random #Thoughts #Shailu03.

For this reason Twitter is considered to be good on the subject of Customer

Support. #HashTags can make others pay attention to your voice.

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Seem to me like days of Cold War... are back again

Malaysia Airline fact:

Flight 370 was the 404th Boeing 777 produced and was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on 31 May
2002. Ironically, most of us know what the 404 error in HTTP means!

Washinton D.C.'s "WHITE HOUSE" is "white" just for #Namesake. But, it was blackkkk when
viewed from older version of Google Maps. Our Indian Parliament; Ambani's, Birla's, Tata's, Sachin's,
Ganguly's, Bachan's houses & all our State Assemblies aren't black
yet. #Great #Namesake #Security #AntiRacism.
Let 10 Janpath be exception.

Rahul Gandhi is curious to know how Malaysia Airlines #MH370 has a Maharashtra registration
-- Hursh Gupta.

Is it true that INC sometimes operates by seeing things shared by prominent people who are
Online in India & who gets the most traffic. Ex PM Mr. Vajpayee lost his voice after they saw a video from
my profile "Gagan Mein Leharta Bhagwaa Hamaraa". And, was Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind this?
Thank God I am active on Facebook just since two years.

Kejriwal: Indias biggest scam | Canary Trap.

Fighting communalism from the safe lap of holy madam.

-- Anurag Paranjape.

We've become so used to technology that it takes something truly spectacular to make us sit up &
notice. Well, guess what? It's here. And it's called Fin. It's a tiny ring you can wear on your thumb and
control pretty much every smart device you own including your phone, music player, camera and gaming
systems. This really is the closest thing to the technology you see on Ironman or any other Hollywood
flick. And, lastly, let's take pride in the fact that this invention belongs to none other than a young 23 year
old Indian by the name of Rohildev N hailing from Kerala.

Kejriwal is a 'CIA agent: Rebel AAP member Ashwini Upadhyaya.

Railway Minister Mallikarjuna Kharge sets out seeking votes in the entire Hyderabad-Karnataka.
Some very good work being done under Mr. Kharge's period.

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Today I saw hidden Indian Talent in Disguise. #Zee #Cine #Awards.

But, the number of hours really required to study for a student per day was not shown in movie 3 idiots.
-- Abhijit Borgaonkar.
Massive achievement & positive news from indian perspective, surprisingly indian media doesn't give it
that much attention.

If AAP - Cong. is just drama then why would an AAP Volunteer speak against Mr. Chidambaram's

A 16 - year boy I don't remember the name has shown me this very wonderful Browser coming
from China -- Maxthon Browser. One can save the content say video in cloud & watch it later. A very good
& new concept.

Are all those cases Genuine that are shown under the National Slogan "SATYAMEV JAYATE" ?
Should we blindly believe on those?
Tough I admire Mr. Amir Khan a lot. But, why he didn't protest when some villagers approached him to a
issue related to Water Pollution, somewhere between 2002 - 2005. ?

In 2010, Brian Acton (co-founder of WhatsApp) was looking for a job when Facebook and Twitter
turned him down. In February 2014, he and his partner sold WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion

Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was behind troubling the most dignified & most famous Indian
blogger Mr. Amit Agarwal's family & hacking his site. Killing his grandfather & later all those Brute Force Attacks on Wordpress sites Worldwide?
#Indian #Monalisa.

As Dr. Subramanian Swamy says that Mr. Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston airport with $
160,000 in cash in Sep 2001. Was it for the settlement of Bush V/s Gore case?
Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi do Mandwali (Settlement) @ International level. Then why would
Mr. Gandhi travel from Boston to Washington?

Creation of Telangana & after making churches on route to Tirupati Devastanam. Here starts
conversion & in this process another strong Congress state like KERALA. But, I follow Soniaji's own
religion -- #Hinduism.

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Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh took along with him Mr. Ram Gopal Verma just after Mumbai Bomb
blast & later he was removed from the post of Chief Minister.
Did Mrs. Sonia Gandhi killed Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh as he would have opened his mouth with
respect to blasts in Mumbai & was She even involved into that?

If Smt. Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh was that good than her mentor Mr. Kansi Ram would not have
got Stroke, Hypertension, Heart Attack, Clot in brain, etc in his last days of life. He got a severe heart
attack in 2003 by seeing the forceful marriages.
If Mr. Kansi Ram was that good than he would not have made any request to declare working day
on Mr. Bheem Rao Ambedkars birthday.
Humare Kansi Ram ka sapna ye hai... Humare Kansi Ram... I am feed up of hearing this. Why Mr.
Ambedkar hasn't done anything for this country? And, when I hear this I get "KHANSI RAM".

Few days back there was a menace of phone tapping by power heads & Mr. Amarsingh was the
most affected with his personal life shown over Television & Internet, later he was expelled from
Samajwadi Party. Now, it is heard that he is suffering from severe medical conditions.
But his dream of donating Mrs. Sonia Gandhi a car still remains unfulfilled.

Marriage me ek mithai kam ho chalegi lekin Venue pe Hi Speed Internet with Wifi hona chaiye
-- Ashvin Patel.

Do you really want to discuss FDI, womens rights, poverty in detail? It is so much more
entertaining to see talking heads from different political ideologies call each other names while the TV
host stopping them with a holier than thou attitude.
-- Aditya Kane.

Lol... Arnab watches chota bheem.

In case, people are showing their influence by manipulating Facebook 's Edge Rank, then Indian
Revolution should be on GooglePLUS. As Google+ played important role in Egypt's Revolution.

Smt. Sonia Gandhi in my home town today. A surprise really. She said Indira Hawas instead of
Indira awaas.

A Very good merger to beat in India.

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A Very good merger to beat in India.

When India lost World Cup final in 2003. Sourav Ganguly explained that he had got a call from
Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Is it true that Mrs. Gandhi sometimes do betting & match fixing ?

Somebody is attempting to show their influence & controlling my "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" by

making TUMBLR to make changes to their "Terms of Service", "Privacy Policy" & "Community

Good innovators typically think very big and they think very small. New ideas are sometimes
found in the most granular details of a problem where few others bother to look.
-- Nate Silver Founder,

The person who might have suggested "KEYGEN TAG" at World Wide Web Consortium might be
an avid torrent downloader.

This is the reason behind jokes on Mr. Aloknath.

Watch Steve Jobs First Demonstration of the Mac for the Public, Unseen Since 1984.

A very good site showing the time zones in a horizontal manner.,-225,6bj

A Playground for Ruby codes.

After changing my Wifi to "Virus.exe" no one actually comes near my room.

The size of Indias black economy is estimated to be about a third of its GDP. If hidden income of
$500 billion (about 30 lakh crore) were to be disclosed and taxed at 33%, it would generate Rs. 10 lakh
crore, enough to fund the food programme in the country for a few years.

DHARNA ALL NIGHT - AAP KA GAANA - Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Now even I like Honey Singh.


Is India safe--What is Ford Foundation.

Via: Vishwajeet Singh Dixit.

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Believe me, this person is a well known ally of AAP or Mr. Arvind Kejriwal himself. No kid of 15
years can show & explain you those boring CAG Reports. There is some very big person in disguise. And,
whoever behind this profile very well proves that "Bloggers will play very important role in coming
elections". Once you fight with him, you will come to know "How Professionally AAP operates". This
profile is influencing bloggers.
#Shailu03 #Random #Thoughts.

In present online scenario involving strengthening an individual with "POWER TO SHARE",

youth have forgotten the significance & satisfaction of Programming.
Mark Zuckerberg ---> Give user the power of share.

It is said that 17 people from underworld are still in Gulbarga district now. It's a game of POWER
& MONEY more than anything. Article 371 will bring Crores & Crores of money. Here starts Politics in

Rest In Peace, PSI Mallikarjun Bande Stopped Roaring.

AAP - Congress nexus explained by Sri Sri Ravishankar - Hard truth #AAPCon.

Hilarious! Arnab Goswami. Rap at its best,

Alok Naath's Counter Strike commands?

Fire in the Hole - Gufa me Aarti
Enemy Spotted- Samdhi Ji Dikhe
Need Backup- Need Aashirwaad
Cover me-Ghunghat Daalo Beti !
Thanks - Shukriya samdhi ji !
Affirmative - Ji zaroor !
Negative - Ji nahi !
Last but not the least
Get out of there it's gonna blow - Bahar aa jaiye, aarti shuru hone wali hai ! xD
Via : AMaan Rizwan.

The Grand (alleged) Conspiracy. Again a IITian. Can't say, how much of truth it speaks of.

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Kejriwal Admits, His NGO Took Money From Ford Foundation 2 Years Back.

Straight talk with former Gen V K Singh.

My very first presentation @ MSRIT. The most basic thing that I can prepare & present about
Internet & related technologies. Like most of my fellow Bloggers. I have presented here about "Effective
Google Search". There is even the Report in it. You can download the Report by scanning the QR - Code
with any Barcode Scanner / QR - Code scanner App available on your mobile devices. I will try to keep it

Do you know? 22% of the world's population has a smartphone and 6%, a tablet. The definition of
media as we know is slowly changing. Anyone with a smartphone and Internet is a media outlet, and we
all, are now in the media industry. Seth Godin had predicted this long ago.. Everyone is a Media channel
-- Mohul Ghosh.

In between, my first email address bais_**** turns 14 years today.

Yahoo Messenger.
#Random #Thoughts.

This person & SHIV KHERA are worth listening to.

Master stroke by Facebook India. Seems like the gap between Social Networking & Cloud Storage
is getting diminished.
#Random #Thoughts.

Its 2014 now. I don't know for how many years still we need to type something for the purpose of
On the other hand, people are shifting to apps such as Whatsapp & snapchat.
#Shailu03 Facebook.

Almost Excellency Mr. Gates sometime behaves strange. He behaves exactly Boy next door
Sometimes he recommends Khan Academy. Cant he hire a tutor through twitter?

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